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Staff editor Aly Semigran is a New York City native who grew up in Philadelphia and spent the better part of her youth trying to figure out what the Philly Phanatic was (an anteater?), quoting 'The Simpsons,' and learning all about movies from her dad. After graduating from Temple University, where she studied journalism, she moved back to NYC and began her career as a freelance entertainment journalist. Her work has been published in Entertainment Weekly, Maxim, Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia City Paper,, and She is thrilled to be a part of the team and she is still quoting 'The Simpsons.' ('I'm Idaho!')
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    By: Aly Semigran May 20, 2012
    By the time host/musical guest Mick Jagger performed The Rolling Stones' classic "The Last Time" alongside special guests The Arcade Fire during last night's landmark episode of Saturday Night Live, the song had already taken on a whole new meaning. It had become quite apparent early into the episode that the rumors of Kristen Wiig's exit (and quite possibly Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis, as well) were no longer rumors: This was Wiig's SNL swan song.  When the show opted to exchange its usual political cold open to make way for another installment of The Lawrence Welk Show, it was obvious we were going to have to start saying goodbye to some of Wiig's most iconic characters, starting with the wonderfully grotesque Junice. The giant-headed, tiny-handed sister was up to her same old tricks of saying and doing wildly inappropriate things, only this time she finally caught the eye of a gentleman (Wiig's Bridesmaids co-star Jon Hamm dropped in to play a suave Italian fellow that falls for Junice's, er, charms.) If this was bad, I don't ever want to be right. Watch again and pop some bubbles in Wiig's honor:  It seemed fitting, really, to have a comedy rock star's last episode be hosted by the ultimate rock star: Mick Jagger. The legend did what he does best last night: stand still and talk. Just kidding, the lively (seriously, does this guy ever slow down?) rocker turned out to be one of the season's best hosts, thanks to his commitment to each bit, his willingness to make fun of himself, and oh yeah, being the coolest guy on the planet. After a delightful opening monologue in which a relaxed Jagger answered his most-asked questions (for the record, his favorite Rolling Stone is himself), the rocker earned even bigger laughs during the latest "Secret Word" sketch. Playing a 1960s action star with a not-so-secret hidden sexual preference, Jagger held his own during what would be Mindy Elise Grayson's (another of Wiig's classics) final bow on the game show she was so very, very terrible at. The sketch, which usually fell into the trap of running too long, felt just right and was a proper goodbye to the best/worst Broadway starlet ever.  If Jagger didn't mind playing against type for "Secret Word," than he definitely didn't mind doing it again for the sketch that followed. Playing a life insurance salesman named Kevin who looked and sounded an awful lot like Mick Jagger, but didn't quite have the swagger or confidence of Mick Jagger, the rocker grinned and beared it as Fred Armisen and Bobby Moynihan did their best Jagger impressions during a karaoke night. Major props to Armisen and Moynahan for pulling a Jimmy Fallon and making fun of a rock god right to his face, but the sketch was all Jagger's, thanks to his impeccable comic timing and that bizarre and amazing a cappella version of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." Thankfully, that wasn't the only time we'd get to hear Jagger sing. Not only did he perform the aforementioned "The Last Time" with The Arcade Fire, but he also jammed with fellow living rock legends Foo Fighters on "19th Nervous Breakdown" and later in the evening with professional shredder Jeff Beck for a new politically charged song that included the line "If you want to sleep in the West Wing, you've got to strategize a bit" and dropped the "s" bomb. (On live television! Rock n' roll!) If someone ever tries to argue that Studio 8H is simply not a welcoming environment for musicians and that everyone sounds terrible, simply point them in the direction of those three Jagger performances and promptly tell them to eat crow.  As it turned out, Jagger wasn't the only one with something to sing about last night on SNL. Six years after the wildly popular "Lazy Sunday" went viral, Samberg returned with old pal Chris Parnell for another hardcore rap about the least hardcore things imaginable. This time around, the weekenders swapped cupcakes (that line at Magnolia Bakery is too long) and Chronicles of Narnia for brunch and an evening performance of Sister Act on Broadway. While this wasn't quite as catchy as the original (though the line "We take more shots in the theater than John Wilkes Booth" was inspired), if this episode also marked the end of the SNL road for Samberg, his 101st Digital Short was a raucous, riotous sendoff. Check it out here:  But the fun hardly stopped there. Just how great did this episode continue to be? So great that they managed to make Kenan Thompson downright hilarious as a very confused Al Sharpton (sorry, A.L. Sharpton) in a CNBC sketch and then ushered in the return of –– yay! –– Stefon. Bill Hader's beloved late night party monster stopped by the Weekend Update desk to tell us all about New York's hottest clubs this summer, some of which feature a different kind of Build-A-Bear, his best friend Joel, evil celebrity chef Wario Batali, and frat boy guru D-Bag Chopra, among many other gloriously deranged things only Stefon would know about. Please never leave, Bill Hader.  As someone who is a huge Dave Matthews fan and someone who has attended, and danced at, an outdoor music festival, I really got a kick out of the "So You Think You Can Dance at an Outdoor Music Festival" sketch. Though 2009's "Super Mellow Show" sketch was slightly better, you didn't have to be a crunchy granola hippie to get a kick out of Hader's Matthews imitation again or appreciate Jagger poking fun at Steven Tyler. You don't need to be from California either to appreciate the TORRRTARRRLY awesaaaaaaaahm "Californians" sketch. The only thing funnier than listening to the cast members speaking in inane Valley Girl and surfer boy accents was watching Jagger attempt one and a bleach blonde Steve Martin showing up to, like, totally ask for directions. Easily the best of all the "Californians."  Then it was time to say goodbye. But not just to one of the best episodes in quite some time or to Season 37 as a whole. It was also, sadly, time to say goodbye to Kristen Wiig once and for all. In the final sketch, Jagger helped Wiig graduate from the school of comedy, Saturday Night Live. "You've meant quite a lot to us over these past seven years," he told a teary-eyed Wiig in a cap and gown. No kidding. In one of the sweetest moments on SNL, or all of television for that matter, Jagger had Arcade Fire play "She's a Rainbow" into "Ruby Tuesday" for the departing star as she shared final dances with her castmates, including a particularly broken-up Moynihan, Hader, and Sudeikis. (In fact, Sudeikis could barely compose himself during the tribute to his friend, but if the rumors are true and this was also his last episode, the moment must have been understandably difficult to get through for so many reasons.)  Also joined on stage by her boss Lorne Michael and all the evening's surprise visitors — like SNL alums Amy Poehler, Chris Kattan, Rachel Dratch, and Will Forte — Wiig enjoyed her final glorious moment on the SNL stage. If you, like Wiig and Hader and Sudeikis, couldn't help but cry at the bittersweet moment, you definitely weren't alone. (Dear readers, I admit I cried like a baby — Wiig is a personal hero.) Of course, from here on out, we'll can still expect Wiig to make us cry again... only from laughing so hard as we watch her move on to bigger and better things. Watch her lovely goodbye here:  Were you just as amazed by how great the Saturday Night Live season finale was? Did you get emotional during Kristen Wiig's finale, too? Which Mick Jagger performance blew you away the most? Sound off in the comments section below.  [Photo credit: NBC]  More:  Kristen Wiig Says Farewell to Saturday Night Live  SNL Promo: Mick Jagger Scolds Kristen Wiig For Wasting Magic – VIDEO SNL: 10 Biggest Moments From Season 37
  • 'SNL': 10 Biggest Moments From Season 37
    By: Aly Semigran May 18, 2012
    Season 37 (!) of late night institution Saturday Night Live comes to a close tomorrow night on NBC with host and musical guest Mick Jagger closing things out. While the finale has all the makings of a classic episode written all over it (especially with Foo Fighters and Arcade Fire coming by to jam out with The Rolling Stones front man) there's already been plenty to make this a memorable season. Before we bid adieu to this season of SNL, let's look back at all the highs (Melissa McCarthy's debut, Jimmy Fallon and Maya Rudolph's returns) and lows (Lindsay Lohan's "comeback," Lana Del Rey's "performance") and everything in between from this past year. Alec Baldwin Breaks a Record: The 30 Rock star kicked off season 37 the only way he knows how: by hosting for a record-breaking 16th time. Trumping pal Steve Martin for the coveted title, Baldwin proved yet again, why he's one of the best SNL players to never actually be an SNL cast member. Melissa McCarthy Establishes Her Place as a Comedy Queen: Riding high off the success of Bridesmaids and her Emmy win, the funny lady proved that her breakout year was no fluke. Her first-time turn as host of the October 1, 2011 episode set the bar awfully high for the rest of the season. The actress was the ultimate team player (including getting to have fun with her Bridesmaids co-star Kristen Wiig in the opening monologue) and had no problem going above and beyond the call of duty in the name of comedy for sketches in which she fell down a flight of steps, humped a balloon, and squirted Ranch dressing on her face. Welcome Home, Jimmy and Maya: Will Ferrell may have had a disappointing homecoming last week, but his fellow SNL alums Jimmy Fallon and Maya Rudolph most certainly did not. Fallon's spirited holiday-themed episode and Rudolph's non-stop funny turn made for the two best outings this season. (The third being, of course, McCarthy's.) It's hard to argue against the notion that the glory days of SNL are long over when old cast mates are the best part of a current season, especially when writers up the ante for sketches like Rudolph's inspired Maya Angelou-meets-Punk'd bit: Lana Del Rey ... Sings?: SNL can be a great place for a new artist to get massive exposure, but that widespread attention doesn't always help. During the Daniel Radcliffe-hosted January 14 episode, musical guest Lana Del Rey blew up the Twittersphere after her warbly performances of her songs "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans," inspiring cries of "What was that?!" The backlash was almost immediately met with backlash (including a counter attack by Wiig on Weekend Update) and Del Rey redeemed herself with an improved performance on Letterman, but the damage was done: The singer will forever go down in SNL infamy.  Taran Killam Dances His Way to the Top: Taran Killam has quickly established himself as one of the most promising cast members on SNL thanks to his scene-stealing in hilarious sketches like "J-Pop America Fun Time Now" and his killer impressions (namely Andy Cohen) but the rising star became a viral sensation when he paid homage to musical guest Robyn. Boosting morale in the writers' room at 4:30 in the morning, Killam kills it mimicking the "Call Your Girlfriend" video. Jon Hamm Comes to the Rescue: Lindsay Lohan was supposed to have a comeback this year, propelled by her fourth SNL hosting stint. But there was no classic "Debbie Downer" moment to be found, and Lohan looked stiff during the poorly written episode. With the exception of the instantly viral "Real Housewives of Disney" sketch and a cameo from Jon Hamm, who earned more laughs than the hostess, it would have easily been considered the season's worst. (The honor still belongs to Anna Faris, who also deserved better.) Digital Shorts Turn 100: Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer celebrated an important milestone when their Digital Shorts reached 100. That's right, Justin Timberlake doing unspeakable things to your mother, Michael Bolton dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow, and 98 other awesome things got a proper star-studded tribute. Watch it here: ="text-align:> Zooey Deschanel Can Laugh At Herself: Siri, does New Girl star Zooey Deschanel have a good sense of humor about her quirky, overly adorable persona? She sure does! Look no further than the incredibly funny "Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel" sketch, which Deschanel herself appeared in as Mary-Kate Olsen facing off against herself (well, Abby Elliott, anyway.) Watch it again or for the first time. "It's not garbage if it's new to you." Paul Brittain Makes An Exit: After just a year with SNL, it was announced in January that featured player Paul Brittain was exiting the show to pursue other projects. While Brittain's impact was minimal, he did leave the 37th season with some memorable moments, including a visit from the whimsically weird Lord Wyndemere and Kings of Catchphrase Comedy headliner Goran “Funky Boy” Bogdan. Kate McKinnon Climbs On Board: With Brittain out, there was space for a new featured player. Enter: Kate McKinnon, a great impressionist (as evidence by her dead-on spoof of Bravo's Tabatha Takes Over) with even greater potential. While she's only had a few weeks to show SNL fans what she's got, Season 37 looks like it set the stage for a stellar Season 38 for McKinnon. What was your favorite and least favorite moments from this season of Saturday Night Live? Which ones did we miss? Sound off in the comments section! 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  • Jenny McCarthy to Pose for Playboy Again
    By: Aly Semigran May 18, 2012
    Nearly twenty years after she posed for Playboy, former Playmate and current author/actress Jenny McCarthy will grace the famous lad mag once again. A Playboy rep confirmed to US Weekly that the 39-year-old mother will be appear nude in the double July/August issue, hitting newsstands on June 29. No matter how you feel about Playboy or the idea of someone's mother posing for the magazine just weeks before their 40th birthday, there's still one thing that desperately needs to be brought up: If Jenny McCarthy is revisiting 1993 in 2012 does that mean Singled Out will come back too?! Okay, that's probably not what most people will be talking about, but let's anyway, shall we? The MTV dating show that helped propel McCarthy to being the sexy/funny superstar of the '90s that she was so richly deserves a revival, too. (With Chris Hardwick, as well, please!) Nickelodeon saw a huge response to their '90s programming, by bringing back nostalgic favorites like Hey, Dude and Doug, why hasn't MTV cashed in on this? If McCarthy and Hardwick aren't game to play Singled Out again, at the very least show some reruns! In fact, here's some other things from 1993 that, like a nude McCarthy, most of us wouldn't mind seeing again: - Saved By The Bell ended in 1993. Twenty year high school reunion special next year, anyone? - Super Mario Brothers: All Stars was released on Super NES. How about an updated Avengers-like video game for them? I call Yoshi! - If ABBA can get their own movie and musical, why can't fellow Swedes and 1993 phenoms Ace of Base? I Saw the Sign and it was on Broadway. More: Jenny McCarthy Scores New VH1 Show Hugh Hefner Playboy Biopic Rescued: Budget Mostly Robes Easter Egg Hunt at the Playboy Mansion –– PHOTOS [Photo credit: David Edwards- © 2011- All Rights Reserved]
  • What To Expect When You're Watching a Pregnancy Movie
    By: Aly Semigran May 18, 2012
    The new movie What To Expect When You're Expecting arrives in theaters today, and while it may not be cut from the same cloth as its ensemble romantic comedy sisters like New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day, there are still clichés to be found. After all, it is a pregnancy movie, so one can expect lots of shouting for the epidural, crazy food cravings, unbelievably beautiful women who only gain weight in their bellies, and men who initially freak out but eventually come around to celebrate the gift of fatherhood. Like so many movies before it — like Knocked Up, Juno, Baby Mama, Away We Go, and She's Having a Baby — What to Expect When You're Expecting definitely sticks to the book when it comes to pregnancy clichés on the big screen. Check out our gallery of What To Expect When You're Watching a Pregnancy movie here! And PUSH! [Photo credit: Lionsgate] More: What To Expect When You're Expecting Review What To Expect: Not the Ensemble Chick Flick You Think It Is Anna Kendrick on What To Expect – EXCLUSIVE
  • '30 Rock' Recap: Dr. Questlove or How Liz Lemon Learned to Stop Bailing
    By: Aly Semigran May 18, 2012
    For everything 30 Rock does so very right (Liz Lemon's endlessly re-quotable quips) there is something they haven't quite nailed down in their six magnificently off-the-wall seasons on the air: Season finales. Much like the disappointing "Kidney Now!" Season 3 finale, last night's Season 6 ender "What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?” wasn't everything the show is capable of (especially after having such a stellar season) but that's not to say it's not a total relief they'll back for 13 more episodes for a final Season 7. Especially now that it seems like Liz's perfect match Criss (sorry, Wesley Snipes) is in it for the long haul. Not only did James Marsden's dreamy character, what with his beautiful lady face and his James Van Der Beek appreciation that doesn't include Dawson's Creek, sell his hot dog van to have extra money for their plant –– er, baby –– but he finally got Liz to stop worrying and not bail on something great. Criss calls Liz out on her s**t, supports her endlessly, and laughs at her stupid jokes. Isn't that what we all want from someone at the end of the day? Of course, not all seemingly perfect couples have happy endings. Avery's return from North Korea was supposed to be a joyous thing for Jack, but their rampant jealousy and mistrust (Jack kissed her mother, Avery had a secret code affair with co-host-age Scott Scottsman) turned their planned vow renewal into a surprise divorce ceremony. While Kim Jung Il, I mean, uh, just a regular waiter who is definitely not Kim Jung Il, pleaded for 30 Rock writers to pull a Friends or Moonlighting and get Jack and Liz together, I hope this show never breaks with its unconventional convention. Besides, Criss is the right guy for Liz and Julianne Moore's Bahston babe Nancy is meant to balance out Jack. If the idea of Jack and Liz making a go of it makes you shudder, too, than I can imagine you had an equally averse reaction to watching Kenneth and a homeless Hazel (Kristen Schaal) shack up as roommates and engage in the most uncomfortable televised kiss since this. Thankfully, that wasn't the only side plot during last night's hit-or-miss finale, there was also the gloriously funny story line about Tracy being named Man of the Year by the Aryan Patriot Party thanks to his behavior. Despite the best efforts of Grizz, Dot Com, and Dr. Cornel West (as himself, but mistaken for Questlove by Tracy) to give Tracy a positive black role model, after an epiphany (okay, seeing his reflection in Rosa Parks' dress at a museum) he opts to go the Tyler Perry route instead. I don't wanna wait for 30 Rock's life to be over. I'm in denial that it ever will. Here are the other best lines and moments from last night's 30 Rock Season 6 finale: - Pat Kiernan cameo! - "Brother" Jason Segel - Liz's refusal to say the phrase "man cave" - Liz's montage with her plant baby (Planty!) set to a Randy Newman-like tune about plants - "Skinny arm havers!"- Liz, to Avery and her mother, followed by a stop, drop, and roll to get out of an awkward encounter - "Hey, I don't bail! I'm still watching Smash!"- Liz, to Criss - "Have fun always carrying a light sweater!" - Jenna, to Hazel after she warns her she'll have to move to the Bay Area  - " I get your Yankees tickets on A-Rod bobble head day. And I’m going to throw that thing in front of a train. Go Phillies!”- Liz, showing her hometown pride to Jack - "Check out Kim Jung Un's pants! Where's the flood?" - Avery, to Scott - "You know what kind of women in their 40s have never been married, Liz? Uggos, crazies, and bailers. You’re not an uggo. And you’re Haha Crazy, not Oh Boy crazy, which means you bail!" - Criss, to Liz - "Maggie Smith is a treasure!” - Avery - "Darth Vader. Ninjas. Some black licorice I tried to make into the shape of my dad.”- Tracy, on his black role models - "For instance, in Pixar’s upcoming movie about trash, I’m doing the voice of a lazy bottle of grape-flavored soda named Funky Bobo." - Tracy - "There will never be a president Ashton, or a Dr. Katniss, or a non-sexually confused Lorne.” - Jack So where does that leave us for the shortened upcoming Season 7? Hopefully with Criss and Liz having a baby, Jack finally getting to run Kabletown, Hazel moving out of New York City for good, Jenna marrying Paul, Tracy dethroning Tyler Perry, and Lutz ... never mind, Lutz is the worst. What are you hoping to see for next season? Did you find the Season 6 finale surprisingly lackluster, too? Sound off in the comments section below. [Photo credit: NBC] More: 30 Rock Renewed! Ham! 30 Rock Recap: (French Canadian) Kiss and Make Up 30 Rock Recap: All Hail Queen of Jordan!
  • 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Trailer: Kanye Joins the Kast
    By: Aly Semigran May 17, 2012
    Here's something else to add to Kim Kardashian's IMDb page: Yet another season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Just days after the reality star was declared by the Internet as being "emblematic of the shallowness of American culture in the first two decades of the new millennium," a trailer for the latest season of the E! series was released showing the 31-year-old vacationing with her family in the Dominican, modeling in her underwear, and getting over her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries with Kanye West. Nothing quite as satisfying as proving those skeptics wrong, eh? Of course, it's the footage of Kanye (who passed the Kardashian litmus test of being crazy, famous, and having a 'K' in your name) that will likely garner the most attention. Kourtney Kardashian's baby announcement and Khloe Kardashian's airing out her marital woes with Lamar Odom will feel like old news to fans by the time these episodes air, so the hook seems to be, yet again, Kim's relationships. (The trailer also shows a segment about Kris Jenner's former affair and — "Spoiler alert," says no one — Scott Disick being a complete nightmare of a human being.) Since the very nature of reality television is voyeurism, it makes sense that Kim — who has turned voyeurism into an incredibly successful business enterprise for herself — the center of the Keeping Up universe. Would this family's quirks — Kris' lips are botched! Mason's young life has been on display since the minute he was born! So krrrraaaazaaay! — be enough to keep interest in this show going? Or, as the trailer would suggest, does this family need manufactured drama to thrive in the reality world? Watch the teaser and decide for yourself: [Photo credit: Albert Michael/] More: Kim Kardashian's IMDb Bio Was (Briefly) Hilariously Mean Jon Hamm Calls Kim Kardashian An 'Idiot': Hollywood's Favorite Punching Bag? Vote or WHY?! Kim Kardashian Wants to Run for Mayor in 2017
  • 'Battleship' the Movie: Which Films and Shows Deserve the Board Game Treatment?
    By: Aly Semigran May 16, 2012
    How do you turn a classic board game that featured nothing more than tiny plastic boats and pegs and turn it into a two(-plus)-hour movie? Why, you take total liberty with it and make it a Michael Bay-style big budget spectacle about a maritime battle of Friday Night Lights stars versus space aliens. Battleship opens in theaters this Friday and while it may be a departure from the board game we all knew and loved (to shout "you sunk my Battleship" at) we wanted to give other movies and shows that may have never have the chance to be a game (lookin' at you, Mad Men and The Artist) their chance to play along. Check out our list of movies and TV shows we want to make our reluctant neighbors play at our next game night. Okay, the games would sit in our closets and collect dust while we inexplicably couldn't bring ourselves to throw them away, but still! Click Here to Launch the Gallery! [Photo credit: Universal Pictures]  More: Battleship Review Rihanna, Taylor Kitsch and Mass Destruction in Battleship Trailer Alexander Skarsgard, Leonardo DiCaprio Race Against Time in Battleship/Titanic Mash-Up
  • Robert Downey, Jr. Set for $50 Million from ‘Avengers’: Is He Essential to the Team?
    By: Aly Semigran May 16, 2012
    The gap between Tony Stark and Robert Downey, Jr. just got a little bit smaller. The ultimate comeback kid has something in common with the superhero he plays besides being handsome, charming, and entertaining: A hefty paycheck. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 47-year-old star could earn $50 million (or more!) for his work in the box office behemoth The Avengers. The actor, who helped propel the first two Iron Man movies to reach $1.2 billion worldwide, could bring in that massive paycheck when "box office bonuses and back end compensation are factored in." It's also noted that his Avengers co-stars "will make a small fraction" of what he could haul in. While there's no denying the power of the appeal of both Iron Man and Downey, Jr., in the franchise, will Marvel and Disney have to rely on him beyond Iron Man 3 and however many inevitable follow-ups to the Avengers sequel they make? Moreover, is that even a viable option for them? Never mind that the actor is 47, but his A-list status could push him into going back to smaller fare like Zodiac or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Then again, since the re-emergence of his comeback (propelled by Iron Man and Tropic Thunder), Downey Jr., has taken on a similar career route as fellow high-paid A-lister Johnny Depp: Making what "works" for him in his big-budget wheelhouse. Of course, everything outside of Iron Man/Avengers has only done moderately well for Downey Jr. While the first Sherlock Holmes was a hit, the sequel was a critical and box office disappointment. His foray into big-budget comedy (Due Date) and drama (The Soloist) also couldn't come anywhere near his superhero stature on the big screen. Still, looking at Depp's recent career choices should only prove to Downey Jr., that he should get out of his comfort zone from time to time. Post-Pirates Depp has all but abandoned his indie beginnings for hits that have polarized his original fan base (Alice in Wonderland) or couldn't appeal to his newfound fan base (Dark Shadows.) If Downey Jr., only does Iron Man for the next few years, will he see a similar pattern? Many who were excited for his comeback are still waiting for a pre-career revival performance like Chaplin. And after Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2, Downey could step aside and make way for another. (The Hulk finally found mass appeal thanks to Mark Ruffalo, so to suggest only Iron Man could keep this thing going forever is simply no longer true.) But perhaps at this point, the actor, and his character, is such a necessary part of the franchise, he'd be foolish to abandon it.  With great Hollywood power comes great, well, you know ... What do you think Robert Downey, Jr. should do with his career now that he's a high-paid action star? Continue to turn out Iron Man movies or get back to his acting roots? [Photo credit: 2012- Walt Disney Pictures- All Rights Reserved] More: Robert Downey, Jr.'s Son So Cute Even Iron Man Would Marvel Avengers Assembled: Meet the Epic Cast of Heroes How to See The Avengers Shirtless
  • CBS Releases 2012-2013 Schedule: Another Change for 'Two and a Half Men'
    By: Aly Semigran May 16, 2012
    Yet another change for Two and a Half Men: This fall the CBS sitcom will move from its comfortable spot at 9 PM on Mondays (which will soon be occupied by 2 Broke Girls) to 8:30 PM on Thursdays with fellow ratings champ The Big Bang Theory as its lead-in. The comedy double-header will go up against
  • Michael Fassbender Opens up About Dating His 'Shame' Costar
    By: Aly Semigran May 15, 2012
    Well, that's just cruel GQ. You can't give Michael Fassbender fans pictures like this and this and – egads! – this to gawk at and then inform us, in the very same cover story about the Prometheus star, that he's no longer single. (Oh, there's this picture in there, too, you say? Okay, all is forgiven.) The handsome 35-year-old star opened up for the first time about his girlfriend, Shame costar Nicole Beharie, with whom he shared some steamy scenes in the gritty 2011 sex addiction drama. "I'm seeing Nicole, we're trying to see each other as often as possible," he tells the magazine, "That's kind of difficult when she lives [in New York] and I live in England." Being the gentlemanly land shark he is, Fassbender insists there was no on-set romance, rather, the two got close after the movie wrapped. "Nothing happened while we were filming. We started talking more on the promotion thing. So, yeah, it just sort of unfolded like that." But his relationship isn't the only thing he talks about in the cover story (whose tag line boasts that men can learn how to "amp up" their sex appeal from Fassbender. What is it with this guy and journalists?!) The Irish/German actor also chats about his reaction to his surprising Oscar snub ("It’s a vanity thing. It does become important to you. And it shouldn’t,") and his widely publicized nude scenes. ("It’s fun to a point and after a certain point you worry that it kind of detracts from the movie.") Follow Aly on Twitter @AlySemigran More: Michael Fassbender Melts Writers' Brains with His Hotness: The 5 Craziest Examples Michael Fassbender Gets Revenge on Viggo Mortenson: Late Last Night Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron Gear Up in Prometheus Pics