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Staff editor Aly Semigran is a New York City native who grew up in Philadelphia and spent the better part of her youth trying to figure out what the Philly Phanatic was (an anteater?), quoting 'The Simpsons,' and learning all about movies from her dad. After graduating from Temple University, where she studied journalism, she moved back to NYC and began her career as a freelance entertainment journalist. Her work has been published in Entertainment Weekly, Maxim, Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia City Paper,, and She is thrilled to be a part of the team and she is still quoting 'The Simpsons.' ('I'm Idaho!')
  • Matthew Fox Arrested for DUI — REPORT
    By: Aly Semigran May 07, 2012
    Things haven't been so great for a post-Lost Matthew Fox. According to TMZ, the 45-year-old actor was arrested in Oregon for driving under the influence on Friday.Fox was allegedly arrested at 3:23 AM on suspicion of driving under the influence. The former Party of Five star reportedly was en route to a fast food restaurant and had another passenger in the vehicle with him at the time of the arrest. reached out to Fox's rep and the Bend Police Department, but both were unavailable for comment. This news comes nearly eight months after Fox was arrested and accused of physical assault by a woman in Cleveland. Criminal charges were not filed against the star in the incident. [Photo credit: Dave Edwards- © All Rights Reserved] More: Lost Star Matthew Fox Arrested in Cleveland For Assault Lost Cast & Crew: Life After Purgatory (Or Whatever The Island Was) World War Z Loses Matthew Fox and Ed Harris
  • Lindsay Lohan Dines With Woody Allen: Feast Your Eyes On The Unlikely Pair
    By: Aly Semigran May 07, 2012
    One of the best things about dining out, aside from the bread basket, is watching and/or eavesdropping on your fellow patrons. Wondering if a couple is on their first awkward date or listening to the table next to you order the most complicated item on the menu can be as delicious as the meal you're about to dig in to. So one can only imagine how in the world the diners at New York City's Philippe over the weekend pretended to care about what was on their plate as Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan sat at a nearby table...together.  Lohan's rep confirmed to that "They had dinner together [Saturday] in New York. Lindsay very much admires Mr. Allen." If safety codes didn't prohibit them, we would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation. What did they talk about? (My guess is either the challenge of writing about urban neurosis over the span of four decades or Herbie Fully Loaded.) Are they planning on working together? Is she his new muse? (Look out, Scarlett and Penelope.) Who ordered what? And, of course, the biggest looming question of all: WUH?! Take a look at the odd couple leaving the restaurant over the weekend here: What do you think Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen gabbed about over dinner? Tell us your theories in the comments section! [Photo credit: PKI-nyc / Splash News] More: John Oliver on Lindsay Lohan's Correspondents' Dinner Invite: 'We've All Let America Down' Lindsay Lohan: 'I Know I'm Great' as Liz Taylor Woody Allen: A Pimp in Fading Gigolo With Sofia Vergara
  • 'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Eli Manning Scores, Martin Scorsese Surprises 
    By: Aly Semigran May 06, 2012
    If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about having to prove himself when the odds are stacked against him, it's Eli Manning. The two-time Super Bowl champ went in to last night's Saturday Night Live with the task of living up to great athlete hosts of SNL past, including his older brother Peyton Manning.  While Lil' Manning has always seemed like a sweet and approachable kind of fellow, Big Bro has been seen as the mainstream star thanks to his funny turns in commercials and, yes, SNL. Of course, if there's anything the New York Giants quarterback does best, it's defy expectations. (Just ask the New England Patriots.)  Kicking things off with a surprisingly funny cold open that poked fun at Fox & Friends and Rupert Murdoch (of course, anything in comparison to yet another bland Mitt Romney sketch seems downright hilarious) first-time host Eli soon took the stage of Studio 8H and looked poised to take New York City by storm...again.  The relaxed Manning performed a solid, though not particularly daring opening monologue about being a "real New Yorker," in which he suggested that tourists do things like see Cats on Broadway and go to New Jersey for some authentic Italian food at the Olive Garden. Which is completely ridiculous because all real New Yorkers know there's an Olive Garden in Times Square.  After a faux commercial for Amazon shopping on Mother's Day, which served as a horribly embarassing reminder to not get our moms a Kindle or Fifty Shades of Grey, Manning got his first real shot at showing off his comedic chops during the motion-capture Madden video game sketch. Taran Killam made a brief, but welcome return as Tim Tebow and Jay Pharoah shimmied into his Victor Cruuuuuuuz impression, but it was Eli who ran away with the whole thing playing himself.  While SNL tapped into the aw-shucks quarterback's vanilla charms, that didn't make them any less funny. Case in point: Eli not being able to come up with a cool end zone dance and instead mimed drinking water, brushing flowing hair, hugging himself, nervously throwing a grenade, and the big winner, eating a sandwich. One can only hope that by next season Manning actually does some of these on the field. Check it out:   Good guy Eli took the backseat for the next sketch in which he played a man on trial who was only truly guilty of mass sexting (a nice little jab at some of his NFL cohorts, eh?) and sketchy internet history searches. The football star easily kept up with the comedic pacing of the sketch and his faces for text message emoticons were the things gifs were made for. But it was his turn as the butt-kicking superhero for little brothers everywhere that followed that solidified his spot as one of this season's best and one of the best athlete hosts. Rivaling Peyton's classic United Way sketch, an ad for Eli's "Little Brothers" program, which consisted of the sports star helping younger brothers everywhere get revenge on their torturous older siblings ("I'm your worst f***ing nightmare," he warns one) was the surefire crowd-pleaser SNL has needed all season. Watch it below, and "learn to treat your brother with respect, Peyton":  : Of course, Eli couldn't save the day all night. Manning played an Occupy Wall Street organizer in Bill Hader's rare misfire, the frequently used, but infrequently funny Herb Welch bit (sorry, but Drunk Uncle is the only crotchety voice of reason on SNL) and later as a guy trapped in a game show nightmare for the unnervingly outdated 'What Is This' sketch. (Women are clingy! Get it?!) Worst though came when Lil' Manning ignored our warning to NOT wear a dress for a sketch when he donned a gaudy yellow frock and a huge wig for an eye roll-worthy sketch about a drag competition. A drag, indeed.  Still, they were the rare blips for an episode that was packed with highlights, including a short, but touching tribute to the late Adam Yauch. Much like how they paid tribute to Whitney Houston earlier this season, SNL paid their respects to The Beastie Boys member by showing a snippet of their visit to the show when they performed their classic "Sure Shot."  Then there was the surprise cameos during Weekend Update from Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as General Aladeen, as well as Martin Scorsese as himself, being held hostage in order to talk about The Dictator. While Cohen's General Aladeen stunts felt dated by the time he dumped "ashes" on Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars, it's always fun to watch a legendary director poke fun at themselves and their work ("You think this is torture? I had to sit through Aviator") which SNL has done for the past two episodes, first with Steven Spielberg and last night with an equally game Scorsese. See it here:     For whatever reason SNL opted not to use Rihanna for any sketches, despite her previous turn in the viral favorite "Shy Ronnie." Instead, the songstress sang two songs (or, as appearances would have it, lip-synched) during her turn as last night's musical guest. While there wasn't anything terribly memorable from Rihanna's performances of "Birthday Cake" or "Where Have You Been", aside from the pop star's enviable bod or those incredibly over-the-top set pieces, it was refreshing to see a musical guest who wasn't afraid to show how much fun they were having. Rihanna cracked smiles during both of her performances, which was more infectious than either of those songs.  The latter half of the show, as is so often the case with SNL, took a turn for the weird with the polarizing Helga Lately sketch. Twitter seemed to be split straight down the middle with folks who found the Swedish version of E!'s Chelsea Lately inspired or grating (while Eli's Swedish football player and the idea of "Jersey Fjord" made me chuckle, I found myself leaning towards the latter.)  The host ended the night on a high note, er, so to speak, with a Cheech & Chong sketch in which Eli played an "all-American wet blanket" who tries to put an end to the weed-smoking duo's fun. Don't worry Eli, the last thing you did last night was put an end to anyone's fun. In fact, viewers should have been awfully proud of you, baby bro. This one was a real winner.  Do you agree that Eli Manning did a solid job as a surprisingly impressive host who was willing to poke fun at his gee-whiz persona? Or were you underwhelmed by him? What was your favorite part of the night? Least favorite? What did you think of Rihanna's performances? Was it all about Martin Scorsese for you or Kristen Wiig's take on the New Jersey tanning mom? Sound off in the comments section below! [Photo credit: NBC]  More: Watch Eli Manning's Saturday Night Live Promo: 'He's Like a Tree!'  Rihanna Channels Wild Things in 'Where Have You Been' Video  Mick Jagger To Host SNL Season Finale: Predicting the Sketches SNL Eli Manning
  • Rob Lowe: From Drew Peterson to Casey Anthony. What Else is in His Lifetime Future?
    By: Aly Semigran May 04, 2012
    Just a few months after Rob Lowe and Lifetime turned the horrific story of convicted wife-killer Drew Peterson into an unintentionally hilarious made-for-TV movie, the team responsible for the ultimate guilty pleasure (guilty being the operative word here) Untouchable will tackle another controversial case. As Deadline reported Thursday, Lowe will appear in Lifetime's upcoming movie about the Casey Anthony trial as the prosecutor in the highly publicized trial. Based on Jeff Ashton's best-selling book Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, the movie will reportedly be shot "from the prosecutor’s perspective in the controversial case." In other words, you more than likely won't be rooting against Lowe this time and he probably – hopefully – won't have this mustache again. Now that the 48-year-old actor seems to have the market cornered on headline-grabbing tragedies-turned-TV movies, we think it's high time the handsome Parks and Recreation star tackle some lighter courtroom fare. Lifetime has yet to give a treatment to: - Lindsay Lohan v. the e-Trade Baby. Rob Lowe could voice the creepy, talking e-Trade baby! ("I'm a milkaholic, bitch.") - Fear Factor viewer v. Fear Factor. The actor could either played the disgusted viewer who inexplicably found himself sick watching a show in which people eat bugs ("I feel nauseous, bitch") or Joe Rogan. I vote Rogan. - And, of course, revisiting the landmark case of Ann v. Sewage Joe. It would literally be the best Lifetime movie crossover ever, bitch. Which court cases should the Lifetime network and Rob Lowe take on next, bitch? (Sorry. Blame Untouchable!) Sound off in the comments section below. [Photo credit: Dave Edwards- © 2008- All Rights Reserved] More: Rob Lowe Channels Drew Peterson for Lifetime Movie: Watch the Trailer Here Rob Lowe and Jeremy Piven on Popping Pills and Getting Naked in I Melt With You Parks and Rec-ap: Van, Go
  • Superhero Girlfriends: Drop or Save?
    By: Aly Semigran May 04, 2012
    Love makes us do crazy things. You needn't look any further than every superhero ever to discover that. The driving force behind every masked male crusader isn't just to make his city streets safer or bring peace to the world by stopping an unrelenting villain, but to win over the girl. Often putting their lives – and the lives of countless others – in jeopardy, superheros will leap tall buildings, stock their lairs with cool gadgets and cars, and live life as mysterious, tortured souls all for their lady. (Okay, so not entirely different from real-life guys.)  While some damsels in distress occasionally save the day, we looked back at which superhero girlfriends made a great match and which ones just weren't worth the trouble. From The Amazing Spider-Man's (and fine, Spider-Man 3's) Gwen Stacy to Superman's Lois Lane, when it comes to superhero girlfriends do they: Drop or Save? CLICK HERE TO LAUNCH OUR GALLERY  More: 15 Villains We Like Better Than Heroes  The Amazing Spider-Man Review [Photo credit: Sony] 
  • Growing Up Beastie: Remembering Adam Yauch
    By: Aly Semigran May 04, 2012
    For a generation of music fans, The Beastie Boys didn't just open a door, they blew it wide open to an entirely new world. Like many other people my age, Licensed to Ill was the first hip-hop album I ever purchased on cassette (I bought mine after my cousin Jeff, who was already the coolest person in the world in my eyes, had introduced me to them), and it forever changed the way I heard music. But perhaps the most amazing thing about the groundbreaking, game-changing 1986 album is that while it was like nothing many of us had heard before, it resonated so differently with everyone. While some enjoyed their first taste of the hip-hop world from License to Ill — which effortlessly merged the genre with rap, rock, and punk — others heard three unique voices that were changing the evolving musical landscape. What I heard was home. As a native New Yorker, there was nothing that made me feel as connected to my hometown, even when I didn't live there, as those fellow native New Yorker's "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" or "Paul Revere" or "Slow and Low."  All of this makes the tragic news of the passing of Beastie Boys' founding member Adam Yauch, who died at the far-too-young age of 47 after a battle with cancer, that much more devastating to his lifelong fans. (That was the thing about being a Beasties fan — it was never a phase. You were in it for life.) It's rare to say an entertainer truly impact you or could change the course of your life, but Adam Yauch, Michael Diamond, and Adam Horovitz — MCA, Mike D, and Ad-rock, if you will —did just that for countless future musicians or anyone who truly let music in to their lives. Even rarer, the Beastie Boys evolved right along with their listeners and the world around them while staying true to their roots. As newer generations discovered the trio by TRL votes for "Intergalactic" or viral sensations like "Fight For Your Right Revisited," the same generation that bought Licensed to Ill — and Paul's Boutique and Check Your Head and Ill Communication, for that matter — and whose sense of humor was shaped largely by the wildly funny and self-aware artists (look no further than the videos for "Sabotage" and "Hey Ladies" for proof of that) stayed right there with them. Beastie radio classics like "So Whatcha Want" and "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)" still have the ability to transport you back to your youth, but without any sickly sweet nostalgia that tends to come with art that hasn't aged well over the years. The hits are still as cool and daring and fun as the first time you listened to them. There really isn't much left in this world like that. The Beastie Boys and Adam Yauch will mean something different for every fan. For some, they are a reminder of carefree days; for others, a battle cry to stand up for what you believe in, be it with music or movies or art or politics or how we treat our fellow man, and challenge the status quo. For me, the Beastie Boys will always be the first band that challenged me to appreciate other genres. They will always make me recall listening to that Licensed to Ill tape with my cousin Jeff. They will be the reassuring, proud voices that helped my aching heart heal for my city. They will remind me of driving around in my car listening to "She's Crafty" and "Paul Revere" at a volume that was ear-splitting at best. They will bridge my childhood to my adult life and bring my hometown to wherever my life and my headphones take me. It's hard to imagine the Beastie Boys going on without Adam Yauch because, sadly, with no MCA/Nathaniel Hornblower, there's simply no Beasties. But it's even harder to imagine a world in which we grow up without the Beastie Boys. Yauch is leaving the world with a rich musical legacy, but he's leaving us all with something just as impactful: The sobering reminder to make the best of the time you've got.  [Photo credit: Please credit  J. Quinton/WireImage] More: Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Dies at 47 How Adam Yauch Rocked Hollywood with Oscilloscope
  • 'Parks and Rec'-ap: Van, Go
    By: Aly Semigran May 04, 2012
    Leslie Knope is so close to the finish line she can almost taste it. (It would, of course, taste like waffles.) Now just two points behind Bobby Newport in the polls, our beloved Leslie seems all but ready to take the City Council seat she so richly deserves despite having an endlessly disastrous campaign that's included drunken on-camera gaffes and an opponent who has paid his way to the top. But the worst had to be over, right? Leslie (the endlessly great Amy Poehler) made a stunning comeback during the biased debate that rocketed her back to the top and she was taking her ace team on the road aboard the S.S. Knope for a bus tour that included crowd-pleasing speeches. Tee shirt guns! Dancing girls! Rodney Dangerfield impressions! (Okay, not that last one so much.) Leslie may not get respect like Mr. Dangerfield (looking at you, Joan Callamezzo), but it's her plain bad luck that could really destroy her chance at winning the race for City Council. During last night's Season 4 penultimate Parks and Recreation episode, titled "Bus Tour", Leslie's victory stride came to a screeching halt when she accidentally said the wrong thing at the wrong time. During one of her guaranteed home run 10 minute, 40 second stump speech (where she hilariously promised the people of Pawnee that she would "finally eliminate the city's libraries") a journalist asked Leslie for a statement regarding the father of her rival Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) and the founder of Sweetums, Nick Newport. The steadfast, headstrong told the reporter that Mr. Newport is a "jerk" who has been detrimental to Pawnee thanks to his monopolistic business stance and causing the town's pollution from his Sweetums factory. It was a bold strike at her opponent that went straight for the jugular....of a dead man. Yes, our Leslie was a victim of that famed "gotcha" journalism as she then asked if she wanted to follow-up that statement with a comment on the recent passing of Nick Newport. Aside from the fact that there's no way word wouldn't have spread through Pawnee immediately regarding Mr. Newport's death (Ben especially would have been on top of that crucial news) Leslie is left stunned and stumped with her campaign hanging in the balance. Well, she did manage to get out an "I...sad." I sad, too, Leslie. I sad, too. Leslie immediately tried to soften the blow of JerkGate, but instead wound up making matters so much worse. She read her book Groffle the Awful Waffle to local school children (please, please someone publish this book for real) and somehow compared the deceased Mr. Newport to Hitler and Stalin and then drove the S.S. Knope to the Newport residence to make a private apology to Bobby, only to find a swarm of press waiting to watch her accidentally run over Mr. Newport's memorial. It looked like a Rodney Dangerfield-laced concession speech was officially on the horizon. But, come on, this is Leslie Knope! If anyone knows what she's doing, even in the midst of total chaos, it's her. With hat in hand, Leslie finally got to talk to Bobby one-on-one for a heartfelt chat, in which she told him a sweet story about her own parents expectations and pride. Despite the fact that he didn't exactly get the point of the story ("Your mom and my dad are dicks") Bobby still pawned it off as his own during a press conference outside his house, earning compassion from the crowd. No respect, I tell ya. Then, once again, Bobby's kindhearted ignorance worked to the advantage of the "megacool" Leslie. "If you don't for me tomorrow," he told the crowd, "You should vote for her." Maybe we'll get to hear "Catch Your Dream" one more time next week, after all. Of course, Leslie is a one-woman machine that has a lot of working parts. While she was busy fighting a fire she started, her unstoppable team were putting out some other ones. Ron, Donna, and Tom were sent on a mission to retrieve vans that were purchased by the Knope campaign to transport senior citizens to voting booths that were seized by the Newport campaign thanks to some shady bribing to van owner Bill (guest star Mike O'Malley.) Tom tried convincing him to get on board with his latest venture Yogurt Platinum, Ron attempted to level with him man-to-man and make a counteroffer, but the greedy Bill could not be swayed. In the end, what it took was a not-so-loving tap to Donna's baby, her Benz, to get the vans back. After Donna slammed into Bill's truck, the deal was simple: Give us the vans and we'll pretend this whole thing never happened. And that's why you don't mess with Ginuwine's cousin. Meanwhile, Chris was once again trying to fight off his "bottomless pit of despair" (April tried to help with encouraging words, but ultimately it was Bobby's campaign manager Jennifer's offer to have sex that did the trick) and Burt Macklin, thankfully, reappeared to solve the mystery of pie thrower. After some crack investigation, which primarily involved repeatedly hitting the victim Jerry with a pie and drawing on the TV in permanent marker, Burt Macklin ––FBI! –– discovered Sewage Joe had been aiming for Ben and hit Jerry instead. Between the return of Burt Macklin and Andy's movie reenactments from last week's episode, Chris Pratt officially has my vote for Season 4 MVP. Now, the other best moments and lines from last night's Parks and Rec "Bus Tour": – Leslie imagining President Barack Obama at her City Council inauguration. – Leslie's plan to live out the rest of her days on the S.S. Knope with Ben. – Leslie's 'Sorry For Your Loss' fruit basket includes "no melon, no apples" – Bobby's cute and strikingly similar Wii bowler – The gang's code names, as chose by Andy (Eagle 1): Been There Done That (Ann), Currently Doing That (April), Happened Once in a Dream (Donna), If I Had To Pick a Dude (Chris), Eagle 2 (Ben) – "Just so you know, you're still at large." - Andy, to the unidentified pie perp – "Good answer, great body"- Leslie, to Ben – "I wasn't listening, but I strongly disagree with Ann." - April, to Ann – "Dark places are awesome."- April, to Sad Chris – "Well, it is. But you're an a**hole." - Ron, to Bill about the importance of a gentleman's agreement More: Parks and Rec Boss Mike Schur and Cast on Finale: 'We Went With Our Gut' Parks and Rec is Back!: What We Hope To See Before the Season Finale Parks and Rec-ap: Sweetums Disposition
  • '30 Rock' Recap: All Hail 'Queen of Jordan'!
    By: Aly Semigran May 04, 2012
    When television shows want to break out of their regular format they send their characters to Hawaii or have a musical-themed episode or go live. But leave it to 30 Rock, television's eccentric cousin who goes to art school, to step into its own alternate reality TV universe. Just a week after doing its second live episode, 30 Rock revisited the divisive Queen of Jordan. I happen to really love the faux Bravo series and desperately wish it was a real show. Make this happen, Andy Cohen. If you don't –– RUDE! The whole gang was back and loonier than ever, even by reality TV standards. D'Fwan made his own d'fwine, which he wants you to d'fwink responsibly;  Portia had a catch phrase she wasn't crazy about ("Portia reads the paper!"); and Randi bravely posed for Playboy "against their wishes" But it was, as always, all about Angie (the pitch-perfect Sherri Shepherd.) Since we last saw her, Angie (or Tangiers, if you will) has become an octuple threat as a reality star/actress/singer-songreader/perfumist/IBS survivor/best-selling author of a book she didn't write/catch phrase coiner ("Rude!" was wonderful, but it's no "Ham!"), and now, a designer for her clothing line Cheek (pronounced "chic") a "stretchable formal wear for elegant plus-size women and huskier gays.” Angie is poised to introduce Cheek to the world with her fashion show that will feature an in-no-way-planned surprise from her husband Tracy. But even with D'Fwan and Randi and Portia and insanely adorable baby Virginia on her team, Angie was outcrazied by the TGS crew, who will always outcrazy everyone. While Jenna was desperate to get on cam-er-ah (nothing new there), Liz found herself immersed in a hilarious standoff with baby Virginia (the episode's MVP) after inadvertently criticizing her chubby baby legs ("Never talk about a black woman’s leg size. Not on babies, not on the Williams sisters, not on a mannequin at Avenue," D'Fwan warned) and Jack and Diana (Mary Steenburgen) tried, and failed spectacularly, at hiding their affair from a soon-to-be-returning Avery and the cameras. You have to give the 30 Rock writers a lot of credit for this episode. Not only did they make their latest Queen of Jordan even funnier than the first one, but they moved the story along in a real way (Jack is getting closer to facing the reality of his wife coming back, Liz is certain that, despite some judgmental babies, she wants one of her own) and tackled one of the show's biggest hurdles: Jack and Liz kissing. It finally happened and it wasn't because of some big, romantic confession that they've loved each other all along or "it was all just a crazy dream." No, it was because Jack spun such a terrible lie that involved a homeless guys (30 Rock's resident homeless guy Hannibal Buress) named "Gus", Russian restaurants named "Russ", and Chandler Bing-like cover-up about why he just kissed someone he shouldn't have been kissing. Jack and Liz kissed and it was awkward and forced and everything a long-anticipated television kiss shouldn't be. It was perfect. Here are some of the other best lines and moments from last night's 30 Rock: – "Not to be racist, but white guys are typically punctual."- Tracy – "Doctor guy, pilot guy, Cleveland dude, British guy, rich dude, James Franco.” - Tracy, on why Liz is a "sex maniac"  – “I really don’t watch TV. I’m more of a masturbator.” - Tracy – "Oh my God. Ned Stark is dead?!” Grizz, reading – "I’ve never been so disrespected in my life and I’ve gone to and worked at the post office!" - Angie – "That's right, I read World War II history, motherf***er!" - Angie, after spouting her latest catch phrase "A bridge too far" – Liz wearing the same outfit as Virginia to the Cheek fashion show. – Jenna attended "Adrien Brody's unaccredited acting school." – Kenneth modeling, wondering what cocaine is like, and revealing his roommate was John Mark Karr. – Queen of Jordan's descriptions: Liz = Lisa Lampanelli? Kenneth = Not Worth Describing Dianna = Keeping It Tight Jack = NBC exec (That's a Television Channel)  Would you agree this was the better of the two Queen of Jordan installments? Which line slayed you? ("Why don't you control your dog?" "He controls me!") Was the Jack and Liz kiss everything you'd hoped it would be and more? Sound off in the comments section, because it's my way 'til payday. [Photo credit: NBC] More: 30 Rock: Live Blog! 30 Rock Live: Can You Spot All The Changes Between the East & West Coast Broadcasts? 30 Rock Recap: We Need To Talk About Kevins
  • 'The Voice'-Inspired Dating Show 'The Choice': Who Should Be The Celeb Judges?
    By: Aly Semigran May 03, 2012
    This is The Choice! It was only a matter of time before the prime-for-the-spoofing (Saturday Night Live already had their fun with it in their new promo), The Voice had a spinning chair spin-off. Recently acquired by Fox, the Voice-inspired dating show called The Choice, will use a similar format to the singing competition. Putting a new spin on The Dating Game (spin being the operative word here) the Cat Deeley-hosted live studio audience show will go something like this: Four celebrity bachelors will sit in rotating chairs with their backs to eligible bachelorettes who will try to get a date with them. So, exactly like the "Blind Round" on The Voice, only instead of singing, contestants will talk about why they'd be a good match for the star. Oh, and instead of pushing a button to turn around if they like what they hear, the "judge" will pull a "love handle." (Let's pause for the obligatory giggle.) If two celebs choose the contestant, they must plead their case and battle it out, just like on – you guessed it – The Voice. Each celebrity will build a team of three bachelorettes who will advance to a "Speed Choice" round where each woman has 15 seconds to convince the star to have her go to the final beauty pageant-like round where Deeley will ask the contestants questions and the judge will decide who to take on a date. So, basically Singled Out, but with The Voice's spinning chairs. If they get Purrfect on board, this has the potential to be the greatest dating show in the history of television. The Choice is slated for six episodes this summer, beginning Thursday, June 7 at 9 PM ET/PT, with five of the six epiodes featuring male celebs seeking love and the remaining episode to feature four female celebs meeting eligible bachelors. With an awesome host already on board (sorry Carson-Bot, but no one is better than Cat Deeley), here are some stars we hope to see as guest judges for the dating game and the kind of date they choose...on The Choice. (Oh, I get it!) James Franco: The guy has done everything but reality television at this point. C'mon James, it will make you so worldly and versatile. (Sorry Kimiko.) Ashton Kutcher:  Anything to keep Mila Kunis on the market. Take one for the team, America. Jake Pavelka: If only to see him make airplane noises when the chair spins around. Wheeeee, you're a grown man, Jake Pavelka! Adam Levine: Sure, there might be a something of a conflict of interest here, but we want to see the Maroon 5 frontman take a break from wooing models and court a mere mortal once again. Kim Kardashian: Somebody has to get that poor girl to break out of her shell and convince her to really put herself back out there. It's been about 17 minutes since we've heard anything about her and we're concerned. Is everything okay, Kim?! Send for help! Jennie Garth: "Bachelor No. 1, do you take an active interest in The Twilight Saga?" Easiest elimination ever. Jennifer Love Hewitt: Gotta build that Client List. Chelsea Handler: If any star were to really make their suitors really earn it, it would be her. Plus, she would easily pick the biggest kook in the whole damn thing. Who would you like to see on The Choice? Sound off in the comments section below! [Photo credit: David Edwards- © 2011- All Rights Reserved] More: The Voice Stars Talk Shocking Eliminations Meet The Bachelorette Contestants: Who's In It To Win It? Snooki Could Get Her Own Dating Show [Deadline]
  • Watch Eli Manning's 'Saturday Night Live' Promo: 'He's Like a Tree!'
    By: Aly Semigran May 03, 2012
    No, Lil' Manning, don't do it! We urged you not to do what so many athletes hosting Saturday Night Live have done before you and put on a dress for a sketch. (It's hilarious because he's a really built guy, you see? And he's wearing a dress.... like a lady would!) While one can never underestimate the power of Team Kristen Wiig (not to mention the drag-happy Team Fred Armisen) here's to hoping two-time Super Bowl champ and first-time SNL host Eli Manning goes back to Team Jason Sudeikis. Or, at the very least, Team Kenan Thompson to engage in some more witty banter like they have in his SNL promo. ("You don't know anything about football, do you?" "I would like to.") Watch the clip below as the New York Giants QB plays up his aw-shucks charms and shows off his famous football and – who knew?! – singing skills: Eli Manning hosts SNL this Saturday, May 5 at 11:30 PM ET, with musical guest Rihanna. Will you be tuning in? Sound off in the comments section below and....go long! More: Eli Manning To Host Saturday Night Live: Score? Rihanna Channels Wild Things in 'Where Have You Been' Video Saturday Night Live Recap: Josh Brolin's Goatee and Gotye