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  • 'Nashville' Season Finale Recap: It's (Literally) the End for Everyone
    By: Anna Brand May 23, 2013
    Well, friends, we've made it to the season finale of Nashville. It's been a long journey with ups and downs, high notes and awful notes, big hair and other hair no one cares about. Everyone went through changes this season, except for Scarlett, who is still wearing the same annoying outfit and will be pouting indefinitely, I'm sure. Last week, Rayna and Deacon finally got together for reals, Dante screwed over Juliette hard but wound up the loser in the end when her mom went and shot him, Maddie continued to play the part of Dana in Homeland, Gunnar got himself thrown in jail after pretending to be a bad boy, and Avery, well, he became the favorite. But all of that is nothing compared to the s**tshow that went down in the finale.  The Rayna and Deacon StoryWell, the sex-in-closets honeymoon phase didn't last very long for these two. After Maddie somehow finds papers that state that Teddy isn't her father, she draws the obvious conclusion that Deacon must be. She takes a taxi over to Uncle Deacon's and selfishly weeps frantically right before the CMAs about how she thinks she is his daughter. Deacon does not pick up Rayna before the show, does not pose with her out in public for the first time as a couple, and definitely does not shave. When they finally get on stage to perform, it is beyond awkward, and not just because Brad Paisley seems very confused about his lines. Finally, Deacon confronts Rayna about this mess and she can't help but sit there speechless and beautiful. He flips out, runs away, and Rayna calls Teddy. Teddy, who never seems to be working, only standing and pacing in his gigantic office wearing a silly tie and a little too much hair gel. They talk to Maddie at home about the situation and she's all like "I want to go to dad's FOREVER!" (No big loss there.) Meanwhile, Deacon is in a bar. He's in a bar, staring at a generous glass of whiskey on the rocks until he decides to down it all in one gulp. Bye, Deacon. The rest of the night is just a wasted mess. He's awoken in the bar and told he needs to find a place to go. First stop: find Teddy and beat the crap out of him. Second stop: home, only he can't get into his house because he is too blitzed to manage to unlock the door. Then there's a whole intervention with Coleman, Gunnar, and Scarlett... and it is not pretty. Missed punches are thrown, slurred rage takes over, and Scarlett shrieks so loudly that I am almost happy this is the last episode of the season. After the madness cools down and Deacon wakes from a long, much-needed nap, he tells Coleman that he knows what he's done and is going back to an AA meeting ASAP. But he doesn't. He continues to drink, only this time, it's from the bottle, and he gets behind the wheel. He drives over to The Bluebird because... duh. But as soon as he sees Rayna, he turns around violently. She runs after him, refuses to let him drive, and gets in the car. But it is not a nice car ride. They fight and scream and hit and wail until they swerve so badly to avoid another car that they flip multiple times until there's no way that they're both not dead. But this is Nashville, so chances are only one is dead, if not none. We'll just have to wait and see. The Teddy and Peggy StoryYep, Peggy's back. But not the Peggy we all came to loathe. She went and got herself a proper blowout and some real lady clothes. She's looking pretty good! Teddy arranges a meeting for them because he's back in money problems. You know, that whole embezzling millions of dollars thing? Well, it apparently doesn't just go away. More people are asking for money, money that he does not have, and auditors are getting suspicious. Peggy is the link that would either set him free or kill him, so he tries to get to her before anyone else. But it's too late. She's already been talking to the folks at "End Teddy's Life & Co." But surprisingly, she covered for him. Good girl, Peggy! He is so thrilled to be getting out of yet another situation scot-free, but Peggy quickly informs him of the catch: She's pregnant. BAH! The Scarlett and Avery StoryAfter Avery showed up at the CMAs to see Scarlett perform instead of Gunnar, he became the hero, and now he's trying to milk that for all it's worth. He meets Scarlett for lunch or brunch or something and tries to play it all cool-guy. He's like, "Man, that is just the gosh darn worst thing that boy Gunnar did to you, my dear," and Scarlett's all like, "You're lying, liar." But anyway, now she sort of likes him and wants to touch his hair and his face (which is looking more and more like Johnny Depp's). She even goes to his show and he pulls her on stage and they sing a song while staring into each other's eyes. The spark might just be back between these two. The Scarlett and Gunnar StoryGunnar decides to brush his hair right and take the black out of his wardrobe and now he's looking for Scarlett's forgiveness. He tells the producer guy that he stole the lyrics from his dead brother's notebook and is living a lie. He just can't do it anymore. He gets some dead flowers and tries to win over Scarlett's trust, but she's surprisingly stone cold. Gunnar follows her to the bar where Avery is playing and watches from afar with a cold beer as she sings into his eyes. It's killing him. After the show, while Scarlett is walking back home, Gunnar jumps out of the bushes like a psycho killer and brings her to a random rocking bench on the water. They sit there talking and petting each other's hair until he get off the bench and onto one knee. There's no speech, no convincing line, just the question: "Will you marry me?" End scene. The Juliette StoryJuliette is a wreck. She's got no money, no mom, and no Dante. But what she does get in the finale is a tiny bit of class. Her loyal former manager, Glen, comes back to support her, but she doesn't want his help. She doesn't want anyone's help. She actually gets ready for the CMAs through all the madness and sneaks into the back door dressing room. She continues to tell everyone that she's fine, that she's not going to freak out on stage, but soon, she realizes she's a mess. It's probably when she screams that she's glad her mom is dead because now it's all over and she can go back to living her life, in so many words. She heads over to the church before going home and cries over her mom's coffin, wishing that things had been different between them. Juliette then finds out (from a letter that eerily came in the mail from her mom) that she only took the drugs and killed Dante out of protection for Juliette's career. It's all very Shakespearean, sort of. So, she doesn't get to perform at the CMAs, but she does win! Glen comes to her house to deliver the award, and just as she's about to slam the door on him, he hugs her. Like a real hug, one that she's probably never gotten. It's the most heartwarming moment of the season. The Luke From 'The O.C.' StoryHe took his shirt off and it was real hot. Follow Anna on Twitter @thebrandedgirl | Follow on Twitter @Hollywood_com More:The Dark Day Scarlett on 'Nashville' Wore Black'Nashville' Recap: Family Secrets, Gross Hookups'Nashville' Recap: The Return of the Diva From Our Partners:Zoe Saldana Strips Down For Magazine (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 'Nashville' Recap: The Dark Day Scarlett Wore Black (Season 1, Episode 20)
    By: Anna Brand May 16, 2013
    Things were all fun and games back when all the drama that existed on Nashville revolved around which woman was going to sleep with Deacon, a dying bromance, and how on earth Rayna was going to keep her hair bouncy through an entire performance. But things have changed. Boy have things changed. We've taken a sharp turn into the dark world, and I fear there's no going back. But maybe that's a good thing.  The Rayna and Deacon StoryOur favorite almost-couple is still very much in the honeymoon phase. They grope each other in closets, backstage, on dirty couches, etc. — it's all very romantic. Deacon so badly wants to be a part of Rayna's family that he jumps on the invitation to come to Rayna's house for dinner. He plays with the kids and even lets them sing that stupid Lumineers song again (get a new song, girls) painting the perfect portrait. But playing house comes to a quick halt when the big, bad, super intimidating Teddy comes home and flips a s**t when he sees what's going on. How dare Deacon bring his guitar anywhere near his family. Get that wretched thing away! He's so pissed that he literally gets a restraining order against him, stating that he can't get anywhere near the children. And if that isn't demented enough, he assures Rayna that he's got full control of his balls now and he's not letting anything, nothing, get in the way of his relationship with his daughters. Not even crazy ladies dressed as stewardesses! (I kinda miss Peggy now.) But that doesn't mean Rayna can't have her own fun. The old Rayna would have definitely let this hiccup get in the way of her thing with Deacon, but not this time. It's clear this time is different. The Maddie StorySpeaking of creepy daughters, Maddie is the worst! There was a time when she was almost as bad as Dana on Homeland, but now, she is officially the creepiest. She spends most of her days snooping in doorways and hiding her evil behind thick-framed glasses. And get this, people are buying it! They're all fooled. But I am not fooled. No way. Maddie slinks up against the door to listen in on Rayna's conversation and hears her tell Deacon that she loves him. Like, duh. This should mean nothing, right? They call him Uncle Deacon for Christ's sake. Why would love be such a surprising word? Anyway, because of this, Maddie is all like "I must get to the bottom of it." Of what? No one can be sure. So, she digs through all of the paperwork that's conveniently easily accessible in Rayna's room, and somehow comprehends that Deacon is probably her dad. Like WHAT? What the hell was that? How did she just happen to come across the perfect paperwork? Nothing makes sense and Maddie is still a creep show. The Juliette And Mom And Dante StoryJuliette is in a pickle. She is in the biggest pickle of all because that tape Dante warned her about? Yep, it's a sex tape. And it sounds like a freaky one. Juliette is bugging because all she really wants is to win that stupid CMA, so when Dante tells her that he'll destroy the tape for $2M she's all like "SURE!" and sends over a fancy briefcase. But then Dante gets smart and is like "JK I meant $10 Mil." Juliette doesn't know how to handle the mess, but ultimately decides it's better to come clean than to have Dante get away with it. But her mom has got another plan. She heads over to her old pals at the crack den and gets some good stuff. A little of this a little of that and she's on her way. Then, she calls Dante and tells him that she's in love with him and can't imagine seeing that tape of him having sex with her daughter and begs him to come over with the evidence and she'll give him the money he wants. For whatever reason, Dante trusts her and actually meets her where she is to make the exchange. But instead of giving him the money, SHE SHOOTS HIM. Like, literally she pulls out a gun and bang bang you're dead. Just like a real soap opera! Nashville is learning! But yes, it is sad. And then she takes all those drugs at once and kills herself. When Juliette sees what has happened she breaks down entirely. We even see her crying without her makeup on. Real stuff, you guys. The Scarlett and Gunnar StoryThe once rainbows and butterflies couple is now the eemest (eemest: stuck in pathetic depression) couple of all. So much so that Juliette ditched her all-white uniform and put on solid black. No, not a little black here, a little black there — ALL BLACK. And Gunnar, well Gunnar is just a total mess. He's ditched the hair gel and started combing his hair forward like a rebel, put on some tight black jeans and a studded pleather jacket, and is singing his dead brother's songs about being locked up in jail. This persona isn't going to last very long once people realize the most badass thing he's ever done is wear clean cowboy boots. Scar is all distraught about having a liar as a boyfriend, but is willing to let it slide until she hears him on the radio saying he does whatever he wants in the lady department. When she confronts Gunnar about it, he's all like "chill baby, chill," but she won't. She says that he better be at her performance when she opens for Rayna at the Country Music Awards, and he says that of course he will. But then, instead, he and Luke from The O.C. get in a bar fight with some punks and end up in jail. It's all over for Gunnar. The Avery StoryYou know who was in the audience listening to whiny Scarlett front and center? Avery. Avery was there. A long time ago, Avery was such a jerk. He was selfish and controlling and only wore one offensive choker necklace. But suddenly, he has become the most likable character on Nashville and you know I don't hate it. I do not hate it at all. Just going to forget that maybe he and Juliette are going to hook up soon. It hasn't happened yet. Please God, don't let it happen. More: Proof Scarlett on 'Nashville' Has One Outfit'Nashville': Family Secrets, Gross Hookups'Nashville': The Return of the Diva Follow Anna On Twitter @Thebrandedgirl From Our Partners:Zoe Saldana Strips Down For Magazine (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 20 Reasons Life Sucks Without Dawson's Creek
    By: Anna Brand May 14, 2013
    It's hard to believe, actually shocking and somewhat depressing, that it's been 10 years since we tuned into Dawson's Creek on The WB in real time. 10 years since we cried and stayed home from school to mourn the loss of an era that helped shape the burgundy lipstick-wearing, plaid shirt-loving, angsty people we are today. (What, just me?) We watched Joey Potter go from air drying to straightening her hair, Pacey with a smooth face to a sleazy beard and back again, and Dawson's greasy bowl cut to a classic gelled coif. And as much as loads of recorded VHS tapes and Netflix can ease the pain of days on end without a snarky quip and a dreamy kiss, it's just not the same. Nothing is the same. Life sucks without Dawson's Creek.   1. Because no sleeping position has ever been so good/awkward   2. Because VHS movie rental stores no longer exist, not even in TV shows. And neither do those vests.   3. Because this face is no longer socially acceptable.   4. Because no one reads poems on TV anymore.   5. Because men can't grow up with Pacey as their role model.   6. Because we stopped getting amazing advice from Grams.   7. Because vandalizing walls to profess your love is frowned upon now.   8. Because our hearts have never been filled with as much joy as when Joey showed Pacey she loves him too.   9. Because overalls aren't cute anymore.   10. Because we still believed first times like Joey and Pacey's existed in real life.   11. Because summers anywhere aren't as good as summers in Capeside.   12. Because shucking corn is no longer sexy.   13. Because fishing isn't a bro sport anymore.   14. Because we've forgotten that hand written letters really do win the day.   15. Because we stopped describing men with hair on their backs as HOBs.   16. Because we'll never have friends more in sync than Jen and Jack.   17. Because Eddie's smile is now a distant memory.   18. Because we haven't felt as much as we felt when Jen made this tape for her daughter right before she died. (brb bawling)   19. Because climbing into people's windows is definitely illegal now.   20. Because it's just not the same. Nothing matters.   More:Is the Anti-Dawson James Van Der Beek's New Thing?10 Things That Will Cheer James Van Der Beek UpWill There Be a 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion? Follow Anna on Twitter @thebrandedgirl From Our Partners:Zoe Saldana Strips Down For Magazine (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal Is the Best Ryan Gosling Meme
    By: Anna Brand May 09, 2013
    What's better than a midweek Ryan Gosling meme? Literally nothing. A sir named Ryan McHenry has discovered the best use of the Vine app by pairing America's favorite things: Ryan Gosling and cereal. It's pure genius. Take a look at some of his gems. Yeah right. I'm not eating that. Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal: — Best Vines (@BestVlNES) May 9, 2013   Will vom on you. Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal: — Funny Vines (@VineLoop) May 4, 2013   Get that foul spoon away from my 'stache. Ryan McHenry on Vine — Rick Murphy (@flashmurphy) May 2, 2013   Terrified. Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal: part 6 #remake #howto — RYAN McHENRY (@RyanWMcHenry) May 1, 2013   As if. In case you missed it - Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal: part 5 — RYAN McHENRY (@RyanWMcHenry) April 28, 2013   Squinty-eyed disgust. Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal pt. 3 — RYAN McHENRY (@RyanWMcHenry) April 22, 2013   Meet me back on Mr. Ryan McHenry's Twitter & Vine for more Ryan Gosling cereal adventures. Follow Anna on twitter @thebrandedgirl More:Nooooooo! Ryan Gosling Taking Break From ActingYoung Ryan Gosling Gives a Hometown TourRyan Gosling Is Quietly Violent Again From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • 'Nashville' Recap: Death of a Bromance — Season 1 Episode 19
    By: Anna Brand May 09, 2013
    Last week on Nashville, we got everything we ever wanted: Rayna and Deacon finally passed the PG-13 line, Teddy dropped Peggy from his life, Juliette was finally the one to get played when Dante robbed her and fled the state, and everyone celebrated Luke from The O.C.s coming out party. It was a grand time and one that I was nervous couldn't be topped. Luckily, that was just the beginning and the drama is only starting to heat up now. There may even be a secret sex tape! The Rayna and Deacon StoryWell, it's finally happening. The bronzed lovers fight through morning breath and continue to fool around in the early morning, wiping perfectly bouncy strands of hair out of each other's sparking eyes. It's magic. Rayna tells him how happy she is and how she wants to stay in bed with his scruff all day. Deacon tells her how he wishes they could have started doing this years ago and also that her metallic eye shadow is hypnotizing. Reality interrupts their fairy tale when Rayna gets a call that she's been nominated for a CMA, in the same category at Juliette. Oh joy. When Rayna leaves the happy bed, it's easy to think that the hookup is going to be a fling, but it's not. Rayna wants this and she wants it bad; there's just one problem: She's been sworn to never, ever, ever tell Deacon that HE IS MADDIE'S FATHER! That's right, Deacon is the real father, but the day that Maddie was born Rayna made a pact with Teddy to never reveal the truth. How f****ed up is that? Like this whole time Maddie will never know her real father? Who is actually the better and hotter man? Rayna knows she can't keep this a secret forever though, and for the sake of ratings we know it, too. This does, however, complicate matters. As much as she wants to pretend like everything is perfect with Deacon, he knows her too well and senses her backing away from him. He's about to give up like all the times before, but then he remembers how perfect the spray tan came out on her freckled skin and how shockingly clean her hair was after a night of boning. No, he can't give that up. No way. He runs into Rayna's car and tell her that it's all or nothing, secrets or no secrets. The two play some music together on his crappy couch and stare into each other's eyes like freaks. It's starting to feel like the old times. And just when things seemed perfect, Deacon tells her that by this time, they could have already had a family of their own. If he only knew. The Deacon and Vet Lady StoryThis was just priceless. So, when Deacon comes back home after his morning romp with Rayna he seems The Vet putting dishes away in his sink. That's right! Remember when he gave her his keys! Like an IDIOT! So, he's all like "you really shouldn't have come over" and she's all like "I feel bad" and he's like "no, really, just don't let yourself in. Like ever. Also, please put my dish down." It's actually pretty messed up because he did lie to The Vet, even though we don't care about her or like her really and knew she had an expiration date. She suspected that Deacon still had feelings for Rayna and she was right. And then, Deacon's just like, "yeah why don't you take the dog, too." And so in the end it's like, Deacon is a typical jerk who never even cared about his dog. Do we really still love him? The Teddy StoryUgh, Teddy is such a wimp. He can't handle politics, he can't handle his daughters, he can't handle anything except a phenomenal shave. He's all worried about his daughter who hates him finding out that he's not her real dad so he insists on taking her to her school's father-daughter dance. She doesn't want to go because she wants nothing to do with his cheating ass and also because that is the lamest thing ever. But, her mom says it would be nice and so she changes her mind. While waiting for her to finish getting dressed, Teddy has a conversation with Rayna about her new "thing" with Deacon and starts sweating at the thought of her spilling the secret. He makes some threatening comments, none of which can ever be taken seriously through his dimples, and huffs out with Maddie. He is 12.  The Gunnar and Luke From The O.C. StoryGunnar is really twisted. Like, way more dark than we thought. We know he had some sort of criminal past with his brother, but I tried to pretend it didn't exist. Well, there's no pretending anymore. Not only is he pissed (maybe a little too pissed?) that Luke From The O.C. kissed him, but he's decided he is going to change his image and become "Country Bad Boy." It's actually not such a bad idea, except that he's not a bad boy. He is the boy who giggles and walks around in his underwear and combs his hair 100 times every morning while looking in the mirror and perfecting his sexual squint. He is being a total jerk to Luke though. He won't even look at him! His annoyance is so apparent that Scarlett is actually concerned about their bromance. She fears it's all over and she is right. No more drinking beers in cowboy hats and skipping from dive bar to dive bar playing music and laughing about their silly inside jokes. RIP. So, Gunnar decides to steal his dead brother's song lyrics and brings them to a recording studio. He thinks he's getting away with it, but Scarlett snoops into his notebook like the annoying fairy she is and finds out the truth. She pouts in white cable knit until he literally can't handle it anymore and leaves the room. Meanwhile, Luke is being awesome. He's just frolicking and schmoozing at parties and generally being lovable. He needs to stay forever.  The Juliette StoryJuliette is so distraught over Dante leaving her that she turns to alcohol. First it's several glasses of mimosas and then jugs of straight-up vodka. Her mom tries to be like "dude chill with the booze" but Juliette tells her to mind her own business, that she's the one with the problem. And then, in her drunken state, Juliette naturally starts making poor decisions. First, it's spending nearly $1M on bizarre bobble heads that are supposed to look like her to send out to the CMA voters. Then, it's letting Deacon walk out on her and the tour forever. And finally, molesting Avery after she lets him play guitar on stage with her. This girl is a mess. She ends her sloppy night crying to her mom when suddenly her phone rings. It's Dante. All we know is something something something WHAT TAPE?  The Avery StoryHe got to play his cute guitar for a real crowd! Things are looking up for our pitiful stringy-haired pal. Let's all say a prayer for Avery today.  More: Proof Scarlett on 'Nashville' Has One Outfit'Nashville': Family Secrets, Gross Hookups'Nashville': The Return of the Diva Follow Anna On Twitter @thebrandedgirl
  • Lindsay Lohan Arrest Quiz: Guess Which Year These Headlines Were Written
    By: Anna Brand May 03, 2013
    What are we going to do about Lindsay Lohan? What more can we do about Lindsay Lohan? It seems like just yesterday our freckled mess got herself her first cute little DUI and was taken to jail for a cute little mugshot. Everyone was so stunned that the precious child star was entering into the dark world of prescription drugs and trashy blonde hair dye from the box that headlines were screaming with disappointment and shock. Sadly, this nearly-10-year hell ride shows no sign of slowing down and now we're tired. We're just about done. In fact, we have pretty much run out of headlines to portray just how big a s**tshow our chameleon-haired wreck is that we literally keep repeating ourselves. It's becoming harder and harder to determine when Lohan's first DUI began and her most recent rehab stint ended. But boy is it fun to try. See if you can guess which year these echoed headlines were written. 1. Lindsay Lohan Not in Rehab, Rehires Longtime Lawyer Shawn Holley, Reports SayA) 2005 B) 2013 C) 2007 2. Lindsay Lohan: A History Of RehabA) 2009 B) 2013 C) 2010 3. Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab Facility, Which (Spoiler) Isn't Licensed to do RehabA) 2013 B) 2009 C) Future Headline 4. Lindsay Lohan Scores Rehab Victory — MaybeA) 2010 B) 2006 C) 2013 5. Lohan Banned From Hotel For $46,000 Unpaid BillA) 2012 B) 2010 C) 2009 6. Lindsay Lohan Arrested on Suspicion of DUI, Cocaine Possession After Car ChaseA) 2007 B) 2013 C) Future Headline 7. Lindsay Lohan Released from L.A. HospitalA) 2004 B) 2012 C) 2008 8. Lindsay Lohan Sent Back to Rehab, Not JailA) 2012 B) 2013 C) 2010 9. Lindsay Lohan Arrested for DUI, DrugsA) 2005 B) 2007 C) 2000 10. Strung Out Lindsay Lohan Drinks in Bed, Leaves Mess BehindA) 2013 B) 2006 C) 2012 11. Lindsay Lohan Arrested While in Rehab, on DrugsA) 2013 B) 2006 C) Future Headline 12. Lindsay Lohan Car Chase Case Settled, DismissedA) 2007 B) 2013 C) 2011 13. Lindsay Lohan: Portrait of the Party Girl as a Young ArtistA) 2006 B) 2009 C) 2013 14. Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again For DUI; Reportedly Checks Back Into RehabA) 2009 B) 2007 C) 2010 15. Lindsay Lohan Enters Rehab Center After False StartA) 2013 B) 2009 C) 2007 16. Lindsay Lohan: A Timeline of All Her Arrests (and Boy, There Are a Lot of 'Em)A) 2012 B) 2006 C) 2010 17. Lindsay Lohan Blasted for 'Heavy Partying'A) 2013 B) 2010 C) 2006 18. Lindsay Lohan Arrested for DUI – AgainA) 2013 B) 2007 C) 2010 19. The Evolution of Lindsay LohanA) 2001 B) 2004 C) 2013 20. Lohan Arrested on DUI Charge After CrashA) 2006 B) 2013 C) 2007 Answers 1. B; Fox News2. C; MTV3. A; CNN4. C; TMZ5. A; Huffington Post6. A; Fox News7. B; Hollywood.com8. C; ABC News9. B; ABC News10. B; The Hollywood Gossip11. C; HA12. C; LA Times Blog13. A; NY Times14. B; MTV15. A; Reuters16. A; E! Online17. C; People18. B; People19. B; USA Today20. C; NBC, Today More:Lindsay Lohan, Your Hoodie Looks Like a CondomIs Lindsay Lohan Joking About Being Pregnant?Lohan Ruins Dress With Impromptu Tailoring Follow Anna on Twitter @thebrandedgirl
  • 'Nashville' Recap: Everything We Ever Wanted — Season 1 Episode 18
    By: Anna Brand May 02, 2013
    Well, would you look at that, Nashville decided to grace us with its presence after two weeks of doing who the hell knows. And while I'd normally rant about how flaky and unreliable it's being, for the millionth time, I'm going to let it slide. Because this was hands down the best episode of the season. The last time we saw our frenemies, everything was still up in the air with Rayna's new badass attitude, Teddy and Peggy's demented affair, Lamar's health, and what on Earth Luke from The O.C. was doing creeping on Scarlett. But this week, we got answers. Boy did we get answers.  The Rayna and Liam StoryRanya decides she's going to take advantage of being hot and newly single and whimpers to Liam that she just wants to take chances and run wild, to which he accepts her invitation to bone. Never have two perfectly-haired people created so much heat. They rustle between the sheets and wipe the glowing lust off their faces, deciding just then that they're going to run away together, or something. It's the soap opera we've all hoped for, only Deacon's looming presence just won't go away. And as much as we think we want it to, we never do. And Rayna doesn't either. The Deacon and Vet Lady StoryThe "Fake Rayna" vet lady is still around because God knows why, but thankfully (hopefully) this will be her last appearance. Deacon pretends to like her, like when he hugs her and pets her head. They share a fake embrace after Deacon comes off the tour plane and we know this is probably going to be the end. Sadly, the Vet knows it too, the way most women can sense when the guy they're seeing up and decides it's over without telling her. She tries to put this truth in the back of her mind, but all becomes clear when they go to Rayna's show later that night and Deacon's face turns red when she starts singing their song with Liam. Vet lady finally confronts Deacon about his obvious jealousy and instead of denying what's really going on, he flat-out says that "yes, I do still have feelings for Rayna." He can't temper them any longer though, he realizes. But he's willing to try! He'll try and pretend he's not thinking about Rayna when he's stroking the Vet's hair! Like, he actually says this to her as if she would consider it. Of course, she's smart, and tells him it's over. It's over for them, but he's just getting started. The Deacon and Rayna StorySeconds after letting the Vet go, Deacon heads over to Rayna and confesses like a southern Romeo that he still loves her. He's always loved her. At first, Rayna is totally blinded by Liam's God-like facial stubble still plumping her cheeks, but she comes to her senses and the moment we've been waiting for finally happens. The two share an embrace hotter than the time Gunnar decided it was no pants day. I mean, they really go at it. Kissing and touching and loving and breathing. It's exactly what we've been wanting, but what does it mean? What does it mean? The Teddy and Peggy StoryThere was a time when these knuckleheads were playing house and wearing costumes and getting all kinky, but that day is gone. Peggy tries to keep the flame burning, but sadly she does not know that letting two stringy strands of hair fall in front of her face circa 1995 is not the hair trend that's going to turn him on. It is hard to compete with the Queen of Hair, but she could try a little harder. Anyway, Peggy is still delusional until Teddy tells her that he knows she was the one who leaked the photos of them kissing during the campaign. She plays coy and bats her eyes, but surprisingly Teddy doesn't buy it and does the right thing for once when he kicks her out of his house. Goodbye Peggy and your stupid fake pearls and stupid stewardess outfit. Goodbye forever. The Gunnar and Luke From 'The O.C.' StoryLet us now talk about the biggest twist of maybe every plot line ever (okay, besides Lost). So, this whole time we're led to believe that Luke from The O.C is all up in Gunnar's grill to get closer to Scarlett. But DUH, we should have known! It takes a very special breed to be attracted to Scarlett's squeaky voice and dumb pout and same annoying outfit. But Gunnar is everyone's type. And he is exactly Luke from The O.C.'s type! That's right. Luke didn't have the chance to come out of the closet during his days in Orange County, so he was cast in Nashville to show his true self. And he did, on Gunnar's mouth. Sadly, Gunnar still loves Scarlett (ugh) and is straight (ugh), so he freaks out and tells Luke to leave. The Juliette and Dante StoryNow that Juliette has fired Deacon and her manager and given everything to Dante, (her mom's sobriety coach who she's also sleeping with) including all her money, it's only natural that he would screw her over in the worst way possible. But Juliette had it coming to her. You don't get to be a total diva bitch forever before getting what you deserve. So, Juliette finds pills that were planted in her mom's coat by Dante and accuses her mom of using again. The Changeling affect makes her mom bonkers, which doesn't help her cause at all. She gets sent away to a facility like an animal and Juliette and Dante kiss and stuff. It isn't until later that Juliette realizes that her mom couldn't have possibly taken those pills because she is allergic to the medicine in them and would stop breathing and starts piecing together Dante's evil plan. But it's too late, and Dante is far gone on a plane to wherever with whoever with all of Juliette's money and a wad of hair gel. The player got played, hard. The Lamar StoryOh, he's fine. He's not dead. He's still a jerkface. The end. 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  • 'Apt. 23' Fans Get Their Bitch Back for 8 Episodes
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    If you've missed Krysten Ritter's drunken antics, domintrax-like ensambles, quippy banter with a beloved Dawson, and jabs at Dreama Walker, then grab a roofied cocktail because The Bitch is back. Sort of. Ritter announced on her Twitter last night that ABC will be airing the remaining eight episodes of the season. Exciting news for all you Don't Trust the B---- in @apt23 fans! On May 17th the remaining episodes will be available… — krysten ritter (@Krystenritter) April 18, 2013  For whatever demented reason (ratings, shmatings), ABC pulled the hilarious and dare I say groundbreaking (it really is) comedy from its schedule in January, leaving fans in a state of withdrawal (almost) worse than the first time we had to say goodbye to Dawson. Though chances are this probably won't change the ultimate fate of the series, at least we're getting the closure we deserve. Follow Anna on Twitter @thebrandedgirl More:10 Bitchiest One-Liners From 'Apt. 23''Apt. 23' Pulled From Schedule, Is it Canceled? 8 Stars You Didn't Know on 'Arrested Development'  From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
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    A report that our dear Friends will be reuniting for an entire season in 2014 circulated like wildfire Tuesday, and everyone eagerly jumped on board. Of course this is a wild, unconfirmed rumor. Star Media (who has ever been to this site? Does that person exist?) posted that "NBC network reportedly confirmed they will launch a new season of Friends on 2014, it was supposed to be about their story in acomeback reunion! It's still unknown if the original actors will accept NBC's deal, but the dream of "Friends" reunion is closer than ever!" It's no surprise people are latching onto this dream like a teenage girl onto her Robert Pattinson life-sized body pillow. Everyone hopes for a Friends reunion. You share GIFs of Ross whacking himself in the head trying to put back on his leather pants. You talk of the time Joey joined Rachel and Chandler in eating cheesecake off the floor. You chuckle to yourself thinking about Phoebe's best Estelle impression. You want more. You want so much more. Unfortunately, you're probably going to have to continue turning to your complete series box set for laughs. Maybe, just maybe, all this hubbub will get NBC to do it, but the report everyone is passing around as true is totally bogus.  Follow Anna on Twitter @thebrandedgirl MORE:'Revolution' Star Is Happy NBC Postponed This Week’s EpisodeTrailer Has Sex, Blood, Maggots, and Did We Mention Sex?'The Voice':5 Most Memorable Performances From Premiere From Our PartnersJessica Alba Bikinis in St. Barts (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His On-Screen Character? (Vulture)
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    If someone tells you they watch Saturday Night Live on Saturday night they are lying. If someone tells you they watch the entire episode and not feel like fast-forwarding through one or two (or all) of the sketches they are also lying. That is why my SNL viewing should take place on Sunday morning, where you can easily jump over the boring, painful bits. Plus, if you think it's enjoyable to sit through the same car commercial 7 times you are also so very, very wrong. Instead of reviewing all the sketches on Vince Vaughn's return to SNL, I break it down by what point I bailed on each sketch and why. Do you agree with where I gave up? Let us know in the comments below! Gun Control Cold Open: 3 minutes.When I Bailed: When Papa John's Pizza became the focus of the discussion. I'm afraid it was too close to the truth to actually be funny.Times I Laughed: 1 Vince Vaughn Audience Monologue: 4 minutes.When I Bailed: When Vaughn decided he was hosting the Maury show. Times I Laughed: 1 Al Pacino Biopics: 1 minute.When I Bailed: After the amazing Amanda Knox impression. Nothing could have topped that.Times I Laughed: 2 The Weather Channel: 2 minutesWhen I Bailed: Not long after 'Stormy Skies'' bumpy open. The corny soap opera for The Weather Channel would have been better if everyone just shouted out absurd headlines for moderate weather. I don't care about the precipitation in your pants, unless you're actually going to show us.Times I Laughed: 1 History of Punk: The whole thing! 4 minutes 30 seconds.When I Bailed: I didn't! This wasn't funny at all, but since it resembled VH1's entire TV lineup, I couldn't turn away. Times I Laughed: 0 Short Term Memory Loss Theater: 30 seconds.When I Bailed: When I realized this sketch wasn't only unfunny, but it actually put me to sleep in 30 seconds.Times I Laughed: 0 Weekend Update: 5 minutesWhen I Bailed: When Seth Myers started talking about the Cookie Monster. I did however stick around for the full 'Accidental Racist' sketch. Although it wasn't exactly original (they literally had Keenan Thompson quote LL Cool J's most recent interview at one point), it was necessary and still funny. Because when you have a song like 'Accidental Racist' and LL actually saying "It wasn't perfect," you barely have to say anything at all. Times I Laughed: 3 Junior Prom: The whole thing! 4 minutes 30 seconds.When I Bailed: Was probably a mistake, but I didn't! I'm a sucker for the prom, so I had hope. But things got weird when Vaughn removed his Liz Claiborne outer coat to snap dance with a boy with a half-mullet. Then, with a boy wearing an electric red cummerbund. It sounds funny, but it wasn't. Times I Laughed: 1 Roundball Rock: 2 minutes.When I Bailed: After the second rendition of "Basketball" when I felt a migraine coming on.Times I Laughed: 0 Last Call: 2 minutes.When I Bailed: After "blended genitals" was uttered. Times I Laughed: 1 (and it had to do with bar hair) [Image Credit: NBC]Follow Anna on Twitter @thebrandedgirl  More:Vince Vaughn Buddies Up to Bobby Moynihan in 'Saturday Night Live' Promo 'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Melissa McCarthy Goes For Round Two'Saturday Night Live: Justin Timberlake Joins the Five-Timers Club From Our PartnersJessica Alba Bikinis in St. Barts (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His On-Screen Character? (Vulture)