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  • Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Finale Blog: How It Felt to Be Lindsay
    By: Arie Luyendyk Mar 12, 2013
    Last night for the Bachelor finale, I hosted a viewing party at Park West in Chicago. The turnout was incredible and the show didn't disappoint either. Jef also made a guest appearance — it was fun to watch our friend Sean get down on one knee. We have all watched his journey and during Sean's last night as a "Bachelor," he shared real emotion with us. He could finally let his guard down and tell Lindsay and Catherine just how he felt. The dates for me were both amazing and I loved the time each of them shared with Sean's father. I think everyone watching at home wished they had Sean's dad as their father in-law. I think back on how it felt to meet Emily's parents and how nervous I was to talk with her father — you just want acceptance. I think Sean's dad really made each of them feel so comfortable and it was touching to see him and Catherine connect. RELATED: 'Bachelor' Finale Recap: Married to Tears Let's get down to the moment of heartbreak: Lindsay asked what every girl thinks but doesn't say and I loved her for it. "Was it me?" she painfully said as he let her go, and my heart broke for her. In that moment, your heart feels like it has tied itself into a knot. The breath leaves your lungs and all of a sudden the life you pictured vanishes and you're left with a huge amount of emptiness that is so hard to explain. I wanted to jump though the TV screen and give her a huge hug. I've been there, but standing up on the alter makes it that much more intense. Sean was more crushed to let Lindsay go than when Emily broke up with him. I could see that was extremely hard for him, but, sadly, that doesn't make it any easier. Hold your head up high, Lindsay. Life will have a way of rewarding you for being so open and loving. This is rare and don't let this change the woman you are. Honestly, it's been hard to read Sean's connection with any of the women this season, but then again, it's Sean — he holds his cards close. I always knew he and Catherine shared a bond that was playful and unique. It was not until tonight that Sean could really reveal his true feelings, that I saw how much deep love he had for her. I have always told everyone how sincere and genuine a person he is and last night I was taken aback by how confident he was in their love for each other. I'm so happy for them! RELATED: Sean Lowe Joins 'Dancing With the Stars' The wedding announcement came as a surprise. But when you know you know. I honestly think these two are grounded and sincere and that's exactly why they will make it work above anything else and against all odds. Sean, I wish you and Catherine the very best and I am really happy for you both. You deserve it! RELATED: Desiree Hartsock Will Be Season 9's 'Bachelorette' [Image Credit: Voorhees Studios] You Might Also Like:8 Male Stars With Tramp StampsStars Who Have Lost Roles For Being Too Hot (Celebuzz)
  • Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Blog: 'That's Not What You Said in the Fantasy Suite'
    By: Arie Luyendyk Mar 05, 2013
    It was that time again, everyone, for a super dramatic wrap up of all the craziness. That's what we got with The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. Tierrable's Take I was hoping to see my girl Tierra show up and surprise us — and there she was again on my TV! Apparently, she had nothing to apologize for — and why would she? She’s happily engaged, and even Chris Harrison cares about her crazy eyebrow. Life is good in TierraVille! All that talking about herself in third person and loving the fact that her eyebrow has its own Twitter handle has only increased her sparkle. Want my opinion on Tierra? All I can say is that she is living in her own blissful world. Let's hope she stays there. Now, onto the other 25 women. Yes, there were other people on the show. Apparently, there was a girl named Brooke on the show, and she had a lot to say. It's funny — I can’t even remember this girl. Wow, it’s been a long 10 weeks. And I really enjoyed Sarah’s talk. I think she’ll find someone. Hey, Chris Harrison is still single right? RELATED: Arie Picks The Next 'Bachelorette' The Next Bachelorette... Desiree came across very sweet and lovable. And, after watching AshLee cling onto the past and not getting the closure she craved, my bet for the next Bachelorette may be off. Desiree can be forgiven for having crazy family members. I mean, how many of us are embarrassed by our siblings? I love the fact that she stood up for her brother. It shows good character. AshLee's Confrontation Back to AshLee. How about that talk with Sean while the two thought they were on commercial break? She was obviously still hurt and searching for closure. That exchange with AshLee and how Sean came back on air to clarify his explanation to the audience shows what a sincere and genuine guy he is. A clean break is the best when dealing with heartache, so Sean’s breakup with her was the right approach. Nothing good can come out of keeping contact if the heart needs to heal. AshLee told Sean, “That’s not what you said in the fantasy suite.” That statement strikes a cord with any contestant that makes it to the final three. That’s why I laughed so hard with Sean during the first episode when I said that. Sometimes, you hear what you want to hear. This may have been the case with AshLee. RELATED: Arie's Blog: Tierra Is Just Tierrable Final Two Just two women left: Catherine and Lindsay! Could Sean have picked two girls more different? Catherine and Sean have a great friendship and are total nerds together. It’s cute, in a middle school kind of way. That being said, it’s always best to marry your best friend. And I can see they have a lot of fun together. Lindsay and Sean are also a great match. There’s a physical spark that’s undeniable. Lindsay's eyes are filled with love when she looks up at him. In my opinion, they are the best match because I could see Sean fitting so well into her family life. My only concern is that Lindsay seems very young. She has to convince him she is ready for this next step. Until next week! If you’re in the Chicago area Monday, come watch The Bachelor with me live at Park West! Details and tickets available at Follow Arie on Twitter @Ariejr. [Photo Credit: Voorhees Studios] From Our Partners:Seal Is Dating the Pink Power Ranger: Report (Vh1)60 Celebrity Bikini Bodies: Guess Who! (Celebuzz)
  • Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Blog: Sean Had Sincere Intentions on the Fantasy Dates
    By: Arie Luyendyk Feb 26, 2013
    When I think of fantasy suites dates, I think of rose pedals laid over a warm bed and champagne near a hot tub in the middle of a huge room with chocolate, lots of chocolate. I think of an open window with a slight, warm breeze and the anticipation of alone time. But how the hell would I know? The best part about all of this it that no one knows because it's “none of your business,” as Sean told Chris Harrison. I can honestly say after living with Sean and watching closely all season, I can see when Sean is sincere and when Sean may be hiding something. Why is this important? Because what I saw last night was a very sincere and honest explanation of what he intended to do with his time with the girls on their overnight dates. Always a true gentleman, Sean invited Lindsay, AshLee and Catherine into the fantasy suite with good intentions. Get your minds out of the gutter, people! There were so many great moments in this episode where I could tell that, without a shadow of a doubt (stolen from Sean’s vocabulary), Sean is falling hard for these three women. RELATED: Arie Picks The Next 'Bachelorette AshLee's Fantasy Date AshLee started out really strong, and Sean himself described their relationship as the strongest going into Thailand. But during her date, things seemed to slip away. It felt as if AshLee was doing all the talking, and Sean was not reciprocating all of the compliments and expressions of strong feelings. The ring comment couldn’t have helped either; I immediately made one of those "eeeeek" faces. Lindsay's Fantasy Date Lindsay’s date was really sweet, but I can’t help but think that her inability to express how she feels may be her downfall in the end. I can sense how strongly she does feel, and I have to assume Sean does as well. During her date, she finally said, "I love you." It’s better to say it once than to overdo it. RELATED: Arie's Blog: Tierra Is Just Tierrable Catherine's Fantasy Date Catherine and Sean are total nerds together. I don’t know whether to laugh and smile or cry and call for help. I did, however, catch the chemistry before the overnight portion. Sean and Catherine looked really good together — a total change in events from last week. I don’t know if I’m onboard with Catherine. I was on #teamAshley, so now I’m all confused. Three Down to Two The video messages were all really good, but AshLee's line got me: "I am no longer broken, and for that, I will always love you." Let’s all just pause and let that sink in. I remember sitting in my room during Emily's season and trying to write the perfect message so I could express my feelings to her. It can be really hard to sum things up in a few short words. For me, AshLee had the most emotional message for Sean. RELATED: Arie's Blog: Tierra Could Turn Into Courtney Robertson As quick as those walls came down, they shot back up faster than the words came out of Sean’s mouth. I was shocked. And AshLee was so angered by Sean’s decision that it sent chills through my TV screen. Sometimes, the obvious choice isn’t the best choice — and although AshLee and Sean seemed great on paper, great on paper rarely works out. I could see the pain Sean felt by letting her go. I do think AshLee could tell he was honestly conflicted. But at that point, she probably didn’t hear what Sean had to say because her walls were already up. Sadly, who knows when those walls will ever come down completely again. Follow Arie on Twitter @Ariejr. [Photo Credit: Voorhees Studios] From Our Partners:25 Most Scandalous Celeb Twitpics (Vh1)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Blog: Picking the Next 'Bachelorette'
    By: Arie Luyendyk Feb 19, 2013
    After Monday’s episode I really don’t have anything witty or sarcastic to say. Did I lose my sparkle? Did Tierra suck the humor out of me and the show, thus making my blog nearly unreadable? No. This show is about love, people! With all the drama, we almost forgot that Sean is actually getting engaged. It was a good thing that some seriously awkward family conversations brought us back in check. All joking aside, Sean was very poised and handled himself really well. He impressed me. RELATED: Arie's Blog: 'A Rose Is A Tierrable Thing to Waste' Hometown Date 1: AshLee It’s safe to say AshLee is stealing all of our hearts. Pastor Frazier’s banter with Sean was great, and I really liked how Sean was asking a lot of the tough questions regarding AshLee’s marriage as a 17-year-old. Pastor Frazier stole the show — and I can see there is a lot of love in that family. Five foster homes can affect someone’s sparkle, but AshLee is shining bright. If she gets sent home in the coming weeks, I’d love to see her as The Bachelorette. I can’t imagine a girl who'd deserve it more. Hometown Date 2: Catherine Catherine and Sean had a blast at Fisherman’s Wharf. After the day portion of the date, I was sold: They are a definite match. Even when Sean met the family, my first thought was, "This is going well." But then the sisters dug in, calling Catherine "dirty" and the conversation with her mother was just off. I just don’t know how I see him fitting into this situation… Trouble in paradise. RELATED: Arie's Blog: Tierra Is Just Tierrable Hometown Date 3: Lindsay “Kiss me harder!” Lindsay demanded, while putting Sean through army drills. Their date was very sweet and I liked their playfulness. Sean was seriously sweating it when it came to meeting Lindsay’s father, but he turned out to be really easygoing. Everything seemed very effortless when it came to their date. I can hear it already: “SeanSay.” Hometown Date 4: Desiree Can someone make Nate (Desiree's brother) the next Bachelor? We need to make this skeptic a believer. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that he killed it for Des, but Nate definitely didn’t help her chances. You marry the girl. You marry the family. And this was awkward to say the least. RELATED: Arie's Blog: Tierra Could Turn Into Courtney Robertson I really felt for Desiree when Sean let her go at the rose ceremony, and I sincerely thought she was going to stay after the long goodbye. I mean, what’s the harm in inviting four girls to Thailand? Everyone felt for her, but Sean seemed pretty confident in his decision. The heart wants what the heart wants, and for Desiree, it wasn’t meant to be. Follow Arie on Twitter @Ariejr. [Photo Credit: Voorhees Studios] From Our Partners: Kate Upton Bares All in Nothing But Body Paint: Video (Celebuzz) Bradley Cooper Dancing Is Surprisingly Awkward, Sweaty (Vh1) 
  • Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Blog: 'Tierra's Eyebrow Exits Stage High Right'
    By: Arie Luyendyk Feb 12, 2013
    Okay, so I’ve realized after reading some of my past blogs that I’m really hard on the girls. But after this week, I probably won’t have anything bad to say. Sean has redeemed himself from last week. AshLee's One-On-One Let's start with AshLee and a beach scene that made me a bit jealous that I wasn’t rolling around in the sand. This had the potential for some killer kissing moves! Sean is improving, and like any good coach, I was rewinding tape and taking down some notes. Perfection never sleeps, people, but I am happy he brought his A-game to St. Croix. The Bachelor proclaimed kissing expert is liking what he is seeing. I won’t give you the play-by-play on everything, but what I loved about AshLee was this: When I watched her on their date, I saw so much in the way she looked at Sean. AshLee was so vulnerable when she talked about her marriage. And she was so cute with her hair parted in the middle, just like all the girls we fell in love with in middle school. She made me really love her. I can tell she is so open and willing to let Sean in. That’s the first step to being crazy in love with someone. RELATED: Arie's Blog: Tierra Is Just Tierrable Tierra's One-On-One Next up, Tierrable got a one-on-one, and all of America died a little inside. She got the “Let's walk around the city” date, which is never a good sign. (I had this when Emily was upset at me about Cassie.) At that point, I was waiting for him to let her go, but that eyebrow of hers seemed to have some sort of wicked spell on Sean, and he ended up saying he was crazy about her. What? I’d have to say, during this crazy show, that this is the point when it really hits you. You have been in this parallel world, and now it’s almost time for that to mesh with reality and you start freaking out. Well, at least this is when I started realizing that sh** was getting real. NEXT: Who Did the Best on the Group Date... Group Date The pressure was hitting the girls on the group date. They spent the whole day hanging with Sean, and all the girls had great conversations. But Sean had the best physical connection with Lindsay. She always looks up at Sean with her big eyes, and you can tell how much she’s into him. Catherine and Sean had the best conversation. Normally, we see Sean only respond to the girls in a few short words, but during this date, we saw him open up a little. Desiree was by Sean’s side all day, but sadly, I didn’t see much of a spark there. Lindsay ended up with the rose. I’m happy for her. She has really turned it up the last two episodes. RELATED: Arie's Blog: On Kisses, Bikinis, And Insane Meltdowns Lesley's One-On-One Lesley’s date was last but not least. Sean expressed that she was a bit behind the other girls (uh oh!). These two were going really strong in the beginning, but those awkward silences were not helping anyone. I will say from experience, you can fill that silence with kissing, but at some point you have to hit on other levels. Back to the kissing, though: Lesley has mad skills! I vote the kiss against the log as “best kiss of the season.” Good job, girl! A + in my book. I don’t know if it’s me or if this is how The Bachelor is compared to The Bachelorette, but I’m not seeing that much of a love story unfold. We cut back to Tierrable arguing again. I loved that AshLee was over her sh**, because, honestly, we all were. Between Tierra screaming about her eyebrow and yelling about how no one can take her “sparkle,” I immediately felt bad for whoever gave her that ring on Instagram. I mean, "Who would wife that?" (I borrowed that line from the beautiful Selma). She finally went home and I did an imaginary fist bump to Sean. Good call, my friend! At the rose ceremony, I was shocked Lesley went home because I really thought Desiree’s time with him wasn’t too special. I guess being an amazing kisser only counts for so much, right? Follow Arie on Twitter @Ariejr. [Photo Credit: Voorhees Studios] From Our Partners: 40 Hottest Celeb Twitpics of the Month (Vh1) 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue: A Visual History (Celebuzz)
  • Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Blog: Ugly Christmas Sweaters in Canada
    By: Arie Luyendyk Feb 06, 2013
    Two nights of The Bachelor, and two nights of Tierrable decisions. Tired of that joke? Well, I’m tired of having to use it. But apparently, Sean is not ready to let her go. Yes, I’ve ruined the suspense of the rest of the blog, because that’s all I can think about since my wine buzz has faded. Date One: Catherine's One-On-One Tuesday night, The Bachelor headed to Banff, Canada. I have to say, the scenery was breathtaking. Catherine received the first date, and they showed all of two seconds of the blizzard they “romantically” hung out in. I can just see Sean and Catherine grabbing two or three shots and peacin’ out. Dinner was much better, and I really liked how Catherine opened up. She gets more beautiful every episode. She shared a very touching story about her friend passing away, and I was a bit disappointed Sean didn’t really interact as much. Maybe we didn’t see the whole conversation? RELATED: Arie's Blog: 'A Rose Is A Tierrable Thing to Waste' Group Date: Tierrable Drama Alright, enough of that. Let's get to the drama: Cue Tierra. The group date had the girls getting into their bikinis and taking a polar bear plunge. Selma wasn't having any of it. (Don’t worry, girl. I would have hung out with you in the tent.) After everyone jumped into the water and came out all smiles, Tierra started running around, looking for attention (cough), I mean a paramedic. Tierra was then put on oxygen for what seemed to be a missed diagnosis of hypothermia. Then, 15 minutes later, she strapped some boots on and crashed the cocktail party. This girl is full-throttle crazy, and there is no stopping her. Thankfully, she didn't get a pity rose, but sadly this wasn't the last of her. RELATED: Arie's Blog: Tierra Could Turn Into Courtney Robertson Date Three: Desiree's One-On-One Desiree’s date went well, but I couldn’t concentrate because of Sean’s ugly Christmas sweater. I mean, I know this is Canada, but this just was not acceptable. We may forgive Sean for keeping Tierra, but we will never forgive him for wearing that sweater. Sorry, bud. At the cocktail party, Selma went 90-10 and gave Sean a kiss. (Did that peck even really count?) Don’t worry, Selma. I think your mom would approve. During the party, AshLee also gave Sean a scarf that apparently represented 20 or so things really important to her (Sean, don’t ever lose that scarf). And Lindsay and Sean shared a really good kiss — the best one yet. Maybe he is finally learning? RELATED: Arie's Blog: Tierra Is Just Tierrable I don’t really know what to say about Tierra getting a rose over Selma. Ke$ha I would get, but Selma? If you guys follow me on Twitter you know I have a crush on Selma, but regardless, did you see that dress? Was she too much for Sean to handle or did that peck just not peak Sean’s “interest?" There are six women left, and apparently they are all the woman for Sean. Only on The Bachelor can you ever say that to six women. Follow Arie on Twitter @Ariejr. [Photo Credit: Voorhees Studios] You Might Also Like: Biden? Ford? Surprisingly Hot Young Pics of Politicians Who Wore This Crazy Hat? Stars Who Changed Their Look After Love
  • Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Blog: 'A Rose Is A Tierrable Thing to Waste'
    By: Arie Luyendyk Feb 05, 2013
    Let's all take a moment of silence and be thankful Sean completed his work out and got a shower in before the episode started. I’m sure everyone else was bummed, but all the husbands watching were starting to boycott. First off, can we talk about how excited these girls were to leave the mansion and head to... (Insert drum roll here, please) Whitefish, Mont.? I’m sorry, where? I immediately thought back to where we went my season, then pictured myself spitting up my water if I had heard I would be going to Montana. But hey, it’s a good excuse for Sean to rock all of the plaid shirts in his wardrobe. (He has a lot of plaid.) RELATED: Arie's Blog: Tierra Could Turn Into Courtney Robertson Lindsay's One-On-One So we cut to Lindsay’s date. This is getting serious, everyone! That was pretty adorable when she got the date card and teared up. On the date, she put it down with the kissing — and I’m starting to feel like I underestimated her. The girl that walked out of the limo all Patrick Swazted has come a long way, and I like her more and more. Group Date Drama Group Date! These are my favorites. I can’t get over Selma and Robyn. How did this team win after they rowed in circles for 15 minutes? I was laughing at how pumped Selma got — she turned all ghetto fabulous. Competitive much? The shot of Desiree slamming that goat milk down her throat was so sick. And after all that, she didn’t even get the rose. Whaaaaat? I’m calling out a Bachelor conspiracy on this one. RELATED: Arie's Blog: Tierra Is Just Tierrable Two-On-One Date Let's move onto the infamous two-on-one date. The date card was a total a Mad Max reference (It was a late '70s movie, and it was awesome, by the way). What it should have read is: “A Rose Is A Tierrable Thing to Waste." Let’s face it, that is exactly what Sean did. Tierra needs to go! I don’t know how much more America can take. (Cut to the preview of her freezing half to death — is this the end finally?) Jackie was a bit stiff and the conversation was forced, but she is SO. MUCH. HOTTER. Maybe with time she could have felt more comfortable. Oh well, I guess we’ll never find out. Time for the rose ceremony, and Tierra was at it again! The one thing that I took from all the Tie-antrims was that Sean is finally getting to the bottom of Tierra’s nonsense. It said a lot that he confided in Leslie about the situation. She gave him some good insight. Let’s just hope Sean listens soon, or we are all going to be yelling at our TVs for weeks to come! RELATED: Arie's Blog: On Kisses, Bikinis, And Insane Meltdowns Oh and Robyn went home… Another episode Tuesday night! Follow Arie on Twitter @Ariejr. [Photo Credit: Voorhees Studios] You Might Also Like: Biden? Ford? Surprisingly Hot Young Pics of Politicians Who Wore This Crazy Hat? Stars Who Changed Their Look After Love
  • Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Blog: Tierra Is Just Plain Tierrable
    By: Arie Luyendyk Jan 29, 2013
    Let me digest what happened on my TV screen. Hot workout clothes, roller derby, girls hitting the deck, big teeth, and not a lot of romance — but all in all, an awesome episode. To Kiss or Not to Kiss Lets start with Selma saying, “I want to have babies!” Then cut to her skipping off into Bachelor euphoria. I loved Selma’s sense of humor during her date with Sean. Not too many girls are this witty, and I loved that she was completely herself in front of him. She had no filter. Now, swap out those six-inch heels for hiking shoes and that girl can show you what’s up. Sean’s 17-inch biceps were no match for Selma's 5’2” frame, and believe me, I’m sure he loved the view as they scaled up the rock. Onto the night portion of the date, I applauded her for holding back and telling Sean that she couldn't kiss him yet. But I can’t believe how hard it would be not to kiss when you just had such an amazing date. (Though, no one said anything about getting handsy under that blanket.) A New 'Bachelor' Audience and Tierra's Tierrable Ways Next up was my favorite pastime (not really): Roller Derby! The Bachelor just gained thousands of lesbian fans after that scene. By the way, no one looks good in those helmets. Adriana Lima could have been there and I wouldn’t have noticed. During the day portion of the date, nothing too interesting happened besides Amanda’s teeth almost getting knocked out. She then had to go to the hospital — a move she basically took straight out of Tierra’s playbook from last week's episode. The night's activities lead to the real drama of this episode. Just when Sean started kissing one woman (buddy, great improvement by the way!) and was about to get down in some classic Bachelor hot tub/make-out bliss, Tierra totally pulled the robbery. Tierrable, as I'm going to call her from now on, cried a bit and pulled Sean away. She basically stopped him from actually starting to form a connection with anyone. I really could go on, but I’m Tierrafied, and I can’t believe he gave her a rose on that group date. The whole thing was Tierrable, just plain Tierrable. Heartbreak Time Leslie H. got the last one-on-one, and Sean took her on the classic Bachelor shopping date. I was really rooting for her! But the magic started to drain from the scene after the shopping was done and they sat down for dinner. While Leslie looked quite odd with a massive bow on her dress, she rolled with it and seemed happier than ever... at first. I loved her energy. But then Sean started giving standard one-word answers, which is never a great sign. And just when you thought she would get a shot at being Sean’s gal… BAM! He lifted the rose and simultaneously broke her heart by not giving it to her. I felt so sad in that moment. Leslie's big eyes lit up and not seconds later, all that happiness went away. Breakups suck. Breakups on The Bachelor suck even more. One Last Goodbye At the rose ceremony, Amanda, who went to the hospital on the derby date, got all dressed up. But her stunt didn’t get her the sympathy rose. After that, everyone toasted to another #bachs**tcray week. At this point, Sean is doing an awesome job juggling all the craziness. And the whole country is wondering what Tierrable is still doing there. I had no filter this week, so hopefully you guys don’t think less of me. Check back next week and I’ll try to be a bit more PC. Be sure to follow me on Twitter!. Lots of love! Follow Arie on Twitter @Ariejr. [Photo Credit: Voorhees Studios] More: Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Blog: On Kisses, Bikinis, and Insane Meltdowns Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Blog: Tierra 'Could Turn Into Courtney Robertson' 'The Bachelor' Recap: Wheelin' and Dealin' You Might Also Like: 20 Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bodies Joe Biden?! Surprisingly Hot Young Photos of Politicians
  • Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Blog: On Kisses, Bikinis, and Insane Meltdowns
    By: Arie Luyendyk Jan 22, 2013
    Well, it was another #BachS**tCray night on ABC.  First off, let me state the obvious: Apparently, we are opening up each episode with a shirtless workout montage or a beach scene. I have been following along with this tradition by doing push-ups shirtless at the same time. This was awkward because I watched the show with a few dudes and some girl I barely know. Okay, that was a random story. Let's get onto the actual show. Sean's One-on-One with Lesley M. Sean's first date was with Lesley M., and they attempted to break The Guinness Book of World Records' record for longest on-screen kiss. A few thoughts on this topic: 1. I believe editing prevented me from breaking this record last season with Emily (Sorry Jef, I know you're reading this). I mean, three minutes and 15 seconds, that's child's play! 2. If I were in Sean's position, I would have been way too handsy. 3. Who is down to break this record on YouTube this week? I may be game. Alright, moving forward to the actual kiss. I hate to say it because Sean is my buddy, but what a missed opportunity! It was his time to shine. He had had her locked in for three-plus minutes, and she was leading him! (Nice hair grabbing, Lesley. You have some style, girl.) Overall, the date went well. The night portion really showed that Sean is feeling her. I only say this because he really wanted Lesley to reassure him that she had strong feelings for him. Men don't do this unless they want to feel confident. So, I wonder if her being so nervous made him question her feelings? Group Date Bikini Action and Kacie's Crazy Confrontation Just when I was cutting through the awkwardness by eating RedVines and checking Twitter, everyone changed into bikinis. Now that got my attention! My only wish was that everyone could have been on that date. Oh well, back to the show. My favorite line from the group date: "This game is the most important game of my life." Okay, you may need to reevaluate things a bit then. And then, watching the losing team have a meltdown and breaking into tears... Wow! Kristy just lost it. So everyone put some normal clothes on, and then it was on to Kacie's one-on-one scene. I was so confused by Kacie's decision to talk to Sean about Desiree and Amanda's drama, and judging by the look on Sean's face, so was he. It's safe to say men don't like drama. Kacie should have just concentrated on their connection, and not warned Sean about that nonsense. That pretty much sealed her fate. Did you hear him call her "crazy?" By the way, girls, when a man calls you "crazy," it's safe to say it's over. AshLee F.'s One-On-One Let's cut to AshLee F.'s date because the whole Tierra drama was a waste of time. On the show, and off, Tierra is sliding downhill fast. I was really moved by AshLee's date. Having those two girls join them was really sweet of Sean. I loved how AshLee was so open and caring towards them. It really made me like her. The date reminded me a bit of my Dollywood date with Emily. It's so amazing to have a theme park to yourself. It brings out the big kid in you. Sean and AshLee were all smiles, and the two girls had the time of their lives — it warmed my heart. When Sean and AshLee had dinner, she opened up to him. Everyone has a story to tell, and AshLee has been through quite a lot. It was good to see how positive she remains after her experiences, and more than anything, she wants someone to love. That person could be Sean. Back to the mansion. Cocktail parties before a rose ceremony were always my favorite. People start freaking out! It's just fun to watch the meltdowns. Monday's meltdown wasn't too crazy, though. Selma looked AhhMazing, and we all knew Kacie was out of there. It was a bit of a surprise that Sean eliminated Kristy, but hey, she lost her cool a few times. Until next week everyone! This show is #BachS**tCray, and we just can't take our eyes off of it. Follow Arie on Twitter @Ariejr. [Photo Credit: Voorhees Studios] More: Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'Bachelor' Blog: Tierra 'Could Turn Into Courtney Robertson' 'The Bachelor' Recap: Hunk and His Punks 'The Bachelor' Recap: Every Rose is 50 Shades of Nuts From Our Partners: Craziest Celebrity Swimsuits Ever (Celebuzz) Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)