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After getting his master's degree in poetry, Senior Writer Brian Moylan started writing about television and pop culture for Gawker, The Guardian, The Washington Blade and a few other reputable publications. Brian has an honorary PhD in “Jersey Shore” studies from the University of Chicago. He's shared his often hilarious views about the tube on VH1, MSNBC, TV Guide Channel, MTV (Canada), BBC radio, and NPR. He can usually be found at his apartment in New York yelling at the TV and dodging calls from Real Housewives. He is a Taurus and likes long walks on the beach, fried chicken, and almost every reality television program ever created (especially “The Swan”).
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    By: Brian Moylan Aug 21, 2012
    Ramona Singer is a terrorist. No, she has not strapped a bomb to her body but she is just as volatile. She is a social terrorist. She just shows up at a party and BAM! she explodes, flattening everything around her and then running away before anyone can even react. They're all woozy, stumbling up from the ground, covered in rubble and clutching their bleeding, ringing ears. That is what Ramona keeps doing this season. She gets into a cab, and she hijacks it, telling the cabbie how to do his job and better please her, even as her dog sheds all over his back seat. (You know if she got in and there was dog fur on the seat, she would have complained about it the whole ride.) And the worst is that she thinks she's a benevolent terrorist. She thinks that she is helping the cabbie out when she belittles him and tells him to write down the address where she's going and do everything to her exact specifications. She thinks she knows how to do his job better than he does. She thinks she is a better business person than this cabbie and that her little completely idiotic suggestion (do you really want cabbies writing down addresses instead of like, you know, driving?) is going to somehow change his life for the better. She's like those people on Whale Wars, and if you are not willing to live your life the way she thinks that it should be lived, then you are dead to her. She will explode and take you out with her. That's just what happened at the party. She went all Ka-Blooey! like a Bob-omb in Super Mario Brothers and then ran away, leaving Heather there to clean up the mess. I'm starting to come around on this Heather Holla! Thompson. Ramona emotionally terrorizes her and she just stands there calmly explaining that she hates the way Ramona fights, and she doesn't have any problem with the woman, but every time they interact, Ramona treats her like crap. I think, objectively, this is true. This is true and Heather is right, but then she makes the mistake of saying that Ramona was "acting crazy." This is where it all falls to pieces. ¡Que Viva!, who loves a good bit of telenovela drama, tells Heather not to call Ramona crazy in front of Mario (who fully knows that his wife is crazy, just like he knows that his hair is gray). Mario gets mad and says Ramona is not a "crazy person." Then Heather says, "I said she was 'acting crazy,' not that she was a 'crazy person.'" She apologizes. ¡Que Viva! and Mario are still going on about whether or not she said, "acting crazy" or "crazy person." And this is the problem with all Real Housewives fights. They start off about something substantive — the fact that Ramona is a hypocrite who treats Heather like crap and Heather would like her to sit her down and talk about her problems rather than spewing every drawing room on the Upper East Side with the shrapnel of a thousand shattered pinot bottles — and they end up being about semantics. The fight devolves into something that is unprovable — exactly what wording Heather used. Who cares if she said "acting crazy" or "crazy person," because Ramona is both of those things! That is just a reason to fight and fight and fight without anything ever being resolved, which is sort of the purpose of Housewives anyway. The snake eating it's own tail and then putting its finger down its throat to throw up because snake meat has too many calories. Then it just ends. Heather leaves, Ramona leaves, Taco forces ¡Que Viva! to leave because things are about to actually get spicy and he can't handle it. It just all falls apart and what everyone takes away from it is that Heather called Ramona crazy. The terrorists have won. Ramona needed a good night's rest because the next day she and Sonja Tremont Morgan, of the Scarsdale Diet Morgans, had to go get some "spa treatments," so that they would look all nice in St. Bart Simpson's on vacation with the ladies. Sonja wants them to do something about her Tummie which isn't feeling very Yummie. They inject it full of Restalyne, which is a filler that they usually use in faces. I'm not sure why this is a good idea, but Sonja likes getting a million needle jabs in her lady paunch. She thinks it is like being boinked with a million tiny penises, and when you have sex with as many penises as Sonja T. Morgan has in her lifetime, she knows that it's the tiny ones that are so much easier to deal with. No mess, no pain, no problem. Everyone is happy. It's Ramona who is really going to have a rough time. She's getting electroshock treatment to her butt. Apparently her ass is sad and has been experiencing some sort of mood disorder. Some days it's perky, some days it's droopy. It just doesn't know anymore. Ramona's ass is essentially bipolar, and this will correct it and pull her ass' Sylvia Plath head out of the oven. She lies down on the doctors table with her tushie in the air and the doctor puts some electrodes on it. "Aaaaahhhhh!" screams Ramona. "I got a shock in my C-U-Next-Thursday." "That's not how you say it," Sonja says. "It's Tuesday. Your c**t is Tuesday, just like the girl on the Addams Family." "Oh, OK. I got a shock in my Tuesday!" Next:
  • How Much Are Reality Show Prizes Really Worth?
    By: Brian Moylan Aug 20, 2012
    For everyone who has complained that perennial Emmy winner The Amazing Race has been slacking off in past seasons, CBS is finally doing something about it. They're not finding better locals, more interesting challenges, or even crazier cast members. They're not even fixing it so all the teams don't bunch up at every airport they go to, eventually making each leg of the race a dead heat. No, according to their promos, they're doubling the prize! Now the first team across the finish line wins $2 million instead of one! Wow! While that won't really fix the show's woes, maybe it is time we goose the cash we're getting from our reality shows. Back in 2000, when Survivor debuted, a $1 million dollar prize seemed like a huge deal and everyone answered in the affirmative when asked Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. But for people who won the big prize back then, it would only amount to $751,623.72 in today's dollars, if you adjust for inflation. And that's not even taking out the 28% (or more) in taxes that you would hand off to Uncle Sam, which would only leave you with $541,169.08 after taxes. That's almost half of what winners expect to take home with them (and they best pay their taxes unless they want to end up in jail like Richard Hatch). So, what about reality TV's other biggest prizes? The $1 million Kelly Clarkson won in 2002 for Season 1 of American Idol would now only be worth $785,232.91. The $500K from Big Brother's first year would only be worth $375,811.86 today (which is still more than the $250,000 the winner of Glass House is gonna pocket in 2012). The $100,000 from the first season of America's Next Top Model is now worth $80,312.87, which is Tyra's eyelash budget for just one "cycle." Yes, maybe it is time to up the ante for some of these shows, if only they get cost of living increases. I mean, I wouldn't still be working at a job if I hadn't gotten a raise in 12 years, so why should people be stranded on a desert island for the same lousy chunk of change? If only based on inflation, the $1 million of 2000 should be upped to $1,330,452.96, which would be a whole lot harder of Jeff Probst to say. Maybe he should just go with an even $1.5 million or, hell, pull an Amazing Race and go for $2 million. Idol should think of the same change. When Mariah Carey is making $15 million a season as a judge, the winner should at least get one-eigth of that. Follow Brian Moylan on Twitter @BrianJMoylan [Photo Credit: CBS] More: 'The Amazing Race' Season Finale React: A Record Breaking Episode 'Survivor' Season 25: Meet the Castaways (Including Blair From 'Facts of Life'!) Mariah Carey Joins 'American Idol'
  • Rufus Wainwright and His Partner to Marry This Week — Report
    By: Brian Moylan Aug 20, 2012
    Remember Rufus Wainwright? Well, he hasn't had a hit song in a while, so it might be a bit hard. But, he's been busy! Not only did he write an opera and a few albums, but he also fathered a baby with Lorca Cohen (Leonard Cohen's daughter) and has been helping to raise her. Then there's his relationship, which he is solidifying with the bonds of marriage this Thursday. New York Post's Page Six reports that Rufus and his long-time partner Jorn Weisbrodt will tie the knot on Thursday at their home in Montauk, the funkiest town in the Hamptons (which is in New York, where gay marriage is not only legal but often encouraged). The two will have about 250 guests at the ceremony (where Carrie Fisher is said to have a role) and will then have a reception at Shagwong Restaurant. The best part about the reception is that there will be no DJ, only live music will be performed, including some numbers by Rufus himself. And considering that Yoko Ono and Wainwright's famous family (father Loudon Wainwright III, sister Martha Wainwright, and aunts the McGarrigle sisters) will be there, it should be a concert that anyone would pay a pretty penny to attend. Our best wishes to the couple, or should we say break a leg. Follow Brian Moylan on Twitter @BrianJMoylan [Photo Credit: Johns PkI/Splash News] More: Longoria: 'Gay wedding remark was a joke' Gay actor Jackson weds Theatre star Sieber weds gay lover on Thanksgiving Day
  • Finally, We'll Get to See All of Jennifer Lopez in 3D
    By: Brian Moylan Aug 20, 2012
    Jennifer Lopez is famous for many things — her movies, her music, judging American Idol, leaving American Idol, Bennifer, Gigli, being a fly girl, not being fooled by the rocks that she's got – but the thing that she is most famous for are those bodacious curves. And if you think that JLo's posterior looks good in two dimensions, just wait until she adds a third one. Yes, she is going to be shaking her rump right out of the screen in her planned 3D concert movie Dance Again. She's following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and the Jonas Brothers (Jennifer is definitely more famous for following the trends than setting them) and doing the performance for all of her adoring fans right there in the cineplex. But none of those other movies have been brought to you in Butt Vision, so that is certainly a technological achievement. The film will chart a year in her life that included her break up with former husband Marc Anthony, her short stint on Idol, and went through more outfits than a million chick flick "girls getting ready" montages. We can't wait to see it all, even if we're going to have to keep our glasses on for the really good view. No release date has been set, but just like J Lo's rump, I'm sure you'll see it coming. Follow Brian Moylan on Twitter @BrianJMoylan More: Jennifer Lopez Dances with Wolves in 'Goin' In' Video Jennifer Lopez Blindfolds Her Boyfriend & Rubs His Body Jennifer Lopez on 'Idol': 'It's Time For Me To Go'
  • 'Big Brother' Recap: Quack Pack Attack
    By: Brian Moylan Aug 20, 2012
    Guys, I just said "Quack Pack Attack." You know it was only a matter of time. You know that the stupid rhymes and puns would start soon enough. Oh, well the rest of the housemates are sitting ducks. Quack Quack! I can't wait until they flip Mike Boogie the bird. Quack Quack. Something is definitely fowl. Quack Quack. Yes, I could go on all day. The only thing more ridiculous is their little Quack Pack mating call circle jerk where they all get together and make flappy flappy gesture with their hands next to their mouths and go, "Quack quack quack." It's sort of like a slutty version of the chicken dance. Anyway, last time we left our lovely house guests, they were competing in the HoH challenge where they had to full up a bowl with liquid while crashing across a Crisco greased Slip 'N' Slide. The thing was, they could choose to go for the HoH, a $10K prize, or safety from eviction that week. Here's the stupid thing, everyone went for safety, including all of the floaters. This right here sums up why floaters will never win. They're just worried about being safe that week. They just want to squeak right by and not make any ways and not have to make any of the decisions that are going to really put them in the game. So Ashley, Joe, Dan (who hates to win a challenge for different, philosophical reasons), Britney, and a red headed ghost which was floating back and forth and trying to hold onto the little liquid scooper but it kept falling through her invisible hand, all went for safety. Stupid. Britney eventually won. Good for her. Boogie was the only one going for the prize and he won it. It was also a short-sighted decision, considering Frank couldn't play for HoH and Mike was the only one who could keep either of them safe. But this is so Mike Boogie and just another of the million reasons that I hate him. For someone who thinks he is the best ever at this game, he can be really awful sometimes. So, the race for HoH is down to Shane, Danielle, and Ian, who are the only ones trying for it. Who do you think is going to win this one? Oh, we all know the answer to that question, but here is a question we don't know the answer to: Why is Ian always wearing a unitard of his own volition and just how many does he have? In the "hang onto the side of a pirate ship" challenge, he wore a yellow Spandex body suit with some clothing over it. Last night he wore a green one. Did he bring these into the house? Is his obsession with BB so all-consuming that he just owns these things that are usually reserved for punishment and just wears them around for fun? OK, so Shane wins. Duh. Now we all know what is going to happen. Boogie and Frank are going on the block. Ian pretty much seals their fate when he tells Britney that Boogie was all, "If you win, who are you going to put up? Britney?" She gets in Shane's ear and everyone decides they can't be trusted. I'm not sure Ian is aware of it, but he is playing the best game by far. If it works out, he will have gotten the Quack Pack to get rid of F&B without them ever thinking he did it. If Ian is smart, he's gonna win this whole damn thing. He's already decimated the Silent Six without even knowing it was in place, so good on you, Ian. Where Ian is stupid is when it comes to girls. He asks Ashley out on another date, but it only consists of them eating pizza and slapping the table. We've all been on dates where pizza and slapping occur, but none as boring as this. He doesn't know how to talk to girls at all, and Ashley really has nothing interesting to say. Oh, poor Ashley. Poor poor floater Ashley. Everyone is out in the pool and they're floating around and listen to Joe tell tall tales about how he was once president of the United States, but no one really knows it because he filled out the paper work wrong and they took the office away from him, and that's why he's a chef now. Oh, but he cooks for the Obamas all the time. They're like his close personal friends. Yes! So, everyone is in the pool and Shane starts finding all these balls in the hallway and follows them to the claw machine in the arcade room. "What do these balls mean?" Shane asks. It means you've finally got some balls, Shane, so nominate Frank and Boogie like you're supposed to. No, the balls show them that there is a box with a ? on it in the balls. What does it mean? Pandora's box? Probably. A new brain for Ashley? No way. Some twist the producers invented so that they can keep Frank in the game for another week when they had the lame twist where the game was "reset" and no one was voted out? Definitely. Yes, this a ploy to keep Boogie and/or Frank in the game longer than boring duds like Ashely, Joe, and that red sheet with two eyes cut out of it that keeps roaming around the house pretending to be a ghost. Of course, Shane nominated Froogie (which is what Us Weekly would call Frank and Boogie and only because "Bank" is an actual thing already) as he should. Then he said, "It's because prize and stuff and box and question and whatnot thingamajig whatchamacallit. Play for Veto." Yeah, way to go Shane. You really ducked trouble on that one. Quack Quack. Follow Brian Moylan on Twitter @BrianJMoylan [Photo Credit: CBS] More: 'Big Brother' Recap: Flip Your Wig 'Big Brother' Recap: Return of the Zingbot 'Big Brother' Recap: You Bought a Lemon
  • 41 Questions About the 'Homeland' Season Two Trailer
    By: Brian Moylan Aug 17, 2012
    Homeland is one of the twistiest, turniest shows on all of television. I'm still not entirely sure who is a good guy, who is a bad guy, and what Claire Danes is going to remember after her character had electro shock therapy at the end of Season 1. Well, get ready for Season 2! Showtime released a trailer today (don't freak out, it's just below) and already we have absolutely no idea what is going on. In fact we have at least 40 questions from the 95-second teaser. Man, how are we going to wait to get all those questions (which are below the trailer) answered? Oh, until September 30. One answer down, 41 to go!  –What is wrong with Damian Lewis' eyes? –Ew, why is that lady putting in a bloody contact lens? –Who is that skinny guy? –What happened to Carrie's color coding? –Do you like Claire Danes as a redhead? I don't think I do. –Is this a kids choir singing Every Breath You Take? –Was this trailer made by the same guy who did The Social Network? –Where is Claire Danes going? –Do you like fedoras? –Do you like fedoras on Mandy Patinkin? –Is this what Stephen Sondheim was talking about when he made Mandy sing "Making a Hat"? –Why is that traitor in the CIA building? –Is she biting her nails? Gross. –Do you like Claire Danes in a hijab? –Is she just wearing that to cover up her bad dye job? –Why is Claire Danes' boss so sad? –He spends more time kissing his towel than he does kissing his wife, right? –Is Claire Danes gonna jump? –Who has a microchip and who is he giving it to? –How come people lying in dark rooms always have the one patch of light right over their eyes? –Who is that guy with the bad facial hair and why is he staring at the terrorists? –Why does Claire Danes always look so troubled? –And where is she running? –Why is she always running? –Oh, who is that hot guy with the gun? –Why is he in the jungle? –Why is Claire Danes crying? –Why is Claire Danes always crying? –Can she do anything other than cry, run, and look worried? –Why is he so bloody? –Is he washing blood off himself with gasoline? –Is this a Zoolander spoof? –Which pills make Claire Danes larger and which pills make her small? –God, is she still crying? –Why is his daughter so emo all the time? –Why is Mandy Patinkin so sad that he has a walkie talkie? –Did the batteries die or something? –Why is Claire Danes going to visit Damian Lewis? –Why is she smiling? –When did Claire Danes stop crying and start smiling? –Could we be more excited to see the next season of this show? Follow Brian Moylan on Twitter @BrianJMoylan [Photo Credit: Showtime] More: New 'Homeland' Trailer: How Dangerous Is A Role Reversal? Making a Case for ‘Homeland’ Fall TV: 'Homeland' Pilot Review
  • Meet the Seven Psychopaths of 'Seven Psychopaths' — TRAILER
    By: Brian Moylan Aug 17, 2012
    Oh, and you thought your group of friends was wild and crazy because of that one night when you snuck some wine into the movie theater and then spilled popcorn everywhere and went to Denny's afterwards and made a total mess all over your shirt while trying to eat some Moons of My Hammy. Oh yeah, you're nuts! Well, wait until you meet the crew in Seven Psychopaths. This is a crew of guys (Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell) who kidnap dogs and then return them to their owners for a reward. Then one day they steal a dog from a crime lord even more insane than they are (Woody Harrelson). Oh and there are some schizo girlfriends too (Olga Kurylenko, Abbie Cornish). Wait, is that seven? No! OH! Tom Waits is a guy with a bunny. Every movie needs one of those. Considering how much fun the mad-cap gang caper of In Bruges was, it looks like we can expect more of the same from director Martin McDonagh and probably another great performance from Farrell. And plenty of antics to put your trip to Denny's to shame. Follow Brian Moylan on Twitter @BrianJMoylan [Photo credit: AP Photo] More: Woody Harrelson Added to 'Seven Psychopaths' Cast Colin Farrell to Reteam with 'In Bruges' Director for 'Seven Psychopaths' Rockwell, Rourke & Walken Join Farrell In 'Psychopaths'
  • Why You Should Care About the Pussy Riot Verdict
    By: Brian Moylan Aug 17, 2012
    Yes, Pussy Riot sounds like a dirty word and it's a shame that most newspapers shy away from it because it's all everyone is going to be talking about today. Just what is a Pussy Riot and why should you care about it? Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist punk rock band that performed a song with lyrics critical to President Vladimir on the altar of a Russian Orthodox church (a video of the performance is below). The three women were arrested for "hooliganism" in March and put in jail for several months awaiting a verdict. Today they were found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison for the protest. So, why should we care about three Russian women misbehaving in a church? Pussy Riot is a small part of growing anti-government sentiment in Russia which could eventually have a huge impact on international politics. But of course protests and marches don't make for every exciting news, but three young women in masks pissing off the government makes for a much better headline. Thanks to their celebrity proponents like Madonna (who expressed that they should be freed when performing in Moscow earlier this year) and Sting, Pussy Riot has become a lot more famous than any other dissidents and a symbol for a growing movement in the country. Anyone that cares about free speech should care about Pussy Riot. Sure, they were charged with "hooliganism" but their real crime was speaking out against Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church, which is supporting his third run for president. While Russian espouses to be a democracy, if people aren't allowed to speak and create art freely, than there is no liberty in the country. Fighting for Pussy Riot is a fight for freedom everywhere. Even if they were found guilty of breaking the law, two years in jail for one song seems a bit harsh. Ever since there arrests there have been constant protests to free them in Russia, including loud protests outside the courtroom today where police were arresting participants (including outspoken government oppositionist and chess legend Gary Kasparov). There have also been arrests as Pussy Riot protests at the Russian consulate in New York, and there have been protests today in London and other major cities. This is no longer just a Russian problem, but an international incident. And anyone who cares about free speech and international politics should have an opinion about it. [Photo credit:] More: Angelina and Brad's Engagement Lets Gay Americans Down Ryan Murphy's 'The New Normal' Protested by One Million Moms George Clooney Arrested At D.C. Protest
  • 'Big Brother' Recap: Flip Your Wig
    By: Brian Moylan Aug 17, 2012
    Ding dong, the Wig is dead. That wicked Wig, that nasty Wig. Ding dong, that awful Wig is deeeeaaaadddd. Yes, finally Wig has been kicked out of the competition, mostly for having bad hair. At least that is what I would like to think. That and because the gay never wins the show. It has never happened even once. Maybe Big Brother is heterosexist or something. I would like a gay to win someday, but I don't want that person to have hair like Wig's and to be going around showing America that there are gay people out there with awful hair. But the decision to wash that man with the hair right out of their hair was so obvious that we didn't even see any clips of the game play. No, the only thing we saw was that Ashley asked Frank out on an "ice cream date," totally stealing Ian's idea of asking someone in the house out. Ashley claimed she wanted to get some info out of Frank about whether or not Wig was going home, but it didn't work that way. As soon as she got upstairs, Frank behaved like a total jerk boy. "I don't have any ice cream, but I have some booze, how about that instead?" "OK, Frank. That sounds fun." Then, after he got her suitably lubricated. "So, wanna go make out on the couch for a bit?" "OK, Frank. That sounds fun." Wow, I can't believe that move actually works. That is sort of how Frank is running this game right now, being straightforward and direct and letting everyone know that he and his mane sculpted from the errant threads of Cinderella's gown and spritzed with the mists of Avalon are in charge. Now, I wouldn't jump to any conclusions about there being a showmance. I think Frank just did it because Ashley is pretty and he could. I think she just did it because she doesn't know how to say no. And because Frank is hot. He looks more like Carrot Top than Channing Tatum, if you ask me, but he still knows how to rock a unitard. But poor Ian. First he's going to find out he was left out of the Silent Six. Then he's going to find out that Frank made out with his girl. Ian is going to turn on him, and fast! So, since we all knew Wig was getting chopped they had to fill up the hour somehow. First we got a little clip about Joe's family. Well, I guess the producers thought it was his turn to go home. Sorry, Wig, you don't get the reality television show Olympian "what's he like at home" news program treatment. Instead we see Joe's brood and his lovely, funny wife who hates Mike Boogie (join the club) and picks on her husband for how loud he yells in the diary room (JOIN THE CLUB!). Then, it was time to trot out an old house guest, two time loser Jeff! Why was he there? No reason really. Maybe to plug his gig interviewing the evicted house guests on Maybe because there was nothing else to really show? Maybe to give the audience the idea he might go back into the game? Who knows? Anyway, everyone was there for the Jeff love in, but I still haven't really forgiven him for his homophobic rant against Dumbledore the last time he was in the house. Oh, now I can't wait for him to talk to Wig on That guy is gayer than Christiano Ronaldo's underwear drawer. That's gonna be comfortable. The best part was when Jeff asked the ChenBot what kind of player she would be in the house. "I'd be a combination of Janelle and Mike Boogie," she replied. Say what?! The tame, monotonous Julie Chen that we have all come to know and love would be a combination of a lying schemer with no emotion (OK, maybe she does have that cold exterior down) and a blustering blowhard with an ego problem? I don't know about that. But she definitely wouldn't be a floater. Oh god no. She has been around this game long enough to know that they are held in the highest disdain. What else happened? Oh, not much. There was a vote, Wig put on his captain's hat as the first mate of the U.S.S. Flatiron and left his nasty sneakers behind and exited the BB house in a pair of Daisy Duke's, some slouchy boots, and a skank tank with his nipples popping out. This is his last impression. This is how we will remember Wig forever, enthusiastic, disheveled, and all sorts of wrong. Then there was an HoH competition. It was another old BB standby where the houseguests have a vat of liquid at one end, a giant empty bowl at the other end and a greasy Slip 'N' Slide in between. Whoever fills up their bowl first wins. However, there are two other bowls. There is one for "safety" and the person who fills that up first can't be eliminated. Then there is one for a $10K prize. Whoever fills that up wins the money, at least according to the rules we got from Julie. As we leave the houseguests, Boogie was going for the money, which is so Mike Boogie. He is either so deluded and arrogant to think he's safe or going with Dr. Will's old theory that as HoH you get blood on your hands and it's easiest not to win the competitions. But who won? Well, we won't find out until Sunday (unless you live in a world without Google and want to spoil the answer right now). Follow Brian Moylan on Twitter @BrianJMoylan [Photo Credit: CBS] More: Big Brother: And The Evicted Houseguest Is... 'Big Brother' Recap: Return of the Zingbot 'Big Brother' Recap: You Bought a Lemon
  • James Franco Is Making a Movie About Himself and Lindsay Lohan
    By: Brian Moylan Aug 16, 2012
    No, Hollywood's favorite dilettante James Franco is not happy just starring in movies, hosting the Oscars, writing novels, compiling art shows, collaborating on soap opera art projects, getting his PhD, or making short films. No, he needs more. That's why Franco has decided to make a very important piece of art: a film about him and human car-crash Lindsay Lohan. According to a casting notice discovered by The Guardian, Franco's latest "video/art project" (because God forbid he just make a "movie" like a normal person) is looking for Franco and Lohan look-alikes at ages 13, 21, 30, 45 and 60 to play the both of them. Other than that, we have no idea what this is going to be. Knowing Franco, he will probably intend it to be a deep rumination on youth, celebrity, mass culture, drugs, addiction, and longing. But also, knowing Franco, it will probably just be two people screaming at each other, lounging in a bath in long shots while the film flickers and flickers and flickers like so many Instagram pictures collected in the world's most pretentious gif. It will also get a whole lot of headlines when the project is conceived and hardly any when it finally comes out. Who knows if he's going to get to this project before he gets to his cutting edge work on a sexually explicit gay movie. He just has so many edgy projects lined up. Who can keep up with James Franco? (And P.S., he can probably get the real Lindsay to star in his movie for pennies on the dollar.) Follow Brian Moylan on Twitter @BrianJMoylan [Photo credit:] More: James Franco Considers 'Lovelace' as Forty Other People Join the Cast Watch James Franco Return to 'General Hospital,' Talk to Toy Monkeys James Franco Continues to Be Very James Franco in 'Mapplethorpe'