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  • 'Celebrity Apprentice': Trace Adkins Is Nearly Dead and 4 Other Ridiculous Moments
    By: Kate Ward May 06, 2013
    Celebrity Apprentice without Gary Busey is a bit like Donald Trump without his hair. On a whole, it might look better, but it's missing that signature touch that made it terrible. And, though it seems contradictory, Celebrity Apprentice needs to be terrible to be good. Otherwise we get what we got Sunday night: A handful of semi-intelligent C-listers pulling together a semi-professional presentation for a semi-famous resort. There were, like, no mechanical dogs throughout the episode! I mean, Trump even had to pay the Earth 10,000 gold coins and two escorts to shift its tides and make it snow in New York City in order to give this episode some drama. (Let's give 'em 15 inches. It's gonna be HUGE.)   But there were a handful of ridiculous moments throughout the episode, which saw the contestants hosting a party in a Barclays Center suite for Foxwoods Resort Casino. This is Celebrity Apprentice after all! Roger Klotz's TV ComebackOr was I the only one to notice Foxwoods executive Scott Butera's uncanny resemblance to Doug's mortal enemy?   Teller Talks!Why Penn Jillette's famed other half couldn't use text messages to relay his difficulty getting into the snow-plagued city is beyond me — especially when Teller insisted on silently staying in character once he arrived to the set. (I suppose Teller can only be seen and not heard, or heard and not seen, which doesn't make him a good candidate for the Milford School.) Still, you have to hand it the magician for helping his showbiz partner — I'd rather swallow a box of needles than deal with connecting to New York via Philadelphia via San Francisco. (And for air travel to get him there on time? That's the real magic trick!)  "If I Do Get Punched in the Mouth, Is It Really a Big Deal?"I can't be the only one who hoped Teller didn't show up to watch future task winner Lisa Rinna attempt a dangerous juggling trick with Penn. And I can't be the only one that hopes NBC spins off this season of Celebrity Apprentice into Working Like Magic: The Penn and Lisa Show. This really is the best duo to hit Celebrity Apprentice since Busey and the alien living inside his soul.  Trace Is One Notch Above DeathMarilu Henner was certainly right in her observation, yet Trace Adkins also happened to be one of the more entertaining things about this ho-hum episode of Celebrity Apprentice. And when you find yourself most entertained by a bored country star talking about breasts, you know it's time to switch to Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Inside the Actor's Studio, Working Like Magic: The Penn and Lisa Show — anything but Celebrity Apprentice. Not Fit For a King of KrunkWith the exception of the guest appearance from pocket country star Hunter Hayes, Power's suite display — inspired by the word "king" — was only slightly less embarrassing than a zipline trip across the room in an office chair. Between taking the word "king" too literally — Marilu was just a few hours short from ordering her own herd of serfs to the suite — and the rollaway chess boards more fit for a fifth grader with grape juice-stained hands than a professional, Power officially has the monopoly on all things adolescent. (The team's A-list entertainment in next week's task: The Rock-afire Explosion.) Though Marilu certainly deserved to be fired, John Rich's insistence that the Project Manager should have known Lil Jon was nicknamed the King of Krunk is ridiculous as claiming Lil Jon should have known Elaine O'Connor-Nardo holds the employee of the month record at Sunshine Cab Company. Yeah, John Rich. Okay. More:'Celebrity Apprentice': Life is Ruff for Gary Busey, the Mechanical Dog'Celebrity Apprentice': Gary Gets Away With Murder'Celebrity Apprentice': Yep, Gary's Naked From Our Partners:Watch Justin Bieber Attacked in Dubai (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Lindsay Lohan Tells Piers Morgan She Loves Ecstasy, Is Not Bisexual
    By: Kate Ward May 05, 2013
    Just weeks before entering court-ordered rehab — the actress is currently a patient at the Betty Ford Center — Lindsay Lohan sat down with Piers Morgan for a candid interview about her transformation from beloved child star to tragicially wasted has-been. And though we thought the revealing New York Times piece about her bizarre behavior on the set of The Canyons was as close as we would get to the troubled 26-year-old actress, Morgan managed to convince Lohan to discuss her drug history and her sexual history. Read below for the eight craziest quotes from the interview and try not to shed a tear remembering how much you loved The Parent Trap. On Her First Drink: "I got really sick and Mum made me sleep with vomit still on me so I’d understand how it felt. I didn’t drink again throughout high school. I was too scared!" On How Often She Uses Cocaine: "Everyone thinks I’ve done it so many times. But I’ve only done it maybe four or five times in my life ... I took it four times in a period from about the age of 20 to 23, and I got caught twice." On Her Drug of Choice: "Pot, obviously. And ecstasy. I liked that better than the others (giggles). I didn’t drink on it, so I was just chilling. It’s something that a lot of people experience when they’re in college. I just should have known that being in the public eye, someone was bound to say something or try to make some money off it." On Her Drinking Habits: "I’ve never been a huge drinker. I’ve never woken up in the morning and had a drink." But, On Second Thought...: "But when I was younger I was definitely going out too much and I was drinking too much." On Rehab: "I’ve been court-ordered to do it six times. I could write the book on rehab. Constantly sending me to rehab is pointless. The first few times I was court-ordered to rehab it was like a joke, like killing time." On Whether or Not She's Bisexual: "Not really. I like being in a relationship with a guy. But there’s something just different about it with a woman. When I was with Samantha (Ronson), I didn’t want to leave, because I didn’t want to be alone. It was very toxic. And her family controlled anything she did ... I know I’m straight. I have made out with girls before, and I had a relationship with a girl. But I think I needed to experience that and I think I was looking for something different." Still, the craziest moment of all happened post-interview, when Lohan and Morgan filmed a video that proved their interview and the fact that perhaps Lohan takes her demons a bit too lightly: More:Lindsay Lohan Disobeys Court Order and Leaves Rehab Lindsay Lohan, Your Hoodie Looks Like a CondomLindsay Lohan Arrest Quiz: Guess Which Year These Headlines Were Written From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • 'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Zach Galifianakis, a Dragon Costume, and Three Celebrity Cameos
    By: Kate Ward May 05, 2013
    I'll admit it: On Sunday morning, I'll have a hangover. Not because of excessive drinking, though. (There are only so many Mint Juleps you can drink before your breath smells like a tube of Aquafresh.) But because I laughed so hard during Saturday night's installment of Saturday Night Live, there's little chance I don't wake up fielding a brutal stomachache.  But host Zach Galifianakis gave me little choice. Back at SNL for a third time, the host gave us so much, we're left wondering how The Hangover Part II could have gone so wrong. But let's rewind to the episode at hand! After a Fox & Friends parody that was a bit too familiar to SNL fans — each one is becoming less distinguishable from the last — we finally got to the moment we've been looking forward to this entire week: Galifianakis' monologue, which he had already perfected his first two times on the series. Starting off the show with the same oddball deadpan we fell in love with in Live From the Purple Onion, Galifiankis waxed poetic about charades ("My wife and I once played charades with a couple who was deaf. They were amazing.") and stumping Google ("I once Googled, 'How many candles does Dave Navarro own?' Fourteen thousand."). The opening was so Raven, the perfect antidote to Season 38's subpar monologues, even if it was a bit less daring than a bearded man wearing an Annie costume.  Still, Galifianakis didn't stay out of costume for long, donning a dragon suit for the next sketch, "Game of Game of Thrones." Tapping into the obsessive fan culture for the HBO series (admit it, we're all guilty), the sketch featured the comedian as an enthusiast who knows everything about Westeros, but nothing about the real world. (Among the questions he got in the game show-centric sketch: What is the capital of Wisconsin?) Bonus points go to the sketch for featuring the under-appreciated Aidy Bryant and Game of Thrones star himself, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who popped by long enough to prove Galifianakis' ignorance about the Supreme Court.  And bonus points go to SNL's commerical parody for utilizing the also under-appreciated Kate McKinnon as an unlucky-in-love Martha Stewart. Her impression might not have been as on point as her others (hello Ellen DeGeneres!), but who didn't get a giggle hearing Stewart express appreciation for "tiered macaroons" and "the simple elegance of a good bang"? (Though why SNL didn't choose this prime spot to feature its hilarious New Balance add — advertising the shoe brand "worn by chubby white guys" — is beyond me.) The episode's celebrity cameos didn't end with Coster-Waldau. Galifianakis' Hangover c0-stars Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms showed up for a severely under-rehearsed Jennifer Aniston look-alike sketch, which derived most of its humor from seeing the stars in blonde wigs. It was all worth it, though, to see that Taran Killam can add Rachel Green to his list of celebrity impressions.  Of course, Killam was easily upstaged by Bill Hader, who stopped by Weekend Update as James Carville to talk gun control legislation, his ghost grandma, and drinking sweet tea in Louisiana with Alligator Joe (who's called that "because he's an alligator"). So many of Hader's one-liners were so delicious ("I have nothing against guns. And I'm not just saying that because I look like a bullet"), I'd prefer them any day over a giant bowl of gumbo. Or, at least, I'd prefer them over Fred Armisen's Google Glasses-plagued tech correspondent and Cecily Strong's increasingly overplayed (and never funny) Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party.  It wasn't long until Galifianakis was back in a costume, this time as a racist, sexist, and homophobic M&M's World employee who expressed his distaste for his diverse staff "often through song." It's easy to imagine the sketch — which featured a good number of jokes that pushed racial boundaries — was a divisive one, but dammit if Galifianakis in a beret didn't make me chuckle.  What didn't make me chuckle initially was "Darrell's House," a bit about a deluded man marking a low-grade talk show in his home. All the elements were there — Galifianakis' patented absurdity, Jon Hamm references — but teasing a Hamm cameo and not delivering was like teasing a delicious Honey Baked Ham and handing us a piece of bologna. But, of course, the bit more than paid off when we watched "Darrell's House" later in the episode as it was meant to be seen, featuring the Mad Men star himself. And, as it turns out, waiting 20 minutes for the joke to pay off was well worth it. As was Galifianakis' stint on SNL. Is anyone else going to be hurting tomorrow?  More:Zach Galifianakis' Third Time on 'Saturday Night Live' Will Certainly Be a CharmZach Galifianakis Shoots a Porno for 'SNL' Hosting Gig. Nope, Sorry, That's a Promo Kristen Wiig Returns to 'SNL' As Host, Ben Affleck Joins 5-Timers Club From Our Partners:Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough Bikini in Miami (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Orb Wins the 2013 Kentucky Derby
    By: Kate Ward May 04, 2013
    The most exciting two minutes in sports also happens to be a great excuse to spend 24 hours submitting to your demons. After all, Kentucky Derby day is the only day that deems gambling, binge drinking Mint Juleps, and wearing a hat outside your grandmother's closet socially acceptable. Still, the main attraction is, of course, the horses and dark horses that face off against one another in a two-minute, one-and-a-quarter-mile dash that reminds you of how you panted your way through a 12-minute mile in high school. And the 139th Kentucky Derby proved to be just as exciting as the last 138 — hats off to Orb, who won the race despite Palace Malice's unexpected early lead. (Sorry, Internet — Charming Kitten didn't manage to eke in a win.) Orb, who won the race with jockey Joel Rosario, was an early favorite in the Kentucky Derby. The horse, who is owned by Hall of Fame trainer Shug McGaughey, was hot off the heels of a Florida Derby victory when he won the Kentucky Derby.  Another Julep to celebrate? More:Are These 2013 Kentucky Derby Horses or Celebrity Baby Names? 8 Crazy Celebrity Kentucky Derby HatsI'll Have Another Drops Out of Belmont From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • 'The Crow' Finds Leading Man in Very Brave 'Hobbit' Star Luke Evans
    By: Kate Ward May 04, 2013
    Luke Evans is a very brave man. Twenty years after Brandon Lee died while filming 1994's The Crow — leading the film to change studios and launch a script rewrite — The Hobbit star has stepped into the role of Eric Draven for Relativity Media's remake.  So why is Evans brave? Because The Crow a film that has been riddled with rumors of a curse for decades. Not only was Lee famously killed by an accidental gunshot wound while on the set, but the film's TV adaptation, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, saw another casualty — a crew member died following a special effects stunt gone wrong. The casting, however, is a step in the right direction for Relativity, who has had trouble getting the project off the ground since 2008, when the remake was first announced. Not only did the studio field a legal battle over their rights to the script, but Relativity couldn't lock in a leading man until now. Bradley Cooper was briefly attached to play Draven — who returns from the dead to avenge his murder — before scheduling conflicts led the studio to explore other options like Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hiddleston, and Alexander Skarsgard. Deadline, however, reports Evans had been Relativity's first choice. Though The Crow — which will be directed by Before the Fall director F. Javier Gutierrez — was originally scheduled to begin shooting this year, the schedule has been shifted to 2014 to accomodate Evans' busy promotional schedule. Let's hope the film's luck will change by then. More:Will Goth Culture Ever Be the Same if Tom Hiddleston Stars in 'The Crow'?Bradley Cooper Drops Out of 'Crow' Remake10 Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • Zach Galifianakis' Third Time on 'Saturday Night Live' Will Certainly Be a Charm
    By: Kate Ward May 04, 2013
    While jury's still out on The Hangover Part III — will it redeem the franchise after the groan-worthy Hangover Part II? — one thing's for certain: Zach Galifianakis will win us all over during Saturday's new episode of Saturday Night Live. After all, the two-time host is already a pro — his first monologue in Studio 8H ranks among the best of all time, and his second monologue in 2011, in which he dressed as Little Orphan Annie, only made us wonder how he'd up the Annie (er, ante), his next time back.    And, luckily for us, Galifianakis is back for a third time, with musical guests Of Monsters and Men. Whether or not The Hangover Part III does redeem itself, Galifianakis will no doubt redeem SNL's troubled 38th season — and is it too much to ask he stop by Today again to redeem the entire network? Will you watch Galifianakis on Saturday's SNL? If so, be sure to talk about the episode here, and return Sunday for a full recap of the night's best sketches! More:Zach Galifianakis Shoots a Porno for 'SNL.' Nope, Sorry, That's a Promo. Kristen Wiig Returns to 'SNL' as Host, Ben Affleck Joins 5-Timers Club'The Hangover Part III' Calamity Continues in Two New Clips, Posters From Our Partners:Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough Bikini in Miami (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • New 'True Blood' Season 6 Trailer Features 5 Shirtless Alexander Skarsgard Shots
    By: Kate Ward May 04, 2013
    A new trailer for True Blood's sixth season — which premieres June 16 on HBO — features plenty of action (no wonder Anna Paquin's Sookie Stackhouse can't remember the last time she wasn't in danger), but nothing in the teaser is quite as exciting as this: During the trailer's short 90 seconds, fans can spot a total offive shirtless shots of Alexander Skarsgard.  But never fear, werewolf admirers — the new spot also features two steamy shots of Joe Manganiello's Alcide.  And here you thought the beautiful weather was the best thing about your Saturday. Watch the new trailer below and get yourself bloody excited for July 16!   More:'True Blood' Season 6 Trailer: Blood, War, and Stephen Moyer's Creepy Voice 'True Blood' Season 6 Promo: Sookie's Holding Eric'True Blood' vs. 'Vampire Diaries': Who Stole From Who? From Our Partners:Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough Bikini in Miami (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Keira Knightley Marries Klaxons Keyboardist James Righton
    By: Kate Ward May 04, 2013
    Ten years after we watched her walk down the aisle in Love, Actually, Keira Knightley has tied the knot in real life. The Anna Karenina actress has married her beau of two years, Klaxons keyboard player James Righton, according to People.  The couple wed in a small town outside of Marseilles Saturday, where onlookers watched Knightley marry Righton in an unconventional, short tulle wedding dress, complete with a Chanel jacket. According to People, 50 to 100 guests were invited to the nuptials. "It was not a long service," one source tells the publication. "The ceremony occured just before noon and lasted only about 30 minutes. Keira looked beautiful." The couple, who were introduced to one another through mutual friend Alexa Chung, wed one year after they got engaged in May 2012.  More:Keira Knightley Engaged! 6 Things To Know About Her Fiancé  Wedding Dos and Don'ts: 10 Rules We Can Learn From CelebritiesMichael Jordan Marries Model in Lavish, 20,000 Guest Wedding From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • 'Despicable Me 2' Finds Al Pacino Replacement in Benjamin Bratt
    By: Kate Ward May 04, 2013
    Forget whoever wins the Kentucky Derby — seems Universal Pictures is the speediest of all. Just hours after announcing that Al Pacino had parted ways with Despicable Me 2, the studio — which is producing the film with Illumination Entertainment — confirmed Benjamin Bratt has stepped in to replace the Scarface star as the film's villain, Eduardo. On Friday night, Universal and Illumination Entertainment released news that Pacino had left the project over creative differences, just two months before Despicable Me 2's July 3 release. According to Deadline, Pacino had recorded most of his voice work before making the decision to leave Despicable Me 2, but the film's animated nature will allow for the easy swap. Since the film won't require reshoots, Despicable Me 2's release date will remain the same.  Though why exactly Pacino left the project remains unknown, the Jack and Jill star is known for his artistic integrity.  More:Al Pacino Exits 'Despicable Me 2 Months Before Its July Release 'Despicable Me' Trailer: One Giant Leap for Minion Kind  From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • Miley Cyrus Tops 'Maxim' Hot 100 List... Or So She Tells Her Fans
    By: Kate Ward May 04, 2013
    Miley Cyrus' fans weren't surprised when she told them she was hot on Twitter. (Have you seen her V magazine cover?) But they were surprised when she told them she was named No. 1 on Maxim's Hot 100 list... before the men's magazine got a chance to do so themselves. On Friday night, the former Hannah Montana star tweeted a photo of herself reclining on the beach in a revealing swimsuit and told followers, "Didn't know this was coming out! I'm so happy to be #1 on Maxims HOT 100! #myfanskickass #dreamsdocometrue." Sure, you could scoff at Cyrus' claim that the honor is a "dream come true," and the fact that the singer/actress leaked the news, but there's no denying she deserves the title — the former child star has proven she's all grown up in a series of photo shoots this year. Plus, it's nice to see Maxim — a publication that named model Bar Rafaeli as the world's hottest in 2012 — make an unconventional choice amongst its peers. After all, Mila Kunis — who was named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive this year before again topping FHM's list this week — can't possibly win every time.  More:Miley Cyrus' Racy 'V' Photo Shoot Says 'F**k It' In Defense of Miley Cyrus: Stop the Slut-Shaming Once and For AllOops! Snoop Lion Confirms Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Split? From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)