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Kate Ward is the current Executive Editor for, a former editor and writer for Entertainment Weekly and, and a forever fan of pop culture. A graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Ward — whose work has also appeared in Glamour magazine — loves talking about nutgrafs and hates exclamation points, despite using them on a regular basis. Specializing in reality TV, ’90s nostalgia, and bad movies, Ward is likely the oldest person to attend "American Idols LIVE!" every year with her mom.
  • 'Saturday Night Live': Host Anne Hathaway Won't Make You (Les) Misérable(s)
    By: Kate Ward Nov 10, 2012
    It's only been four years since Les Misérables star Anne Hathaway first hosted Saturday Night Live, but plenty has changed on the sketch comedy show since her debut. The Oct. 4, 2008 episode featured Tina Fey as a pre-election Sarah Palin, back when the Alaska governor was better known for her politics than her hair. The episode featured the first appearance of The Lawrence Welk Show's baby-handed Junice, played by the dearly departed Kristen Wiig. And the episode featured Casey Wilson, long before we realized the underused player-turned-Happy Endings star was actually a-mah-zing. Still, without being able to see Palin from our house, and without Wiig's hilariously hyper-sexual Junice, this week's Saturday Night Live should go as smoothly as Hathaway's celebrated singing voice. After all, with her second time as host in 2010, Hathaway proved she could keep up with the rest of the sketch comedy show's stellar cast. (Just see her eerily accurate Katie Holmes impression.) Will she help launch another favorite recurring character like Junice? Tune in to find out, and check back here tomorrow for our full recap. One thing's for certain: You won't be Les misérables watching the show. [Image Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC] More: New SNL Promo: Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis Will Blow Your Mind, Man Saturday Night Live: Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Renner Named As Upcoming Hosts Anne Hathaway to Reach New Levels of Adorable in Mindy Kalin Rom-Com From Our Partners: 60 Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?! (Celebuzz) 14-Year-Old 'Modern Family' Star Caught in Bed With 18-Year-Old, Mom Claims (EXCLUSIVE) (Celebuzz)
  • Mark Wahlberg to Star in 'Transformers 4.' Shia La-who?
    By: Kate Ward Nov 08, 2012
    The same day Michael Bay squashed rumors that Mark Wahlberg was chosen to star in Transformers 4, the director confirmed via his website that he had indeed chosen the actor to star in the 2014 sequel to Transformers: Dark Of the Moon. Wrote Bay — who worked with Wahlberg on April 26's Pain and Gain — on his website, "Mark is awesome. We had a blast working on Pain and Gain and I’m so fired up to be back working with him. An actor of his caliber is the perfect guy to re-invigorate the franchise and carry on the Transformers’ legacy." And Wahlberg is a pretty safe gamble to replace Shia LeBeouf, who starred in the previous three films — the A-list star has proven to be bankable in both action fare (The Departed, The Italian Job) and audience-friendly flicks (The Other Guys). Wahlberg also joins action royalty Dwayne Johnson in Transformers 4. Plus, it seems audience interest is there already — just after making the announcement, Bay's website went down, seemingly from overload. We'll say it again: Shia La-who? [Image Credit:] More: 'Broken City': Russell Crowe 'Owns' Mark Wahlberg — TRAILER 'Transformers 4' Recruits Michael Bay, Bombards Your Senses in 2014 'Transformers 4' Is On the Horizon From Our Partners: Bond Girls: Sexiest, Smartest and Best of the Best(Moviefone) New Bin Laden Movie: Oscar-Bound? (Moviefone)
  • 'Chicago Fire' Catches On, Nabs Full Season Order from NBC
    By: Kate Ward Nov 08, 2012
    Fans of Chicago Fire, stop, drop, and hug your television set. Because has confirmed the new NBC firefighter series has been picked up for a full season. So, yes, that means more Taylor Kinney, a man as hot as the fires he fights. The back nine order is no surprise — Chicago Fire has been slowly picking up steam since its debut, and even finished in the No. 1 slot in its timeslot Wednesday. Says NBC's Jennifer Salke in a press release, "We all love this thrilling new drama with its sexy breakout cast ... We are excited to see it gaining traction on our schedule." And, admit it, so are you. Even if the series will make certain you never cool down.  [Image Credit: NBC] More: Creators of 'Chicago Fire' Explain Why Firefighter Shows Are So Rare 'Chicago Fire' to Burn On 'Chicago Fire' Premiere May Only Smolder, But Definitely Sparks Our Interest From Our Partners: Lady Gaga Dons Strapless Bikini Top, Waves to Fans in Brazil (PHOTOS) (Celebuzz) Leonardo DiCaprio Lists $23M Malibu Beachfront Mansion: Take a Peek Inside (PHOTOS) (Celebuzz)
  • 'World War Z' Trailer: Worth the Long Wait? — VIDEO
    By: Kate Ward Nov 08, 2012
    Brad Pitt's World War Z has fought a long and difficult battle in Hollywood, but it looks like audiences will finally get their win: the chance to finally see the delayed film. Eight months after Paramount pushed the movie back from Dec. 21 to June 21, 2013 — and recruited Lost writer Damon Lindelof to rewrite portions of the script for reshoots — the studio has released the first trailer for the post-apocalyptic zombie film, which is adapted from Max Brooks' 2003 novel. And what do we see in the trailer? Plenty of death from the film that was brought back to life. Watch the trailer for World War Z, co-starring The Killing's Mireille Enos below. This and a few more episodes of The Walking Dead, and you'll never need to refer to Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Let us pick (not eat) your brains: Was the film's first trailer worth the wait? More:Brad Pitt's 'World War Z': What Went Wrong (And What's Going Right)'Prometheus' Writer Damon Lindelof Rewriting Brad Pitt's Already-Shot 'World War Z''World War Z' Pushed Back
  • 'Live and Let Die' Allowed Bond to Live, Making It My Favorite Film in the Franchise
    By: Kate Ward Nov 07, 2012
    Goldfinger might be solid cinema gold, and Casino Royale may have dealt Bond fans a brand-new hand, but Live and Let Die was the first film in the franchise to prove that Bond, James Bond, would never die. And by the early 1970s, Bond was badly in need of resuscitation. Sean Connery, fresh off his sixth Bond film, was nearing 40 and was eager to trade martinis for meatier roles in films like The Offence and Zardoz (the latter being a nude-friendly film that was perhaps too, ahem, meaty). And George Lazenby's performance in On Your Majesty's Secret Service flatlined after the new Bond decided the role made him felt "mindless." Producers — who had already failed to get Connery back on board — took a chance on cult TV star Roger Moore, and, with the release of 1973's Live and Let Die, Bond had a healthy heartbeat once again. But it's surprising that Live and Let Die allowed Bond to live — after all, all the odds were against the film. Not only did Moore offer audiences accustomed to Connery a completely different version of Bond — forging the path for further franchise game-changers like Daniel Craig — but the film lingered in a world where drug-trafficking was more of a concern than Connery's cat-stroking villains. But the troubled 1970s turned out to be the perfect time to break out a grittier Bond, and Moore's portrayal was a welcome change from Connery's swinging '60s spy. Sure, Moore's Bond did plenty of pun- and love-making, but he brought a refreshing face to the franchise that was as believable as it was handsome. Yet audiences latching onto the new Bond is less surprising than audiences latching onto Live and Let Die's subject matter. Whereas Bond fans had spent years watching the spy fight over-exaggerated villains in exotic locations, Live and Let Die grounded Bond in New Orleans, setting him in an atmosphere more reminiscent of blaxploitation films than the golden Bond era. Of course, that didn't always serve Moore's Bond well — Live and Let Die has come under fire for using racial epitaphs and for some representation of African-Americans in the era. But Live and Let Die also gained credit for being progressive, linking Bond with an African-American woman, Rosie Carver's Gloria Hendry. Again, with Moore, change was good. Live and Let Die, like all Bond movies, also had its weaknesses. (The aforementioned disappointing racial overtones, the terrible Sheriff J.W. Pepper, etc.) But the famous crocodile scene — made more tense by its accompanying discomforting silence and the fact that Moore's stunt man nearly lost a leg completing the scene — was enough to overtake Bond's 22 other outings and become my favorite movie in the franchise. It represents everything that's good about Live and Let Die: It was as exciting as it was ridiculous and, more importantly, it felt different than splashy action scenes of Connery's yore. Now, it's entirely possible the stunning 22-year-old Jane Seymour —a virginal far cry from the matronly Dr. Quinn who became an easy punchlines in the 1990s — and a badass theme song, Paul McCartney and the Wings' "Live and Let Die," that was nominated for an Academy Award for Original Song is swaying me to favor the film. But without Moore and Live and Let Die's successful departure from Bond's first forays into film, we wouldn't have Pierce Brosnan, Craig, and any other future iteration of the character that will look and act nothing like Connery's Bond. And, in the name of Lazenby, that would lead us straight to the bar for a strong martini. [Image Credit: United Artists] More: Skyfall Star Daniel Craig on Bond Fandom: 'There Are Too Many Voices to Make Any Sense Of' The Living Daylights Is My Favorite Bond Movie What Your Favorite James Bond Says About You From Our Partners: ‘Star Wars VII’: Who Will Direct? (Moviefone) 25 Best Bond Girls Ever(Moviefone)
  • Oh, James! 13 Bond Sex Scenes That Leave Us Shaken (Not Stirred) — GALLERY
    By: Kate Ward Nov 06, 2012
    As Moneypenny told us in Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond is quite the cunning linguist. But enough talk! We want to see James Bond in action. That is, when he's romancing some of the franchise's randiest Bond girls. After all, when it comes to pun-laced love-making, every iteration of Bond from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig has been known to, ahem, rise to the occasion. So which of his dozens of love scenes rank amongst the best? Click below to see 13 Bond sex scenes that have left us noticeably shaken (not stirred). Bond's 13 Best Sex Scenes [Image Credit: TK] More: What Your Favorite James Bond Says About You 12 of the James Bond Movie Franchise's Most Unforgettable Deaths A Non-Fan's Guide to James Bond
  • CMA Award Winners: Did Taylor Swift Walk Away Empty-Handed?
    By: Kate Ward Nov 01, 2012
    Taylor Swift saw a lot of green earlier this week when her fourth album, Red, sold a whopping 1.2 million copies in its first week, but did she also see gold at the 46th annual Country Music Awards? Despite her three nominations, the young singer — who was nominated for Entertainer of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, and Musical Event of the Year — had plenty of competition: Swift faced off against country giants like Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, and Jason Aldean and pop greats like Kelly Clarkson and... Snoop Dogg(?!). But did Swift get the chance to break out her patented surprise face during Thursday night's awards, hosted by Brad Paisley and Underwood? Or did country power couple Lambert and Blake Shelton find cause to celebrate? See the full winners list below to find out! Entertainer of the Year Blake Shelton Male Vocalist of the Year Blake Shelton Female Vocalist of the Year Miranda Lambert Vocal Group of the Year Little Big Town Vocal Duo of the Year Thompson Square New Artist of the Year Hunter Hayes Album of the Year Chief, Eric Church Single of the Year "Pontoon," Little Big Town Song of the Year "Over You," Miranda Lambert Musical Event of the Year "Feel Like a Rock Star," Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw Music Video of the Year "Red Solo Cup," Toby Keith Musician of the Year Mac McAnally [Image Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC] More: Taylor Swift Storms the First Round of the CMA Award Nominations 24 Cool (and Ghoulish) Celebrity Halloween Costumes The Ten Commandments of Dating Tim Tebow
  • Chris Brown Dresses as Terrorist for Halloween. Yep. 
    By: Kate Ward Nov 01, 2012
    Forget ghosts and goblins. This Halloween, we found ourselves terrified not only by Katy Perry's pleasantly surprising choice to dress as Daria's Jane, but also by one celebrity's terrible taste. But, like an ax murderer behind the door you just walked through, perhaps we should have seen it coming. After all, we are talking about Chris Brown. (We heard a rumor spooky music follows him everywhere now.) Yes, the much-hated singer with a disturbingly fervent fanbase opted to continue to reverse his short-lived post-2009 contrition tour by dressing up for Halloween as... a terrorist. Because why just remind people of your violent past when you can remind people of your violent past while dressed as a stereotyped representation of a region and religion? Oh, what a fun and prejudiced time for him! Of course, Brown's hardly the first celebrity to leave tongues wagging over his costume choice. In 2005, the royally misguided Prince Harry took heat for attending a costume party wearing a Swastika armband. And he continued to fan the flames after releasing an apology that many felt wasn't empathetic enough: "I am very sorry if I caused any offense or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume, and I apologize." We much preferred when he dressed in his birthday suit. And just one year later — one month after Steve Irwin passed away following a lethal stingray bite — Politically Incorrect host Bill Maher lived up to his show's name when he attended several Halloween parties dressed as the crocodile hunter. (See the picture here.) Insensitive, yes, but not quite ballsy — after all, South Park did it days before Maher in "Hell on Earth 2006." (At least Simpsons didn't.) Offended by Brown's costume? Is the sky blue, and the song "Forever" forever ruined? Follow Kate Ward on Twitter @HWKateWard [Image Credit: WENN; The Sun UK] More: 15 Cool (and Ghoulish) Celebrity Halloween Costumes Halloween: How to Dress Pop Culture on a Budget 15 Worst Pop Culture-Inspired 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes
  • 'X Factor' Hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez: How'd They Do?
    By: Kate Ward Nov 01, 2012
    Brr... it's cold in here. At least, based on the reception on Twitter to Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez's first night as X Factor hosts. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took some heat for her stiff hosting style during Wednesday night's live show, even if some were hoping to turn down the heat. (Here's looking at Simon Cowell, who commented both on live TV and on Twitter about Kardashian's, ahem, stiffness in her thinly lined blouse.) But since when is hosting about wardrobe (says Cat Deeley, who is currently trying to determine if a live sea urchin looks better on her hip or in her hair)? Were Kardashian and Lopez as charming a duo as A.C. and Jessie? Or did they simply fill air like Kourtney and Scott? How did the new X Factor hosts fare? Vote in our poll below! <a href="">How did new hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez do?</a> [Image Credit: Brian Dowling/ FOX] More: X Factor Recap: It's A-Live Show! X Factor to Hit Us (Baby) One More Time With a Third Season Fox's 'Total F Up' Pushes X Factor to Tuesday, Angers Simon Cowell From Our Partners: MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 3’ Cast Revealed (Celebuzz) Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Kourtney Kardashian, and Scott Disick Dress Up As Batman Clan for Halloween in Miami (PHOTOS) (Celebuzz)
  • When Will 'White Collar,' 'Suits,' 'Necessary Roughness' Return?
    By: Kate Ward Oct 31, 2012
    Your television is about to get that much better-looking. USA's trio of winter series starring hot people are returning in January, Deadline reports. The network announced White Collar, fresh off of star Matt Bomer's turn in the popular Magic Mike, will return for its second half of Season 3 Jan 22, while Suits — about men who look good in suits lawyers with a secret — begins its second season Jan. 17. Fans of Long-Island-sports-therapist series Necessary Roughness will have to do some necessary celebrating as well. The series, starring Callie Thorne continues its second season Jan. 23. Feeling ugly yet? [Image Credit: Eric Ogden/USA Network] More: USA Renews Faves 'White Collar,' 'Royal Pains,' and 'Covert Affairs' 'White Collar' Premiere: Matthew Bomer is as Dreamy as Ever Suits Star Gina Torres Teases 'Insanely Intense' Summer Finale