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Kate Ward is the current Executive Editor for, a former editor and writer for Entertainment Weekly and, and a forever fan of pop culture. A graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Ward — whose work has also appeared in Glamour magazine — loves talking about nutgrafs and hates exclamation points, despite using them on a regular basis. Specializing in reality TV, ’90s nostalgia, and bad movies, Ward is likely the oldest person to attend "American Idols LIVE!" every year with her mom.
  • 20 Hollywood Couples You Forgot About
    By: Kate Ward May 03, 2013
    Amanda Bynes might currently spend her days lusting after Drake on Twitter, but her taste was much different just five years ago. Though it's now just a footnote in her cheek-studded existence, the actress raised eyebrows in 2008 for dating Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, who is 12 years her senior.  GALLERY: 20 Celebrity Couples You Forgot About But Bynes and MacFarlane — whose quiet courtship came to a quiet end shortly after they started dating — are hardly the only surprising celebrities who hooked up. Click above to see our gallery of 20 stars you forgot dated! (Even if you'd like some to remain forgotten — ahem, Michael Jackson and Tatum O'Neal.) More:8 Male Celebrities With Tramp Stamps 10 Stars Who Quit HollywoodWhat 31 Child Stars Look Like Now From Our Partners:Beyonce Flaunts Bikini Bod for H&M (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 4 Famous Actors Who Almost Starred on 'Arrested Development'
    By: Kate Ward May 01, 2013
    Ten years later — and just weeks before Netflix's May 26 premiere of Arrested Development's Season 4 — our love for the Bluth family is still as Ann as the nose on plain's face. In fact, we're so obsessed with the dysfunctional family that a whole bottle of Forget-Me-Nows couldn't keep us from associating the actors directly with their characters. No one but Tony Hale could ever portray Buster Bluth's jolly naivité, and to even suggest anyone other than Will Arnett could have played the over-compensating Gob Bluth would be as offensive as a Franklin cover of "Accidental Racist." (Oh, please, let there be a Franklin cover of "Accidental Racist"!) Still, Hale and Arnett, and other members of the cast, almost didn't make the cut — Arrested Development almost cast other auditioning actors in their roles. So what would the Fox series look like in an alternate universe? Below, see the stars that could have played members of the beloved Bluth family.  Before Arnett turned Gob into the insecure illusionist we all know and love, Rainn Wilson nearly locked in the role. But creator Mitch Hurwitz was most impressed by Arnett, who brought a sheltered immaturity to Gob that he had yet to see from other auditioning actors. "Nobody really played him like a guy who thought of himself as the chosen son even though it was obvious to everyone else that he was the least favorite," Hurwitz told GQ. "A lot of guys went 'New Yawk' with it, almost played it 'street savvy.' It just turned out to be a very difficult target to hit." But thank goodness Wilson didn't hit it — whereas Arrested Development was canceled in 2006, Wilson went on to star The Office's break-out character, Dwight Schrute, for nine seasons. Seems bears and Battlestar Galactica beat Bluths.      David Cross — a man so funny, he single-handedly transformed Tobias Fünke from a recurring character into a series regular — nearly played Buster Bluth. You just blue-d yourself, didn't you? It's true — the comedian was approached for the role of the Bluth family baby, but expressed more interest in playing the sexually repressed Bluth brother-in-law. That allowed Cross to lock in Tobias and Hale to nab Buster, making Arrested Development fans anything but blue.  Now, one word we can most definitely associate with the troubled Andy Dick is "blue," so it really is no surprise that he might have been considered for the role of Tobias Fünke. In an interview with IFC, the NewsRadio star said Hurwitz approached him for a role on Arrested Development, but a stint on Less Than Perfect kept Dick from committing to Hurwitz's project. (The Arrested Development creator worked with Dick on Perfect, where he served as a producer.) Of course, while Dick assumes he was being considered for Tobias, it's unclear which role Hurwitz hoped the actor would play. Though anything other than Tobias would seem, well, less than perfect.  Believe it or not, teenage film executive Maeby Fünke could have been played by someone quite familiar with Hollywood: '90s child star Mara Wilson, beloved for her roles in Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Miracle on 34th Street. But, according to the actress' Twitter, Wilson missed out on the role. Must be because Alia Shawkat's Fünke was all anybody was ever talking about. (So sick and tired of hearing how brilliant that Fünke is.) More:9 People You Didn't Know Were On 'Arrested Development''Arrested Development': 20 Running Jokes We Hope Keep Running More 'Arrested Development' Character Posters — GALLERY  From Our Partners:Miley Goes Braless for Magazine Cover (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 'Celebrity Apprentice': Life Is Ruff for Gary Busey, the Mechanical Dog
    By: Kate Ward Apr 29, 2013
    Are you tired? Run-down? Listless? Do you find yourself easily swayed by D-list celebrities on television? Then you'd love the 120-minute infomercial that was Sunday night's Celebrity Apprentice. Yes, life was certainly good for LG — the company at the center of this week's promotional task — but not for Celebrity Apprentice fans who would prefer to watch a reality show episode over an extended commercial for the electronics brand. But it's a surprise the NBC series had a problem filling two hours without excessive product placement from contestants who only care less for their dignity than LG's phones — after all, for the second time this season, Gary Busey climbed out of Vincent D'Onofrio's skin to act as Project Manager. But, unfortunately for Penn Jillette and Lisa Rinna, Plan B couldn't quite tame their leader this week, who bucked orders to sit and behave (playing dead would be impossible for a man whose soul already died and and was replaced by a rabid horse in 1998) in order to fulfill his dream of humping a table. But let me elaborate with this week's one and only most ridiculous moment… Gary, The Mechanical DogIt was plain as the crazy on Gary's face that the human set of teeth was going to finally get fired this week. You can point to Trump's patented pre-firing glad-handing (lauding the strengths of a man who knows more about shark farts than his own surroundings) or the fact that the actor was indeed, as he noted, a salmon out of water compared to his more astute team members, but, still, Busey's firing came down to one thing: The Oscar-nominated actor hit a ruff (er, rough) patch when he insisted on portraying a "mechanical dog" in Plan B's 90-second LG ad. The whole bit was so bizarre, it could have been straight out of a modern art exhibit at the MOMA — and by MOMA, I mean the marijuana-and-Cheetos laced fantasy of a teenage burnout. The premise: A technology-illiterate father, played by Gary, learns about LG products from his wife, who appears to have a daughter of the exact same age. (It was a "weird Mormon sister-wife thing," Penn noted.) Then, the father asked, "What will LG think of next? A mechanical dog?", a sentence that seemed to trigger a hypnosis transforming the actor into a dog that begins to bark-slash-possibly vomit. Gary's wife-slash-daughter's fiancé calms the father, who realizes with his new LG phone, he no longer needs to be a mechanical dog. Then his wife-slash-daughter said she was going to let nature call to her while watching TV, and suddenly, we got into a territory far more blue than Clint Black's All Detergent masturbation ad. It was absolutely insane, but anyone who ever hoped for a sequel to C.H.O.M.P.S. must have been pleasantly surprised.  So it was clear it was time to say goodbye to Mr. Hang Brain Gary, a true reality artist who, in this episode alone, said several things that made absolutely no sense about bags of hair, farts, and his status as a father of a two-year-old child. It's a sad day for Celebrity Apprentice  — one that, no doubt, we'll remember as well as Marilu Henner. Now the series will have to rely on the limited talents of its remaining five cast members instead of Gary's half-naked body for good TV. How will we be tickled now? More:'Celebrity Apprentice': Gary Busey Gets Away With Murder 'Celebrity Apprentice': Gary Busey's Naked'Celebrity Apprentice': Dennis Rodman Insults Melania Trump From Our Partners:Miley Goes Braless for Magazine Cover (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 10 Stars Shamelessly Shilling Products for the Paparazzi
    By: Kate Ward Apr 25, 2013
    The paparazzi make plenty of money off of celebrities. So why shouldn't they make money off of the paparazzi? That's certainly the attitude adopted by these 10 celebrities, who have blatantly placed merchandise in front of flashing cameras in order to cash in. Olivia Munn, Kristin Chenoweth, and (of course) the Kardashians have all realized the value of their value. GALLERY: 10 Stars Who Shamelessly Shill Products for the Paparazzi Check out our gallery of 10 celebrities who shamelessly promote merchandise for the cameras above! More:Hot Photos of the Day!Celebrity TMI Beach MomentsWho Is That? 7 Amazing Star Transformations From Our Partners:Eva Longoria Bikinis on Spring Break (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 'Celebrity Apprentice': Gary Busey Gets Away With Murder and 7 Other Ridiculous Moments
    By: Kate Ward Apr 22, 2013
    Sunday night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice featured the return of Bret Michaels, Gary Busey's singing debut, and sharks, yet it managed to still be the most boring 120 minutes in All-Stars history. And, surprisingly, we can thank the human set of teeth himself for the episode's lack of bite. For, you see, Gary is reality TV's ice cream sundae — a treat that, in moderation, is an undeniably delicious addition to dinner. But sprinkle a few too many ice cream sundaes into your diet, and you begin to wish you never asked for an ice cream sundae in the first place, especially one that's laced with peyote. Because, let's face it: Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars might as well be renamed Watch Gary Busey Lure Everyone Into a False Sense of Security Before Eating Them. We've barely become acquainted with the quirks of the rest of our all-stars — and why would we, when Gary steals airtime roving around half-naked? (That said, he does inspire such moments as winning Project Manager Penn Jillette wondering what it would be like to French kiss Gary: "There's four inches of teeth until you get to actual mouth." But the biggest reason the episode went south was because the challenge literally went South — to South Africa. Our celebrities were tasked with creating an interactive travel expo to raise awareness about the country centered on two themes: adventure and romance. With a challenge pit in a tiny room, giving the celebrities little opportunity to interact with bewildered citizens, it's no wonder Celebrity Apprentice turned on Busey cam. And then, unsurprisingly, we found ourselves with the following ridiculous moments! 8. Gary Gets Away With MurderMainly, by talking about murder with the South African travel executives and still avoiding the axe. Apropos to nothing, the all-star pulled aside the two executives to share his travel experiences in the country: "They put us up in Johannesburg and I heard people getting murdered." (Only slightly less offensive than the contestant introducing himself to the executives as if they didn't speak English: "I've had such a good time in your country making film.") But is there anything Gary can't sell with a Vietnam night terror? Next up: Gary's marketing plan for Aquafresh — Wading through the cold, dark jungle, shivering as you avoid the stare of the edge of a bayonet? Let the sparkling light in your smile help you guide the way! 7. Bret Michaels' Rosy ReturnBecause who's better to judge the abilities of our remaining all-stars than the first one kicked off the show? 6. Donald Trump Has Never Had a DrinkAdmitted the billionaire, despite having offered his name to a line of vodka. Not that it's too much of a surprise — the man has spent a lifetime selling something he knows nothing about: Class.  5. "Is She a Leader, Or a Stressed-Out Bitch?"And thank you for proving my point, Mr. Trump, with your critique of the lovely Brande Roderick.   4. We're Gonna Need a Bigger IdeaAt least, that's what Team Power should have thought while creating their adventure concept for South Africa. Because the team's interactive expo — which came complete with an unfunny man in a shark costume and a zipline-inspired ride across the room in an office chair — simply looked like Friday Fun Day in an elementary school classroom. Sorry, Lil Jon — if you wanted to recruit a shark for your expo, you should have snagged this guy. And sorry, Brande, that the embarrassing display led to your ouster. 3. "Do You Have Balls In Your Establishment?"If this is how manly man Trace Adkins shops, then I'd love to see how he parties. 2. Trace Shows Us the FunnyI could be offended by the country star's multiple slightly offensive statements towards women, but I'm just so goddamn excited to see the endlessly bored contestant show a little bit of life to care. It's hard to choose what was the better quote of the night: His assessment of his team's shoddy ideas ("You polish your turd, and I'll polish my turd. And we'll all end up with shiny s**t. That ought to be a song.") or his anger over not being able to discuss safaris at the team's expo ("It's like a farmer whose got these six daughters, and one of them is really hot, and five are really ugly, and you just really want to see the hot one, but he won't let you"). Please, oh please let this lead to "Accidental Sexist."   1. "You Know the Most Dangerous Thing In the Water? A Shark Fart."Okay, maybe Gary is necessary for this show after all.   More:'Celebrity Apprentice': Yep, Gary Busey's Naked 'Celebrity Apprentice': Dennis Rodman Insults Melania Trump'Celebrity Apprentice': Dennis Rodman Is a Modern Artist From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
  • 'Hemlock Grove' Only Features These 4 Gory Moments
    By: Kate Ward Apr 19, 2013
    A cheerleader, gypsy, and a rich kid walk into Hemlock Grove. And that's pretty much all you learn during the first 45-minute installment of Netflix's new series, executive produced by horror master Eli Roth. The mysterious town comes complete with a trendy helping of supernatural drama, but, at least in the first episode, not nearly enough to capture audiences searching for the next True Blood. Hemlock Grove certainly looks like the popular HBO series — like True Blood, Hemlock Grove even opens with a sex scene in a car. But the similarities end there. Whereas True Blood favors schlocky romance that incites viewers to head to the HBO Store to pick up Team Bill or Eric t-shirts, Hemlock Grove delivers detached high school ennui. It's an interesting departure for a supernatural series, but, unfortunately, when our characters are bored, so are the audiences. At the center of the inaction is Roman Godfrey, the wealthy son of a deceased businessman played by True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard's younger brother, Bill Skarsgard. He's a cliché of a rich kid — a teen who doesn't appreciate his own status. In fact, Roman only gets his thrills from recreational drug use, an unsettling close relationship with his cousin, and cutting himself during sex — certainly, a nod towards vampirism, even though we have yet to determine his supernatural connection. When, near the beginning of the first episode, Roman smiles at a young cheerleader who quickly turns up dead, we're left to believe he's most likely responsible. Unless, of course, Gypsy and presumed werewolf Peter (Terra Nova's Landon Liboiron) is the culprit. New to the town of Hemlock Grove, Peter and his mother (Lili Taylor) are shacked up in decrepit trailer, with Peter only befriending an odd neighbor (Freya Tingley) who seems to have watched enough Twilight to immediately associate the town's newest hottie with a werewolf. But far more intriguing is Roman's mother, Olivia, played by X-Men star Famke Janssen. Netflix's answer to Revenge's Victoria Grayson, Olivia is an ice queen with a spoiled son, deformed daughter, and a secret that has yet to be revealed by the first episode's end. If there's anything reeling in audiences for 13 episodes, it's discovering what that secret is — even if it's how Olivia picks out her impeccable wardrobe. Perhaps the main issue with Hemlock Grove is the executive producer himself — with the Roth name behind the series, viewers expect the same blood and gore that made Hostel a hit franchise. But, with the exception of one stomach-churning scene involving a fingernail, the blood is no worse than what you'd see on Law & Order: SVU, and not even close to being as bad as the tamest of Walking Dead episodes. On top of the release of a trailer that promised bones, maggots, and more, horror fans are likely to be disappointed to see only one dead body found in Hemlock Grove. Still, there were a handful of gory moments in Hemlock Grove. See them below — complete with a NSFVWE warning (Not Safe For Viewing While Eating). And if these are enough to keep horror fans captivated, well, we hear there are maggots in the next dozen episodes! Poor cheerleader Brooke Bluebell went into the night to get nailed... and ended up losing a nail. Roman's little sister, Shelley (Nicole Boivin), is so very Dr. Kimberly Shaw. More than a half hour in, Roth finally unveils some entrails. And more entrails! Ready for lunch? More:Who's On Hemlock Grove? Your Definitive List of Creepy Kooks on Netflix's New Series New 'Hemlock Grove' Trailer: Sex, Blood, Maggots, and Did We Mention Sex?Study: Women on TV Murdered More Violently Than Men, But Why? From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
  • Tom Cruise Only Gets Hurt Handsomely and Here Are 7 Pics to Prove It
    By: Kate Ward Apr 17, 2013
    The worst: When you crash land onto an obliterated Earth and suffer an annoying paper cut across the bridge of your nose. The best: When said paper cut accentuates your angles in all the right way.  Such is the fate of Jack Harper of Oblivion, played by Tom Cruise. And nearly every other action character the actor has ever portrayed on the big screen. With the exception of Vanilla Sky — in which Cruise plays a man who becomes horrendously scarred and as confused as the audience following an accident — the actor manages to avoid fat lips and black eyes, sporting only handsome injuries in his films. Need proof? Click through our gallery below to see the ways in which Cruise avoids unattractive big-screen blemishes. He had us at, "Ouch, that hurts!" GALLERY: 7 Pictures That Prove Tom Cruise Only Gets Hurt Handsomely [Image Credit: Universal Pictures] You Might Also Like:15 Oscar-Winning Nude Scenes10 Insane 'Star Wars' Moments You Didn't Notice
  • 'Celebrity Apprentice': Gary Busey's Naked and 8 Other Ridiculous Moments
    By: Kate Ward Apr 15, 2013
    The entire appeal of Celebrity Apprentice is watching D-listers attempt to do things they have absolutely no idea how to do. Create advertising campaigns, balance budgets, maintain dignity. So what a joy it was this week to watch our all-stars attempt the impossible: Do their actual, real-life jobs. That's right! Celebrity Apprentice's contestants were tasked with doing something they've failed at doing for the better half of their lifetimes — acting. But that's hardly the only reason Sunday's episode — in which the all-stars had to create a short silent film for Australian Gold — was pure gold. Because the episode also marked the first time this season reality TV's favorite living, breathing set of teeth, Gary Busey, was named Project Manager. Even more golden was the fact that Donald Trump so recognizes Gary's entertainment contribution to the series, that he refused to fire the losing Project Manager, despite the fact that the only thing more off-balance than the actor are his glasses. But thank god — like Penn Jillette, we Celebrity Apprentice fans will continue to be ecstatic to be riding the Celebrity Apprentice train with Gary as the engineer. But before we pump the breaks on Sunday's episode, let's get full steam ahead into the night's most ridiculous moments!  9. "You Put a Caveman in a Modern Situation, You've Got Comedy."Says Trace Adkins, winning Project Manager behind Australian Gold's troglodyte-centric commercial and the one person who's donated money to ABC's Cavemen Kickstarter. Still, you've got to love Celebrity Apprentice's most endlessly bored contestant. No, you really have to, because otherwise you'd have to fend with a set of biceps more inflated than Donald Trump's sense of self-worth. 8. Donald Smacks Lisa Rinna's LipsTrump buttered up former Miss America-turned-Australian Gold shiller Katie Stam by insulting Lisa's famously enhanced lips, a move that was about as classy as Trump high-rise. ("Do you like her lips?" the billionaire goaded the former beauty queen.) 7. "We're Gonna Babysit?"Gary's misunderstanding of Lisa's proclamation that Plan B was going to get bathing suits was also the most terrifying threat to children since It. 6. Stephen's Not-So-Funny BusinessSunday night's episode taught us that Stephen is to funny as Daniel Baldwin is to not running around naked in a hotel on a cocaine-fueled bender shouting his own name. Plan B's director's claim that the phrase "Never fear, Australian Gold is here" — which he fought Penn Jillette to include in the team's film — was hysterical was as confounding as the rapid breakdown of the Baldwin bloodline. No wonder Stephen is creeped out by Penn because the magician works in illusions — the actor only works in delusions.  5. "He Reminded Me of a Stripper I Met in Detroit."Said Gary of Trace in full caveman garb.   4. Gary's Caught With His Pants DownLiterally. Blink and you would have missed the split-second shot of Gary nude from the waist down, a Celebrity Apprentice moment wonderfully delivered without any context whatsoever.   3. Stephen Baldwin, DirectorIn his proudest moment since saving the world from Sharks In Venice, Stevie B named himself director of Gary Busey's Australian Gold commercial, an ad whose concept changed from centering on "a vampire with a day pass" to Lisa Rinna mugging in a bathing suit. "I'm not trying to win the Academy Award here," said Stephen, "I'm trying to do something very simple." Interestingly, that's also what Stephen's said about his entire career. ZING!      2. Gary's OWAThat's Obsession With Acronyms. The actor fought his way to safety over Stephen by creating acronyms like PAST (Preoccupation About Spent Time), NOW (No Other Way), and AWE (Always Wacky for our Entertainment). Okay, so the last one isn't quite real, but it's how we should all feel watching Gary progress through the competition despite having any discernable business talent. Perhaps Trump could hand him the victory. After all, YOLO. 1. Stevie B Has No PleaAny Celebrity Apprentice fan could have predicted Power's win. Not only was the losing team badly in need of a victory in order to even the score, but Trump also has a psychological need for approval from the one man on Celebrity Apprentice  who could care less about being there, Power team leader Trace. But that also left the series' one remaining source of entertainment, Gary, in jeopardy. But there was a solution — what are Trump's whims, Alex? Instead of firing Project Manager Gary for an ad that showcased Gary's teeth more than Australian Gold's full product line, Trump opted instead to fire director Stephen for no other reason than suggesting Gary is "amazing." Even though Trump himself thinks Gary is amazing. Of course, Stephen's firing made less sense than Gary on Peyote, which led the star of The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas to proclaim upon his exit, "My advice for the remaining contestants is to be like Mr. Trump — be willing to absolutely disregard your morals and your character in order to be successful." And like that, he was gone.   More:'Celebrity Apprentice': Dennis Rodman Insults Melania Trump 'Celebrity Apprentice': Dennis Rodman's a Modern Artist'Celebrity Apprentice': Dennis Rodman Can Cure Homelessness From Our PartnersJessica Alba Bikinis in St. Barts (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His On-Screen Character? (Vulture)
  • 'Saturday Night Live': Will Vince Vaughn Prove He's Worth the 15-Year Wait?
    By: Kate Ward Apr 13, 2013
    Despite his need to promote star-making turns in films like Old School, Wedding Crashers, and The Break-Up, it's been 15 years since Vince Vaughn first hosted Saturday Night Live. That's right — just two years after the success of Swingers and one day after the embarrassment of Gus Van Sant's Psycho remake, Vaughn performed his first, and, until now, last, stint as SNL host in 1998. Worried about a repeat Psycho jinx? Too A-list for the comedy affair? Whatever Vaughn's reason was for avoiding Studio 8H for 15 years, the actor has clearly reversed his position, hosting alongside musical guest Miguel Saturday to promote June 7's The Internship, co-starring Owen Wilson. And, based on the promo for his stint, he's ready to be part of SNL's team, even if he has the unenviable task of following up Melissa McCarthy's superstar performance.    But will you be happy that the Wedding Crashers star crashed Studio 8H? Talk about the episode here, and be sure to return Sunday morning for our full recap of the night's events! More:Vince Vaughn Buddies Up to Bobby Moynihan in 'Saturday Night Live' Promo 'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Melissa McCarthy Goes For Round Two'Saturday Night Live: Justin Timberlake Joins the Five-Timers Club From Our PartnersJessica Alba Bikinis in St. Barts (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His On-Screen Character? (Vulture)
  • What the 'Step By Step' Cast Looks Like Now
    By: Kate Ward Apr 12, 2013
    It worked for Dallas. So it's no surprise Patrick Duffy, who returned to TNT to revive his role as Bobby Ewing for the hit Dallas reboot, is considering other possible TV reunions. Next on his list? Step by Step, the beloved '90s TGIF series that Duffy hopes to bring back for a two-hour reunion special. "I would love to work with Suzanne [Somers] again," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The Step By Step cast was so wonderful to be with. They were my family and I think a little two-hour special about where these people are – not a documentary, but actually doing a show – seeing where they all come to over the years. It would be so fun to play that goofy Frank Lambert character again, aging another 25 years.” But with the exception of Duffy and Somers, who has gone on to develop a lucrative line of anti-aging products, Step By Step's cast has stayed out of the spotlight following the series' wrap in 1998. So what have the Fosters and Lamberts been up to? And what do they look like now? Before they meet up for a second time around, find out below! Following 2004's Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork, Patrick Duffy — otherwise known as Step By Step's patriarch Frank Lambert — returned to Southfork once again with TNT's Dallas reboot, now in its second season. The actor also has used his fame for endorsement deals, proving how old we are by becoming a spokesman for Miracle-Ear hearing aids.  Suzanne Somers' Carol Foster-Lambert might have lived happily ever after with Frank, but since wrapping Step By Step, the actress has become obsessed with living happily ever after as a young woman. The 66-year-old actress so inspired fans with her anti-aging efforts that's she's developed a successful product line in her own name. But not everyone is happy with her happily ever after — Somers has come under fire for her support of the controversial bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and for her 2010 book, Knockout, which suggests alternative cancer treatments for those facing chemotherapy.  With the exception of a traffic incident that left Brandon Call shot in both arms in 1996, little is known about the actor who memorably portrayed oldest son J.T. Lambert. In fact, though Call starred on such series as Baywatch, Magnum, P.I., and the Charmings  prior to his successful Step By Step run, J.T. would prove to be Call's final role call. Staci Keanan — who played Carol's oldest daughter, Dana — would most likely be game for a Step By Step reunion. After all, the actress already reteamed with Duffy and Christine Lakin in You Again. But the 2010 comedy wasn't her only turn on the big screen — Keanan, who guest starred in various series like Diagnosis: Murder in the late '90s — turned her attention to film after Step By Step's run was complete. Among the projects on her resume: 2009's Sarah's Choice, 2010'S Holyman Undercover, and her most recent project, 2010's Death and Cremation. Could a Step By Step reunion revive her career again? Angela Watson — the actress who played Step By Step's beauty queen, Karen — found herself fielding the same problem that plagues many child stars. Discovering that her own family had mismanaged the $2.8 million in wages she earned on Step by Step, the actress founded Child Actors Supporting Themselves in 2000 in an attempt to help young actors learn how to manage their money. Watson, who acts on stage and in various low-profile film projets, continues to turn her attention toward helping others, becoming the spokesperson for the charity Hugs America. It's nice to say that Karen wouldn't approve.  One of step By Step's more successful actors, Christopher Castile — who played brainiac Mark Foster — turned starring roles in Beethoven and Beethoven's 2nd into a voice acting role as Hey Arnold!'s Eugene Horowitz. But he had enough of show business following Step By Step's success — Castile soon left Hey Arnold! (replaced, strangely enough, by Jarrett Lennon, an actor who was cast as Step By Step's Mark before Castile stepped in) and retired from acting altogether. And it turns out life imitated art — Castile channeled his smarty-pants Step By Step alter-ego and became a political science professor at Biola University.  Arguably Step By Step's most successful alum, Christine Lakin — who played tomboy Al — boasted guest roles in high-profile series like Boston Public, Veronica Mars, CSI: Miami, Bones, Family Guy, and more. Her big screen is not quite as respectable, with critically reviled films like Valentine's Day, Parental Guidance, and, of course, the Hottie & The Nottie on her resume. The silver lining? The actress, who continues to win roles on the big and small screen, definitely grew up to be a hottie.  Just as quickly as Frank's youngest son Brendan mysteriously disappeared from the series without mention (in order to make way for the cuter baby Lilly), the actor who portrayed him, Josh Byrne, disappeared from Hollywood. We'd claim he was still chained in Frank and Carol's basement, but this picture of the actor dressed in costume proves he's alive, and presumably can be seen at your local Renaissance Faire.  Emily Mae Young was already famous by the time she joined Step By Step's cast as Carol and Frank's youngest daughter, Lilly. The young actress first won acclaim as the Cabbage Patch Doll-like girl in a series of Welch's Grape Juice ads before she moved on to the TGIF TV series. Her career, however, was short-lived, and following a role in 1999's Undercover Angel, Young disappeared from Hollywood.  Sasha Mitchell, who portrayed lovable loser Cody, suffered from a bout of bad publicity in the late '90s when he was accused of domestic abuse. Perhaps that's why Mitchell — who retained full custody of his children following claims that he was protecting his children from their abusive mother — opted to change his appearance dramatically following the headlines. Though Cody could hardly work hard enough to leave the Lamberts' backyard, Mitchell worked hard in the gym, beefing up enough to earn roles in films like Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star and on acronym-friendly series like JAG, ER, and NYPD Blue. Mitchell, who continues to act, also has a black belt. As Cody would say, Whoa. Jason Marsden, loved for his roles in two beloved '90s series — Step By Step, as J.T.'s friend Rich, and Boy Meets World, as, fittingly, Jason Marsden — began a successful career in voice acting after Step By Step, starring in series like The Legend of Tarzan, Justice League, The Batman, The Fairly OddParents, and much, much more. Makes sense the animated actor would find money in animation.  Patrika Darbo, who played Carol's sister Penny, might have been written out of the series after Season 1, but she was hardly written out of Hollywood. One of the industry's more recognizable character actresses, Darbo has boasted roles in Seinfeld, Desperate Housewives, and Dexter. She also scored a recurring gig on Days of Our Lives, playing Craig Wesley's wife Nancy. So it turns out Darbo's hair wasn't the only thing that improved post-Step By Step. 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