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Kate Ward is the current Executive Editor for, a former editor and writer for Entertainment Weekly and, and a forever fan of pop culture. A graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Ward — whose work has also appeared in Glamour magazine — loves talking about nutgrafs and hates exclamation points, despite using them on a regular basis. Specializing in reality TV, ’90s nostalgia, and bad movies, Ward is likely the oldest person to attend "American Idols LIVE!" every year with her mom.
  • Justin Bieber on 'Saturday Night Live': Do You Belieb In His Comedy Skills?
    By: Kate Ward Feb 09, 2013
    Despite Adam Levine's poor showing on Saturday Night Live in January (who else was on a payphone waiting to call Time Warner to tell them to shut the horrible episode down?), the sketch comedy series is continuing to bank on musicians' comedy skills. But it's likely SNL is hoping Saturday's host and musical guest, Justin Bieber, moves less like Levine, and instead lives on the same planet as this season's surprisingly apt host, Bruno Mars. RELATED: Justin Bieber's 'SNL' Promo: You'll Like It, Unless You Hate Him So far, we have little reason to think Bieber will go belly-up Saturday — after all, the teen sensation already scored in a sketch with Tina Fey when he served as musical guest in 2010, and a 2011 digital short spoofing The Roommate. But the singer is so reviled by some music lovers, that he has the most difficult hosting task since Lindsay Lohan tried to forge a comeback last season: Bieber has to make people like him.  SNL has done just that for some musicians in the past — both Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus proved to be charming and self-effacing on the late-night sketch show, despite their public image problems. But neither have spent their entire career in the industry as a mop-topped punchline like Bieber. RELATED: Justin Bieber: A Murder Plot?! But after spending years as the subject of punchlines, will he be able to deliver them? Talk about Bieber's hosting debut here, and be sure to return Sunday to read our full recap of Bieber's episode!  Follow Kate on Twitter @HWKateWard [Image Credit: NBC] From Our Partners: Celebrity Swimsuits Ever (Celebuzz) Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 15 Movie Romances That Would Never Last in Real Life
    By: Kate Ward Feb 08, 2013
    Just one week before Valentine's Day, agents for Bridget Jones's Diary author Helen Fielding confirmed the writer was at work penning a third installment of her popular franchise. And it's a good thing, because the raging cynic in me has been anxious to find out how Bridget and her beloved (and embattled) Mark Darcy would split up.  GALLERY: 15 Classic Movie Romances That Would Never Have Lasted Okay, so that might not be likely to happen by the last page of Fielding's sunny diary. But ever since seeing the 2001 film adaptation of Bridget Jones's Diary, I could make little sense of the duo's relationship, Jane Austen inspiration be damned — you'd think Darcy would eventually tire of being treated like an ugly Christmas sweater.  But Bridget and Mark are hardly the only couple in classic romantic comedies that would never have stayed together in real life. Edward and Vivian, Samantha and Jake, Sam and super-stalker Annie — if these rom-com relationships were real, they would come to an end before you could say "Big mistake. Huge!" So, fellow cynics, look through our gallery of 15 classic movie romances that would have never lasted, and join me in wishing no one a Happy Valentine's Day! Follow Kate on Twitter @HWKateWard [Image Credit: Miramax Films] From Our Partners: Young Han Solo Movie: Dave Franco to Star? (Moviefone) Justin Bieber Drug and Cheating Rumors?! (Vh1)
  • Christina Applegate Leaving 'Up All Night.' What's Behind Her Exit?
    By: Kate Ward Feb 08, 2013
    After NBC made the decision to transform Up All Night into a multi-camera comedy, the ratings-challenged sitcom lost quite a few of its few devoted fans. And it seems now, just months after the decision was made, the series lost a star as well.  Deadline reports Christina Applegate has decided to leave the project, citing creative differences. Said the veteran sitcom actress in a statement released to, "It's been a great experience working on Up All Night, but the show has taken a different creative direction and I decided it was the best for me to move on to other endeavors ... Working with Lorne Michaels has been a dream come true and I am grateful he brought me into his TV family. I will miss the cast, producers and crew and wish them the best always." RELATED: Can 'Up All Night' Survive the Shift to Three-Camera Sitcom? While NBC intended the multi-camera change to give a jolt to Up All Night's system, will the series be simply too drained out without Applegate? Jury's still out — though Applegate is arguably one of the sitcom genre's most charming heroines, the actress' co-star, Will Arnett, is still attached to the show, and the network could be eyeing a high-wattage replacement. Deadline reports NBC has shown interest in another famous sitcom blonde, Lisa Kudrow.  RELATED: 'Up All Night' Shakeup 'A Bit of an Experiment,' Says NBC Boss Still, Kudrow and Applegate boast comedy styles as different as, well, Up All Night and Friends. Should she be recruited to fill the role, will Up All Night at all resemble the series we stayed up for?   Follow Kate on Twitter @HWKateWard [Image Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC] From Our Partners: Justin Bieber Drug and Cheating Rumors?! (Vh1) 32 Most Outrageous Outfits in Grammy History (Vh1)
  • Super Bowl XLVII: CBS Censors Miss Joe Flacco's F-Bomb
    By: Kate Ward Feb 03, 2013
    Your move, FCC. Just eight years after Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake found themselves chest-deep in hot water following Super Bowl XXXVIII's famed Nipplegate, audiences tuning into the Super Bowl were privy to yet another NSFW moment. Minutes after the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers 34 to 31, the Ravens' starting quarterback, Joe Flacco, dropped an f-bomb on camera… much to the surprise of CBS' censors. RELATED: 47 Reasons Beyoncé Was Better Than the Super Bowl Celebrating with fellow Ravens player Marshal Yanda, Super Bowl XLVII MVP Flacco said, "F**kin' awesome!" within reach of CBS' microphones, but the network surprisingly missed the expletive. See the moment below (while you can): CBS did not immediately respond to's request for comment. No doubt the network wished the power would have waited until this moment to black out. RELATED: Stop Everything and Listen to Shaquille O'Neal Lip Sync "Halo" [Image Credit: AP Images] You Might Also Like: Biden? Ford? Surprisingly Hot Young Pics of Politicians Who Wore This Crazy Hat? Stars Who Changed Their Look After Love
  • Super Bowl XLVII: See the Best and Worst Commercials Here! — VIDEO
    By: Kate Ward Feb 03, 2013
    Ravens vs. 49ers. Jim vs. John. Beyoncé vs. sound check. A struggling American education system vs. Roman numerals. There are plenty of anticipated battles this Super Bowl XLVII, but still none are as exciting as watching deep-pocketed advertisers face off during the the game's commercial breaks. RELATED: Five Super Bowl Commercials Featuring Celebs Before They Were Famous Unsurprisingly, ads for this year's most-watched event featured plenty of beer and boobs — but which commercials went down smooth, and which companies ended up looking like total, well, boobs? See below for's list of Best and Worst Super Bowl XLVII, and let us know if you agree! Best: Budweiser's Tear-soaked Clydesdale Reunion: We already saw it when it was called "Christian the Lion," but, aw, who cares? We're crying anyway! Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen Play Along With Samsung: And not some guy named Sam Sung. With Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk, easily the most entertaining spot of the night. Then again, we'd even like a GoDaddy commercial if Rudd starred in it. Volkswagen Goes Viral: Overemotional cat girl? Double rainbow guy? Volkswagen certainly knows how to go viral — by helping us remember our favorite viral stars. We'll get happy all the way! Doritos Doesn't Get Our Goat: But it does get our vote for its Super Bowl spot, featuring a finicky, snack-loving goat. A ridiculous ad, but perfect for those already into their second beer. (Guilty!) Best Buy Gets Best Spokesperson: Did Leslie Knope deliver a bad Super Bowl ad? Knope! Of course, Amy Poehler scored during her commercial for the big box store, asking Best Buy help such valuable questions about technology as, "Will this one read Fifty Shades of Grey to me in a sexy voice?" Kaley Cuoco Grants Your Wishes: Except my wish that she'd reference Charmed during her magic-themed Toyota spot. Still, cute puppy! Half the Battle Is Not Crying During Jeep's Ad: Jeep drove its way into our hearts with its USO-partnered ad. So touching, we'll forgive the egregious shout-out for Oprah Winfrey, who performed the voiceover and quoted herself. Tracy Morgan Returns!: Just days after 30 Rock's finale, the comedian comes back to TV to talk Mio Fit, boy bands, and chicken nuggets. We still live every week like 30 Rock is still on the air. Sigh. Time Warner Walks With The Walking Dead: We'd hand wash zombie entrails too if it meant a living room visit from Daryl Dixon. Kia Teaches Us a Lesson: The dirtiest ad that ever featured an astronaut panda. Tide's Best Spot: Fittingly, it involved a spot on a jersey — a Joe Montana "miracle stain." What's more of a miracle? The fact that the fourth quarter hosted one of the night's best commercials.
  • Adam Levine on 'SNL': The Birth of Another Justin Timberlake?
    By: Kate Ward Jan 26, 2013
    There are few musicians that have scored the coveted title of Saturday Night Live host. In fact, throughout SNL's 38-year history, there have been just over 30 musicians by trade who have boasted a hosting stint on the show. An interesting statistic when you consider the second episode of 1975's first season featured Paul Simon as emcee. And an even more interesting statistic when you consider how successful musicians have been in the role. Stars from Miley Cyrus to Bruno Mars to even the oft-criticized Taylor Swift have all earned raves for their comedic abilities. And then, of course, there is Justin Timberlake, a musician so adept at comedy, he could score a spot on the cast if he wanted it. But will this week's host, Adam Levine, be another Timberlake? Or another Jessica Simpson (who, yes, co-hosted with Nick Lachey in 2004)? Based on his promo, it seems Levine could prove to be a veritable comedic voice (heh), but only if he avoids groan-worthy Voice jokes more than this writer. Will you be watching Levine — and musical guest Kendrick Lamar — on Saturday Night Live? Talk about Saturday's episode below, and return Sunday morning to read our full recap determine whether the Maroon 5 singer has the moves like former funny SNL host Mick Jagger. [Image Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC] More: Adam Levine's 'SNL' Promo: Let's Cool It With the 'Voice' Jokes — VIDEO Jennifer Lawrence on 'SNL': Did the Actress Hit a Comedic Bullseye? Adam Levine to Host 'Saturday Night Live' You Might Also Like: 20 Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bodies Joe Biden?! Surprisingly Hot Young Photos of Politicians
  • 'The Canyons' Fails at SXSW: 10 Other Times Lindsay Lohan Has Been Rejected
    By: Kate Ward Jan 23, 2013
    Turns out good publicity from bad publicity could only last so long. Less than two weeks after The New York Times released their much-discussed play-by-play from the disastrous set of Lindsay Lohan's upcoming film, The Canyons, the Paul Schrader-directed film has been dealt its first post-Lohan setback. (We designate it that specifically, as there were many, many pre-Lohan setbacks, according to the Times piece.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, the nudity-fueled film co-starring porn star James Deen — which was host to many of Lohan's breakdowns and professional misbehavior — has been rejected by SXSW, with a source citing "quality issues." "It's got an ugliness and deadness to it," an "insider" tells Hollywood Reporter. (SXSW has not yet responded to's request for comment.) Of course, this hardly marks Lohan's first setback. In fact, since 2007, the actress has been rejected at least 10 times from various projects. In 2007, she was let go of The Edge of Love and Poor Things following a stint in rehab and her infamous DUI arrest; in 2008, her guest role in Ugly Betty was cut short following rumors of rumbles on the set, while the Obama campaign rejected her desire to get involved in his election; in 2009, the actress' comeback film Labor Pains was rejected from theatrical release and Lohan's panned Ungaro line from fashion elite; in 2010, Lohan was fired from her role as Linda Lovelace in Inferno and her Underground Comedy 2010 rejected by distributors; and in 2011, Donald Trump deemed Lohan too troubled to star alongside the likes of Gary Busey and LaToya Jackson in Celebrity Apprentice. Fans of the actress can still hope for a Robert Downey Jr.-esque comeback, but it's a safe bet The Canyons won't allow her to climb out of the D-list abyss. [Image Credit: Sodium Fox] More: Lindsay Lohan: 'New York Times' Piece Is the Best Thing That's Happened to Her in Years All the Insane Things Lindsay Lohan Did on the Set of Bret Easton Elli's 'The Canyons' Lindsay Lohan Makes Her First Foray Into Porn in 'The Canyons' Trailer You Might Also Like: 100 Hottest Women of the Century: PICS Prince Harry: The Movie?
  • Adam Levine's 'SNL' Promo: Let's Cool It With the 'Voice' Jokes — VIDEO
    By: Kate Ward Jan 23, 2013
    It's a good sign that Adam Levine starred in "The Stand Off", the sole highlight of Jeremy Renner's Saturday Night Live episode that featured Maroon 5 as musical guest. But it's also not such good a sign that the majority of jokes in Levine's promo for his hosting gig Saturday centered around The Voice. Granted, the swivel chairs and supple chest of Christian Aguilera lend themselves to plenty of Voice-related humor. But fans of Levine, who watched the Maroon 5 frontman dabble in drama on this season of American Horror Story: Asylum, are curious to see how the burgeoning actor fairs in other genres. Can he do comedy? Based on his Voice zingers, yes, he can. But is it too much to ask for some non-reality TV material? In fact, the funniest part of the promo comes when Levine criticizes cast member Bobby Moynihan's "Drunk Uncle" character. "Sober uncle would be just as funny, with a better message for the kids," Levine deadpans. Stick to this material, Adam — for once, we don't want to hear about your Voice. See the promo for the episode — which features Kendrick Lamar as musical guest — below! [Image Credit: NBC] More: Jennifer Lawrence on 'SNL': Did the Actress Hit a Comedic Bullseye? Adam Levine to Host 'Saturday Night Live' Adam Levine: From 'The Voice' to the Big Screen From Our Partners: Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz) Craziest Celebrity Swimsuits Ever (Celebuzz)
  • Why There Needs to Be a Prince Harry Movie. But Not Now.
    By: Kate Ward Jan 22, 2013
      Despite what rapt media attention might suggest, England's royal family hasn't been interesting since George VI overcame a stutter to become king and helped Harvey Weinstein achieve Oscar gold. Yes, Kate Middleton is beautiful and stately, and Prince William boasts a kind-heartedness reminiscent of his beloved mother, but there's a reason our focus on the royal couple hones in on their wardrobe. There hasn't been a figure with a unique story worthy of cinematic treatment, even if Lifetime might try to tell you otherwise. But in the past year, that's changed. After spending years living in his older brother's heartthrob shadow, Prince Harry has emerged from his pigeon-holed status as the royal family's underachieving ginger and transformed into the most fascinating British figure of the 21st century. Harry's a playboy. Harry's an overgrown imp. Harry's a terrible Halloween dresser. Harry's a respected member of the British Army. Harry, as we learned during a BBC interview that aired Monday, has killed people. Prince Harry, over the course of his 28 years, has become so many different things, he's achieved a feat impossible for most celebrities: He's become multi-dimensional. And that's precisely why Hollywood should keep a close eye on Harry. While the world speculates what exactly Kate and William's baby will look like (spoiler alert: It will look like a baby), imagination runs wild surrounding Harry. Thanks to an inexplicably disinterested media, we're not sure what's inside his mind or his day planner; what he does on a daily basis or what he hopes to do on a daily basis. We know nothing beyond the vague bits and pieces he reveals during interviews (and the rogue, tabloid-worthy photo that makes its way onto the Internet). And so, with our curiosity (or nosiness, if we're calling it like it is) getting the best of us, we're aching for someone besides the harassing British press to fill in the gaps. And that's why, Hollywood, you need to make a movie about Prince Harry. But not now. A film starring James Franco as a hard-partying, emotionally troubled prince wouldn't suffice. Neither would a Michael Bay explosion-gasm of a thriller focusing on Harry's tour in Afghanistan, where Harry was so committed to his role, he didn't hesitate to cut an interview short when called to duty. No, Hollywood, you need to wait patiently, and not just because Harry should get the opportunity to enjoy the privacy every Spencer child has so deserved. (Harry did, after all, extoll the virtues of the Army, telling the BBC, "I'm one of the guys. I don't get treated any differently.") Waiting is necessary, rather, because Harry's story is far from over. There will be more scandals, more heroism, and many more dimensions. And if the rest of Harry's life is half as interesting as his first 28 years, well, then we'd really be in for a royal cinematic treat that reaches beyond the tabloid noise. Or, yes, another Oscar, Harvey. [Image Credit: WENN]
  • Inauguration 2013: Which Star Wore a Tiny Version of Aretha Franklin's Hat?
    By: Kate Ward Jan 21, 2013
    In Washington, D.C., the star of the 2009 inauguration returned to 2013's celebration Monday. And, no, we're not talking about President Barack Obama, who was sworn in for his second term. We're talking, of course, about Aretha Franklin's hat. While the legendary soul singer herself, who sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee" at the 2009 inauguration, wasn't present at 2013's ceremony, Katy Perry paid tribute to the star, sporting a miniature version of Franklin's famous rhinestone-studded cap. Perry, who told People she had the hat made specifically for the 2013 inauguration, tweeted: Big inauguration, tiny Aretha hat. — Katy Perry (@katyperry) January 21, 2013That's one way to pay respect to the "Respect" singer. [Image Credit: Twitter] More: Inauguration 2013: Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, & More Perform. Who Was Best? Inauguration 2013: Lupe Fiasco Escorted Off-Stage at Concert Following Anti-Obama Rant Michelle Obama Rocks New Bangs: The Best and the Worst in Celebrity Fringe From Our Partners: Craziest Celebrity Swimsuits Ever (Celebuzz) Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)