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  • 'The Croods' Directors on Why The Movie's Cutest Character Almost Didn’t Happen
    By: Kelsea Stahler Mar 24, 2013
    The Croods, which just swept the weekend box office and knocked Oz The Great and Powerful off its pedestal, almost went into production without its adorable breakout star, Belt. Directors Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco sat down with (video below) and explained how the lovable sloth-like creature who not only holds up Guy’s (Ryan Reynolds) pants, but consistently steals scenes with his giggle-inducing interjections was saved from the fate of prop-hood. RELATED: 'The Croods' Belt and 14 Other Adorable Cartoon Creatures “He’s interesting character because he really did start as a belt. He was a prop and at the last minute, we gave him a little rigging in case we need him to move around a little bit. We didn’t know he was going to become a big star in the movie the way he did,” says Sanders, who also voices the furry scene-stealer. “Normally in Hollywood, it's just extras who try to become stars, but in animation even props become stars,” adds co-director De Micco, with a laugh. RELATED: 'Croods' Star Emma Stone Teaches Ryan Reynolds About GIFs - VIDEO But it’s not just Belt who’s making audiences ooh and ahh, the film is full of imaginative creatures including whales that walk, over-sized rabbits, and even a rainbow sabre tooth tiger, all of whom pop up along the way as cavewoman Eep (Emma Stone), her caveman father Grug (Nicholas Cage), and their family follow Reynolds' Guy into the unknown. Where did all these ideas come from? “Our tiny heads and our tiny brains,” says Sanders. “We invented this time period, called the Croodatious … We wanted the audience to explore the new world along with the Croods.” It allowed the filmmakers to create landscapes and creatures that only could have existed in their minds, resulting in a field of visual delights for movie goers. RELATED: 'The Croods' Review But what’s the hazard of having complete and total control over the creation of a multitude of new species? Extreme cuteness. “Even the ones that can eat you are cute,” says Sanders. That's certainly fine with us.  The Croods is in theaters now. Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler [Photo Credit: Dreamworks Animation] You Might Also Like:15 Oscar-Winning Nude ScenesYoung Jack Black Is Totally Unrecognizable
  • 'The Walking Dead' Fact Check: Just How Realistic Is This Zombie Apocalypse?
    By: Kelsea Stahler Mar 23, 2013
    The Walking Dead does a pretty good job of convincing us that if a zombie apocalypse were to befall humanity, this is what it would look like. But there are a few elements that bring those of us who are just a little too detail oriented out of the drama and into our own heads. Questions like, "Why doesn't it ever rain?" and "Where are all the cats?" plague us (okay, maybe the cats thing only plagues some of us), so we took it upon ourselves to fact check some of these complaints. Just how realistic is The Walking Dead? RELATED: 'Walking Dead' Recap: The Governor Hunts Angela 1. Why Doesn't It Ever Rain on The Walking Dead? It rained once on the AMC series, in Atlanta when Rick and Glenn were wearing white lab coats covered in zombie guts in an attempt to blend in. Since then, it's been literal clear skies for the crew, but why?  Does It Even Rain That Much In Georgia? Yes. The Atlanta area gets an average of 3-5 inches of rain a month, and that includes the sweltering summer months during which the majority of The Walking Dead takes place. So while it's not exactly Seattle, a storm here or there wouldn't be uncommon... unless the zombie apocalypse has also brought on a drought. But in that case, wouldn't our characters be consistently thirsty and withering away from the lack of water? (There sure as hell isn't running water in that prison.) Well, they probably just wouldn't go out if it's raining, right? Sure, but how often do those of us with the power of smartphones with hour-to-hour weather widgets get caught in the rain? All the time. If this was real Georgia, Rick and co. would have run into rain on the road at least once or twice (but at least they don't have the "but I just bought these new suede shoes!" problem).  So why no rain? The most likely reason: production costs. It's pretty difficult to shoot a scene in rain that's not being produced by some form of TV magic (really heavy duty sprinklers), but that is a pretty expensive trick for something that isn't a part of the plot. We want realism, but it's probably not worth bankrupting the show for a little rainstorm. RELATED: 'Walking Dead' Recap: Merle is Always Right 2. Why Aren't There Any Cats or Dogs? Surely Owners Would Rescue Their Pets, Right? The animals on this show are few and far between. Other than the occasional rat in a cage on a skateboard or the bird Daryl killed in the season premiere, actual animals are rare on this show, especially considering what wilderness the characters live in.  Where are all the trusty, super helpful dogs? Well, dogs share a bit of the same problem as babies: They are noisy alarms just begging for swarms of zombies at any moment. Intruder? Barking. Friend and visitor? Barking. Weird phantom ghost presence unbeknownst to any one else? Barking. Dogs may as well be ringing the dinner bell, and in most cases they and their owners are probably the main course.  What About Cats? There really should be more cats. They're quiet and stealthy. Have you ever tried to catch a running cat? It's almost impossible. And when they are tested some cats prove to be more resilient than rats, just take the kitten who survived for 26 days without food or water in a shipping crate. There's probably not a lot for them to eat, but there'd likely be a handful of super-cats running around out there. Plus, I'm pretty sure even a zombie would be freaked out by that hissing thing they do.  There should be rats EVERYWHERE. Rats actually survived while living in a nuclear testing site in the South Pacific. They can be flushed down a toilet and come out feeling A-OK. They can bite through metal, scale buildings, jump two (and sometimes three) feet in the air, squish their skeletons down to the size of a quarter in small spaces, and go 14 days without food. When it is time to eat, they will eat anything — including leather, seeds, insects, fur, and each other. The only animal that can last longer without water than a rat is a camel. Where the hell are all the rats on The Walking Dead? They should be outsurviving the survivors. Again, this is probably as issue of production costs: why throw an animal into a scene if it's not part of the story? 3. How Does the Governor Still Have Whiskey? He's the only one with a whiskey supply and he's constantly drinking it. Does he have an old timey distillery behind all those zombie heads in jars? Seriously, the guy lost his eyeball and his zombie daughter the same day. If any other normal human had their eyeball ripped from their face, that whiskey would have been gone in a weekend. But then again, a villain is a lot more sinister when he's also hoarding all the booze.  RELATED: 'Walking Dead' Recap: S**t Could Be Worse 4. How Do the Survivors Always Have Enough Gas to Drive Around? Rick's crew and the Governor's rambunctious set are always driving around in huge trucks and gaz-guzzling old sedans. Where are they getting all this fuel? Abandoned gas stations? Not likely.  While there are 5,110 gas stations in Georgia, I was unable to find any evidence of gas stations still using the old timey style of gas pump. Most modern gas pumps cannot be operated by hand when the electricity goes out. After all, if that were true, desperate people would be cutting the power and stealing gas all over the country. (Four dollars a gallon?! Hell no.) And even if they were able to crack their way into the tank underneath a gas station, that would be such an undertaking, it would merit a plot-point. They're not looting old gas stations. More likely: siphoning gas from abandoned cars. This is more likely how they operate; after all, we've seen them do this before on the series. But their usage seems far beyond what the spoils of a few lucky abandoned car looting sessions could fuel. (Except for Daryl, whose motorcycle likely gets around 60 mpg.) If they're smart, they seek out abandoned cars on foot as often as possible, so as not to waste gas. But they aren't the only ones seeking fuel, many cars are probably abandoned because they have no gas, the survivors could likely only carry a gallon or two each (thar be zombies about), and at this point in time, they've likely used up all their walking distance car-fountains. Bottom line: they can find gas, but it is a very, very precious commodity. But how much ground do they really cover? For this, we have to approximate because Rick's hometown in King County is not a real place and the prison used for shooting episodes is located fairly close to the actual Georgia town of Woodbury, so those are the markers we'll be using. Because these cars are probably going without regular oil changes and checkups, we can assume their gas mileage is pretty low, and since most of them are big, older trucks, we're looking at about 20 or so mpg. Atlanta to the Woodbury area is about 45 miles, which comes out to about 2.5 gallons of gas. Woodbury to Zebulon, the town in which Rick's prison is located, is about 19 miles, which comes out to about one gallon there and one gallon back. Add in all those trips to neighboring towns for supplies, and in rural counties like Woodbury's Meriweather County 20 miles between towns is common, and we're looking at two gallons of gas every time they leave home base.  Bottom line: They are either very lucky in their searches for gasoline, the prison has a secret stash we don't know about, or this aspect of the show is wildly unrealistic.  5. When Zombies Eat, Where Does All That Man Meat Go? Do they just vomit? Or do they just fill their rotting bodies until they burst? Why hasn't this question ever been addressed? We've watched zombies go to town on horses and fallen survivors, but there are never any consequences. What gives? Fact: zombies are slowly rotting away, so how can they possibly eat without something rupturing? If you are rotting, your stomach, esophagus, intestines, and other organs are slowly wasting away. If you stretch them, they're going to burst, and that's assuming the zombie's body is still funtioning well enough to send it there. So by that logic, zombies should be rupturing at their sides constantly or just letting the blood and guts come right back out of their mouths. Whatever the truth, things would be a lot messier. (Yes, I am actually condoning more disgusting zombies on this show.) 6. Why Is Andrea's Hair So Perfect? Seriously, it's always perfectly touselled and shiny. Where are the zombie guts and dirt particles? She lives in Woodbury now, maybe those hot showers also come with fancy water filters. But there's definitely some product and possibly a curling iron involved in that 'do. Maybe the Governor also stocked up on hair products? And we haven't seen the curling iron, but they do have that whole solar power thing going on. Still, girl, why are you wasting time curling your hair? There's this little thing called Your Boyfriend Wants to Kill Everyone. What unrealistic bits bother you on The Walking Dead? Leave 'em in the comments. Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler [Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC] You Might Also Like:Topanga's Revealing Lingerie Shoot: Hello '90s! 25 Stars Before They Were Famous
  • Unhappy Hour: Amanda Bynes' Insane Tweet, Kimye's Baby Name and 10 More Reasons to Drink
    By: Kelsea Stahler Mar 23, 2013
    Each week, Hollywood gives us something to whine about, and the week of March 18 was no different. We could make a drinking game out of this week, but that would be too dangerous. Instead, we'll stick to the usual formula: varying levels of alcoholic respite depending on how bothersome the week's issues are. Is your biggest complaint this week a flimsy one? How about a light cocktail to take the edge off? Got a real bone to pick with a celeb or entertainment entity this week? Go ahead, grab a drink that'll put hair on your chest. Here are the week's entertainment stories that are forcing us to seek a bubbly or boozy refuge. And maybe an idea or two about how you should wash them down. Take it Easy With a Mimosa Dear God, Amanda Bynes Is Losing It: Look, as a woman it's not hard to see why another lady might feel a certain tingly sensation when it comes to Drake, but no one wants him to "murder [their] vagina." Speaking of Train Wrecks, Lindsay Lohan Has Another Mug Shot For Her Collection: She's got so many, you could make a Brady Bunch title card with them.  This Miley Magic Only Happened Once: Bring back the twerking unicorn, girl. We're Supposed to Be Surprised That Rihanna's Bus Had Weed on It: Right, because the woman who Instagrammed a bouquet of marijuana definitely didn't take any of it on tour with her. Trapped on a bus for hours at a time? That's no place for recreational drugs.  Let Your Hair Down: Grab a Midday Fruity Cocktail We Really Need to Get Over Jon Hamm's Penis: We're not going to stop admiring it, just maybe the chatter part could go away? Late Night Wars Are Back: And once again, everyone is obsessing about it like someone forced to choose between a Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch flavored Doritos Locos taco. Nicki Minaj's Nipples Never Seem to Fit In Her Clothes: Sounds like our girl could use a tailor. Natalie Portman's Movie Is Haunted: Or something. Jude Law and another big player dropped out days into production of Jane's Got a Gun. Kim and Kanye are Either Dumber Than We Thought, Or They're Evil Geniuses: They're naming their baby North West. As in the direction.  Shut It Down: This Calls for a Martini, Straight Up Ryan Gosling Isn't Going to Act For a While: NOOOOOOO. In Related News, Ryan Gosling Says He's a Nightmare: What ogre stepped in a made this perfect human man believe for even a second that he was not a lovely slice of man-shaped heaven? Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler [Photo Credit: Twitter] You Might Also Like:15 Oscar-Winning Nude ScenesYoung Jack Black Is Totally Unrecognizable
  • 'American Idol' Voters, Invoking The Sympathy Vote For Lazaro is Cruel
    By: Kelsea Stahler Mar 22, 2013
    It's a tale as old as time: American Idol finds a singer who has overcome terrible odds. They touch our hearts when, despite everything, they are able to sing as sweetly as a tiny baby bird. We get the chance to vote for the person with the touching story, and voila: they make it into the Top 10 (and often beyond). It happened to Danny Gokey, whose heartwrenching backstory of losing his wife mere weeks before his audition helped carry him to third place in Season 8. It also worked for James Durbin in Season 10, when his Tourette's and Aspergers Syndrome diagnosis came to light in addition to having lost his father at a young age, and endeared him to his most stalwart fans. But this phenomenon has never been more at odds with the point of the competition than it has with Season 12's Lazaro Arbos. He broke down on Wednesday's show and, after witnessing what the pressure of the competition is doing to Lazaro — who was just voted into the Top 8 — it's time to turn a question on voters: Is invoking the sympathy vote really sympathetic? Or is it actually cruel? RELATED: Lazaro Arbos Says The Internet Made Him Cry With the image of sweet Lazaro dewy with nervousness as tears fall down his cheeks, struggling to form words — his stutter only aggravated by the pressure of having to answer Ryan Seacrest's questions about the harshest judging he's recieved all season — still fresh in our minds, the needle is dipping away from sympathetic towards cruelty. When voters cast their ballots for Lazaro because they admire his perserverance and the miraculous way in which his life-altering stutter disappears when he sings, they are actually doing the sweet young man a disservice.  That's because, despite all the wonderful things about the Cuban-born singer, the cracks are really starting to show in his performances. He's simply not on the same level, vocally, as the other contestants — and the judges, critics, and blogs have started to point out. The worst, of course, was his March 20 performance of "My Life" which was out of tune and out of sync. Afterwards, Lazaro received harsh words from the judges, including Randy Jackson who came right out and said "This was your worst performance on the show." RELATED: Was Lazaro's Performance His Worst Yet? Add to that the fact that on Thursday night, Jimmy Iovine cleared up claims that Lazaro was made nervous by his presence. "Of course I made him nervous, I've made a lot of people nervous," says the mega producer, who's made the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga nervous, too. What's more, is that Lazaro's second excuse about only having a day to learn his Beatles song was also refuted by Iovine. It's never been more clear that as wonderful as it is that Lazaro has overcome his stutter, he is not ready for the music industry, and throwing him into that fire only serves to put him through more heartbreak than he deserves. This competition is tough for even the most confident singers. Music is one of the most coveted and cutthroat industries out there — just look at Iovine's candid moment that opened Thursday night's show, in which he almost fired his sound engineer for a mistake. Idol may paint a picture of the industry as a ship of dreams, but that musical Titanic hit an iceberg a few years back, and it's a vicious game to make sure you're one of the survivors. It was just a few weeks ago that the heated arguments between Idol winner Kelly Clarkson and mega record exec Clive Davis came to light, and her albums were some of the safest bets a label could take. Any artist who hopes to make it has to be able to withstand not only criticism, but also rejection, and absolutely the presence of people whose very nature makes them quiver.  Lazaro also told that the reason his performance wasn't up to par on Wednesday night was that he'd seen some scathing commentary on the Internet. "I think that when you become known, there's a lot of people that talk bad, and I think that we have been letting those bad comments get to us," he says. And yes, of course, those comments will hurt, especially when a major Idol commentator is calling his victory a result of the "courage card" and famed Idol-hating site Vote For the Worst has named Lazaro its Season 12 pick, but that doesn't really hold up as an excuse for a bad performance. RELATED: 'Idol' Voters Eliminated The Wrong Singer There is not a single singer, rapper, actor, performer, or mega celebrity with no discernable talents who can escape some form of Internet criticism. It's the world we live in. Everyone, including the people writing those criticisms on the Internet, opens themselves up to the cruelty of the World Wide Web when they step into the lime light, and Lazaro is on a TV show whose main purpose is to have America judge singers on their ability to sing. Internet criticism is a required piece of that puzzle; it expands the discussion and facilitates the ability to make an educated decision when voting. (Even if some people ignore it and vote with their gut.) It is true that Lazaro's success on the show has been wonderful for helping a wider audience understand the stuttering community. Because of him, the Stuttering Foundation (and Lazaro's former workplace) received a $10,000 donation in his name, and the foundation has thanked him for helping give courage to others with the same impediment. These are wonderful byproducts of Lazaro's success, but there comes a point at which those byproducts outweigh his abilities. We have reached that point, and the result is that we've got a very sensitive, sweet young man thrust into the public eye where his inability to match his competitors will continue to be the narrative until voters stop pushing him through the competition. Every time an incredible singer like Amber Holcomb is in the bottom three instead of Lazaro, he will receive a firestorm of Internet ire. Every time Iovine is blamed for his downfall, he will recieve Iovine's classic no-bulls**t retorts. Every time his performance is actually awful, the judges (or at least Jackson and Nicki Minaj) are going to tell him that. We've witnessed the way in which the pressures of being a mediocre singer in a pack of incredible ones is getting to him. Voting to keep him on the show in praise of his courage is only testing the resolve we all love so much to its very limits, and in the end sweet, brave Lazaro will likely be the victim of that compassion.  Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler Additional reporting by Jean Bentley [Photo Credit: Michael Becker/Fox] You Might Also Like:Topanga's Revealing Lingerie Shoot: Hello '90s! 25 Stars Before They Were Famous
  • 'American Idol' Results: Did Voters Eliminate The Right Singer?
    By: Kelsea Stahler Mar 21, 2013
    Paul Jolley isn't so jolly tonight. After being placed in the bottom three with Amber Holcomb and Devin Velez, Jolley was sent home with the least number of votes and no Save from the judges on American Idol's Top 9 results show.  RELATED: 'American Idol' Recap: Lazaro In Trouble? Jolley, while a sweet guy, was clearly deserving of his spot in the bottom three. If this was a show seeking Broadway stars, he'd probably still be around, but Idol is a place for pop singers and a current, contemporary hit maker Jolley is not. Besides, with the level of talent this season, there was simply no way Jolley was ever going to keep up. And with the easy acceptance of Jolley's elimination comes something of a headscratcher. Amber Holcomb, who's got the voice of a future Whitney Houston, was also in the bottom three. She's got incredible talent and skill, she just needs a little help modernizing her style. She doesn't belong in the bottom three. Jimmy Iovine would reprimand all of us if he cared what we thought.  RELATED: What Did Nicki Minaj Say When 'Idol' Bleeped Her? There's one glaring reason someone like Amber got stuck in the bottom three and his name is Lazaro Arbos. After telling the judges that he was nervous on stage because he'd only had a day to learn the song, telling that mean Internet comments took his confidence, and the judges blamed Jimmy's menacing presence, Jimmy defended himself on the results show, revealing that the taped segment with Lazaro singing the same Beatles tune he attempted on Wednesday night was filmed almost a week prior and pointing out that he's made even the biggest artists in the business nervous. Lazaro is out of excuses for not delivering top notch performances.  But it seems voters can't separate his tearful story from his talent. So, he lives to see another performance day. I truly hope he turns into a singing butterfly and proves me wrong, but it seems he is no longer strong enough to keep up on the show. And with that in mind, even Paul Jolley didn't deserve to go home on Thursday. Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler [Photo Credit: Michael Becker/Fox] You Might Also Like:Topanga's Revealing Lingerie Shoot: Hello '90s! 25 Stars Before They Were Famous
  • Famous Faces on 'Veronica Mars': Jessica Chastain and 14 Other Big Guest Spots
    By: Kelsea Stahler Mar 21, 2013
    Before it was a kickstarter movie-making revolution, Veronica Mars, whether we knew it or not, was a veritable hotbed of future stars (and a few throwbacks). RELATED: Will Logan and Veronica Reunite in the 'Mars' Movie? While we were gobbling up Veronica's (Kristen Bell) witty reparte and her ever-present sleuthing (okay, and sometimes her romantic entanglements) we were witnessing the birth of a number of stars, including Jessica Chastain, Aaron Paul, Adam Scott, Dianna Agron, and even the man who thankfully brought us New Girl's Schmidt, Max Greenfield. RELATED: Why Veronica Mars' Return Matters Don't remember seeing these beautiful and handsome faces flash before your eyes? That's okay. I can refresh your memory. For example, Chastain played Veronica's pregnant neighbor who suddenly goes missing. What happened to her? If you know Veronica, you can probably guess that it all turned out alright, but you can bet we're going to make you check out the gallery for all the nitty gritty details about Chastain and her fellow stars' Mars guest spots.  GALLERY: 15 Surprisingly Famous Veronica Mars Guest Stars     Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler [Photo Credit: WB] You Might Also Like:Topanga's Revealing Lingerie Shoot: Hello '90s! 25 Stars Before They Were Famous
  • 'Veronica Mars' Movie Details: Veronica and Logan's Romantic Fate Revealed (Sort Of)
    By: Kelsea Stahler Mar 21, 2013
      One very important question heading into the Veronica Mars movie is that of Veronica's (Kristen Bell) relationship with Logan. In an interview with TVLine, creator Rob Thomas dropped a truth bomb about where we'll find Bell's pixie heroine and her troubled on-again/off-again boyfriend when the Neptune High gang (including the '09ers, I guess) gets back together for their 10-year high school reunion. So are Logan and Veronica k-i-s-s-i-n-g?  RELATED: Why The Return of Veronica Mars Matters Not if her boyfriend has anything to do with it. According to Thomas, Veronica will be "dating someone" who is not Logan, whom she hasn't seen in nine years. The other issues is that no one besides Bell has signed on for the film yet, but come on, Jason Dohring, what else are you doing? Give us some closure. Break up Veronica and whoever her new grownup boyfriend is — you're good at that, remember? And while we're on that topic, Veronica has reportedly changed her career course away from crime investigation and towards lawyering. At the time of the movie's big reunion, she will be gearing up to take the Bar exam. But let's be real here. She can't return to Neptune without some grand mystery coaxing her back into the life of a P.I. And as we learned earlier, that mystery could include her former lover, Mr. Logan Echols.  RELATED: Veronica Mars Backlash, What Gives? Perhaps that factor will be her father, who Thomas says will be a big part of the movie. Enrico Colantoni's Keith Mars will not be relegated to a quick visitor in Veronica's new life. He'll be just as important to who she is now as he was when she was a teenager, which is important — while Veronica's love life was always intriguing, her relationship with her father was the true heart of the series.  Also imporant for fans to go ahead and make peace with now: The movie isn't going to drudge up everything from the Mars canon. Her trusty dog Backup will not be around, because as Thomas points out a dog that size doesn't usually live more than seven or eight years and it's been nine since we've seen Veronica when the film begins. Veronica will not be haunted by Lily Kane, which is not because Amanda Seyfried was too busy, but rather that it doesn't make sense for the new landscape of Veronica's life.  RELATED: Details About the 'Veronica Mars' Movie And finally, you can stop your worrying now. The movie is not going to kill off Veronica. If anything, Thomas hopes it can usher in a new era of Veronica Mars. (Yes, please? Pay attention, non-believers, and get ready to fall in love like the rest of us.) "I am hopeful it is the birth of [much more] Veronica Mars," says Thomas in the interview. More Veronica? Something tells me the folks who laid down a collective $4 million dollars will be happy to hear about that slim possibility. Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler [Photo Credit: WB] You Might Also Like:15 Oscar-Winning Nude ScenesYoung Jack Black Is Totally Unrecognizable
  • 'Inside the Actors Studio': Tina Fey's Sarah Palin and 5 Other Impressions For James Lipton's Amusement
    By: Kelsea Stahler Mar 21, 2013
    We've really missed Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impression, donchaknow. And thankfully, it returned for a brief, wonderful few minutes when Inside the Actors' Studio host James Lipton asked with scrumtrulescent anticipation if Fey would allow him to speak with her version of Mrs. Palin. The result was, as expected, so great we want to take out behind the bleachers and get it pregnant. (Sorry about that; Fey also talks a little about why she wanted to get Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock before she goes full-Palin.)  But Fey wasn't the first person to be asked to bring a beloved character to the stark real life setting that is the Actors' Studio stage. She's one of a long line of actors coaxed into schtick by Lipton's gentle breeze of a timbre.  RELATED: 'Admission' Interview: Tina Fey Takes a Shot at Paul Rudd Jim Carrey stopped by to chat with Lipton and the host requested what might be the best character reenactment possible: Fire Marshall Bill of In Living Color fame (or should I say notoriety?). One thing was clear: Carrey's still got it.  Mike Myers wasn't going to be outdone by the actors before him. On his second episode of Inside the Actors' Studio, he gave us not one, but two impressions. The first is his cartoon hero Shrek (8:18 mark) and the second is the pop culture phenomenon Austin Powers (16:29 mark).  RELATED: Tina Fey & Paul Rudd Connect The Funniest People in Hollywood My personal favorite is the time we witnessed what The Simpsons' voice actor Dan Castellaneta looks like while he's contorting his voice into the vocal stylings of one Homer Simpson. Believe it or not, "Doh!" isn't even the best one.  The Family Guy actors also took part in the marvel of seeing actual people make those strange little TV voices, but as an extra treat Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstine even sang the iconic tune from the opening of the show, complete with Stewie Griffin's inexplicably British interjections. RELATED: Tina Fey Responds to Taylor Swift: 'It Was a Joke' Of course, some folks don't go for known characters. Take Robin Williams for example. (Or for the only example, because who else can match his hilarious and wild eccentricities? No one, that's who.) When he visited Lipton, his impression interlude descended into his usual madness and it all ended with Williams wearing a pink pashmina on his head. Typical.  Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler [Photo Credit: Anthony Behar/Bravo] You Might Also Like:Topanga's Revealing Lingerie Shoot: Hello '90s! 25 Stars Before They Were Famous
  • 'American Idol' Recap: Is This The End of Lazaro's Long and Winding Road?
    By: Kelsea Stahler Mar 21, 2013
    It was Beatles night on American Idol, and with such easy-to-love, iconic songs the evening should be easier than predicting whether or not Randy Jackson is going to use “In it to win it” this week. That was true for most of the contestants, who did as Jimmy Iovine predicted and allowed the incomparable quality of the songs to carry them home. For Lazaro Arbos, however, Beatles week worked the opposite way, and just as Jimmy predicted, he didn’t sing his John Lennon and Paul McCartney-written tune well and it was obvious. Lazaro, who’s been slipping in recent weeks is still at the top of the heap, coming in at number four in last week’s rankings about powerhouses Janelle Arthur, Burnell Taylor, and Amber Holcomb. But with a performance that Randy called his “worst ever” can he hold onto his place in the Top 8 on Thursday night? The answer is murky, but if voters make their choices based on the actual Beatles’ night performances, the sweet young lad may be at the end of his long and winding road through Idol. RELATED: Candice Glover: The Next Jordin Sparks? The tough part was that Lazaro knew he’d just hurt his chances and he cried, leaving Ryan Seacrest at a loss for how to handle the situation. It was enough to remind us of sweet little Charlie Askew’s sad moment a few weeks ago, one that we were reminded of when Ryan brought him back on stage at the beginning of the episode to deliver the news that Aubrey Cleland had beat him to the Fan Save sport on the Idols Live tour. It was a tough night for young guys overcoming adversity. And it’s only going to get tougher for Lazaro if he doesn’t step it up, because the rest of the Top 9 were bringing everything they had on Wednesday night, and they were bringing it well. 1. Burnell Taylor: “Let it Be” Despite not knowing the song beforehand (a fate that also miraculous befell both Amber and Lazaro as well), Burnell managed to not only learn the song, but capture its depth in his own special way. “Let it Be” is so iconic it’s almost impossible to perform it without falling prey to the original, but not having great knowledge of the song (however absolutely brain-scrambling that thought might be) may have been the best thing that could have happened. Burnell is joined by a choir of backup singers, but it’s like they’re not even there because the intimacy of his performance is so overwhelming, they’re mere accessories to his communion with the audience. RELATED: Can a Girl Win 'American Idol'? 2. Janelle Arthur: “I Will”  This girl is smart. After failing to impress last week, Janelle closed the show with a very country, but no so country it would make a die-hard Beatles fan cringe, version of the classic song off the iconic Beatles White Album. It was soft and light, but as Nicki pointed out the honesty of the performance is what made it. Janelle suddenly appeared as if she was a professional singer putting on a show at the Grammys (except the Grammys wouldn’t have saddled her with that ridiculous, spinning Lisa Frank heart graphic behind her head). Keith pointed out something very interesting when it came time for his feedback: she’s not a singer who’s hoping to squeeze his or her way into country (see: Paul Jolley), she just is country, she couldn’t help it if she tried. 3. Candice Glover: “Come Together” This girl is great. She owns this song. It’s fun, it shows off her voice, it’s an experience. And while I was just fanning myself in a fit of disbelief that somehow, we’re going to have to start cutting even the good singers soon, Randy made a good point: This song choice was smart because it required just as much of Candice’s range as a ballad, and it proved that she’s got the ability to do uptempo songs instead of just sweeping ballads. It will her help her keep that edge on the other ballad queens in the competition. 4. Kree Harrison: “A Little Help From My Friends” Let me start off by saying that fourth place, in this group, is still an amazing place to be and that Kree was sick this week, so she had to work through some difficulties. But spring cold or not, it’s clear that Kree has gained confidence from her top three placement last week. Her vocals are still incredible, she owns the stage, and she’s resolutely herself in every single thing she does. It’s impossible not to like this woman. (Even if Mariah managed to convince everyone, even Ryan, that she might not actually like Kree. Thank goodness she only held that scowl for a few seconds before revealing her little ruse.) 5. Angie Miller: “Yesterday” Jimmy told her to keep it simple, and she didn’t quite listen, but the upside is that even when Angie goes a little off the rails, she’s still amazing Angie. Her vocals are great, even if the style of the song seems a little all over the place. By the time she gets to the second half of the song however, it almost doesn’t matter that she switches it up so drastically. It feels weird when she goes from rock goddess to breathy singer-songwriter for the last verse, but perhaps that’s because we know the song so well. At the very least, Angie delivered some killer vocals and she attempted to make a well-known song more her own. 6. Amber Holcomb: “She’s Leaving Home” Jimmy says she “murders” the song, and she does, but only vocally. There’s something missing the entire time she’s performing, which is a shame because the song is classic enough that it gives her the chance to finally stop sounding so dated. When we find out she didn’t know the song ahead of time it becomes clear: she doesn’t feel any connection to the song, and while she’s great at selling us salt and calling it sugar with that incredible voice of hers, we knew that something wasn’t right. Unlike Burnell, who managed to forge a connection with “Let It Be” without knowing it (which is admittedly an easier song to connect to), it was obvious that Amber had the talent but not the necessary tether to her material. RELATED: Keith Urban on Why 'Idol' Made Him Cry 7. Devin Velez: “The Long and Winding Road” I get why Randy loves this performance and why Mariah loved this performance: Devin came back, but he came back with an overwhelming sense of ‘90s R&B. His runs were a little overwrought his “swag” is a little dated, but this is a step up from the last two weeks. I think some credit might be due to the song itself, but Devin knows he needs to bring it now that he’s been in the bottom two. Of course, he still lacks the emotional connectedness of Burnell and most of the ladies, so it may not be enough. 8. Paul Jolley: “Eleanor Rigby” Jimmy says he’s happy to see the way Paul’s developing, but he’s still a Broadway style oversinger. He’s pushing it too hard. None of the judges seemed to find any merit in his performance, despite his “improvements,” but the knife that might have cut the deepest was the fact that Keith told Paul his sound isn’t really country (like his idol Carrie Underwood), but more pop rock. Yikes, right in the heart, Keith. 9. Lazaro Arbos: “My Life” This was horrible to watch. Poor Lazaro has trouble from the start. In practice Jimmy thinks Lazaro’s take on the song is risky and even has to give him a click track to keep him on the rhythm. And just like last week, the song has control of Lazaro rather than the other way around. It’s simply awful. The judges all find ways to compliment the sweet Lazaro, trying desperately not hurt his feelings, but the main gist is that the key he chose did him no favors, that his confidence has somehow been shattered, and that his performance was bad. It’s enough to make Lazaro break down in tears on the stage as Ryan tries to get him to answer questions with the stutter that’s made him such an inspiring contestant and helped him get this far. It’s heartbreaking, but the judges are unfortunately right, even if Ryan tried to later make excuses for Lazaro, the truth is that it’s not Jimmy whispering in his ear or that he didn’t know the song ahead of time: it’s that he’s starting to show that he’s not ready for this level of competition, but the voters love him as a person too much to let him go when he needs to go. I love the kid, but if he thought this helpful critique was too much to bear, there’s no way he could handle the ruthlessness of the actual music industry. Do you think Lazaro should stay? Or is it better for him to be sent home now before the competition gets even fiercer? Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler [Photo Credit: Fox (2)] You Might Also Like:Topanga's Revealing Lingerie Shoot: Hello '90s! 25 Stars Before They Were Famous
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