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Celebrity Editor Kelsea Stahler was born in a pile of dirt. Okay, she was actually born in an old Naval hospital in San Diego, which then became a pile of dirt and remained as such for a number of years before becoming a parking lot perfectly sized for circus tents, and finally a museum. She eventually left San Diego to attend New York University, where she studied Journalism and English literature — two less-than profitable liberal arts degrees about which guidance counselors warned her. Against all odds, she now resides in Brooklyn, where she fights the constant fear that the locals will soon discover she isn’t quite cool enough to live there, and makes a living writing absurd, pop culture features about Batman, zombies, vampires, funny people, and Ron Swanson.
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    By: Kelsea Stahler Feb 01, 2011
    ABC's execs are busy picking up more pilots today and it looks like their going back to the well, picking up ideas from producers who've led them to success in the past. Desperate Housewives producer and scribe Mark Cherry just saw his new pilot Hallelujah get picked up and Lost producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are enjoying the fruits of their labor thanks to Once Upon A Time. Also on ABC's slate are Identity,The River, Revenge and Good Christian Bitches. First up is Hallelujah, which looks like a small town version of Cherry's housewife hit. It takes place in a little town called Hallelujah, Tenn. that's being torn apart, but luck is on their side when a stranger appears with ideals of justice and peace. Cherry sent the script over the weekend and ABC execs were quick to give it the go-ahead; much like his work on Housewives, Cherry will be producing and writing for the new show. Once Upon a Time is also a small town drama, centering on a woman who moves to Maine to escape a checkered past only to find that her new home is a place where fairy tale magic actually exists. Horowitz and Kitsis signed on as creators and executive producers fresh off their success with TRON: Legacy, though we should probably keep our fingers crossed that the writing will be better than the nostalgic sequel's. Also on the docket are a show about an Identity Theft unit called Identity (wow, creative title), a horror drama called The River, a show after The Count Of Monte-Cristo's own heart called Revenge, and Darren Star's new project Good Christian Bitches (let's see if that one gets a title change before it hits the boob tube). Source: Deadline
  • Superman Casting: Looking for Lois Lane
    By: Kelsea Stahler Feb 01, 2011
    By now you probably know that Henry Cavill has landed the role as Superman in Zack Snyder’s reboot, The Man of Steel, but who will be the lucky lady who wins the hero’s affections? Lois Lane is arguably the epitome of the classic leading lady. She’s tough, independent, sensitive and wildly gorgeous. The proportions of these traits and additions of others has varied for as long as Lois Lane has been the lady love to Superman, changing with the characteristics and ideals of most American women. If Superman is America’s hero, she’s America’s ideal woman. No pressure, eh? The shortlist for the new Lois has already hit the web, but here are the ladies we'd put in the running for the iconic role. Anne Hathaway I know, I know. She’s already out because of her Catwoman role, but wouldn’t she really be the best candidate for the job? If Snyder goes with the Modern Age version of Lois, he’ll need someone who’s tough, self-reliant, yet with a gentle side. Hathaway’s versatile, glamorous, fiercely independent, funny, but also capable of playing a somber part when necessary. We’ve come to know her because of roles that demanded independence, a sense of humor, immense beauty and genuine charm. She’s got all of those things, it’s just too bad that she’s also got the role of Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Returns because that’s what got her booted from the short list for Lois. Rachel McAdams This lucky lady is actually on the shortlist for Snyder’s reboot and frankly she’s the only name I agree with. She played a devious, strong-willed love interest to Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes, showcasing her talent for portraying strong women and removing the bad taste she left us with after making it big with boring, girly roles in movies like The Notebook and Wedding Crashers. If we can’t have Hathaway, McAdams is the next best bet. Rebecca Hall Hall would make for a more mature, demure Lois Lane, but considering we’re not sure what direction The Man of Steel is taking with the classic leading lady, I’m considering all options here. We’ve seen her in films like Vicky Christina Barcelona where she kept her wits about her amongst the wild lovefest offered up by Javier Bardem and we saw her in The Town where she once again played the rational, strong bank manager while still being fragile enough to need some saving from former Superman contender Jon Hamm. If Snyder is looking to put a more adult spin on the story of Superman, Hall would be his gal. Olivia Wilde This lady would make a great Lois Lane if this Superman flick hopes to play up her feminine, ahem, charms. Getting her to put aside time to film the movie might be difficult considering how busy she is for the next year, but I think she’d be a worthy choice. Her career is just now taking off, so we’ve got little to go by at this point; she’s a solid performer as Dr. Remy Hadley on House and we’re well aware of her assets thanks to the skin-tight body suit she donned for TRON: Legacy. Stepping in as Lois would be a great way to keep her movie mojo going as she seems to pick up role after role after role. Ashley Greene You probably know this striking beauty from the Twilight series, or if you’re smart and have been avoiding those movies like the plague you probably have never heard of her. Despite that the vampire series requires her to recite poorly written lines that sound unnatural, she holds her own on screen and I’m sure she has the potential for better things (I won’t dare say bigger; Stephanie Meyers is just rolling in that sparkly vampire money). Greene is looking to have a big year in 2011 with lots of teen-pleasing flicks, but jumping on board for The Man of Steel would be a great way for her to take her career from tweeny bopper siren to real movie star. January Jones Obviously this choice would require a little time at the salon for a hair color change, but no one can deny that Jones epitomizes old Hollywood glamor. Should Snyder hope to capture a little of the nostalgic charm of Superman’s comic book glory, she’d be a great choice for his lady love. Some versions of Lois Lane paint her as a lady with nothing but marriage on the brain. This era of Lane paints her not so much as a hard-hitting reporter, but a woman who’s simply head over heels for the caped hero. Should Snyder go in this direction, the uber glamorous former Mrs. Don Draper would be an excellent choice.
  • Kristen Bell Nabs Lead in Showtime's 'House of Lies'
    By: Kelsea Stahler Feb 01, 2011
    Kristen Bell, who you may know as the voice of Gossip Girl or as the harlot who broke Jason Segel's heart in Forgetting Sarah Marshall or as "Holy crap, I didn't think it was humanly possible for someone to be that adorable," is set to star alongside Don Cheadle in a new dark comedy for Showtime called House of Lies. The premium channel has hit the ball out of the park time and again with new comedies - a few years ago it was Nurse Jackie and more recently it was The Big C - so it's no wonder that the starlet wants to lend her talents to another comedy for SHO. She'll play an Ivy League grad who works at a consulting firm run by Marty (Cheadle), a "self-loathing" management consultant who'll stop at nothing to get his customers what they need, presumably even if that means doing the wrong thing. From the looks of things, her character, Jeannie Van Der Hooven, is going to give Cheadle's baddie a run for his money. Wait did they swipe name ideas from Gossip Girl too? Swap a few letters and Jeannie becomes a Van Der Woodsen. This pilot will make Bell's schedule very busy, she just wrapped Everybody Loves Whales and has another film in the works in addition to her Gossip Girl voicing duties, but I guess it's better to be an overworked actor than an out of work one. Source: Deadline
  • Alice in Wonderland Review
    By: Kelsea Stahler Feb 01, 2011
    I doubt Walt Disney ever imagined that his classic fairy tales would be shown in such brilliancy and vivid color but here we have it: a Blu-ray that delivers a picture that blows the original film’s colorful display out of the water. The 1951 classic cartoon rendition of a tale that was already considered classic when it was adapted from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with pieces from Through the Looking Glass comes to life on this new format. Yes we’ve since seen the modern answer to this timeless tale but Tim Burton’s outlandish twist on Alice’s journey will hardly stand the test of time the way this film has and will continue to for years to come thanks to this Blu-ray boost. This trip into dreamland wherein Alice follows the White Rabbit right down the rabbit hole dances with oysters debates Tweedledee and Tweedledum paints the roses red celebrates her unbirthday with the Mad Hatter befriends the Chesire Cat and feels the wrath of the dreaded Queen of Hearts shows its age in voice and animation style only. Despite those factors the creatively animated adventure still holds steady as a lovely film to share with family or watch as an adult so you can relive the magic of childhood. The songs recall the wonder and beauty of your first viewing but are engaging enough to rein in a few first-time viewers as well. The biggest bother with this 60th Anniversary edition is that now that widescreen televisions are the norm the film is forced to be presented with pillarboxes in order to fit on the screen. Up until 1954 all films were filmed in a standard aspect ratio of 1.37 : 1 to accommodate a standard optical soundtrack. What that means for modern viewers is that films from that time period cannot be viewed in widescreen because they were actually created in the narrower aspect ratio. Disney has a solution to help with those pesky black pillars on either side of the film though; they’ve added something called Disneyvision which decorates those plain pillarboxes with ambient art to help you forget they’re there. This works for most scenes but often makes the sweeping shots look a bit exaggerated. I’d opt for the regular boxes but I can see how the Disneyvision option might fare better with the young ones. While Disney makes sure to note that this anniversary edition isn’t one of their “Diamond Collection” discs and thus we shouldn’t expect too many features the disc packs quite a punch. One interesting feature is a new take on the typical DVD commentary; the Blu-ray includes a commentary that weaves drawings historical information and talking heads style interviews with Disney experts allowing the commentary to accompany the film in a way that feels more like a documentary than a host of alien voices jumping all over the film as with most commentaries. The Blu-ray disc also includes a Painting The Roses Red game that may be too hard for the littler tykes but could be fun for families to play together. (Yes it’s a DVD puzzle game that’s actually kind of fun.) The regular DVD also includes a game that gives you the chance to have a virtual Wonderland party; this one gets old faster but is a bit more universal. Then we have a slew of featurettes; and for a Disney fan like me it’s the perfect way to spend a lazy evening. The videos are seemingly endless showing us long-lost animators’ reference footage featuring the voice actors actually acting out the scenes to help the animators get the motions right miraculously salvaged preliminary pencil sketches of Alice’s adventure a Disney television Christmas special hosted by the little lady who voiced Alice an Alice-inspired Mickey Mouse cartoon called “Thru the Mirror ” a deleted song for the Chesire Cat called “I’m Odd ” and plenty of other in-depth historical looks at a film that took years to come to fruition. The script was even done over by author Aldous Huxley at one point but he couldn’t pass the Disney standard – his version was too scary. This list only scratches the surface of nuggets of Disney history that lie in wait in the special features of this anniversary edition. Any Mouse House fan can enjoy the old-fashioned magic of the hours of video features as well as the renewed beauty of the restored film itself. It may not have earned the Disney “Diamond” standard but it’s a classic that has finally achieved the level of care and attention it deserves.
  • Daily Shuffle: Charlie Sheen Goes to Rehab At Home
    By: Kelsea Stahler Feb 01, 2011
    Charlie Sheen not only shut down his own show with his recent antics, but now he's breaking the rules of normal rehab. He's receiving his treatment at home. Isn't that the same home he was in when he went on a bender with a porn star? Yes. Yes it is. At least this whole thing gives Denise Richards a chance to pat herself of the back. When asked to comment she posted on Twitter, "I think my kids will be proud how I have handled everything." Hey, if I was Denise Richards and my ex presented me with this golden opportunity (again) to look like the perfect one, I'd take it too. -E!James Franco will be hosting more than the Oscars on Hollywood's biggest night. He's also got a super, ultra, mega secret party for really, really ridiculously good-looking people. The party will be at his new bar, The Writers' Room, which can be found only by those who are already privy to its super secret undisclosed L.A. location. Franco says he'll be singing at the party for his very exclusive list of guests, but with all this mystery I wouldn't be surprised if he's got a British spy dangling over a tank of angry sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads in the basement. -PeopleNicole "Snooki" Polizzi brought some sparkle (and possibly tequila fumes) to the 2011 DC Auto Show yesterday proving that she'll go to the greatest lengths to meet her fans who are bored with their dads and boyfriends at a stupid car show. -Celebuzz
  • NPH Wants to Be On Katy Perry in New 'How I Met Your Mother' Previews
    By: Kelsea Stahler Jan 31, 2011
    The How I Met Your Mother crew really wants us to tune in to see Katy Perry's guest spot on the popular sitcom, but lets be honest, who doesn't want to see it? Even I have a crush on her. Apparently no one's impervious to her, ahem, charms. Watch as Neil Patrick Harris tries to make these promos Legen...wait for it...DARY. Source: Neil Patrick Harris' Twitter Feed
  • 'The Tourist' Comes to Blu-ray March 22
    By: Kelsea Stahler Jan 31, 2011
    So you can't afford a vacation in Europe; we can't all just pick up and run to the nearest airport for a little R&R in a beautiful locale. Most of us don't look as fantasic in, well, anything really as Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie do. That's why it's imperative that we live vicariously through their screen adventures and starting March 22, that will be a bit easier because their European romp, The Tourist will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD. The film stars Johnny Depp as an unsuspecting American in Paris who gets hoodwinked by Jolie's overpowering sexiness. (That's my interpretation of the official plot summary, but let's face it, sexiness is totally her weapon.) The disc will include the usual commentaries and outtake reels in addition to footage of the Venice canals and other glamorous extras. Source: Blu-ray News
  • Jesse Eisenberg on SNL: The Skits You Missed
    By: Kelsea Stahler Jan 31, 2011
    There were a few reasons to check out this weekend's SNL, but by far the thing you must know this morning unless you'd like to be laughed away at the water cooler is that the real Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, did in fact make an appearance on this weekend's episode. He stopped by to tell Jesse Eisenberg what he thought of The Social Network and their interaction was just as socially awkward and geektastic as we had hoped. Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island boys were at it again, making full use of their love forJohn Waters and the fact that Nicki Minaj was Saturday's music guest, bringing us a digital short that attempts to be to "I Just Had Sex" what "I'm On a Boat" was to "Dick in a Box." Just watch it. I'd like to make a few honorable mentions, namely Kristen Wiig as the Spa Talk lady and Bill Hader as ancient reporter Herb Welch because these two can make any character entertaining to watch, however you need to watch the skit poking fun at the phenomenon and child-porn accusation-riddled MTV show, Skins. After watching an episode of the show, I don't think the flow of this thrown together sketch is actually all that different. Seriously.  
  • 'Two and a Half Man' On Hiatus While Charlie Sheen Goes to Rehab
    By: Kelsea Stahler Jan 29, 2011
    The jig is up. Charlie Sheen's been trying to convince everyone that he's just fine. Right, because locking people in the closet and starting "porn families" are definitely things that normal, sober, drug-free people do. Now we know our concerns were on the money because the thing fans have feared has become a reality. Two and a Half Men is forced to go on an immediate production hiatus after Sheen's day-long hospital visit has forced him into rehab. Warner Bros. and CBS have been trying to convince Sheen to enter rehab, but he refused. They were also unable to shut down production without a legitimate reason, and now they've got one. The show has already filmed 16 of its 24 episode order and 14 of those episodes have aired, we're not clear on what this hiatus will hold for the rest of the season. Even so, it's not that new to the show's producers; Two and a Half Men endured a brief shutdown last season after Sheen entered rehab after his domestic violence charges. Fans should rest easy for now because this is nothing they haven't dealt with before, and Sheen is locked down in a two-year contract. I'm sure he'll be back to womanizing and living like a playboy on the small screen as soon as he's worked through his rehabilitation program. Source: Deadline
  • 'Glee' Update: Super Bowl Promo and Elton John Woos Sue?
    By: Kelsea Stahler Jan 28, 2011
    Sue Sylvester is an independent lady who doesn't need a man - why else would she have married herself? But even the most self-reliant women like a little action here and there and Glee star Matthew Morrison agrees, he just happens to be courting the last person you'd suspect for the role. He wants to bring Elton John onboard for an episode and his main concern is getting Sue some lovin'. Nothing's official yet, but with Glee's track record with big-name music legacies, I don't think it's all that unlikely. Also on the Glee-front, is the new promo for the long-awaited return to Fox right after the Super Bowl on Feb. 6. It's got glimpses of the highly anticipated football field "Thriller" routine and Katie Couric? Check it out. Source: EW