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Celebrity Editor Kelsea Stahler was born in a pile of dirt. Okay, she was actually born in an old Naval hospital in San Diego, which then became a pile of dirt and remained as such for a number of years before becoming a parking lot perfectly sized for circus tents, and finally a museum. She eventually left San Diego to attend New York University, where she studied Journalism and English literature — two less-than profitable liberal arts degrees about which guidance counselors warned her. Against all odds, she now resides in Brooklyn, where she fights the constant fear that the locals will soon discover she isn’t quite cool enough to live there, and makes a living writing absurd, pop culture features about Batman, zombies, vampires, funny people, and Ron Swanson.
  • Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Tom Hardy Top BAFTA's Rising Star Noms
    By: Kelsea Stahler January 10, 2011 8:32am EST
    The list of the five nominees for BAFTA’s 2011 Rising Star award is out, and it looks like the competition is pretty tight. Already fairly big names Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield lead the pack; both have already landed starring roles in the upcoming Spiderman reboot (Garfield also wowed us in The Social Network and Never Let Me Go while Stone of course, led her own hit in September with Easy A). But the other nominees are top notch as well, Inception’s Tom Hardy, Kick-Ass’s Aaron Johnson, and Prince of Persia’s Gemma Arterton all made the list as well. It truly is a jam-packed list; all of these stars have had great years in big-time films and they’ve all got potential for superstardom oozing from their pores, but we’ll have to see who the public chooses when the open vote ends on Feb. 13. Whichever of these stars – who are all on the rise no matter what final vote says – wins the illustrious honor will be able to count themselves among the likes of past winners James McAvoy (2006), Eva Green (2007), Shia LaBeouf (2008), and Kristen Stewart (2010). I don’t know that being on the same list as Kristen Stewart is necessarily a good thing, but hey, she’s rolling in Twilight money and she’s got plenty of roles on her plate, including one in an adaptation of the Kerouac classic On The Road, so I guess it can’t be that bad, eh? Source: Hollywood Reporter
  • Britney Spears' New Single Leaked
    By: Kelsea Stahler January 10, 2011 7:55am EST
    Brit Brit can't keep anything under wraps these days. We’ve all been waiting for her next sure-fire hit, and here it is a day before its scheduled release. We should have known the internet wouldn’t be able to wait until the official debut date, I just wish it could have gotten its debaucherous lid-blowing going a little earlier. I could have waited ONE more day; where was this leaky link last week? Huh? Spears' new single, “Hold It Against Me” stays with Brit Brit’s tradition of suggestive lyrics with an addictive beat. Yes, lyrics like “If I said I want your body now/ Would you hold it against me?” sound like the trappings of a post-prom proposal from a horny 17 year old boy, but you can bet that a week from now everyone will secretly be blasting the catchy song on their iPods and dancing to it like this guy when they're home alone. Check out the new song here. Source: E!
  • Director Peter Yates Dies at 81
    By: Kelsea Stahler January 10, 2011 7:09am EST
    Hollywood lost another great on Sunday. British filmmaker Peter Yates passed away in London after battling an illness. He was 81 years old. Yates is perhaps most well-known for directing the classic Steve McQueen film, Bullitt, but he was also a classically-trained director who received praise for much of his body of work. He trained at the illustrious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London as an actor before switching to the director’s chair in the early 60s. His directorial debut was 1963’s Summer Holiday – a swinging 60s musical – before he went on to helm films that were more his style with Robbery, a heist movie that he wrote and directed. Besides working with screen legend Steve McQueen, Yates also had the pleasure of working with big names like Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow (John and Mary), Peter O’Toole (Murphy’s War), and Robert Redford (The Hot Rock). He was nominated for four Oscars during his lengthy career; both The Dresser and Breaking Away were nominated for Best Picture and Best Director in 1979 and 1983, respectively. He made his last feature film, Curtain Call, in 1999. Yates is survived by his wife, Virginia Pope, and his two children. Source: Hollywood Reporter
  • Luhrmann May Shoot 'Gatsby' In 3D
    By: Kelsea Stahler January 10, 2011 6:24am EST
    Baz Luhrmann has never really been known making economical or conservative choices in filmmaking. Take a look at any of his hit movies – Australia, Moulin Rouge!, or Romeo + Juliet – and you’ll see that opulence and outlandishness are the name of the game. I guess that’s why it’s not so surprising that he’s toying with the idea of shooting his upcoming Leonardio DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan-fueled adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby, in 3D. The director admitted that he’s been “workshopping” the idea of filming Gatsby in 3D but that he’s not made his final decision quite yet. The comment came out of a discussion at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where Luhrmann was one third of a panel featuring Oliver Stone and Michael Mann tackling movies and Blu-ray technology. Stone offered up a bit of cautionary advice, “Don’t shoot a 3D movie unless you can afford it, otherwise you are putting yourself under enormous pressure.” Well thank you very much, Captain Obvious. As for Luhrmann’s next project, I’m already apprehensive about his style for the film in the first place and now with the notion that he could add 3D to something that will already be a bit avant-garde is a bit worrisome. Fitzgerald was a huge fan of opulence, and his classic tale makes that obvious; I’m just not sure that 3D is the right vehicle to take us to that lap of 1920s luxury. Source: Hollywood Reporter
  • Daily Shuffle: Posh and Becks Are Expecting
    By: Kelsea Stahler January 10, 2011 5:26am EST
    • Soon there’ll be yet another tiny Beckham running around the giant English estate, waiting for his or her turn to win a style award. The fashionista herself, Victoria Beckham, will give birth to another really, really ridiculously good-looking kid next summer giving her and husband David Beckham a total of four children. Is it still cool to call someone a soccer mom if they’re a footballer’s wife? – People • Justin Bieber fans everywhere are whimpering now that Ryan Murphy has confirmed that there is no Bieber tribute Glee episode in the works. Wait, you mean someone has to write actual lyrics before you can get a tribute episode? And you have to be awesome and have more than a single album to be considered a legend? Come on Biebs, wasn’t Sam’s copycat hairstyle enough of a tribute for you? –MTV • Apparently Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx have split. Aww, that’s too bad. My level of excitement about their budding relationship was just about to go from “annoyed eyeroll” to “total apathy.” –Us
  • Nighy, Ramirez, Kebbell, and Atwell Consider 'Titans' Sequel
    By: Kelsea Stahler January 07, 2011 11:55am EST
    I guess a movie of epic proportions needs a cast of epic proportions as well. The Clash of the Titans sequel, Wrath of the Titans, is working on rounding out its ensemble cast with two more names practically down and two more on the horizon. First up, Bill Nighy is being courted for the role of Hephaestus though he’s far from signing on the dotted line. (It shouldn’t be too hard though; he’s worked with the Kraken before.) In the department of things that are almost-done deals, Edgar Ramirez (who you may know from his supporting roles in movies like The Bourne Ultimatum and a starring role is the critically acclaimed Carlos) is in negotiations for the role of Ares. The Sorceror’s Apprentice’s Toby Kebbell is about to accept an offer for a role as Agenor in the film as well – and after playing villains in Sorcerer and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, this style of film seems to be his thing. In addition to those roles, the studio is still looking to fill the role of Andromeda, with Captain America’s Haley Atwell testing and Clemence Poesy (Gossip Girl) and Janet Montgomery among others in the running. The film already packs a few big stars with Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, and Gemma Arterton all returning for the sequel. Source: The Wrap
  • Eminem Returns to Film in 'Random Acts of Violence'
    By: Kelsea Stahler January 07, 2011 8:03am EST
    When Eminiem makes a comeback, he really makes a comeback. Fresh off the success of his album, Recovery’s, success as the year’s biggest-selling album and not to mention a few Grammy nominations, the rapper formerly known as Marshall Mathers intends to take the lead in Random Acts of Violence. The 20th Century Fox crime thriller was originally meant as an offshoot of the hit video game Grand Theft Auto (big surprise), but the game company wouldn’t give up the rights. After attempting to make a knockoff of the game, the studio shifted gears to the gritty style of 8 Mile with the help of David Von Ancken, although with his TV heavy track record we’ll see if he can really bring enough depth to the project to pull it out of its video game roots. The studio says the project will be more akin to The Town or The Departed, but we’ll have to wait and see. I personally wasn’t onboard with Eminem’s performance in 8 Mile and if they hope to have a character-driven crime thriller like those films, I’m not sure Eminem is the right horse. Leonardo DiCaprio could carry any movie with his charisma and despite his hiccups Ben Affleck is charming enough to garner attention as a leading man, but when you put Eminem in that same situation, I don’t know that the result will be quite as appealing. Source: NY Mag
  • Brad Pitt Preps To Play John Lennon
    By: Kelsea Stahler January 07, 2011 6:31am EST
    File this one under: WHAT? I’ll be honest, casting Brad Pitt in anything usually means I will shell out the 13 bucks to see it in theaters, but this casting is just odd. Almost any other A-list actor would be better to play John Lennon in the biopic Pitt is prepping (especially my personal favorite, Johnny Depp, but I won’t keep my hopes up). Apparently Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, doesn’t have any issues with the idea because Pitt just sat down with her to discuss his plans to learn to sing (and I’m already worried) and figure out Lennon’s famous Liverpoolian accent. Despite the difficulty of both of these tasks, Ono apparently has given the actor his “blessing” as long as the project is “true to John’s life.” In addition to playing the coveted role himself, Pitt will serve as a producer. Maybe he’ll surprise us all and find a way to channel the Beatle in a new and interesting way. Source: ShowBiz Spy
  • Michelle Williams Regrets Talking About Heath
    By: Kelsea Stahler January 06, 2011 12:07pm EST
    After Nightline aired its very revealing interview with Blue Valentine star Michelle Williams, where she discussed her feelings about Heath Ledger’s death, she then took the opportunity to take aim at the ABC show in another interview. Williams claims the show edited the footage unnaturally to make it seem as if she was breaking her silence in a decidedly large fashion, when those comments were actually spread throughout the interview. "They used those few quotes and the way they edited the piece to sell the interview, and it appeared as if I were breaking some kind of silence and sitting down with the express purpose to discuss something that is very private to me,” Williams told The Daily Beast. Well, I get why she’s upset about the way the interview appeared on the show, but it kind of comes with the territory. She knew there was no way they would air the entire three-hour interview without cutting it up here and there and when you bring up an issue like Heath Ledger, it’s going to be the main event. Nightline of course could have edited in a way that didn’t capitalize so much on her pain, but when you feed someone that sort of information, you’re kind of out of luck, unfortunately. And honestly, admitting that you're still upset over the death of someone you were close to isn't necessarily a bad thing. Source: MSNBC
  • Five TV Faces To Look Forward to in 2011
    By: Kelsea Stahler January 06, 2011 4:31am EST
    Every year, television takes a back seat while we all enjoy the holidays and celebrate the New Year. By the time those festivities are over, most of us are back to work, but sadly we have to wait until mid-January before we get to sink our teeth into some new small screen material. Seeing that the New Year is already upon us and we're into the last two slow moving weeks before TV is back in full swing, it's a good time to discuss those 2011 TV faces that we're clamoring to see. Lucky for us, some of them will show up as early as this week, but it's only a sample of their potential throughout the rest of the season. Oh boy, oh boy. 5. Paula Abdul Remember when American Idol lost Paula Abdul and that element that made you question whether it was you or Paula who was under the influence of a Hunter S. Thompson sized suitcase full of narcotics was banished forever? Her insane sunshine and rainbows psychobabble made contestants believe they could sing like Aretha and gave loyal viewers weeknight giggle fits (and an excuse for a very successful drinking game when some of us reached college age); and despite her best efforts, Kara DioGuardi never really managed to drum up enough of a conflict with Simon Cowell. It just wasn’t the same. Now Paula’s got her own show, Live to Dance, and she’s doing it her own way, which only means one thing: pop the bubbly because the flood gates of crazy are about to open. Okay, so maybe I'm just excited about Paula Abdul the same way I was excited about Tyra Banks getting her own talk show -- because I enjoy seeing the craziest bits when they show up on The Soup or as hilarious viral videos out on the interweb. But hey, I'm allowed to be excited for that, right? Hopefully we can expect some of this: 4. The Christmas Tree Lady (John Roberts) In this case, you won't actually enjoy seeing Roberts' face, but you will hear his voice and, trust me, that's plenty. Now for those of you aren’t privy to delight that is The Christmas Tree Lady (or internet sensation Roberts in drag) check out his classic webisode below as well as his other comedic gems here. Now that you’ve brushed up, I hope you’re as excited as I am that Ms. “Who Wants Baileys?” herself will be taking his/her talents to television on Fox’s new cartoon show, Bob’s Burgers. The show may or may not deliver – the promos are a little ambiguous – but the real point of excitement here is the fact that John Roberts’ long-lived internet persona now has a weekly place and a foil in the form of H. Jon Benjamin’s cantankerous Bob. Here’s hoping the show doesn’t crumble around this winning combination. Come ahhhhn, it's the tree, look at my tree. 3. James Franco Besides the fact that he’s pretty much doing every creative project known to man in 2011, Franco is also slated to lend that mischievous grin to a few shows this year. First, and most publicized, is his decision to host the Oscars simply because his “people” told him not to. He’ll host alongside Anne Hathaway, but while I love me some Hathaway, I’m waiting for Franco. Thanks to Ben Stiller’s Avatar joke during last year’s ceremony (and drooping ratings) I’m hoping that the door is open for James’ multifaceted personality to run amock amidst all the glitz and glam. And as if that wasn’t enough, shortly after the Oscars, Franco will make his triumphant and death-defying return to General Hospital, which I won’t be watching in its entirety but instead in the form of YouTube clips the next day. Welcome to Francophenia, indeed. Here's a look at Franco at his melodramatic best. 2. Deena Nicole Cortese Untz, untz, untz, untz. If that terrible rendition of a club beat gets you fist pumping and frolicking like Pauly D, then wait until you see the lucky (?) lady who replaced Angelina on the Jersey Shore. Apparently the first episode includes her talking about vibrators with Snooki, calling Sammi the c-word, stripping down for the Situation and later trying to drunkenly crawl into his bed. If this is how she says “Hello” just imagine what she’ll do once the drama really gets rolling. Get ready to turn off your brain and feel better about your own lives because this season, it looks like things are going to get unreal. Enjoy a little sneak peek at the action. 1. Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) Do I really need to justify this selection? I mean, he’s Ron F***ing Swanson (they can’t curse on network television, but the sentiment still remains). He’s a woodsman, craftsman, and public servant; he can smell bacon from a mile away; he drinks scotch like it’s water; he doesn’t have some pansy ass sleep issue like insomnia, no – Ron suffers from sleep-fighting; when he’s not devouring a breakfast buffet he moonlights as Pawnee's local smooth jazz star, Duke Silver; and though he wants to use his dying breath to tell his ex-wives how much he hates them, he still believes in love. Intrigued yet? When you’ve had too much of Amy Poehler’s bubbly Parks Department Deputy, her boss, Ron Swanson is there to bring the bacon grease and man musk to take the edge off. If you’ve never seen Parks and Recreation, then here’s your reason to start and if you’ve already witnessed the pure force of manliness that is Ron Swanson then I’m sure you’re already preparing the single malt, cigars, and double steak dinner for the show’s Jan. 20 return to the small screen. Until then, here's a little graphic representation of the man himself. This montage is a little cheesy, but excuse the cartoon bullet holes and enjoy some good ol' Swanson goodness.