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  • 10 Questions for the Guy Who Attacked Justin Bieber in Dubai
    By: Kelsea Stahler May 06, 2013
    Justin Bieber's magnetism is becoming a problem. Not only does he attract legions of screaming girls everywhere he goes, whether he's jaunting off to hotels, grabbing some fro-yo, or living and breathing in some unenclosed space, now he attracts concert goers who leap onstage and attempt to give him a sneak attack bear hug. One man at Bieber's concert in Dubai on May 5 took to the stage to clobber Bieber (we're not sure if it was with love or anger, the video is simply too blurry) while the world's foremost inspiration for binder doodles was singing "Believe" at the piano. The man was restrained quickly and Bieber wasn't hurt, continuing on with his song and returning to the stage for an encore of "Beautiful" and "Baby" shortly thereafter. And the incident apparently didn't shake the Biebs up all that much, he quickly hopped on Twitter after the show to announce, "Dubai. Nothing stops the show. 2 more to go. #BELIEVEtour." According to The National, Bieber is fine and will not be taking any action against the excitable fan. Bieber's grand piano, however, took the brunt of the violence when it toppled while security guards grabbed the attacker. And while everyone's okay, we can't help but wonder, just what was going on in that fan's head? We've got a few questions for the overzealous chap. 1. Were you trying to hug Bieber or keep him from finishing his pretty little song? 2. If you were trying to hug him, why didn't you go for the gold and try to get a front hug instead of the sneak attack? 3. If you were, in fact, attacking him, what about him is so anger-inducing? 4. Are you in love with Selena Gomez? Perhaps you erupted in a fit of jealous anger? 5. Are you jealous of his innumerable merchandising opportunities? (Perhaps you want Chaunukah and Christmas wrapping paper with your face on it too.) 6. Are you from the California Hamster Association (which is a real organization with a bone to pick with Bieber)?  7. Had you not heard the song before and perhaps thought Bieber needed the Heimlich Manuever? 8. Were you upset that you spent all your money on a front row ticket and he hadn't yet played your favorite song? 9. If so, are you unaware that pop stars generally do encores and that "Baby" was on its way? 10. Are you a wizard? Because how else did you zip up onto that stage before Bieber's guards, specifically trained to keep spontaneous hugs at bay, could catch you? Watch the full video below. Do you think the fan was just angling for a little affection from Justin? Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler More:Gross: More Proof That Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are TogetherJustin Bieber Angers the Hamster AssociationEw, Justin Bieber, Put Your Sexy Fan Art Away  From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • Unhappy Hour: Kanye West's Twitter Nonsense, Reese Witherspoon's Video & More Pop Culture Disappointments
    By: Kelsea Stahler May 04, 2013
    Each week, Hollywood gives us something to whine about, and the week of April 29 was no different. We could make a drinking game out of this week, but that would be too dangerous. Instead, we'll stick to the usual formula: varying levels of alcoholic respite depending on how bothersome the week's issues are. Is your biggest complaint this week a flimsy one? How about a light cocktail to take the edge off? Got a real bone to pick with a celeb or entertainment entity this week? Go ahead, grab a drink that'll put hair on your chest. Here are the week's entertainment stories that are forcing us to seek a bubbly or boozy refuge. And maybe an idea or two about how you should wash them down. Sip a Little White Wine Sangria Because Kanye West is at again. He took to Twitter with a two simple words and now we're all forced to lose our minds speculating.  Lars von Trier's new movie poster is just two parentheses. But really, it's forcing us to be the perverts to fill in the female anatomy blank. Someone needs to buy Al Pacino a calendar. He just dropped out of a movie two months before its release. It turns out, celebrities and horse owners have a lot in common. Apparently, they employ the same thought process when naming their babies and their horses. Upgrade Your Buzz With a Margarita Harrison Ford doesn't seem to be too jazzed about his new movie. This video doesn't bode well for Ender's Game, does it? Jaden Smith is supporting Justin Bieber's harem pants movement. At the cost of looking like he has baby legs.  Everyone at The Office says Steve Carell isn't coming back. But we refuse to believe Michael Scott would miss this finale. What the hell, Showtime? This Dexter poster is going to give us nightmares. Go Ahead, Drink Some Straight Tequila Lindsay Lohan has been arrested so many times, we can't keep track. No really, we tried and it's near impossible. Amanda Bynes finally gave a reason for her madness. She wants to look like a famous stripper. Great, back to square one. This whole Reese Witherspoon thing keeps getting worse. Now there's a second video of Jim Tosh scolding Witherspoon. Will it never end? Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • 'Idol': David Cook Performs New Song, Becomes the Male Kelly Clarkson
    By: Kelsea Stahler May 03, 2013
    David Cook didn't quite hit as well as fans thought he would after he was crowned the Season 7 winner of American Idol. He had a few hits, but as of yet, he hasn't quite matched up to Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, or even Jordin Sparks. But we always knew he could do more. He was always destined to reach a little further. And Thursday night, Cook took the stage for the results show that saw the elimination of darling Amber Holcomb, and proved one very important thing for the castoff contestant: There's no where to go but up.  Cook took a quick little victory jaunt, happily joking about how teary the hometown visits are about to make Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, and Angie Miller cry (just like he did, over and over). But then he got down to business. And his song was, well, the business. "Laying Me Low" has all the fire and angst of the best Kelly Clarkson songs, a veritable anthem for the Idol fan who's oh-so in touch with all of their feelings, whose hearts have been broken (or at the very least confused). Cook has tapped into the right vein with his new pop-rock song and if he plays his cards right, it could carry him right to a firm lock as a summer jam.  What do you think of Cook's new song? Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler More:All The People Lee DeWyze Ripped Off On Last Night's 'American Idol''American Idol' Recap: Amber Makes Nicki CryNew 'Idol' Judges Already? Ratings Are Low, But Don't Blame Mariah  From Our Partners:Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough Bikini in Miami (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Are These 2013 Kentucky Derby Horses or Crazy Celebrity Baby Names?
    By: Kelsea Stahler May 03, 2013
    You pick up the newspaper (or iPad version of the Times because we live in the future now) the day after the Kentucky Derby and read the name of the winner. More often than not, it sounds like something a royally wasted guy in a nightclub might yell to his friends. "Mine That Bird! Thunder Gulch!" he might wail as he trips over his own knock-off Armani loafers. Perhaps, in the cab on the way home, he yelps "Gato Del Sol! Dust Commander!" But, when you think about it, who's to say whether those names belong to prize-winning steeds or the latest offspring of Hollywood's starry-eyed (and sometimes loopy) elite? I mean, we're all fawning over a baby who goes by Blue Ivy Carter these days. How different could these names be? Not very, it turns out. In anticipation of Saturday's most exciting two minutes in sports, we've decided to test your skills. Which of the names below are horses and which ones are celebrity babies? (Answers below. You're going to need them.) And we're off! 1. Rainbow Aurora 2. Golden Soul 3. Governor Charlie 4. Bluebell Madonna 5. Indian August 6. Falling Sky 7. Black Onyx 8. Seven Sirius 9. Diva Thin Muffin 10. Charming Kitten Let's take a quick break of disbelief before continuing on to the back 10. Source: TheTeaCupRedemption 11. Buddy Bear 12. Midnight Lucky 13. Alabama Gypsy Rose 14. Free 15. Orb 16. Tu Morrow 17. Code West 18. Palace Malice 19. Moxie Crimefighter 20. Normandy Invasion Feeling a little confused? Source: Gifpuppy It's okay. I made this list and I can't even remember who's who. Or maybe, you think you've got it all sorted out and you're wagging your head at the rest of us mouth-breathing simpletons. Alright, smartypants, compare your responses to the answers below and see how you fared.  ANSWERS: 1. Rainbow Aurora — CELEB KID (daughter of Holly Madison)2. Golden Soul — HORSE3. Governor Charlie — HORSE4. Bluebell Madonna — CELEB KID (daughter of Spice Girl Geri Haliwell)5. Indian August – CELEB KID (daughter of Casey Affleck)6. Falling Sky — HORSE7. Black Onyx – HORSE8. Seven Sirius — CELEB KID (son of Erykah Badu and Andre 3000)9. Diva Thin Muffin — CELEB KID (daughter of Frank Zappa)10. Charming Kitten —  HORSE11. Buddy Bear — CELEB KID (son of celeb chef Jamie Oliver)12. Midnight Lucky — HORSE13. Alabama Gypsy Rose — CELEB KID (daughter of Drea De Matteo)14. Free — CELEB KID (daughter of Barbara Hershey and David Carradine)15. Orb — HORSE16. Tu Morrow — CELEB KID (daughter of actor Rob Morrow)17. Code West — HORSE (even if it sounds like Kanye West's future offspring)18. Palace Malice — HORSE19. Moxie Crimefighter — CELEB KID (daughter of comedian Penn Jillete, from Penn and Teller)20. Normandy Invasion — HORSE Bonus Points if you knew that Mine That Bird, Thunder Gulch, Gato Del Sol, and Dust Commander were derby winners from 2009, 1995, 1982, And 1970. How'd you do? Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler More:The Celebrity Baby Name AtlasBlue Ivy and 10 Wacky Celebrity Baby NamesKim and Kanye May Name Their Baby 'North West'  From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • Every Second of Darren Criss in The 'Girl Most Likely' Trailer (Including The Shirtless Parts)
    By: Kelsea Stahler May 03, 2013
    Girl Most Likely is finally gearing up for its July release and while much of excitement for the film lies in the pairing of Kristen Wiig and Annette Bening, there's also the prospect of seeing Darren Criss in his first big screen, romantic role alongside Ms. Wiig. Go ahead, commence the swooning.  The film finds Wiig's character Imogene emerging from psychiatric care into her negligient mother Zelda's (Bening) home. Zelda has a wacked out, deceitful boyfriend George Boosh (Matt Dillon) and a handsome young tennant sleeping in Imogene's bedroom – that's where Criss comes in. Sure, we could focus on the wildly awkward moments between Imogene, Zelda, and George, but why would we when this trailer ends with shirtless Darren Criss as Lee, the young man who reawakens (nudge, nudge) Imogene? How could we pay attention to anyone else? Yes, Criss looks adorable in his blazers and ties on Glee, but give him a tight t-shirt – and, later, no shirt – and movie Criss is giving TV Criss a run for his money. Now, let's break down every single (tiny) instance of Criss in this trailer, because this is important and we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't deliver each moment with photographic evidence to dissect his dashing character. I'd say you're welcome, but this was fun for us too.  Lee is a verile young lad.Just look at him going at it with whoever that girl is in the middle of the day.  Lee is on the go. He doesn't have time to knock on bathroom doors to see if ladies may be inside.And cue the hatred-into-sexy-time storyline between Lee and Imogene. Lee is man enought to wear eyeliner. Which probably means he's probably in a band (or just like, really gets this band) and prime for a midlife crisis fling. Have at him, Ms. Wiig.   Lee is not classy, per se. But he's fun and hot and he wants me to do body shots with tequila? WOO. His job is to loosen Imogene up. Something tells me it's working. Lee likes to be shirtless and wear only his hippy dippy rope necklace.He most definitely smokes pot. I mean, come on. Lee's rope necklace is apparently a draw for the ladies.Because that is most definitely Imogene in bed with him. Good for you, girl.   What did we learn? As expected, Criss is one nice piece of eye candy in Girl Most Likely, which is all we could ever hope for.  Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler More:Is 'Glee's 'Don't Stop Believin'' Better the Second Time Around?Kristen Wiig To Host 'SNL'Darren Criss Signs Record Deal With Sony  From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • 'American Idol' Results: Top 4 Castoff Breaks Down During Her Swan Song
    By: Kelsea Stahler May 02, 2013
    We're finally back on track. After a brief stop in "whoopsie, here's a mulligan" territory, American Idol is back to making a tough cut each week, and with only four ladies left, this week's cut was the deepest one yet.  The final moments of Thursday night's episode dangled the fates of two talented ladies: While Angie Miller and Candice Glover sat in safety, Kree Harrison and Amber Holcomb sweated it out. One girl had fallen from a series of perfect performances to a low spot, the other hadn't managed to package her immense talent in an enticing way for voters. When the votes fell, it was Amber who was sent packing.  After the last two weeks, the eliminated contestant really should have been Kree. In over a month of performances, it's clear that while Kree is talented, she's not growing. And last night, she proved that she's not going to pull out of it.  Amber, on the other hand, finally figured out how to bridge the gap between her staggering vocal talent and the art of performance. All along, we knew that Amber has almost Whitney Houston level talent, but she wasn't connecting with audiences in her performances and her personality was muddled. We weren't sure if she was the second coming of Whitney (literally, as in Whitney from 1991) or if she was a future Broadway star, or if she simply longed for the days of disco to return. Amber was wildly confusing.  It makes sense then, that at this point in the competition, voters are showing their confusion and sending her home. However, Amber made an incredible comeback on Wednesday night with an impeccable performance of "My Funny Valentine." When she sang the song, she broke down, something Nicki Minaj supposed might be because she's aware that she was the most likely to go home. And again, on Thursday night, when she sang her swan song, "Miracles," Amber got emotional. She couldn't even finish her song and thankfully, Ryan Seacrest pulled her father on stage to comfort her. If watching Amber tear up wasn't enough, it came with the added impact of her sudden revival and subsequent elimination. It was tough to watch, and I'm sure the Idol producers were jumping up and down at the thought of the televisual value of such emotion.  But as difficult as it was to watch Amber fully process the weight of her elimination, it's a necessary evil and this season is already feeling too long. The rightful pair for the season finale is Angie and Candice. The audience, the voters, and nine tenths of the Internet know that. As much as we care about these girls after spending so much time with them, it's getting to the point where we're just short of screaming "Get on with it!" Next week, that will become even harder to hold in, while Kree attempts to pull ahead of our clear top two. Do you agree with Amber's elimination? Who should have been sent home instead? Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler More:'American Idol' Recap: Amber Makes Nicki CryNew 'Idol' Judges Already? Ratings Are Low, But Don't Blame Mariah'American Idol' Made Me Love Keith Urban From Our Partners:Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough Bikini in Miami (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 'Iron Man 3' Has 42 Iron Man Suits? We Design a Few More For Festive Occasions
    By: Kelsea Stahler May 02, 2013
    Fun fact: in Iron Man 3, our beloved hero has closet chock full of alternate Iron Man suits. In fact, he's got 42 total Iron Man suits, if we're to believe he's done the naming system correctly (Mach 42 is Tony Stark's go-to, so there must be 41 others, right?). And sure, he's got plenty of suits for every possible moment of danger, every interlude with a villain, but what about other occasions? With three movies under his belt, Iron Man is getting to be pretty popular. He may have more appearances to make than just the final battle between him and Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin. What if his presence is requested at a beach party? Surely, he'd need the proper look for that! (Listen, nerds, we know Iron Man would never go to the beach, but let us live a little, alright?)'s creative powers that be came together to forge three designs for Iron Man's potential party suits. Go ahead and tell us Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) doesn't have room for a few casual looks in that cavernous den of his.  "I Just Blue Myself": Iron Man Hosts an Arrested Development Viewing Party Just like most fans of comedy, in general, Iron Man can't wait for the return of Arrested Development. Do you think he'd really want to watch it all by his lonesome? (Even if he could probably play anything from Netflix in his helmet if he really wanted to.) No. He'd be like the rest of us and gather with his humor-loving friends (hey, Miss Pepper Potts gets a quip or two in there on occasion) to share in the joy of the Bluths as a group. And for the hell of it, he could deck his suit out like everyone's favorite never-nude.  The Amanda Bynes Effect: Iron Man's Own Public Pity Party Eventually, Iron Man, who's being rivaled in popularity by other Avengers like Thor and Captain America (but not the Hulk, he need not worry about that), might start to feel a little down. Why isn't he the only star? What do you care if the Thor sequel reminds you of Star Trek? He might seek avenues to easy compliments (hence the iPhone permanently welded to his hand). He might try out a new look (why else would someone get two studs where dimples should be?). He might even escape the negative paparazzi attention with some fast food (Bynes chose McDonalds, but Iron Man's got a deal with Burger King). And, like every incomprehensible celebrity spiral (okay, maybe just Bynes'), he would find his strength in the power of Drake's handsome face. This would be a dark, perplexing wardrobe choice for Iron Man, but hey, fame does weird things to people.  Where's the Beach?: Iron Man at the Beach Blanket Bongo For the requisite summer beach party, he's got superhero-sized sunglasses, he's got his flippy-floppies (which is what I thought flippers were called for approximately eight years of my life), and of course a speedo for added aerodynamics. (As super as he is, he's going to have to bring his own towel. Those circuits don't hold up well in water.) Just don't try to make any jokes about reenacting scenes from Blue Lagoon. He has seen that movie, he will not be amused, and he will come back at you with a pithy, sarcastic quip.  Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler More:Why Guy Pearce Chose 'Iron Man 3' But Turned Down 'Daredevil'Why You Can't Hate Gwyneth Paltrow After 'Iron Man 3''Iron Man 3' Review: It's Not a Superhero Movie, And That's Okay  From Our Partners:Miley Strips Down in Raunchy Shoot (Celebuzz)Actresses Without Teeth Tumblr Is Creepy, Amazing (vh1)
  • See What 'The Matrix' Would Be Like If Your Mom Wrote It
    By: Kelsea Stahler May 02, 2013
    It's not Mother's Day just yet, but one Internet mom is already getting her share of attention. YouTube user PixelsPerSecond asked his mother to retell the beloved sci-fi flick The Matrix as she saw it, and in return, he animated it and served her up to the Interet masses.  Now, Mom (as we'll call her for these purposes) may not be right about much of the movie – how the hell did she get to  "Moshimo" instead of "Morpheus" anyway? – but her version of the story just might be more enjoyable than the original. Sorry, Wachowskis. There are twists! (Neo transforms into Leo DiCaprio!) And turns! (Did Walmart provide all those guns?) And epic questions! (Okay, really, who the heck is Moshimo?)  Find out, when Mom tells us the story of Neo (or is it Neil?) and how he "beat out" the Matrix.  Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler More:What if Michael Haneke Directed Star Wars Episode 7?Crazy: Han Solo Swaps Guns for Thumbs on New BlogHow 'Iron Man 3' Can Avoid the Trilogy-Ender Curse  From Our Partners:Miley Strips Down in Raunchy Shoot (Celebuzz)Actresses Without Teeth Tumblr Is Creepy, Amazing (vh1)
  • 'Parks and Rec' Star Jim O'Heir Shares Jerry's Dating Tips and What Will Happen If There's No Season 6
    By: Kelsea Stahler May 02, 2013
    Garry "Jerry" Gergich may be the bane of the Parks and Recreation department of Pawnee, but in real life the actor who plays the mishap-prone Jerry, Jim O'Heir, is a complete delight. caught up with O'Heir in time for the Season 5 finale of Parks and Rec (and right in the middle of spring) to solve a few important mysteries, such as: How much of a cliffhanger is the season finale going to be? How did Jerry snag his smoking hot wife, Gayle, anyway? And, as a matter of solving question number two, how does Jerry go about wooing the ladies during a prime dating season like spring?  Of course, while O'Heir says he understands the confusion about Jerry and his ravishing wife (played by Christie Brinkley), perhaps Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) and his fellow Pawneeans are just being a little myopic. "People fall in love for a million different reasons. Some people don’t see physicality, they see what’s inside of a person," says O'Heir. And if we're being really specific, O'Heir also points out, "In the bachelor party episode, Jerry would not have normally gone for someone like Gayle, because he says, 'Long legs, blonde hair, big breasts? Not my type at all.' That’s what’s even crazier. Like, why the hell are they together?" To get to the bottom of the mystery, we devised a test for O'Heir and his beloved office screwup: How does Jerry date? And given the he-man task of watching over Iron Man's suit, what would he do with it? From the looks of O'Heir's answers, it's pretty clear how good ol' flatulent Jerry managed to bag a babe like Gayle. (Well, almost.) Jerry's Dating Tips for Spring:–Everything needs a spring cleaning. Nose and ear hair included. Use fingers or clippers. –Always have a box of Marzipan ready in case you meet a special someone. –Watch what you eat before the date. Unexpected flatulence is and can be embarrassing. –Don’t be too pushy. If by the third date you feel like things are going well... maybe take her hand into yours. I’ve always been a bit of a risk taker, so that move is not for everyone.–You’ll most likely spill something on yourself. Always carry a handkerchief for accidents. –Most importantly... Be respectful and ALWAYS BE A GENTLEMAN! Jerry's Plans for Iron Man's Suit–Jerry would use the power of flight to have lunch in Muncie EVERY DAY! –Jerry would use the quick reflexes to be able to file faster (and more accurately). –Jerry would take Gayle in his arms and fly her anywhere she wanted to go. Probably to our time share in Muncie. –Jerry would use the speed of the suit to fill all the Hummingbird Feeders in the parks. For some reason they always pick Jerry's name out of the random drawing. –The only adjustment to the suit would be an air hole in the buttock area (in case of fart attack). –Jerry would also ask everyone else in the office what he could help them with. He's a helluvah guy!  His big move is hand-holding? He'd use Iron Man's suit to fly Gayle to Muncie. How could a lady resist those charms? Apparently, she couldn't.  And here's hoping Jerry's charms have the same effect on NBC, who's yet to announce a sixth season for Parks and Recreation. Getting a little more serious, O'Heir spoke about the final episode and why his series needs another season.  "Some fans are so loyal, they almost want it to end so that there will never be a bad episode. I think it’s a little nutty, but I think even those people, because there’s a cliffhanger, would be very upset if they didn’t find out what happens. They’d be pulling out their hair," says O'Heir. But he notes, the hope to continue the series isn't just about resolving the cliffhanger, it's about keeping the cast – who he says is a rather tight, friendly bunch – together.  "It’s not about work. It’s about what goes on on that set, so it’s very selfish at this point. It’s just too much fun ... Sometimes after Season 5, people can be like, 'Okay, time to move on.' We have none of that. I mean, literally, no one wants this to end," he says. Luckily for O'Heir, neither do we. While we think NBC knows what's good for them (Parks is their second highest-rated comedy next to the departing The Office), and that we will see much more of Jerry and his Pawneean cohorts for at least one more season.  The Parks and Recreation season finale airs Thursday night at 9:30 PM ET on NBC.  Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler More:'Parks and Rec' Recap: Andy's Swan Song'Parks and Rec' Recap: Jerry's Retirement'Parks and Rec' Recap: Animal Control  From Our Partners:Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough Bikini in Miami (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Meredith Vieira Pulls a Katie Couric With New Talk Show: Who's The Better Host?
    By: Kelsea Stahler May 02, 2013
    Watch out, Katie Couric: you've got yourself a copycat. Meredith Vieira, the woman who replaced Couric on The Today Show, is now following in her footsteps with plans to start a new daytime talk show, according to Deadline. There's just one small thing: that's exactly what Couric did after she left the NBC morning staple (and after she spent a bit of time as CBS' nightly news anchor, but we're going for an effect here).  With Katie holding daytime television court on Katie, is there room for Vieira in the late afternoon game? We pit Vieira's morning show antics to the test against Couric's morning show and daytime skills and find out which host has the most.  Who's got better (dating) game?A staple of the daytime talkshow circuit is doling out dating advice on occasion. A quick survey of Vieira's past Today segments shows she may be lacking in this area, but Couric's got it down to an art. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy It's always better to feel like the host understands the plight of the person she's advising, especially when it comes to dating, and Couric has certainly done that by adding her own personal spin to the conversation. This round, the victory goes to Couric. Who's better at handling Hamm?It's no easy task to interview Mad Men star Jon Hamm, the impossibly handsome man behind Don Draper (on account of all the  handsomeness), but both Vieira and Couric have had a turn with the hunk. Who handled it better? Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Sure, it's probably the more professional answer to say that an interviewer shouldn't cavort with her subject, but let's be honest... even Jay Leno had to spoof Vieira because she was so straight forward with Hamm. Couric, however, was flipping her hair and giggling, basically allowing us to live vicariously through her, which is perfect. Couric takes it again. Who's better at talking to adorable, talented kids?It's an essential part of daytime TV: palling around with impossibly adorable kids. The daytime audience needs it. They crave it. They want to squee and say "awwwwww" until they just can't stand it anymore. Unfortunately, for Vieira, she has a hard time changing her interview style from the way she talks to a politician to the way most people talk to kids. Her question to the Darth Vader kid was so complicated, the poor thing got lost. Couric knows all you have to do is tell a kid they're awesome and compliment their hair and they're right at ease. Couric is the victor. (Sensing a pattern?)  And of course, who's better at asking the tough questions?While the talk show biz is a lot about glitz and fun segments, it comes with its fair share of tough interviews if you're doing it right. Who's better prepared to get to the bottom of a sensitive story? Sorry, Vieira, but even if we weren't counting the time Couric eviscerated Sarah Palin when she was running for Vice President and were only focusing on her Manti Te'o interview, that Donald Trump incident in which you failed to question his outrageous claims stands out as journalism school mistake number one. Couric wins this thing, hands down.  Of course, that doesn't mean Vieira can't learn enough to make her own version of daytime talk work. One thing's for sure though, she's going to have to learn that it's always okay to make eyes at Jon Hamm.  Follow Kelsea on Twitter @KelseaStahler More:Anderson Cooper vs. Matt Lauer: Who's the Better Host?Katie Couric Hosts 'Mary Tyler Moore' ReunionBarbara Walters: Why TV Journalism Will Never Find Her Replacement From Our Partners:Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough Bikini in Miami (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)