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News Editor Lindsey DiMattina started her career writing for a series of interior design magazines in South Florida, but moved to NYC on a whim. She dabbled in fashion PR, then took a job doing celebrity reporting. For three years, she broke news about Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Snooki, Bachelor/Bachelorette winners, Teen Moms, and many more. In her spare time, you can find her rocking out to Sugarland or Lil Jon and walking her dog Bene Hendrix (named after the Jimi Hendrix). She never misses an episode of “The Borgias,” “Boardwalk Empire,” or “Game of Thrones."
  • Late Night: Justin Timberlake, Steve Carell Nearly Molest Fallon with Fake Arms
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Mar 14, 2013
    Ready for something completely different? On Tuesday night, as part of Day 3 of Justin Timberlake week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Timberlake, Steve Carell, and Fallon decided to play with a pair of prosthestic arms. RELATED: Justin Timberlake Plays 'Sexy Back' As a Ragtime Gal The bit — which wasn't quite as appreciated as a few 'N Sync puns about Lance Bass — led to a touchy-feely display, with Timberlake and Carell nearly groping Fallon's package and attempting to unzip his pants. If the ordeal wasn't cut short by a well-timed prosthetic mishap, we might have been privy to a not-so-hot comedy porno. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. [Photo Credit: NBC] You Might Also Like:14 Movies That Are, Surprisingly, Not PornStars Who Have Lost Roles For Being Too Hot (Celebuzz)
  • Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Can't Catch a Break: New Splitting Report Emerges
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Mar 13, 2013
    It's definitely not a party in the USA for Miley Cyrus and fiancé Liam Hemsworth. Reports have been circulating for weeks that the couple has been going through a rough patch — and now, the New York Post is reporting that the two have called it quits. The Post also reports Hemsworth is on his way back to Australia to spend some time with his family to cope with the split.  Cyrus and Hemsworth have been engaged since last May, but last week — after rumors linked Hemsworth with Mad Men star January Jones — Cyrus was spotted heading outside of her music studio not wearing her engagement ring.  RELATED: Miley Cyrus' Sister Gets a Make-Under On March 6, Cyrus took to Twitter to shoot down rumors that there was trouble in paradise with her fiancé. She tweeted, "I am so sick of La. And sick of the lies that come with it. I didn't call off my wedding. Taking a break from social media. #draining." I am so sick of La. And sick of the lies that come with it. I didn't call off my wedding. Taking a break from social media. #draining — Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) March 6, 2013 Whether the new breakup report is true or not remains to be seen as the couple's reps have not yet commented on the situation. But, one thing is for sure: This couple just can't catch a break from being stuck in the spotlight. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. [Photo Credit: Evan Agostini/AP Photo] You Might Also Like:Topanga's Revealing Lingerie Shoot: Hello '90s! Stars Who Have Lost Roles For Being Too Hot (Celebuzz)
  • Late Night Last Night: Justin Timberlake Performs 'Sexy Back' as a Ragtime Gal
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Mar 13, 2013
    If you weren't able to stay up late last night, you missed some truly wholesome entertainment. Tuesday night marked Day 2 of Justin Timberlake week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and what a night it was to remember. With all the talk about Kanye West drama, Saturday Night Live hosting, and new music out of the way, Fallon and Timberlake were finally able to have some fun. The result? The two men brought "Sexy Back," dressed up as "ragtime gals." RELATED: Justin Timberlake: How He Really Feels About Kanye West Watch their harmonic performance below — it's guaranteed to put a big smile on your face! Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. [Photo Credit: NBC] You Might Also Like:8 Male Stars With Tramp StampsStars Who Have Lost Roles For Being Too Hot (Celebuzz)
  • 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Gets (Half) Naked: 5 Gratuitous Shirtless Pics
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Mar 12, 2013
    If you watched The Bachelor this season, then you are more than aware of the fact that Sean Lowe doesn't really like to wear clothes. Whether he was stripping on the beach to play a game of volleyball or rubbing himself down in a steaming hot shower, there were plenty of times when Sean just didn't feel the need for his abs to be comfined inside his shirt. And we're not complaining — the fans (and myself) couldn't get enough of these near-nude scenes. Sean is like some dreamy, Olympian God created especially for our viewing pleasure. RELATED: 'Bachelor' Ratings Rise But, while Bachelor fans obsessed about Sean's rock-hard abs, Sean actually was quite embarrassed to be seen quite so often in the buff. "Yeah, I always feel [a bit] self conscious, especially if it were like a steamy makeout," Sean tells during a conference call with press the morning after his decision was revealed. "I always think, ‘Oh man, my grandma is watching this back home.' That’s just a little awkward." It got way worse than just the shirtless makeout sessions, though. "Every time they have the gratuitous shirtless scenes like in a towel or in a shower, especially at the conclusion of the Sean Tell All episode where they had, like, the '70s porno music playing and showing me in the shower, I was really uncomfortable watching that," Sean says. While Sean may have been embarrassed about showing off his body, his now-fiancee Catherine Giudici didn't see a problem with it at all. "I mean, obviously, he has an amazing body," she tells us. "So I never saw any issues with it." She actually found the whole situation to be "funny," saying, "If America l likes it, I don’t have any problem with it." RELATED: Sean Lowe Joins 'Dancing with the Stars' Besides, now Sean is all hers. Well, kind of — she still has to share him with Dancing with the Stars fans when he starts competing on the upcoming season, which premieres Monday on ABC. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. [Photo Credit: ABC(5)] You Might Also Like:8 Male Stars With Tramp StampsStars Who Have Lost Roles For Being Too Hot (Celebuzz)
  • ‘Bachelorette’ Desiree Hartsock: 8 Things She Can Learn from Past Bachelorettes
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Mar 12, 2013
    After 25 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette — and countless breakups — you would think skeptical audiences would give up on watching beautiful people find love on television. But, following high ratings for Sean Lowe's Bachelor season, ABC has announced a 26th season. On Monday night duringThe Bachelor: After The Final Rose, fourth runner-up Desiree Hartsock was announced as the star of The Bachelorette.  While Desiree has experience competing on the reality dating series, she now must cope with life off the sidelines and into the spotlight. So what can she learn from previous Bachelorette? Here's a list of eight lessons Desiree can learn from those looking for love before her. Eight Lessons for the New Bachelorette: Trista Sutter (Season 1): Make It Last. If you are a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, then you know that it's rare for a couple to make it down the aisle. Out of 25 seasons, only two couples have tied the knot: Trista and Ryan Sutter and Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum. Sutter, however, is the poster child of Bachelor franchise success — the reality star and her husband, who have been together since they met in 2003, have two children together. (Ashley and J.P., married in 2012, have a long way to go.) Desiree, please try to join the married few. Meredith Phillips (Season 2): Be Remembered. You are probably wondering who, in fact, Phillips is. For those with shoddy memories, Phillips starred as The Bachelorette back in 2004 — only nine years ago. So why don't we remember her? Unlike the cast of characters normally who are associated with this franchise, Phillips didn't chase fame or give the tabloids reason to print stories about her. And since going on The Bachelorette, all she has done is participate in a 20/20 special in 2010 and come out with a cookbook. So Desiree, if you want a reality TV future, get the drama started now. Jennifer Schefft (Season 3): Don't Settle. Jen may have found love on The Bachelor with Andrew Firestone. But after a short realtionship, the two split and Jen went on to star as The Bachelorette. At the end of her season, Jen turned down two proposals, leaving the show single. If it doesn't feel right (or if it leads to a reality TV-friendly shocking moment), then move on. DeAnna Pappas (Season 4): Don't Let the Good One Get Away. Pappas dumped one of America's favorite Bachelor men: Jason Mesnick, a single dad with a heartwrenching backstory. While Pappas broke Mesnick's heart, he went on to star on the next season of The Bachelor. Now, he is happily married to someone else with another baby on the way. Don't invite the ire of Bachelor audiences by letting the good guy go, Des. Jillian Harris (Season 5): Make Reality TV a Career. Harris found love and a career on reality TV. Not only did she participate in The Bachelorette (and The Bachelor before that), but she parlayed those appearances into a job with a Canadian home design show, Love It or List It Vancouver, and is featured as a designer on ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  Ali Fedotowsky (Season 6): Let the Bad Ones Get Away. Those who tuned into Ali's season may recall Justin Rego, a contestant who Fedotowsky discovered had a girlfriend back home. He also happened to be on crutches, which made his mad dash out the door hilarious. Ashley Hebert (Season 7): Let Us Say It Again: Let the Bad Ones Get Away. Hebert may be married to her Bachelor boyfriend Rosenbaum now, but there was a time when she fell hard for bad boy Bentley Williams, the most hated Bachelor villain of all time. (Yes, he's even more heinous than Courtney Robertson and Tierra LiCausi.) When not whispering sweet nothings into Hebert's ear, Williams would insult the Bachelorette in front of the cameras. (Exhibit A: "I came in thinking that Ashley was not attractive at all. I'm not feeling it. ... I'm gonna make Ashley cry.") Note to Desiree: Keep these villains around for a few episodes to keep us entertained, but then drop them like he's hot, regardless of how hot he is.  Emily Maynard (Season 8): Make ABC Give Into Your Every Demand. ABC knew they wanted Maynard to be The Bachelorette and Maynard knew that she wanted it to happen her way. So instead of heading to Los Angeles to film the first few episodes, she made ABC travel to Charlotte, N.C. for production so her daughter's life wouldn't be disrupted. (Now, if only the reality show didn't end up doing that precise thing anyway.)  Season 9 of The Bachelorette premieres on ABC this May! Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. [Photo Credit: Kevin Foley/ABC] You Might Also Like:8 Male Stars With Tramp Stamps15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Joins 'Dancing with the Stars'
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Mar 12, 2013
    This is an exciting week for The Bachelor star Sean Lowe. First, his engagement to Catherine Giudici went public on Monday. Then, the couple announced that they are planning a televised wedding special. And now, Lowe has committed himself to compete on ABC's Dancing with the Stars Season 16. RELATED: Sean Lowe Picks The Winner of 'The Bachelor' Lowe made the DWTS announcement Tuesday on Good Morning America. "Hopefully, I won't make a fool of myself on the dance floor," Lowe said. As long as he takes his shirt off a few times, Lowe will probably be set. Lowe isn't the first Bachelor/Bachelorette contestant to compete on DWTS. The franchise's alumni Trista Sutter, Melissa Rycroft, and Jake Pavelka have all taken turns around the dance floor, with Rycroft winning an All-Star season. RELATED: 'DWTS' Season 16 Cast Revealed This season, Lowe will be competing against Lisa Vanderpump, Victor Ortiz, Kellie Pickler, and many more. The new season will kick off on ABC on Monday at 8 PM ET. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. [Photo Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images] You Might Also Like:8 Male Stars With Tramp StampsStars Who Have Lost Roles For Being Too Hot (Celebuzz)
  • Late Night Last Night: How Does Justin Timberlake REALLY Feel About Kanye West?
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Mar 12, 2013
    For anyone who watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend, you might have noticed that Justin Timberlake changed the lyrics to his hit song, "Suit & Tie," to include a diss about Kanye West. He switched up "Aww, s*** so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit" to "my hit's so sick, got rappers acting dramatic." This was Timberlake's response to Kanye talking smack about the single back in February. Well, on Monday night, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's Justin Timberlake week kicked into action with Fallon asking the singer about the changed lyrics. RELATED: Justin Timberlake Joins the 'SNL' Five-Timers Club Timberlake tried to play coy at first and said, "I don't remember that." But then he switched his tune. "You know everyone, really, keep calm," he said. "Keep calm." Timberlake even went as far as to admit that he "loves" Kanye: "For the record... I absolutely love Kanye so there's that." Timberlake got his chance to slam Kanye back for making fun of his single. Now, it's time move on... or for Kanye to return the volley. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. [Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC] You Might Also Like:8 Male Stars With Tramp StampsStars Who Have Lost Roles For Being Too Hot (Celebuzz)
  • Kelly Osbourne Leaves Hospital: Doctor Says, 'Likely a Onetime Episode'
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Mar 12, 2013
    Fans of the Osbourne family can put their worries to rest — Kelly Osbourne has left the hospital. After suffering a seizure on the set of Fashion Police on Thursday, Osbourne has been in the hospital undergoing testing. But now, doctors have given her a "clean bill of health," E! reports. "After a five-day hospital stay, Kelly Osbourne has returned home and has been given a clean bill of health by her doctor," Osbourne's rep says. "Doctors ran numerous tests and determined that this was most likely a onetime episode of which there are no conclusive results. She is looking forward to returning to Fashion Police this week and getting back to business and life as usual." RELATED: Update on Kelly Osbourne's Seizure Osbourne was even feeling well enough to joke about the incident on Twitter Sunday. "My life is now like an episode of House = the impending fight against death and the look of fear in everyones faces!" she tweeted. My life is now like an episode of House = the impending fight against death and the look of fear in everyones faces! — Kelly Osbourne (@MissKellyO) March 11, 2013 Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. [Photo Credit: FayesVision/WENN] You Might Also Like:Topanga's Revealing Lingerie Shoot: Hello '90s! Stars Who Have Lost Roles For Being Too Hot (Celebuzz)
  • Desiree Hartsock Will Be Season 9's 'Bachelorette'
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Mar 11, 2013
    Turn on some classical music and pour yourself a glass of wine —  because after weeks of wondering who ABC would pick to star as the next Bachelorette, the official announcement has been made. During Sean Lowe's The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special Monday night, it was revealed that Desiree Hartsock is The Bachelorette. That's right, the producers have selected America's newest sweetheart. For most of Sean's season, people speculated that AshLee Frazier , the 32-year-old personal organizer (whatever that is) from Houston, Tex., would be helmed the next star. But during the Women Tell All special last week, AshLee's true colors shined through when she played a blame game with Sean. Needless to say, this is where she basically eliminated herself from the running. RELATED: 'Bachelorette' Campaign Trial: 6 Girls Politicking for Love But America has always been smitten with Desiree, a 26-year-old bridal stylist from Northglenn, Colo., who made it to the final four of Sean's season before being sent home. We love her quirky and fun personality, and how she's always up for an adventure. And when she was sent home, we watched as Sean crushed her poor, little heart, largely due to matters beyond her control (read: her extremely rude brother). But now, we will get to share her journey with her to the path of relationship redemption — and hopefully, this time she will find true love. RELATED: Did Sean Pick the Right Winner? With Sean's season over, we only have a few months of waiting until we get to see Desiree's story. The Bachelorette premieres on ABC in May. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. [Photo Credit: ABC] You Might Also Like:8 Male Stars With Tramp Stamps15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • 'The Bachelor' Season 17 Finale: Sean Lowe Picks A Winner
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Mar 11, 2013
    When Emily Maynard crushed Sean Lowe's heart on The Bachelorette, it was only logical that ABC would select him to star as The Bachelor. His giving personality and rock-hard abs made him the perfect fit for the role: America was in love. So when Sean's season started, the nation tuned in to follow this literal and metaphoric Bachelor's journey to find love. After two months of ups and downs, tears, Tierrable drama, and professions of love, Sean's season finally came to an end Monday night as Sean gave the final rose to Catherine Giudici. RELATED: 'Bachelorette' Campaign Trail: 6 Gals Politicking for Love In Thailand, Sean picked Catherine to be his lifelong partner. He got down on one knee and proposed to her — and of course, she gladly accepted. RELATED: The Next 'Bachelorette' Is... Unfortunately, this decision meant that Lindsay Yenter went home with a broken heart. But that's the name of the game that is The Bachelor. She should have expected it anyways — she just didn't have the same connection with Sean that Catherine did.  Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. [Photo Credit: ABC] You Might Also Like:8 Male Stars With Tramp Stamps15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)