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News Editor Lindsey DiMattina started her career writing for a series of interior design magazines in South Florida, but moved to NYC on a whim. She dabbled in fashion PR, then took a job doing celebrity reporting. For three years, she broke news about Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Snooki, Bachelor/Bachelorette winners, Teen Moms, and many more. In her spare time, you can find her rocking out to Sugarland or Lil Jon and walking her dog Bene Hendrix (named after the Jimi Hendrix). She never misses an episode of “The Borgias,” “Boardwalk Empire,” or “Game of Thrones."
  • There's Another Reese Witherspoon Arrest Video: Reese Gets a Scolding from Husband Jim Toth
    By: Lindsey DiMattina May 03, 2013 4:30pm EST
    Reese Witherspoon should have kept her mouth shut the night that she was busted for obstruction of justice and her husband Jim Toth was arrested for DUI. But she didn't — and now the Oscar-winning actress is still dealing with the consequences. On Thursday night, TMZ released three embarrassing videos of Witherspoon and Toth's arrests. And on Friday, the gossip site released a fourth one.  The new video only shows a view through the windshield of the police car — but while you can't see Witherspoon, you can hear her. In the first part of the video, Witherspoon argues with the cop, name-dropping herself in an attempt to get out of trouble. As we all now know, that doesn't fly. But in the second part of the video, as Witherspoon and her husband sit in the back of the police car, a slurring Toth admonishes her for getting out of control. "He's arresting us. For what? What have I done?" the 37-year-old actress can be heard demanding of her husband in the video. "He told you to stop," Toth replies. "I'm an American citizen," Witherspoon tells Toth. "I can say whatever I want to on free ground. He does not have jurisdiction over the ground he speaks on. He does not. I'm allowed to say anything I want to say." Toth didn't want Witherspoon to get involved in the first place, though. "All you should have done is let me get arrested," he says. "Arrested for what?" she asks. "A DUI," he responds.  Drunkedy-drunk Witherspoon then asks, "What did I get arrested for?" "You wouldn't listen to what he said," Toth replies. "It just turned it really bad."  He was right. It did turn really bad. Listen to the video below. New Video: Other Videos:   Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. More:Watch Video of Reese Witherspoon's ArrestAlcohol Makes Reese Witherspoon Think She's PregnantReese Witherspoon Fined for Disorderly Conduct  From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • Jason Collins' Big Announcement, Amanda Bynes' Sexy Pics: 10 Funniest Pop Culture Tweets of the Week
    By: Lindsey DiMattina May 03, 2013 2:36pm EST
    It's been quite a shocking week. NBA star Jason Collins came out as gay, becoming the first male athlete currently active in a team sport to do so. Then Amanda Bynes decided to continue her tweeting spree, revealing another video of herself in the bathroom and pictures of herself in a sexy bra. And, on a sadder note, Chris Kelly of the rap duo Kriss Kross passed away at the age of 34. Serious material to be sure, but still ripe for a bit of friendly jesting.  Check out the jokes Twitter comedians shared about this week's pop cultural events. 10 Funnies Pop Culture Tweets of the Week: 1. Gerry Duggan: "First Sir @IanMcKellen, and now @JasonCollins34 — looks like my favorite wizards are gay." First Sir @ianmckellen, and now @jasoncollins34 — looks like my favorite wizards are gay. — Gerry Duggan (@GerryDuggan) April 29, 2013 2. John Oliver: "Don't worry, it'll still be everything you love about the Daily Show - just without the thing you love the most about it." Don't worry, it'll still be everything you love about the Daily Show - just without the thing you love the most about it. — John Oliver (@iamjohnoliver) May 1, 2013 3. Aziz Ansari: "'HEY DON'T WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT THE NBA ON TWITTER TODAY. PLEASE!!!' - PR teams to their homophobic clients" "HEY DON'T WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT THE NBA ON TWITTER TODAY. PLEASE!!!" -PR teams to their homophobic clients — Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) April 29, 2013 4. Michael Ian Black: "At my house, Mondays are "feel slightly disappointed in the new episode of 'Mad Men' night." At my house, Mondays are "feel slightly disappointed in the new episode of 'Mad Men'" night. — Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) April 29, 2013 5. Lauren Ashley Bishop: "hello 911 yes i need amanda bynes' parents" hello 911 yes i need amanda bynes' parents — lauren ashley bishop (@sbellelauren) May 2, 2013 6. Morgan Murphy: "I'm Jewish but I just krossed myself. I rapped & wore my clothes backwards when I was 10 and it scared my mom. #RIP" I'm Jewish but I just krossed myself. I rapped & wore my clothes backwards when I was 10 and it scared my mom. #RIP — Morgan Murphy (@morgan_murphy) May 2, 2013 7. Mike Birbiglia: "Chris Kelly made a lot of people jump. You can't say that for many people. #RIPMacDaddy" Chris Kelly made a lot of people jump. You can't say that for many people. #RIPMacDaddy — Mike Birbiglia (@birbigs) May 2, 2013 8. Patton Oswalt: "IRON MAN 3 just blew my ass apart and hillbilly-fucked it full of awesome.*. (*usable poster quote)" IRON MAN 3 just blew my ass apart and hillbilly-fucked it full of awesome.*. (*usable poster quote) — Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) May 2, 2013 9. Neal Brennan: "Kobe's so competitive, he's trying to figure out a way to be gayer than Jason Collins right now." Kobe's so competitive, he's trying to figure out a way to be gayer than Jason Collins right now. — Neal Brennan (@nealbrennan) April 29, 2013 10. Mary Charlene: "by tomorrow night Amanda Bynes will be completely naked in all her selfies" by tomorrow night Amanda Bynes will be completely naked in all her selfies — Mary Charlene (@IamEnidColeslaw) May 2, 2013 Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. More:Chris Kelly Dies Amanda Bynes Is The Same as an Exotic Dancer Life Will Never Be the Same for Jason Collins From Our Partners:Miley Strips Down in Raunchy Shoot (Celebuzz)Actresses Without Teeth Tumblr Is Creepy, Amazing (vh1)
  • 'RHONJ' Season 5 Preview: Theresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga's Husbands Duke It Out
    By: Lindsey DiMattina May 03, 2013 12:45pm EST
    Did you somehow manage to miss Melissa Gorga and Theresa Giudice's drama on the last season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Well, they are going to be back for another round of drama this summer with the upcoming Season 5, and now their husbands look to be getting in on the action.  In a new preview video for the upcoming RHNOJ season, which premieres on June 2 on Bravo, Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice get into a major fist fight at a family reunion. Just in case that wasn't enough for you: Jacqueline Laurita continues to come to terms with her son Nicholas' Autism, Melissa is accused of having an affair and Giudice's daughter Milania has somehow gotten even more obnoxious. In one scene in the clip, she climbs up a stripper pole and makes fun of her aunt's rumored past. Ahhh, Housewives.  It's going to be one crazy, drama-filled season of Housewives — but, honestly, would you expect anything less? Watch the season preview video below. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. More:'The Rosie and Milania Show' 'RHONJ': The Most Epic Fights'RHONY': Reunion Recap  From Our Partners:Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough Bikini in Miami (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Dr. Drew Says He Will Not Bring Back 'Celebrity Rehab'
    By: Lindsey DiMattina May 03, 2013 11:41am EST
    It's official: from here on out no more troubled celebrities will be checking into Dr. Drew Pinsky's Celebrity Rehab. During a recent interview with the Zach Sang & The Gang radio show, Dr. Drew confirmed he "doesn't have plans" to make any more seasons of the controversial VH1 reality show. His reasoning?  "I'm tired of taking all the heat. It's just ridiculous." To date, five people who participated in Celebrity Rehab since its debut in 2008 have passed away. Country star Mindy McCready committed suicide in February; Rodney King had cocaine and alcohol in his system when he drowned in June 2012; Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr accidentally overdosed on prescription medication in March 2011; Jeff Conaway also died of a drug overdose in 2011; and Real World star Joey Kovar died of accidental opiate intoxication in August 2012. Despite the death toll, Pinksy still claims that the show helped people. "It's sad that we're not doing more shows because people did get help," he said. "A lot of people are sober because of Celebrity Rehab who wouldn't have been sober without it." "It's very stressful and very intense for me, " Pinksy added. "To have people questioning my motives and taking aim at me because people get sick and die because they have a life-threatening disease, and I take the blame? Rodney King has a heart attack and I take blame for that?..."These are really sick people, that's why they die." Pinsky went on to note that, "Bob [Forrest] and Shelly [Sprague] and I ran a program for 20 years and we do what we always do and just let them run the cameras." In 2012, Pinsky — who is still doling out advice to the girls of Teen Mom on MTV — briefly brought back the show without "Celebrity" in the title. This reinvented version series dealt with the struggles of everyday people and it ran for eight weeks. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. More:Did Stars Get Treatment They Needed At 'Celebrity Rehab?' Dr. Drew Says Amy Winehouse Contacted HimDr. Drew Hosts Star-Free 'Rehab' From Our Partners:Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough Bikini in Miami (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Lindsay Lohan Disobeys Court Order and Leaves Rehab
    By: Lindsey DiMattina May 03, 2013 10:03am EST
    Update: TMZ is reporting that Lohan is now seeking treatment at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif. She reportedly checked in late Thursday. Supposedly, police have backed down on the arrest warrant that they wanted to issue, but the DA still has to get a judge to sign off on Betty Ford as the location for Lohan's treatment. Before: Lindsay Lohan is in a lot of trouble. The 26-year-old The Canyons star was supposed to check into a rehab facility, but when she got there Thursday, she reportedly decided that she didn't want to go inside.  According to TMZ, Lohan rolled up to Morningside Recovery Thursday morning, but she never got out of her car to check in. The car reportedly left the treatment center with Lohan still in tow. She then reportedly headed to go shopping at a electronics store, according to New York's Daily News. Lohan was originally sentenced to take on a rehab program by a court order. She was supposed to be placed in a New York facility, but then reportedly decided that she wanted to go to treatment in California, hence her alleged selection of Morningside Recovery.  But by Thursday, Lohan was reportedly not satisfied with Morningside Recovery, and her camp was supposedly still negotiating terms for her stay at the facility. Reports also suggest that when Lohan arrived, the mass amount of media and paparazzi on the premises made her feel unsafe at the facility. The Daily News reports that Lohan then decided that she wanted to hop a plane to NYC, but that her father Michael Lohan convinced her to stay in California. At this point, it's not clear where Lohan is, but TMZ reports that if she is not checked into Morningside Recovery by dawn Friday morning, there will most likely be a warrant out for her arrest. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. More:Lindsay Lohan Unhappy with Rehab CenterLindsay Lohan's Choice of Rehab Center is a ProblemLindsay Lohan Packing for Rehab  From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • Late Night Last Night: Matt Lauer Talks 'Today' Show Controversy with Jay Leno
    By: Lindsey DiMattina May 03, 2013 9:17am EST
    Despite all of the hate Matt Lauer has had to deal with over the past year, he still maintains a positive outlook. "It’s been an interesting year, no question about it," the NBC Today show host told Jay Leno Thursday night. "I am not a guy who complains, I am the luckiest guy — I love this job, I really do." Lauer even poured out some kind words about Kathie Lee Gifford's letter of of support for him throughout the contreversy. "She’s kind, and she’s compassionate," he said. Lauer has been ridiculed over the past year, often being blamed for his Today co-host Ann Curry losing her job. During her final episode last year, the two were quite cold to each other. Curry even refused to hug him before she left. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. More:Meredith Vieira Gets a Talk ShowAnn Curry's Last Months on 'Today' Were a NightmareHoda Kotb Might Be Leaving 'Today' From Our Partners:Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough Bikini in Miami (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Billboard Beats: Rihanna May 'Stay' in the Top 10 for a While Longer
    By: Lindsey DiMattina May 02, 2013 11:27am EST
    "No. 1" should be Rihanna's middle name. The Barbadian pop princess is well on the way to having another No. 1 hit with her single "Stay" featuring Mikky Ekko. The song has been charting on's Hot 100 for 12 weeks and it's making some major moves. Last week, the song was at No. 6, but this week it jumps up to No. 3. Should P!nk feel threatened? Her song with Nate Ruess, "Just Give Me A Reason," has been holding onto the No.1 spot for a few weeks now — but it seems like Rihanna is hot on her heels. Rihanna has to get by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' song "Can't Hold Us," though, before she can get on top. "Can't Hold Us" has been in the No. 2 spot for a few weeks now, too, so it might be hard for Rihanna to pass them — especially looking at the duo's past success with "Thrift Shop." Only time will tell if Rihanna has another hit on her hands. In the meantime, check out which other songs made it to the top 10 this week. The Top 10 Songs on's Hot 100 Chart: 1. "Just Give Me A Reason" by P!nk, Featuring Nate RuessPeak Position: 1Last Week's Position: 1Weeks on Chart: 11 2. "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Featuring Ray DaltonPeak Position: 2Last Week's Position: 2Weeks on Chart: 12 3. "Stay" by Rihanna, Featuring Mikky EkkoPeak Position: 3Last Week's Position: 6Weeks on Chart: 12 4. "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Featuring WanzPeak Position: 1Last Week's Position: 3Weeks on Chart: 30 5. "Mirrors" by Justin TimberlakePeak Position: 5Last Week's Position: 7Weeks on Chart: 11 6. "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno MarsPeak Position: 1Last Week's Position: 4Weeks on Chart: 19 7. "Suit & Tie" by Justin TimberlakePeak Position: 3Last Week's Position: 8Weeks on Chart: 16 8. "Feel This Moment" by Pitbull, Featuring Christina AguileraPeak Position: 8Last Week's Position: 9Weeks on Chart: 14 9. "I Love It" by Icona Pop, Featuring Charli XCXPeak Position: 9Last Week's Position: 13Weeks on Chart: 13 10. "Radioactive" by Imagine DragonsPeak Position: 7Last Week's Position: 12Weeks on Chart: 35 Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. More:Psy's 'Gentleman' Breaks Into the Top 10 Billboard Beats: Bruno Mars Is 'Your Man' The 'Harlem Shake' Fad Is Finally Over From Our Partners:Miley Strips Down in Raunchy Shoot (Celebuzz)Actresses Without Teeth Tumblr Is Creepy, Amazing (vh1)
  • Late Night Last Night: Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio Get Each Other in Trouble
    By: Lindsey DiMattina May 02, 2013 8:56am EST
    Did you know that Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio were best friends growing up? So when they both signed on for  The Great Gatsby, it's safe to say that they knew that they would share a laugh or two while at work. But one day, their laughter got so intense that it got them into trouble. Maguire shared the story with David Letterman on Wednesday night. Basically, DiCaprio had to act serious during one scene that also featured Maguire, and Maguire couldn't take it. He cracked up laughing, leading DiCaprio to do the same and break character. This continued for half a day, to the point where the two best friends had to be separated to shoot the scene. I bet director Baz Luhrmann was quite thrilled with the boys on that day. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. More:'Gatsby' Soundtrack: What if Beyonce Lived in the 1920s? Leonardo DiCaprio: Tobey Maguire Made 'Gatsby' Possible A Major Change in 'Gatsby'  From Our Partners:Miley Goes Braless for Magazine Cover (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • You Can’t Hate Gwyneth Paltrow After ‘Iron Man 3’
    By: Lindsey DiMattina May 01, 2013 12:33pm EST
      This article contains minor spoilers for Iron Man 3. Gwyneth Paltrow has made it easy for the world to hate her. She was born into privilege, is pretty much perfect, and leads the most glamorous of lives that 99 percent of the world can only dream about. It’s understandable that jealousy has caused us to spurn the 40-year-old actress — but we really can't go on hating Gwyneth Paltrow after her kick-ass performance in Iron Man 3. The platform for Paltrow hatred was set by her childhood. She had an edge up in Hollywood as both of her parents worked in the film industry. Her mother Blythe Danner was a talented actress and her late father Bruce Paltrow was a well-acclaimed film director and producer. For this reason alone, she never really had to work as her parents had money enough— but still, Paltrow decided to take up acting as a career. Her parents’ names likely made it easy for her to get her start, but she has been quite successful in her own right. In 1999, she even earned an Academy Award for Shakespeare in Love. As if her birthright didn't separate her enough, Paltrow has had quite the personal life. She’s been engaged to Brad Pitt, dated Ben Affleck, and is now married to Coldplay’s front-man Chris Martin. She has two beautiful kids with him and unlike most other Hollywood marriages, she seems to be making her home life work. She doesn’t make it any easier for herself by bragging about her celebrity pals. She has referred to Jay-Z as her “best friend” and has given famous chef Mario Batali the ridiculous nickname of “Batals.” Besides that, the actress has made herself sound even more insane when she admitted in one of her cookbooks that she doesn’t let her kids eat carbs. All of this is may seem impossible to excuse and it may have seemed infeasible to like Gwyneth Paltrow again, but then Iron Man 3 happened. Not only is Paltrow on top of her game in this movie, but she embraces every feminist ideal that we have held against her in the past: beauty, brains, talent, and success. First of all, it’s important to note how powerful she is in her role as Pepper Potts. In the past two Iron Man films, she let the role dictate how she acted. This time around, Paltrow uses her talent to direct how Potts is portrayed. There is one scene in particular where she commands the screen: the final battle. Her emotions pour out through her character during this scene — and it seems as if she's melted into Pepper Potts in real life. She allows you to feel what Pepper is feeling in the final moments and it’s all because she has embraced a deep connection with her character. This may sound silly to talk about her capturing the role of a character from a superhero movie, but there is nothing silly about it. Paltrow turns Potts into herself. But it’s not only Paltrow’s talents that allow her to shine in Iron Man 3. We may like to make fun of her for spending hours at the gym, but if she didn’t do this as part of her regular routine, she couldn’t have been as powerful as she is in this movie. It’s her personal strength that she attained prior to filming this movie that allows to truly fly on-screen. She embraces her personal strength and uses it to move her character forward in fight scenes. After watching Iron Man 3, it’s easy to understand why she was casted to play Potts. What other Hollywood actress could so accurately cull together emotions and physical prowess to take on a character? Sure, we may be used to seeing her in the form of Pepper Potts, but she keeps coming back because she does such an excellent job with the character. You can hate Gwyneth all you want, but her role in Iron Man 3 has reinvented my opinion of her. It’s no longer appropriate to hate her for her beauty or be jealous of her for her perfect life. She has a strong work ethic and she’s extremely talented. Instead of hating her, let’s celebrate what this actress brings to the screen. We all want a second chance, and for Paltrow, Iron Man 3 is that second chance. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. More:'Iron Man 3' Isn't a Superhero Movie Non-Geeks Guide to 'Iron Man 3'Gwyneth Paltrow Wears an Insane Dress to 'Iron Man 3' Premiere  From Our Partners:Beyonce Flaunts Bikini Bod for H&M (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • The 'Fair Wedding' is Over: David Tutera and His Husband of 10 Years Split
    By: Lindsey DiMattina May 01, 2013 10:53am EST
    David Tutera may be an expert when it comes to planning a wedding, but when it comes to making a union last, he's not as confident. After 10 years together, Tutera has filed paperwork to dissolve his domestic partnership with Ryan Jurica, TMZ reports.  This is reportedly not a simple or amicable split. Tutera and Jurica have a surrogate mother that is due to deliver their twins this July — and now the men are reportedly fighting over who will get custody of the children. Tutera is reportedly seeking full legal and physical custody of the twins. According to TMZ, Tutera also doesn't want to pay Jurica spousal support. He instead wants Jurica to front all the money for all of his legal fees for their dissolution proceedings. The fact that Tutera makes his living as a celebrity wedding planner and even has a TV show — My Fair Wedding — dedicated to the celebration of marriage makes this news all the more shocking.  Follow Lindsey on Twitter @LDiMat. More: What Katniss' Wedding Dress Could Look LikeThe Appeal of Celebrity TV Wedding SpecialsJason Collins Is Gay  From Our Partners:Miley Strips Down in Raunchy Shoot (Celebuzz)Actresses Without Teeth Tumblr Is Creepy, Amazing (vh1)