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News Editor Lindsey DiMattina started her career writing for a series of interior design magazines in South Florida, but moved to NYC on a whim. She dabbled in fashion PR, then took a job doing celebrity reporting. For three years, she broke news about Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Snooki, Bachelor/Bachelorette winners, Teen Moms, and many more. In her spare time, you can find her rocking out to Sugarland or Lil Jon and walking her dog Bene Hendrix (named after the Jimi Hendrix). She never misses an episode of “The Borgias,” “Boardwalk Empire,” or “Game of Thrones."
  • David Arquette Files for Divorce from Courteney Cox
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Jun 12, 2012
    David Arquette and Courteney Cox's marriage is on the path to being officially over. After 11 years of marriage, Arquette, 40, filed divorce papers in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, according to People. The couple initially announced their separation back in October 2010 — and now, Arquette is citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. He is also seeking joint physical and legal custody of their daughter Coco (who actually turns 8 tomorrow!). Even though Arquette and Cox have decided to go their separate ways, they claim to still be on good terms. "He's my favorite person in the world," Cox, 47, said back in January. "He's my best friend. No matter what happens in our future, he's my very best friend." More: 'Scream': The MTV Series? Demi and Ashton Reconnect: Friendliest Exes Ever?
  • Lady Gaga All Banged Up After On-Stage Blow — PIC
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Jun 12, 2012
    The "Paparazzi" didn't get a shot of this one. No, after the Lady Gaga was struck by a pole during a concert on Sunday in New Zealand while performing the song "Judas" and suffered a concussion, the 26-year-old singer tweeted a photo of herself looking all bruised up. Even though Gaga continued on with her performance right after the incident happened, she still needed time to recoup. "Emerging from hours of sleep," Gaga tweeted Monday along with the photo of her injury. "Still remiss if I should go outside, with this clonker I may be of questionable styling." It looks like this incident was one "Bad Romance" indeed — but at least Gaga had the strength to prevail on for her fans. She must had some of her own lyrics — "Just dance, gonna be okay" — running through her mind to help her finish her concert. More: Lady Gaga's Newest Accessory: A Concussion — VIDEO Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber Outed as Aliens in 'Men in Black 3'
  • Megan Fox Looks Very Pregnant, So Why Won't She Admit It? — PICS
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Jun 11, 2012
    Is Megan Fox transforming into a mommy? By the looks of things, she certainly is — but the 26-year-old This Is 40 star and her husband, Brian Austin Green, have yet to admit that they are expecting a baby. For months now, it has seemed like Fox's belly has been growing — and rumors circulating the Internet about her baby status certainly aren't helping. Still, still has yet to hear back from either Green or Fox's reps. Fox has, however, discussed her desire to have children before. "I want at least two, probably three [kids]," she told Cosmopolitan magazine. "I've always been maternal." And the actress is already stepmom to Green's 9-year-old son named Kassius (with his ex Vanessa Marcil). But the duo is still remaining mum, despite the latest round of photos from Studio City, Calif., taken on June 6. Take a look — it won't be the first time you inspected Fox's body, right? Megan pregnant [Photo Credit:] More: Megan Fox: I'm Tired of Playing Sexy, Robotic Women Megan Fox Attacked by a Giant Banana
  • Kanye West Turns 35: His 35 Most Ridiculous Moments
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Jun 08, 2012
    You can call Kanye West a lot of things, but "subtle" certainly isn't one of them. In fact, thanks to many a controversy since he burst onto the music scene in the early 2000s, West might be more renowned for his brash, abrasive mouth than his chart-topping music. Still, we can't help to appreciate West's bizarre brand of genius, whether he's interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, releasing a song about his relationship with Kim Kardashian, or waxing poetic about Persian rugs with cherub imagery. So, in celebration of the rapper's 35th birthday today, we give you, in random order, 35 of his most ridiculous moments.  1. West "doesn't care" about George Bush. 2. West has got your country right here, Gretchen Wilson! The rapper storms out of the 2004 American Music Awards after losing Best New Artist to the country singer. 3. Kanye kourts Kim Kardashian. 4. West crashes a stage. Europe cries foul. 5. West crashes a stage... again. Fans of country darling Taylor Swift (i.e. all of America) cry foul. Get More: Music News 6. West has a future in publishing: "Ima make a book of my tweets... tweetbook," he said on Twitter Aug. 10, 2010. 7. West releases a single called "H.A.M." Angie Jordan digs it.  8. This. 9. West understands the gravity of responsibility: "I hate when I'm on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle," he tweeted on Oct. 16, 2010. 10. West tells VH1's Storytellers: "I am God's vessel. But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.” 11. That divine self-congratulation makes his 2006 "The Passion" Rolling Stone's cover less surprising than the appearance of "James Blunt" in a headline. 12. West addresses his voice immodulation: "I realize that my place and position in history is that I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade, I will be the loudest voice," he said in an interview, according to USA Today. "It's me settling into that position of just really accepting that it's one thing to say you want to do it and it's another thing to really end up being like Michael Jordan." 13. West understands the gravity of responsibility, Part 2: "Never do coke with an intern ... they may not be 21 LOL," he said on Twitter Nov. 4, 2010. 14. West can make 2008 references, having "Mercy" for others, especially "white girls politicking" like "Sarah Palin." 15. West rides around in a hearse with Pamela Anderson in his "Touch the Sky" video. 16. West pays tributes to the greats Twitter: "I would like to thank Julius Caesar for originating my hairstyle." 17. West can walk (or, rather, stands) like an Egyptian in "Power." 18. West shares "THE New Workout Plan": "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and / Tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this / Give head, stop breathe, get up, check your weave / Don't drop the blunt and disrespect the weed / Pick up your son and don't disrespect your seed." 19. West can take an ordinary pair of sneakers and make them worth $90,000. 20. Only the best for West's TPS reports. "Do you know where to find marble conference tables? I’m looking to have a conference…not until I get the table though," Kanye tweeted in 2010. 21. "I am rap." Nice to meet you! 22. West knows not to direct his anger towards technology after criticism for arriving late to a concert: "I'm typing so f___ing hard I might break my f___ing Mac book Air!!!!!!!!," he responded on his blog. "Call me any name you want ... BUT NEVER SAY I DIDN'T GIVE MY ALL!" 23. West even gets shaky knees over the idea of himself. 24. West appreciates the importance of health and self-medication. 25. West eats $100 for breakfast. 26. Kanye or Hitler? 27. West can choose to keep his eyes closed. 28. West plays the "Blame Game" with John Legend. Isn't that something that couples do — not just friends? 29. West inspires Josh Groban. 30. And South Park. 31. Ridiculously awesome: West lands the cover of Time.  32. West's fantasies revealed: He gets abducted by a woman in his "Flashing Lights" video. She drives out to the middle of the desert, strips down to her sexy lingerie, and kills him with a shovel. Dr. Freud? 33. West name drops "Busta" and "Usher" in the most unflattering of ways. 34. Yes, West certainly has the "Good Life." He likes to "watch the money pile up" and "pop the hood [in his] Ferrari." 35. So now will someone fulfill his birthday wishes and get him some "cherub imagery!" "I specifically ordered persian rugs with cherub imagery!!!" he tweeted on July 29, 2010. "What do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh" Kanye [Photo Credit: Ramey] More: Kanye Clones Himself in Mercy Video Kanye and Jay-Z's No Church in the Wild Video Kim Kardashian Dating Kanye West
  • Quick! What Do You See First: Miley Cyrus' Bra or Her Ring? — PIC
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Jun 08, 2012
    Bride-to-be Miley Cyrus is glowing. And so is her bra. The multi-hyphenate — who announced her engagement to The Hunger Games' Liam Hemsworth earlier this week — showed up for her first post-engagement photo op, wearing something that shined far brighter than her Neil Lane ring, which has been estimated at $250,000. But do you notice her undergarments or her new diamond first? Or simply the fact that girl's looking a lot like Lauren Conrad these days?     Miley ring [Photo Credit: Bruja/] More: Miley and Liam Are Engaged! 13 Major Mileystones
  • Did Molly Ringwald Style Ashley Greene, Kellie Pickler, and More for the CMT Awards?
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Jun 07, 2012
    Andie Walsh may have been from the wrong side of the tracks, but the iconic pink dress that Molly Ringwald's character wore to the prom in the beloved '80s movie Pretty in Pink is nothing but right. And it looks as though some of our favorite celebs continued to borrow tips from the film at the 2012 CMT Music Awards Wednesday night: Stars like Ashley Greene, Kellie Pickler, and more stepped out in their own versions of Pretty in Pink. Here are the stars that were oh so Pretty in Pink at the CMT Awards. Would Ringwald approve of their style or say that they are from the wrong side of the tracks? Ashley Greene: Short, Pink, and Feathery Kellie Pickler swaps her 'Red High Heels' for pink. No "S.O.S" for Jordin Sparks' Melon Pink Gown We want "A Little More You," Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town Scotty McCreery Loves His Salmon Pink This Big Pretty in Pink More: Get More 2012 CMT Music Awards Pics Here! 2012 CMT Music Awards Winners List
  • Miley Cyrus: 19 Years, 13 Major Mileystones
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Jun 06, 2012
    On Wednesday, Miley Cyrus confirmed she and her boyfriend of nearly three years, The Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth, would be walking down the aisle on a not-yet determined date. It's grown-up news that makes it difficult to believe Cyrus is just 19 years old — especially when you couple the announcement with Cyrus' long presence in Hollywood. Since she first appeared on television at the ripe age of eight, Cyrus cemented her status as one of Hollywood's youngest rising stars, enjoying the successes (a 3-D movie splash!) and pitfalls (pole-dancing!) of many child actors before her. And, in celebration of her recent engagement, we take a look back at all of Miley's most memorable moments.   As for her future marriage to Hemsworth? (Miley tweeted fans Wednesday: "thank you for all the love today :) I'm happy to share this news with you all. I feel like all my dreams are coming true.") May the odds be ever in their favor.  CLICK HERE TO LAUNCH OUR MILESTONES GALLERY! MileystoneMore: Miley and Liam Are Engaged!
  • Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Engaged
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Jun 06, 2012
    Forget the intoxicating love story in The Last Song, this is the real-life love story of Miley Cyrus and The Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth. After dating for nearly three years, the two young love birds are now engaged to be married, their reps tell People. "I'm so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam," Cyrus, 19, says. Cyrus met Hemsworth, 22, while filming The Last Song in 2009 — and now, she has a 3.5-carat Neil Lane engagement ring that Hemsworth proposed to her with on May 31. While this is such exciting news for their personal lives, Cyrus and Hemsworth are also still working hard to further their careers. Cyrus is currently working on her next album, and Hemsworth is filming Empire State down in New Orleans. Hemsworth is also set to star in Paranoia with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman before he starts working on the next Hunger Games flick. This is a big time for these two stars. Congrats on your newly-found happiness and success, Cyrus and Hemsworth! Miley and Liam Engagement More: The New 'The Expendables 2' Trailer 'Catching Fire' Adds 'Hunger Games' to the Title 'Punk'd' by Miley: Liam Hemsworth Freaks Out on Naked People — VIDEO
  • CFDA Awards: Who Wore It Best? Jessica Chastain or Glinda?
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Jun 05, 2012
    Forget the Oscars or Emmys. One of the most fashion-forward events of the year for A-listers is the CFDA Awards. It's no wonder stars try to look daring — after all, CFDA stands for the Council of Fashion Designers.  On Monday night, the industry's biggest fashionistas and celebrities put on their Sunday best for the 2012 CFDA Awards, held at Alice Tully Hall in NYC. Some stars, like Zoe Saldana, came up with just the right look — but it seems others (like Jessica Chastain and Lily Collins) borrowed their style inspiration from the oddest of places. So our question for you: Who Wore It Best? Jessica Chastain vs. Glinda, the Good Witch It's been almost 73 years since Billie Burke dressed up as Glinda the Good Witch in the 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz — but Chastain seems to have picked up some of the bubbly witch's styling tips. See: The matching lace sleeves. At least the rest of Chastain's dress is a horse of a different color.  Chastain Lily Collins vs. The United States of America Quarter Mirror Mirror on the wall, who was the fairest of the CFDA ball? Lily Collins could have been if she hadn't decided to take inspiration from the United States Mint. Too bad our economy isn't shining as much as Collins' glimmering gown. Lily Zoe Saldana vs. Nicole Kidman Zoe Saldana rocked a stunning, form-fitting black dress that made us think back to the beautiful gown that Nicole Kidman wore to the the 75th Anniversary Academy Awards in 2003. We couldn't weave a more difficult face-off! Saldana More: Best and Worst Dressed at the MTV Movie Awards
  • Madonna vs. Marine Le Pen: A Swastika-Doomed Concert
    By: Lindsey DiMattina Jun 04, 2012
    Madonna and controversy. They go together as well as Madonna and any flower but hydrangeas. The pop icon has now once again found herself in the middle of political and press chatter after showing a photo of Marine Le Pen branded with a Swastika during a recent concert in Tel Aviv, Israel. During a performance of the singer's single "Nobody Knows Me," the photo of the Front National President appeared on stage, and Le Pen is reportedly threatening legal action should Madonna use the image again. "If she does that in France, we’ll be waiting," Le Pen told the Daily Mail. "We understand how old singers who need to get people talking about them go to such extremes." (Madonna's rep has yet to respond to's request for comment.) The National Front is a right-winged political group that has been accused of racism in the past — and when Le Pen took over the party last year from her notorious father, Jean-Marie Le Pen (an accused and convicted xenophobe and Anti-Semite), she pledged to reform the group. "If you accuse the National Front of being anti-Semitic and racist then you accuse a fifth of the French people of being anti-Semitic and racist," a party source said of the incident. "We are not a Nazi party, and object to being depicted as such,’ said a source in the party, which won a fifth of the popular vote during the first round of presidential elections in April." Watch Madonna's controversial performance below. More: Madonna Takes a Swing at Gaga