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After a few years of working behind the scenes on movies and TV shows (and earning an IMDb page for bragging rights), Movies Editor Matt Patches made a hard right into the world of entertainment journalism. In 2009, Patches became the Associate Movies Editor of, departing in 2010 to go rogue as a writer-for-hire. Patches covered movies and festivals for a number of outlets, including Movieline, MTV NextMovie, CinemaBlend, and Film School Rejects, before joining as Movies Editor in 2011. He proudly names "Groundhog Day" as his favorite movie of all time.
  • See Ralph Fiennes vs. Gerard Butler in First 'Coriolanus' Poster
    By: Matt Patches Aug 17, 2011
    While many scholarly types find the iambic pentameter of Shakespeare to be engaging and poetic, others (mostly high schoolers, believe or not) find it a tad…stuffy. Not many young people are committing double suicides with their forbidden lovers these days. That's why a modernized version of the Bard's work is always welcome: the Shakespeare buffs get a thrilling adaptation and the disinterested have visuals to cling to—everyone wins! The latest play to get the cinematic treatment is Coriolanus, which focuses on the titular Roman general as he moves up the ranks and finds himself turning to his greatest enemy for help in ruling his city. But you won't find swords and sandals here: actor-turned-director Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort in Harry Potter) has turned Coriolanus into a gritty, brutal arena of modern warfare, and chosen Gerard Butler to star against him as the main character's rugged foe. The first poster for the film has debuted and they make it clear that you can forgot the Cliff Notes. This is the Shakespeare you need to see/live/breath this Fall. Source: The Hollywood Reporter
  • '5 Days of War' Unleashes Hell in Exclusive Clip
    By: Matt Patches Aug 17, 2011
    Renny Harlin knows action. He broadened the scope of the Die Hard franchise with Die Hard 2, he helmed the often-maligned, under-appreciated Cutthroat Island and he crafted the greatest Samuel L. Jackson death of all time. Diversity is his strong suit. His latest, 5 Days of War, takes him in to a new arena: realistic drama. Focusing on a group of American journalists trapped behind enemy lines during the devastating feud between Russia and the Georgian Republic in 2008, Harlin appears to have whipped up something that incorporates docudrama storytelling with adrenaline-infused action. The movie, starring Val Kilmer, Andy Garcia, Dean Cain and Heather Graham, hits theaters this friday, August 19—and this exclusive clip should give you an idea of what to expect from the thriller. A tank speeding towards you in the middle of a war zone sounds inherently terrifying, but in this moment from 5 Days of War, you feel it too.
  • LebowskiFest: The Cast Reunites and 5 Crazy Steve Buscemi Quotes
    By: Matt Patches Aug 17, 2011
    The Big Lebowski came and went in the Spring of 1998. The movie was a flop—in its theatrical run, it made a measly $17.5 million. Even with a slew of positive reviews, the Coen's madcap comedic noir never managed to click with audiences. That is, until it magically did. 13 years later, The Big Lebowski is the defintiion of a cult classic; discovered on DVD by audiences young and old who found themselves won over by the movie's bizarre cast of characters, perverse quotability and zen sensibilities. The real world ramifications of Lebowski's popularity are plentiful—would anyone ever be hankering for a White Russian if it wasn't The Dude's signature drink?—and the love for the film only continues to grow. You know the low-budget comedy carved out its place in pop culture when they started holding an annual festival in its honor, complete with Lebowski-themed costumes and bowling. LebowskiFest has been in full swing for ten years—and the fandom isn't slowing down. To commemorate the release of the upcoming Blu-ray, the festival's organizers amassed fans across New York City for a two-night Lebowski celebration that culminated with a night at the Hammerstein Ballroom for a special Q&A with the original cast and screening of the film. I was on hand last night for the mayhem, where a sea of rowdy fans, decked out in sweaters, jelly shoes, Yellow-lens aviator glasses and bright purple jump suits, filled one of NYC biggest concert halls to see The Dude and company in person. Don't think this was a quiet, introspective sit down with the original cast—anything but. When Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro and legendary musician T Bone Burnett (music archivist on the film) took the stage, the crowd was relentless. Rapid-fire quotes, high praise and giddiness bombarded the scene, whether that meant the actors got a word in or not. There were a few choice moments from the talk back: Bridges, always a crowd-pleaser, kicked off the evening by gazing wide-eyed at the rambunctious audience and declaring, "It's like a Rick Perry press conference." The cast members' faces said it all. Lebowski was never the movie they imagined taking off the way it did, which made reminiscing difficult. Thankfully, the discussion steered quickly towards the film's cult status. Regarding the fandom surrounding Lebowski, Turturro mentioned that he, "gets lots of sex mail" for his sexually-charged character "The Jesus." He broke it to the other cast bluntly: "Sometimes you guys are involved." While the Q&A meandered with vague recollections of what it was like to work on the set (the short of it: no one can remember), John Goodman was able to wax poetically on his character Walter Sobchack. When asked what Walter would be like today, Goodman cracked, "He's still Jewish. Jew-ish." The actor also had the best response to cautious sequel talk: "It's never going to happen, why waste time thinking about it?" But the real star of the night was Steve Buscemi a.k.a. Donny, who walked on stage to a unison "Shut the f*ck up, Donny!" from the audience. One of the few times where swearing at an esteemed actor is an acceptable form of praise. While the rest the cast shared a few short (but fond) memories of working on the movie, Buscemi had the most to add. Here are his five best quotes that helped tie the perfect knot on the evening: On originally being asked to play Donny: "I didn't want to play the part. I don't know anyone who would." Thunderous applause. On the lively crowd, who spent the 40-minute Q&A yelling at him from their seats: "I haven't smoked pot in 20 years...but I feel stoned right now" On playing Donny: "I had the easy part…I said one thing, [John Goodman] tells me to shut up, and that's it." On working with the Coen Bros. again:"I can't believe they killed Donny. After being put in a wood chipper…" A wonderful Fargo reference! And finally, when Buscemi wrapped on the film, he received one of Donny's bowling balls, which he asked everyone in the cast to sign. Apparently, actor Sam Elliot awkwardly responded to the request with: "I don't…usually…do this…" OK then. Buscemi realized mentioning the priceless memento may have been a mistake. He told the audience, "Great, now you're going to break into my home." The crowd went wild, because frankly, they will probably try and break into his home and steal it. Lebowski fans are hardcore. The Big Lebowski is now out on Blu-ray. Thanks to the folks at LebowskiFest for putting the event together! Follow Matt Patches on Twitter @misterpatches and @Hollywood_com
  • Not Just a Man's Job: Women Who Take Revenge
    By: Matt Patches Aug 16, 2011
    This week, Hollywood resurrects one of the deadliest on-screen heroes of all time: Conan the Barbarian. In both the 1982 original (starring the one-and-only Arnold Schwarzenegger) and this week's flashy remake, Conan embarks on a quest to pummel slobbering, axe-wielding solider after slobbering, axe-wielding solider and avenge his father's death and the slaughtering of his village. Simple enough. But why is it always the men who get to have all the fun duking it out with deadly foes and seeking bloody vengeance? No offense to Arnie or new-Conan Jason Momoa, but just because you're a dude covered in muscles and straggly long hair, doesn't mean you're the only person who can unleash furry upon those who have wronged you. The ladies deserve their time in the spotlight too. Female-driven action movies may never be the norm in Hollywood (let alone female-driven revenge tales), but thankfully a few have trickled through the system and stand out as prime examples of women taking matters into their own hands: The Bride in Kill Bill Perhaps the most unrelenting of all vengeance-seeking fems is Beatrix Kiddo a.k.a. The Bride, member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and victim of boss man Bill's violent attack. Bill puts a bullet in Kiddo's head after she abandons the assassin group, but she miraculously survives the attack and goes on a killing spree against her double-crossing teammates. One-by-one, The Bride picks each killer off until she reaches her final goal: Bill. The encounter is more painful than a ninja sword to the eye, with the Bride delivering a one-two punch of emotion to Bill…before actually slapping him with the life-ending Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. Erica Bain in The Brave One Jodie Foster spun her own version of the classic Charles Bronson thriller Death With in this gritty 2007 film, that focuses on a widow who takes to the streets to avenge her husband's death. Instead of doing what most people in her situation would do (grieve), Foster's Erica Bain buys an illegal hand gun and goes on the hunt for the thugs who murdered her hubby. In the process, she knocks off a handful of auxiliary goons—which doesn't quite fly with the police. Thankfully, Erica's situation is relatable enough that the one detective who uncovers her vigilante actions (Terrence Howard) helps her finish off the baddies and lets her walk away. Take that, law. Ruth Patchett in She-Devil To be fair, Hell hath no fury like a woman or a man scorned, but the movies tend to focus on the lady's point of view. In the case of the movie She-Devil, Roseanne Barr's Ruth isn't simply pissed because her marriage fell apart, but because her idiot husband went at her with an emotional dagger. After falling love with the beautiful novelist Mary (Meryl Streep), Ruth's husband Bob declares her a terrible mother and ends there already-bumpy marriage. Not content with letting the self-centered, slimy scumbag off the hook, Ruth goes the extra step and plots to destroy his entire life. Home, family, career and freedom—the four aspects of Bob's life Ruth obliterates, first by burning down Mary's mansion then spinning a web of deceit that lands Bob in jail. So yes, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but mostly because they're more clever. Carrie White in Carrie Torturing the weird girl in high school is never a good idea—they always come back to get you. But it's an especially unsound demonstration of social rank when said weird girl has psychic powers. Carrie takes a lot of crap from the world, balancing routine pranks from her classmates and feeling God's wrath every night when she returns home to her religiously militant mother. But when she finds herself doused in pig's blood at prom, Carrie finally lets all the rage out, in an array of vicious psychic attacks. She burns the prom-goers, stabs her Mom in the face with knives then puts a cap on her own chaos by collapsing her house. Sometimes sweet revenge isn't about elaborate plots and more about just causing a ruckus.
  • New 'Immortals' Trailer Delivers Greek Mythology Superhero Movie
    By: Matt Patches Aug 16, 2011
    When the first images and trailers for Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall) hit the web, the comparisons to 300 and Clash of the Titans were inevitable—a stylized, Greek mythology-infused action movie, where have we seen that before? But as more and more of the movie revealed itself, the artistry behind the latest swords and sandals epic came into light. 300 had a glossy, otherworldly look. Immortals just looks…nuts. And that's a good thing. Soon-to-be-Superman Henry Cavill leads an eclectic cast, comprised of master veterans (Mickey Rourke, John Hurt) and youthful up-and-comers (Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz, Isabel Lucas, Frieda Pinto), clad in shiny armor, flowing threads and looking even more hyperrealistic than their cinematic Greek predecessors. Not letting the rules of physics get in the way of a dazzling shot, Tarsem has fully embraced the Godly aspects of Immortals and the results are explosive. This year, Thor turned magic and fantasy into a digestible superhero formula, but it might be Immortals that really blows us away. Check out the trailer at MSN, then click the image for a closer look at Immortals Follow Matt Patches on Twitter @misterpatches and @Hollywood_com
  • Daniel Radcliffe Looks Terrified in Post-Potter Flick 'Woman in Black'
    By: Matt Patches Aug 15, 2011
    I had the opportunity to meet Daniel Radcliffe in London on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1. When we were discussing his future projects, I joked that I assumed he'd be avoiding movies that would require him to wear glasses (for obvious, Potter-related reasons). He told me that that was 100% his plan. Apparently, Radcliffe wasn't kidding. He appears to have gotten away without any spectacles for his latest film, The Woman in Black, a remake of 1989 horror film, sees the former boy wizard as a man who crosses paths with an angry ghost looking to take revenge on the living. Not as friendly as those translucent kooks who hovered the halls of Hogwarts, that's for sure. The first image from the movie has premiered online, and while it doesn't give us too much information about the movie, we do get to see Potter all dressed up in a three piece suit and looking quite…frightened. Looks like a good sign—if anything, the young actor needs a movie to convince the world he's more than just Harry Potter and a creepy horror flick might be the perfect solution. That said, even if he was sporting his signature glasses, we'd still be pumped for this one. Nothing like a good ol' fashioned scare. Check out the photo below and click it to find even more Daniel Radcliffe snapshots. Source: HitFix
  • Exclusive: Robert Redford Gushes Over James McAvoy
    By: Matt Patches Aug 15, 2011
    Robert Redford carved out his place in Hollywood history with starring roles in movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President's Men, The Natural and Sneakers (OK, maybe Sneakers is more my own personal highlights...), but these days he can be found orchestrating a diverse slew of feature films from the comfort of the director's chair. His latest, The Conspirator, stars James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class) as Frederick Aiken, who defended the lone female conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. As time goes on, he begins to realize she may be innocent, and he struggles to survive and deliver justice in the tense environment of post-Civil War America. McAvoy was Redford's one and only choice for his lead lawyer and we've got an exclusive video from Redford explaining his logic behind the choice. Not surprisingly, delivering powerful performances comes naturally to James McAvoy. The Conspirator hits DVD and Blu-ray August 16.
  • Watch Edgar Wright's Favorite 'Scott Pilgrim' Remix Video
    By: Matt Patches Aug 15, 2011
    One year ago, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World came and went through theaters, missed by most of the general public, but treasured by those who caught it. Director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) encapsulated a generation's point-of-view in his pop culture-infused action romance, blending video game fighting moves with the confusion and tenderness of budding romance. Not an easy task, to say the least. As a way of saying thank you to all the fans who kept Scott Pilgrim in conversation (where it belongs), Wright held a contest, asking people with video-editing know-how to remix the movie into a brand spankin' new music video. No longer would Michael Cera be confined to the original studio cut. The results are magic, perfectly fitting the movie's colorful, kinetic attitude. The winning entry represents everything we love about the film—the music is as infectious as it was the first time around, while the savvy re-cut incorporates all new imagery and juxtaposition. Check out the winner below, as well as all the other entries on Edgar Wright's site (congrats to Paul Martinovic for winning the contest!). Click the image to check out our gallery of Scott Pilgrim images and take a trip down memory lane.
  • See Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster's Happy/Sad/Angry Faces in 'Carnage' Poster
    By: Matt Patches Aug 15, 2011
    There's nothing quite like coupling four top notch actors and placing them in a room to duke it out with a quirky mix of comedy and drama. Whether the movie clicks or not, the results are always fascinating. That's why director Roman Polanski's Carnage is at the top of our most-anticipated list. Based on the Tony-winning play God Carnage, the movie sports Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly and Inglourious Basterds Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz and the first poster gives us a look into the craziness that comes when this quartet is matched together. Many faces will be made when Carnage debuts at this year's New York Film Festival and hits theaters later this year! Check out more photos from Carnage. Source: IMP Awards
  • Mike Myers Returns for 'Austin Powers 4,' Baby
    By: Matt Patches Aug 13, 2011
    While a season full of remakes and reboots of recognizable properties can make even the most avid movie-goer exhausted, there are a few revivals that we can't help but anticipate. Yes, the Austin Powers series is a three-movie string of obvious spoofs and repeated jokes, but that's the charm. SNL alum Mike Myers' bumbling British spy and his arch-nemesis, the bald, child-like Dr. Evil, are two comedic icons—and the thought of another round with the duo has us simply giddy. Or randy, in this case. Details are scarce, but HitFix has recently confirmed that Myers is signed and sealed for a fourth entry in the spy comedy franchise. The movie doesn't have a director, supporting cast or release date, but with Myers officially on board, the plan for world domination is officially in motion [cue Dr. Evil laugh]. The third entry in the series, Goldmember hit theaters in 2002, so the big question is: does Powers still have the mojo to win over audiences a decade later? Do sharks have lasers on their heads? Of course they do! We'll give Myers the benefit of the doubt, and hope that his James Bond spoof takes a page out of Casino Royale's handbook. Imagine buffoonery with the added twist of the modern Bond...or maybe he'll just shag a few gals, sip some drinks and rub his chest hair. Either way, we're in. Source: HitFix