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Staff editor Michael Arbeiter’s natural state of being can best be described as “mild panic attack.” His earliest memories of growing up in Queens, New York, involve nighttime conversations with a voice from his bedroom wall (the jury’s still out on what that was all about) and a love for classic television that spawned from the very first time he was allowed to watch “The Munsters.” Attending college at SUNY Binghamton, a 20-year-old Michael learned two things: that he could center his future on this love for TV and movies, and that dragons never actually existed — he was kind of late in the game on that one.
  • Shia LaBeouf is a Space Cadet: Late Last Night
    By: Michael Arbeiter Jul 01, 2011
    Shia LaBeouf sat down on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to promote the opening of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. LaBeouf and Jimmy discussed the zen of Justin Bieber, his admiration for Buzz Aldrin, and the new romance in his life. Also plugging Transformers, Patrick Dempsey appeared on Lopez Tonight, discussing his car racing exploits and his secret Hawaiian vacation island. David Letterman welcomed Julia Roberts to The Late Show, but the interview was interrupted by a very excited surprise guest.
  • 'World War Z' Loses Matthew Fox and Ed Harris
    By: Michael Arbeiter Jun 30, 2011
    Those anticipating the upcoming World War Z movie adaptation were probably pretty thrilled to hear that LOST's Matthew Fox and, even more awesomely, Ed Harris, were part of the cast. Well, here comes a downer: they’re not. We reported that Fox and Harris were in talks to play supporting characters, both actors have pulled out of their roles in the film. The good news is, Brad Pitt will remain on in the film's lead role. But it's a bummer for those of us who really wanted to see Jack Shephard talking down to zombies. Apparently, World War Z sparked conflict with Fox’s schedule for I, Alex Cross: a mystery-thriller he's starring in alongside Tyler Perry. As for Ed Harris…who knows. It’s possible that the film would conflict with his role in a Beth Henley play this coming February. But nothing is conclusive. So we all wonder…why did Harris leave the project? Who will take over the recently abandoned roles? What is the fate of World War Z? How long until Fox’s new movie’s title changes to Tyler Perry’s I, Alex Cross? Source: Vulture
  • New 'Captain America' Poster Borrows from Tradition
    By: Michael Arbeiter Jun 30, 2011
    If there's one thing Captain America: The First Avenger promises, it's your traditional underdog-turned-superhero story. And if there's one thing a traditional story calls for, it's a traditional poster design: hero out front, love interest or second(s)-in-command right behind him, maybe a comic relief on the third tier. And, of course, the eyes of a villain looming overhead. It's the exact style of poster that got me to watch every single adventure movie I loved as a kid. Here's to tradition. Source: Rope Of Silicon
  • 'The Voice' Announces Its First Season's Winner
    By: Michael Arbeiter Jun 30, 2011
    Last night, we experienced the long-awaited announcement of the winner of The Voice's first season: Javier Colon. Colon, in-show protégé of judge Adam Levine, beat out runner-up Dia Frampton by only a two-percent margin. The other finalists were Vincent Martinez and Beverly McClellan. Colon expressed a great deal of respect and admiration for all three of his competitors after winning the title. Colon, a native of Connecticut, went on to say that before receiving the opportunity to perform and compete on The Voice, he was nearly considering giving up on his dream of singing professionally in favor of a more fiscally reliable career. Colon’s victory comes with $100,000 cash as well as a position on The Voice's summer tour (to begin in July) and, best of all, a recording contract with Universal Republic. The Voice will return for a second season following the 2012 Super Bowl. Source: MTV
  • Bryan Cranston Attached To 'Gangster Squad'
    By: Michael Arbeiter Jun 30, 2011
    Just yesterday, I had the good fortune to report that dramatic demigod Bryan Cranston might be joining the cast of the CIA hostage-rescue film Argo. But Cranston is not done thrilling me this week. Reportedly, he’s also attached to Gangster Squad: a film chronicling the true story of the investigation and capture of 1940s mobster Mickey Cohen by a secret police task force. Cranston will play a no-nonsense LAPD officer named Max Kennard. Others cast members include Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin (seriously…how GOOD is this movie going to be?), Anthony Mackie and Michael Peña. Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer is set to direct (THAT'S how good!). Cranston’s fourth season as an increasingly criminal drug dealer in Breaking Bad will premiere July 17. After four years on one side of the law, Cranston seems to be interested in exploring the intricacies of the “good guys,” both in Gangster Squad as a police officer and Argo as a CIA agent. Traditionally in film, the good guys are treated as lesser characters. But with the unstoppable force of Heisenberg behind these roles, I predict nothing short of intensity-induced brain-explosions. Just wait. Brain-explosions, people. Source: Comingsoon
  • Hugh Jackman Says 'Wolverine' Will Shoot In October
    By: Michael Arbeiter Jun 30, 2011
    The Wolverine cannot be killed. After losing a shooting location and a director, the apology sequel to last year’s Origins: Wolverine seemed like it was a doomed project. But according to star Hugh Jackman, shooting will begin this October, and the movie should be released around one year later. Although nothing is finalized, Fox is pushing for the film to begin production as soon as possible. James Mangold, director of Walk the Line and Kate and Leopold (so you don’t know where this guy is coming from), replaced Darren Aronofsky—probably too consumed by the coming floods to remain attached—as The Wolverine’s director, working with a script by Christopher McQuarrie. Jackman may have to push back shooting for Tom Hooper's Les Miserables, in which he’ll play the lead, Jean Valjean. Additionally, the unbearably talented actor will star in Real Steel and will cameo in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. He's in a world of mutant superheroes, the French Revolution, the Robot Fighting League, and 19th Century China. Jackman is boundless. Source: IndieWire
  • Fun, New 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' Trailer Hits the Web
    By: Michael Arbeiter Jun 30, 2011
    Despite having title that seems like it was an accident, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy just won my interest. It’s as classic as whodunits get—right down to the inclusion of the line, “We’re not so different, you and I.” Headliners Colin Firth and Gary Oldman don’t exactly deter, either.
  • Will Ferrell And Adam McKay Team Up For 'Swear to God'
    By: Michael Arbeiter Jun 29, 2011
    Will Ferrell is capable of some fantastic cerebral work. My favorite of his movies is Stranger than Fiction, the comedy-drama that explored existentialism and the art of writing and literature. Personally, I’d love to see another introspective film of this caliber starring the actor known almost exclusively for his boisterous, slapstick style of comedy…but if he ever stops making those comedies, I’d be furious. Luckily, I have nothing to worry about for now. Adam McKay, Ferrell’s director for Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers, The Other Guys, collaborator on Funny or Die, life coach and personal shaman, is developing two upcoming projects for the actor. The first is Swear to God, which lampoons the perpetrators of the economic crisis by putting Ferrell in the role of a narcissistic hedge fund manager who believes that he has literally been visited by God. McKay was heavily involved in the creation of the project, but may no longer be attached as director. Alans Cohen and Freedland, writers of Due Date, will work on the screenplay for Swear to God. The second McKay-Ferrell collaboration in the works (which McKay is, at this point, still slated to direct) is Three Mississippi: a Thanksgiving-themed comedy about two small-town rivals challenging one another to a football game. Among the possible castmembers are Mark Wahlberg (to reunite with Ferrell after The Other Guys) and Alec Baldwin. Sure. Some say there might be more merit in films like Stranger than Fiction than Ferrell's usual films. But really, something can be derived from any of Ferrell's films: a new perspective on sexism (Anchorman), America's obsession with winning (Talladega Nights), an examination and analysis of what we deem normative in police-themed cinema (The Other Guys), and... well, Step Brothers was pretty funny, too. Source: Slashfilm
  • CBS Announces Fall Premieres For 'HIMYM,' 'Two and a Half Men,' and More
    By: Michael Arbeiter Jun 29, 2011
    CBS is the latest network to announce its fall premiere schedule. All the fan favorites will be back in full effect, like How I Met Your Mother, which premieres September 19 with Martin Short added as Marshall’s (Jason Segel) eccentric boss. Two and a Half Men will also be returning on September 19, with Ashton Kutcher starting his run on the show as a new character following Charlie Harper's (Charlie Sheen) rumored “violent death.” Among the other returnees are Survivor on September 14 and The Big Bang Theory on September 22. Here's the full premiere schedule from CBS: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 8 pm Survivor: South Pacific MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 8 pm How I Met Your Mother 8:30 pm How I Met Your Mother (encore) 9 pm Two and a Half Men 9:30 pm 2 Broke Girls [new series] 10 pm Hawaii Five-0 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 8 pm NCIS 9 pm NCIS: Los Angeles 10 pm Unforgettable [new series] WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 9 pm Criminal Minds 10 pm CSI THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 8 pm The Big Bang Theory 8:30 pm The Big Bang Theory (encore) 9 pm Person of Interest [new series] 10 pm The Mentalist FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 8 pm A Gifted Man [new series] 9 pm CSI: NY 10 pm Blue Bloods SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 8 pm Rules of Engagement 8:30 pm Comedy Encores 9 pm Drama Encores 10 pm 48 Hours Mystery SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 7 pm 60 Minutes 8 pm The Amazing Race 9 pm The Good Wife 10 pm CSI: Miami MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 8:30 pm 2 Broke Girls (regular time period debut) 9:30 pm Mike & Molly THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 8:30 pm How To Be a Gentleman [new series] Source: TVLine
  • Empire Magazine Releases Two New 'The Hobbit' Photos
    By: Michael Arbeiter Jun 29, 2011
    Since the end of the The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I haven't had any grand mythologies to mentally infuse into the minutia of my life. But now that The Hobbit is on its way, things are starting to seem more and more... epic. From this point forward, I request all messages to me to be handwritten, in scroll form. Source: Comingsoon