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    By: Michelle Lee Feb 17, 2013
    After being named to countless "best dressed" lists for her gorgeous, floor-length red gown at the Grammys, Rihanna isn't winning such glowing reviews for her new fashion line. The 24-year-old singer debuted the collection on February 16 at London Fashion Week and, let's just say, the critics' claws came out. The Daily Beast called the edgy, '90s-grunge-infused line a "horror show," describing the clothes as "hideous and without an ounce of panache or style between them." Ouch, tell us how you really feel, guys.  Meanwhile, Britain's Guardian newspaper took a slightly gentler but still critical approach, saying that "for keen fashion enthusiasts who look to London for innovative ideas this 120-piece collection undoubtedly fell short." RELATED: Rihanna Strips Down in New Video Even Rihanna herself would have to admit that the clothes aren't meant for everyone (except for maybe, well...her). And as Beast writer Tom Sykes explained, "If you only feel capable of wearing clothes on the lower half of your body if they are slashed up to your waist, then again, you are in luck." But what do you think, readers? Is it as bad as the fashion crowd says? Take a look at some of the looks by clicking on the link below! GALLERY: Rihanna's Controversial New Fashion Line [Photo Credit: Wenn] From Our Partners: Bradley Cooper Dancing Is Surprisingly Awkward (Vh1)  Kate Upton Bares All in Nothing But Body Paint: Video (Celebuzz)
  • Hello Kitty Doll Rockets to Space in Awesome 7th Grade Science Project
    By: Michelle Lee Feb 10, 2013
    Since she was launched in 1974 by Japanese toymaker Sanrio, Hello Kitty has lived more than nine lives: she's been an adorable plush doll, a fashion inspiration, a TV star, even a pop singer.  But now, thanks to Antioch, Calif. seventh-grader Lauren Rojas, Hello Kitty can add one more title to her impressive resumé: astronaut.  As part of an over-achieving science project, Hello-Kitty-obsessed 13-year-old Rojas rocketed her doll into space, reaching an altitude of nearly 18 miles. "My Dad and I were watching TV and this commercial came on and it was about these three guys who sent a weather balloon into space and I thought it would be the coolest project ever," says Rojas. RELATED: $850 Quadrillion 'Star Wars' Death Star Weapon Rejected by White House With dad's help on power tools, she built the weather balloon contraption, and attached a flight computer and four video cameras. Kitty was ready for take-off. After a 90-minute flight, the balloon burst and Kitty landed in a tree 47 miles from the launch site. The footage from her fantastic voyage was cut into a four-minute YouTube clip by a family friend, and suddenly, Rojas was making friends and fans around the world.  Next up, she'll enter the project into her school's science fair next week. (And she'd better get an A-plus, teachers.) Now, if we could only get Lauren to banish some other famous kids' characters to space: how about we start with Barney and the Oogieloves? [Photo credit: illustration] From Our Partners: Young Han Solo Movie: Dave Franco to Star? (Moviefone) Justin Bieber Drug and Cheating Rumors?! (Vh1)
  • Nicholas Sparks' Mega-Mansion: See The House That Ryan Gosling Built
    By: Michelle Lee Feb 08, 2013
    Nicholas Sparks has made millions of fans writing books-turned-movies like The Notebook, Dear John, and The Lucky One. His films have drawn some of Hollywood's hottest actors, including Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, and Zac Efron, and have earned more than $600 million worldwide.  And he's apparently earned more than a couple of dollars for it, too.  Evidence? Behold the 47-year-old author's 24,000-square-foot, waterfront mansion on the banks of New Bern, North Carolina, featured in February's Coastal Living magazine. RELATED: Safe Haven Trailer Is Every Nicholas Sparks Movie Critics can tease Sparks — whose latest book-to-film Safe Haven hits theaters on February 14 — all they want about his sometimes-cheesy writing style and earnest characters. But you've got to give the guy credit. Who ever said that romance is dead hasn't seen that double staircase.  [Photo credit: Coastal Living, Wenn] From Our Partners: Young Han Solo Movie: Dave Franco to Star? (Moviefone) Justin Bieber Drug and Cheating Rumors?! (Vh1)
  • First Pics! See Gisele Bundchen's Cute New Baby — Still Hate Her Now?
    By: Michelle Lee Feb 08, 2013
    Gisele Bundchen revealed the first photos of her new baby girl Vivian Lake on Facebook Friday. "Love is everything!!!" the model, 32, wrote in the post accompanying the pic. "Happy Friday, much love to all." Those cheeks! Those little chubby baby feet! That dress! Bundchen's 9-week-old daughter is adorable, for sure. But is it enough to scrub the supermodel's image clean?  RELATED: Gisele: Why Do You Keep Making Tom Brady Look Bad? The Brazilian bombshell has a lot of marks against her: all of those husband-stealing rumors surrounding her hookup with now-husband Tom Brady, her insane quotes about childbirth (it "wasn't painful, not even a little bit,"). And, of course there's her new $20 million LA mega-mansion, which was widely ridiculed several weeks ago for having a moat. A moat. There's certainly no love lost between her and some other football wives and fans, especially after her famous post-Super Bowl rant when she criticized Brady's teammates: "I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times." Yup, the "Yoko Ono" of football hasn't won over many fans outside of the fashion world. But has motherhood softened her? Can you really still hate a lady holding a baby? Tell us in the comments section below: does sweet little Vivian make you like Gisele even a little bit more?  [Photo credit: Facebook] From Our Partners: Young Han Solo Movie: Dave Franco to Star? (Moviefone) Justin Bieber Drug and Cheating Rumors?! (Vh1)
  • Sarah Palin's Fox News Split: The Palins' Short, Troubled History on TV
    By: Michelle Lee Jan 27, 2013
    Sarah Palin has always been thought of as a political figure made for TV. No matter what your personal opinions are about her, there's no denying she's a fascinating person (Barbara Walters, of course chose her for her much-hyped "Most Fascinating People of the Year" list in 2009).  But now that the controversial one-time Vice Presidential hopeful has announced her exit from Fox News, it begs two questions: What will Palin do next? And why hasn't her time on television been a bigger success?  Palin herself vaguely answered the first question in a new interview with Breitbart News, revealing that she'll keep on "truth-telling," but just not on Fox. "As far as long-term plans, the door is wide open," she said. "I know the country needs more truth-telling in the media, and I’m willing to do that. So, we shall see." As for the second question, well, that requires a deeper dive.  The Palin Family's TV Rollercoaster Palin, who began working for Fox News in 2009, became the network's highest paid contributor, earning $1 million per year. The former Alaskan Governor's time on Fox certainly can't be considered a ratings disaster. In fact, she often brought a lot of attention to the news network. But some have questioned whether it was the right kind of attention: was the right-wing talking head just too polarizing for the already-polarizing network? In addition, there were reports of in-fighting. A 2011 New York magazine story quoted a Republican source close to Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes being disappointed with his hire: "He thinks Palin is an idiot. He thinks she’s stupid." But for now, the split seems amicable.  Palin's other big foray into TV was also a bit of a mixed bag. Sarah Palin's Alaska, which debuted in late 2010 on TLC was highly promoted but began a quick nose-dive in ratings. The reality show started out as the network's most-watched series premiere, pulling in just under 5 million viewers.  But the second episode fell to 3 million and by the fourth episode, just 2.8 million people were tuning in. Reports, though unconfirmed, circulated that Palin had earned about $1 million per episode for the series.  Her daughter Bristol has even tried her hand at reality TV several times, twice as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars and on her own Lifetime reality show Life's a Tripp, which tanked in ratings, debuting to just 726,000 viewers before sinking to 586,000 in its second week. Interestingly, two TV projects that are widely considered to be industry successes took jabs at Palin. Game Change, the HBO movie about her candidacy with John McCain starring Julianne Moore, pulled in a gross audience of 3.6 million viewers over its four-weekend run and has won multiple awards.  And her famous visit to Saturday Night Live to meet face-to-face with her impersonator, Tina Fey, pulled in the show's best ratings in 14 years with about 14 million viewers.  As for Palin's true next step, it's anyone's call whether it'll be on TV or some other arena. She continues in the Breitbart interview to say, "[I'm freeing] up opportunities to share more broadly the message of the beauty of freedom and the imperative of defending our republic and restoring this most exceptional nation. We can't just preach to the choir; the message of liberty and true hope must be understood by a larger audience." YouTube, anyone? [Photo: Wenn] More:  Sarah Palin Slams Michelle Obama On 'Sarah Palin's Alaska'Sarah Palin Leaves Fox News Is Paul Ryan Funnier Than Sarah Palin? John Oliver Votes From Our Partners: Joe Biden?! Surprisingly Hot Young Photos of Politicians 20 Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bodies 
  • 'Real Housewives' Adrienne Maloof Dating Rod Stewart's Son, 32: Bravo or Boo?
    By: Michelle Lee Jan 26, 2013
    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof, 51, is doing her part to help the cougar movement. The newly single star has admitted she's dating Rod Stewart's 32-year-old son, Sean Stewart. "This started as a business relationship and now we're casually dating," she told People magazine, stressing that "It's casual, real casual." For his part, Stewart also confirmed the relationship, telling TMZ, "I'm very happy ... She's a very very very good lady" and that anyone who criticizes their age difference is just sexist. After all, the May-December romance is commonplace for men, so why is it wrong for a woman? Remember, of course, that Sean's music icon dad Rod, 68, is married to 41-year-old model Penny Lancaster. (And his sister Kimberly, 33, had the world's most surprising secret affair with Benicio del Toro, 45, and had his baby.) So, what do you think, fans? Are we loving or loathing this new relationship? Stewart has definitely proven himself to be a bad boy. He famously battled substance abuse problems on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew and starred on his own reality TV show, Sons of Hollywood. And he's had numerous brushes with the law, including assault charges and being accused of stealing his ex-girlfriend’s car in 2008 after their relationship ended.  Still, he could make for some good TV if he ends up appearing on RHOBH. Imagine the fireworks that could be had between him and Brandi Glanville! [Photos: Wenn] More: 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville Is Not Having It 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: The Moral Corruption of Faye Resnick  'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Adrienne Maloof Has Got a Secret You Might Also Like: J. J. Abrams and ‘Star Wars’: Has the Lightsaber Been Passed to the Right Director?  100 Hottest Women of the Century: PICS
  • Kim Dotcom Returns: Let's Cast the Megaupload Movie!
    By: Michelle Lee Jan 21, 2013
    Kim Dotcom, the indicted, outrageous Megaupload tycoon, is back with a new file-sharing service. And the FBI, Hollywood and others are watching very closely.  A year ago, on January 20, 2012, Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz) was arrested and police seized about $5 million worth of cars and froze about $11 million in bank accounts. Amazing over-the-top photos of him posing on the beach with bikini babes and living it up in yacht hot tubs spread made him a fast Internet celebrity.  And even though he's still facing charges of pirating copyrighted material and money laundering in the U.S., he boldly announced on Sunday (from his New Zealand mansion) the launch of his new site, Mega, which allows users to store, share and encrypt files. (The big fear? That pirated material will be easily hidden, like a Swiss bank account for data.) The move certainly has some major implications for the movie and music industries. But could his story have another future in Hollywood? Let's face it, Dotcom's flashy tale is a story begging for a big-screen adaptation (or at least a Lifetime movie).  Who would you cast as the larger than life Dotcom? Should the King of Queens Kevin James become the Kim of Queens? For the role of his beautiful, exotic wife, Mona? Morena Baccarin, far below, from Homeland totally has a lock on it.  So, tell us in the comments section below: who would you cast? Will Sasso from The Three Stooges and Mad TV? Jack Black? Philip Seymour Hoffman? And would Kim Dotcom dare to pirate his own movie? [Photos: Youtube, Instagram, Wenn] Follow Michelle on Twitter @HWMichelleLee More: 'Game of Thrones' Is the Most Pirated Series of 2012, But What Network Show Finishes Third? Kristen Stewart and the New World of Internet Hatred Aaron Sorkin Talks Steve Jobs Biopic: "This Entire Movie Is Going to Be Three Scenes" From Our Partners: Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz) Craziest Celebrity Swimsuits (Celebuzz)
  • What Lance Armstrong Can Learn From 'Homeland's Disgraced Hero
    By: Michelle Lee Jan 19, 2013
    [Warning: Includes Homeland spoilers] As I watched Part 2 of Lance Armstrong's Oprah Winfrey interview on OWN last night, it dawned on me just how similar the cyclist's doping scandal is to the plot of Showtime's hit series Homeland. Strip away Homeland's assassination-by-pacemaker, the hot cabin sex between Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) and Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and that whole unfortunate hit-and-run subplot. Replace terrorist mastermind Abu Nazir with blood doping (OK, sort of). And at their cores, the stories are eerily similar. Just take a look: A curiously small-mouthed American warrior goes through hell and emerges as the ultimate survivor on the other side. He's done the impossible, and his incredible story turns him into a national hero. A hot commodity on the speakers' circuit, he becomes an influential humanitarian, amasses political power, reaps financial rewards and inspires millions of supporters. Here's the twist: it's all a big fraud. The hero is perpetuating a massive lie, fooling nearly everyone and brutally attacking those who threaten to uncover the truth. He acts incredulous that anyone would dare to question his integrity. And his tactics work: even when he's dangerously close to getting caught, he escapes unscathed. Behind closed doors, he's a jerk and a bully. But, for the moment, he's invincible. Still, one woman knows the truth. And when she shouts it from the rooftops, the "hero" makes it his mission to discredit her, branding her as a crazy b**ch with a vendetta against him. Armstrong's loudest critic Emma O'Reilly, top: Now vindicated like Homeland's Carrie Eventually, of course, his story begins to unravel. In an emotional, humbling moment, the American hero is forced to tell his teenage child the truth. And everything starts to spiral out of control. His story is discredited and the authorities ask for his help to rat out others. The fraud tears his family life apart, rips him away from friends and, soon, he's publicly disgraced. His confession airs on television, and finally, he's seen by millions admitting: I'm not who you think I am. WHAT LANCE CAN LEARN FROM BRODY  At the end of the season 2 Homeland finale, the audience and Carrie are left wondering whether disgraced hero Brody is truly a changed man or if he's stilllying. And as part 2 of Armstrong's OWN interview came to a close, the audience (and Oprah, no doubt) were left pondering the same essential question. The difference, however, is that even before his confession went public, Brody understood that his life would have to change. He didn't expect to be Vice President anymore. He was more than happy to retreat to a cabin with Carrie. Or disappear in a small Canadian village. But fading away is a lesson that Armstrong, 41, can't quite grasp. The seven-time Tour de France winner (whose medals were stripped in October by the sport's governing body) is still, frustratingly, chasing the glory. "If you're asking me do I want to compete again, the answer is hell yes, I'm a competitor," he told Oprah. He seems to accept that he'll likely never compete in the Tour de France again. But, when asked if he should be allowed to take part in other sanctioned events (such as the Boston marathon), he replied, "This might not be the most popular answer, but I think I deserve it." Whether viewers believed everything Armstrong said in the full 2.5-hour interview, that single answer felt more raw and honest than any other words that left his mouth. The bold, even cocky, statement certainly wasn't a canned answer that any publicist would ever approve. Instead of groveling for forgiveness and accepting his punishment, the cyclist finally offered some clear insight into why he felt he should be forgiven: not because he was remorseful but because he somehow deservedit. With millions of people — cancer patients, sponsors, devoted fans — feeling duped by Armstrong, maybe he should follow the lead of TV's other disgraced hero, who we last saw making a frantic run for the border. And unlike Brody, who can never truly be allowed to fade into obscurity as a matter of national security, Armstrong really candisappear. After all, no one really wants to see Lance Armstrong make another dash for the finish line (except for him). But what we'd all rather see is the one-time champ pulling a Brody and running fast — and far — away from the spotlight.  [Photos: Wenn, AP images, Showtime] Follow Michelle on Twitter @HWMichelleLee More: Lance Armstrong Confesses to Doping in Oprah Interview — Could He Face a Perjury Charge? Oprah to Talk to Lance Armstrong. What Are Her 10 Most Awkward Interviews Ever? Lance Armstrong's Scandal and Why We Can't Believe Anything Anymore You Might Also Like: 100 Hottest Women of the Century: Do You Agree?  9 Most Insane Celebrity Baby Bumps
  • 7 Funny Photos from Berlin Fashion Week That Rival Zoolander 
    By: Michelle Lee Jan 19, 2013
    Fashion Week is upon us around the world. In fact, as we speak, fashion designers and supermodels have converged in Germany for Berlin Fashion Week. And if you think the Milan and Paris haute couture shows get wild, you haven't seen anything yet.   Guten Tag. Welcome to Das Fashion Circus. (Is That Brüno?) Much of what was shown on the runway at the women's shows was beautiful and decidedly not crazy. But it was the men who really turned it out. Derek Zoolander, beware. The fine cashmere glove has been slapped and you've been challenged to a walk-off.    There were guys in clown makeup, a live falcon, a dirt catwalk, and enough "smizing" to fill three cycles of America's Next Top Model. Just take a look at some of the strange, amazing, funny images to come out of the first part of the week.  Just Moments After Being Kicked Out of Insane Clown Posse  Hey, Is That Lena Dunham's Mesh Shirt? Maggie Gyllenhaal on the Bottom, Jake Gyllenhaal on the Top Who Said Print Was Dead? Styled By Christina Aguilera and David Gest? It's True, These Models Really Do Eat Like Birds! [Photos: Wenn] More:  Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: These Angels Got 'Locked Out of Heaven' The 'Les Mis' Red Carpet: In Which Anne Hathaway Grows Wings 8 Things More Offensive Than Victoria's Secret's Sexy Little Geisha From Our Partners: Craziest Celebrity Swimsuits (Celebuzz) Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 'Django' Slave Dolls Yanked: Will Controversy Scare Oscar Voters?
    By: Michelle Lee Jan 18, 2013
    Django Unchained has attracted its share of controversy. The ultra-violent Quentin Tarantino movie about a slave (played by Jamie Foxx) on a wild mission to rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) has drawn criticism, most famously from director Spike Lee, Al Sharpton and other groups who've called it racist and offensive. Now, the Weinstein Co., the studio that produced it, has caved to protests and asked toymaker NECA to pull a line of Django action figures from stores that were slammed by Sharpton's National Action Network. The toy company reportedly agreed and discontinued the dolls immediately.  The controversy hasn't hurt Django at the box office. The movie has become the highest-grossing film of Tarantino's career, earning close to $130 million to date. But could all of the negative attention cripple the movie, which is nominated for Best Picture, at the upcoming Oscars? Looking at the entire history of Academy voting, it certainly doesn't bode well for the film.  Controversy doesn't typically play well at the Oscars, with critical darlings (and relatively uncontroversial) films like The Artist and The King's Speech taking top honors in the past two years. Remember, Tarantino's masterpiece Pulp Fiction, packed with racial slurs, S&M and violence, lost to warm, fuzzy Forrest Gump in 1994.  On the plus side, the publicity — however negative it may be — is keeping the movie in the headlines and fresh in voters' minds, long past its December 25 release date. And it will likely stay there close to February 19, when the final Oscar ballots are cast.   As for those controversial dolls? The toys started selling like hotcakes immediately after news hit that they'd been nixed, reports The action figures, which were normally priced at $39.99, began going for a trumped-up $300 a piece on eBay. So if Tarantino doesn't go home with a golden statue on February 24, he could still go home with an action figure, for the right price.  More: Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' Fact or Fiction: Mandingo Fighting, Bounty Hunters, and More Spike Lee Goes Internet Troll on Quentin Tarantino and 'Django Unchained' Tarantino Revive-O-Meter: 9 Actors (And 1 Composer) Who Got a QT Career Assist [Photo: Weinstein Co.] You Might Also Like: 100 Hottest Women of the Century: Do You Agree? Lance Armstrong’s Oprah Confession: 28 Revealing Quotes