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  • Lil Wayne Talks Retirement: But Will He Back Out Like These Stars?
    By: Michelle Lee Nov 24, 2012
    At just 30 years old, Lil Wayne has already clocked 19 years in the music business, dozens of collaborations (some good, some bad—we're talking to you, Paris Hilton), and an incredible 10 solo LPs.  But he told MTV in a new interview that he plans to quit the game and head into retirement after his album Tha Carter V. "Man, I've been rappin' since I was 8 years old," he said. "I'm 30 now, man. That's a long time, man."  That may still be a few years off, since he has another album coming out on February 19 before he drops Tha Carter (and possibly a few—or 10?—in between?). But the bigger question is: Will the retirement even stick? Celebrities, and rappers in particular, are notorious for threatening to leave the business then making a big U-Turn straight back in.  Just take a look at some recent reformed retirees:  Nicki Minaj: In 2011, Nicki said in a British radio interview, "People aren't even giving the kid props for taking it back to the essence. The kid did like that so she could feed her fans. But really, now the kid is thinking maybe she should leave the game." Of course, another album and a cushy new American Idol gig snapped her right out of that.  PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj's Craziest Tour Looks Clint Eastwood: The actor-director claimed in 2008 that Gran Torino was the last film he would star in—but he came out of his self-imposed retirement to star in this year's Trouble with the Curve. Jay-Z may be the most famous flip-flopping retiree in Hollywood, pulling the plug on his career many times. In 1996, he claimed that Reasonable Doubt would be his first and only album. But the next year he was back with In My Lifetime… Vol. 1. He bid farewell again in 2003, with The Black Album and his "final" concert at Madison Square Garden. And, as expected, he was back three years later with Kingdom Come. "I think I pulled the retirement ripcord too many times," he admitted in 2007. "People looking at me like, 'Please shut up.'" PHOTOS: Beyonce, Jay-Z Reveal Photos of Baby Blue Ivy Waka Flocka Flame.  “I’d rather work at Wal-Mart than rap, and that’s my word on God,” the rapper recently said. He then dropped a new single, "Round of Applause." Amanda Bynes: The actress had an epic Twitter freakout in 2010, claiming she'd retired from acting at age 24. She then recanted via Twitter: "remember when I said I retired? oops! I never retired! ha! you probably knew that! love yall! :)"  Mase: Diddy's old right-hand man announced in 1999 that he was leaving rap for religion. After spending five years as a minister in Atlanta, Ga, he returned to the biz with a new album Welcome Back. 50 Cent: In an ego-fueled sales feud with Kanye West, the rapper/actor vowed that he'd retire if Kanye’s Graduation outsold his Curtis, which were released the same day. 50 lost but reneged on his promise, later releasing Before I Self-Destruct.  The Game: The rapper vowed that this third album, LAX, would be his last back in 2008. But it didn't last long. “I tried,” he later said. “That s**t ain't last too long, because you gotta keep the lights on.” Follow Michelle on Twitter @HWMichelleLee [Photo credit: Wenn] More: Guns and Drugs Found on Rapper Nelly's Tour Bus Who Wore It Better: Kanye West or Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? Tom Hanks' Rapper Son Shares Shirtless Photos You Might Also Like: Jennifer Lawrence Bikinis in Hawaii (PICS) Best and Worst of the Thanksgiving Parade
  • Jessica Biel's 'Hitchcock' Dress: Bizarre in Front, Beautiful in Back?
    By: Michelle Lee Nov 21, 2012
    Jessica Biel is a star who you could arguably call "famous from the back." When Esquire magazine crowned her their Sexiest Woman Alive in 2005, her enviable rearview played a key role. "Those liquid lips, those pearly ankles, that sexy butt— Jessica Biel is a woman of many parts," the magazine extolled.  So it's not entirely surprising that Justin Timberlake's new bride would unhinge many a jaw at the LA premiere of her new film Hitchcock. From behind, her daring, skin-baring Gucci gown was the perfect frame for her ridiculously muscular back.  PHOTOS: 15 TV Characters With Style Unsuitable For the Red Carpet From the front, some unfortunately-placed ruffles were like Kryptonite, weakening the actress' superpowers and transforming her into an average citizen. (OK, she's still gorgeous, but you get my point.) Wonder if JT will take a page from the Kanye school of relationships and start styling his lady. Hey, it could happen. "He is fearless in his choices and has a real eye for design," Biel told In Style in August about her husband. "And I’ll be honest: He has better taste than I do!" <a href="">Do you love or hate Jessica's dress?</a> More: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Say 'I Do' in Romantic Italian Ceremony Inside Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Star-Studded Engagement Party  Scarlett Johansson: How She Captured 'the Essence' of Janet Leigh in 'Hitchcock' [Photo Credit: Wenn] From Our Partners: Miley Cyrus Debuts Even Shorter Shaved Hairdo (PHOTOS)(Celebuzz) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Kiss During Romantic Date Night in Rome (PHOTOS) (Celebuzz)
  • 'iCarly': the Best Sitcom Since 'Arrested Development'?
    By: Michelle Lee Nov 19, 2012
    Ever since Arrested Development was so wrongly canceled in 2006, I gave up on television comedy. The drought lasted for years, despite some half-hearted attempts.  I tried (and failed) to connect with everything from 30 Rock to The New Girl to Parks & Recreation to Veep. I even tried re-runs of How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory.  Predictably, I'd end up changing the channel after a few minutes. My heart just wasn't into it. That's not to say there's anything wrong with those shows. Over time, I began to realize: It wasn't them. It was me.  If TV broke up with a show as great as Arrested Development, I simply wasn't ready to start a relationship with any other comedy.  I never gave up on comedies on the big screen. But my DVR was strictly packed with dramas, reality shows, science and car shows (my husband's).  And then came iCarly.  Yes, people of the interwebs, make fun of me all you want. I know it's terribly uncool to admit that you like a kids' show. After all, family programming has gotten a bad rap over the years. While there are some socially-acceptable animated shows (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Legend of Korra), live-action family shows are usually horribly, mind-numbingly cheesy.  I wasn't exactly looking for iCarly—my kids watch it, therefore, I was forced to watch. I started out absorbing it through osmosis a few years ago. Then, slowly, it became more than background noise.  And do you know what? As crazy as this may sound to anyone over the age of nine, it's a great show. Any parent can tell you that having to sit through most kids' shows can be torture—the bad child actors, cliché plots, the canned dialogue, all of the perpetual Taylor-Swift-surprised-faces.  But this one was refreshingly different. iCarly owes a lot to its casting director: the main actors, Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Jennette McCurdy, are all truly funny and totally commit to the silliness. Plus, the writing is smart (yes, smart) and original (there's a reason why Jack Black, Emma Stone and Michelle Obama have guest-starred). And ultimately, what I really appreciated was that the show makes no apologies for being exactly what it is: an old-school, family-friendly sitcom with zero edge.  I know, I know, we all want to judge others based on their TV likes and dislikes. But, this simple little Nickelodeon show helped me understand that we need to stop being so afraid to just admit when a good show is a good show.  On every level, it has nearly nothing in common with Arrested Development, but maybe that's exactly why I needed it. Like the Lost fan rejecting every Lost-like show that came after it, I resented all of the shaky single-camera docu-style comedies that came after Arrested's demise. Because, frankly, my favorite dead show did it better. I needed something completely different to break me out of my comedy funk and get me back on that horse. And it worked.  So, now, as iCarly airs its final episode on Friday after five seasons, I can honestly say that a kids' show helped me learn that it was OK for me to love another comedy on TV after my Arrested Development heartbreak. Now, excuse me, I have a date with Louie. [Photo Credit: Fox; Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon] More: It’s Arrested Development: A Gallery of Set Photos from the New Season Arrested Development: 20 Running Jokes We Hope Keep Running Michelle Obama Visits iCarly Follow Michelle on Twitter @HWMichelleLee From Our Partners: ’Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2’ Scores a HUGE Win (Moviefone) Best (and Worst!) Movie Plot Twists Ever (Moviefone)
  • Mary-Kate Olsen's Kiss With Much-Older Boyfriend: Creepy or Cute?
    By: Michelle Lee Nov 11, 2012
    Mary-Kate Olsen, 26, showed that things are still going strong with boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy, 42, despite a 16-year age difference. The couple got cozy at a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on November 9 in NYC and, let's just say, the pictures are interesting (like this last set that freaked us out with his daughter).  Sarkozy's two school-age children sat nearby while the pair goofed around. During the game, the banker (and half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy) showered the actress with some curiously Danny Tanner-esque forehead smooches. And...I. Can't. Stop. Looking. At. This. Picture.  The May-December romance has surprised many an onlooker, but the former Full House star could care less. "Everyone has an opinion," she told the Wall Street Journal in late October. "I find it's better to focus on what's in front of you and to keep putting one foot in front of the other." Anyone who's watched Crazy, Stupid Love or Benjamin Buttonknows that age shouldn't make a difference when it comes to finding true love. But, what do you think, readers: Is this creepy or adorable in a boundary-breaking, "screw society" kind of way? [Photo Credit: James Devaney/WireImage] Follow Michelle on Twitter @HWMichelleLee More:  Quoi? Mary-Kate Olsen Reportedly Dating Olivier Sarkozy 8 Child Actors and Their First Grown-Up Roles  Ashley Olsen Retires From Acting at 25  From Our Partners: 60 Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?! (Celebuzz) See Reese Witherspoon's Adorable New Baby (PHOTOS) (Celebuzz)
  • Jonah Hill Slams CNN Anchor in Bizarre Twitter Catfight
    By: Michelle Lee Nov 10, 2012
    Horror stories abound of fans walking up to celebrities only to be brushed aside. But when it happens to fellow famous folk, they apparently don't take it lying down.  Case in point? CNN anchor Don Lemon launched an atomic Twitter-fueled hate rocket at Jonah Hill yesterday after the 21 Jump Street actor apparently snubbed him.  The drama began on Thursday, when Lemon dissed Hill via Twitter: "Said hi to Jonah Hill in hotel. Think he thought I was bellman. Didn't know his name till bellman told me. A lesson to always be kind." Hill, of course, was not having it. He fired back: "I said hi, what do you want me to do move in with you? I was in a hurry. Didn't realize you were a 12 year old girl."  The Superbad star later added: "I walked out of the restroom and found you waiting for me. Shook hands, said hi and was on my way. Sorry if you found that rude"  The following day, CNN took a break from post-election coverage and talk of the Petraeus resignation to discuss another international political crisis — the Hill and Lemon feud.   The anchor tried to explain himself but instead, kept adding fuel to the fire. "Jonah Hill doesn't owe me anything," he said. "He may have been having a bad day, but Jonah Hill treated me like the help." He went on to admit that Hill did shake his hand, but it was a "wet handshake," adding: "Normally it doesn't bother me, but I was done, because I was taught by mother to always be kind to people." Besides being highly entertaining, the whole ridiculous catfight begs the question: Are celebrities even supposed to be nice? Maybe we're just expecting way too much from them. Yes, they should be grateful that they have fans (whether those fans happen to be on national TV or work at the local Walgreens). But do you stop to chat with every stranger you come across? Watch the clip below for some more of the craziness.  [Photos: Wenn]  Follow Michelle on Twitter @HWMichelleLee More: Jennifer Lawrence Denies Kristen Stewart Feud The Feud Continues: 'Glee''s Matthew Morrison Responds to Jonah Hill's Threats Javier Bardem on His Quirky 'Skyfall' Villain: 'That's Me — Because I'm Insane Sometimes' From Our Partners:Wow! Daniel Day-Lewis’ Amazing Movie Transformations (Moviefone) Sexiest Bond Girl Ever?(Moviefone)
  • Selena Gomez Dumps Justin Bieber, Earth Spins Off Axis — Reports
    By: Michelle Lee Nov 10, 2012
    UPDATED:  Justin Bieber and  Selena Gomez were the couple that everyone thought would stay together. Just kidding. We all knew this was going to happen. It was just a matter of when. Both and E! Online are reporting that the young Hollywood power couple have split. "She broke up with him about a week ago," a source tells People. "With them being apart so much it got complicated. She had some trust issues. It's not easy, but the relationship needed to end."  The E! source similarly blames the breakup on time spent apart: "Because of their crazy schedules, it was getting harder and harder to maintain a relationship," the source says. PHOTOS: Relive Justin and Selena's Best PDA Moments  Breakup rumors first started to fly when Bieber was spotted getting cozy with 19-year-old Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin, catching a Broadway show of The Lion King (of course).  And just hours after the split went public on Saturday, he went on radio show Open House Party: "I don't know what to say. I don't know what's going on in my life. To even assess that it doesn't make sense 'cause I have not made any comment." Gomez, 20, and Bieber, 18, had the odds stacked against them from the get-go. The actress/singer weathered Twitter death threats and other nasty comments from ravenous Bieber fans when they first went public with their romance in February 2011. And let's face it, the track record for young couples — or couples in general — in Hollywood is not encouraging.  So now, we're left to pin all of our hopes and dreams on Hollywood's other adorable young couples. Miley and Liam, we're looking at you.  Follow Michelle on Twitter @HWMichelleLee [Photo: Getty Images] More: Team Justin or Team Selena: Whose Side Are You On? Dear Justin Bieber, Consumer Reports Totally Hates Your Stupid Car Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen's Very Unlikely Duet — LISTEN From Our Partners: Bieber and Gomez: Details of the Split (Celebuzz) Reese Witherspoon’s Baby Boy Makes Public Debut! (PHOTOS) (Celebuzz)
  • BBC Battles Jerry Sandusky-Like Child Sex Abuse Cover-Up Charges: UPDATE
    By: Michelle Lee Oct 30, 2012
    BBC host Jimmy Savile (left) and pop star Gary Glitter  UPDATE: The BBC's top executive, George Entwistle, resigned late Saturday in the wake of the company's alleged mishandling of two sex-abuse scandals that have rocked the country.  ORIGINAL STORY:  As infamous Penn State predator Jerry Sandusky begins his 30- to 60-year sentence in a Camp Hill, Penn. prison, a similar scandal is making entertainment headlines across the pond.  It's a terrifying story, decades in the making, involving a popular TV host, a 1970s pop star and the world's largest broadcaster — the BBC.  On Sunday, former glam rock star Gary Glitter was arrested by London police investigating a wide-scale child sex abuse scandal.  Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, hit it big with his 1972 stadium anthem "Rock & Roll (Part 2)," which you can still hear today at most sporting events thanks to its catchy "Hey!" chorus. But in 2006, the musician spent several years in a Vietnamese prison after he was convicted of sexually abusing two preteen girls there.  British detectives now suspect his involvement in another sex abuse scandal surrounding his friend, once-beloved BBC TV host Jimmy Savile, who's been described as one of the worst sex offenders in recent history. (Although Glitter denies the allegations.) For two decades, Savile hosted the popular show Top of the Pops and also — frighteningly — had his own kids' show called Jim'll Fix It.  Later in his life, the star, who died last year at 84, was accused of so many counts of child sex abuse that investigators now believe he victimized about 300 children and adolescents, often allegedly using his fame and the TV set premises to lure them.  WHAT DID HIS BBC BOSSES KNOW? Now, in a year that's already swirled with one massive British media scandal (Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. hacking debacle), international media is shifting a critical eye to the BBC, one of the world's most respected news organizations, and what key executives really knew.  One reason people are starting to care this side of the Atlantic? In August, the New York Times named former BBC director general Mark Thompson its new Chief Executive with his first day slated as Nov. 12. And journalists are starting to seriously question his involvement in the Savile scandal.  So much so that even the NYT itself published an Op-Ed piece questioning his appointment. "Given the seriousness of sexual abuse allegations — look at what it did to Penn State — you would think that Thompson and his underlings would immediately want to get to the bottom of it," the writer charged. For now, as police wrap up their investigation, the worlds of media and entertainment are left to wonder if the scandal could take down the news giant.  "The BBC's reputation is on the line," Chris Patten, the chairman of the BBC Trust, wrote in The Mail on Sunday newspaper. "[It] risks squandering public trust because one of its stars over three decades was apparently a sexual criminal ... and because others — BBC employees and hangers-on — may also have been involved."  [Photo credit: Wenn] Follow Michelle on Twitter @HWMichelleLee More: Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty: A Look Back at His Pop Culture Skewering Kutcher learned 'great lesson' from Paterno tweet uproar Perry salutes Penn State child sex abuse victim From Our Partners: Exclusive New ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Trailer! (Moviefone) Oops! Biggest Comedy Movie Mistakes (Moviefone)
  • Who Wore It Better: Kanye West or Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? 
    By: Michelle Lee Oct 30, 2012
    Kanye West once said his love of fashion started in kindergarten but it looks like it might've stalled there! At a Halloween party in NYC on October 27, the 35-year-old self-appointed "voice of this generation" seemed to be channeling Hollywood's other grade-school trendsetter: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. (Alright, alright, the more logical guess is that he was the sea captain to girlfriend Kim Kardashian's mermaid. But we can't help but notice the eerie resemblance.) Six-year-old Shiloh, whose mom Angelina Jolie famously described her fashion sense as "Montenegro style" wore this nautical look first in Venice, Italy, in 2010. But who wore it better? [Photo credits: Pacific Coast News] More: Is Angelina Jolie Ready To Quit Acting? Kanye West Tweets New Nude Album Cover - And No, That's Not Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Pulls a Sarah Palin, Poses With Gun Follow Michelle on Twitter @HWMichelleLee From Our Partners: Exclusive New ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Trailer! (Moviefone) Oops! Biggest Comedy Movie Mistakes (Moviefone)
  • Britney Spears' Wig Controversy: Magazine 'Sorry' But Should They Be?
    By: Michelle Lee Oct 29, 2012
     When images circulated of Britney Spears' new Lucky magazine cover last week, Twitter exploded with comments like, "Truly heinous," "Terrible!" and "Brit is in a crooked hair hat."   Now, just days after the controversy erupted, the magazine bowed to pressure and apologized in a tweet: "As always, we will share with our team and we’re sorry to have let some of you down." But was an apology really necessary? There's a long-standing saying in the lady-mag business that "hair sells a cover." In fact, as a magazine vet, I can tell you: it's relatively common practice to heavily Photoshop celebrities' hair (or even digitally replace it altogether) although editors certainly don't shout it from the rooftops. So, what's an editor to do when dealt a star like Britney Spears, who's been so hair challenged in the past? I say stack the deck in your favor, sister.  Obviously, I think we can all agree it's terrible to airbrush celebrities' bodies so they look dramatically thinner or to take off every little line and wrinkle from their faces until they look like those Svedka robots. After all, much has been written about the psychological effects on girls and women being raised on a steady diet of Photoshopped celebrity perfection.  But is it so wrong to slap some fake hair — allegedly! — on the X Factor judge?  Let's just take a look back at some pics of her real hair for a quick counter-argument:  Battling Major Weave Woes   The Head-Shaving Incident Heard 'Round the World (it even spawned its own cookie!)   Best in Show, Shih Tzu Edition  See, magazine readers: what would you do? [Photo credit: Lucky magazine, Wenn] Follow Michelle on Twitter @HWMichelleLee More: Britney Spears Auditions for 'Star Search' at Age 10 — VIDEO ''X Factor' To Hit Us (Baby) One More Time With a Third Season Kate Middleton's Bikini Controversy: PhotoShopped to Look Thinner? From Our Partners: Tom Cruise’s $50m Defamation Suit Over Suri Abandonment Claim: What Are His Chances of Winning? (INSIDE STORY) (Celebuzz) Levi Johnston Marries Sunny Ogelsby in Alaska (Celebuzz)
  • Scott Disick's 'American Psycho' Transformation Is Now Complete 
    By: Michelle Lee Oct 29, 2012
    Any Kardashian-watcher worth their salt knows that Kourtney's boyfriend/baby-daddy Scott Disick looks an awful lot like American Psycho's Patrick Bateman, played brilliantly by Christian Bale in the 2000 movie. The coif, the suits, the ego — the only thing missing was the ax. Until now. Finally, in a truly meta moment, Disick has finally embraced the resemblance himself. The 29-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star hosted an American Psycho-themed Halloween party at 1Oak nightclub in Las Vegas on Oct. 28. And his costume? The woman-hating, materialistic, ax-wielding nutjob himself.  In 2010, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe said they could see Bale, 38, playing Disick if Keeping Up With the Kardashians was ever made into a movie. "We see a definite resemblance there." But now that reality and fantasy have merged, our brains are getting confused. The reality star and the character are morphing into one frightening Gaultier-wearing amalgam. Can you tell them apart anymore based on their quotes? (Answers below!) 1. "I’m young, handsome, successful, wealthy. You could say I’m a role model — I'm the American dream."  2. "There are no girls with good personalities."  3. "I really enjoy trying to look as great as I can all the time. It gives me a sense of confidence."  4. "If I'm a murderer, wouldn't I be the wrong person to f**k with?"  5. "A bold stripe shirt calls for solid colored or discreetly patterned suits and ties."  6. "There's only so many days I can ejaculate in one day."  7. "When you think of the debonair, ridiculously good looking guy, you think of me."  [Photo Credit: DJDM/WENN; Lionsgate] More: Kanye West Can't Keep His Pants on Around Kim Kardashian — PIC 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Promo: The Five Kraziest Moments President Obama & Jimmy Kimmel Join the Kardashian-Slamming Bandwagon Answers: Scott Disick: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 Patrick Bateman: 2, 5 Follow Michelle on Twitter @HWMichelleLee From Our Partners: ’Bring It On’ Star Struck By Car and Killed (Celebuzz) Biggest Comedy Movie Mistakes Ever(Moviefone)