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Ana is our Viral Content Director, but really she is just a fangirl/Disney fanatic in disguise. Don't mention One Direction or Harry Potter unless you plan on having a 5-hour-long discussion on both. She believes every office should have the right balance between sunlight and cats.
  • Which One Direction Song Was Written About You?
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Nov 25, 2014
  • A Definitive Ranking of Zac Efron's Best Dance Moves
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Nov 24, 2014
    Zac Efron has it all: looks, charm, and awesome dance skills. You might not think his singing is all that great (neither did Disney in the first High School Musical) but you can't deny that Zac can dance. We wanted to include every dance sequence from the High School Musical series, but some of them really shouldn't be watched multiple times. 12. The "Get'Cha Head In The Game" Dance: Channel Channel 11. This come hither move from "What Time Is It": GIPHY/Disney Channel We are on our way. 10. When he busted a move in 17 Again: GIPHY/New Line Cinema 9. THIS moment from High School Musical 3: Senior Year: Disney/ 8. This bro chest bump from "The Boys Are Back": GIPHY/Disney 7. His dance moves were so strong, he had to teach Michelle Pfeiffer how to get down in New Year's Eve: Line Cinema 6. When he was a member of the famous "We're All In This Together" Dance": YouTube/Disney Channel 5. Whatever this dance from Workaholics is: Central Central 4. Pretty much any moment Troy and Gabriella danced together in the entire HSM series: GIPHY/Disney GIPHY/Disney GIPHY/Disney Channel 3. When he graduated from high school to college frat boy in Neighbors: Pictures Pictures 2. When he broke our hearts as Link Larkin in Hairspray: New Line Cinema/ Swoon. 1. The "Bet On It" sequence from High School Musical 2: YouTube/Disney Channel This comes in at #1 because there is no way you can watch this clip without smiling (and hysterically laughing). Zac sure has no problem following choreography, even if it's extremely out there, and for that, we will always love him and always remember this scene.  What is your favorite Zefron dance scene? Tweet us your answers! Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @analuisasrz //
  • Battle Of The Music Videos: 15 Years Ago Vs. Now
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Nov 21, 2014
    Are we the only ones who miss old videos? Nowadays, it seems people are more concerned with breaking each others' records on Vevo than they are with putting out a quality (if not, a little goofy) video. Are you more a fan of videos from 15 years ago or now? Britney Spears vs. Ariana Grande Brit - "Oops, I did It Again" YouTube Ari - "Break Free" YouTube This is no contest. We'd just like to use this as a chance to shut down the idea that Ariana is at Britney's level. No one is at Britney's level, but Britney Spears herself, who after over 17 years in the business, 2 kids, a failed marriage, a total breakdown, and more, is still very much on top of her game. Our winner will always be Britney.  Christina Aguilera vs. Jessie J Xtina - 'What A Girl Wants" YouTube Jessie - "Burnin' Up" YouTube This one is tough. Not going off their talent (both women have amazing voices, that they love to show off) but the video itself, we are going to say Christina is the winner. It was a very close race, almost a tie. But sadly 2 Chains is the reason that Jessie J can't come out on top, because not only does he sound weird mixed in with her raw, fun talent, but he feels even weirder in this video. NSYNC vs. One Direction NSYNC - "Bye Bye Bye" YouTube 1D - "Steal My Girl" YouTube This is tough for us. We grew up on NSYNC, but love One Direction. Still, going off the quality of the video's content and not the actual song, we're going to crown NYSNC as the winner. Coming off their album No Strings Attached, this video just makes so much sense. They're saying goodbye to their puppet-master ex and moving on with their life. What on earth was 1D doing with a chimpanzee and a 100 random people in the middle of nowhere (we love it, but we're super confused). Destiny's Child vs. Fifth Harmony Destiny's Child - "Bills Bills Bills" YouTube Fifth Harmony - "BO$$" YouTube Two songs with similar concepts, these ladies are looking for some respect. While we're inclined to support strong women and shirtless men, we're going to have to rule the winner Destiny's Child here, because Beyoncé telling someone to kick it to the curb in the beginning of your video is always the way to start. Plus, it's Beyoncé.  Eminem vs. Iggy Azalea  Em - "The Real Slim Shady" YouTube Iggy - "Fancy" YouTube If this was a contest between Eminem 15 years ago vs. Now, this video would win, 100%. He needs to go back to his roots. However, it's not. This is a competition between him and a rapper he very recently got in hot water with. And would you look at that, our winner is Iggy Azaela. The easiest way to our hearts, and most 90's babies, is a perfect Clueless reference, and this tribute tops anything else we've seen in years. Where does your loyalty lie, the past or the present? Tweet us which side you've chosen! Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 17 Movies To Watch For Every Specific Mood You Have
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Nov 20, 2014
    Have you ever been a particular mood that you can watch only one movie to relieve it? We've certainly been there. 1. When you feel like your life is just really tough: GIPHY/Lionsgate Watch: The Hunger Games. Feeling better about your life yet? 2. When you really wish you had a long-lost twin: GIPHY/Buena Vista Pictures Watch: The Parent Trap (1998). 3. If you really feel like you need some time to think: GIPHY/Universal Pictures Watch: Atonement. How did that extra time work for you? 4. When you're in love with someone and secretly plan a life together: GIPHY/Buena Vista Pictures Watch: While You Were Sleeping.  Maybe you embellished your life with them while they're in a coma, but we wont judge. 5. When you wish wish you were an elf but you're just a human: GIPHY/New Line Cinema Watch: Elf.  You cotton-headed-ninny-muggins you! 6. When you really just wish you were a human, but your dad (the King) says no: GIPHY/Walt Disney Pictures Watch: The Little Mermaid. But you're not going to listen to him, are you? 7. When you wish you could marry a rich man, but he thinks you're rich too (and you're really not): GIPHY/Columbia Pictures Watch: Maid In Manhattan.  Bonus points if you have an adorable child. 8. Or, alternatively you want to marry a guy but you're his wedding planner: GIPHY/Columbia Pictures Watch: The Wedding Planner. 9. If you ever get the strong urge to move to Washington: GIPHY/Summit Entertainment Watch: Twilight. Don't do it. Vampires. 10. When you think your life turned out terribly and accidentally travel back in time: GIPHY/New Line Cinema Watch: 17 Again.  But, in what world does Zac Efron turn into Matthew Perry? Yikes. 11. When you're trying to prove to someone you're able to handle big responsibilities: GIPHY/Columbia Pictures Watch: Big Daddy. Kids aren't that hard, right? 12. When you wonder what it would be like to have fulfilled your childhood dream of hanging out with animals: GIPHY/Warner Bros. Watch: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  A grown up that saves animals? All our childhood dreams come true! 13. If you ever feel like your family is so crazy and no one understands you: GIPHY/ The Weinstein Company Watch: August Osage County. Your family is probably pretty normal, now that you think about it. 14. When you're curious about what your toys do when you're not home: GIPHY/Pixar Watch: Toy Story. Do they just lay there all day or...? 15. When you messed up at your job and are inches from being fired, so you decide you need to pull a huge stunt to save yourself: GIPHY/Columbia Pictures Watch: White Chicks.  Cause what says "I want to keep my job" better than dressing up as two spoiled white girls? 16. When you really feel like you just need some time to yourself: GIPHY/Warner Bros. Pictures Watch: I Am Legend.  Missing your "crazy" family yet? 17. When all of your friends are getting engaged this Christmas: GIPHY/20th Century Fox Watch: 27 Dresses.  Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @analuisasrz //
  • The 'Pitch Perfect 2' Trailer Released And Bellas All Over Are Excited
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Nov 20, 2014
    Universal Pictures The Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is finally here! Aca-scuse me? ACA-BELIEVE IT! The long-awaited trailer comes months (or a lifetime) after the filming for this amazing sequel ended and fans have been getting a little impatient. Now that the trailer has arrived, we're more than ready for this girl party to start. We've got our pillows ready, in case an invitation for that pillow fight is still open! The stakes are raised in Pitch perfect 2, no longer are they competing at an acapella college level, now they've moved onto the international stage. Our favorite girls, Beca (our girl crush Anna Kendrick) and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) are joined by the rest of the gang, as well as a new comer, Emily (Hailee Steinfeld)! Once again, it seems like the Barden Bellas will be the underdogs, but if Pitch Perfect is any proof, we know who will come out on top. People are obviously very excited: SO excited for pitch perfect 2 to come out!!!! — Beth (@bethjarvisss) November 20, 2014 can it be May 15th already bc pitch perfect 2 — hannah conda (@Alexisss_1123) November 20, 2014 Pitch Perfect 2 trailer. can't freaking wait!!! @RebelWilson you are so much fun — Ale (@alessandrolnd) November 20, 2014 And fans thought the trailer was amazing: Aca-awesome, pitches. PITCH PERFECT 2 TRAILER — Allan Sierra (@allanjsimpson) November 20, 2014 First 'Pitch Perfect 2' trailer hits all the right notes: Aca-awesome, pitches The trailer for Pitch Perfect ... — Henry Chinni (@HenryChinni) November 20, 2014 Fat Amy said what we all were thinking about this guy (Clay Matthews) AKA the new star: Clay Matthews is going to be in 'Pitch Perfect 2' — For The Win (@ForTheWin) November 20, 2014 clay Matthews lookin fiiiiine in the pitch perfect 2 trailer — Samantha Vanderveren (@SamVanderveren) November 20, 2014 Clay Matthews in the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is yummy!!! — Kara Johnson (@kara_jay89) November 20, 2014 Clay Matthews is in Pitch Perfect 2. This may be the greatest news I will hear all day. — Avery Mills (@alynn422) November 20, 2014 But most importantly, everyone was feeling extra nostalgic for the trailer's song choice: The upcoming pitch perfect 2 is even more awesome. 'When I'm gone' song is still the… Cups by Anna Kendrick — — Kamilia Alfi Naily (@Alfi_naily) November 20, 2014 Watch the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 below: Crushed it. Prepare your "fat hearts" because Pitch Perfect 2 is coming. #crushedit @EliteDaily — Emily Arata (@aratatweets) November 20, 2014 What are you most looking forward to? And will you be seeing the film opening day (5/15/15)? Tweet us your answers! Follow @hollywood_com // // <![CDATA[ !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+'://';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs'); // ]]> // ]]> Follow @analuisasrz // // <![CDATA[ !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+'://';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs'); // ]]> // ]]>
  • 18 Signs You're Just Like Gloria On 'Modern Family'
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Nov 17, 2014
    Have you ever watched Modern Family and felt a strong connection to Gloria Pritchett? Do you have a bit of an anger issue, are often misunderstood, and talk about "back in my country" often? You're probably more like this beautiful Colombian than you first realized.  1. When someone insults a family member, you're the first person to attack: GIPHY/ABC 2. That's why you're known for having a bad temper: GIPHY/ABC GIPHY/ABC 3. And people always know when you're pissed: GIPHY/ABC 4. Really, your temper is so bad you're not above getting into a screaming match with a child: GIPHY/ABC 5. People have underestimated how much of a badass (and a great shot) you are: GIPHY/ABC 6. You always have to be right: GIPHY/ABC 7. You're also very wise, since you're always right: GIPHY/ABC 8. Sometimes, people are a little confused by what you say: GIPHY/ABC Baby cheeses = baby Jesus. 9. Then again, sometimes you're the one who is confused: GIPHY/ABC 10. Common phrases really don't make much sense to you: GIPHY/ABC 11. People make fun of your accent so often, you start over pronouncing things: GIPHY/ABC 12. You can't help but say "In my country..." before 75% of your stories: GIPHY/ABC GIPHY/ABC 13. Everything actually relates back to your home country: GIPHY/ABC 14. You don't understand where emails go once you've hit send: GIPHY/ABC 15. People say this to you pretty often: GIPHY/ABC But you just look at them, because yeah right.  16. You have a tendency to be a little over dramatic: GIPHY/ABC 17. You know you're surrounded by crazy people: GIPHY/ABC 18. But the thing you have most in common with Gloria Pritchett? You know how to make an entrance: GIPHY/ABC GIPHY/ABC Honestly, who doesn't secretly want to be Gloria? Follow @hollywood_com // | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • Who Is Your 90's TV Crush?
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Nov 14, 2014
  • 15 Reasons Everyone Wishes Cara Delevingne Was Their BFF
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Nov 12, 2014
    If you've heard of Cara Delevingne (and in 2014 who hasn't?) then you know she's a gorgeous, talented model with an extremely goofy side. She's been linked to some of the biggest stars around: Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Michelle Rodriguez, so it's no surprise that everyone knows her now. And we bet we're not the only people who wish we were also her friend.  1. For starters, her goofiness aside, she is ridiculously pretty and good at her job: GIPHY/ 2. She loves eyebrows and her eyebrows love her: GIPHY 3. A friend like that could teach you a lot about stepping up your own eyebrow game: GIPHY/ 4. She loves bacon. A LOT: Seriously I NEEEEEDDD a bacon emoji x — Cara Delevingne (@Caradelevingne) November 4, 2014 5. She makes modeling look really fun: 6. Basically, her job is to look awesome and throw a dance party: 7. Better yet, she would have a better dance party with her friends: GIPHY/ 8. She also manages to make these sunglasses look cool again: GIPHY 9.  She shared whatever this is and it's incredible and now we want to make one with her: YouTube 10. She RT this amazing tweet about herself: Girls at school when it starts raining — ♚ (@ItsThingsInLife) October 13, 2014 11. She knows the best way to spend her time: GIPHY/ 12. Do we need anymore reasons... GIPHY/ 13. ...other than... GIPHY 14. ...this? GIPHY 15. While it's not at all whacky, she likes to kiss bunnies, and start charities for them: Exclusive: @CaraDelevingne launches #Art4Animals campaign (and we LOVE it) — Harper's Bazaar UK (@BazaarUK) November 11, 2014 We want in on this friendship, STAT. Follow @hollywood_com // | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • Are You The #Mockingjay? Enter This "Hunger Games" Giveaway Now!
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Nov 12, 2014
    Lionsgate We don't need to tell you this, you probably already know, but The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 is almost here. If you're anything like us, you've spent the last year patiently waiting. Okay, let's be honest, we all spent the last year freaking out while we waited. The third installement in the super-successful Hunger Games series begins right where The Hunger Games: Catching Fire left off. We find Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) in District 13 (yes, it exists) after she broke the games forever. Under the leadership of President Coin (Julianne Moore) and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss spreads her wings as she fights to save Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and a nation moved by her courage. GIPHY/Lionsgate Here's how to win: 1. Follow @hollywood_com 2. RT this tweet: Follow us and RT this for your chance to win this Capitol-worthy #Mockingjay prize-pack! #MockingjayGivewayHW — HOLLYWOOD.COM (@Hollywood_com) November 12, 2014 One winner will recieve:  - MOCKINGJAY Pin -$15 - MOCKINGJAY Katniss Poster - $15 - MOCKINGJAY Rebel Warrior Poster – Gale - $15 - MOCKINGJAY President Snow/Peeta/Johanna Capitol Portrait - $15 - DISTRICT 13 Handkerchief - $15 - MOCKINGJAY – PART 1 Soundtrack - $12 - DVD Pack (THG & Catching Fire) - $30 - Fandango Gift Card - $25 -THE HUNGER GAMES Book Series - $22.51 - MOCKINGJAY – PART 1 Fleece Blanket - $20.99 - MOCKINGJAY PART 1 Key Chain - $5 This contest starts now and will continue through November 21st, when you can see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 in theaters. Winners must be located in the U.S. Approximate value: $190.50
  • 15 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Black-ish"
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Nov 12, 2014
    Black-ish is ABC's newest family-oriented sitcom and people are calling it, "the best show about a modern family, since well, you know...". But it's really not anything like Modern Family. It's an entirely different family, with their own dynamic. It's honest, funny, goofy, and just really great television. It's a show we feel like we've been waiting years for and we think you'll agree.  1. Black-ish has introduced us to the smart-lazy hero, Andre "Dre" Johnson: ABC/ ABC/ 2. And his smarter-and-sassier-than-everyone daughter Diane: ABC/ 3. Then there's Zoey, who holds her own as the family's coolest member: ABC/ 4. This show has no problem tackling real-life circumstances that we might feel awkward discussing: ABC/ ABC/ 5. Dre and his wife Rainbow (Bo) have very different parenting styles, and that works well for them: ABC/ 6. The show is not afraid to take friendly pokes at race: ABC/ ABC/ 7. It also calls out the fact that people are trying to change what Urban means: ABC/ ABC/ ABC/ 8. Really, all races and stereotypes are on the table to be mocked equally: ABC/ 9. Dre's dad, Pops, is the hilarious, way-too-honest grandfather we all wish we had: ABC/ ABC/ ABC/ 10. They explain the importance of "the nod": ABC/ ABC/ "So no matter who you are or where you're at, it's your duty to give“the nod.” Even in the most extreme of circumstances, we always found a way to let each other know, “I see you, bruh.”" 11. They tackle the ridiculous things teenagers want, like Junior's unusual request for a non-Jewish person: ABC/ 12. Dre and Junior try to navigate the father-son talk: ABC/ 13. Dre teaches everyone, if you didn't already know, the wrong way to get your kids some friends: ABC/ ABC/ ABC/ 14. This show proves that the family that dances together, stays together: ABC/ ABC/ 15. Also, that same motto applies to Halloween: ABC It's only 6 episodes into the first season, but we're already hooked. It has clever writing, a wonderfully talented cast that ranges in all ages, and it's a show that is not afraid to put everything out there. Black-ish airs on ABC, Wednesday nights at 9:30. Have you tuned into Black-ish yet? Tweet us why you love the show! Follow @hollywood_com // | Follow @analuisasrz //