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  • Tony Goldwyn Discusses #TeamFitz and Fitz's Relationship With Olivia Pope
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Jan 29, 2015
    ABC Praise the Lord, #TGIT is back! To prepare, we spoke with Scandal's Tony Goldwyn, A.K.A. President Fitzgerald Grant, about what it's like portraying the President of the United States of America, where Fitz is at emotionally after the loss of his son, and of course, we discussed Olivia Pope. We’re curious, do people have a hard time differentiating you as an actor because you play such an huge figure on TV as President  Grant? Have fans ever called you the President? I’m not sure if it has to do with being the President. I guess I do get a certain type of respect that I wouldn’t get if it was just me. People seem to get a real kick out of that. People tend to call me “The President” a lot. What do you have to do to get into the mentality of such as powerful character? Now it’s pretty natural because I’ve been doing it for a while. But in the first and second season, the thing I had to remind myself all the time, the degree of pressure the president is always under, every single second of every single day, there is so much stress, and so much weighing on every single moment. You have to have a sort of grace under that pressure. That kind of informs everything and to find grace under that pressure and a way of being cool in the face of that. The stakes were always really high and once I internalized that, it was extremely helpful. Where would you say Fitz is at emotionally/mentally over the loss of his oldest son Jerry? Oh god, the loss of his son Jerry almost killed him. Then there was the loss of Olivia that happened at the end of last season. But then Olivia returned and even though they’re not together, she’s back in his life in a way. But there’s hope, as he discovered. But the death of Jerry focused Fitz in a way that he’s determined. When he then lost Olivia, he was lost and utterly destroyed inside, but he was determined to be as effective a president as he can be. Now Olivia’s back and, as of the last episode in the mid-season finale, which I directed, Olivia’s been kidnapped. Fitz is being blackmailed now, that if he doesn’t go into this war in West Angola, that she will be killed and he’ll never see her again. Now Fitz has a terrible problem, because that completely undermines everything he intended to do in the wake of his son’s death to honor that memory and his job. But also the loss of Olivia is something that he can’t tolerate because he’s so desperately in love with her and so dependent on her. How far do you think he would go to save Olivia? I don’t know. We’ll have to see where everything goes, I can’t give any spoilers. But it’s sort of an existential crisis for Fitz. He has a responsibility to his job, the country, and everything he sees himself being about. But at the same time Olivia means more to him than anything in the world. It’s just an impossible quantity of situations. Can you explain what it’s like to portray that relationship? What Olivia and Fitz have is nothing like anything else on TV. You know what it is, these two people connect on a very, very deep level – emotionally, sexually, intellectually – everything. And at the same time, it’s an impossible relationship. The circumstances of their lives make it impossible. They keep making it more impossible. But it’s one of those relationships, that no matter what happens, once they’re in proximity of each other, all bets are off. They can’t deny the connection that they have. They can be enraged with each other, whatever their opinions are of what they should think; it just evaporates when they’re in each other’s presence. It’s an undeniable baseline reality of who they are to each other. It’s a very extreme kind of thing that happens. Do you think there is something very specific about that relationship that has so many fans rooting for them, despite the fact that Fitz is married? Well look, Fitz and Olivia it’s not just any infidelity. The truth is, yes they had an affair but you know Fitz has been in a very dysfunctional marriage and has stood up forthrightly and asked his wife for a divorce. He told Olivia he was leaving his wife. He said to Olivia 2 years ago, “I’m done, I’m choosing you.” He’s not some man who just wont leave his wife. He’s tried everything to be with the woman he loves, and Olivia, in collusion with Mellie, has blocked it. She’s forced him to wait. I know people have an issue with the infidelity but it’s not like his wife doesn’t know and he hasn’t been honest about it. And for that, I have no moral judgment about that as far as Fitz, he’s not trying to have his cake and eat it too. He’s transgressed and sinned, but so has Mellie and so has Olivia, they’re all human. ABC What’s different about Olivia’s relationship with Jake versus Fitz? I think that Jake and Olivia’s relationship is one thing, but Fitz and Olivia, I believe separate from these insane circumstances of him being the President and all the pressures that come to bear and all of Olivia’s fears about intimacy and giving herself over to someone. I think Fitz believes and I believe, in his advocacy, that if she would do what he said, they would be able to begin something substantial and powerful. They could have a family together. Hell, they’re not going to move to Vermont and he’s not going to be the mayor, that’s a fantasy but they could, as a couple, build a life together and it would be so much more powerful than they are separate. They could have a very ideal relationship, I believe. I think her relationship with Jake is something different. It’s an escape for all that. Maybe they would have a successful relationship. I do believe Olivia loves both men. But I also think that she and Fitz have a very deep connection on so many levels, professionally, and in so many ways. I think there is more heft to it.. Then there is their chemistry, while she and Jake have good chemistry, Fitz and Olivia have a chemistry that is so beyond a sexual connection, it’s that plus so much else. Do you think that’s what fans really see? When Fitz and Olivia are in a room together, it’s very obvious their feelings and emotions for each other. It’s super charged. They see each other and know each other in a deep, almost historic way. That was Fitz’s big point in the past, “you know me,” they connect and see the best of each other. They see the true person. I think Jake and Olivia, in a relationship, would be creating a whole new thing. They’d be leaving their life and running away and it would be a whole big thing. Maybe they can start all over and Jake can leave behind his life and start with Olivia. I think with Fitz and Olivia, they could work, if they make their way through his gauntlet. They’ve always known where they’ve been. We don’t know Jake’s past. He’s a mystery figure. He’s been a soldier his whole life. And then a B613 operative. Switching to Fitz’s other relationship, can you tell us if you think things between Fitz and Mellie will ever recover, not the marriage but just as Fitz and Mellie, after all that’s happened, Jerry’s death on top of it all? I think it goes back and forth with Mellie. I don’t see Mellie and Fitz recovering their romantic relationship, ever. But at the same time, as much as Fitz was disgusted and offended and to his core just cut Mellie off, when she sort of betrayed him, he still understands Mellie. He knows that’s not who Mellie really is. That’s not who the true Mellie is. That’s the desperate, damaged, wounded Mellie. He’s got the love-hate relationship with Mellie. He has real contempt for what Mellie stands for, but he has intense guilt over his neglect of Mellie. His father raped his wife and he’s got all this guilt. He’s got this complicated thing. But at the same time he respects and loves and admires Mellie for all of her best qualities and he’s also not willing to give up on that. Like so many marriages, it keeps flipping from one to the other, but they have a partnership there. They have a mutual kind of respect in some way. They both know each other’s attributes as each other’s failings. You directed that crazy mid-season finale. Can we look forward to you directing any more episodes in this season? No sadly, I don’t have any more for this season. What was it like directing yourself and then your co-workers, given you’ve been working with them so much and you’re so invested in this storyline? It’s such an experience to work from inside of it. It’s also a great privilege to be able to work with all these great actors in a different way than when I am acting with them. It’s exciting for all of us. I get to work with people I don’t usually have scenes with, like Guillermo (Huck) and Katie (Quinn), who I don’t ever act with much on screen if at all. It’s wonderful. It’s a great experience. So, can you give us an unbiased response on whether you’re Team Jake or Team Fitz? I endorse God fully, but I have to admit that I’m Team Fitz. I say that with full appreciation of the Jake-Olivia relationship. But I think for me, that’s a fantasy relationship, at least now, its not grounded in anything real, it’s an erotically charged escape relationship for both of those people. I think Fitz and Olivia is a relationship based on two people who could be the answer for each other, they may never find their way there, but it’s very real and the facts are established in reality. Scandal returns to ABC Thursday, January 29th at 9 P.M.
  • Ranking The 20 Best 'One Tree Hill' Characters
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Jan 26, 2015
    Tree Hill was home to many interesting, awesome, and insane characters. We can’t rank everyone (because who wants to remember people like Felix or Anna) and we all know the crazy chicks like Nanny Carrie and Katie belong in jail, not on this list. Here’s to the main/big supporting characters that made One Tree Hill a show we never wanted to stop watching. 20. Victoria Davis The CW/ So about 90% of the time Bitchtoria sucked, but she did redeem herself in those later seasons by being there for Brooke. She may have been a bitch, but she was our favorite bitch. 19. Deb Scott The CW/ Deb was kind of a hot mess, but then again who wouldn't be after being married to Dan Scott? Her drug and alcohol problems taken care of, she still wasn't the best mom (who dates their kids friends?!) but she did save Jamie and Haley, and thank God for that. 18. Quentin Fields The CW/ Q started out as an asshole (sound familiar?) but turned into a big softie, who helped Nathan with his basketball comeback and was an adorable older best friend to Jamie. We all sobbed pretty hard when we lost him. 17. Jake Jagielski The CW/ Poor Jake. He could have treated Peyton well, but we all know that Leyton was the OTP. He really was a great guy, plus he was super hot and a really sweet single father. We still feel for him. 16. Clay Evans The CW/ Clay was OTH attempt at replacing Lucas. It didn't really work, but he was an okay guy. He helped Nathan, which is why he makes this list. He also had an insane amount of drama that kept things interesting, I.E. a stalker who looks like his dead wife shooting him and Quinn. Oh. and the time he forgot he had a kid. 15. Quinn James The CW/ And then there was Quinn, sent to replace Peyton. She didn't. She was another one of Haley's siblings (how many did she have?!) but not the slutty one, Taylor we're looking at you. Quinn was goofy and while she didn't make up for Peyton leaving, she was actually a very sweet character and made us laugh. 14. Antwon "Skills" Taylor The CW/ Skills was Naley's biggest fan (after us). While he didn't always make good choices for himself (See: His relationship with Deb) he was always a good friend, there to lend advice when one of the Scott boys was being stupid or when one of the many women of Tree Hill needed help. Remember when he was the Baby Proofer? 13. Millicent Huxtable The CW/ Millie as Brooke's assistant/employee = an incredible person who was always there for Brooke. Millie the model = awful and we should all forget her cocaine phase. Thank god Mouth and her got back together and she became normal again. 12. Whitey Durham The CW/ Do coaches like Whitey exist in real life? He really cared about Lucas and Nathan, hated Dan like we all did, and taught everyone some valuable life lessons, while being hilarious and as adorable as a tough basketball coach can be. 11. Marvin "Mouth" McFadden The CW/ Mouth might not have been the best dancer, but he was a great friend to Lucas Scott and the other guys of the River Court. But it's his friendship with Brooke over the years that made us truly love him.  10. Jamie Scott The CW/ Jamie circa season 5 is the cutest thing ever. He got to be buddies with everyone: his dad, his uncle Luke, his uncle Skills, his godmomma Brooke, Q...basically you were only  cool on this show if Jamie liked you. Which is probably why we started to really like Dan Scott, since Jamie loved him so much. 9. Dan Scott The CW/ Dan was the greatest antagonist this show ever saw, and there were a ton of crazy people (Psycho Derek and Xavier, to name a few). You loved to hate him. He was a terrible father, a murderer, a corrupt politician/businessman, and all around kind of insane. But at the end of the day, he was Dan Scott and no one was better than Dan Scott... 8. Keith Scott The CW/ ...except for Keith Scott, his big brother. AKA Lucas' surrogate father. Since, you know, Dan ditched Karen after he got her pregnant, went and got Deb pregnant and then married her. Keith kept it classy, which had to be hard with Dan as your brother, and took care of Lucas and Karen. We're STILL not over his death. When he came back in season 9, we wept. 7. Karen Roe The CW/ Karen was by far the most responsible parent to the teenagers of Tree Hill. She showed Dan Scott she didn't need a man for her life to turn out great and she definitely got the easier Scott boy because of it. Karen always gave advice that we could actually use in our own lives. 6. Julian Baker The CW/ Any guy that can take care of Brooke Davis and love her unconditionally deserves to be in the Top 10. Julian might have come into OTH with not-so-wonderful intentions, but he proved that he was the perfect man for Brooke and we've been in love with him ever since. 5. Peyton Sawyer The CW/ Peyton was probably the angstiest cheerleader to ever exist and that's what we loved about her. She was broody (for good reasons) and dark at times, but way deep down, she never gave up on love. She got her man in the end (becoming Peyton Scott!). 4. Haley James Scott The CW/ Haley has always been one of the best characters (season 2 Haley aside) to ever grace our screens. She made Nathan the man he is today. She was a great momma. She always stuck up for her friends and didn't care what people thought of her, I mean she wore that poncho all the time in high school. 3. Nathan Scott The CW/ Nathan proved that jock-assholes can become loving husbands and amazing fathers. Also, Nathan kind of became the dorky guy who thinks Shrek is a good movie to have a favorite quote from. 2. Lucas Scott  The CW/ Now, we're still very mad at Lucas for leaving, and he almost came after Nathan, but let's be honest. Without Lucas Scott, there would be no One Tree Hill. Even after he left, he still was mentioned in almost every episode. Talk about never getting over a guy. 1. Brooke Davis The CW/ Broke is the ultimate OTH character. She changed from party-girl cheerleader to power-house Brooke, running (then losing, then gaining back, then losing again) her own company flawlessly while handling jerk boyfriends, crazy parents, and falling in love with an amazing man. Brooke is the girl we always wanted to become. Thanks for the memories B. Davis! Honorable mentions: Logan, because he stole the show in season 9 with his cuteness. The CW/ Sam Walker, because that poor girl was all kind of messed up and Brooke still took he under her wing and made us care about her. But then, she went and left. Can we quote Peyton and say People Always Leave. The CW/ Chris Keller because even though he attempted to break up Naley, he kept us entertained. Who didn't love it when he came back in season 4 and called Haley "plump", only to have her say she's pregnant and he's an asshole. Classic Chris Keller. The CW/ OTH forever. Follow @hollywood_ Follow @analuisasrz
  • See The Film 'Black Or White' and Enter Our Giveaway!
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Jan 26, 2015
    Relativity Media Are you interested in a film that deals with race, love, and understanding? Then Black Or White is the film for you to see! You're going to want to enter this giveaway now, while you've got the chance! Black Or White is the story of a grandfather (winner Kevin Costner) who is suddenly left to care for his beloved granddaughter.  When her paternal grandmother (Octavia Spencer) seeks custody with the help of her brother (Anthony Mackie), the little girl is torn between two families who love her deeply.  With the best intentions at heart, both families fight for what they feel is right and are soon forced to confront their true feelings about race, forgiveness, and understanding. Anchored by an all-star cast and based on real events, the movie is a look at two seemingly different worlds, in which nothing is as simple as black or white.  How to win: 1. Follow @hollywood_com // 2. RT Follow us & RT this to enter our #BlackOrWhiteGiveaway for some awesome gift cards & merchandise! #LoveHasNoColor — HOLLYWOOD.COM (@Hollywood_com) January 26, 2015 One winner will receive: - 1 gift card to OpenTable ($100) - 1 Shutterfly gift card ($50) - 1 Amazon gift card ($50) - Branded merchandise: a hoodie, a scarf, and a travel mug Black or White is in theaters everywhere January 30, 2015. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. You must be following on Twitter and have RT this link in order to be considered. The approximate value of this giveaway is $200.
  • There Was A Mini 'Lizzie McGuire' Reunion And It Was Perfect
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Jan 20, 2015
    It's almost been 11 years  since the last episode of Lizzie McGuire graced our screens. Since then, Lizzie's baby brother, Matt (Jake Thomas), has done some growing up. And he looks ah-mazing. GIPHY/Disney Channel As an early celebration for his 25th birthday (25, really? Wasn't he like 11 five minutes ago?!) Jake got together with some of his old Lizzie crew, and other former Disney stars, for a party. But the most important thing that happened was that this picture was taken: Instagram/sirjakethomas We are so happy to see that Miranda Sanchez (Lalaine) still looks great and our first TV-crush, Ethan Craft (Clayton Snyder), looks even better than we could have hoped for. But, where was Jake's on-screen big sister Lizzie (Hilary Duff) though? Still "too cool" for him? GIPHY/Disney Channel While we wait for more Disney Channel reunions, why not see what some other former Disney stars are up to in our "Where Are They Now?" gallery. Follow @hollywood_com Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 15 Reasons Hal From 'Malcolm In The Middle" Is The Best Dad Ever
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Jan 16, 2015
    If you watch AMC, then you probably know Bryan Cranston as Walter White from Breaking Bad. But for me, he will always be Hal Cleaver, the hairy, loving, crazy father from Malcolm in the Middle.  1. Hal is the kind of dad that can teach you valuable life skills: GIPHY/FOX GIPHY/FOX 2. He feeds his children food straight from Heaven's pearly gates: GIPHY/FOX 3. He's great at making sure siblings take care of each other: FOX/ 4. You will never have to worry if he's in love with your mom: FOX/ 5. He's a very handy man: FOX/ Okay, not so handy, but extra-entertaining. 6. He's a resourceful man: FOX/ Disgusting...or brilliant before his time? 7. If things get bad, he won't make you tell mom: FOX/ 8. He's honest with his kids: FOX/ 9. Honest and smart: FOX/ 10. He worries about the things that matter: FOX/ 11. He's very proud of his children's work: FOX/ 12. He knows how to make boring food taste better: FOX/ Without you knowing. 13. He makes dinner an entertaining event: GIPHY/FOX 14. You could never be bored with Hal for a father: GIPHY/FOX 15. Most importantly, he will teach you all the best dance moves: GIPHY/FOX Hal forever. Walter who? Follow @hollywood_com  Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 18 Reasons We All Wish We Were In The Avengers
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Jan 14, 2015
    Being a superhero would be awesome. But being a superhero that is a part of the greatest superhero team ever (boo Justice League) that's about as awesome as life can get. We might all just be boring humans, but have you ever just wondered what it would be like to have superpowers? Us too. Next time there is an Avengers initiative, sign us up! 1. The Avengers aren't some cookie cutter superhero team that always gets along. Their arguments are what make them so awesome: Marvel/ They fight. They disagree. They get angry. There is not as much pressure to fit in if everyone is this normal/weird. 2. They play fight with each other: GIPHY/Marvel Who doesn't want to poke the Hulk to see if he gets mad or not? 3. They don't just blindly follow orders: GIPHY/Marvel They might do some really illegal digging, but it's for the right reasons. 4. You've heard that Iron Man is a pretty funny guy: Marvel/ 5. And that Captain America is hilariously behind on the times: GIPHY/Marvel We kind of want to be an Avenger just so we can join Tony Stark in constantly mocking the Cap. 6. Thor is someone you think would have your back in a fight: Marvel/ 7. As dangerous as it might be, you're really interested in seeing Bruce Banner Hulk  Out" up close: GIPHY/Marvel 8. These villains don't seem so bad: GIPHY/Marvel 9. Okay, maybe they're a little scary, but you could take them: Marvel/ If you were there, Thor would be A-okay. 10. You really think you could nail that "unnecessary group pose before going into battle" thing: GIPHY/Marvel We're 100% sure this is counterproductive to the mission, but it looks so badass. 11. Looking badass is actually 95% of the reason you're looking to join: GIPHY/Marvel 12. How awesome would it be if the Black Widow could teach you this move: GIPHY/Marvel 13. And this one: GIPHY/Marvel 14. If you get mad at each other, you can totally express it: GIPHY/Marvel 15. They're a group of people who love to celebrate and party: GIPHY/Marvel How sweet, they remembered your birthday! 16. You've perfected your throw: GIPHY/Marvel You would fit in so well. 17. He may have his secrets, but you need to experience Nick Fury's sass in person: Marvel/ 18. Most importantly, you know some great places to eat after defeating a villain: GIPHY/Marvel Who wants some Korean beef tacos after we take down Ultron?! Follow @hollywood_com  Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 15 Of The Best Celebrity Audition Tapes
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Jan 13, 2015
    Have you ever wondered what some of Hollywood's most popular stars looked like before they landed their biggest (or at least, one of their biggest) roles? We were curious. I mean, you're telling us there are just videos out there of people like Rachel McAdams and Miley Cyrus before they were household names? Sign us up, we're ready to watch! And we bet you are too. 1. Matthew McConaughey reading for David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused: YouTube 2. Jason Momoa reading for Khal Drogo in Game Of Thones: 3. Rachel McAdams reading for Allie in The Notebook: 4. Emma Stone reading for Olive in Easy A: 5. Selena Gomez reading for Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place: 6. Steve Carell reading for Brick in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: 7. Megan Fox reading for Mikaela in Transformers: 8. Blake Lively reading for Serena in Gossip Girl: 9. Lea Michele reading for Rachel in Glee: 10. Miley Cyrus reading for "Zoey," the original best friend created for Hannah Montana: 11. Scarlett Johansson reading for Judy Shepard in Jumanji: 12. Robert De Niro reading for Sonny Corleone in The Godfather: 13. Demi Lovato reading for Sonny in Sonny With A Chance: 14. Gabourey Sidibe reading for Precious in Precious: 15. Jennifer Garner reading for Elektra in Daredevil: Who had your favorite audition tape? Tweet us if you think they did or didn't deserve the role! Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • The Best and Worst Looks From The 2015 Golden Globes
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Jan 12, 2015
    Last night was the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards, with some big winners on stage, but right now we want to focus on the big winners (and losers) on the red carpet. We're breaking down our favorite looks of the night, and we also have to critique the looks we just could not come to love. The Best Looks Emma Stone Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC There for her role in Birdman, Emma Stone showed everyone whose wears the pants in this Lanvin jumpsuit with a natural beauty look for the night. Anna Kendrick Splash News Kendrick was celebrating all the nominations for Into The Woods and decided to dress like Cinderella in this Monique Lhuillier gown. Kate Beckinsale Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC This updo paired with an Elie Saab dress is exactly what made Beckinsale a star on last night's red carpet.  Ellie Kemper Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC Ellie's sleek Naeem Khan gown and red lip showed that this lady is ready her sportlight. Jennifer Lopez Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC Jeremy Renner said what all of us were thinking about J. Lo's "globes" last night. She looked hotter than hot in this Zuhair Murad gown. Emily Blunt Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC Another Into The Woods beauty, Blunt looked incredible in Michael Kors. Diane Kruger Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC Diane said she wanted that didn't want to wear a dress that steals the spotlight, as she was there to support her hubby Joshua Jackson, but she stole it anyway. Couple of the Night - George and Amal Clooney Getty Images/Steve Granitz We were big fans of these newlyweds last night. Amal's chic DIor gown, complete with white gloves, really knocked our socks off. The Worst Looks Lupita Nyong'o Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC In 2014 Lupita proved she was a style icon. This Giambattista Valli haute couture gown does not make it seem like 2015 will be like last year. Greer Grammer Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC Last night she was Miss Golden Globe...but that dress doesn't deserve any awards. Jemima Kirke Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC What's even going on here? Kiera Knightley Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC We once thought Kiera could do no wrong, suddenly we're not so sure of that. Tina Fey Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC Tina's first dress of the night happily didn't make it onto the stage with her. We're still trying to figure out what on earth she bothered with this? Kerry Washington Getty Images/George Pimentel Olivia Pope would not be caught dead wearing this outfit, we think Kerry should take that as a hint. Zosia Mamet Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC We're loving Zosia's hair, but this dress is nothing for the Girls star to gloat about. Claire Danes Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian/NBC The earrings...the dress...why. Just why. Follow @hollywood_com  Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 25 Facts You Didn't Know About The Movie 'Grease'
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Jan 08, 2015
    Grease is the best. It's a classic in the world of movie musicals. Everyone has seen it, or at least a scene or two, at some point in their life. But there's a lot more to this 1978 film based on a musical set in the 1950's than you thought. We all know that Jeff Conaway (RIP) played Danny Zuko on Broadway and John Tavolta was Doody, but did you know Elvis was offered a role? 1. Elvis was initially offered a role in the film. It is believed he would play the Guardian Angel role, but he did not accept.  2. Grease is the highest-grossing film of 1978. Paramount Pictures/GIPHY Grease is the word. 3. In "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee" they changed the reference and it has a freaky coincidence. Paramount Pictures/GIPHY In the stage play, the song had a reference to Sal Mineo, who was murdered in 1976. For the movie, they changed the lyric to "Elvis, Elvis, let me be! Keep that pelvis far from me!" In reference to Elvis Presley, who died the same day the scene was filmed. The day was August 16, 1977. 4. There is a little tribute to the Three Stooges in the film. Paramount Pictures/ The boys who played Doody (Barry Pearl), Sonny (Michael Tucci), and Putzie (Kelly Ward) all went to director Randal Kleiser with their idea and got it approved for the film during the bonfire scene. 5. All of the cast members were too old for high school. GIPHY/Paramount Pictures John Travolta was 23, Jeff Conaway was 26, and Stockard Channing was 33 (older than Dennis C. Stewart A.K.A. Crater face or Leo, Leader of the Scorpions, who was 30). The two closest to high school age were Lorenzo Lamas (Tom) and Dinah Manoff (Marty), they were both 19. 6. A "Hickey From Kenickie" was 100% real. Paramount Pictures/GIPHY Stockard Channing said in an interview that Jeff Conaway insisted on applying the hickeys himself.  7. "Hopelessly Devoted to You" was written after filming wrapped. Paramount Pictures/ The producers felt that Olivia Newton-John needed a huge ballad for the film. This song actually ended up receiving an Academy Award nomination. 8. In the stage production, "Greased Lighting" is not sung by Danny. Paramount Pictures It's sung by Kenickie, but John Travolta convinced the producers to let him sing it.  9. Danny's blue wind-breaker was a nod to James Dean. Paramount Pictures/GIPHY Like his red wind-breaker from Rebel Without A Cause (1955). 10. Lucille Ball is the reason her daughter was not cast as Rizzo and the part went to Stockard Channing. Paramount Pictures/GIPHY Lucie Arnaz was dropped from consideration after Lucille Ball called and said "I used to own that studio; my daughter's not doing a screen test!" But actually, she owned the studio Desilu which was bought by Paramount. 11. Cast members got sick from filming the drag race scene. Paramount Pictures When filming near the bridge, the water there was stagnant and dangerous, causing some of the cast to become ill from it's filth. 12. That fight scene between Rizzo and Kenickie would have made sense but... Paramount Pictures/ Paramount Pictures/ ...the scene explaining it got cut. They filmed a scene, where the couple got into a heated argument, before the diner scene but it was pulled due to it's grittiness. It was compared to something Martin Scorsese might have directed. 13. The first time John Travolta met Olivia Newton-John was at her house. Paramount Pictures/GIPHY He was a huge fan of hers (he basically was the #1 supporter of her being Sandy) and was very star struck when he met her, having not reached a huge level of success yet.  14. During the filming of "Greased Lightning" Jeff Conaway injured his back. Paramount Pictures/GIPHY And the injury led to his abuse of prescription medication and downward path. He was dropped by fellow cast members during filming. This information was not publicly known until Conaway's appearance on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. 15. Olivia Newton-John's pants were so tight when filming "You're The One That I Want," that the zipper was broken. Paramount Pictures/GIPHY She had to be sewn into her pants every morning. 16. John Travolta had to talk Olivia into filming that song. Paramount Pictures/ Paramount Pictures/ She admit on the Merv Griffin Show that she was terrified of it.  17. Jeff Conaway came up with the idea of how to blow off Danny and Kenickie's hug. Paramount Pictures/ Conaway said that in 50's, two guys hugging, "forget about it!" So he suggested that after, they comb their hair and pretend it never happened. 18. The film takes place in 1958. Paramount Pictures/GIPHY 20 years before the actual release date on  June 1, 1978 (in the U.S.). 19. In the stage production of the show, Sandy's last name is Dumbrowski. Paramount Pictures/GIPHY But because Olivia Newton-John was cast, they changed her background to match her Australian one. 20. One song cut from the film is actually played in the background. Paramount Pictures/GIPHY The "Alma Mater/Parody" instrumental from the stage version of Grease can be heard in the office on the last day of school and during the carnival scenes. 21. It took a week to shoot the dance contest. Paramount Pictures/ They were on location in a real school at the time in downtown L.A. Originally Sandy was not intended to dance in this scene, it was meant to be just Danny and Cha Cha. It was reputedly 116 degrees during filming. Several extras suffered heat-related illness. 22. But it took only one day to film "You're The One That I Want"/the end scene. Paramount Pictures It was filmed with a traveling carnival that was there only for the day.  The next day, director Randal Kleiser wanted to film some extra close-ups, but the carnival had left, so they had to recreate pieces of that set to accomplish it.  23. Olivia Newton-John attended the premiere in a prom dress. And then for the after party, she changed into her "Sandy 2" look, which was hot pink spandex. 24. That plastic wrap moment in "Greased Lighting" is actually a reference to condoms. Paramount Pictures/YouTube Yup. 25. There was a planned sequel, by the title Summer School,  completely different from Grease 2. GIPHY Paramount later nixed the idea and we sadly got Grease 2  in 1982. This orignal sequel plan grew out of Coach Calhoun's line "See you in summer school" to a student before he is hit with a pie in the carnival scene near the end. Follow @hollywood_com  Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 18 Signs You Watch Way Too Much 'Law & Order: SVU'
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Jan 07, 2015
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is the greatest cop show on TV. Fact. It's more than your average cop show. Because of "the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit." It's amazing and maybe we don't believe that there is such a thing as too much SVU. 1. You body is flooded with happiness every time you see this on your screen: NBC/ 2. You get really excited when you see an episode with a celebrity before they're famous: GIPHY/NBC Hey little baby Jennette McCurdy! 3. Anytime you wear a pant suit, you instantly feel like a badass: NBC/ 4. You have spent may nights trying to mimic Ice-T's "unimpressed" face: GIPHY/NBC 5. You've watched this show for almost 16 years but the COD on victims can still surprise you: GIPHY/NBC 6. SVU makes you seriously terrified of leaving your house: GIPHY/NBC 7. As well as going into other people's houses: NBC/ 8. SVU makes sure you never forget how creepy people are on the internet: NBC/ 9. You start questioning the justice system from your couch: NBC/ NBC/ 10. You consider sex offenders the worst type of criminals: GIPHY/NBC 11. You already know how you would talk to a perp: NBC/ NBC/ 12. Like, these perps better not mess with you: NBC/ 13. You have opinions about drunk people committing crimes: 14. You like to pretend you're one of these strong females: GIPHY/NBC 15. You've written "Benson + Stabler = Forever" on one or two notebooks: GIPHY/NBC 16. So, understandably, you were emotionally unstable when Elliot left: NBC/ 17. Ice-T's one-liners have gotten better (and crazier) with each season: NBC/ NBC/ NBC/ 18. Your life motto = Olivia Benson is a total BOSS: GIPHY/NBC Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @analuisasrz //