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  • 14 Reasons You Should be Watching 'The Flash'
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Mar 03, 2015
    As we said in our list of 2014-2015 TV To Watch, you need to watch The Flash. There is a lot more to this superhero on The CW than tight red spandex. Though, the suit is very nice. The Flash  is one of our favorite new shows on TV. 1. Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen/The Flash in the most lovable way: The CW/ He plays the smart-guy well, but he never tries to compete for intelligence with his even-smarter friends. He's got this hero complex that just makes you love him, even though he sometimes doesn't have his own best interest in mind. It's a very genuine performance, you never feel like Grant is trying to hard to make it work. 2. Barry and Caitlin's friendship is proving to be one of our favorites on TV so far: The CW/ We can't tell if they're trying to turn this into something more, which yay! if they do, but we love it as it is. 3. Barry cracks the best jokes: The CW/ We don't think he even realizes how funny he is. Honestly, he could give Spider-Man or Deadpool a run for their money when it comes to snarky humor. 4. Barry and Caitlin's drunk adventures are wildly entertaining: The CW/ We really hope this becomes a "thing". 5. The Flash fights the bad guys and Cisco gives them names: The CW/ 6. Arrow fans will enjoy all the crossovers: The CW/ 7. Learning the Flash's backstory is fascinating: The CW/ When we first meet Barry, he's this 25-year-old guy working at a job he loves, but isn't with the girl that he loves. It's interesting to watch his focus slowly leave his love life (but not disappear, superheroes date too) as he grows. We're just waiting for the day that Superman or Batman swing by, even if it takes years to come. 8. Finding out what the hell Dr. Wells is up to is something we all need to know: The CW/ You sneaky mofo Dr. Wells! We know you're up to something and we're ready to defend Barry...on Twitter, after each episode that is. 9. You are going to be just as excited as us to hear Joe West say "I told you so!" about Wells: The CW/ He told you Barry. He even told you Cisco! No one listens to poor Joe West. You'll have your day soon. 10. The dynamics between Iris and the Flash are interesting: The CW/ When will she find out it's Barry? Will she ever find out? What happens if she finds out, but it's not Barry that tells her? So much to think about. 11. The Big Bang Theory fans will find this Easter egg absolutely glorious: 12. Spoiler Alert: We want to find out if this canon couple actually winds up together: The CW/ We're 100% #TeamSnowbarry at the moment, but we know that Barry and Iris (#WestAllen) is endgame. Kind of like on Smallville, where you spent half the show wanting Clark to get together with Chloe or Lana, but you had to remind yourself that Lois Lane was coming. 13. Caitlin and Cisco are both insanely smart, but have their moments of dumb hilarity: The CW/ We love seeing two main characters on a TV show that are as smart as Caitlin and Cisco. It's refreshing to see that you don't need to be a superhero to save lives, since there is no way Barry could do it without their help. 14. The action and effects on The Flash are awesome: The CW/ Why do you love The Flash? Tweet us your responses and make sure to tag @grantgust and @CW_TheFlash! Follow @hollywood_comFollow @analuisasrz
  • Kelly Clarkson and Jimmy Fallon Singing Duets Is The Best Thing You'll Hear Today
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Mar 03, 2015
    NBC/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Kelly + Jimmy is the hottest new singing duo, it's official. Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy and Kelly Clarkson united to sing some incredible duets, in promotion of Kelly's new album, Piece by Piece. Apparently, Kelly has been having a hard time finding someone to sing duets with her and Jimmy was more than willing to help out a friend. And thus "History of Duets", much like the famous "History of Rap" starring Justin Timberlake, was born. We think the future of duets now belongs to Kelly + Jimmy. Watch Jimmy and Kelly sing some of the most popular duets in musical history: NBC/YouTube We think their rendition of "Endless Love" was the perfect choice to end this one. Which song was your fave? Tweet us your answers! Follow @hollywood_comFollow @analuisasrz
  • Ice-T Voicing Popular Cartoon Characters Will Make Your Day
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Feb 26, 2015
    YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Most of us know Ice-T as the famous rapper who sang "Colors" and Det. Fin Tutuola on Law & Order: Special Vicitims Unit, but did you know he's also done voiceover work? Last night, during a guest apperance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ice-T spoke of his time providing voices for popular cartoon characters on the shows G.I. Joe, Scooby Doo, and Dora The Explorer. Jimmy had "no idea" he'd been on these shows. Just wait until he gets to Dora: NBC/YouTube You're welcome. We haven't laughed this hard in weeks. Ice-T needs to pick up voiceover work as his side job ASAP. RELATED: 18 Signs You Watch Too Much Law & Order: SVU Follow @hollywood_comFollow @analuisasrz
  • 5 Reasons Why 'The Lazarus Effect' is the Perfect Date Night Movie
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Feb 26, 2015
    Relativity Media via Everett Collection Friday night means date night and we've got the movie to watch.  The Lazarus Effect  is a movie about a group of medical students who discover a way to bring dead patients back to life. Freaky! The Lazarus Effect follows a group of researchers led by Frank (Mark Duplass) and his fiancée Zoe (Olivia Wilde,) who've achieved the unimaginable- bringing the dead back to life.  After a successful, yet unsanctioned, trial on a newly deceased animal, the team is ready to unveil their breakthrough to the world. When the dean of their university learns of their underground experiments, their project is unexpectedly shut down and their materials confiscated. Frank, Zoe and their team (Donald Glover, Sarah Bolger and Evan Peters) take matters into their own hands, launching a rogue attempt to recreate their experiment, during which things go terribly wrong and one of their own, Zoe, is horrifically killed. Fueled by terror and grief, Frank pushes them to do the unthinkable: attempt to resurrect their first human test subject. Initially, the procedure appears a success, but the team soon realizes something is wrong with Zoe. They are no longer faced with the question of whether they can bring someone back to life- but rather, the wrath of her return.  #EvilWillRise 1. Olivia Wilde kills it as the newest horror movie babe: Relativity/ 2. The cast is a stellar group of actors who can all master being serious and funny (oh, and terrified out of their minds): Relativity/ 3. It's not an overused plot of demons/zombies/etc. It's something newer and exciting: Relativity/ 4. It will scare the pants right off of you: Relativity/ 5. And obviously, Evan Peters is the hunkiest date for a date night movie: Relativity/ To add onto the perfect date night, we've got a giveaway to match - here's how to enter: 1. Follow @hollywood_com 2. RT RT & Follow us for a chance to win a gift card & movie merchandise for the #LazarusEffectGiveaway #EvilWillRise — HOLLYWOOD.COM (@Hollywood_com) February 26, 2015 This prize packs includes: - $25 gift card- Hoodie- Flashlight- Syringe Pen- Mini Poster The Lazarus Effect is in theaters Friday February 27, 2015. Only one winner will be chosen. You must be a U.S. resident to enter. This prize pack's approximate value is $50.00.
  • 'Parks and Recreation' Ended Last Night and People Are Heartbroken
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Feb 25, 2015
    Last night was the final episode in one of the greatest shows we've ever watched. We said goodbye to Parks and Recreation after 7 incredible seasons. We're still drying our eyes after that finale. Watching the cast tell each other how much they love each other on  Late Night With Seth Meyers didn't help with the tears. What's even cuter (and made us ugly cry hard) is that they all sang "Bye, Bye Li'l Sebastian" together: NBC/YouTube Featuring Chris Pratt on guitar! We'll miss them even more than we miss Li'l Sebastian. We're not alone in our sadness after saying goodbye: If you need me today, I'm probably crying about Parks. #ParksFarewell — Alice Z. (@_thebookthief_) February 25, 2015 So many tears last night and today and every day without Parks and Rec: Here we go...About to start #ParksFarewell #OneLastRide I'm in a public venue, which will help with the crying. — Eric D. Ramsey (@EricRamseyToGo) February 25, 2015 The Stages of Grief As I Watched @ParksandRecNBC's Series Finale. #ParksFarewell — Kristina Uriegas (@TweeValleyHigh) February 25, 2015 IM CRYING IM WATCHING PARKS AND RECREATION FINALE I AM LITERALLY #ParksFarewell — Faezrin (@faezrin) February 25, 2015 Other celebs/show creators showed their respect and are sad to see it end as well: Life without Donna Meagle will never be the same. Congrats on an unforgettable character, lady. @unfoRETTAble #ParksFarewell — shonda rhimes (@shondarhimes) February 25, 2015 Wrapped and just got home, gonna watch some #ParksandRec like everyone should. Congrats to the writers, cast and crew. #PawneeForever — Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) February 25, 2015 RELATED: The 16 Things We'll Miss Most About 'Parks and Rec' The Leslie Knope quotes are in full force to handle the pain: "Everything hurts and I'm dying" #ParksFarewell — Space Oddity (@dontbeasquare_) February 25, 2015 Anne, your rainbow infused space unicorn. Anne, you beautiful sassy mannequin come to life. Anne, you opalescent tree shark. #ParksFarewell — Laura Simons (@lo_simonsx11) February 25, 2015 As sad as everyone may be to see it end, we can all agree it was an great run and the best ending we could have hoped for: Teared up several times, it was fantastic. So sad it is over but so thankful for such a great show! #ParksandRecFinale #ParksFarewell — brittany♔ (@ainodino) February 25, 2015 Parks showed us how beautiful life and humanity really are. We're sad it's over but so grateful it happened. #ParksFarewell @parksandrecnbc — Alex Hanna (@alhanna92) February 25, 2015 I don't think I've ever cried and laughed harder in a single hour than in the Parks finale. An unbelievably perfect goodbye. #ParksFarewell — Alex Hanna (@alhanna92) February 25, 2015 RELATED: 21 Andy Dwyer Life Lessons From 'Parks and Recreation' Follow @hollywood_comFollow @analuisasrz
  • 18 Reasons 'Not Another Teen Movie' Will Always Be Funny
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Feb 25, 2015
    Not Another Teen Movie came out 14 years ago but it's still extremely relevant - and hilarious - to this day. High school movies are so played out. 1. This magical 10 Things I Hate About You reference will never get old:  Columbia Pictures/ "Sing a song with her name in it." 2. This very meta Pretty In Pink moment: Columbia Pictures/ 3. No 80's teen movie was safe: Columbia Pictures/ 4. This movie perfected the arrogant, star jock: Columbia Pictures/ 5. And the unique girl who didn't "fit" into any high school clique: Columbia Pictures/ 6. It really calls out what it means to be popular: Columbia Pictures/ 7. It had very appropriate teenage reading materials: Columbia Pictures/ 8. This was Chris Evans greatest acting achievement to date: Columbia Pictures/GIPHY 9. Or maybe it was this one: Columbia Pictures/ 10. It had the tortured artist mourning the loss of a parent: Columbia Pictures/ 11. And cheerleaders who definitely did not steal this routine: Columbia Pictures/ 12. They were the cheerleaders that knew how to bring "it": Columbia Pictures/ 13. Jake's dad had the perfect way to cheer him up: Columbia Pictures/ 14. It made fun of how people actually use slang words: Columbia Pictures/ 15. This movie even had the "token" black guy: Columbia Pictures/ 16. This punch sequence is now infamous: Columbia Pictures/ 17. It nailed every movie makeover ever: Columbia Pictures/ 18. It perfectly got how we all feel about teen movies: Columbia Pictures/ What's your favorite quote from Not Another Teen Movie? Tweet us your answers! Follow @hollywood_comFollow @analuisasrz
  • Christina Aguilera Did A Britney Spears Impression and It's Spot On
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Feb 24, 2015
    Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy brought back his sketch "Wheel of Musical Impressions" and his guest, Christina Aguilera, absolutely killed it. By doing an impressions of her teen-pop rival, Britney Spears.  NBC/Buzzfeed "Britney Spears. You know Britney Spears, right?"  "Lil bit!" Watch Christina nail her Brit impression, as well as doing some fabulous Cher and Shakira impressions: NBC/YouTube Sorry Jimmy, as much as we love you (which is a lot), Christina wins this round. By a lot. We'd pay good money for a ...Baby One More Time cover album by Christina Aguilera. Or a duet between Brit and Xtina.  Follow @hollywood_comFollow @analuisasrz
  • 21 Andy Dwyer Life Lessons From 'Parks and Rec'
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Feb 24, 2015
    For the last six years, Parks and Recreation's resident goofy guy, Andy Dwyer, has been teaching us the most valuable life lessons.  1. The great history of the White House: NBC/ 2. Never run: GIPHY/NBC 3. Crushes are embarrassing for everyone: NBC/ 4. What to do when you need to distract people: NBC/ 5. How to make your life 5x better: NBC/GIPHY 6. What to do when life gets tough: NBC/GIPHY 7. On deciding where to move: NBC/ 8. How to let a person know you're interested in them: NBC/GIPHY 9. You don't need to know what you're doing, you just need to be confident: NBC/ 10. It's not always called "crying": NBC/GIPHY 11. Butter is more than a common dairy product: NBC/ 12.  The 5-second rule always applies: NBC/GIPHY NBC/GIPHY 13. It's actually not mother nature: NBC/ 14. Get ninjas to do your dirty work: NBC/ 15. Sometimes, it's a good idea to just not do anything: NBC/GIPHY 16. Fake it until you make it: NBC/GIPHY 17. Find enjoyment in the simple things in life: NBC/GIPHY 18. When you can't take a full one, take a "Dwyer Shower": NBC/ 19. If you see an opportunity to ask for something you want, do it: NBC/ 20. Sometimes life stinks: NBC/ 21. Despite all of his silliness, he does have heartfelt, smart lessons to teach: NBC/ Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @analuisasrz //
  • Jimmy Kimmel Aligns The Stars For a Perfect 10th Annual "After The Oscars Special"
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Feb 23, 2015
    For the last 10 years, if you've been able to stay awake after the Academy Awards telecast ended (late, as always), Jimmy Kimmel Live! has had an "After The Oscars Special" for all to enjoy. Last night for the 10th anniversary, Jimmy pulled out all the celebrity stops he could and it was pretty impressive. He opened the show with a hilarious sketch featuring Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris: ABC/YouTube Despite his hectic Oscars schedule and Vanity Fair after party commitment, NPH managed to stop for a hug and time to babysit. There was a special edition of "Lie Witness News", which proved people will literally lie about anything: ABC/YouTube Angelina Jolie as Rosa Parks? Sexiest movie adaptation that woman has ever seen, obviously.  The real icing on the cake from last night's show, however, was the two part special jam-packed with celebrities, like first-time Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne and more: ABC/YouTube ABC/YouTube Jeez Eddie, why don't you sound British enough? You're from there! Only Jimmy Kimmel could get Jennifer Aniston to agree to a dis-trust fall and make it funnier than we could have hoped for. ABC/ On Top of having a series of hilarious pre-taped sketches, Jimmy also had J.K. Simmons on the show, after his very first Oscar win - "I did it baby! I did it Jimmy!" Subsequently, Jimmy made him share it with him. Jimmy also brought out the man who has been ridiculed since last years Oscars name flub - Adele Dazeem - John Travolta. John broke down just how many parties he had to attend and what dancing he'd be getting up to. ABC/YouTube As much as we loved last night's 10th annual special, we still think that this skit is the best thing Jimmy Kimmel has ever done. 5th Annual "After The Oscars Special" - "Handsome Men's Club": ABC/YouTube "Wow, you're Handsome. You're perfect. You're incredible. You are one good looking son of a bitch. Good job mom. Amazing. Holy shit."  Follow @hollywood_comFollow @analuisasrz
  • 21 Reasons There Should Be an 'Austin Powers' Sequel
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Feb 20, 2015
    Between 1997 and 2002, we were lucky enough to be graced with three Austin Powers movies and then the magic just stopped. At the time, we didn't realize what a loss this was. Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, was the greatest spy to ever exist and Dr. Evil was the evilest villain we've ever seen. We need more. Even though he was successful spy, Austin never took himself too seriously: GIPHY/New Line Cinema But we should take him and his dangerous lifestyle seriously: New Line Cinema/ Dr. Evil is still the sassiest villain to ever terrorize this country: GIPHY/New Line Cinema "Fasha can you hear me?": New Line Cinema/YouTube Mini Me was born and we fell in love with him: New Line Cinema/ We dearly miss his days as Dr. Evil's little best friend: GIPHY/New Line Cinema This series had an insane number of puns:  New Line Cinema/ Like, puns have never been so obvious, yet so perfect since this series: New Line Cinema/ The names were just so clever: GIPHY/New Line Cinema This group therapy session is a golden moment: New Line Cinema/YouTube Fat Bastard actually spoke to us on a serious level: New Line Cinema/ It's easy for parents and their teenage children to relate to: New Line Cinema/ "Am I cool yet?" Ugh dad, you're embarrassing me! Even Beyonce loved Austin Powers enough to be in it: New Line Cinema/ No one says the word "shag" better than Austin: New Line Cinema/ Despite his blatant sexual urges, Austin Powers was actually a real stand up guy: New Line Cinema/ "Mole...Mole...MOLEY, MOLEY, MOLEY, MOLEY, MOLEY!!!": GIPHY/New Line Cinema There was never a moment that didn't make us giggle: GIPHY/New Line Cinema This series had robots with guns in the boobs: New Line Cinema/ Guns in the BOOBS. As a growing girl when this movie first came out, I was very disappointed to learn that wasn't a real thing. As much as we loved Austin Powers, Dr. Evil always stole the show: New Line Cinema/ Billions > trillions: New Line Cinema/ We need more Mini Me as Mini Austin: New Line Cinema/ This is still the cutest thing to ever happen. He's in a car seat with a wig and bad fake teeth! Follow @hollywood_comFollow @analuisasrz