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  • 18 Reasons Amy Poehler Should Be Your Role Model
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 09, 2014
    Amy Poehler is amazing. Simple fact. She should be your idol, weekly #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday), and more. She's an inspiration to us all, beauty and talent wise. If you can't already tell, we absolutely love her and you should too. 1. First and foremost, she plays the greatest character on television, Leslie Knope: GIPHY/NBC 2. She’s a talented dancer: GIPHY 3. She’s an advocate for “twerking,” but obviously the classy kind. GIPHY 4. She can wink her way into anyone’s heart. GIPHY 5. She gives amazing life advice: 6. Like, really awesome advice, the kind everyone needs to know: GIPHY/NBC 7. She’s a cool mom: GIPHY/Paramount Pictures 8. But she actually is, in real life: 9. She’s honest about why people drink: GIPHY 10. She can make anyone give her a back massage, even Bono: GIPHY 11. Her best friend is the amazing Tina Fey: GIPHY 12. George Clooney thinks she smells good: GIPHY 13. It has been said that is the voice of every generation: GIPHY 14. She’s a red carpet queen: GIPHY 15. A fist bump expert: GIPHY 16. An experienced space traveler: GIPHY 17. And an SNL goddess/legend: GIPHY 18. Plus, she understands the internet. Kind of: GIPHY We love you Amy, don’t you ever change! GIPHY
  • See Arya Stark's Hilarious First Adventure With A Nintendo
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 08, 2014
    YouTube/TheFineBros The Fine Bros have brought us a new video of "Teens React" and it's hysterical. It's bound to make all you 80's/90's kids cringe, but mainly because you feel bad for these teens. How can they not know what a Nintendo is? Game of Thrones star Arya Stark (sorry, we mean Maisie Williams) is back once again and her reaction/game playing is easily the best of the bunch. But maybe we're just a little impartial. You be the judge. Watch this video that will make 80's kids everywhere want to cry: Sorry Maisie, we're but we're totally going to judge you just a bit! It's all good though. Sorry to the youth of America, but if  you never played Duck Hunt or the original Super Mario Bros., then you've never truly gamed. What was your favorite game for the Nintendo? Tweet us what you played on your NES! Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 10 Reasons Why Prince George Needs Royal Baby #2
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 08, 2014
    Splash News This morning it was announced that Kate Middleton and Prince William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting Royal Baby #2! We could not be any happier for them than we are right now. Prince George is our favorite member of the Royal Family, but we think being an only child can carries a particular burden. He needs a sibling! Someone for him to pass on his legacy on to. A brother or a sister (please be a sister, please) that he can teach all of his wisdom too. Like, how to accept a gift like royalty: GIPHY Prince George has perfected the art of kindly telling people to back off: GIPHY He needs to show someone how to feign interest as well as him: GIPHY He's going to have to teach his baby sibling how to wave when they're a day old: GIPHY Who else is Prince George supposed to discuss his mother's magical hair with than his baby sib? GIPHY He must do his duty to his country and show his sibling how to be as enthusiastic as possible: GIPHY He needs help putting their daddy in his place: GIPHY Even their mom might need a talking to: GIPHY A little sibling can help him put the peasants down: GIPHY He's the king of playtime right now, but without a sibling, he has no one to steal toys from and get away with it: GIPHY Congratulations to the happy family! We're very excited to hear more news about Royal Baby #2 as this pregnancy progresses. Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • One Direction Has Finally Announced Their New Album!
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 08, 2014
    Getty Images/Kevin Mazur Bless the lord, today is a good day! Directioners, the guys of One Direction have finally given us the annoucement we've all been waiting for! INFORMATION ON THEIR NEW ALBUM!! We've all only been patiently waiting for this moment since last November. Lucky for us, the handsome men are kind enough to give us an album name, FOUR, AND a free track, "Fireproof"! But the song is only available for the next 24 hours. Check out their adorable annoucement video below: Take a minute to gather yourself (it took me several moments) and LET'S CELEBRATE! Head on over to the boys site to hear "Fireproof," before it's gone. The band and some of the boys have tweeted about the good news: Our new album is called FOUR! we've been working so hard on this…so glad we can share it with you!!! — liam (@Real_Liam_Payne) September 8, 2014 (Watch the video again...) We wanted to give "fireproof" to you as a gift, we feel it will give you a good idea of where we are going with ' FOUR' will sound like! — Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial) September 8, 2014 Also it's one of our favourite songs , so hopefully you are enjoying it! And can't wait for you to hear the rest of the album — Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial) September 8, 2014 Our new album is called FOUR. Can't believe we are releasing our 4th album already, couldn't do it without our fans! — Louis Tomlinson (@Louis_Tomlinson) September 8, 2014 So looks like THE BIGGEST 1D NEWS OF THE YEAR has just landed... #1DAlbumFOUR #1DFireproof — One Direction (@onedirection) September 8, 2014 FOURis available now for pre-order in the UK (what about us US Directioners?!) on iTunes and will be sold in stores on November 17, 2014. You better head to iTunes right after reading this. #Directioner Out. Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 25 Movie Quotes To Use For Different Situations In Life
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 05, 2014
    Do you love movies? I mean, do you love movies so much, you talk in movie quotes 24/7? Us too. Here’s some help sorting out quotes for different moments in your life. When you’re short on money: GIPHY/Universal Pictures When you don’t feel like going outside: GIPHY When someone you don’t really like wants to make plans: GIPHY/Warner Bros. When someone is taking way too long to get to the point: GIPHY/Universal Pictures When someone is being a pain in your ass: GIPHY/Universal Pictures Or if they’re being really dumb: GIPHY/Warner Bros. When you need to validate yourself: GIPHY/DreamWorks Pictures When people act like they know what they’re talking about, but really, really don’t: GIPHY GIPHY When people don't seem to understand what you're saying: GIPHY/Paramount Pictures When you need to pay someone a compliment: GIPHY When you’re in the mood to relive the 90's and/or miss Brittany Murphy: GIPHY/Paramount Pictures When you want to thank someone for loving you for being you: GIPHY/Buena Vista Pictures When you're questioning your relationship status: GIPHY/Universal Pictures When your husband pisses you off, then asks what you want: GIPHY/Buena Vista Pictures When someone asks you if you forgot something: GIPHY When someone shows up late to your plans: GIPHY/New Line Cinema When someone from work tries to talk to after 6 on a Friday: GIPHY/Warner Bros. When someone younger than you says something very stupid: GIPHY/Paramount Pictures When you kick schools ass: GIPHY/Universal Pictures When someone says it’s raining pretty bad outside: GIPHY/Columbia Pictures When the Starbucks barista asks for your name: GIPHY/Columbia Pictures When you need to express how mad you are: GIPHY When that's too nice:  GIPHY When someone tries to tell you that you were being too sensitive: Vista Pictures When someone asks you what your weekend plans are: GIPHY/Warner Bros. Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • Jimmy Kimmel Brought Back "Mean Tweets" And They're Meaner and Funnier Than Ever
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 05, 2014
    YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live Our favorite segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live! came back last night to celebrate the first game of the NFL season. Jimmy Kimmel introduced us to "Mean Tweets - NFL Edition," and it's easily the best edition of "Mean Tweets" we've seen yet on the show (except for Jimmy's own tweet about Matt Damon). Twitter users do not spare any feelings in this round of tweets. Check out the hilarious sketch below: Good on these athletes to take these insults so well, we can't imagine it's easy reading hateful things about yourself. But they were able to laugh along with the rest of us at the ridiculous things people will say on Twitter. Some of our favorites are: @charged "F**K YOU DWIGHT FREENEY. I HOPE YOUR FOOT RIPS OFF IN THIS GAME YOU D**K." @cdot "DeSean Jackson seems like no matter how much money he makes he won't stop shopping at Express." @InternetRaheem "Isn't Steve Smith like 50 years old?" - "No, actually I'm 35" (direct quote from Steve Smith) @dope_cope "Did Brandon Marshall really cry in his post game interview?? Grow some balls bro." But the best Mean Tweet (and reaction) of them all was: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • Hemsworth vs. Evans: The Battle For Best Chris
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 04, 2014
    Splash News/WENN/ It’s a tough one, right here. Who do you think is better: Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth? They’re both superheroes, they’re both really hot, and they have an affinity for being shirtless. But which one is better? Fear not, we've got the breakdown for who is best. Hero Status: Evans – Captain America GIPHY/Marvel Studios Hemsworth – Thor GIPHY/Marvel Studios Winner: Evans. Captain America is not only an excellent strategist and expert on hand-to-hand combat, but he does it all in the tightest uniform ever. He’s also a national hero! Their face/eyes: Evans GIPHY Hemsworth GIPHY Winner: Hemsworth. Sorry Evans, no contest here, you squint a little too much.   Facial hair Evans GIPHY Hemsworth GIPHY Winner: Evans. Yum. Hair: Evans GIPHY Hemsworth GIPHY Winner: Hemsworth because man buns.   How good they look shirtless: Evans Century Fox Hemsworth GIPHY/Marvel Studios Winner: Tie Overall body: Evans GIPHY Hemsworth GIPHY/Marvel Studios Winner: Hemsworth. It's the arms. How much they’re worth: Evans - $40 million GIPHY Hemsworth – $50 million GIPHY Winner: Hemsworth. We'll see who does better after their 3rd superhero movies comes out. Rooting for you Cap! Film success: GIPHY/Marvel Studios Winner: Tie. They both were in the 3rd highest-grossing movie of all time. How they’ve aged like fine wine: Evans GIPHY/20th Century Fox GIPHY Hemsworth GIPHY GIPHY Winner: Evans. Hemsworth was always that beautiful. Evans went from kind of hot, to full-blown sexy. Best smile: Evans GIPHY Hemsworth GIPHY Winner: Hemsworth Bonus Lightening Round: Cutest in interviews: GIPHY Winner: Evans Cutest dad: Winner: Hemsworth. Though it’s unfair, since Evans isn’t a dad. But LOOK at that baby. Goofiest: GIPHY/20th Century Fox Winner: Evans Best accent: Winner: Hemsworth. Again, unfair since Evans doesn’t have one. But c'mon, he's got an Australian accent! So who wins the battle for Best Chris? Chris Evans: 7 Chris Hemsworth:  9 Sorry Mr. Evans, we love you both!
  • Twitter Users Are Devastated Over The Passing Of Joan Rivers
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 04, 2014
    via Everett Collection Today is a very sad day in the comedy world. We lost one of the greats. Joan Rivers has been the pioneer in "speaking your mind" since she started her career 50+ years ago. Because of her stark humor and quick wit, she has been a controversial comedienne over the years, but her talent cannot be questioned. Twitter users, us normal folks and big name celebrities, all used the social media site to mourn the loss of the wonderful woman. People still reeling from Robin Williams passing commented: Losing Joan Rivers and Robin WIlliams? That is a cruel sense of humor. — Amy Vansant (@AmyVansant) September 4, 2014 The King and Queen of comedy, may they both rest well. #joanrivers #robinwilliams — Girl Code! (@itsGirICode) September 4, 2014 We've lost Robin Williams and Joan Rivers in the space of a month. I just don't know what to say. #RIPJOANRIVERS — Rebekka-Mary Darling (@RebekkaMary) September 4, 2014 YouTube posted in her honor: Remembering the life and laughter of comedian extraordinaire, Joan Rivers. — YouTube (@YouTube) September 4, 2014 People wished she rest happily: Rest in paradise, Joan Rivers. — Breanna Sayegh (@Breanna_Natalia) September 4, 2014 People recognized the path she paved for women: You can't be a self-proclaimed feminist and not appreciate what Joan Rivers did for your whiny asses. You wouldn't be here without her. — Money Moochelle (@MsMoochelle) September 4, 2014 but srsly Joan Rivers is very influential to me and made me dream of being in entertainment news as a youngin. RIP — T (@t_gyenz_) September 4, 2014 Others plan to remember her dedication: Joan Rivers was 81 years old and still hardworking. That's amazing dedication. — Shades of Rihanna (@iDreamRihanna) September 4, 2014 People loved her for her honesty, even if it was brutal: RIP, Joan Rivers! You told it like it was and for that, you will forever live on in our hearts as a true New Yorker. — Village Voice Street (@VoiceStreet) September 4, 2014 "I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking." - Joan Rivers. RIP #women #comedy #trailblazers — Elizabeth Karr (@elizabethkarr) September 4, 2014 why don't people understand that joan rivers was a comedian and never actually meant the things she said lol it was her job #RIPJoanRivers — hannah (@imforbieber) September 4, 2014 Comedy just lost a very funny, pretty lady. @Joan_Rivers, you made it cool not to take yourself too seriously. Thank you! Rest peacefully. — Leigh-Allyn Baker (@L_A_Baker) September 4, 2014 People hoped she left the world how she entered it: Joan Rivers was truly a good soul. I've never seen a room light up with laughter the way it did when she entered it. You will be missed. RIP — Chase Chrisley (@ChrisleyChase) September 4, 2014 Celebrities chimed in to remember Joan: “We don’t apologize for a joke. We are comics. We are here to make you laugh. If you don’t get it, then don’t watch us.” - Joan Rivers — Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton) September 4, 2014 A legend, a friend, a mentor, an icon, and wildly funny. One of a kind. RIP #JoanRivers @joan_rivers — Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) September 4, 2014 My friend Joan Rivers has passed away once again to quote Billy Crystal... There are no words. Bon Voyage Joan — Whoopi Goldberg (@WhoopiGoldberg) September 4, 2014 My heart is torn in half. She wasn't done. #Joan — Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) September 4, 2014 Joan Rivers will always be a pioneer. She paved the way for a lot of comedians. I’m very sad she’s gone. — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) September 4, 2014 we lost a great one in @Joan_Rivers - she was funny all the way to the end — Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) September 4, 2014 RIP the mighty Joan Rivers. Funny & fearless. Truly one of a kind. — Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) September 4, 2014 RIP Joan Rivers. A force of nature. — Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers) September 4, 2014 RIP Joan Rivers... You made fun of my boobies just last week and it was an HONOR. Thanks for making so many people laugh here on Earth. — Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) September 4, 2014 Thanks for the laughs @Joan_Rivers ! The last woman to bed me! — Lance Bass (@LanceBass) September 4, 2014 Love Her or Hate Her, we're gonna Miss JOAN RIVERS! I always Respected her go for broke humor. One of a kind.R.I.P. — Samuel L. Jackson (@SamuelLJackson) September 4, 2014 But most importantly, people remembered her for her talent and honored her: "When my water broke, my dog drowned!" - Joan Rivers. RIP, you truly were one of the funniest people ever. — Brian Bonds (@brianbonds) September 4, 2014 "I enjoy life when things are happening. It doesn't matter if it's good things or bad things. That means you're alive." - Joan Rivers — kristen johnston (@kjothesmartass) September 4, 2014 "Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century." — Joan Rivers — Robyn (@robza160) September 4, 2014 What are your thoughts on this comedienne's passing? Tweets us your thoughts and well wishes with the hashtag #RIPJoanRivers. Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • The Little Rascals Cast Reunited And The Pictures Are A Must-See
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 03, 2014
    GUYS! Can you believe it's been 20 years since The Little Rascals was released in theaters?! Twenty years since Alfalfa and the gang started the he-man womun haters club, since Darla learned that Alfalfa hates "her stinking guts," and since Buckwheat had a dollar. To celebrate this anniversary, everyone got back together to make the greatest movie poster re-creation of all time. Universal Pictures, Facebook/22 Vision Not only did they re-create the poster, but they also recreated some of the most iconic moments from the film. Prepare your nostalgic little hearts because this reunion is absolutely amazing. During this blast from the past, Alfalfa (Bug Hall) and Spanky (Travis Tedford) got their tutus on: GIPHY/Universal Pictures Instagram/airem23 GIPHY/Universal Pictures Twitter/Travis Tedford/Airem23 Darla (Brittany Ashton Holmes) is still here to remind us the truth about boys: GIPHY/Universal Pictures Facebook/22 Vision, Bradford Rogne The He-Man Womun Haters got back together for one last meeting: GIPHY/Universal Pictures Facebook/22 Vision, Bradford Rogne Porky and Buckwheat are still best friends after all this time: GIPHY/Universal Pictures GIPHY/Universal Pictures Facebook/22 Vision Just a few more, because they were cuter than Alfalfa and and Spanky: GIPHY/Universal Pictures GIPHY/Universal Pictures Waldo and Alfalfa are still vying for Darla's love: Pictures Pictures Facebook/22 Vision, Bradford Rogne Here's the whole gang, finally reunited and happy again: Facebook/22 Vision, Bradford Rogne Who was your favorite Little Rascal? Tweet us your favorite! Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • Ranking The Ugliest Cries Ever Caught on Camera
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 03, 2014
    You know what an “ugly cry” is, right? It’s when a person is crying so hard, they have no control over their face, and even if they’re the prettiest person in the world, they somehow manage to look ugly. If you’ve never seen it, and you think you’ve never done it (you have), don’t worry. There’s been plenty of these moments caught on camera for us to enjoy. Snooki (Jersey Shore) GIPHY/MTV Abby (Dance Moms) Bad Girls Club GIPHY/Oxygen Deena (Jersey Shore) GIPHY/MTV GIPHY/MTV Project Runway contestant GIPHY/Bravo Justin Long (New Girl) GIPHY/FOX The Real Housewives Taylor Armstrong (RHOBH) GIPHY/Bravo Gretchen Rossi (RHOC) Romona (RHONY) GIPHY/Bravo Teresa Guidice (RHONJ) GIPHY/Bravo Misha Collins (Castiel on Supernatural) GIPHY/The CW James Van der Beek (Dawnson Leery on Dawson’s Creek) GIPHY/The WB GIPHY/The WB And the person with the ugliest cry goes to reality queen…Kim Kardashian GIPHY/E! GIPHY/E! GIPHY/E! To everyone on this list: it’s okay, we all ugly cry too. There’s only one person on this planet who does not have an ugly cry and that is Sophia Bush. GIPHY/The WB Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //