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  • 14 Of The Best Celebrity Audition Tapes
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 20, 2014
    Have you ever wondered what some of Hollywood's most popular stars looked like before they landed their biggest (or at least, one of their biggest) roles? We were curious. I mean, you're telling us there are just videos out there of people like Rachel McAdams and Miley Cyrus before they were household names? Sign us up, we're ready to watch! And we bet you are too. 1. Jason Momoa reading for Khal Drogo in Game Of Thones: 2. Rachel McAdams reading for Allie in The Notebook: 3. Emma Stone reading for Olive in Easy A: 4. Selena Gomez reading for Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place: 5. Steve Carell reading for Brick in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: 6. Megan Fox reading for Mikaela in Transformers: 7. Blake Lively reading for Serena in Gossip Girl: 8. Lea Michele reading for Rachel in Glee: 9. Miley Cyrus reading for "Zoey," the original best friend created for Hannah Montana: 10. Scarlett Johansson reading for Judy Shepard in Jumanji: 11. Robert De Niro reading for Sonny Corleone in The Godfather: 12. Demi Lovato reading for Sonny in Sonny With A Chance: 13. Gabourey Sidibe reading for Precious in Precious: 14. Jennifer Garner reading for Elektra in Daredevil: Who had your favorite audition tape? Tweet us if you think they did or didn't deserve the role! Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • The Coolest 'One Tree Hill' Reunion Just Happened
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 19, 2014
    So you might have heard: there was a One Tree Hill reunion this weekend. In Paris. The gang got back together for an OTH convention hosted by Guest Events called, "From Wilmington To Paris 2." Should have been from Tree Hill to Paris, but we guess it's cool since it gave us the best pictures to ever grace our Instagrams. Our favorite Tree Hill girls finally got back together again and gave us OTH fans photographic evidence: Loading Basically the best. View on Instagram B. Davis also reunited with her favorite Scott boys: Loading My two favorite Scotts. #PJRaven @ThisIsJamesLafferty #HomiesForLife #OTHfam View on Instagram Ouch. Is that a burn to Lucas/Chad I see Sophia Bush? Probs not, because she's amazing. And the sweetest girl ever. Plus, we think everyone secretly loved Dan so much because he was the funniest character to hate. And he's hot. But guys, Sophia was not the only person blowing up our Instagram newsfeed. Haley (Bethany Joy Lenz) was a selfie fiend this weekend. There was a Naley moment. I repeat, A NALEY MOMENT HAPPENED: Chargement This handsome buggar... #paris @thisisjameslafferty Afficher sur Instagram Even a OTH family selfie: Loading @ptothejohan @robertearlbuckley @therealshantel @joylenz #hilarieburton #paris View on Instagram Everyone seemed to love Dan Scott (Paul Johannson) this weekend: Loading Champagne et une promenade avec un de mes amis les plus chers. How blessed I am to share these new memories with people I have known and loved for many years. Thank you #paris View on Instagram The James sisters were at it once again: Loading Mr & Mrs Paris... Hottest new couple in town! @joylenz #loveyasis #Paris #OTH View on Instagram Clay (Robert Buckley)and Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) made snow angels together and they didn't come out well, but it was perfect: Loading Clearly, our snow angel game needs a lot of work. @therealshantel #FWTP2 View on Instagram Even Nanny Carrie was able to tone down the crazy and make it to this reunion: Chargement Wow! Altogether again! Hillary joy James Antoine Torrey Afficher sur Instagram As expected, OTH fans freaked the hell out over this reunion: This one tree hill gathering is really giving me the feels — SHA (@ShainaWottitz) October 18, 2014 the fact that there's still one tree hill conventions going on after the show finishing years ago makes me emotional — (@regalduckling) October 18, 2014 American fans were so sad they couldn't be there: There's a One Tree Hill convention on in Paris and I'm so devastated I'm not there! — AlouderLOVEGA (@EmilyyBennettt) October 19, 2014 People let this reunion make them wish (dream) for more: I had a dream one tree hill was having a reunion season — erudite (@amanduuurz) October 19, 2014 There were people ready to get on an airplane and fly right to Paris: Where am I? Not at the #FWTP2 for the One Tree Hill convention. Where I want to be? #FWTP2. — hale (@brookedaviz) October 18, 2014 People weren't even that mad that Chad had to cancel on the event: Chad canceled but silver lining: free posters all around for us! Merci @GuestsEvents #FWTP2 — Laura Van Staen (@LauraBlake__) October 19, 2014 Because Sophia is perfect and adorable with fans, as usual: @sophiabush Thank you for the photo, I'm glad to met you for the first time. I love you so much #FWTP2 — I MET SOPHIA BUSH. (@badassbush) October 19, 2014 And the Clinn feels were so strong and perfect: Shantel and Rob being super cute at their panel #fwtp2 — (@xRememberOTH) October 19, 2014 Shantel: "I'd pick Robert any day. He's my best friend!" AND THEN SHE HUGGED HIM. #FWTP2 #Clinn — Laura Van Staen (@LauraBlake__) October 19, 2014 It was an amazing reunion and we all wish we were there. Excuse us while we go watch One Tree Hill for the rest of our Sunday. And week. We hope you do too. Follow @hollywood_com // | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 18 Reasons Everyone Loved 'Rugrats' While Growing Up
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 17, 2014
    If you grew up in the 90's, you were most likely a Rugrats baby. If you didn't, then you're probably (definitely) tired of hearing about the 90's and how awesome Rugrats was (still is). There's a reason this show still has people talking about it 23 years after it first started, and 10 years after the last new episode. It taught us a lot of valid life lessons, skills, and more.  1. Angelica was the first person that taught us all what it means to "do you": Nickelodeon/GIPHY 2. She also showed us how to look really good while doing just that: Nickelodeon/GIPHY 3. Basically, we didn't admit to wanting to be Angelica, but we secretly wished we were her: Nickelodeon/GIPHY 4. We learned from Spike and Tommy why dogs really are a man's best friend: Nickelodeon/GIPHY 5. Tommy and Chuckie showed us that growing up could be scary and exciting at the same time: Nickelodeon/GIPHY 6. Angelica swooped right in to let us know what responsibilities are: Nickelodeon/ 7. The show taught us about Moses and other religious figures in a way we could all understand: Nickelodeon/GIPHY Although, alternatively, you might have had a hard time believing your parents that Moses wasn't Tommy Pickles. 8. They also did a pretty good job at telling us history too: Nickelodeon/ This show was more educational than another on PBS. 9. Rugrats taught us that diapers (and clothes in general) were so overrated: Nickelodeon/GIPHY 10. If you were the oldest of the group, AKA The Big Cousin, then you learned a lot about how to control babies, AKA anyone younger than you: Nickelodeon/ 2 days younger than you? Still a baby. 11. It was a really deep show that made us all think: Nickelodeon/ 12. At a very young age, we learned just how important pizza really is: Nickelodeon/ 13. Rugrats  taught us what friendship truly means: Nickelodeon/ 14. You didn't realize just how handy this phrase would wind up being: Nickelodeon/ 23 years later and this still is useful. 15. We also learned the most important life lesson, that we have all carried into adulthood: Nickelodeon/ Accurate for childhood, high school, college, and being a grown-up. 16. It taught us to treat everything we loved the same way Angelica treated Cynthia: Nickelodeon/ 17. Mary-Kate and Ashley made you want to be a twin? More like Phil and Lil: Nickelodeon/ 18. Most importantly, we idolized Rugrats because of the valuable life lessons it taught us and, Tommy Pickles was the first boss baby there ever was: Nickelodeon/GIPHY Why did you personally idolize the gang from Rugrats? Tweet us your answers! Follow @hollywood_com // | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 18 Problems Only Hogwarts Students Can Understand
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 16, 2014
    Have you ever been running late to class and then the stairs just decided to change on you? You probably went to Hogwarts then. Only fellow students of the very esteemed Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardy can truly understand your plight. 1. When you're trying to eat dinner and there's a troll in the dungeon: Warner Bros/GIPHY 2. When you're trying to catch the Hogwarts Express and you look like a total frosh: Warner Bros/GIPHY 3. When you're running late for class and then the stairs just change on you: Warner Bros/ 4. When you're just trying to learn in class and you'r sitting next to a disaster of a student: Warner Bros/GIPHY 5. Or you're the one stuck sitting next to the class know-it-all: Warner Bros/GIPHY 6. When you're forced to serve detention and it's in the Forbidden Forest with Malfoy: Warner Bros/GIPHY 7. When you're just casually browsing the Marauder's Map with your buddy HP and see some weird stuff: Warner Bros./GIPHY 8. When you find a diary at school and think "Awesome!" and it really, really is not: Warner Bros/GIPHY 9. When you're excited to have class with Hagrid then have to deal with Malfoy: Warner Bros/GIPHY Ugh, Malfoy is the worst. 10. When they announce a school dance and you have to practice your dancing skills with your Head of House: Warner Bros/GIPHY And she makes you put your hand ON HER WAIST! 11. When you're trying to ask your Headmaster a question and he basically just answers you in riddles: Warner Bros/GIPHY 12. When you're in Slythein and you won the House Cup fair and square but then Harry Potter shows up and suddenly Gryffindor wins: Warner Bros/GIPHY 13. When you're just trying to kiss your BF/GF between classes but, ugh, Umbridge: WB/GIPHY 14. When you're just trying to have a normal school year but Voldemort shows up after pretending to be your teacher: GIPHY/ Or, really, he was attached to your teacher the whole time. 15. When you're just trying to enjoy the Triwizard Tournament but Voldemort:  Warner Bros/GIPHY 16. Seriously though, Voldemort do you do ANYTHING but ruin everyone's school year? Warner Bros./GIPHY 17. When you just want to see your parents after a tough year and Voldemort decides to hug you: Warner Bros./GIPHY 18. When you spend your whole time at Hogwarts thinking Snape is the bad guy but he's really the good guy: Warner Bros/GIPHY What #HogwartsProblems can you relate to? Tweet us your answers and be sure to include the hashtag! Follow @hollywood_com // | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • Enter Our Amazing 'The Best Of Me' Giveaway!
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 15, 2014
    Relativity Media Planning on seeing The Best Of Me, starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan, this weekend? The newest booked-turned-movie coming from romance power-house Nicholas Sparks, The Best Of Me is going to be the next big hit. The film follows the tumultuous love story between a young Amanda (Liana Liberato) and a young Dawson (Luke Bracey), spanning 20 years into the future when Amanda (Monaghan) and Dawson (Marsden) meet again. The films looks to provide us with the greatest Nicholas Sparks twist on film yet. If you're going out to the theaters this weekend, you'll want to enter this amazing contest as well! Relativity Media Here's what to do to win: 1. Follow @hollywood_com // 2. Retweet: RT and Follow for a chance to win an amazing 'The Best Of Me' gift card & goodies bundle! #BestOfMeGiveaway — HOLLYWOOD.COM (@Hollywood_com) October 15, 2014 What you'll get if you win... One lucky winner will win a Sephora gift card ($100), a SpaFinder gift card ($100), a DryBar coaster gift card (valued at $40), and a gift card to a Sur la Table cooking class ($100).The winner will also receive some additional items, including a copy of the book and soundtrack, plus more incredible goodies! The Best Of Me opens in theaters everywhere, Friday, October 17, 2014. The contest ends Wednesday, October 29, 2014.
  • 17 Reasons You Should Know and Love Aziz Ansari
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 14, 2014
    Do you know who Aziz Ansari is? If not, let us introduce you! Aziz is one of the stars of the NBC hit Parks and Recreation. But that's not all he is. Aziz is an awesome actor, comedian, Instagram foodie, feminist, vocal animal activist (see his stand-up about Factory Farming), and a male fashion icon.  1. He broke down feminism into the simplest terms so everyone could finally understand the word. 2. He coined the term for treating yourself well. GIPHY/NBC 3. He's basically the biggest fashion icon there is. Shooting some crazy stuff for Parks with @unfoRETTAble: — Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) October 1, 2014 4. He has no problem calling people out on getting married too soon. 5. He has no issue with being 100% honest with his fans. 6. Aziz, like his character Tom Haverford, treats himself like the celeb royalty he is. GIPHY/NBC 7. He is really cute with his parents and still celebrates all the big moments with them. Hugging my parents on stage at MSG. Happiest I've ever been. — Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) October 10, 2014 8.  He also shares a lot stories about his parents that people can relate to. Dad trying to praise his Nespresso but keeps referring to it as a "Netflix Espresso Machine." — Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) August 31, 2014 "You put in the Netflix pods and the espresso comes right out. It's very easy." — Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) August 31, 2014 9. He is smoother than P. Diddy. GIPHY 10. He can be extremely resourceful. GIPHY/NBC 11. He isn't a fan of stereotypes, but he's also completely honest about them too. 12. Aziz is the one who broke this important 50 Cent news. GIPHY/ 13. He is just as obsessed with food as the rest of us. No celebrity diets here. Chicken Tenders #Food — Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) August 22, 2014 Biscuits #Food — Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) August 22, 2014 14. He's also the one who said how we all feel when we get a phone call. GIPHY 15. This is how he feels about young pregnancy.  GIPHY/TBS 16. He's the father of Blake Lively's baby, did you know? So crazy that my text to Blake Lively on @sternshow got her pregnant. Congrats boo. — Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) October 6, 2014 17. He's like the rest of the internet and makes Drake memes as often as possible. Don't be sad @Drake. You can still win front row tickets to my show at MSG at — Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) September 26, 2014 Why do you love Aziz? Tweet us your answers and be sure to tag @azizansari! Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 18 Reasons 'The Office' Needs To Come Back To TV
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 14, 2014
    The Office ended May 16, 2013. That might only be a year and a half ago, but with fall TV in full swing, The Office fans can feel the show's presence missing from our lives. Can't they just reunite and make new episodes already? Every other show/movie is getting redone or sequels or put on Netflix, why not skip the waiting period and do it now? 1. This show taught us amazing life lessons, like that you can be both feared and loved. NBC/ 2. We also learned this very useful bit of advice about mistletoe. GIPHY/NBC 3. The show gave us aspirations that we could do more than just sit in an office.  NBC/GIPHY 4. Kelly Kapoor is the reason we know what to say to sound smart. NBC/GIPHY 5. And Michael broke the very important news over who loves pizza. NBC/GIPHY 6. Kevin taught us all what dreams really are. NBC/GIPHY 7. Our inner child smiled when Dwight used this insult we've been throwing at our friends since we could read. NBC/GIPHY 8. This show introduced u s to a new National holiday. NBC/ 9. They gave us hope to one day create such an amazing holiday card with our own co-workers. NBC/GIPHY 10. Characters like Jim created places no one ever knew they wanted, but once we heard of them, we needed them. NBC/ 11. But speaking of Jim, The Office also showed us that office romances can bloom into the most powerful and amazing things in the world. NBC/ NBC/ 12. The show gave us the perfect insult for Negative Nancys. NBC/GIPHY 13. It also reminded us there are too many people on this planet. NBC/GIPHY 14. Prison Mike let everyone know why we should never wind up in prison. GIPHY/NBC 15. Stanley gave everyone a new life motto. GIPHY/NBC 16. Jim and Dwight gave us very tough decisions. Did we love Jim as Dwight? GIPHY/NBC 17. Or Dwight as Jim, more? GIPHY/NBC 18. And honestly, is TV really even funny anymore if people aren't force-feeding Kevin vegetables? GIPHY/NBC What do you miss the most about The Office? Tweet us your answers! Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 17 Times Every Character On 'The Walking Dead' Was A Boss
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 13, 2014
    The Walking Dead is back and if you watched the first episode of season 5, you probably thought, "Whoa. Carol is a BOSS." We sure did.  Carol (Melissa McBride) was kicking ass and taking names, all while looking awesome. As always, Rick and Daryl were total bosses too. This show gives everyone the chance to be a boss. 1. That time Carol scored the luckiest shot with this firework, but didn't doubt herself for a second. AMC/BuzzFeed 2. That time Daryl and Michonne teamed up to kill some walkers. GIPHY/AMC 3. The time Daryl found a new use for his crossbow. GIPHY/AMC 4. The time Rick tried passing his boss status onto Carl. GIPHY/AMC 5. When Michonne first showed up (and then every minute after that). AMC/GIPHY 6. When Merle just laughed off the walkers. AMC/GIPHY 7. When Carol showed everyone how to stop a walker and then take them down. AMC/GIPHY 8. The time that Andrea was pissed off, so she took it out on a walker, obviously. AMC/GIPHY 9. When Rick eliminated a threat. AMC/GIPHY 10. The time Maggie was not going to take crap from a walker.  GIPHY/AMC 11. When Glenn kind of lost it, but still totally badass as hell. AMC/ 12. That time Hershel had to lay down the law on a walker. AMC/GIPHY 13. The time Beth told everyone to shut up, without saying a word. GIPHY/AMC 14. Even The Govenor was kind of a boss, a total asshole, but still, kind of a boss. GIPHY/AMC 15. The time Rick hid under a bed for hours and then had to kill a dude in a bathroom, as quietly as possible. GIPHY/AMC 16. Really, pretty much any time Michonne came close to a walker, we all knew how awesome she is. GIPHY/AMC 17. But the biggest boss so far didn't even need to kill anyone to earn his status. He just showed up and we all lost our minds. AMC/ BOSS! Who do you think is the biggest boss on The Walking Dead? Tweet us your thoughts! Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 'The Walking Dead' Star Lauren Cohan Tells Us The 1 Thing Maggie Refuses To Lose
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 12, 2014
    AMC The Walking Dead is finally back! The moment all fans have spent the last 7 months fantasizing about is finally here and we've got an exclusive with one of the cast members, Lauren Cohan! Lauren has played Maggie since since 2011, and since her first introduction as one of Hershel's daughters, her character has grown right in front of us and become one of the central members of the group. We wanted to learn firsthand what it was that Lauren loves about Maggie. She told us that, the hardest scene she's ever had to shoot, and what Maggie is absolutely unwilling to lose in season 5, and more! You’ve been playing Maggie for a while now, we wanted to know what your favorite trait about her was? She’s a very compassionate person. That’s probably one of my favorite traits. I think that she’s sort of done when she’s need to, to survive, but it’s always been about protecting her family and keeping people alive as long as possible. One of my favorite relationships is obviously my husband (Glenn), but also my father/daughter relationship (Hershel/Maggie). I think seeing that any way that Hershel can get through to Maggie has been one of the most enjoyable paths of this journey. We miss Hershel, a lot. Actually, we were wondering, was that the hardest scene [Hershel’s death in season 4] you’ve had to film so far or has there been one harder than that? Within what’s aired in the first four seasons, that’s the hardest one that’s happened. I think that will still be the hardest thing that we’ve ever shot. I think that’s a loss of somebody that we all will say we felt the most. It was just so cruel. It was that last moment when you thought everything was going to be okay. Scott [Wilson] gives that little nod to Rick and you just think, he sort of passing on this compassion and leadership. But you still think he’s not going to go and that everything’s going to be okay. It’s a beautiful fatherly moment and I think a lot of people saw and felt and compared that to a moment in their lives. He’s kind of like the ultimate grandfather and sage. That’s how it was at work, don’t get me wrong he’s the silliest, funniest person, but he’s also incredibly caring and wise. It’s hard to lose someone like that. When he’s on a television show that people watch every week, he really is part of their lives.  It’s sad and for us it was really hard, there was no acting required during that scene where we lost him. I think what was interesting, no one has the chance to process it, so it happens and we will still had to get running, get going. So far Maggie and Glenn, you don’t see them processing what happens with Hershel for a while. And for Maggie still not knowing where he sister is, it’s a crazy finish for that part of the season. And then damn that Terminus. Was the reunion between you and Glenn emotional for you as an actress? There was all that time after Hershel’s death where you two didn’t know if the other was alive or not. Yeah, I think what’s interesting is Maggie is always creating a goal to work towards in the future. I think that’s how we sort of operate. She could keep doing that until she was literally in the tunnel and she fell apart and couldn’t go any further. So your hands are literally tied. For that moment, when he appears, it was a really symbolic time for both of them. The characters are both so set on finding each other and they keep that going. It’s what keeps them alive. I think that’s what keeps hope alive in that episode. It was difficult, with the show, we talk about preparation as an actor. Just being there is part of the preparation. We spend 8 months of the year together, shooting these episodes. You form a real relationship with these people. Steve and I have been creating that Maggie/Glenn relationship for so long, you never really see them separated. I really enjoy this couple because you don’t see the drama of them fighting. You see their relationship tested in little slivers, like the brief moment after The Governor had Maggie trapped, but other than that, it’s refreshing to me that their love is steady. Their trust and protection of each other is steady.  I definitely want to see that continue and I want to see it uphold hope in the story. I was rooting for them to find each other. I love that scene, I remember when she shot that, I sort of tripped when I was running towards him and it just makes sense. I thought of it like your husband goes away to war you don’t know if you’re ever going to see him again and then you do and for a second you don’t even trust it. Then you just get so overwhelmed with that feeling, that’s how it felt. Do you think Maggie and Glenn being the only couple changes the dynamic of the show and how the group works? I know what it’s like being around couples and friends and if someone in the group is an awesome couple, it definitely uplifts the group. I think it grounds the group. We might be some of the younger members of the group to be having this sort of relationship. But I think in anyway, we’re all affected, consciously or unconsciously, by them having this relationship. As we progress and we try to resemble family. It’s so interesting. There are things we haven’t even touched on yet that other people found. I don’t think they’re the only hope in the show. You’ll see in this upcoming season. Yeah, at the end of last season, it looked like we were going to see something more between a few other characters, but then you guys got to Terminus and it got real, really fast. Did you see that coming at all? With Terminus, they wanted to believe so badly. But now, they obviously know better. But walking up, they had their arms wide open and sort of in this dream like trance that Terminus could be safe. I kind of chalk that up to lack of sleep. But they were also so needy. It’s interesting too because Rick is such a naturally cautious person. There’s too much I can’t say, as it’s coming back so soon. I like what Scott Gimple says, I was doing an interview with him once. He said, [The Walking Dead] is one of the most hopeful shows. You see these people in impossible situations and they actually succeed. I love that about the show. It’s very real, life and death. And they make it out sometimes, not every time, but most times. If you, not Maggie, had the choice of using guns, Michonne’s katana, or Daryl's crossbow, which would you pick? Crossbow sounds pretty good, so you could protect yourself at a distance. But anything that doesn’t require ammunition is probably the safest bet, just because any gun is going to run out of bullets. They’re also pretty heavy. We’re all trucking around with these machine guns in these scenes, and it gets really exhausting, sometimes we have two huge machine guns. They’re also not as tactical. I think I like knives, crossbows, and trail mix are probably the best. What's the one thing that Maggie is absolutely unwilling to lose? Oh gosh, her hope. Season 5 of The Walking Dead airs on AMC, Sundays at 9/8c. Will you be watching? Tweet us your favorite things about Maggie! Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 16 Reasons Peter Griffin Would Be The Worst Roommate Ever
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 10, 2014
    If you have ever watched Family Guy , you've probably thought, at least once, that Peter Griffin is an idiot. Like, a huge, massive idiot. Could you image living with someone like that? It would be chaos. 1. He has no problem experimenting with fire inside the house: FOX/GIPHY 2. He will do (and say) really weird, uncomfortable things when you're trying to sleep: GIPHY/FOX 3. He won't leave anyone alone when they're trying to sleep: GIPHY/FOX 4. Really though, NO ONE can sleep comfortably in the same room as him: FOX/GIPHY 5. You would risk your LIFE if you shared a bed with him: FOX/ 6. He has weird hobbies that he will bring into your home: GIPHY/FOX 7. If you're a girl, he would ban you from your room or the house just because of your gender: GIPHY/FOX 8. He has an awful habit of bringing unwanted animals into the house: GIPHY/FOX 9. He will get into unnecessary fights with your pet: GIPHY/FOX 10. He takes no issue with hitting someone (his daughter) in the face with a bat: GIPHY/FOX No one is safe. 11. You won't be able to fix your stairs without him falling down them. Every. Single. Day. FOX/GIPHY 12. He even has an issue with chairs. And will break stuff because of it: GIPHY/FOX 13. He just breaks everything: GIPHY/FOX 14. He'll put holes in your ceiling: GIPHY/FOX 15. He will walk around the place dressed very inappropriately: FOX/GIPHY 16. Worst of all, he will give people pills that make them throw up EVERYWHERE IN THE HOUSE! FOX/GIPHY Why would you hate living with Peter Griffin? Tweet us your responses! Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //