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  • 10 Of The Best Romance Movies Guaranteed To Make You Ugly Cry
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 19, 2014
    The true mark of a good romance movie is the cry factor. If you cry a little, then it was a good movie. If you cry a lot, then it was a great movie. These movies all made you sob, at least once, even if it was just for a minute (or the whole 3 hours...).  The Notebook GIPHY/New Line Cinema GIPHY/New Line Cinema Romantic because: They're polar opposites, but obvious soulmates, even after years apart. Despite their differences and arguments, Noah and Allie fall in love with each other so deeply, nothing can change that, and they'd be anything for each other: "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." The most romantic aspect to trigger the cry factor: The fact that Noah kept this notebook for Allie and read it to her every single day after developing Alzheimers, even on the days she didn't recognize him (most days). Titanic GIPHY/20th Century Fox GIPHY/20th Century Fox Romanitc because: Jack and Rose fall for each other despite their very obvious differences in class and personality. It's a whirlwind romance, spanning less than a week in time, that eclipses the major point of the movie -- the boat sinking.  The most romantic aspect to trigger the cry factor: Jack giving up his life so that Rose can live, telling her to "Never let go." Bonus: Seeing them reunited after Rose passes away in her 90's and they're young again. We're all still sobbing through the pain.  Sleepless In Seattle GIPHY/TriStar Pictures GIPHY/TriStar Pictures Romantic because: You know why it's romantic - finding love again after losing someone. But what makes this movie sweet is the fact that Jonah cares so much about his father, he'd do anything to make sure he's happy again, which leads to a new relationship.  The most romantic aspect to trigger the cry factor: That meeting at the top of the Empire State Building (which is an awesome reference to a reunion between Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in An Affair to Remember).   A Walk To Remember GIPHY/Warner Bros. GIPHY/Warner Bros. Romantic because: What isn't lovable about the bad boy falling for the sweet, reserved Christian girl? Especially when she's told him not to fall in love with her. Landon changes for the better because of this relationship and becomes the adorable boyfriend who wants to fulfill his girlfriend's tame bucket list. The most romantic aspect to trigger the cry factor: Jamie walking down the aisle at her and Landon's wedding, despite how sick she is. Then the blow to our hearts was delivered and we couldn't handle things.  Dirty Dancing GIPHY/Vestron Pictures GIPHY/Vestron Pictures Romantic because: Summer romance, parents who don't understand, an older's all appealing to the teenage girl who wants a relationship like that. Baby and Johnny's dancing also makes everyone's lives a littler steamier. The most romantic aspect to trigger the cry factor: "Nobody puts baby in a corner." When Harry Met Sally GIPHY/Columbia Pictures GIPHY/Columbia Pictures Romantic because: Who doesn't want to wind up with their best friend? Okay, maybe not everyone, but it's kind of ideal if you've got a best friend who is of the sex you're attracted to.  The most romantic aspect: They actually wind up together. Friends can become lovers and it's not weird. Love Actually GIPHY/Universal Pictures GiPHY/Universal Pictures Romantic because: It shows that not every relationship is even closely alike and that even though it's a movie and going to have a happy ending as a romance, you don't have to mirror your relationship based off of someone else. You can have your own.  The most romantic aspect to trigger the cry factor: Andrew Lincoln's poster board scene (that he will never live down, no matter how many walkers he kills on The Walking Dead). You've Got Mail GIPHY/Warner Bros. GIPHY/Warner Bros. Romantic because: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Just kidding (not really). It's a film that not only brought online dating to the forefront way before it's time, but it also highlights how big business effects personal stores, but that those people behind everything aren't all bad. The most romantic aspect to trigger the cry factor: "I wanted it you be you."  PASS THE TISSUES! Pretty Woman GIPHY/Touchstone Pictures GIPHY/Touchstone Pictures Romantic because: She might be a prositute, but the film nevers takes on a nature that would ever make you think she's immoral. It's also kind of hilarious, yet sweet, for the man to hire her as his escort to fall in love with her.  The most romantic aspect to trigger the cry factor:  When he shows up at her apartment, instead of going to the airport, and he climbs the fire escape with a bouquet of roses clutched between his teeth.  P.S. I Love You GIPHY/Warner Bros. GIPHY/Warner Bros. Romantic because: Holly finding out what Gerry has left for her after his passing, to help ease her pain. Even though we only see their relationship in snippets as she grieves, this movie beautifully portrays the love that Gerry had for his wife.  The most romantic aspect to trigger the cry factor: The whole movie? Yup, the whole freaking thing. If you weren't a wreck after this movie, you might need to get your soul checked out. Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 20 Problems Only One Tree Hill Fans Can Understand
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 19, 2014
    The only way you could possibly understand any of these issues is if you're from Tree Hill. Since, there is only One Tree Hill and it's your home. 1. When you're trying to join the basketball team, but your half brother (that lives with your asshole dad who pretends you don’t exist) is being a total dick: GIPHY/The CW 2. When you try to help out a pretty girl and she verbally attacks you: GIPHY/The CW 3. When you’re just trying to tutor someone and they’re all like “Don’t say I never gave you anything”: GIPHY/The CW 4. When you tell your best friend that you’re just tutoring his asshole half-brother, but wind up marrying him: The CW/ The CW/ 5. When you're trying to give the valedictorian speech at your high school graduation, but your water breaks: GIPHY/The CW 6. When you try to go to your senior prom, but your psycho stalker won't let you: The CW/ 7. When you picked the boys you want, put them on the door, and your then best friend totally disregards everything: GIPHY/The CW “Peyton! He’s on the DAMN DOOR under me!” 8. When you love a guy and want your best friend to be happy for you, but they love him too, and things get real complicated: GIPHY/The CW 9. When you're trying to get a heart transplant, but a dog steals and eats your new heart: The CW/ The CW/ 10. When you're just trying to casually attend a wedding but get kidnapped by your crazy nanny: The CW/ The CW/ 11. When you decide it's a good idea to marry one of three girls you've loved, call them, and ask them to meet you at the airport so you can fly to Vegas: The CW 12. When you think it's a good idea to get married in high school and then are shocked when things don't work out perfectly: The CW/ 13. When you just want to be friends with people and they decide to always leave: GIPHY/The CW 14. When you're just trying to have a nice day on the beach but someone tries to baptize you: The CW/ 15. When you were always trying to be a really diligent student but your sisters were secretly getting you high: GIPHY/The CW 16. When you're trying to have a normal relationship with your boyfriend but then the stalker that looks like his dead wife decides to shoot you: The CW/ 17. When your trying to enjoy your wedding day, but the limo flips over a bridge: The CW/ The CW/ 18. When you can’t understand why you’re dad is weirded out that your Nanny Deb is dating your Uncle Skills: The CW/ The CW/ 19. When you totally forget you have a kid and your kid is like “WTF are you talking about dad?”: The CW/ 20. When you’re just trying to come home to wife and kids and get kidnapped: The CW/ Scott boys, getting kidnapped like it's nobody's business. Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Slayed Jimmy Fallon In The Newest Lip-Sync Battle
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 18, 2014
    NBC 'Lip Sync Battles' are BACK! One of the most infamous segments on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back last night, with musically talented guests (and The Voice judges) Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Every night, we watch Fallon's show fully expecting things of this nature, but we are still always surprised by how hilarious they are. In this competition to out do each other, who do you think will win? We have yet to watch a Lip Sync Battle in which Jimmy Fallon has won. Do you think this will change?Watch the Lip Sync Battle now and decide: And once again, Jimmy lost. Sorry Jimmy, we love you for giving us this awesome segment, but you guests can seriously out do you. If only we all could be like Blake and have Jimmy hold our champagne while we bust out some stellar tap dancing moves. Somehow, Blake manages to Lip Sync with a Southern drawl and we love it so much. Gwen Stefani easily had us rooting for her when she dacned all on Jimmy and had the host cracking up. But when she broke out the Lip Sync for Lionel Richie and Blake Shelton did his best Diana Ross, we knew they had changed this game forever with their duet of "Endless Love." Game over! We have to credit Jimmy on his rendition of Ellie Goulding's "Burn." He's got a lot of heart. One day we hope to see him win. Who do you think killed it in this Lip Sync Battle? Tweet us your thoughts! Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 10 Reasons The Maze Runner Will Be The Next Big Thing
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 17, 2014
    Last night we attended an event for The Maze Runner at 92nd Street Y and our ears are still ringing. The turnout for the event was amazing, which leads us to believe that this film is about two seconds away from taking off and casting these actors into stardom (farther than some of them already are). 92Y got a great collection of the cast, along with author James Dashner, in the house last night for a panel discussion, screenings of exclusive clips, a Q&A, and even a fan meet and greet afterwards!  1. The film already has a huge following. GIPHY Like we said, there was an awesome turnout last night! The house was absolutely packed at 7:30 when the event started. The place was teeming with fans, who were beyond excited to see the exclusive clips and hear what the cast and author had to say. 2. In that following, there are a lot of screaming, happy (crying) teenage fans. GIPHY Last night, you couldn’t even hear Matt Patches (the panel moderator) announcing some of the cast members (poor Alex Flores) when Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie Sangster, and Jacob Latimore were brought on stage. People were screaming so loud, it was a little frightening for us. We can’t imagine how the actors felt! 3. The Cast is already like family. GIPHY GIPHY And it’s not in the corny way some actors try to say “we really bonded while filming this movie and everyone’s best friends now!” You could tell, just from watching them together on stage, that they work as a unit. Everyone gets along and laughs together. They were even finishing each other’s thoughts on stage. 4. There is room for growth for all of the characters. GIPHY/20th Century Fox Usually fans aren’t particularly fond of changing characters appearances, personalities, or importance in a film, but TMR gets it right. Jacob Latimore’s character, Jeff, is a much smaller part in the books, but director Wes Ball expanded on this character, which allowed for Latimore to integrate himself into the group and really develop his sense of who his character was, and why Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) entering the maze was important. We also see a great deal of change in the way the character Gally (Will Poulter) is portrayed. 5. James Dashner is super cool with changing things. Cyndi Cappello/ As a writer, Dashner said he knows that taking a book directly from the page and turning it into a movie just doesn’t work. You can’t argue the book’s creator on that. 6. Every change that was made, was a very thought out and deliberate process to make this film an incredible experience for fans. GIPHY/20th Century Fox Wes would call or email Dashner over every change he was making, it didn’t matter how big a change it was. Wes had this entire world in which the glade and the maze existed, but he wanted to make sure that it matched up with what the fans were expecting 7. The director has all of the book fans in mind. GIPHY/20th Century Fox Every change that was made, was made with fans in mind. Which we think is what will really make this film appealing to not only just the fans of the books, but audiences interested in this dystopian future genre that is bursting onto the scene. People love when their opinions are taken into consideration and they feed off of what they’re given. If Wes continues down this road with the potential sequel, we’re sure this series will reach a huge magnitude of people. 8. It’s an amazing cast. Cyndi Cappello/ This really is a great group of young, talented actors put together. Will Poulter (who we missed very much last night) as Gally is mind-blowing, because you’ve never seen a side of Will so fierce and aggressive before. Kaya Scodelario is the only female (Theresa) in this film, but refused to play it like that, because her cast mates never made her feel like a girl, and she wasn’t going to take that crap from any of the gladers. Chris Sheffeild’s banishment scene as Ben is enough to really make you take him seriously as an actor, because it’s intense and makes you feel a whole range of emotions. 9.The series has a really strong, talented lead actor. Cyndi Cappello/ Dylan O’Brien really wow’d us in this role. He’s brought Thomas, this very intelligent and inquisitive character, to life in ways we could have only dreamed of. As an actor, he’s quite clearly taken on the leadership role amongst his cast mates, that his character Thomas has done in the glade. This is a role completely outside of his other work, very unlike his character Stiles on Teen Wolf.  We think he knocked it right out of the park 10. The sequel might already be in the works! GIPHY/20th Century Fox Rumors have been flying that 20th Century Fox was already putting the sequel, The Scorch Trials (we're unsure if it will be the same name for the film) into motion. James Dashner was asked what some of his future plans were, and while he mentioned his upcoming books, when asked about any future things related to The Maze Runner, he replied “No comment,” with the biggest smile ever. You know that’s always a good sign.
  • 17 Reasons Sophia Bush Is The Badass Queen Of TV
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 15, 2014
    You hear the name Sophia Bush, and your first thought is probably: One Tree Hill. If that’s true, than you’re already on the right track. Sophia played Brooke Davis, everyone’s favorite character on OTH. But when OTH ended two years ago (still crying about it) that didn’t mean she was gone from TV forever. Right after OTH, she was on the show Partners (but it only lasted 1 season) before she reclaimed her badass throne on Chicago P.D. as Erin Lindsay. Brooke was the first starring character that Sophia played on TV: GIPHY/The CW Originally, she was a little too much of a party girl. She was the head cheerleader, most popular girl in Tree Hill, and the Queen B. But anyone who watched OTH knows that the ditzy side of Brooke Davis didn’t stick around for long. Brooke was not going to ever let bullying and self-consciousness get her down: GIPHY/The CW I mean, how could Brooke Davis even be self-conscious? She was Brooke Davis. She was an advocate for positive body image: GIPHY/The CW She also hated double standards and would not stand for them: GIPHY/TV Whenever she cried, we cried (not as beautifully): GIPHY/The CW That is power. She always cared about her friends, even if they were fighting, and even if it almost killed her: GIPHY/The CW No really, it almost killed her. But Brooke Davis could kick some ass:  The CW/ The CW/ The CW/ No psycho, not “Derek” or Xavier could break Brooke. Even after becoming the victim of vicious attack: The CW/ The CW/ She could throw shade better than anyone else: GIPHY/The CW She was a business mogel when she was still a teenager: She was an independent woman who didn’t need a man and would not take any shit: GIPHY/The CW But, when she decided she was ready to settle down, she landed one of the sexiest guys to ever grace the show: GIPHY/The CW Even then, she never let her hubby give her shit. Ever: GIPHY/The CW And she was the cutest, best mother ever. The end: GIPHY/The CW Now, Sophia plays detective Erin Lindsay on Chicago P.D. and she actually kicks ass: NBC/ NBC/ Erin is not someone to be messed with: NBC/ She also makes the uniform look really, really good: NBC/ NBC/ If you haven't already, bow down to the queen. We love you Sophia, may your TV reign never end. You can catch her ruling the channels on Chicago P.D., which comes back Wednesday September 24th. Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • The Mockingjay Trailer Is Here and People Are Freaking Out
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 15, 2014
    Lionsgate Hunger Games fans get ready to celebrate (and cry)... The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 official trailer has finally been released and it’s everything we could want, and then some. After waiting for what feels like a lifetime, fans are losing their minds over the trailer. Watch the trailer before, so you can see if you have the same reaction as others: People were tweeting about it, before the trailer even dropped: we're gonna die in a few hours bc mockingjay trailer — TODAY // 3 HOURS (@lawrxncejen) September 15, 2014 who's going to be at school tomorrow asking for a bathroom pass just so you can get out of class to watch the Mockingjay Part 1 trailer?!? — Willow Shields (@WillowShields) September 15, 2014 Hey Prim, if we were still in school, that would totally be us. WORDS CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THE MOCKINGJAY TRAILER WE HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR IT AND WE'RE FINALLY GETTING IT TOMORROW — PerksOfBeingAFanboy. (@LiamKelsall) September 14, 2014 we're not just getting the Mockingjay trailer tomorrow we're also getting cast interviews and exclusive photos HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE — PerksOfBeingAFanboy. (@LiamKelsall) September 14, 2014 Before even seeing it, people predicted how important it was going to be: when you're giving birth but the mockingjay trailer is being released — Harry Potter (@HtothePotter) September 15, 2014 Then the trailer actually released: LET'S TALK ABOUT THE MOCKINGJAY TRAILER LET'S TALK ABOUT HOW INCREDIBLE JENNIFER'S PERFORMANCE IS, LET'S TALK ABOUT PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN — 1989 (@TSwizzleLoves13) September 15, 2014 Peeta was everyone’s first priority: "Or you will find another Mockingjay!" #MockingjayPart1Trailer #TheMockingjayLives — lαrcнα dιvergeηтe ོ (@CorredoraOsada) September 15, 2014 "You will rescue Peeta at the earliest opportunity or you will find another Mockingjay!" — Domi (@RealLoveDE) September 15, 2014 All of Us: YEAH YOU BETTER SAVE PEETA! People were so excited, they couldn’t spell: MOCKINGJAY TRAILER IM SO DCITED — juliane (@pieterseidek) September 15, 2014 It made people very emotional: The Mockingjay trailer got me like — anita • mr grey (@damonwithelena) September 15, 2014 the mockingjay trailer gives me chills, i'm so emotional right now! — Mr. Grey (@Deedou13) September 15, 2014 oh my god the mockingjay trailer!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!! — bucky (@clintbartontbh) September 15, 2014 the mockingjay part 1 trailer oh god everything has led to this and i'm so fjsnfjskdgmd — z (@zaiirraa) September 15, 2014 I got goose bumps while watching Mockingjay Part 1 trailer.. Shoot those Mockijets, Katniss! :)))))))) — Dan Nikkoli Soria (@tanDANgsoria) September 15, 2014 omfg the mockingjay trailer was so... — artsy  (@thenerdhub) September 15, 2014 Everyone already knows this movie is going to be good: Mockingjay looks out of this world. Whoa. — Queen of Books (@AlanaBWaters) September 15, 2014 OMG MOCKINGJAY LOOKS SOO GOOD!! — ALL BECAUSE OF EMMA (@EmmaWatsonU2) September 15, 2014 They’re even going as far to suggest it’ll be better than the book: Mockingjay is already better than the book based on the trailer. I think I know what point in book the movies are going to be split. — Ryan Kilkenny (@ryanstweeting11) September 15, 2014 Let’s hope. People demanded the movie: I can't get over that Mockingjay trailer. Everything looks perfect - from the beautiful visuals to the amazing acting. I need the movie NOW! — (@THGAustralia) September 15, 2014 OOOHHH YESSSSSSSS MOCKINGJAY TRAILER IS SO GOOD OMG YES I WANT THE FILM NOWWWWWW — Rawson Ny Ndublet (@HeartbeatCharly) September 15, 2014 To quote President Snow, “It’s the things we love the most that destroy us.” But this actually will detroy us. #TheMockingjayLives Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 21 GIFs That Prove Niall Horan Is Actually Growing Up
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 13, 2014
    It's Niall Horan's  21st birthday! Also known as an international holiday for Directioners across the globe. Fans will surely swarm the cute blonde with millions of tweets wishing him the "Happiest Birthday Ever, We Luv U Niall!!" But there is something we need to discuss. How is he turning 21?! Wasn't he 17 just a minute ago? We refuse to believe he just grew up when we blinked our eyes. 1. He looked like this 5 minutes ago. Didn't he? GIPHY 2. Okay, come on, he's always had a young, cute baby face. GIPHY 3. It felt like for years, he always looked the same age. GIPHY 4. But then wait, what's happening? Is his face starting to get more mature? GIPHY 5. Yes it is. GIPHY 6. It was when we saw him shirtless that we all started to realize, okay maybe he is growing  up. GIPHY 7. The older he's gotten, the more his chest has begun to make an appearance. GIPHY 8. He should apologize to the makers of shirt collars, because he's abandoning them. GIPHY 9. There it is again. How did we not notice him growing up so quickly? GIPHY 10. His chest has started to get lonely, so now he's brought the gun show out. GIPHY 11. His arm and chest combo was there to tell us to forget about his skinny teenage years. GIPHY 12. Those arms do not belong to a teenager. GIPHY 13. And this is definitely the butt of a man, not a child. GIPHY 14. Even his dancing is starting to grow up. See: original dance moves. GIPHY 15. Now cue: Newer dance moves. GIPHY 16. They're not exactly more mature, but definitely older.  GIPHY 17. Okay, so not at all a sign of maturing, but still a sign of growing up. GIPHY 18. His guitar playing has also matured over time. From this to this... 19. Look at him now. 20. Look at the dance moves PLUS the guitar playing! Our boy is all grown up. 21. The most important GIF (set) of them all to remind us that Niall Horan is a full fledged adult now and we better recognize. Okay, so yes. He's officially a grown up now. We still can't believe it, but we're much more willing to accept it now. Happy birthday Niall! We love you. You can stop growing up now.  Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • Dylan O'Brien Is Here To Charm His Way Into Your Heart
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 12, 2014
    Let me do you a quick favor and introduce you to Dylan O’Brien (if you haven't met yet), A.K.A. the funniest, cutest guy to ever appear on MTV. Oh yeah, he’s also  Thomas, the main character in the highly anticipated film The Maze Runner. Let’s go way back in this introduction, before he was Stiles on Teen Wolf, or before he started running around mazes, back to when O’Brien was a cute, little nugget 14-year-old with a YouTube Channel. You’ll love Dylan more once you’ve seen his “Dis Be My Channel” with the appropriate username 'moviekidd826': That is him in the baseball cap and sunglasses, also rocking out on the drums and stealing your former teenage heart. If you didn’t know how YouTube worked, Dylan was there to teach you how to make a channel of your own: “Hey guys, moviekidd here!” If you had no idea who he was then, you sure as hell noticed him when he first appeared on Teen Wolf in 2011 as Stiles Stilinski. GIPHY/MTV Stiles is Scott McCall's sarcastic, quick-witted best friend on the show. But really, everyone (including them) knows that those two are brothers. He is pretty much the only reason the werewolf has made it this far on the show. GIPHY/MTV But, that’s not the only thing Dylan has worked on that has made us laugh: He was the super snarky, kind-of asshole genius in The  Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson: GIPHY/20th Century Fox GIPHY/20th Century Fox The First Time, with his now-girlfriend Britt Robertson: GIPHY/Destination Films How cute is it that they met filming this movie and are still together?! We love him even more for it. You're a lucky gal Britt! He was even on an episode of New Girl: GIPHY/FOX And he totally ships Nick/Jess. If Dylan wasn’t making waves as an actor, he could go into the business of creating reaction GIFs and make a fortune on the internet, since it already loves him so much: Grossed out GIPHY/MTV Embarassed GIPHY Begging, while a little sad (Dylan is versatile) GIPHY/MTV In love GIPHY *Blows kisses right back* Or, he could totally become a model: GIPHY GIPHY His Twitter account is a goldmine of funny snippets of his humor and personality: I forgot my pillow — Dylan O'Brien (@dylanobrien) August 18, 2014 Just to be clear, when I do a quote retweet, you guys read the quote first...right? — Dylan O'Brien (@dylanobrien) August 12, 2014 Don't think popsugar has seen Maid in Manhattan. They should. Cuz it's adorable — Dylan O'Brien (@dylanobrien) August 12, 2014 First little peek at the grievers brought to life #wesyoureagenius — Dylan O'Brien (@dylanobrien) July 28, 2014 I luh ya cuties I luh ya luh ya luh ya cuties — Dylan O'Brien (@dylanobrien) April 1, 2014 We luh ya too Dylan. He is also the kind of guy that will RT his friends and call them cute: “@PoulterWill: Our leader and buddy - @dylanobrien !!! #TheMazeRunner” awww my friends are the cutest :) — Dylan O'Brien (@dylanobrien) August 25, 2014 If that doesn’t just make you want to squeeze him, then I don’t know what will. Talking about friends, he’s got the best relationship with Teen Wolf  star, Tyler Posey: GIPHY GIPHY/MTV He’s so honest, you can’t help but love him: GIPHY Best of all, he isn’t afraid to call himself weird: GIPHY If you haven’t gotten enough of him yet, YouTube is full of videos highlighting his funniest moments (and believe me there, there are TONS to choose from). Why not indulge yourself and watch this adorable, funny collection of best moments: Then go see him kick some greiver ass as Thomas in The Maze Runner next week: GIPHY/20th Century Fox Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • Jimmy Fallon and Hugh Jackman Reinvented How To Play Pool
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 11, 2014
    NBC Jimmy Fallon spends most of his time as The Tonight Show host creating ridiculous games and situatons for his guests. Last night was no different. With the wonderful, Australian Hugh Jackman as his guest, Fallon decided to try something new. He created "Pool Bowling," which is on a giant pool table, with no pool cues, and played with bowling balls.  Watch these two men duke it out on the world's biggest pool table: Our favorite part about this is the fact that Hugh Jackman decided to play this game sans shoes. He must not have been afraid of those bowling balls. We also love that his (failed) attempts at cheating made him laugh so hard, that he had to immediately confess to his wrong doings. Congrats to Jimmy on the first ever win at Pool Bowling! Hugh, remember, cheaters never prosper! Follow @hollywood_com | Follow @analuisasrz //
  • 15 Signs You and Your Significant Other Are Actually Jim and Pam
    By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 10, 2014
    Have you ever watched the The Office and thought, “Man, me and ______ are literally just like Jim and Pam.” You’re not alone. Many of us think (or pretend) the same thing. If you’re dating someone who has been in love with you pretty much since you met, you’re dating a Jim. Or, if you left somebody else, because you felt a pull to your S.O., then you’re probably Pam. 1. For starters, one of you was crushing on the other for-EVER before you dated: GIPHY/NBC GIPHY/NBC 2. It took the other person a while, but then they did and they noticed: GIPHY/NBC 3. You guys work (or worked) together: GIPHY/NBC 4. So you guys have to make time for each other…in the break room: GIPHY/NBC 5. One of you is fairly goofy: GIPHY/NBC GIPHY/NBC 6. While one of you is very focused: GIPHY/NBC 7. But, they influence you to be goofy too: GIPHY/NBC 8. No one else can make you laugh the way they do: GIPHY/NBC 9. You guys always high-five: GIPHY/NBC GIPHY/NBC 10. You have each other’s backs, in the best possible way: 11. There is no one else you’d rather end your workday with, even if you just spent the whole time with them: GIPHY/NBC 12. You kind of start morphing into the same person, with the same facial expressions: GIPHY/NBC GIPHY/NBC 13. You know everything there is to know about each other, yet sometimes you really don’t understand what the other person is talking about: GIPHY/NBC  GIPHY/NBC 14. You would honestly marry them anywhere, if you could (or you already did): GIPHY/NBC 15. You guys can happily say this about each other: May you two be happy and love each other forever, just like these two: GIPHY/NBC