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  • Netfix Must-Watch Series: 'The L.A. Complex'
    By: Christian Cintron Feb 23, 2014
    The CW The L.A. Complex really succeeds where Melrose Place fails in delivering a realistic portrayal of Los Angeles. Ultimately, though, it failed where Melrose succeeded in getting ratings. Despite not finding a huge following in the States, this Canadian drama cut through a lot of the B.S. and delivered some of the shocking spectacle of Hollywood best reserved for blind items and hidden gossip forums. Like Melrose, the series focuses on a small Spanish-style housing complex with a pool in the courtyard. However, the people that live there are short-term renters scraping together whatever they can. Unlike Melrose or 90210, these kids are struggling artists searching for success the best way they can. Abby Vargas (Cassie Steele) is a young starlet with a sexual fetish for poor choices. Connor Lake (Jonathan Patrick Moore) is a sexy leading man who has just booked a major TV series. Raquel Westbrook (Jewel Staite) is a former child actress struggling to keep her career alive despite being considered old in her mid 30s. Unlike many American shows, this drama doesn’t shy away from diversity in ethnicity, class, and sexual orientation. For example, Andra Fuller plays Kaldrick King, a high profile rapper who struggles with his gay identity and how it affects his career. Steele is a biracial Pacific Islander actress, and many of the peripheral characters are of varying races. The characters also have pretty complex issues. For example, Connor, despite his success, has pretty major psychological issues tied to needing love and self-harm. Rather than relying on outlandish storylines or impossible scenarios, most of the drama of the show comes from the character’s poor choices, issues, and the struggles surrounding living in a city like Los Angeles. There are no diamond thieves, building explosions, and murderous doctors on this show. There’s something refreshing about a show that isn’t afraid to “go there.” It vaguely mirrors Degrassi: The Next Generation in the same way that Melrose was a more adult Beverly Hills, 90210. The issues and scenarios tend to be more topical and realistic. Granted in the high profile/high stakes world of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, but it also seems to feel more realistic about what happens behind closed doors. Fabricated relationships, confidentiality agreements, and secret executive meetings aren’t things your average layperson is privy to. The series ends up delivering fantasy that’s pretty spot-on plausibility-wise. Both seasons of this sexy and thought-provoking soap are available on Netflix for an immediate marathon.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • ‘Bates Motel’ Is Your Creepy New Guilty Pleasure
    By: Christian Cintron Feb 23, 2014
    A&E Network Psycho is not only renowned as one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most notable films, it’s also a significant part of movie history. The classic film doesn’t lend itself to a prequel without giving away one of the biggest spoilers in film history. It suffices to say Bates Motel manages to offer an intriguing suspenseful drama without relying too much on the Hitchcock mythology. In fact, the series offers unexpected twists and turns and a ton of psychoses.  Norma (Vera Farmiga) and Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) leave after the mysterious death of Norman’s father. They head to picturesque town of White Pine Bay, Oregon where Norma buys a motel in a flight of fancy. This town isn’t as wholesome as it seems. It’s full of murder, secrets, and mysteries. Deaths can’t seem to stop happening around the Bates family. Plus, there’s growing sexual tension… between Norma and Norman?!? To amp up the drama, Norma’s older son Dylan Massett (Max Thieriot) manages to provide help, trouble, and help in getting into trouble. Sherriff Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell) has a bone to pick with the family and secrets of his own. The series bears a striking resemblance to one of the most famous canceled series in history Twin Peaks. Creator Carlton Cuse even admitted during a panel for the show, "We pretty much ripped off Twin Peaks." The series is memorable for blending the dark and twisted with an offbeat sense of humor and irreverence. Like Twin Peaks, the small Oregon town is chock full of secrets, people with dark desires, and even darker murderous impulses.  Not only does Bates Motel capitalize on the fandom of its source material, it also blends some pretty high caliber acting. Farmiga, sister of American Horror Story actress Taissa Farmiga, is able to transition from flighty dingbat to overbearing lioness in a heartbeat. She’s well-meaning but pathologically narcissistic and neurotic. She lords over Norman enough to mold him into the twisted person we all know he’ll become. Highmore also captures the sense of tension and awkwardness that could snap as he becomes a murderer. He also manages to channel Anthony Perkins by consistently calling Norma "Mother."  Now’s the time to catch up with the series, before it returns in March. Luckily, the first season is available on Netflix. But if you’d like a primer for the series read on for a recap of Season 1 but beware of spoilers. Norma buys the new Bates motel as a foreclosure. Former owner Keith Summers shows up and rapes her. Norma kills him and she and Norman try to cover up the crime. In the process of trying to hide the body, they stumble on Keith’s side business of human trafficking. He used the hotel as a front to traffic in sex slaves. This causes a ton of trouble for the Bates clan as his former business associates pester the family, with the sheriff convinced Norma did away with Summers. Norma gets some help from her new boyfriend, Sheriff Zack Shelby (Mike Vogel), but he turns out to have one of the sex slaves hidden in his basement. The economy of White Pine Bay is falsely inflated because of a huge pot field hidden in the forest. Dylan gets drafted into the drug trade and rises the ranks. But he still hasn’t met the mysterious leader of the town’s side business. He wants to make enough money to take Norman away from Norma’s overbearing ways. He clashes with the family but knows that Norma is a bad influence. Meanwhile, Sheriff Romero is definitely tied to illegal dealings.   Norman makes fast friends with rich girl Bradley Martin (Nicola Peltz) and outcast Emma Decody (Olivia Cooke). At first, both girls are interested in Norman. But when Norman gets de-virginized by Bradley he gets a little obsessed with her despite her creepy boyfriend. Norman starts to get haunted by visions of his mother when she’s not there. He also exhibits some creepy behavior, like keeping a souvenir of the incident with Keith.  Norma confesses to Dylan that Norman is responsible for his father’s death. The season ends with Norman fleeing from a flirtatious teacher’s house, seemingly scared by the sexual tension, leaving her bleeding body on the floor of her bedroom. Hooked yet? Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Actresses Who Have Gotten Sexier with Age
    By: Christian Cintron Feb 21, 2014
    George Pimentel/Getty While Hollywood has an unhealthy obsession with youth and looking young, it is undeniable that so many people — men and women alike — only get more beautiful with age. Many veterans of the business have aged quite spectacularly, upping our admiration (and envy) year after year. In honor of the art of aging naturally, we've compiled a gallery of our favorite actresses who get lovelier as time goes on. Check out the list! GALLERY: Actresses Who Have Gotten More Beautiful with Age
  • 'Ugly Americans': A Must-Watch on Hulu Plus
    By: Christian Cintron Feb 19, 2014
    Comedy Central Imagine a world where wizards, aliens, Bigfoot, zombies, and demons are real. Now…imagine they all live in New York City and are governed by a bureaucratic department of the government. Ugly Americans takes an addictively offensive look at immigration, politics, and pop culture in an animated series that brings a million fictional worlds to reality. Mark Lilly has a typical New York story. He moves into town and becomes a social worker. He has a gross roommate and a sexy girlfriend. The difference is he’s a social worker for Social Services Division of the Department of Integration. His roommate Randall is a zombie who likes interspecies sex and leaves his limbs lying around. His girlfriend Callie Maggotbone (Natasha Leggerro) is a succubus destined to bring about the end of the world if she mates with their boss, Twayne Boneraper. Each episode, Mark must contend with some sort of political issue and is often stressed by violent tantrums on the part of Callie or some sort of life threatening issue via Randall or his co-worker, Leonard Powers, an alcoholic wizard. The series is hilarious. It uses bizarre creatures to comment on the culture clash of different people and personalities in a large urban area. The dialogue is also very snarky and quote-worthy. Leggerro somehow manages to keep the sarcastic and sexy tone that has gotten her in trouble with veterans on New Years Eve 2013 and has made her a household name in comedy. The series has the right level of irreverence for an adult animated series while still having some of the fun and whimsy of a cartoon. With the large number of cartoons about families with bizarre cutaways and outlandish scenarios, it’s fun to see a series that takes advantage of the fantastical possibilities afforded by animation. The series can bend reality, have a character turn into a demon, or have a city filled with thousands of different species each with a new potential for jokes. The oddly addictive show has all the fun of a series like Futurama and the offensive yet political bent of a show like South Park. Luckily, all 31 episodes and two seasons are available on Hulu Plus.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • ‘Lost Girl’ Recap: Flipping the Bird
    By: Christian Cintron Feb 18, 2014
    Showcase This week's episode of Lost Girl is pretty great... despite introducing one of the lamest Fae by far. An opera-singing bird Fae? Otherwise, things are heating up. Bo and Lauren’s trip to the Dark Side is having repercussions throughout The Fae Team. This episode is also chock full of love connections. Ianka (Lara Jean Chorostecki), an opera singer with a love for feathered outfits, escapes her owner. She runs into Bo at the Dal and reminds her of a deal they struck. What’s confusing is how Bo had access to Ianka when she was on the Terror Train. Ianka is an Alcanist, a bird Fae, who feeds by singing. Her song can make people relive memories. It seems like decent pre-planning by Train Bo even if this is, as we'd like to reiterate, the lamest Fae by far. Apparently, Ianka has been a slave of two rival Fae groups. But she did have time to have a romantic relationship with Hale. However, she’s fallen in love with Marcus, the rival of her original owner. She hopes to escape with him, but he betrays her in hopes of using her to create a massacre with, no lie, her death song. She ends up killing Marcus, and dies herself because she’s just so frail. But, before she dies, she gives Bo a song that can help her remember. Meanwhile, in a much more interesting storyline, Lauren is packing to leave her Light Fae apartment. Evony the Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) pops by to help… with pizza and beer. If that isn’t bizarre enough, she’s actually friendly. The two bond over Lauren’s love of Star Trek and over a pretty major gift. Evony gives Lauren some antique journals of famous scientists Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, and Charles Mayo. Does this mean Evony wants to be knocking Dark Fae boots with Lauren? They have a real connecting moment about their shared humanity. Then Lauren leans in and kisses her. But, Lauren pulls off some funky lip sticker that she used to capture Evony’s DNA. It’s bizarre to see the softer side of the Morrigan and a darker side of Lauren. Bo is reconnecting with Dyson. But, apparently, now that she is Dark they cannot fraternize. That doesn’t stop them from having pretty kinky foreplay in the storeroom. In other news, Kenzi and Hale finally connect. It looks like everyone is pairing up. But will all of these couples survive the season? Bo uses her gift from Ianka to jog her memory. She has a flashback and realizes she was marked with some crazy handprint by The Wanderer. She decides to get over her issues by getting freaky with Dyson. However, their romantic rendezvous is cut short when Bo’s mark returns. Then the Una Mens bust in to detain Dyson. Despite a pretty mediocre storyline, a lot of major things happen this episode. Bo and Dyson can’t officially date so now they have to be together. Kenzi and Hale finally start dating. Lauren and the Morrigan have a romantic moment but now Lauren has major leverage over the Dark Fae. Does this mean she will become head of the Dark Fae? SuccuBest Lines of the Episode "When Liza Fae-nelli wakes up, let me know." –Bo "You would have killed at Studio 54. Just like I killed the bus boy who served me tonic instead of soda." –Evony "Oh mother of Metallica, this hurts." –Kenzi "You are Team Dark now… I can taste it." –Evony to Lauren Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • 'Queer As Folk' vs. 'Looking:' Upgrade or Downgrade
    By: Christian Cintron Feb 17, 2014
    HBO A lot has happened in the 13 years since Queer as Folk premiered in December of 2000. Celebrities are out of the closet, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is dead, gay marriage is legal (sort of), and tons of shows have gay characters. However, homophobia is still a global issue, gay bashings are rampant, and HIV stats haven’t gone down. HBO’s new series Looking offers a glimpse at gay men on the other side of those 13 years. But is it an upgrade or a downgrade from the Showtime series? Queer as Folk is an American version of a popular British series. It is historical for having the first sex scene between two men on American television. Despite (or possibly because of) its graphic sex scenes and unabashed drama, it became a flagship series for Showtime. It’s a precursor to other addictive series like Dexter, Weeds, Homeland, and new series Masters of Sex. Looking, on HBO, follows the ever-popular Girls on Sunday nights. It is vastly different in tone, format, and content from Queer as Folk. But is it a sign of tolerance towards the gay community or a step backwards for representation of gay men in the media?  UPGRADE LocationQueer as Folk is set in Pittsburgh but shot in Canada, and gives a fantastical version of the small Pennsylvania city’s gay population. Conversely, Looking is set in San Francisco, actually films there, and gives an honest portrayal of life in the city. This gives a more balanced view of gay men’s lives beyond stereotypical expectations.   Gay Cast MembersThe bulk of the cast of Queer as Folk was straight. Its stars Peter Paige, Randy Harrison, and Robert Gant are all out actors, but they reached their notoriety because of the show. Conversely, Looking's Jonathan Groff and British actor Russell Tovey are coming to the show established out actors. Their stardom is a definite draw to the show. More RealisticLooking opts for a more realistic approach to portraying the lives of its characters. It’s more of a slice of life and less a soap opera or sitcom. The characters have real jobs, have long involved discussions about relationships, and just hang out. This differs from Queer as Folk’s exaggerated world of constant clubbing and consistent sex. Furthermore, Looking offers insight into awkward experiences only gay men can have. Most often, Patrick (Groff) will get into an uncomfortable verbal exchange with a potential lover or boyfriend. It humanizes the characters and makes them more relatable. Smaller CastLooking zeroes in on three friends and the people in their lives. That differs greatly from the large cast of Queer as Folk.  This allows for the characters to be more fully developed and to focus less on having to give everyone a storyline each episode.  DOWNGRADE Ignores IssuesThere isn’t pressure for Looking to get super political. As the first gay-themed show on television, Queer as Folk takes the opportunity to unabashedly reveal all kinds of issues affecting the gay community like drug addiction, HIV, and gay bashing. Looking ignores safe sex, HIV, and homophobia, which are still important issues worldwide, even in San Francisco. It doesn’t need to dwell on them but should at least acknowledge they exist. It takes a second for a character to grab a condom or mention using it. Smaller Spectrum of the Gay CommunityQueer as Folk offers a United Colors of Benetton composite of the gay community. The core cast includes men on various parts of the masculine/feminine spectrum, lesbian cast members, and straight allies. San Francisco is renowned for its large gay population, queer activists, and transgendered men and women, but Looking only seems to follow a group of mostly-masculine, Grindr/OkCupid-obsessed, white-washed, gay men... with beards. That doesn’t give a very balanced view to the audience at large. Race IssuesQueer as Folk is not a trailblazer of ethnic diversity. Looking actually has more people of color in the main cast than the Showtime series. However, the men on Queer as Folk were race-blind in their choice of sex and romantic partners. They never exoticized them or commented on their race. Looking sloppily brings up race and sex but it doesn’t open up a discourse about racism in the gay community; instead it marginalizes people of color. TamerQueer as Folk  is fueled by sex, nudity, and relationships. Looking opts for fewer sex scenes and less nudity. It is a great attempt at diminishing stereotypes of gay men being sex obsessed, and yet, the characters on Looking mostly discuss sex and check Grindr and OkCupid obsessively; plus, Patrick hits on every guy he meets. If the end result is still the same then why not opt for the sex scenes? After all, sex sells. The end result is a draw. Queer as Folk is a show with no prior frame of reference for representations of gay men on television. It’s not perfect, but it’s a guilty pleasure that opens a dialogue about important gay issues. Thirteen years later, Looking opts-out of politics and some stereotypes while furthering others. However, it doesn’t have the luxury of not knowing any better. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Dropping the Ball
    By: Christian Cintron Feb 17, 2014
    Bravo Atlanta is starting to feel like a show within a show. The ladies seem to be orchestrating storylines and fights left and right. It’s starting to feel less genuine than NeNe Leakes’ hair color. Everyone’s reaction to last week’s fight seems like it will inform the rest of the season. After all, there’s nothing like a physical altercation to define a season. Kenya Moore is trying to mend fences. Her standing up to walk over to Natalie seems to be what the ladies are agreeing caused the fighting. In her defense, she didn’t seem that instrumental in escalating things. She didn’t get physical, and Apollo Nida did seem hungry for a fight. Plus, NeNe gathered all these knuckleheads together and stirred the pot. It was clear Kenya just was trying to get into the same shot because it’s not a fight unless you’re in the same frame. Regardless, NeNe has iced out Kenya so she decides to have a masquerade ball to try and get NeNe’s forgiveness. She keeps describing it as Eyes Wide Shut. Good luck trying to keep that forgettable film on people’s minds. If she was going to have a theme party based on a Tom Cruise movie, why not make it Rock of Ages ? Hair bands, bad singing, and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the throes of a bipolar episode. Kandi Burruss is subjecting us to both her drama with her momma and the musical based on said drama. In case you’re wondering, that’s vertical integration. She even takes a second to do product placement for Phaedra Parks’ exercise video. Porsha Stewart auditions for her musical. Once again, we’re forced to watch an audition when we know Kandi will take whoever she can convince to star in A Mother’s Love: My Mom’s Trippin based on the novel Push by Sapphire. In Momma Joyce news, Carmon (who doesn’t know how to spell her own name) called a girl who was spreading gossip about her and Todd Tucker. This causes Momma Joyce to call to threaten her. Carmon plays the voicemail for Kandi and this causes major friction between her and Todd. Todd even says that if she doesn’t do something about her mother he might consider leaving. That doesn’t really say much for his loyalty. Also, he and Carmon do seem a little sketchy in agreeing that maybe Kandi needs therapy. Kenya starts to bond with Marlo Hampton, who, as usual, is dying to be on the show. Kenya visits Lawrence Washington and Marlo is there so they bond over being on the outs with NeNe. Kenya shares the idea of having her ball benefit NeNe’s favorite charity. She also points out that all the ladies have opened the e-vite. Who sends e-vites without following up? It’s so easy to RSVP for an e-vite and not show up. If you plan on dropping quite a few bills on a huge charity event why not invest in a group text at least. Marlo and Cynthia help Kenya with her own auditions of Atlanta’s most desperate bachelors. She plans on auctioning them off for charity. Porsha, not to be left out of the limelight, decides to have the girls experiment in roller derby. What better way to eleviate group tension than to body check each other on skates. Everyone but NeNe shows up. Kenya apologizes to the group for her involvement in the altercation. She invites them all to her ball and they all make up other plans. Apparently, there’s an envelope opening that they all must attend.  Kenya’s ball arrives. She decides to wear a dead peacock mask to get in the spirit. Cynthia is there with a couple of NeNe’s forgettable friends. Kenya invites NeNe to speak as the guest of honor. NeNe takes the opportunity to say something obnoxious and walks off stage. Despite her feelings about Kenya and as contrived as the event might be, it doesn’t paint NeNe in a good light. It’s rude to disrespect someone who invites you to an event. Kenya doesn’t seem the type to attempt a character assassination of this level. Peter Thomas is disgusted by NeNe's behavior yet leaves the party and further embarasses Kenya. He admits he’s turned off by NeNe’s behavior. NeNe proceeds to get into his face but accuse him of overstepping. But there is no amount of yelling to make her look guiltless in this situation. Ironically, she approached Peter more aggressively than Kenya approached Natalie in the first place.  Salty Lines from the Night "From that last time I saw her…her voice’s not that good." –Don Juan about Porsha’s singing  "I don’t get to look at six-packs all night long. My husband’s 52." –Cynthia "I love me some grilled hot dogs." –A real line from Kandi’s play "Porsha, at least you can learn your character’s name." –Kandi stating the obvious "Cynthia is wobbling but at least she’s trying…unlike the I-never-do-anything twins." –Kenya about Phaedra Parks and Kandi "You old lowdown heifer." –Momma Joyce to Carmon "Really, NeNe! You don’t have a job right now. You don’t have time to open your email?" –Kenya about her e-vite Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Romance-Free Movies for Singles on Valentine's Day
    By: Christian Cintron Feb 12, 2014
    Universal via Everett Collection Valentine’s Day can be grating when you’re single. Restaurants jack up prices, people fail to pull off the color red, and everyone is fixated on love. It’s time to reclaim February 14 and celebrate Single’s Awareness Day. The fact that it bears the acronym S.A.D. is purely coincidental. If you’re looking for a day free from romance, Valentine, and reminders of your partner-less existence, why not get cozy with these movies? They have been selected for their distinct level of awesome and lack of amour. The Avengers It may be more than a year before The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron hits theaters. Why not re-watch this epic superhero film, or catch it for the first time? There aren’t any cheesy romantic subplots. There are a couple fleeting moments of people in relationship,s but the action, snark, and dead Chitauri make up for it. It helps that the cast is chock full of lookers, including Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, who also deliver in butt-kicking action.  Hansel & Gretel: Witch HuntersThis is the movie you might never have an occasion to watch but you won’t want to miss. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton play a fresh take on the storybook brother and sister. Slightly anachronistic and chock full of witch wounding weaponry, this movie is a future cult movie that blends horror, action, and the right level of cheese. The other bright side: there’s no love story. Just some heartwarming sibling companionship.   This Is the EndIf you’ve been told you wouldn’t be considered as a mate even if you were the last person on Earth, this is the movie for you. This apocalyptic comedy finds James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, and their friends trying to navigate the post-Rapture Hell on Earth. This comedy features bizarre cameos by almost everyone in Hollywood (mostly really just Judd Apatow’s Rolodex, though), and offers nothing close to romance except the special relationship between a man and his co-dependent friends. Identity ThiefLaugh the pain away with this hilarious buddy comedy. Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy have bizarre chemistry and best of all it’s in no way relationship-based. This was one of the most popular movies of 2013. If you haven’t seen it you may want to look into real estate that isn’t under a rock. Why eat an entire chocolate cake while crying when you can binge on the laughter of McCarthy, the soon-to-be-crowned Queen of Comedy?  ClueThis cult classic deserves an annual watching, so why not make it Single’s Awareness Day? This film adaptation of the popular board game came ages before Hollywood decided to make a movie out of everything (lest we forget Battleship). This comedy is full of murder, mystery, and Tim Curry. It’s highly quotable and deviously hilarious. The Cabin in the WoodsA horror movie on V-Day might be a little cliché. This revisionist take on the genre is hard to pass up. It’s also a little hard to classify since so much changes. Why not opt for something to engage your adrenaline and your mind. Plus, it’s from the genius mind of Joss Whedon. What more could you ask for? PathologyIf sex and violence are you bag, enjoy this dark thriller about a bunch of forensic students that get addicted to performing the perfect murder. It stars the sexy Milo Ventimiglia, Alyssa Milano, and Lauren Lee Smith. It's super angsty and emo, so feel free to let out your inner-Goth kid and enjoy this twisted psychological drama. Kill Bill - Vol. 1 & 2If you’re feeling super resentful, annoyed, or just plain pissed off, why not watch both of these classic Quentin Tarantino films? Uma Thurman gets tons of vengeance so let her dispose of your ex…in your head at least. Plus, there’s nothing more relaxing than the dulcet tones of a Hatori Hanzo setting a score. The entire movie is set on killing the worst possible ex so why not get it out of your system.  Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @AbsoluteCintron
  • ‘Lost Girl’ Recap: Una Mens Warehouse
    By: Christian Cintron Feb 11, 2014
    Syfy Network Last week, Bo got the mother of all emotional smack-downs by the Una Mens. She found out that despite her reputation as the unaligned succubus she’s now Dark Fae. It seems fitting, after all, Aife and Tamsin are dark and Evony the Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) is more compelling than any Light Fae leader has ever been. They also seem to have more of a sense of humor. In their waiting room, every call number is 69. As usual, Bo misguidedly tries to soul-swallow the Una Mens and fails. They make it clear that Lauren and Kenzi will die. It seems weird that Bo can sometimes go super succubus and steal chi from a group of people but is unable to handle the Una Mens. Later, Trick gets summoned before them. It’s exposition time! The Una Mens is a group of powerful Fae that ate some gnarly Mexican jumping beans and became a group mind. They combined souls and enforcing all of the rules Trick wrote when he was Blood King. The clincher is they’ve lost all emotion. Trick was supposed to join them in drinking the Kool-Aid because he became corrupt. However, it would give them absolute power. He brings a knife and is ready to strike but, instead, they make him acting Ash. Bo tries to track down Vex in hopes of finding out how she was drafted into the Dark. However, big reveal! Evony is back to leading the Dark Fae. She insists Bo attend a Dark Fae party if she wants answers. Tamsin, Kenzi, and Bo all show up to the party. Tamsin and Kenzi stumble upon Bruce, Evony’s former bodyguard. Last season, he helped Kenzi escape and they had tons of comedic chemistry. Now, he’s a slave of a Dark Fae. Kenzi convinces Tamsin to step in and claim him. She may be super powerful but she’s still sorta child-like. Case-in-point, Tamsin chooses a dance battle as the mode of combat against Bruce’s owner. Conveniently, this Fae is a break-dancer. Luckily after some stage-mom coaching by Kenzi, Tamsin twerks and uses her Valkyrie powers to make the Fae face plant and die. At the party, Evony tells Bo that she needs Vex in order to have any hopes of reversing her Dark Fae-dom. But she also shows off the fact that #bigreveal Lauren is back. The person behind the door, last episode, was Evony. Bo, Lauren, and a Scavenger Fae Named Pietra (Samantha Espie) go hunt for Vex. If you’ve ever wondered what the love child of Melissa McCarthy and Halfrek from Buffy the Vampire Slayer would look like your prayers have been answered. Bo tries to trap Vex but gets outsmarted and incapacitated. The Una Mens poisoned his hand. He has the bright idea of hiding out in Dyson’s new boxing gym. He wants to cut his hand off and get out of dodge. Bo spends her drunken haze happy that she and Lauren are back together. Vex tells Bo she’s been played and that Evony has a historian that could have helped all along. Bo confronts Evony and finds out the mysterious Rainer was her sponsor. On relationship island, Bo seems thrilled to have Lauren back. But Lauren reveals that she’s stuck with the dark and is actually happy about it. The dark sought her out and offer her shelter so she’s happy to be with them. Then Bo finds out that Trick is the new Ash. It looks like Bo’s new lifestyle choice will cause major friction in her relationships. Morri-grand Lines from This Episode "Buddy, this is my town. If anyone is taking a leave, it’s you and your circle jerk of doom." –Bo to the Una Mens "Dismissing the food kind of gauche now." –Evony’s ettiquitte "You’re a luscious succubus whose true nature is to feed off of humans… just like all of us Fae. You choose not to. Lame. But, whatevs." You’ve got great hair. –Evony keeping it light "Boring! What are you going to do next, braid each other’s hair? Scissor already!" –Evony catching Lauren and Bo in action "There is one thing you might consider wearing for once… a smile." –Evony staying positive Predictions Bruce looks like great BFF material for Kenzi. Is their bizarre big guy/little gal chemistry a sign he might be competition for Hale? Evony is too amazing to not become a more major part of the show. It looks like Bo might be Dark for a while. Plus, that will complicate the epic Lauren/Dyson triangle. Dyson is Light but Lauren wants to chill with the Dark Fae. This crazy cocoa bean that Trick didn’t swallow will come into play because he didn’t swallow it and it goes missing.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Punch Drunk Shove
    By: Christian Cintron Feb 10, 2014
    Bravo If you’ve been secretly fantasizing about the Atlanta Housewives in Street Figher-like battles, then your consider your wish granted. This week marks Round 2 of NeNe Leakes’ Pajama Jammy Jam. To review… Christopher Williams grabbed Kenya Moore’s arm. This caused Kenya’s friend Brandon DeShazer to step in and promptly get smacked down by Apollo Nida and Peter Thomas. Then M. Bison stopped by and threatened to turn the world to ash. Round 2 finds everyone reeling from what happened. NeNe is still yelling and blames Kenya. Porsha Stewart leaves because she’s about 50 percent sure someone’s possessed. She doesn’t go on record as saying she believes in ghosts but after seeing Bill Cosby die in Ghost Dad and then show up on her television she believes in evil spirits. Kenya and Brandon leave and Apollo shows off his sexy physique.  There’s a détente and peace is restored... until Kandi Burruss brings up what Natalie Macklin-Williams said about Todd Tucker. Natalie performs the 3-hit under the bus combo and shifts the blame to Cynthia Bailey. Cynthia and Kandi exchange words and hand gestures. Malorie Massie steps in to separate the two dueling ladies and that turns Kandi into E. Honda because a thousand hand-slaps start flying. However, honestly, Malorie could eat Kandi she’s so tiny. It would be like a gazelle fighting a smurf. Luckily, Phaedra Parks steps in and diffuses the situation.  In the light of day things look completely different. NeNe is emotional about her party. She blames Kenya for the drama. It’s clear NeNe has an agenda. Where does she think things will go when she brings a bunch of people with issues into one room? NeNe is the one that started pointing fingers and reading loaded questions to the group. However, since Kenya was the catalyst to the actual fight it looks like she stole focus from NeNe and released the Kraken. You don’t want to make NeNe angry.    Cynthia is not thrilled with Kandi’s behavior. Shockingly enough, Kandi isn’t either. They both recount that night’s events. Meanwhile, at Kenya’s model home, Brandon and Kenya are starting to resemble Team Rocket, the villains from Pokemon with their lame-brained schemes. They’re ultimately harmless but they keep starting unnecessary trouble. Brandon shows up with physical scars from the fight…and a police report. He’s consulted his lawyer Jacoby not Myers and if he presses charges it will be considered a felony. Apparently, one of his ribs is broken. This is starting to smell contrived, which coincidentally, smells like cotton candy and burning hair. Keep an eye out for Kenya’s new perfume Contrived at a 99 cent store near you. Meanwhile, the divorce clock has started on Apollo and Phaedra. She seems unconcerned with Apollo’s presence or his apology. However, he did physically throw her aside to attack Brandon. But he does look good with his shirt off so maybe it’s a wash. They then discuss furries and pajama fetishists. Then Apollo apologizes (ha!) but he seems more relaxed after having instigated a full-on brawl. Remember, the first rule of pajama parties.  After a stunt casting call for Kandi’s musical, Kandi decides she needs to stage a mea culpa for the ladies. She invites them all to a spa for free massages. Unable to refuse anything free, they all show up despite their issues with each other. Cynthia avoids Kandi until she drags all the ladies together away from their free massages for tea… out of paper cups. There the ladies engage in the most ancient of reality television marital arts – the non-pology. It’s a lot like krav maga except instead of actual hits you just use indefinite words like “allegedly” and “if” a lot. The ladies finally agree that Kandi is sorry and that Cynthia is sorry if Malorie pushed Kandi.  But NeNe doesn’t care. She wants a pound of Kenya’s flesh for ruining her pa-drama jammy jam. She says Kenya manufactured the entire situation. However, given the play-by-play conveniently provided by the producers, it’s clear that Christopher did grab Kenya’s arm and Brandon did misguidedly step in. However, if anyone is an instigator its NeNe. Kenya may be an opportunist but this situation wouldn’t have been a powder keg of drama had NeNe not invited them all there. Meanwhile, NeNe starts making some borderline homophobic comments about Kenya's gay friend, Brandon. She may be a friend to gay people but she gets precariously close to crossing the line. They agree to disagree.  They're lucky this isn't Mortal Kombat. Finish Her!  Talking Trash Your hands aren’t clean they’re full of grease. – Kenya to NeNe I just start seeing spirits in people’s faces. I wouldn’t say demons but there was definitely an evil spirit that entered their space. – Spiritualist Porsha We all know Cynthia won’t pop a grape but we know her sister will pop off. – Kandi on her wine preferences? I acted crazy and ratchet but, hey, I did it. – Kandi When I came inside I saw a full-on episode of Jerry Stringer jumping up. She was acting like some ghetto-ass f**king heifer. – Peter describing Kandi You were acting like your Momma. – Carmen Phaedra: I’m very irritable today. Apollo: Only today?  I'm not sure I want to see Shade-dra.  – Wordsmith Kenya They massaged her so good she thought they put their toes up her butt. – Phaedra Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //