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  • Movies with All Heartthrob Casts
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 31, 2014
    Warner Bros Sometimes the stars align and a movie is just chock full of hot guys. The movie poster looks like a page from Tiger Beat, Bop!, or People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. Whether they are good, bad, or mediocre these movies ensure they’ll have an audience. Producers are smart in realizing that rabid fans of each of the sexy stars are bound to show up. That collective force can lead to success or at least an uptick in ticket sales. These films become a time capsule of heartthrobs at their most hunky. Who doesn’t know The Outsiders legendary cast of Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze and Matt Dillon? Who didn’t run to see Magic Mike for Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, or Adam Rodriguez? Whether they are your favorite movies, secret guilty pleasures or are hidden in your Netflix queue here are films with the hottest, hunkiest casts. GALLERY: Movies with All-Hearthrob Casts
  • 12 Romantic Movies for Men
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 27, 2014
    Fox Searchlight via Everett Collection It’s a popular trope in pop culture for a man to be begrudgingly dragged into the romantic comedy or forced to watch a romance movie at home with his girlfriend. It seems like over time some movies have emerged from the romance genre with a bit more of a male-friendly take. Some new films are love stories told from the guy’s perspective. Some have abandoned the stereotypical music swells and saccharine mushy moments in favor of something that’s a little more realistic and true to life. There are also movies that aren’t so trapped in one genre. What’s wrong with having an epically hilarious comedy or a psychological indie that incorporates a love story? As we evolve, romance evolves with us. Here are some of our favorite romantic movies that are perfectly safe to watch for the romantically apathetic. GALLERY: Romantic Movies for Men Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • 8 Oddly Sexy Moments in Movies
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 27, 2014
    20th Century Fox Everett Collection What people consider sexy can be completely subjective. Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz. But sex sells so Hollywood will find a way to subtly, or blatantly, insert into the plot, visuals, or characters. But sometimes there are instances where wires get crossed. A scene can suddenly be oozing sex for a completely different reason. Either the director has found a way to build on the sexual tension or the producers have found the right angle to sell the hell out of a movie.  Here are some scenes that are sexy…but for slightly odd reasons.  Dude Where’s My Car Kissing Scene This stoner comedy isn’t an Oscar Winner but it does have a few funny moments. It also stars two of the hottest heartthrobs of the time, Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott. In this scene, the two guys decide to one-up Fabio and a sexy girl by mimicking what they do. It results in the two guys kissing for no apparent reason. Why It’s Odd: It's random and completely out of nowhere. It was pretty shocking to see something so blatantly homoerotic in a stoner comedy in 2000. Why It’s Sexy: Two major high profile heartthrobs locking lips? No brainer. Jessica Rabbit's Big Number in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? This classic film put a noir spin on the cartoon universe, and one of the staples of noir is the sexy dame. Enter Jessica Rabbit. She may be a cartoon and married to an anthropomorphic rabbit, but she exudes sex. The choice of Kathleen Turner as the voice and the highly eroticized dimensions of her shape make her a drawing that jumps off the page into the realm of fantasy. Why It’s Odd: She’s a cartoon! Even the most evolved of people would have trouble with the idea of a human being getting it on with a fictional cartoon character. Why It’s Sexy: If this scene starred a human being you couldn’t deny the heavy sexual tension.     Top Gun Volleyball Scene This movie straddles a lot of different genres. It’s partly a military romance like An Officer and a Gentleman. But its romance is secondary to the development of the Maverick (Tom Cruise) character and his struggle to break out of his father’s shadow. Why It’s Odd: This scene is completely out of nowhere and gratuitous. Up until this point, the film seems oddly focused on actual military procedures of flying fighter jets. Then the entire crew decides to grease up and play volleyball? Hm... Why It’s Sexy: A bunch of oiled up, half-naked men jumping around. The camera lingers on certain body parts longer than you’d expect.  Michael Fassbender Reveals His Endowment in Shame Michael Fassbender plays a sex addict in this 2011 drama. It takes a bleak view of his addiction as it slowly consumes his character. Despite the various sex scenes in the film, the sexiest and most memorable is Fassbender running to answer the phone and revealing his magneto. Why It’s Odd: It’s such a throwaway scene and doesn't seem particularly sexual in nature. Why It’s Sexy: It revealed to an entire movie-going public that Fassbender was well-endowed. That reputation follows him to this day.  The Glove Scene in Age of Innocence This Martin Scorsese film really showcases how amazingly talented they are outside of their more typical works. The director deviated from crime/mobster films to focus on infidelity in the 1800s. He captures so much of the raw sexual energy, guilt, and anguish of infidelity. In this scene, Daniel Day-Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer are alone. The sexual tension reaches a crescendo as he removes her glove. Why It’s Odd: The scene really just involves a stolen kiss and Day-Lewis touching the underside of Pfeiffer’s wrist. Why It’s Sexy: There’s so much intensity and intimacy in this moment. It also is a mental turn on considering how reserved and repressed this society is and how they are breaking barriers. Plus, it’s so naughty.  Great Expectations Water Fountain Kiss Scene This film is not often given the credit it deserves. It’s such an amazingly poetic and visually beautiful retelling of the Charles Dickens classic. Up to this point, Gwyneth Paltrow was Brad Pitt’s plain-looking girlfriend and daughter of Hollywood royalty. However, in her role as Estella, she really showed she had the intense sex appeal and devious side of a femme fatale. Why It’s Odd: This scene mirrors a scene of the two characters kissing as children. Why It’s Sexy: It takes a more sexually aggressive tone. A scantily clad Paltrow’s tongue lingers on Ethan Hawke in what has evolved from an innocent kiss into an explosive seduction.  Patrick Bateman’s Intro in American Psycho This disturbing horror comedy skewers class, Manhattan, and sex. Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) is a business exec by day and a serial murderer by night. The subtext is he’s so vapid and image obsessed that his madness gets away from him and he gets away with it. Why It’s Odd: The dialogue is a banal reading of his morning to-do list.   Why It’s Sexy: Christian Bale’s epic body transformation and half nude morning routine is visually stunning. His work out, shower, and making breakfast in tighty-whities distracts from the banality of the dialogue.  The Shower Scene in Elf Zooey Deschanel plays an unlikely love interest for an elf played by Will Ferrell in this Christmas comedy. It’s strange to imagine Ferrell’s man-child character having romantic feelings. And yet, he’s lured into the bathroom by Deschanel’s siren song. Why It’s Odd: This movie is a kid’s movie. It seems strange to have a scene so unabashedly reflect sexual attraction. It’s also slightly creepy for him to enter the bathroom unannounced and this only reflects the slightly creepy nature of “It’s Cold Outside.” Why It’s Sexy: Deschanel’s sexy singing voice and she’s in a shower. Fans of her quirky characters suddenly see her in a newly sexy way.    Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Is Gay Television Moving to the Internet?
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 26, 2014
    GaystheSeries/Facebook Gay television is a complex premise. Gay men do not necessarily want to be singled out by their sexual identity. However, there is an interest in television shows that authentically speak to the gay experience and some semblance of the culture. Logo has opted to focus on lifestyle programming and go beyond labels which means mostly RuPaul’s Drag Race, old sitcoms, and edited-for-TV movies. Looking is problematic because its subdued tone and racist adjacent handling of minorities. Let’s not even talk about the Sean Saves the World debacle. It seems like gay programming is moving to the Internet. There is less network red tape, people can make whatever shows they want, and the production values are higher than you’d expect. Here are just a few of the best the web has to offer to the discerning gay gentleman. Gays: The Series Looking is often compared to Girls due to their shared network home, but Gays: The Series might be more up the alley of Dunham fans seeking a program about homosexuality. The show succeeds in delivering a fresh take on gay single life, an attractive and diverse cast, and something that feels authentically New York. It does have a few shortcomings production wise, but for an independently produced series it succeeds in providing the gay community with their own HBO style comedy. Whoa, Dude Johnny McGovern, a.k.a. The Gay Pimp, gives Tosh.0 the queer eye. He takes homoerotic videos from the Internet and provides color commentary with his comedy cronies Julie Goldman, Brandy Howard, and James Pombo aka Linda James. The show is funny and frivolous, never taking itself too seriously. There have been a ton of people that have tried to replicate the styles of The Soup and Tosh.0; this series may seem reminiscent but brings a unique voice, premise, and a little NSFW flair to the medium. Anything from Drew Droege Droege is a gay Internet celebrity who burst onto the scene with hilarious web impersonations of Chloë Sevigny (of all people). He’s also appeared in countless web videos. He headlines Hollywood Acting Studio where he plays an eccentric acting teacher at a community college. He’s also starring in Not Looking , a Funny or Die parody of the HBO series. It’s shocking that he has not been tapped to star on SNL given his outrageous characters and impressions. Todrick Hall Productions Believe it or not, there is a YouTube super producer at large. Todrick Hall is delivering YouTube videos with high production values and even celebrity cameos like Glee stars Alex Newell and Amber Riley. His videos incorporate race and LGBTQ issues seamlessly into parodies of popular films, Disney classics, and music videos. Whether it’s a gay male version of Mean Girls or Disney princesses dancing in a Beyonce video, he has his finger on the pulse of what people are interested in. Could he become the Internet’s answer to Oprah? Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Are Fox's Gambles Paying Off?
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 26, 2014
    FOX Fox began in 1986 as an attempt to establish a fourth network. It succeeded by taking gambles to distinguish itself from NBC, CBS, and ABC. Series like Married…with Children, 21 Jump Street, and The Tracy Ullman Show not only brought commercial success to the network but also defined television. The network continues to buck the system to this day. It’s gearing up for major changes that seem to be paying off. Fox has always explored more risqué humor and often focuses on working class families. This began with Married…with Children, which opened the door to future critically acclaimed series like Malcolm in the Middle and Raising Hope. This eventually led to the success of ABC’s The Middle. 21 Jump Street led to the eventual development of the teen drama and nighttime soap with shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. The entire line-up of The CW can thank Fox. Ullman’s comedy series was a sketch series centered around a comedian. Doesn’t that sound like a ton of Comedy Central series? It also spawned The Simpsons, one of the longest running series on television. Fox was also a driving force in creating animated series for adults. It has had major success with Family Guy, Futurama, and Bob’s Burgers. Fox was also at the forefront of the reality television craze. It was probably one of the most overzealous with a ton of bizarre reality shows. Cops and When Animals Attack gave way to the ratings behemoth American Idol. There were also the low points of Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? But let’s be honest, is that show much different from The Bachelor? The network has prudently reined in their reality television in favor or more scripted series which is working. The network’s current line-up of shows definitely breaks barriers. The network has not shied away from being diverse. The casts of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Sleepy Hollow are full of people of color playing against stereotype. Both shows have been wins for the network. Brooklyn Nine-Nine won a Golden Globe and Sleepy Hollow is boosting the network’s ratings. The network also gave Mindy Kaling her own sitcom. It’s is a big deal considering an Asian woman hasn’t headlined her own series since Margaret Cho, and TMP is the first American network sitcom to have an Indian-American woman as the series lead. The network isn’t afraid to play with unique premises. On paper, Sleep Hollow seems like Ichabod Crane meets a sassy cop. But it’s so much more. Series lead Nicole Beharie plays an intelligent, sympathetic, female action hero and is in no way a sassy stereotype. Almost Human tackles the complicated premise of a procedural crime drama set in the future. Shows about the future have so much trouble. And yet, this series smartly blends its premise with the popular 1970s buddy cop genre to make a show that works. Network chairman Kevin Reilly made headlines when he said the network would be opting out of pilot season. This is a pretty controversial move considering so much of Hollywood production and casting is built around pilot season. However, with original programming getting produced for cable networks and streaming sites like Amazon and Netflix, there’s an added pressure to make groundbreaking and entertaining television. So Fox is putting on their competition pants. Fox’s upcoming series are no less risky. The network is planning a sitcom about stand-up comic John Mulaney. Gotham is a drama series about the characters from the Batman franchise, but features Bruce Wayne as a child. There is an American version of David Tennant’s detective series Broadchurch. There’s even Hieroglyph, a drama series about Ancient Egypt!? Talk about a wide net. It seems like the network has no intentions of changing its penchant for taking chances. No network can guarantee a stronghold on ratings and Fox’s gambles do not always pay off (re: Dads). But the network’s many crazy chances have resulted in some major shifts in television and made Fox a major player in the ratings game. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • ‘Lost Girl’ Recap: Tearjerker II: Judgment Day
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 25, 2014
    Showcase This episode of Lost Girl is epic! And we don’t mean Epic the movie with Beyonce and tree fairies. So much is revealed, so many shocking moments, and Linda Hamilton reappears as Acacia, Tamsin’s mentor. Remember her? She was Sarah Freakin’ Connor from the Terminator movies. But cameos aside, this episode does not lack from major shocks, reveals, one character resurrected and one major character dying. Things will never be the same for the cast. We don’t mean a random character we mean a main cast member. Bo, Dyson, Tamsin & Linda Freakin’ Hamilton Tamsin and Kenzi discuss Bo’s strange behavior. Meanwhile, she’s awkwardly overhearing. But she desperately wants to prove everything is copacetic with the Succu-buddies. However, a reanimated dead body interrupts girl’s night. Acacia appears and reveals herself as a Revenant hunter. A Revenant is a dead Fae, so just a step away from zombie. Although, many see Revenants as corporeal ghosts or zombies that keep their mental faculties. It really depends on who you ask. But since all of this is based in fantasy…we’ll move on. Bo, Tamsin, and Sarah Connor head to a bizarre swapmeat of the dead. Acacia is convinced Rainer sent the Revenant and Bo is off to find someone else. It’s unclear as to who Rainer really is. It seems strange that this guy from the train is the same person that orchestrated Bo’s kidnapping. Is he responsible for the crazy boob-print of doom? They visit Harvey, a creepy dude who drinks blood and tracks revenants. They don’t bother to disclose what kind of Fae he is. But he is a huge perv that somehow is in the room when Bo and Acacia get into a major fight. He decides to film it all. Dyson joins the girls and they track down Laveau, as in Marie Laveau the same voodoo priestess from American Horror Story: Coven. If you thought Angela Bassett was stereotypical, the Lost Girl version is a Caribbean version of the bird lady from Zoobilee Zoo. Big surprise…Laveau and Harvey are working together. They want the Una Mens seed that was revealed last episode. The only way to stop them is for Bo to cut off Laveau’s head and drink the blood...from her decapitated head. #Gross It turns out that the undead power couple aren’t the only duplicitous ones…Acacia showed up to try and get everyone to help her kill Rainer. We also learn that Massimo isn’t dead…he’s planning something. BIG REVEAL! With the curse broken, Rainer’s face is revealed as he reappears in the annals of Fae history. We learn he’s not the man who hired Tamsin. BIGGER REVEAL! At the Dal Trick is staring at a picture of a horse with bat wings. Vex shows up, because apparently the leader of the Light Fae can just have any old Dark Fae show up in his bedroom. They bond over stories of Vex’s father who was one of Trick’s lieutenants when he was king. But Trick is worried about the Pyripuss, which is that evil unicorn of doom. Bo stops by to talk to Dyson. She brings down the hammer on their relationship. It’s real with Rainer. She’ll always love Dyson but she’s won’t be in love with him. Sorry, Team Dyson. You don’t even get an original breakup speech. Luckily, Tamsin shows up to get freaky with Dyson up against the bar. It’s convenient that the bar is full or empty whenever they need it to be. Kenzi & Hale Kenzi gets the surprise of a lifetime. Her cousin Dmitri stops by…with her estranged mother. Yes that’s right, Mackenzie (if you didn’t know that’s her name) has a momma named Galina. Her life on the streets was all due to her mother chosing her fiancé over Kenzi. Surprise, Hale is behind it because he wants to ask for her hand in marriage and wants her blessing. Get the tissues. Sadly, this reunion is premature. Hale offered Zamora money to Kenzi’s step-dad. Kenzi sends her mother and cousin away and their perfect engagement moment is ruined. But she says she loves him and accepts the ring. They really love each other and everything is puppies and rainbows…or is it? Kenzi and Bo reconnect over the engagement news. Meanwhile, Massimo is waiting in the wings to bring the hurt to Kenzi. But, Hale saves the day! He gives Massimo an epic siren scream that kills him. But it also makes Hale deaf because screaming that loud will do that to you. But, Massimo can’t die because he has the Twig of Zamora. Talk about getting the smack down from poetic justice. And we don’t mean the movie with Tupac and Janet Jackson. Had Kenzi not given Massimo the twig Hale would still be alive. Bo returns to find Hale dead and Kenzi grief stricken. Kenzi begs Bo to use her chi magic to bring him back. But she’s unable to do it without taking all of Kenzi’s life force. Then in the most heartbreaking moment of Lost Girl history Bo puts a crying Kenzi to sleep with her love touch. Succu-Best Lines of the Night "We called him Mopey Dick." –What Kenzi called a love-less Dyson "You had me at A-Hole." –Kenzi’s take on Jerry Maguire "Seriously, would I leave a dead body on the floor when her boyfriend was coming over?" –Kenzi "How is the weather in Rainer land? Dark and stormy? Sunny and shady?" –Acacia Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Movie Anniversaries That Will Make You Feel Old
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 25, 2014
    Paramount via Everett Collection Pop quiz, hotshot! You can escape a bus that can’t go under 55 miles hour, a sea witch, or Darth Maul. What’s the one thing you can’t escape? Time! They say time flies when your having fun. But some of your favorite movies can become uncomfortable reminders that you’re getting older. Getting old isn’t a bad thing. It’s also great to look back on simpler times. Remember when Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Basinger were stars? Remember when the Batman franchise had its whole life to look forward to? Even more startling is a world before Sandra Bullock. Here is a list of movies you may have forgotten are as old as they are. GALLERY: Movie Anniversaries That May Make You Feel Old Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Canceled Shows That Need Their Own Movies
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 25, 2014
    ABC Veronica Mars has made history. Along with films like Serenity (an adaptation of the TV show Firefly) and the questionable direct-to-DVD Dead Like Me movie, it brought a sense of closure and excitement to fans everywhere. When a show gets prematurely canceled, fans have a hunger for some more quality time with their favorite characters. Veronica Mars proved that that want is enough to drive the production of a feature film. Using Kickstarter, the folks behind the movie established seed capital and revealed the market for television revival films. A great program can get the axe for any number of reasons. For example, Claire Danes wanted to pursue a career in movies, so she was instrumental in the cancellation of My So-Called Life. Shows like Popular or Freaks and Geeks  were ahead of their time and got prematurely canceled due to low ratings. Television involves a lot of juggling, competition with other networks, and actor politics. Film adaptations are a quick way to tell a story and provide fans with what they want. Here is our list of television series that deserve to be forever immortalized in film.  Pushing Daisies This show had everything: a love story, lush cinematography, musical numbers, magic, and procedural crime drama tropes. However, the show did not find its footing in ABC’s line-up. Despite a bevy of amazing guest stars and genuinely entertaining moments, the show was rushed off with a hasty 30-second wrap up to series-long storylines. A film could incorporate all of the magic of the series while also providing the writers with a chance to explore the mythology of a pie-maker who can resurrect the dead, and maybe find the opportunity for him and his undead love Chuck to touch. Popularity Potential: It may be a tough sell to audiences beyond fans of the show. However, given the success of Frozen, musicals aren’t going anywhere. It also has such a fresh unique premise with a storytelling format that would befit the big screen. Happy Endings This comedy helped reinvigorate the ensemble comedy after the genre’s post-Friends lull. The show has a firm grasp on comedy today with fun cutaways and outrageous plots. It captures dating in an age of hipsters, the Internet, and bizarre new rules. Each season ends with a wedding, so why not a film about the most epic wedding ever? A movie could focus on the craziest of bridezillas Penny Hartz (Casey Wilson) while reviving a lot of the dangling subplots of the series. Popularity Potential: The film could easily appeal to more than just established fans: romantic comedy audiences, Wayans family advocates, and people looking for a fun comedy could enjoy this film.  Popular Ryan Murphy has proved himself to be a powerhouse producer with the success of Nip/Tuck, Glee, and American Horror Story. However, Murphy he’s had limited success in films (lest we forget Eat Pray Love). But his first series, Popular, would be great fodder for a movie. This series was ahead of its time. It talked about Manolos and the mystique of Gwyneth Paltrow before it was cool. His characters Mary Cherry and Nicole Julian were progenitors to Lea Michele’s character on Glee and Jessica Lange’s characters on AHS. Popularity Potential: None of the core cast members have a huge name draw but Murphy’s huge celebrity rolodex could bring some major star names. Fans would enjoy answers to the cliffhanger ending and fans of all of Murphy’s other shows could enjoy a snarky comedy. Dark Angel It’s hard to remember when Jessica Alba broke into showbiz. It wasn’t her role in the Glitter-reminiscent dance movie Honey, or her parts in Fantastic Four and Good Luck Chuck.  No, it was James Cameron’s insanely amazing action series Dark Angel. A young Alba played Max, a girl genetically modified with hybrid DNA who used her abilities to fight for justice in a post-apocalyptic Seattle. The twist: terrorists released an electro magnetic pulse that turned America into a third world country. Sadly, the Cameron connection could not save the series from being eclipsed by Buffy and Alias. However, this show definitely has the makings of an epic James Cameron movie. Plus, Alba’s ex-hubby and co-star Michael Weatherly could use the career boost since he’s now relegated to NCIS. Popularity Potential: James Cameron, ‘nuff said. Misfits This British superhero series Misfits started out great, but a revolving cast and a monotony of sesonal arcs kind of left the final season with a dud of an  ending. A movie could bring back a lot of the cast members and guest stars and have them take on a major foe. Considering Robert Sheehan’s turn in Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and Iwan Rheon’s role on Game of Thrones not exactly panning out in the stardom department, they should be willing and able to return to their old stomping grounds. Popularity Potential: Attack the Block proved the sci-fi genre could work with a chav makeover. Anyone interested in sci-fi and comedy would be up for a Misfits flick.   Freaks and Geeks Every Judd Apatow production feels like a Freaks and Geeks reunion, so why not just have one? The cast’s 10-year high school reunion would be a who’s who of Hollywood, blended with Apatow’s comedy flair. Plus, a comedy about a high school reunion is no more or less inspired than the plots of This Is 40 and Funny People. Popularity Potential: Audiences are bound to like someone from the cast. Plus, Apatow is synonymous with box office success.    Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Ranking Shows Inspired by 'Sex and the City'
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 24, 2014
    New Line Cinema via Everett Collection Sex and the City is an important part of television history. It opened up a dialogue about sex, gave a voice to female sexuality and female professionals, and made the Cosmo the drink of the single lady. It has inspired fashion, slang, and even influenced television. Along with Golden Girls, Sex and the City has established a genre of television series. Now, shows about girlfriends defined by four specific archetypes, conversations around a table, and the female friend family unit are popular. Here is a ranking of some of the best and least inspired shows that give a wink and a nod to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Girlfriends Grade: A+ It’s hard to deny this show is influenced by the popular Sarah Jessica Parker series. The opening sequence for this Kelsey Grammer produced sitcom is enough to make it seem like a rip-off of the show, but this comedy is so much more. The characters are similar to the archetypes of SATC but they are also full-fledged characters. Tracee Ellis Ross plays the queen bee of the group but she is also a lawyer and not as romantically savvy. The show takes the best parts of SATC and pushes them further. It show empowered professional women, the bonds of friendship, while introducing more race, social issues, and opening up more of a dialogue about feminism. Girls Grade: A- The popular and polarizing Lena Dunham series managed to hold onto the worst parts of SATC and still make an interesting and rich show. Some of the most frustrating parts of the original HBO series were when the women avoided clear communication and reacted impulsively at the detriment to their relationships. It also is a little tough to stomach a series about opulent women who are unburdened in a city as hard as New York. And yet, Dunham’s series uses those exact elements to shine a light on being young, entitled, and neurotic in New York. Hannah offers a more emotionally unbalanced Carrie. Marnie is a more sympathetic and less type-A Miranda. Jessa shows the consequences of Samantha’s wild ways. And Shoshanna is just as funny as Charlotte. The Carrie Diaries Grade: B This show makes no qualms about referencing SATC. It shouldn’t because it’s a prequel. A young Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) ditches high school for the big city and gets a job at Interview magazine in the 1980s. The show unnecessarily leans on the HBO series when a show about growing up in New York and 1980s nostalgia are enough to make it inherently entertaining. The addition of Lindsey Gort as Samantha is also shaking up the series for the better. However, die-hard fans will notice the major differences. They also seem to dust off SATC references in a bit of a forced kind of way. Cashmere Mafia Grade: C This post-SATC series makes no qualms about its connections to the original. It stars former guest star Lucy Liu and employs designer Patricia Field. Darren Star and Candace Bushnell had dueling series at the same time. We side with Star because he’s been doing scandalous soaps for ages. This series opted more for exploring the power dynamics and social lives of high-powered businesswomen. That’s inherently more interesting, and more of a nod to feminism, than SATC. As you can tell from the scene below, it has plenty of gabbing about men, memorable slang, and friendship. It had the potential to be an upgrade to the original but was battling Brooke Shields and her brows. Lipstick Jungle Grade: D This series lived and died by its casting. Brooke Shields is a viable candidate for a series about successful career women. However, the choice to cast television show killer Lindsay Price did not help. With weird names like Victory Ford and Nico Reilly and the choice to have the three women be a movie producer, fashion designer, and magazine maven seemed very contrived. At least on Melrose Place, Heather Locklear was a sexy, advertising executive. These choices killed a lot of credibility for the logic of the show and its potential for feminist leanings. Rather than going full-tilt comedy the series opted for a more serious approach to “having it all.” Paging Liz Lemon. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Huge Celebrities Who Guest Starred on ‘Sex and the City’
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 24, 2014
     HBO Sex and the City has not only made huge stars of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, and Cynthia Nixon, it’s made them icons. Who hasn’t wondered if they are a Samantha, a Miranda, a Charlotte, or a Carrie? Spoiler alert: not everyone can be a Carrie. Regardless, the show was not just a major part of television history but also a major show casting in New York City. It has attracted actors that went on to be major players in Hollywood and huge A-list stars. Everyone remembers The Good Wife star Chris Noth on the popular sex comedy. Who can forget Liza Minnelli’s random cameo in the Sex and the City movie? Here’s a list of some of the major celebrities who have popped up on the hit HBO show that you might not have realized. GALLERY: Big Stars on Sex and the City Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //