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  • 7 Celebrities Who Tried (and Failed) at the Music Game
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 12, 2014
    Eddie Murphy/Motown Records It pays to be able to do a little bit of everything. Since many celebrities have their hands in more than one business, it’s not surprising when actors, models, or athletes release their own albums. After all, you got to make that money. However, whether it's bizarre singing, misguided styling, or just plain buffoonery, plenty of these celebs have made really poor choices in pursuing musical avenues. Eddie Murphy In the '80s, Murphy proved himself to be a major comedy kingpin. He found a touch of musical success with “Party All the Time,” but his high voice and lack of stage personality have hindered him since. He sounds disturbingly like Prince but lacks the camp and sex appeal. For example this song, “Put Your Mouth on Me” lacks either the sex appeal or humor to carry such a suggestive song. He’s recently collaborated with Snoop Lion and maybe he’ll be able to erase his misguided attempts at pop music.  Carmen Electra Poor Carmen Electra. She’s beautiful, she’s funny, but she can’t seem to catch a break. She never really found much success in television, movies, or marriage. And despite being a Prince protégé, she did not find success in music. Her songs were a little too on-the-nose, with titles like “Go-Go Dancer” and “Fantasia Erotica.” Oscar de la Hoya A background in boxing isn't usually the first thing you think about when you're looking for a new music artist to latch onto. De la Hoya doesn’t have the most aggressive speaking voice. That combined with overly sweet ballads make him sound like a sexy baby. His album was originally released in Spanish with some English translations. However, the language barrier was not enough to save his overly high voice and misguided genre choice.  Alyssa Milano In between Who’s the Boss and Charmed, Milano did find some success in music... in Japan. Her juvenile pop music seems more fitting for karaoke than for the dance charts. But she did a lot of talk-singing and not enough performing. Milano does embody the cheesiness of her time period but she didn’t have the panache to make it in the American music charts.  Joey Lawrence Lawrence had all the makings of a teen heartthrob. He tried his hand at music with "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix" and had decent success with the teen market. However, he didn’t have the musical chops to really deliver on ballads as proven from this video. Had he tried for a more Justin Bieber vibe he probably could have made millions and then got caught into an egg-throwing scandal. Instead, he’s been relegated to basic cable purgatory with Melissa & Joey.  Naomi Campbell Before she proved her hand at throwing phones, Campbell released an album entitled Baby Woman. That may be reason enough to not want to listen to any of her music. She has a decent singing voice but her sounds seem to both embody and rub against the 1990s. Maybe all of her iPhone-hurtling anger is over the failure of her music career.  Kevin Federline It may be a stretch to consider Federline a celebrity. Especially, considering he did not find success with his music career after divorcing Britney Spears. He previewed his first albums with two songs, including “PopoZão” that were so bad they weren’t included on the album. To add insult to injury, said album, Playing with Fire  was also a huge dud. Looks like his music is toxic and he’s slipping under.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • ‘Lost Girl’ Recap: Crow-Nuts!
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 11, 2014
    Showcase This week on Lost Girl, Bo has a powwow with everyone to show them the jar of black smoke from last episode. The only way to possibly explain the importance of opening it is by literally using the word “taken” more times than Liam Neeson on a rescue mission. What’s inside? It’s another lame bird Fae. This time it’s a crow. He agrees to help Bo return to The Wanderer if she helps him take down his brother and ex-wife. Bo has a severe case of Wanderer obsession because she agrees to go... alone. When will these kids realize you can’t trust people who extort favors from you? As expected, Bo gets betrayed. It turns out the crows have beef with The Wanderer, who turns out to be their dad. He wants Bo, so they want to kill her. Her only means of escape is to fall through a grave into a Hell dimension. But what need explanation is whether or not this graveyard is on Earth or in another dimension. With that question still at large, we meet the queen of the Hell Dimension: a busted Cruella Deville clone named The Leviathan. She tries to steal Bo’s soul but the weird glowing boob-smack handprint prevents it. It turns out The Leviathan has wanted the mark for 600 years. She challenges Bo to a mortal…riddle battle? Bo outsmarts her with the biggest riddle of all. A riddle so difficult the writers of the show can’t figure it out. Who should Bo choose – Lauren or Dyson? Luckily, we finally get the answer. Bo escapes, but The Leviathan reveals someone Bo loves will die. Dun dun dun Bo quickly dispatches with the crows. But when she’s down to two crows she’s seemingly trapped. Until, conveniently, Dyson and Lauren show up. How did they find her if this graveyard was only accessible by teleportation? Dyson and Lauren are really bordering on becoming their own couple, and shall henceforth be known as Lysol. Dyson has been very flirty with the doctor. However, Lauren makes it abundantly clear she’s strictly Lady Loving Cool Jane. It’s also funny to see LL Cool Jane with her weapons of choice... syringes. Kenzi and Tamsin enlist Trick for help with Bo. He throws major shade and refuses to help a human and a lowlife. It seems like we’re starting to see a darker side of Trick. Is he going to go Dark Trick and have to die? Is he the one who died... like the gypsy woman said? The girls find the book. It’s the book that Trick uses to do his blood magic. They search for some of his blood to change history. They finally find blood hidden in a Japanese paper box. Trick visits a Luduan to help him learn a secret hidden in his memory. Luduans are Fae that use hoodrat manicures to force the truth. The Luduan forces Trick to reveal some major truth. Trick was a bad-ass king, emphasis on bad. He used his power to wipe out people for “the greater good.” He reveals the person he loves most in the world is... himself. Finally, he reveals he banished Rainer from history. We are not just talking text books; he was literally wiped from existence. Kenzi and Tamsin finally find the blood. It forces Tamsin to have a major flashback. In her memory, Trick is a major jerk-ass who calls her ugly and a vulture. He refuses to let her take Rainer’s soul. He offers to give her renewed youth and a second chance to un-damn her soul if he can curse Rainer from existence. The crows return Bo to the train. She meets Rainer who is super hot. He touches her and there’s a sudden light show. Could he be an Incubus? He seems to have some sort of love touch like Bo. Suddenly, Bo reappears with a de-cursed Rainer. Burn! It turns out she made her choice. Neither Dyson or Lauren. Sorry Lysol! Who Is Going to Die? Will it be Trick, who is being a real d**k? Will Dyson or Lauren sacrifice themselves to save Bo? Or maybe it will be Tamsin who is on her last life?  Succu-Best Lines of the Night "Just wait a minute, Patty Hearst! Is that not the same black smoke that took you from this s**thole in the first place?" – Kenzi insulting Trick’s bar "Trickster, why are you PMSing over that gorgeous smoky crowy ass-face hot jerk?" – Typical Kenzi "You’re Yoda! Force must use problem to answer find... yes?" – Kenzi  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • From Small Roles to Big Stars
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 11, 2014
    Columbia Pictures Hollywood is a magical place where you can go from the mail room to the board room. It takes time to build a career and a lot of small roles before the big break. But one major role can turn you into a household name. Some of Hollywood’s hottest actors have small roles in memorable movies that will leave you shocked you missed them. Melissa McCarthy in Charlie’s Angels McCarthy is a comedic powerhouse who became a household name after 2011's Bridesmaids. It may be hard to believe that she was once a near-extra who called Lucy Liu a b**ch in Charlie’s Angels. She also had a small role in Go and was featured in the trailer. Jennifer Lawrence on My Super Sweet 16 promos Lawrence is so successful at the young age of 23, it can be hard to believe she's been in the business for years already. Lawrence started off playing the title character's daughter on The Bill Engvall Show, and found a spot in these promos for a particularly regrettable reality series. Paula Patton in Hitch Patton's relationship with Robin Thicke post-Blurred Lines has put her name on everyone’s lips. She has found success in the Mission Impossible films and has some buzz around her film career. But back in 2005, her first role was in this questionably funny Will Smith comedy. Christina Hendricks on Undressed Hendricks found the role of a lifetime as Mad Men's waning queen bee Joan Holloway. Long before playing the strong but unfortunate advertising agency secretary, however, Hendricks appeared on MTV’s sex-fueled soap Undressed. Rooney Mara in Youth in Revolt Before her ascension to films like The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Side Effects, Mara starred in this forgettable Michael Cera offbeat comedy. With this movie, she kicked off her pattern of playing intense, intelligent, and sexual characters... a pratice that has served her well. Rashida Jones & Steven Moyer in Ny-Lon Granted, you wouldn't really call a starring role in a series a "small" one. However, this British TV show is widely unknown in the States, so we'll count it. Jones played a New Yorker in a long-distance relationship with a British businessman (Moyer). Jane Krakowski in Vacation People remember Krakowski for 30 Rock and her role on Ally McBeal, but she began the trade as a child actor. She delivers one of the most memorable lines in this popular 1980s comedy. Steve Carell in Curly Sue Now one of Hollywood’s biggest comedy actors, Carell started his film career with a non-speaking role. He might not be the first actor to play a background waiter, but very few of those were called "Tesio." Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Is There Such a Thing as Too Far on ‘Shameless’?
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 10, 2014
    Showtime Shameless is one of the most controversial shows on television. Nothing seems to be off-limits. Incest, kids using drugs, and statutory rape are all fodder for jokes. And yet, the Showtime series can skirt being overtly offensive by injecting the right amount of heart, pathos, and authenticity. But is there a line that’s too far? The Gallagher family survives no matter the cost. They will lie, cheat, or steal an old woman’s body to stay in the lap of luxurious poverty. Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) is a deplorable human being. He will do anything in service of his addiction. Posing as gay to defraud an ex-gay organization, breaking his leg to collect and insurance, and prostitution are the short list of Frank’s most devious schemes. He even goes so far as to hit on his estranged biological daughter, Sammi (Emily Bergl) in an effort to manipulate her. At his core, he’s an addict. His entire life is defined by his need for drugs and booze. It’s not a get out of jail free card but it does make him a sympathetic character. The series' scams are not the only questionable source of humor. The Gallagher children are left to their own devices so they have to learn life lessons on the street. All the children have unfettered access to drugs and alcohol and a major lack of adult supervision. Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) is a borderline psychopath with a fixation on violence. Debbie (Emma Kenney) is 13-years-old and obsessed with losing her virginity. And yet, because these children have such deplorable family lives and the father from Hell, it seems to give their behavior some legitimacy rather than shock value. One of the most potentially offensive storylines takes place in the episode “Where There’s a Will.” Shelia (Joan Cusack) attends a support group because her grandson has Down syndrome. A conversation arises about reclaiming the word “retard.” It instantly seems offensive to have a group of people with Down syndrome chanting the word “retard.” And yet, it opens up a dialogue about the "reclaiming" of slurs in general, like the n-word and the word queer. This is a valid debate that should be explored so it doesn’t seem gratuitous. The series has some likable characters and some deplorable characters. The Gallaghers struggle so much that no matter what horrible things they do you still want them to succeed. Luckily, the show seems to establish some lines it will not cross. Despite the rampant sexuality of the older Gallaghers the series is keeping the younger children …children. Carl and Debbie may be fixated on sex but, to show’s credit, they are not actually having it. Although sexual assault has been a theme on the show (with Mandy Milkovich being a victim), Shameless does not make light of the issue whatsoever. As far as racy subject matter goes, murder is (so far) the final line they have not crossed. Despite the occasional misdemeanors none of the main characters has committed murder. So at least human life is still valued on the show. Despite the wild irreverent nature of the series, it has a moral code. When characters do wrong there are repercussions. The bulk of the violence on the show is either done in vengeance or to illustrate the poverty of the area. This season’s storyline for Fiona (Emmy Rossum) finds her facing a major reprisal for neglecting the family and self destructive choices. Shameless pushes limits to serve a story. The scrappy protagonist family are oppressed by poverty, classism, and addiction. That breeds tension and discomfort and an offensive or outrageous joke is the release. There is a kill-or-be-killed, dog-eat-dog code of morality, but so far the show does seem to have established some healthy lines it won’t cross. And best of all, when it does push the envelope it is to make a statement.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • The Major Movie Stars of Saturday Morning Cartoons
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 10, 2014
    FOX Plenty of actors have lent their voices to prime time animated series like The Simpsons or movies like The Croods and Toy Story. But it’s hard to imagine Saturday Morning Cartoons with huge stars. A lot of people are shocked to find out that the original voice of Shredder on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star James Avery, or to recall which Star Wars veteran was behind The Joker. Perhaps you weren't aware of the big names behind some of these childhood favorites... Captain Planet and the Planeteers A group of teenagers use magic rings to harness the elements and to summon Captain Planet, an environmental superhero. Each episode, they battle villains trying to pollute the environment. Whoopi Goldberg voices Gaia, the spirit of the Earth and their boss. What a lot of children at the time didn’t realize is the show’s villains are all played by major celebrities. Meg Ryan is Dr. Blight, a disfigured doctor who works with a sarcastic British computer. Jeff Goldblum plays Verminous Skumm, a mutated rat creature with a fondness for toxic waste. Sting even appears on the show as the creatively named Zarm. Other villains are played by Hollywood veterans Martin Sheen, James Coburn, Malcolm McDowell, and Ed Asner. Major celebs also stop by for guest appearances including Danny Glover, Louis Gossett Jr., and even Elizabeth Taylor.  Gargoyles This Disney cartoon creates a mythology where stone gargoyles come to life when the sun sets. It also has a bizarre Star Trek connection. Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis play series villains David Xanatos and Demona. There are also performance by other The Next Generation stars Michael Dorn, Brett Spiner, LeVar Burton, and Colm Meany. The captains of Deep Space Nine, Avery Brooks, and Voyager, Kate Mulgrew, appear on the cartoon. Nichelle Nichols even makes an appearance. Batman: The Animated Series Batman is probably the most star-studded cartoon in television history. The series features appearances by stars from the 1970s to today. 1970s icons like Adrienne Barbeau, Michael York, and Marilu Henner pop by the series. Bewitched actress Elizabeth McGovern plays her last role ever on the cartoon. Mark Hamill, a.k.a. Luke Skywalker, finds a career resurgence playing The Joker. Night Court’s  Richard Moll, The Beastmaster Marc Singer, and Melissa Gilbert all bring 1980s nostalgia playing major characters. Bruce Wayne’s various love interests include Heather Locklear, comedian Julie Brown, and Supergirl Helen Slater. There are also appearances by future celebrities like Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss and Megan Mullally.  Superman Similarly, this Man of Steel cartoon has a ton of television actors lending their voices. Superman is voiced by Wings star Tim Daly and Lois Lane is Desperate Housewives star Dana Delany. Sitcom stars Peri Gilpin, Brad Garett, and Joely Fisher all appear on the show. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta” Recap: Shade-Fu 101
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 10, 2014
    Bravo The latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta is a big improvement on the last few. The library is open and the women are back to reading. The lack of Phaedra Parks the past few episodes and NeNe Leakes’ petty squabbling with Marlo Hampton were a drag, no pun intended. If you’ve ever wanted to be a housewife, this episode is a master class in the martial arts of fighting... Real Housewives style. Call it Shade-fu if you will. Lesson 1: The Verbal BackhandNeNe and Cynthia Bailey go shopping for bathing suits for Mexico. Cynthia tries to gently bring up how NeNe’s fight with Marlo ruined her event. But NeNe isn’t having it. She ignores Cynthia’s subtlety and finally says she will not talk about it. Like a lion swatting a smaller rival with its paw, NeNe tells Cynthia, “Don’t f**king ask me about it!” and walks outside of the store without making eye contact with her again. This is reminiscent of how Peter Thomas usually talks to her. This is most effectively achieved when by a senior cast member with a junior one... because she can. Lesson 2: The Real Reality AttackKenya Moore visits Marlo. They begin shecapping Cynthia’s budget field day. Unlike past episodes, Marlo seems genuinely heartbroken. She breaks the fourth wall and launches into real-reality fighting stance. This is when a Housewife references something that happened off-camera. In this case, Marlo mentions a three-way phone call where NeNe and Cynthia yelled at Marlo. They probably threatened to not film with her if she keeps talking to Kenya. Her follow up move is to discuss NeNe’s struggles with the cancelation of The New Normal. The kill move is real tears. They key is to keep it 100 percent real and use that authenticity to your advantage. Lesson 3: Crouching Jaden Hidden PhaedraPhaedra has a unique fighting style. Part of it involves having an amazing life with two beautiful children and a dead sexy husband. The other part is cutting with words. While her precocious little son is walking around making conversation, Phaedra is inventing words like hoodlicious. She isn’t afraid to say anything even if referring to inappropriate behavior by her husband. She also will be above cursing in front of her children and in the next breath make a death threat. Phaedra’s unabashed candor, wit, and complete shamelessness have made her a star. Lesson 4: The He-Said/She-Said BattleKordell Stewart reappears to give his side of their divorce. Peter Thomas, probably trying to secure his wife’s place on the show, stops Kordell’s house. The key to this type of fighting is to reveal bizarre and shocking details. Kordell tells a story about coming home to find Porsha’s mother eating a large pepperoni pizza on his bed. He reveals she lost her condo for not making payments. He also says he still loves her. Peter then confronts Porsha with what Kordell said. Porsha counterattacks Kordell by saying their relationship was an attempt to fix his “tainted” image. She continues to imply he’s gay. Kordell wins this battle because he has specific examples and Porsha has been caught in between stories. The key is to make sure you give the audience juicy specfics. Lesson 5: Kill with ComedyThe key to comedy fighting is that you have to be funny. Think Bethenny Frankel on RHONY. Example, while touring their new digs Miss Lawrence Washington does an impeccable impersonation of Gregg Leakes. Gregg works his own comedy angle by twerking by the pool. Cynthia also tells Porsha Kordell is going to show up... as a prank. The key to comedy is to get your funny moment aired on the show, make the entire audience laugh, and regardless of your deplorable behavior you will be loved. Now you’re a few steps closer to winning Real Housewives. May the shade be ever in your favor. Best Lines of the Night-"When it comes to traveling to Mexico on a trip that Kenya organized. Honey, I’d rather have Porsha take my Black History Month final exams." – Phaedra’s double read -"The Bible says that the serpent was more crafty than any other beast in the field. In this case, that means that Rentley-having, no man having, harlot in Atlanta. Also known as Kenya Whore-Moore ... More-Whore." –Phaedra "Mirror, mirror, on the wall. I’m the shadiest of them all." –Kenya "Hmm... so you brought Lawrence. Where’s your invisible African prince? Or is he here and we can’t see him?" –Porsha "We better have a good room. S**t, we never did anything to her." –Todd "Porsha sounds like a broke down Olivia Pope. This isn’t Scandal! The truth shall set you free." –Kenya  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • 14 Actors We Must Rescue From Obscurity
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 10, 2014
    NBC Universal/Getty Images Hollywood is cyclical. People shift in and out of importance all the time. Orange Is the New Black is responsible for the return of Natasha Lyonne, Kate Mulgrew, and Jason Biggs. It’s also set to bring back Point Break star Lori Petty. Betty White and Joan Rivers are also having a major career resurgence. Peter Scolari is on Girls. Angela Bassett is on American Horror Story. People are popping back into the limelight all the time. Here are a few nominations of actors that need to step back into center stage. GALLERY: 14 Actors We Must Rescue From Obscurity Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Celebrating RuPaul, the First Gay Media Mogul
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 08, 2014
    Logo TV Yes, Elton John is filthy rich and Andy Cohen has defined Bravo’s success. But RuPaul is the only person who can be considered the first gay media mogul. RuPaul Charles has not only paved the way for drag queens, he has been a great representative of the black and gay communities on the whole. He has touched every aspect of media from television to movies to books to music. Plus, it’s tough to find anyone who has a better handle on brand synergy. RuPaul has consistently stayed in the public eye since his dance track “Supermodel of the World” became an international dance hit. He started performing in a public access show produced by World of Wonder. They both have grown and taken over the Logo Network and created a legion of drag celebrities. Trailblazer RuPaul is full of firsts. He’s not the first drag queen, but he is the first to turn his drag persona into a star. He is a fashion model, a pop singer, and a songwriter. He has notable television appearances and major blockbusters on his resume, and produced his own feature Starrbooty. He can conquer comedy and drama outside of drag as proven by his roles in But I’m a Cheerleader and Red Ribbon Blues, respectively. He has also used the success of Drag Race to bring drag culture to the masses and touch on major issues for the LGBT community like HIV and the distinction between being a transgendered woman and a drag queen. Media Personality RuPaul is media savvy. Besides his long list of television and movie credits he has made a name for himself as a celebrity. He hosted his own talk show on VH1 in the 1990s. He also was a major morning radio personality for New York City station WKTU (which was also one of Whoopi Goldberg’s post-Oscar/pre-View jobs). His appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show was major in opening up America’s eyes to drag queens, gay men, and the distinct difference. He released an autobiography Lettin It All Hang Out , which he timed with an appearance on All My Children. He has also been a spokesperson for major brands like Absolut Vodka and Mac Cosmetics. Money Machine RuPaul’s "shameless" self-promotion is a running joke on Drag Race , but he is smart. The bulk of the music on the show is his iTunes library of songs, remixes, and albums. He has spun-off RuPaul’s Drag Race into an All-Stars season, Untucked a half-hour reality drama-fest, and Drag U a show targeting the huge female fan demographic. He has partnered with brands to make a brand of cosmetics, a line of shoes, and he has released his own perfume Glamazon, which is also a song available on iTunes. His products and music are cross-promoted both on the suite of shows and by his drag nation’s various club performances. RuPaul’s net worth was estimated at 4 million dollars in 2009 by various dubious websites. But given his licensing deals, residuals on his series and music, and the potential for other major projects it seems like major growth is on the horizon. Already, Drag Race alum Sharon Needles has conquered the iTunes music charts and Jinkx Monsoon has had a successful Broadway run. Watch out, Oprah, RuPaul is on your tail. And not tea no shade, but at least he has managed to create television shows that draw viewers to a network.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Why Lupita Nyong’o Should Play Storm in the Next 'X-Men' Movie
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 07, 2014
    Universal via Everett Collection Not only did Lupita Nyong'o win an Oscar, she won the Oscars, earning the hearts of the America people. Her gratitude, fashion sense, grace on the red carpet, and talent have made her the Queen of the 2014 Award Season. In the one ceremony, she danced with Pharrell, participated in the selfie that broke Twitter, and gave an acceptance speech that was truly inspirational. But what is next for the actress? If we have it our way, the X-Men character Storm. Nyong’o doesn’t have any publicly listed projects in the pipeline. Internet forums and blogs are buzzing because Nyong’o finally presents a viable candidate to play the Marvel Comics mutant. Nyong’o is stunning, compelling, and (having grown up in Nairobi, Kenya) likely capable of doing a convincing African accent. Bloggers are also creating Storm fan art featuring Nyong’o’s red carpet photos. So here's why we're on board... Storm is one of the most compelling X-Men, and is also one of the most prominent people of color in comic books. In fact, her character has the makings of a stand-alone movie: Ororo Munroe is orphaned in an accident, going on to spend her youth as a thief in Cairo. She uses her weather-manipulating powers to become Queen of an African tribe before being drafted into the X-Men. In the 1980s, she gets a Mohawk and takes over the X-Men, and later becomes leader of a group of underground mutants, The Morlocks. Nyong’o has the perfect blend of intensity, beauty, vulnerability, and unabashed sexiness to play Storm on film. Halle Berry is a great actress and  a deserving Oscar winner, but was never right for Storm in the eyes of X-Men fans (who instead hoped for Iman or Angela Bassett). The evolution of the character was allegedly influenced by producers working around Berry's changing schedule; the actress' X-Men: Days of Future Past role had to be cut down due to pregnancy. Nyong’o can wash away the painful memories and give geeks everywhere the Storm they deserve. There is a superstition that a Best Supporting Actress win is the kiss of death for an actress’ career. Oftentimes, they get trapped in dramas that try to pander for more awards. At the helm of her own action-packed major blockbuster, Nyong’o could continue her fast rise to superstardom. Even if the film isn't a critical masterpiece, a major superhero blockbuster could make a major payday for the studio, and as such for Nyong'o. And we truly do need stronger female superhero characters. There hasn’t been a female-centric superhero movie in a while... and Elektra and Catwoman were forgettable (at best) endeavors. So it's not only that we want Lupita Nyong'o in an X-Men movie, we need her in one! Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //
  • Great Actors Who Star in Bad Movies
    By: Christian Cintron Mar 06, 2014
    Warner Bros via Everett Collection We might never understand why some amazingly talented actors continuously make bad movies. Sure, actors need paychecks to buy gold-plated toilet seats or pay taxes. Things can happen with the script, edit, or production that can ruin the film. But that doesn't explain why some performers seem pathologically drawn to horrible roles. Uma Thurman Thurman has proven herself an amazing actress, bringing down the house in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill movies. Plus, despite the lack of commercial success, Gattaca was a decent watch for cleaning-your-apartment days. However, she has made some major duds. Batman & Robin single-handedly killed the pre-Nolan Batman franchise with bad puns. The remake of the hit 1960s series The Avengers was maligned by audiences and critics. My Super Ex-Girlfriend  is like an amazing SNL sketch painfully stretched out for 90 minutes. And as for Prime? Let's just say that is one of the few movies that did not earn Meryl Streep an Oscar nomination. Lee Pace Pace showcased his acting abilities by playing real-life transgender activist Calpernia Addams in Showtime’s Soldier’s Girl. He also starred in the cult-classic television series Pushing Daisies. And yet, despite his leading man good looks, distinct voice, and acting chops, he hasn’t been able to get plumb roles. He starred in the painful romantic comedy When in Rome, the misguided remake of the newspaper comic Marmaduke, and joined the Twilight and Lord of the Rings franchises three movies too late. Emmy Rossum Rossum is the star of the successful Showtime series Shameless. She also burst onto the scene in the film version of Phantom of the Opera. And yet, she hasn’t been able to star in a good film recently. It’s strange, because she has the looks and musical talent of Anne Hathaway without her polarizing "humility." And yet, she starred in the failed adaptation of the anime Dragonball: Evolution, the young adult novel Beautiful Creatures, and the remake of The Poseidon Adventure.  Adrien Brody Brody, best remembered for winning an Oscar for The Pianist and subsequently making out with Halle Berry, seems to alternate between amazing performances and horrible movies. In the indie Detachment, he played a misanthropic substitute teacher trying to inspire his students. But he also starred in the obscenely horrific InAPPropriate Comedy, playing a character named Flirty Harry, and the equally regrettable High School. Sadly, his few forays into big-budget leading man roles —  Predators, The Village, and King Kong — didn’t catapult him into superstardom or win over audiences. Sarah Jessica Parker Parker has made millions off playing Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. However, aside from the two films in the series and the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus, she doesn’t have a lot of great films to speak for her talent. This is the girl from Footloose — she deserves better. She starred in the wildly unsuccessful movie remake of Strangers with Candy, the dismal Dudley Do-Right, and Mars Attacks!... not to mention New Year’s Eve, by far the worst celeb-filled holiday film. Despite finding fame playing a sex expert, her rom-coms Failure to Launch, If Lucy Fell, and Did You Hear About the Morgans have been flatter than a Jimmy Choo ballet slipper. Eh, it's a living. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @AbsoluteCintron //