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  • Rockin' Everywhere: A Brief History of Songs About Booty
    By: Cory Mahoney Dec 19, 2014
    Getty Images/Theo Wargo There's no question that 2014 was the year of the booty. From Chris Brown's Instagram to Kim Kardashian's Paper spread, there's no doubt our collective attention has been drawn to one body part in particular. Though the derrière mania may have hit a fever pitch this year, we'd argue that Meghan Trainor's claim of "bringing booty back" may be slightly misguided. Here's a rough timeline of songs praising big behinds: Queen - "Fat Bottomed Girls" (1978) Perhaps the original ode to the big butt, Queen asserted way back in the day that "fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go 'round." LL Cool J - "Big Ole Butt" (1989) We can't help but love LL, especially as he confesses he's leaving his girl for Tina, because she has a big ole butt. That's a good enough reason, right? Sir Mix-A-Lot - "Baby Got Back" (1992) Without a doubt the most iconic song about any body part ever written, this is the song Nicki sampled for her rump anthem and the reason we'll forever tell any Becky we meet to "look. at. that. butt." Soundmaster T - "2 Much Booty (In Da Pants)" (1994) This song may be a bit silly, but it's always a crowd pleaser. A song about having too much booty (is there such a thing?) that not even pants can contain it. Sisqo - "Thong Song" (1999) This is Sisqo's biggest hit in the U.S., and it received four Grammy nominations. All thanks to that thong, th-thong thong thong.  Mystikal - "Shake Ya Ass" (2000) This song is such a catchy keister shaker that not even a young Nicholas Hoult could resist singing it.  Destiny's Child - "Bootylicious" (2001) The only song on this list officially endorsed by the Oxford English Dictionary, this Destiny's Child song is an eternal anthem for GNOs around the world. Props, too, for giving us the phrase "I don't think you're ready for this jelly." We weren't.  Pitbull feat. Lil Jon - "Culo" (2004) The song's title itself is Spanish for "ass." Need we say more?  Bubba Sparxxx feat. Ying Yang Twins - "Ms. New Booty" (2005) This song would be the "Baby Got Back" of its time, if "Baby Got Back" weren't so classic. Bubba Sparxxx's biggest hit is iconic in its own right though, and we still get really excited whenever we hear it.  Eminem - "Ass Like That" (2005) Eminem can make a song about behinds like not many other people can. This one is tied with "Shake That" for Slim's best booty song, and they're both pretty unstoppable rump shakers.  The Black Eyed Peas - "My Humps" (2005) Though Fergie is singing about all of her lovely lady lumps here, it's all that ass inside her jeans that makes us scream, makes us scream.  Soulja Boy - "Donk" (2008) It's hard to fight the twerk when this song comes on, as much as we hate to admit it. This may just be our favorite Soulja Boy song.  Big Sean feat. Nicki Minaj - "Dance (A$$)" (2011) Nicki Minaj's backside could possibly be more famous than any of her songs. Then again, a great many of her songs discuss her backside. It's like a chicken/egg situation, but this collab with Big Sean is still on most of our Spotify playlists because it's just too good.  Jennifer Lopez feat. Iggy Azalea - "Booty" (2014) Jennifer Lopez's rear end has been her most famous asset since she rose to fame, yet she somehow waited a very long time before she made a song about it. We're not sure why it took so long, but it was worth the wait. Two of the best butts in the bizz came together for an unforgettable video.  Nicki Minaj - "Anaconda" (2014) What happens when you take the most famous butt of the 21st century and mix it with the most iconic song ever written about butts? This. This is what happens, and we're so thankful it did.  Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @cocomahoho //
  • 6 Ways 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Can Save Its 2nd Half
    By: Cory Mahoney Dec 18, 2014
    FX Fans of American Horror Story have lamented its current incarnation, Freak Show. As last night's episode ("Orphans") showed Pepper's sister at Briarcliff Asylum and chills of terror shot through our whole body at the mere sound of yet-to-be-possessed Sister Mary Eunice's voice, we realized just how far the show has fallen. Something seems amiss this time around. It doesn't have the shock value Murder House had, the creepiness of Asylum, or the campy sass of Coven. We're not exactly sure what it has going for it, but we know what it could use.  1. It needs a mystery to solve. Murder House had...well, everything. Asylum had the mystery of Bloody Face. Coven had the biggest mystery of all: who would be the next Supreme? So far, Freak Show's only mystery is "where is this going?" 2. It needs something that's actually scary. GIPHY The Rubber Man in Murder House was adequately creepy (okay, maybe really creepy). Some of Coven's witchcraft was mildly scary, as were the zombies that were summoned from the grave. Nothing holds a candle though to the terrifying Asylum season and its Nazi scientists, demonic nuns, and serial killers wearing masks of human flesh. Freak Show started really strong, its clown one of the most horrifying villains we've seen on TV in a long time...until he turned out to be a really sad character who left the show after only a few episodes (thus setting a trend for the rest of the season - "shocking" stories that end up leaving the viewer more depressed than anything). 3. It could use a lot more of Jessica Lange's signature sass. GIPHY Something about the Freak Show makes us feel sad, particularly with Lange's character. Her desire to be famous, her inability to control the show like she wants, and her struggles to connect with reality just make us sad. Where's the ruthlessness of Constance Langdon? Or the colded-heartedness of Sister Jude? Or the relentless snark of Fiona Goode? 4. It needs more swoonworthy moments from Evan Peters (or maybe that's just us?). GIPHY He played a mass murderer/ghost, an asylum resident, and a Frankenstein-esque zombie guard dog, yet every season he made us love him. This season's Lobster Boy role is okay, but we've yet to feel weak in the knees like we normally do.  5. Less shock just for the sake of shock. Don't get us wrong, we love American Horror Story in all its campiness; we love how often the show features something that only Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk could get away with. The last three episodes have each featured a beheading. There have been several baths of blood. We saw several people slaughtered and floating in a swimming pool filled with blood. We saw a baby drown in a bathtub of blood (are we sensing a trend here?). We saw a man try to hang himself. There's even been a tar and feathering scene. Through all of this, we haven't batted an eye. It's not working, we aren't scared, we aren't entertained. We're waiting for these sorts of scenes to diminish, so we can get to an actual plot, to something mildly scary.  6. Most importantly, less depressing storylines.  GIPHY We love how the writers are intentionally humanizing the "freaks," making us see them as people, and making us fall in love with them in the process. Normally, we love how the show is able to dispose of characters however they see fit, since next season brings a new slate. We didn't mind when we lost Patti LaBelle, or Matt Bomer (maybe our eyes did), or even our usual favorite, Frances Conroy. We were admittedly even a little relieved by the death of Kathy Bates' Ethel (mostly because of that accent). But we were crushed by the death of Ma Petite and even the death of Meep. Even the terrifying clown's story brought a tear to our eye. After Pepper's heartbreaking episode, we don't know how much more we can take. The show has had its sad moments before -- Murder House's Adelaide's death, Asylum's Sister Jude's fate -- but this season has taken its toll on our heartstrings without any of the fun of its predecessors. 
  • 12 Shondariffic GIFs to Hold You Over Till Next #TGIT
    By: Cory Mahoney Dec 17, 2014
    If you're anything like us, you're struggling to keep yourself busy every Thursday night without ABC's killer Shonda Rhimes line-up. We've lasted nearly a month since we had any new episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, or How To Get Away With Murder, and it's been difficult to say the least. In order to help you last until the return of #TGIT on January 29, we've gathered some of our favorite Shonda moments to fill the void.  We know how you feel without these shows. We feel it too. GIPHY/ Sit back, pour yourself a glass (bottle) of wine, and relax.  GIPHY/ Before you know it, you'll be feeling all those feels again. GIPHY/ Really, really feel those feels. GIPHY Shonda will have you swooning so hard you'll forget the shows had ever been on hiatus. GIPHY/ Soon, Olivia Pope will be asserting herself in ways that make you clink your glass with your TV.  GIPHY/ Annalise Keating will be back (flawless, with or without makeup) asking the important questions. ABC Mellie will be back by your side (with the side eye), giving you life. GIPHY/ There will be moments that will apply to your own life like only Shonda could describe. GIPHY/ But it'll all be okay, because wine. Did we mention the wine? GIPHY/ And the swooning. We mentioned the swooning?  GIPHY/ In the meantime, keep your head up, your white hat on, and be strong.  GIPHY Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @cocomahoho //
  • On Fleek: The 5 Best Eyebrows of 2014
    By: Cory Mahoney Dec 16, 2014
    This year, we saw a certifiable return of thick, luscious brows. The days of perfectly plucked, thin eyebrows are behind us, and in its place we have bold, natural ones that call to mind the image of the face of the 1980s, Brooke Shields, and the woman all girls adore, Audrey Hepburn. We've rounded up the five ladies of 2014 who nailed the look.  Cara Delevingne WENN/Ivan Nikolov Cara may just have the greatest eyebrows ever grown by any human, ever. She's the reigning queen of eyebrows, the modern day Brooke Shields. Keira Knightley WENN/Daniel Deme The newly pregnant Golden Globe nominee has impressed us for years with her beauty, her acting, and her impeccable style. Her eyebrows were never out, but they have truly never been more in.  Taylor Swift Wonderland Magazine T-Swift is normally known for her thinner, perfectly-arched brows, but in 2014, she shook things up (while "Shaking It Off") when she appeared on the cover of Wonderland. The "Blank Space" singer's dramatic makeover for the magazine only helped to cement this as the year that thick brows returned.  Emma Watson WENN The Harry Potter alum and U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador has way more going for her than just impeccably-groomed brows, but that doesn't mean we can't obsess over how flawless they are, right? We've yet to discover something about this young lady that we don't love, and her eyebrows are no exception.  Kendall & Kylie Jenner WENN/Joel Ginsburg The Jenners may not be able to read, but there's a reason young Kendall is taking the fashion world by storm (with sister Kylie in tow): eyebrows. The youngest members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are making names for themselves as eyebrow inspirations for a new generation. We're super okay with that because their brows are A++.  Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @cocomahoho //
  • 11 Celebrity Memoirs for the Book Lover in Your Life
    By: Cory Mahoney Dec 12, 2014
    2014 was a great year for fans of pop culture and books. We learned the stories behind the making of a classic, had a young girl tell us what she's "learned," and even learned the secrets of modeling that Tyra could never have taught us. We've rounded up the best of these just in case you're looking for a last minute gift or the next pick for your book club. 1. "Yes Please" - Amy Poehler Getty Images/Sonia Recchia For: A fledgling feminist in her twenties who could use a good laugh and some sound advice from a Smart Girl, or anyone who needs to hear that it's okay to feel the way they're feeling.  Memorable Quote: "Because what else are we going to do? Say no? Say no to an opportunity that may be slightly out of our comfort zone? Quiet our voice because we are worried it's not perfect? I believe great people do things before they are ready." (Bonus quote: "I have the Angelina Jolie of vaginas.") 2. "Not My Father's Son" - Alan Cumming Getty Images/Brad Barket For: Fans of Who Do You Think You Are? or anyone trying to overcome their childhood dramas and are seeking inspiration. Memorable Quote: "For yes, being a woman, even one with a penis and for the purposes of drama really made me feel that women have been coerced into a way of presenting themselves that is basically a form of bondage. Their shoes, their skirts, even their nails seem designed to stop them from being able to escape whilst at the same time drawing attention to their sexual and secondary sexual characteristics. And I think that has happened so that men feel they can ogle them and protect them in equal measure." 3. "The Woman I Wanted To Be" - Diane von Furstenberg Getty Images/Valeria Macon For: The fashionista who knows what she wants, or the woman in your life who wants to 'have it all.' Memorable Quote: "In my older face, I see my life. Every wrinkle, every smile line, every age spot. There is a saying that with age, you look outside what you are inside. If you are someone who never smiles your face gets saggy. If you're a person who smiles a lot, you will have more smile lines. Your wrinkles reflect the roads you have taken; they form the map of your life. My face reflects the wind and sun and rain and dust from the trips I've taken. My face carries all my memories. Why should I erase them?" 4. "So, Anyway" - John Cleese Getty Images/Slaven Vlasic For: The Monty Python fan seeking a crash course in what makes comedy funny and what makes a comedian successful. Memorable Quote: "So, creatively, I was doubly blessed: constant relocation and parental disharmony. Add to these two gifts the well-established fact that many of the world's greatest geniuses, both artistic and scientific, have been the product of serious maternal deprivation, and I am forced to the conclusion that if only my mother had been just a little more emotionally inadequate, I could have been HUGE." 5. "Uganda Be Kidding Me" - Chelsea Handler Getty Images/D Dipasupil For: Chelsea Handler fans suffering withdrawals during this period between her E! show and her upcoming Netflix gig.  Memorable Quote: "There's a difference between being a class act and being classy. Peeing off the side of a Jeep doesn't mean you're not classy, it just means you're a free spirit with a small bladder." 6. "The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year" - Andy Cohen Getty Images/Nomi Ellenson For: Any pop culture junkie who wants all the dirt on their favorite celebrities; any Real Housewives fans itching to know which lady is causing the most trouble.  Memorable Quote: "I literally almost called this book Diary of a Name-Dropper. So if you want to play a drinking game while reading this book—and that's not a great idea and only gonna last for so long—take a swing every time you read a name you recognize."  7. "Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's 'Learned'" - Lena Dunham Splash News For: Any guy or Girl who's almost getting it kind of together; anyone whose own thoughts have sometimes been too much for them.  Memorable Quote: "When someone shows you how little you mean to them and you keep coming back for more, before you know it you start to mean less to yourself. You are not made up of compartments! You are one whole person! What gets said to you gets said to all of you, ditto what gets done. Being treated like shit is not an amusing game or a transgressive intellectual experiment. It's something you accept, condone, and learn to believe you deserve. This is so simple. But I tried so hard to make it complicated." 8. "Dancing With Myself" - Billy Idol Getty Images/Paul Archuleta For: The wannabe groupie; anyone interested in the not-to-be-believed antics and lifestyles of glam rockers. Memorable Quote: "After a while, my nose became so bloody that I reverted to smoking cocaine instead. From there, it was all downhill." 9. "Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty" - Diane Keaton Splash News For: Anyone who has ever felt or been told they were ugly or imperfect; anyone who sees themselves aging before a mirror and sighs.  Memorable Quote: "After living with Mr. Lincoln's portrait for several years, I've come to this conclusion: his beauty, like the hidden cast of his right eye, became identifiable only after I included "unsightly" as a possible way of describing a beautiful face." 10. "Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America" - John Waters Getty Images/Rob Kim For: Your eccentric friend with incurable wanderlust; anyone who wants to see America from a very different pair of eyes.  Memorable Quote: "I'm alive, I think, and so many of my friends are not. I may be nuts to be doing this, but I'm kind of proud of myself. I am having an adventure. I like my life. Even if I have to stand here for the rest of it." 11. "Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography" - Neil Patrick Harris Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown For: The person living a life that seems unworthy of a book and wants to live vicariously through Doogie Howser, M.D.; fans of choose-your-own-adventure books, biographies, and How I Met Your Mother. Memorable Quote: "If you had known people would be calling you by your character name for the next twenty years, you might have asked for a different one. Thunderbolt Howser, say, or Dr. Feelgood, or Baron von Sexy Ass."
  • 21 Madonna Lyrics to Live Your Life By
    By: Cory Mahoney Dec 11, 2014
    There must be a reason Madonna's been able to maintain a flawless music career, releasing albums since 1983 (and still going). She's able to teach us about life through her songs in ways that are often overlooked because of her antics. Really though, she's more valuable than she's often given credit for these days.  She perfected the art of being yourself. "Express yourself, don't repress yourself." ("Human Nature") "I'm breaking all the rules I didn't make." ("Human Nature") GIPHY/ She's never afraid of taking a chance. "I'm not afraid of what I'll face, but I'm afraid to stay." ("Jump") GIPHY/ She always challenges beauty standards. "Should I lose some weight? Am I gonna be a star?" ("American Life") "Beauty's where you find it, not just where you bump and grind it." ("Vogue") GIPHY/ She didn't let her gender stop her from saying what she wanted. "Would it sound better if I were a man?" ("Human Nature") GIPHY/ She also mastered the kiss-off long before Beyoncé directed men "to the left, to the left." "Does it make you feel good to see me cry? I think it does. That's why it's time to say bye bye." ("Bye Bye Baby") "The next time you want p***y, just look in the mirror, baby." ("Waiting") GIPHY/ She understands that disappointment in love is not her fault. "It was so easy in the beginning, when you didn't feel like running from your feelings. What happened? What do I remind you of? Your past, your dreams, or some part of yourself that you just can't love?" ("Waiting") GIPHY/ She won't let anyone else boss her around.  "Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another." ("Justify My Love") GIPHY She doesn't let other women intimidate her. "Here she comes, little Susie ho-maker, thinks she'll get respect if she screws it." ("Thief of Hearts") "She's not me, she doesn't have my name; she'll never have what I have." ("She's Not Me") GIPHY/ She speaks of social injustices and problems in loving and accepting ways. "Brothers, sisters, why can't we learn to accept that we're different before it's too late?" ("Why's It So Hard?") "He was like a father to me, nothing in the world he wouldn't do; taught me to respect myself, said we're all made of flesh and blood. Why should he be treated differently? Shouldn't matter who you choose to love." ("In This Life") GIPHY/ She's never willing to settle. "Second best is never enough, you'll do much better, baby, on your own." ("Express Yourself") GIPHY/ She knows exactly what's important when looking for a lover. "'Cause the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mister Right." ("Material Girl") GIPHY/ Even the Queen knows a thing or two about unrequited love. "I don't know what I mean to you. The only thing I know is I dream of you." ("I'd Rather Be Your Lover") She always manages to see the silver lining. "Who needs the sun when the rain's so full of life?" ("Sanctuary") She encourages people to love themselves (as much as she loves herself). "Until I learned to love myself, I was never ever lovin' anybody else." ("Secret") GIPHY/ She values her experiences and has no regrets about her past. "I have no regrets, there's nothing to forget. All the pain was worth it." ("I Deserve It") "You could take all this, take it away. I'd still have it all." ("Nothing Fails")
  • 10 Reasons 'A Christmas Story' Is Worth Watching For 24 Hours Straight
    By: Cory Mahoney Dec 09, 2014
    A Christmas Story is one of the most defining movies of my childhood. TBS plays the movie for 24 hours straight, starting on Christmas Eve, and often my brother and I would watch it multiple times throughout the day, or leave it playing nonstop in the background. It simply can't be Christmas until this movie comes on. It sums up everything magical and disappointing about childhood and about Christmas. It's angsty like only a disappointed child on Christmas morning can be. GIPHY/ It understands the hierarchy and power of dare between friends. GIPHY/ It made you unnaturally afraid of having your tongue stuck to a pole (while also putting the idea in your head in the first place). GIPHY/ It articulates the disappointment only a child could feel after efforts are not rewarded. GIPHY/ It completely nails the struggles of bundling up... GIPHY/ ...which inevitably makes you colder when you're stuck in the snow. GIPHY/ It helped you learn a thing or two about guilt tripping your parents. GIPHY/ The characters are extremely cultured and literate: GIPHY/ It encouraged you to always demand the things you want. GIPHY/ Most importantly, it taught you that no matter how wise you think you are, your parents are almost always right. You will shoot your eye out, probably. Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @cocomahoho //
  • 8 Wonderful British Holiday Movies To Get You In The Spirit
    By: Cory Mahoney Dec 06, 2014
    If there's one thing we've learned throughout the years, it's that it just isn't Christmas until we've watched a slew of movies putting us in the mood. Nobody puts us in the mood quite like the Brits do. It makes sense, considering the king of the Christmas story, Charles Dickens, is British too. Don't believe us when we say the British do it better? Take a look: Scrooge (1970) Not the only Dickens adaptations on this list, this musical adaptation has the distinction of toting a Golden Globe. Albert Finney won the statue for his turn as the titular Ebenezor Scrooge in this film that your kids will probably love. Love Actually (2003) GIPHY Every British actor, almost ever, is in this movie: Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Bill Nighy, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Martin Freeman, The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln, and even The Maze Runner's Thomas Brodie-Sangster. The film follows eight different couples as they all work out their love lives during the Christmas season. It's so good that you'll love it without questioning its morality (we're looking at you, Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln). It's simply not the holiday season until you've watched this movie at least once. We recommend weekly viewings.  The Holly and the Ivy (1952) This underrated classic, named for the traditional British Christmas carol and adapted from the Wynyard Browne play, has more to offer than meets the eye. A clergyman who neglected his children has his issues come to the surface during Christmas. The film poses questions about life and the meaning of the holiday in a way that's notedly part Chekhov and part comedy of manners.  Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) GIPHY We're not really into the idea of 'spirit animals,' but if we had one, it would take the form of Bridget Jones. Though this movie isn't technically a holiday movie, the film's premise is fixed on Bridget's New Years' resolution, so it'll help you gear up for that. Plus, Colin Firth wears an ugly Christmas sweater AND plays Mark Darcy, in a nod to his Mr. Darcy days of Pride and Prejudice (the film is a modern adaptation of the Austen novel). It's hilarious and will be your best friend anytime you feel lonely this holiday season. Trust us.  Arthur Christmas (2011) Santa's clumsy son tries to save one girl's Christmas after realizing his father failed to deliver her gift. Arthur Claus sets off on his mission with his grandfather, a rebellious elf, and a team of reindeer in this funny and enjoyable movie. It's a Golden Globe nominated fresh take on the holiday premise, thanks to its high-tech Santa Claus.  Millions (2004) An enormous bag of money falls into the hands of a little boy just days before England converts to the Euro (what?). The Euro part might sound a bit strange, but the Danny Boyle-directed film works on multiple levels. It's enjoyable for kids and adults alike. It'll leave you feeling great about mankind, and that's in the spirit of Christmas after all, isn't it? The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) If your kids didn't love the Albert Finney Dickens adaptation, there's always this version, with Michael Caine playing Scrooge along with The Muppets. Kermit the Frog plays Scrooge's business partner, Bob Cratchit. It may not be the best version of the story, but it'll make you laugh and it'll warm your heart. It's also a great way to introduce kids to the classic Dickens tale!  The Holiday (2006) GIPHY/ The Holiday is the sort of movie that's so good, it's perfectly acceptable to watch all year long. At least, we do. Kate Winslet's performance as a woman with a mean case of unrequited love gives us all the feels. She switches houses with unlucky-in-love Cameron Diaz, and along come Jack Black and Jude Law to sweep the ladies (and the viewers) off their feet. Pour a glass (or a bottle) of wine, and enjoy this movie, whether it's the holiday season or not.  Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @cocomahoho //
  • Valerie Cherish vs. Phoebe Buffay: Which Clueless Kudrow Character is Your Fave?
    By: Cory Mahoney Dec 04, 2014
    I first fell in love with Lisa Kudrow while watching Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. I had never encountered someone so enjoyably silly. It wasn't long after that I discovered the joys of Friends and Phoebe's similar eccentric silliness. Now that The Comeback has returned nine years after its first season, I'm reminded of that love. I couldn't decide which of her characters is my favorite though: Valerie or Phoebe? Both ladies are respected for their dance moves. GIPHY/ Winner: Valerie. Phoebe's dance moves come off a little frightening, especially compared to the pure joy that radiates from Valerie while she dances the night away. Both ladies have a flare for musical performances. Winner: Phoebe. As much as we love watching Valerie cover Gloria Gaynor, we have to give props to the Central Park songstress for her ability to come up with creative songs that often made us cringe. She was able to develop rhymes for all of the names of her Friends, cover The Police in ways to persuade Ross, and even sang of darker things, like the death of grandparents and her mother's suicide. Val couldn't even sing without reading the lyrics.  Both understand the importance of physical fitness: GIPHY Winner: Phoebe. She actually exercises, and manages to have fun doing it, which we thought was impossible. Our approach to exercise is closer to Val's, which we suspect isn't doing much for our physical well-being. Both ladies know how to get what they want from men. GIPHY/ GIPHY Winner: Valerie. Phoebe may have Mike, but Valerie has Mark. Valerie also has Paulie G somehow creepily in love with her, which we can't decide if it's a good or bad thing, but it's getting her jobs, which is really all she wants anyway.  Both ladies have somewhat awkward approaches to sex. GIPHY Winner:  We don't think anybody wins in this situation; we're just glad to have witnessed both of those moments.  Neither is afraid of using a little profanity when it's called for. GIPHY/ Winner: Phoebe. Valerie always seems a bit uncomfortable when she has to use foul language, yet Phoebe's Pac-Man-inspired outburst has such a beautiful quality to it; it's like watching a symphony conducted.  Neither lady is the greatest actress (sorry, Val). GIPHY/ Winner: Valerie. It's kind of a no contest, she has a People's Choice Award, after all. Phoebe's stint on Days of Our Lives ("DOOL," for those in the know) doesn't hold a candle to Valerie's career: I'm IT, Room and Bored, and now Seeing Red? It's a wonder she only has one PCA! Most importantly, neither is afraid of looking a little silly. GIPHY Overall winner: anyone who has gotten to watch Lisa Kudrow's hilarious antics for the past 20 years.  Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @cocomahoho //
  • Crucial Everyday Life Lessons From 'The Devil Wears Prada'
    By: Cory Mahoney Dec 03, 2014
    Upon watching The Devil Wears Prada for the millionth time, I realized there was more to this movie than top-notch sass and killer style. There are genuinely valuable pieces of wisdom that can be used in everyday life. This should come as no surprise, since everything we wear was, after all, practically hand-picked by the people in that office, right?  There's no need to waste time on basicness:  GIPHY / It's important to be true to yourself at all times (even if that means changing who you are entirely the moment you get a pair of Chanel boots): GIPHY/ It's considered polite to inquire about the well-being of others: GIPHY Perspective changes everything: GIPHY/ It's important to set goals for yourself: GIPHY/ Confidence is king (or queen): GIPHY Patience is for peasants: GIPHY/ Usefulness and attractiveness usually go hand-in-hand: GIPHY/ It's important to be brutally honest: GIPHY/ Things don't always work the way we'd planned: GIPHY/ You can get the things you want if you just express yourself clearly and politely: GIPHY/ It can be hard to live in the shadows of someone else's sun: GIPHY/ Sometimes good things happen to bad people (read: everyone on Facebook is getting engaged and I'm single AF): GIPHY/ Respect personal boundaries: GIPHY/ And remember that if all else fails, things could always be much worse: GIPHY/ Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @cocomahoho //