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  • 19 #BuffyProblems Only Buffy Summers Has To Deal With
    By: Cory Mahoney Mar 27, 2015
    Everyone knows that Buffy Summers is one of the greatest figures of the 90s. She managed to balance a social life (filled with awesome besties like Willow and hot boyfriends like Riley and Angel) with her responsibilities as a vampire slayer, which meant doing homework and saving the world. With so many responsibilities, Buffy had way more problems than your average teenager.  1. When your friends are somehow always complaining, yet you're the one doing all the work and saving their lives left and right. GIPHY/ 2. When your vampire boyfriends keep playing mind games and giving you tude, and you already get more than enough of that from the other slayer you work with. 3. When you can't even toss and turn in bed stressing about tomorrow because there's too much to stress about tonight. 4. When people seem to think you can't be attractive and an ass-kicker. 5. When you can never dress up without having to get your hands dirty. Ugh. 6. When your roommate turns out to be a demon who sucks your soul out while you sleep, yet has the nerve to complain when you drink a little of her milk. GET OVER YOURSELF, KATHY.  7. When you know which day of the week it is based on which member of your inner circle is in a life-or-death situation. 8. When hell bitches just keep talking and you have to spell things out for them. 9. When your slayer gestures, which were very clear, are misinterpreted by teenage boys with one thing on their minds. 10. When everyone around you thinks you're still in love with that dead guy you used to hate but then fell in love with, and it's just like, god, can't you keep up? 11. When you've had a long week and there's only one thing you want. 12. When none of your friends are as hip as you are and you have to constantly explain every joke and reference you make. 13. When this is actually a totally valid question for you these days. 14. When you haven't eaten in what feels like years and someone has the nerve to eat near you. 15. When this becomes a valid concern. 16. When your hat has a cow. That's a problem only Buffy has. 17. When you can't even turn your beeper off for a little while because you have to be on call in case of apocalypse.  18. When you can repeatedly save the world from utter destruction, but still have to deal with bogus problems like crappy pens. 19. Not to mention completely legitimate problems, like your mother.
  • 21 Times We Fell In Love With Paul Rudd
    By: Cory Mahoney Mar 25, 2015
    There has never been a moment where we see Paul Rudd and he doesn't make us fall in love with him. We used to stay home from school sick, watching him in films like Overnight Delivery and The Object of My Affection, wishing he would one day love us. While we still wait for that day to come, we've decided to take a look back at some of the times he's made us fall head over heels in love with him.  1. That time he took the cutest. shower. ever. 2. That time he showed the world that he was the best dancer alive. 3. That time he made you want to gleefully reenact your favorite movie moments together. 4. That time he reminded the world that he's the best dancer alive (how could anyone forget?). 5. That time he dropped it low, and it was funny, but you still checked out the back (and liked it). 6. That time he dropped it low without clothes on and there was nothing funny about it. Mee-ow. 7. That time he was in a made-for-TV movie version of The Great Gatsby and your heart skipped a beat. 8. That time he turned an awesome 80s classic into the most effective pick-up line, ever. Panties, dropped. 9. That time he totally encouraged you to wear a cape, and you knew that there's a real chance he could love you. 10. That time he divulged his secret method of being so cool, and it made him even cooler. 11. That time he divulged his secret to dealing with life's difficulties, and it somehow made him even cooler. 12. That time he made you feel like it was okay to do you, no matter how disastrous that may be. 13. That time he demanded he not be stopped, as if anyone would ever stop him from doing anything he wanted. 14. That time he did the Carlton and made it seem like a legitimate dance move. 15. That time he looked up and his eyes fused entirely with your soul. 16. That time bubbles gave him really deep thoughts about the world. 17. That time he showed up on your favorite TV show, married your favorite character, and reminded you that your heart belongs to him. 18. That time words presented too much of a challenge for him and it was Swoon City. 19. Any of the times that he makes these facial expressions. Every single time. 20. That time he finally he hooked up with his step-sister in the greatest movie of the 90s. 21. That time he was cast as a superhero, took his shirt off, and...what was I saying?
  • 30 Incredible Facts You Never Knew About Quentin Tarantino Movies
    By: Cory Mahoney Mar 24, 2015
    Fans of Quentin Tarantino's films have come to expect certain things from his films. Whether that expectation is excessive violence, long camera shots, a barefoot woman, clever dialogue, fake product placement, or just a slew of four-letter words, Tarantino rarely ever fails his audiences. To celebrate one of our favorite filmmakers, we take a look at 30 facts about his movies you may not know. Trust us, this is just the tip of the iceberg in this case though. 1. Quentin Tarantino wrote the part of Jules in Pulp Fiction specifically for Samuel L. Jackson after seeing him audition for Reservoir Dogs.  GIPHY/ Jackson had auditioned for the role of the man who trains Mr. Orange, but the part eventually went to Randy Brooks. 2. Inglourious Basterds star Eli Roth has claimed he was able to get into the mindset of the violent "Bear Jew" character because of the costumes. GIPHY/ He's admitted that "wool underwear will make you want to kill anything" and also the music of Hannah Montana, which his girlfriend added to his iPod. It somehow filled him with the rage he needed to wield his baseball bat. 3. While filming Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio had to stop filming at one point as he struggled using so many racial slurs. GIPHY/  Samuel L. Jackson responded by pulling him aside and saying, "Motherf**ker, this is just another Tuesday for us." 4. Daryl Hannah's Kill Bill character, Elle Driver, has the code name "California Mountain Kingsnake." In fact, hers is the only Deadly Viper Assassination Squad code name that isn't a venomous snake.  GIPHY/ The name is fitting since she also isn't able to poison The Bride when she's in the hospital because Bill calls her before she can. 5. The iconic dance scene featuring Uma Thurman and John Travolta at Jack Rabbit Slim's is copied as an homage to Federico Fellini's 8½. GIPHY/ GIPHY/ 6. According to Tarantino, German-born actor Til Schweiger (Sgt. Stiglitz) had always refused film roles that required him to don a Nazi uniform; he only agreed for Inglourious Basterds because he would be ["doin' one thing and one thing only,] killin' Nazis."  GIPHY/ 7. At the very beginning of Kill Bill's O-Ren Ishii fight scene, Lucy Liu, in Japanese, says, "I hope you've saved your energy. If you haven't, you may not last 5 minutes."  GIPHY/ It is then exactly 4 minutes and 59 seconds until the fatal blow of the scene. 8. The cops who appear at the hospital in Death Proof after Stuntman Mike's first crash are played by real life father-son duo Michael Parks and James Parks. Miramax Films They're also the officers who respond to the wedding day massacre in Kill Bill. Michael Parks was first introduced as police officer Earl McGraw in the Tarantino-penned From Dusk Till Dawn; his son, James, was introduced as Deputy Edgar McGraw in From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money. Neither of their characters survive in the From Dusk Till Dawn films. 9. The real name of the Mr. Blonde character from Reservoir Dogs, played by Michael Madsen, is Vic Vega. Vega is also the last name of John Travolta's character Vince in Pulp Fiction.  GIPHY/ Tarantino has stated that the characters are brothers whom he intended to make a prequel about. The film, Double V Vega, has been abandoned since both Madsen and Travolta aged too much to do a prequel.  10. The closing credits of Jackie Brown gives special thanks to "Bert D'Angelo's Daughter," which is a reference to Tarantino's then-girlfriend, Mira Sorvino. GIPHY In the 1970s, Paul Sorvino starred in the detective TV show Bert D'Angelo, Superstar, which makes Mira "Bert D'Angelo's Daughter." Mira herself can be spotted, out of focus, in the back of the courtroom during Jackie's arraignment. 11. Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington's characters in Django Unchained are intended to be descendants of John Shaft from the Shaft films, which would explain Washington's character's name: Broomhilda Von Schaft. GIPHY/ 12. In Pulp Fiction, Samuel L. Jackson's character, Jules, has a "Bad Mother F**ker" wallet that belongs to Tarantino in real life.  GIPHY The inscription is an earlier reference to Shaft and its theme song. Jackson would go on to star as Shaft in the 2000 remake.  13. Kill Bill was Quentin Tarantino's first feature-length film to have fewer than 100 instances of the word "f*ck." GIPHY/ It pops up in the film a mere 17 times. Reservoir Dogs has 272, Pulp Fiction has 265 instances, and the later-released Death Proof boasts 148 in its extended cut. 14. We'll never find out why Inglourious Basterds is spelled the way it is. GIPHY/ Tarantino has said, "Here's the thing. I'm never going to explain that. You do an artistic flourish like that, and to explain it would just take the piss out of it and invalidate the whole stroke in the first place." 15. The scene in Pulp Fiction when Vince plunges the adrenalin shot into Mia's chest was filmed by having John Travolta remove the needle, which was already in place, from Uma Thurman's chest and then running the film in reverse. If you watch very closely, you can see a mark disappear from Mia's chest. 16. Death Proof has a stronger relationship to Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich than you realized. GIPHY/ In the first crash scene of Death Proof, the four girls discuss and listen to the music of Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich. Musician Eddie Cochran died in 1960 after being thrown through the windshield of his taxi. David Harman, a young police cadet overseeing the investigation surrounding the crash, ended up teaching himself guitar on Cochran's impounded Gretsch from the wreck. Harman would later be known by a different name: Dave Dee, of Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich. 17. Even though The Bride's name isn't revealed to audiences until Kill Bill Vol. 2, 'Beatrix Kiddo' is visible on her plane ticket to Okinawa in the first film. Miramax Films This is one of the movie's little Easter eggs, along with the sole of her shoe saying "F*CK U." 18. Reservoir Dogs star Kirk Baltz asked to ride in Michael Madsen's trunk to understand what the experience would really be like. Madsen agreed, but, while driving, he decided it was an ideal opportunity to get into character himself.  GIPHY He subsequently drove down a long alley plagued with potholes and through a Taco Bell drive-thru before returning to the lot and releasing his co-star. The soda his character is drinking in his first appearance in the warehouse is the same one he bought himself at the drive-thru. 19. That's really Leonardo DiCaprio's blood in Django Unchained! GIPHY/ When Calvin Candie smashes his hand down on the dinner table in Django Unchained, actor Leonardo DiCaprio really broke a glass under his hand and began to bleed. He stayed in character, however, and continued with the scene, eventually smearing his blood all over Kerry Washington's face. When the scene ended, Leo received a standing ovation from everyone on set, and this was the take that ended up in the final cut. 20. In Inglourious Basterds, Shosanna Dreyfus' father, who was briefly seen hiding beneath the floorboards, was played by Swiss actor Patrick Elias.  Universal Pictures Elias' father, Buddy, is a first cousin of Anne Frank. 21. Pam Grier had tested for the part of Jody in Pulp Fiction, but it eventually went to Rosanna Arquette. Tarantino never forgot her though, and he eventually crafted the role of Jackie Brown specifically for her.  GIPHY/ In fact, the titular character was initially a white woman named Jackie Burke. 22. Every character killed onscreen, with the exception of the anime scene, in the Kill Bill movies met their fate at the hands of a woman. Elle killed Budd and Pai Mei; O-Ren Ishii killed Boss Tanaka; Gogo killed that Tokyo businessman; The Bride, of course, killed Vernita Green, Buck, Gogo, the Crazy 88s, O-Ren Ishii, and, yes, Bill.  23. Even though she liked the movie, Madonna sent Tarantino a copy of her Erotica album with a note that read, "To Quentin, it's not about dick. It's about love. Madonna." The note is a reference to the opening conversation of Reservoir Dogs where the characters discuss the meaning of "Like A Virgin." 24. Tarantino came up with the idea for Death Proof afer buying a Volvo because he "didn't want to die in some auto accident like the one in Pulp Fiction."  GIPHY/ His friend joked in response to Quentin's preference for the safe vehicle by saying, "you could take any car and give it to a stunt team, and for $10,000 or $15,000, they can death-proof it for you," and the phrase stuck with Tarantino ever since. 25. Initially, Tarantino couldn't decide which character he wanted to play in Pulp Fiction.  GIPHY/ He was between Jimmie and Lance, but opted for Jimmie once he realized he wanted to be behind the camera during Mia's overdose. 26. Chiaki Kuriyama, the actress who plays Gogo in Kill Bill, accidentally hit Quentin Tarantino in the head with her meteor hammer while he was filming that scene.  GIPHY/ 27. Jules' iconic Bible passage was mostly made up by Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson.  "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee" is the only part that's even similar to what's in the scriptures. The righteous man and the shepherd? Not real.  28. At the end of Inglourious Basterds, Brad Pitt's character pretends to be an Italian actor named "Enzo Girolami," which sounds a little familiar...  GIPHY/ Enzo Girolami is the birth name of the director of the 1978 film, The Inglorious Bastards (Enzo G. Castellari). 29. As part of John Travolta's "research" into heroin addiction for the role of Vincent Vega, he (and his wife, happy to help) lined tequila shots along the edge of his hotel hot tub and drank them all while soaking in the hot water.  GIPHY/ Tarantino had referred Travolta to a recovering addict, who gave this piece of advice: "If you want to get the 'bottom envelope' feeling of that, get plastered on Tequila, and lie down in a hot pool. Then you will have barely touched the feeling of what it might be like to be on heroin." 30. Uma Thurman initially rejected the role of Mia Wallace.  GIPHY In order to get her to sign on to Pulp Fiction, a desperate Tarantino read her the script over the phone and convinced her. It was during the filming of the 1994 classic that the pair began to develop the concept of Kill Bill. Uma was given the script, along with the offer for the role of "The Bride," as a 30th birthday present from Tarantino. Follow @hollywood_com // Follow @cocomahoho //
  • 25 of the Funniest One-Star Amazon Movie Reviews
    By: Cory Mahoney Mar 20, 2015
    Have you ever sat down to watch a movie, only to be entirely disappointed by a review that you'd read saying it was good? Have you ever decided to watch a film with an idea of what it would be in your head, only to realize it's completely different? These are problems each of us face quite frequently nowadays thanks to Netflix, but we have a feeling the reviewers below encounter problems watching films more often than most people. 1. This dude, who seems to have been traumatized by the first 7 minutes of West Side Story.   2. This guy, who either should have never had children or never have rented Furry Vengeance. 3. This lupine lover who was easily misled by The Wolf of Wall Street. 4. This person who wasn't clear about at what point they became disgusted by The Wolf of Wall Street. How many times can Gavin watch cocaine-anus (is it called cocainal?) activities before becoming disgusted. We hope just once. 5. This scholar who didn't think Up in the Air was on his intellectual level. 6. This person who just couldn't read The Book of Eli. 7. This person who is simply sick of dogs like Air Bud taking job opportunities away from the deserving. That dog learned to play basketball, which I can't even do. He earned that spot on the team. 8. This overly emotional person who's unfamiliar with the concept of narration. Don't worry, Morgan Freeman is not trapped in March of the Penguins. There's a much more logical explanation. 9. This Spring Breakers fan who very reasonably expected smaller nipples. 10. This Spring Breakers-watching wife who can't be fooled. 11. This parent whose child thinks she's talented because she watched Pitch Perfect. Good luck with breaking the news to your talentless daughter, Karla! 12. This questionable parent who definitely ruined The Adventures of Milo and Otis for his kid forever. 13. This monster-in-law who has malicious intentions for her copy of A Field in England. 14. This Sixth Sense viewer who sees past Bruce Willis' film choices. 15. This guy who watched Alien and thought, "women, amiright?" 16. This "miscreant" who was reminded of the multitude of injustices white men face daily by a hard-hitting film, Shrek. 17. This guy who understandably dismissed Predator 2. 18. This somewhat responsible alcoholic who may have missed the significance of Bowling for Columbine. 19. This viewer questioning the gender politics of The LEGO Movie's "Where Are My Pants?" Isn't it about time we stopped letting super harmful social movements like feminism from trickling into our family-oriented movies? If this keeps happening, these kids might grow up to treat each other with respect! And THEN WHAT? 20. This mysterious person who's oddly secretive about his feelings for Rocky III. 21. This man who was able to immediately see the connections between 42 and the Illuminati's reptilian royalty. Also, Mr. Snell, if you're reading this, I think you'd really enjoy this episode of The X-Files about a black baseball-loving alien.  22. This protective parent who does not support the human-robot relations depicted in Big Hero 6. 23. This person whose friendship with Carl was destroyed by The Expendables 2. Carl had questionable taste anyway. #OnToTheNextOne 24. This Birdman hater who we wouldn't recommend Batman or Spider-Man to. 25. This man who we would never want to go to dinner and a movie with. How did Casino even do this to him? And why did he take his pants off to vomit in? If he had that much time to prepare, couldn't he have found a more proper receptacle? So many questions. h/t @AmznMovieRevws
  • 28 Things You Never Knew About The Marvel Universe
    By: Cory Mahoney Mar 18, 2015
    As the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes over the real universe, we decided to take a look at some aspects of the Marvel World you may not be familiar with. How many of these facts did you know? 1. When Robert Downey Jr. was in high school, he was once suspended for tearing a classmate's comic book to pieces and calling him a "nerd." The comic book? The Invincible Iron Man. GIPHY/ 2. Famous loner Wolverine has actually been on more super teams than any other Marvel character.  GIPHY/ 3. It was revealed in the 1980s that Peter Parker, Spider-Man's secret identity, grew up at 20 Ingram Street in Forest Hills, Queens. GIPHY That address, in real life, has been owned by an actual Parker family since 1974. 4. Vin Diesel recorded all his "I am Groot" lines over 1,000 times in multiple languages in order for his voice to fit the role around the world. GIPHY/ He said "I am groot" in Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, German, and French, all while wearing stilts to get a feel for the character's height. 5. Iron Man's suit is made up of roughly 450 separate pieces.  GIPHY/ 6. Natalia Romanova, also known as Black Widow, is still a super hottie thanks to a variation of the super-soldier serum. GIPHY/ She's actually 70 years old though. Da-yum. 7. Chris Evans turned down the role of Captain America three times before the producers eventually convinced him to accept it. GIPHY 8. Mark Ruffalo had to leave to the premiere of The Avengers early because his four-year-old daughter was so terrified of her father's onscreen transformation into the Hulk. We don't blame her!  GIPHY 9. For Thor: The Dark World, there were over 30 Mjölnirs (Thor's hammer) created. 10. Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel Comics in the early 90s. He was planning to produce and star in a Spider-Man movie that never happened. Wouldn't that be crazy? GIPHY/ 11. Deadpool originated as a spoof of DC Comic's Deathstroke. That's why Deadpool's real name, Wade Wilson, is so similar to Deathstroke's, Slade Wilson. GIPHY/ 12. A body double was used for Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger for the scenes where he's skinny. GIPHY Digital technology was utilized in order to erase Evans' body in order to create the allusion of a tiny, tiny version of the actor. 13. Red Skull, Captain America's nemesis, was created after Joe Simon noticed the cherry on his ice cream sundae resembled a skull. Such delicious beginnings for such an evil guy, no? GIPHY/ 14. The chemicals from the blue make-up used to transform Rebecca Romijn into Mystique caused her to yak blue vomit all over Hugh Jackman after taking a tequila shot. GIPHY The celebrations on the final day of the first film were a little tainted by it. 15. In 1987, Spider-Man married Mary Jane. To coincide with the nuptials, Marvel held a press event featuring live-action versions of the characters getting married at Shea Stadium. GIPHY 16. Cyclops' eyes function as a portal to another dimension that generates the energy used for his optic blasts. He's also immune to his powers, which is why he doesn't blast his own eyelids off.  GIPHY 17. Marvel evaded a law raising taxes on toys based on humans by claiming the X-Men toys were mutants, not humans. Clever, clever!  GIPHY/ 18. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Falcon's flight gear has a Stark Industries logo on it. 19. The Punisher was originally created as an adversary for Spider-Man before getting his own standalone comic in 1986. 20. Believe it or not, the richest superhero is not the incredibly wealthy Tony Stark (Iron Man); it's actually Black Panther. He has 5 times Stark's fortune, $500 billion. GIPHY/ 21. When Stan Lee initially pitched Spider-Man, his publishers thought it would fail because nobody wants to see a teenage hero (and, obvi nobody likes spiders). GIPHY/ The first issue quickly became one of Marvel's highest-selling comics. 22. Captain America is one of the few people able to use Iron Man's armor, Thor's hammer, and only one of two foreigners entrusted with the Black Panther's technology. No wonder everyone loves Captain America so much!  GIPHY/ 23. Wolverine can literally sense when someone's lying. He can also super easily identify shape-shifters.  GIPHY/ 24. Captain America's shield can only be damaged on a molecular level because it's made of an adamantium/vibranium alloy. GIPHY 25. For everyone heartbroken when Gwen Stacy died in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, prepare for more heartbreak. GIPHY/ There was debate over whether she met her end at the hands of the Green Goblin throwing her off the bridge or if it was Spider-Man's fault. It was eventually revealed that Spidey's web stopped her so suddenly that she was killed by a whiplash effect. :( 26. The Incredible Hulk was not originally the green giant we've come to know and love. He started out grey, but due to ink problems in printing, we have our green guy. GIPHY/ 27. Venom was originally written as a female character. GIPHY Writer David Michelle was forced by his editor to alter the character's gender because "readers wouldn't see the woman as a physical threat" to Spidey. Rude. 28. Robert Downey Jr. gave a seven-year-old boy born with a partially developed arm a prosthetic modeled after his character's super-powered gauntlets. GIPHY/ This, along with the incredibly generous and kind behavior of Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Andrew Garfield, et al, help to make these Marvel actors real life superheroes. And for that, we love them. h/t @MarvelousFacts
  • 15 Famous Co-Stars You Never Knew Hated Each Other's Guts
    By: Cory Mahoney Mar 17, 2015
    It's no secret that celebrities don't always love their co-stars, but these 15 pairs of stars will shock you with their feuds. Whether they were magic onscreen and nightmares off or just plain crazy with the way they behaved toward one another, these are the rivalries that take the cake: 1. Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes GIPHY While it may seem impossible to resist the charms of young Leonardo DiCaprio, that's exactly what happened with his Romeo + Juliet co-star, Claire Danes. The sixteen year old actress reportedly found the heartthrob, known to be somewhat of a prankster on set, to be too immature, spending as much time as possible away from him behind the scenes; he thought she was too uptight. At least they found chemistry onscreen!  2. Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams GIPHY/ Even though they made one of the greatest couples we've seen in a movie in quite some time (and went on to become a real life couple we totally loved), Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling tooootally did not get along on the set of The Notebook. Director Nicholas Cassavetes has discussed Gosling's struggles with McAdams, recalling the actor asking for someone else to read lines with him off-camera because he couldn't work with McAdams. At one point, the two were put in a room with a producer, screamed and shouted at one another, and emerged from the room ready to commence with filming. Cassavetes says that even though it was not all smooth sailing from there, it was smoother. 3. Shia LaBeouf & Tom Hardy GIPHY While filming Lawless, LaBeouf admits he didn't always get along with Hardy; Hardy admits that Shia knocked him out. "Out cold. He’s a bad, bad boy. He is. He’s quite intimidating as well. He’s a scary dude… He just attacked me. He was drinking moonshine. I was wearing a cardigan, and er, went down." We're not sure how that could even happen, considering Tom Hardy is one of the guys we're least likely to mess with (have you seen Bronson?), but now we know there's a way darker story behind that selfie they took together. 4. Joan Crawford & Bette Davis GIPHY/ This one may just be the most famous feud on this list. Bette Davis was apprehensive in starring in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? simply because of her co-star: Joan Crawford. During filming, Davis went to extreme lengths to make herself as ugly as possible, but Crawford went in the other direction (she even made sure her bras were padded despite the fact that her character should have been withering away). The fighting continued throughout filming, ranging from complaints regarding Crawford's drinking on set to Davis allegedly kicking Crawford in the head (in a scene where her character kicks Crawford's). For another scene, Joan's character was to be dragged from bed by Bette's, so she rigged weights in her wardrobe, giving Davis a back injury. After spending each day fighting, both actresses would call the director, Robert Aldrich, to complain about the other. Oi.  5. Sarah Jessica Parker & Kim Cattrall GIPHY The media loves to play up hype of women hating each other, and that could very well be the case for these Sex and the City stars. The rumors surrounding these two stars are endless, usually involving salary disputes, though nobody really knows for sure why they didn't get along (or even if they didn't get along). SJP has alluded to the feuding when she claimed that long days on set sometimes ended with "hurt feelings."  6. Shirley MacLaine & Debra Winger Paramount via Everett Collection Despite the fact that this movie will make you sob uncontrollably, run to your mother, and tell her you love her, there was no love lost between Terms of Endearment's stars. MacLaine even wrote in her memoir that Winger farted. in. her. face. at one point. The feud continued throughout awards season -- which pitted the stars against each other at the Oscars, with MacLaine winning -- and may even continue to this day. We're totally MacLaine, not just because she's ***flawless, but because people who fart in other people's faces need to be stopped!  7. Will Smith & Janet Hubert Have you ever wondered why The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air changed actresses between seasons 3 and 4? Any fan of the show has surely noticed that Aunt Viv undergoes a radical change -- in fact, even Jazz references this change in the first episode of the 4th season, when he tells Mrs. Banks, "ever since you had that baby, there's something different about you." The reason for this, it seems, is that the original Aunt Viv, Janet Hubert, and Will Smith had a crazy feud that resulted in her being fired from the show. She has claimed that working Will and Alfonso Ribeiro was a nightmare, and she also made it plain that she considers Smith a diva. We wish they could've worked out their differences, because Janet's Viv was a boss. We'll let Janet discuss this one in her own words: 8. Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey GIPHY It turns out, Swayze probably would have loved to put Baby in a corner. In his autobiography, the late star recalled how difficult his Dirty Dancing co-star was to work with. He dished about her hypersensitive reactions to criticism, the "silly moods" she frequently found herself in, and how often she disrupted filming by not containing her laughter. This is one of those feuds that we'll choose to ignore -- Dirty Dancing is so much better without that baggage, isn't it? 9. Shannen Doherty &...The World GIPHY Shannen Doherty has earned herself a reputation as being a difficult co-star. On Beverly Hills, 90210, she allegedly did not get along with Tori Spelling at all (though, we can't say we blame her really). Spelling even once mentioned a fist fight (!!) between Doherty and 90210 co-star Jennie Garth. After leaving that show early, she joined the cast of Charmed, where she didn't get along with Alyssa Milano before leaving that show early.  10. Meryl Streep & Dustin Hoffman Is it really even possible to hate Meryl Streep? Apparently, it is, if you're Dustin Hoffman. While filming the Academy Award winning Kramer vs. Kramer, about a couple battling through a bitter and painful divorce, Hoffman was going through the very same thing in his personal life. According to the actor, he brought his real life drama to set with him and unleashed a bit of it on Meryl. Because she's so fabulous and not used to people disliking her, Meryl didn't really notice his animosity.  11. Sharon Stone & Billy Baldwin Paramount via Everett Collection Which Baldwin brother is Sharon Stone's favorite? Not Billy! While filming the 1993 movie, Sliver, Stone allegedly allowed her venomous feelings for her co-star take over during a love scene. While kissing him, she bit his tongue to show him how she really felt. Ouch!  12. Lucy Liu & Bill Murray It's hard to imagine anyone disliking Bill Murray, but Lucy Liu managed to turn him into an enemy while filming Charlie's Angels. While the story is varied, the gist of it is that Murray informed Ms. Liu that she couldn't act (some sources say this happened mid-scene), which she may or may not have retaliated to. Murray has since been quoted on the incident: “Look, I will dismiss you completely if you are unprofessional and working with me…When our relationship is professional, and you’re not getting that done, forget it.” The two are friends now, but we can understand why Liu didn't take kindly to Bill's opinion. No wonder Bernie Mac filled his shoes for the sequel. 13. Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey GIPHY/ This one is one of the most well known feuds around (and having most of it play out on American Idol certainly didn't help that), though it's also a bit of the most nonsensical. It's never been made clear why these two hate each other so much, but almost any clip from that season of the talent competition will show just how incessant their bickering was. While their time on Idol is over, their feud definitely isn't. Mariah's take on the whole experience? GIPHY/ 14. Betty White & Bea Arthur GIPHY/ Hating Betty White is infinitely more shocking than hating Meryl Streep -- and that's saying something. Though, for largely unknown reasons, Bea Arthur did indeed dislike Betty quite a bit. White and Rue McClanahan have both commented on Bea's dislike for Betty's sunny disposition. So, The Golden Girls weren't as great of friends as we always thought, and that's apparently because Betty White is too damn happy. What?!  15. David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson GIPHY/ This one was one of the most painful to swallow, but The X-Files' Mulder and Scully weren't as in love with each other as fans liked to imagine they were. Duchovny has been open about the hostility between the two, claiming "familiarity breeds contempt," which we totally understand. Nothing makes people start to hate each other more than spending a ton of time together, right? At times, the pair couldn't stand the sight of the other and they would frequently argue over nothing. Anderson had a valid reason for her unhappiness: Duchovny, her co-star and equal on the show, was paid double her salary. In addition to that injustice, she was also forced to always walk behind Duchovny, despite having the same amount of dialogue, because she's a woman. While this feud (which has since ended) hurt to learn about, we're totally on Anderson's side.
  • 18 Reasons We All Have A Crush On Lincoln From 'Broad City'
    By: Cory Mahoney Mar 16, 2015
    The glory of Broad City knows no bounds. We don't even know where to begin with why the show is so amazing, but we know one thing for sure: our crush on Lincoln grows with each new episode. No matter what the situation is, he's always calm, hilarious, and, most importantly, himself.  1. He never stops. GIPHY/ 2. He follows directions super well. GIPHY/ 3. He's flexible. GIPHY/ 4. He respects personal space. He also stalks in really adorable and equally respectful ways. GIPHY/ 5. He's crazy supportive. He's the sort of guy that would so not mind attending some bogus experimental theater thing his friend is in. He'd probably even enjoy it.  GIPHY/ Or even a friend's art show at a sandwich shop. 6. He tries to better himself even through drastic bread-depriving methods.* *Also he's comfortable enough with himself to discuss his diet via Skype while having relations. 7. He's willing to do things he doesn't want to just for love. 8. This was his "talent" for their hurricane party. 9. He prioritizes his friends over less important things, like the dental hygiene of others. 10. He gives equal thought to all questions, making him the best conversationalist imaginable. 11. He's great with handling his emotions. 12. And even better at making plans. 13. He's up front about his guilty pleasures. 14. He's not afraid to express something everyone else feels. 15. He understands that his actions have consequences, so he takes responsibility for himself. GIPHY/ 16. He never hesitates to give himself props when he's earned it. 17. He cherishes the sanctity of the RSVP. 18. He asks the important questions.
  • 18 Ways To Throw Shade Like Nicki Minaj
    By: Cory Mahoney Mar 12, 2015
    Everyone knows that Nicki Minaj doesn't take ish from anyone. Not only is she a bad bitch who does whatever she wants, she manages to do so while making some of the best facial expressions any human being has ever made. In our continuing efforts to be more like her any way we can, we're taking a look at how Nicki deals with haters, basics, and really just anyone that doesn't jive with her. 1. When you see that your ex's new girl is definition downgrade. GIPHY/ 2. When the guy across from you on the subway starts clipping his toe-nails, and you're too shocked/disgusted to do anything except find out if you're the only one seeing it. GIPHY/ 3. When someone tries to convince you that Beyoncé didn't have the album of the year.  GIPHY/ Just kidding, we totally respect Beck's artistry.  4. When you dress up to take Instagram photos just so your followers feel inferior. GIPHY/ 5. When someone posts a video of themselves trying to twerk. GIPHY/ 6. When the Chipotle employee tells you guac is extra and asks if you still want some.  GIPHY/ Like, yes, I know, and you bet your ass I do. 7. When your friend who drunk-dialed you at 3am to cry about how much her life sucks is now telling everyone at the party that she's at a great place in her life. GIPHY/ 8. When everyone you know is on spring break and posting photos of their travels, and you're just relieved you can stop shoveling snow. GIPHY 9. When someone tells you that you don't have the dopest ass around. GIPHY/ 10. When you need that guy who rejected you in high school to rue the day without using any words. GIPHY/ 11. When you see that girl shamelessly trying to flirt at the bar, but it's not cute and no one's diggin' it. GIPHY/ 12. When your friend just told you a story and now they're repeating it for the fourth time in front of you. GIPHY/ 13. When you go out to lunch with a friend, order everything on the menu, and then your friend orders a piece of kale. GIPHY/ 14. When your friend teases you about that guy you used to crush on, and it's cute, but soooo played out.  GIPHY/ 15. When someone insults you, and you invoke this grown-up version of "I am rubber and you are glue." GIPHY/ Instead of being glue, it's more who even are you? 16. When your best frenemy gives you a compliment that may be genuine, may be backhanded, but you DGAF because she still sucks. GIPHY/ 17. When throwing shade once simply doesn't cover it. GIPHY/ 18. When you realize that no matter what you do, you make other people feel bad about how basic they are. GIPHY/
  • 28 Totally Awesome Facts About 'The Lego Movie'
    By: Cory Mahoney Mar 11, 2015
    How well do you know one of 2014's most beloved films? Probably not that well. Below are 28 facts about the movie that you may not have known, and they'll help you realize just how awesome everything really is. 1. Even though he's the King of Voiceovers, this is Morgan Freeman's first animated film. 2. It's Wonder Woman's first theatrical appearance in a feature length film. GIPHY/ 3. And, even though he didn't have a speaking role, The Flash's cameo marks his first theatrical appearance as well.  4. It's also the first time Batman and Superman have ever been in the same film together.  GIPHY/ 5. Vitruvius' staff is a chewed up lollipop stick. Warner Bros. Pictures via Everett Collection In most cases, a lollipop stick will fit perfectly into a figure's hand. 6. President Business' company is Octan Corporation, LEGO's fictional gas company that first appeared in 1992. 7. Benny, the "1980-something space guy," has a broken helmet chin strap, which was an extremely common defect for his line of figures at the time. GIPHY/ 8. Vitruvius, when broken down etymologically, comes from the Greek words for "master" and "builder." 9. And, in fact, Vitruvius was a Roman author and architect in 1st century BC. He's best known for his multi-volume De Architectura. 10. In Emmet's apartment there's a poster for a movie called Macho and the Nerd, the Russian title for Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's 21 Jump Street (believe it or not). 11. The only LEGOs in the film that aren't computer-generated are the title cards (including "5 hours later"), some of the backgrounds, and the end credits. Warner Bros. Pictures 12. When arriving in Cloud Cuckoo Land, Batman is extremely grumpy. It makes sense, since he's greeted by two of his greatest foes.  GIPHY/ The clown represents The Joker and the diosaur/lizard man represents Killer Croc.  13. The film is a bit of a 21 Jump Street reunion for the directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, as well as the stars: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Nick Offerman, and Dave Franco.  GIPHY/ Tatum plays Superman and Hill plays the needy Green Lantern. Offerman appears as the robot pirate character Metal Beard. Franco has a cameo in the film as Wally.  14. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller wanted Liam Neeson to record Good Cop and Bad Cop in different sessions, but he refused. Instead, he recorded them in the same session, adding that manic quality to the character. 15. Cloud Cuckoo Land is actually from 414 BC. Aristophanes' play The Birds features a perfect city in the clouds where everything is perfect, called Cloudcuckooland. In the movie, it's home of Princess Unikitty.  16. Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale were all at one point considered to reprise their Batman roles. The role eventually went to Will Arnett.  17. At the end, the LEGO structures in the videos that appear behind Emmet while he's talking to President Business  are real stop-motion films made by fans, not filmmakers. They're called "Brickfilms." 18. When Emmet jumps into the abyss that leads to the human world, he falls through a cardboard box labeled "Magic Portal," which is a nod to the first Brickfilm ever made, The Magic Portal. 19. There are tons of references to The Matrix.  GIPHY/ The protagonists of both films live in worlds constructed by outside forces. Neo, the chosen one, dies at the end of The Matrix, and is brought back with the ability to see the Matrix for what it truly is. Emmet, the Special, falls into the human world and is dropped back into the LEGO world by a human child. When he's returned, he can "see everything," and can now see the part numbers for all of the pieces, just like Neo.  20. When Vitruvius says "We gotta write all that down 'cause I'm not gonna remember any of it," that's actually a Morgan Freeman outtake. He was frustrated with constant script changes, but the line worked so perfectly in the film.  21. President Business' helmet and cape are designed to look like a neck tie. Much of the President Business design incorporates elements of a typical businessman, like the horns of his helmet being made of coffee mugs.  GIPHY/ 22. The suds in Emmet's shower and the smoke in other scenes are actually made of LEGO ice cream scoops. 23. The pigs steering the the protagonists' stagecoach crash and explode into a bunch of sausages.  24. It's not the first time Will Forte has played Abraham Lincoln. He voiced the former president on MTV's Clone High, which was also one of the very first TV shows Phil Lord and Chris Miller worked on.  25. The croissants and turkey drumsticks are featured and referenced frequently for a very good reason: they're one of the few foods that fit into LEGO hands, and they show up most frequently in real LEGO sets. Only carrots show up more often than those two.  26. Lando and C-3PO are voiced by their original Star Wars counterparts, Billy Dee Williams and Anthony Daniels.  GIPHY/ 27. Morgan Freeman has stated this is his favorite Batman appearance ever (and he's starred in The Dark Knight trilogy). GIPHY/ 28. And of course, "eight and a half years later" at the beginning of the film foreshadows the age of Finn, the child playing with the LEGOs. 
  • Charlie Kelly's 18 Most Outrageous Quotes on 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'
    By: Cory Mahoney Mar 10, 2015
    Every fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is familiar with The Gang's selfish antics and crazy schemes. They're also very likely aware that the show's resident illiterate stalker-janitor, Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day), is the greatest character on TV. He's extremely out of touch with reality, making for comedy gold. 1. On having his cake* and eating it too: *By cake, we mean spaghetti and/or garbage. 2. On using deductive reasoning: 3. On knowing his limits: 4. On trying to use words: 5. And how it affects his philanthropy: GIPHY/ 6. On fine dining: GIPHY/ 7. On having skin: 8. On fitness and strength: 9. On being pampered: 10. On science...and cats: GIPHY/ 11. In fact, he has a lot to say about cats: GIPHY/ 12. On his dreams coming true*: GIPHY *We don't understand this one enough to actually assist him with an explanation. 13. On nature: GIPHY/ 14. On perceiving reality: 15. On keeping an open mind, spiritually: GIPHY/ 16. And religion's power over him: 17. On notoriously rocky teacher-cowboy relations: 18. And on being adorably ignorant of his quirks: GIPHY/ Keep doin' you, Charlie. We love it. GIPHY