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  • Jonas Brothers: Gone But Never, Ever Forgotten.
    By: Cyndi Cappello Aug 21, 2014
    Almost a year has passed since the tragic end of the Jonas Brothers, yet we still can’t seem to accept the fact that this trio is no more. I mean, they’re brothers, right!? They can’t just break up! Since apparently they were serious about ending the band last October, does this make my autographed kickball that I won during the “Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009” more valuable? I was told there were only 40 others in the world, so it’s practically the equivalence of gold (just kidding.. I could never part with it). BUT on a happy note, we can expect a good year for Nick Jonas. After releasing his new song and video “Chains,” he continues to post photos from rehearsals and our anticipation keeps building and building. We expect a list of tour dates in the near future, Nick! In honor of all fangirls hearts still being broken, we’d like to take a moment of silence and remember the good times with Nick, Joe and Kevin: When Nick stared out to the crowd and we all fell to our knees sobbing uncontrollably. GIPHY Then they would do cool tricks to keep us screaming our heads off. GIPHY Kevin was almost too flawless on J.O.N.A.S. GIPHY When the “Pom Poms” video came out and we all died a little when Nick got down with the groove. GIPHY Every interview they've ever done was better than the last. God, we just miss these faces. GIPHY This exact quote came out of our mouths. More than once. Maybe 15 times. Give or take 30. GIPHY This beautiful face. How can you not miss this beautiful face? GIPHY We miss when they would make the most random yet beautifully concepted videos in the world. Bounce... just bounce. GIPHY These darn boys and their shenanigans! GIPHY Nick playing drums was always a favorite of ours. So much in fact that we would record it and watch it a hundred times on the drive home. GIPHY Then their flawlessness was broadcasted for everyone to enjoy when they appeared on “Saturday Night Live." GIPHY Joe had some killer moves.  GIPHY Basically, this was us. Except the entire wall was covered. And part of the ceiling. Okay, maybe majority of the ceiling. GIPHY Sometimes Nick smiled with his teeth and even kittens cried in awe. GIPHY As much as we loved Demi Lovato, no. Back off of our man. GIPHY Right back atchya Kev. GIPHY Farewell boys, it’s been a great ride. GIPHY We’re going to continue crying in a corner now and pray this is just the worst and longest joke to ever exist. After we watch the 3D Concert Experience and Camp Rock. GIPHY Follow @hollywood_com  // Follow @CyndiCappello //
  • 10 Reasons Why The Vamps Are Everything You Need In Life
    By: Cyndi Cappello Aug 20, 2014
    WENN/Dominic Chan If we haven’t already made it clear how much we love British boybands, let’s take a moment. We're here to show you all the reasons why The Vamps are amazing and why you should join in on our BBF-ing (British Boyband Fangirling). The Vamps consists of members: Bradley Will Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans. They’re currently touring the states with Austin Mahone. They even got Demi Lovato to be featured on our favorite song of the summer, "Somebody To You." Check it out: Here are some reasons why you should be BBF-ing over The Vamps along with us: 1. They’re a ton of fun. GIPHY  2. They’re so innocent and just super adorable. GIPHY  3. Bradley’s existence. GIPHY 4. Those smiles though… GIPHY 5. They love us as much as we love them. GIPHY  6. Connor’s volumized hair. GIPHY   7. Their modeling faces are on point. GIPHY  8. They enjoy pizza. So relatable! GIPHY  9. They stare into our souls. GIPHY 10. And this... GIPHY So do yourself a favor and listen to these budding Brits. And for all of you concerned, these guys range from ages 18-20, so our semi-obsession with them is totally fine… right?  GIPHY Send us some of the reasons why you love @TheVampsband on Twitter! Follow @hollywood_com  // Follow @CyndiCappello //
  • Press Pass: Our Last Night at Irving Plaza
    By: Cyndi Cappello May 23, 2014
    Cyndi Cappello/ Closing out the Devil's Dance Tour 2014 on May 21, brothers Matt and Trevor Wentworth, Alex "Woody" Woodrow and Tim Molloy, otherwise known as the band Our Last Night, performed for fans at Irving Plaza in New York City. Alongside bands Chiodos, Emarosa, Hands Like Houses and '68, Our Last Night performed a set full of their biggest songs and popular cover of Katy Perry's Dark Horse (which we may or may not play on a daily basis in our office - check it out below!). We had the chance to sit down with them before they hit the stage and ask a few questions to help get to know them better. Here's what they had to say... CM: Before we watch you guys perform tonight, do you guys have any pre-show rituals that you guys do? Matt: Um, not like, not really. Trevor: A lot of people ask us this; I feel like a lot of bands do have this. Cyndi Cappello/ CM: Do you feel like maybe you should develop one? Trevor: Yeah, I think maybe now's the time that we need to start doing something. Nah, I don't know. We kind of just all hang out, relax. Don't stress ourselves out too much or psyche ourselves out. Matt: And then about 10 minutes before you go on, you rush everything on stage really quick and hopefully start playing. Trevor: Because, yeah, you know it's going to be stressful setting everything up, so before you have to do that, you kind of just relax. Matt: I think sometimes, if you have a set thing, at least for me, it's just like, I don't know, it just gets you kinda psyched out maybe a little bit. It gets you more nervous for the show, cause you're like... CC: Thinking too much? Matt: Thinking too much, yeah exactly.  It's almost time to play, and then you're like doing your whatever -- thing. I don't know, I feel like it's cool to just like, hang out, realize you're playing in ten minutes-- Trevor: And then walk out and have it be amazing. Matt: Yeah, just go for it. Cyndi Cappello/ CC: Do you guys prefer performing more or writing and recording? Trevor: I mean, they both have their perks. Matt: I mean, yeah, they're both so different, I guess. I love writing, and I feel like there's nothing cooler about being in a band than finishing up an album and listening to it when it's done. And shows are awesome, but those are all the songs that you're gonna be playing at your show, so it's a really cool feeling to finish a bunch of songs, a whole album. Then listen to it and be really excited about it. Trevor: Yeah, exactly. Matt: But obviously, playing live is nothing like that either. Just the energy and -- Trevor: It's kind of like the shows come from what you just made. It's kind of like you write something, feel great about it, and the next step is to play them live, so it's definitely cool. Matt: You never really know how it's gonna go either, every show. A crowd could be awesome, or a crowd could be boring, and you just have to work a little bit harder to pump 'em up. Cyndi Cappello/ CM: Have you guys had any particularly bad crowds? Trevor: Not on this tour at all. I mean -- Matt: We've been a band for a while so...  Trevor: It depends on what you mean by 'bad crowd.' If a bad crowd is like throwing tomatoes at you, and rotten fruit at you? Then no, luckily, we've never had that, but -- Matt: I don't know, sometimes I think it's just a vibe. Sometimes, a lot of people are, like, you can tell, they're paying attention and they're excited about what you're doing, but sometimes, crowds are just more mellow, and sometimes if you think about it, just the personality of each person in the room - you might get sometimes a lot of people with sort of timid personalities that just like to chill and watch you. It's not like a bad show, it's just a little more calm. Trevor: Also, sometimes I feel like it has to do with the venue you're playing in, too. I feel like some people can feel super weird and awkward in a certain place, like -- Matt: If you're surrounded by a foot of space around you, it's weird, you're not gonna be like freaking out all by yourself. Trevor: But if it's super packed, if it's like, I don't know, like it just depends. Matt: I wouldn't say a crowd that doesn't move that much, that they're a 'bad crowd.' It's obviously a little less exciting on stage, but a lot of times those kids were just as excited to see us as the kids that went crazy. It's just the vibe of the room, the vibe of the people at the show. CM: For sure. I have hard time reacting sometimes, so if you guys see me tonight and I'm not moving, it's not personal. Trevor: No, I'm the same way. If I go to a show, I'm not like -- I stand in the back and watch. I love it, but I'm not like front and center, like "Here we go!" Cyndi Cappello/ CC: What song gets the best audience reaction? Matt: I think we definitely agree on this tour which one does. Trevor: Yeah, I mean, we play a cover every show. CC: "Skyfall"? Trevor: No we play "Dark Horse." We used to play "Skyfall." CM: I knew it was "Dark Horse." We had a bet going. Trevor: Those are the only two covers we've ever played live. Matt: Sometimes, we're like, "Aw man ... yeah, a cover song." Everyone goes nuts and it's not even our song. But I think a lot of times, what has to do with that, is that even people that don't know our band at the show, they're still familiar with that song. They're like, "Oh cool! A new version of the song." They know the words cause they've heard "Dark Horse" a billion times in the last few months. Trevor: That song live is definitely pretty crazy, and it's just got a lot of energy to it. CM: I just want to add that now whenever "Dark Horse" comes on the radio, my first reaction is always "Oh! I like this song!" And then I realized it's not your version, which I prefer to Katy Perry's. Trevor: Well, thank you. I appreciate that. Matt: We get a lot of tweets saying "the only reason I know all the words to all these pop songs is because of your covers." CC: Yeah, like the rapping part? Matt: Exactly. That's funny. Cyndi Cappello/ CM: Speaking of your covers, have you guys heard from any of the artists that you covered? Trevor: Zedd, with the "Clarity" cover. He tweeted us and tweeted the cover that we did. Matt: That was like, two days after we posted it. So it was cool. I don't know if people were like tweeting at him. Sometimes, we do like a tweet at Rihanna and try to get her to watch it. They're so big that they probably don't even tweet their own shit anymore. Trevor: Also, some of those people may have seen it, not necessarily tweeted about it. Like, so, we come across covers of our songs all the time. Everyone sits on YouTube, even Adele, even Rihanna. So, I don't know. Maybe they've seen it, maybe not. But there's definitely a good chance that maybe they did. CM: The other question we had about your covers, sort of as fangirls over here - will there more covers in the future at some point? Trevor: Yeah, definitely. CC: Another "Summer of Covers"? Trevor: Exactly. It's just something that we do when we have down time in between writing our own music slash not being on tour. It's just something to keep fans interested, and they're fun to do. CC: Do you have any idea which songs you're going to be covering soon? Trevor: Yeah... a little bit. Matt: We've had a couple that we wanted to do for a while that are more timeless songs, not like in the moment. Mostly the ones we've done now are songs that are big right now, or we try to guess which song's going to be big because usually those get the biggest reactions, I guess. But we're doing one coming up. We never say what they are, but there's one -- Tim: Naaah. Matt: What? I'm not gonna say. I'm saying, "We never say what they are, so I'm not gonna say..." but it is a more timeless song that people from, even younger people now and people our age should know. Trevor: We can tell you guys off the record. CC: From what decade? Matt: It was popular, like really huge, when I was in like 6th grade. Trevor: So, 90s. Matt: All over TRL, definitely. It'll be a fun one to do though, for sure. Cyndi Cappello/ CM: You guys have made it pretty big, but if you weren't doing this, you guys are still so young, was there ever any back-up plan? Trevor: I mean... Not really, honestly. I've been in the band longer in my life than I've not been in the band, which is pretty crazy. So, I don't really know what I would do, other than this. Tim: Any one of you guys got back-up plans? Trevor: I honestly don't. Tim: All I did was play drums when I was younger, and then getting to do this was never anything I had planned. It just kind of happened. The next thing I knew I was here. Matt: I think definitely, being in a band, you kind of take it -- whatever happens, you roll with it. Tim: It's also hard to know what you would be doing other than this, because there are things I like, but I don't know if I like them enough to be doing that everyday of my life, you know what I mean?  I'd probably be a bum. I'd probably be a hobo. CM: I thought you just said you'd "be a mom" and I thought that was quite the 180. Trevor: That's impressive! Tim: Who knows what I'd be doing?! To each his own. Or her own. Cyndi Cappello/ CC: What's the most personal song for each of you? Matt: It's different for each record, but I would probably say "Sunrise" for this one. It's the most personal one for us, and probably for our fans too. We kind of wrote it for our fans, as a positive outlet. A lot of our fans contact us, Trevor and the band, on Facebook, just saying thank you for your music, "It means a lot to us," so we kinda wanted this to take things to a next level. Writing more positive songs, because we have a lot of fans going through - I don't know - certain shit, and it seems pretty hard to deal with. CM: When you guys aren't recording or touring, what's your go-to stuff to watch, on TV, on Netflix? Matt: Ohhh, that's a great one. Last was definitely True Detective. We were really into True Detective. It's hard to top Matthew McConaughey. Trevor: Matthew McConaughey's a boss. Matt: Yeah, so that was awesome, I think we've been a little obsessed with it. Parks & Rec, The Office... Tim: Breaking Bad... Trevor: Breaking Bad. Best TV show ever. I'm a pretty big Sons of Anarchy fan. CM: Nice. You guys sound like maybe you should work for us. Trevor: Yeah, perfect. CM: That's your back-up plan! Trevor: There it is! Cyndi Cappello/ CC: Lastly, what's your dream collaboration? Trevor: That's a great question. Dream collaboration... Tim: I mean, well, I just came up with this in my head, but I think it's the best answer. For me, anyway. Beyoncé... featuring Kendrick Lamar, with me playing drums. CM: Like a Travis Barker situation? Tim: Exactly. Matt: I think for me personally, I don't know if it'd be with Our Last Night, but I would love to write a song with Ryan Tedder, from OneRepublic. He's just one of my favorite songwriters, OneRepublic's probably one of my favorite bands. Trevor: Definitely, I mean, anything. Doing a song with Lana Del Rey would be amazing. CM: You guys are surprising me here. Trevor: Pretty much all I listen to is like, Lana Del Rey, The Neighborhood, and The 1975. That's pretty much all I listen to. Matt: Yeah, something like that could be cool. 2 Chainz. That would be great. Tim: 2 Chainz would be awesome! Matt: 2 Chainz on some heavy part. It would be sick. We should just save up a shit ton of money and just get 2 Chainz. It would be worth it. Even if no one likes it, it would be worth it. For me, personally, it would be worth it. Tim: Monumental. Cyndi Cappello/ Our Last Night will be playing a hometown show in Boston, Massachusetts on August 22 to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, and no, that wasn't a typo. Though they're only in their twenties, they're already veterans to the music scene. With plans to hit the road again this summer, and releasing their acoustic EP in mid-June, we highly suggest every one check them out because they're pretty amazing musicians. 
  • Press Pass: Lydia at Highline Ballroom
    By: Cyndi Cappello Mar 24, 2014
    Cyndi Cappello/ Lydia hit the stage on March 21 at Highline Ballroom bringing their Illuminate Tour to New York City. Originally from Gilbert, Arizona, this indie rock band consists of members Leighton Antelman, Matt Keller, and Justin Camacho. Back in 2008, Lydia released their album Illuminate, and it soon became a fan favorite. Since this tour is completely dedicated to this album, they played every single song off of it, along with a few more recent singles. The only way I can describe their music is that it gets you amped up in the most relaxing way possible. That sounds so odd, and almost impossible, but go listen and you’ll totally understand what I mean. Their sound is hard to come by which makes them that more enjoyable. Unfortunately, they are coming to the end of their month and a half long tour, but if you’re in the south, you still have a chance! They’re playing their last show on April 5 in Austin, Texas, so hurry up and see these boys live! Follow @Hollywood_com
  • Press Pass: Ellie Goulding at Madison Square Garden
    By: Cyndi Cappello Mar 14, 2014
    Cyndi Cappello/ Kicking off the U.S. leg of her The Halcyon Days Tour, British singer Ellie Goulding performed to a soldout crowd at The Theatre at Madison Square Garden on March 12. Fans started lining up for general admission early in the day, braving the harsh New York City weather. One group of fans in the front row told me they got there at 8 AM, spending some 12 hours outside in the cold. That’s some serious dedication.   Opening up with her song "Figure 8," Goulding performed a set list full of other fan favorites like "Anything Can Happen" and "Goodness Gracious." She closed the show out with her current single "Burn," which is currently in the top 35 most downloaded singles on iTunes. Halfway through her set, Goulding slowed it down a notch and sang "Guns & Horses" and "Beating Heart" acoustically. From the second Goulding stepped out onstage, I could see how much she was feeding off of the energy from the audience, which was refreshing to watch.   Still a relative newcomer, Goulding has set the bar higher for other artists. Her music is able to connect easily with varying ages, which makes her fan base pretty darn big. If you haven’t heard a song of hers already, check some out now (you’ll thank me). Although the majority of her shows for this tour in the U.S. are already sold-out, you still have enough time to figure out how to get tickets to a show near you. Seriously, just go out and buy some, I volunteer to go with you.
  • Press Pass: Chelsea Handler and Ronan Farrow at the 92nd Street Y
    By: Cyndi Cappello Mar 10, 2014
    Sarah Kuszelewicz/  Chelsea Handler, best-selling author and highly successful comedian and television personality, took to the stage of the 92nd Street Y to discuss her new book, Uganda Be Kidding Me, with journalist and humanitarian Ronan Farrow. The release of her fifth book has been highly anticipated, since four years have passed since Handler published her last title, Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me. As the proud owner of her four books, you could imagine my excitement when it was announced there would be a signing after the discussion at the Y for anyone in attendance. To no one's surprise, the theater sold out of every copy of Uganda Be Kidding Me. Sarah Kuszelewicz/ Handler talked about everything from her brother's passing when she was 10 (and how she tried to get attention in all the wrong ways thereafter) to the current events in pop culture. “There’s only so many years you can talk about Justin Bieber,” she said. “I mean, I don’t care about him.” Believe it or not, this funny lady has quite the serious side. In fact, she admitted that she actually prefers to play it grounded. She went on to talk to the audience about the fine line between light-hearted comedy and just being plain old mean. “If you care too much about what people think, you won’t succeed in what you want,” she said while confessing how she never reads what people post about her online. Sarah Kuszelewicz/ For anyone who has read one of Handler's books before, you would be lying through your teeth if you say you didn’t burst out laughing frequently throughout. “I just love that feeling,” she said of the joys of writing. "It’s like being a little kid again, I’m having fun alone.” When asked how she accomplished being such a successful author, “I just did it, it’s complete luck. It’s not like I’m a literary genius.” Handler did credit author Dave Sedaris with being her inspiration to begin writing books. Cyndi Cappello/  Uganda Be Kidding Me is a collection of stories from various trips that Handler, along with some friends and family, has gone on. She admits to giving her traveling companions no other option but to go on these all expense paid vacations with her. “It’s a free for all,” she said to Farrow, “but you have to know you’ll probably be in my book.” Along with all her other publications, it’s almost impossible to put it down once you start. In fact, I had to force myself to stop reading so I could enjoy it in more than one sitting. If you love hilariously uncensored stories (and lets be honest, who doesn’t?), I highly recommend you go out and pick up a copy of Uganda Be Kidding Me, in stores today.
  • Press Pass: The Maine at Webster Hall
    By: Cyndi Cappello Mar 04, 2014
    Sarah Kuszelewicz/ The band The Maine, originally from Tempe, Arizona, has been active within the music scene since 2007. Formed by members John O’Callaghan, Jared Monaco, Kennedy Brock, Garrett Nickelson, and Patrick Kirch, The Maine performed an acoustic set for an intimate, sold-out crowd at The Studio at Webster Hall on February 27 for their An Acoustic Evening with The Maine tour. Performing songs from their previous albums, the boys made this show more personal than previous tours. Talking to fans in the crowd, they got on topics ranging from playing "Hot Cross Buns" on the recorder in school (they literally started singing it in the middle of their song "Take Me Dancing"), to their mutual love for That’s So Raven. We even got to enjoy a pretty entertaining story about O'Callaghan's high school years. We’ll keep it PG and just say it involved a sink and a certain bowel movement. This past December, The Maine released Imaginary Numbers, their first acoustic EP. Written and produced by the band, this album set a different and fresh tone for The Maine. Comparing this tour to the first time I saw them perform live in 2008, the maturity of their music and confidence on stage made me not want the night to end (so cliché, right?). If you haven’t seen The Maine in concert yet, you’re in luck. The boys are touring nonstop until August and making stops in the UK, Brazil and then back to the states this June. Hurry up and buy your tickets for the show closest to you, before they sell out (because they will). You can also download Imaginary Numbers, as well as previous albums, on iTunes today.
  • Press Pass: Karmin at Irving Plaza
    By: Cyndi Cappello Feb 07, 2014
    Cyndi Cappello/ The most energetic duo out there, Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, otherwise known as the music group Karmin, played a show at Irving Plaza in New York City on February 6th, and the Photo Team got to attend. You may remember these two from the video that brought them to fame in 2011 of their cover of Look At Me Now by Chris Brown, which now has over 88.5 million views on YouTube. After getting signed to Epic Records, their single Brokenhearted was a chart topper. This followed with the same result for their next single Hello. With much anticipation over the release of their upcoming album Pulses, Karmin performed their newly released single I Want It All (which you can download from iTunes now!), along with a handful of other soon to be hits. If you haven’t seen this duo perform in person yet, we highly suggest you check out their tour dates and go to a show near you!
  • Press Pass: Snooki's 'Baby Bumps' Book Signing
    By: Cyndi Cappello Jan 17, 2014
    Sarah Kuszelewicz/Hollywood.comReality TV star Nicole Polizzi, otherwise known as Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore and Snooki & JWoww, just released her fourth tell-all book on January 14. Her three previous books (A Shore Thing, Gorilla Beach, and Confessions of a Guidette) were all bestsellers, and she’s hoping that Baby Bumps: From Party Girl to Proud Mama, and all the Messy Milestones Along the Way will be just as successful. This past Wednesday, Snooki had a book signing at Barnes & Noble in New York City, and of course the Photo Team had to go. She was, indeed, just as tan and tiny as we were expecting. While posing for pictures, she blurted out, “My bra’s showing!” in classic Snooki fashion.Sarah Kuszelewicz/Hollywood.comSnooki was clearly a veteran at handling the press. “Wait, you guys get to be in a picture now,” she said to all the photographers, “I saw Jessica Alba do this and it looked really cool!” Then she excitedly handed over her phone to her publicist, who snagged a picture from behind for Snooki's Instagram. Her answer to what she was wearing: “What am I wearing? An Amazon dress. Like 20 bucks."Sarah Kuszelewicz/Hollywood.comNicole then signed copies of her book for the huge line of fans who were anxiously waiting to meet her.  About an hour later she was all done and off to her next event. Sarah Kuszelewicz/Hollywood.comObviously, we bought ourselves a copy of Baby Bumps. Snooki writes about parenting in a completely uncensored and amusing style. She writes about how she transformed from Snooki to Nicole, party girl to mama to be and she doesn’t sugarcoat it one bit. Sarah Kuszelewicz/ In no particular order, here are our top five favorite quotes from Baby Bumps. 1. “I’d always dreamed that one day I’d be a MILF with adorable tan babies.”2. “If you love pooping like me, and consider yourself an expert in that area, pushing will be a piece of cake for you. I pushed only about eight times and my baby came out!” 3. “My feet were puffed up like pickled pig trotters. Horrible.” 4. “Thank god I had Jionni’s muscular arms pushing my pregnant ass up the stairs or I would have been stuck in the basement for weeks.” 5. “I had a dream that I squeezed out a baby, but it wasn’t Lorenzo. It was a Chucky doll.”   Do yourself a favor and get a copy of Baby Bumps: From Party Girl to Proud Mama, and all the Messy Milestones Along the Way, in book stores today.  Sarah Kuszelewicz/
  • Press Pass: Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Talk 'Anchorman 2'
    By: Cyndi Cappello Dec 10, 2013
    Sarah Kuszelewicz/ Actor/comedian Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay: easily two of the funniest humans on earth. While promoting the release of their upcoming movie Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, the duo stopped by the 92nd Street Y in New York City for a conversation with journalist Lynn Hirschberg. Our Photo Director Sarah Kuszelewicz and myself were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to meet these handsome men and sit in on this event. They talked about everything from the pitch of Anchorman 2 ("We originally wanted to make it a musical and then take it to film."), to their favorite scene in Step Brothers (the bunk bed and sleep walking scenes, of course), to making Talladega Nights (whose aim was to piss off NASCAR... which didn’t work because they were thanked by the organization for creating a movie about the sport – oops). Sarah Kuszelewicz/ The pair's friendship all started back on Saturday Night Live in 1995. Will and Adam were hired on the same day but didn’t quite hit it off. It wasn’t until they wrote their first skit together, "Neil Diamond: Storytellers," that this comedic duo was created. After the first Anchorman movie, Adam and Will completely avoided all the requests to make a sequel and began creating other projects. Eventually, they decided to humor the masses and came up with a brilliant plan: make Anchorman 2 into a six to eight month musical, then bring it to theaters. Obviously, this would’ve been a huge hit, but unfortunately, Paramount said that was a no go. Thankfully, after 10 long Ron Burgundy-deprived years, the sequel finally got approved. The Landlord from Will Ferrell After one of the funniest hours of our lives, the audience was able to ask questions to the duo. Being huge Funny or Die fans, we asked about the making of "The Landlord," the inaugural video on Funny or Die that features Adam's adorable daughter Pearl as a drunk, demanding landlord. “That was all one take,” said Will, “It only took about 30 minutes. Pearl was about to turn 2, and we were trying to launch the site so we just came up with it at my sons third birthday party.” For those who miss this little munchkin, worry not — Pearl and Will's sons are actually in Anchorman 2 during a scene at Sea World (not that you need more incentive to go see it). The two closed out the night with advice they have for aspiring writers, “Create short films, put them on the Internet,” Adam said, “Do table reads. Just do it, no matter what outlet.” Will added on, “Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t sit on your hands, just keep doing it. Know that it’s all about the process.”  Sarah Kuszelewicz/ Follow @Hollywood_com