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  • Go Greendale! 'Community' Casts 'Arrested Development' Creator Mitch Hurwitz, Plus Tim and Eric
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 30, 2013
    Cindy Ord/Getty Comedy television worlds are colliding at Greendale Community College in ways that you might not expect. Of all people, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz will take a step out of the writer's room appear in an upcoming episode of Community. Hurwitz will be playing Preston Koogler, a student at Greendale who is an insatiable party animal. Also appearing in that episode will be Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, creators and performers on Adult Swim's gleefully absurd Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, and stars of 2012's masterful film The Comedy. The two Adult Swim stars will play the roles of Roger and Billy. Not much is known about their characters as of yet, but the two will play some role in the Dean's upcoming plans for the school. The two oddball comedy writers will certainly add a splash of kookiness to a show that already flirts with crazy. Season 5 of Community has already snatched up a number of guest stars including the likes of Nathan Fillion, Johnathan Banks, and Walton Goggins. The Greendale Community College enrollment list is already looking completely packed this year. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • Oooh, Scandal!: Kerry Washington and Taran Killam Get Kooky in 'Saturday Night Live' Promo
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 30, 2013
      Scandal star and style guru Kerry Washington proves that she has a couple of comedy tricks up ther finely tailored sleeves in the latest round of promos for this week’s Saturday Night live. Kerry is a natural, playing straight man to Taran Killam’s overblown comedic antics. Killam unleashes a killer Eminem impression that deserves the full sketch treatment... like right now. Other highlights include Killam chugging a gallon of milk and the two chanting "Oooh, scandal!" like a pack of overdramatic middle schoolers. Is it Saturday night yet? Luckily, we won't have to wait all week to get our fix on Washington or Killam. Scandal airs Thursday nights, while you can see Killam on the big screen in 12 Years a Slave... although, as you might expect, he doesn't exactly get to stretch his comedic muscles in that movie. NBC/YouTube Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • Steve McQueen Will Pierce Your Soul Every Week with Upcoming HBO Drama
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 29, 2013
    Fox Searchlight Get your security blanket ready. Visionary director Steve McQueen has set his sights on the small screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the acclaimed director is developing a drama at HBO along with World War Z writer Matthew Charnahan. The series will focus on a young African American man with a mysterious past, as he experiences life in New York high society. McQueen’s film 12 Years a Slave has garnered an incredible amount of Oscar buzz in the past couple of months, and is in on a very short list of favorites speculated to win Best Picture at next year's ceremony. Chiwetel Ejiofor has also garnered considerable praise for his performance as Solomon Northup, a free man who is tricked into losing his freedom, and spends 12 years as a slave in the American South. The writer/director is a master at really piercing the souls of his audience members. Through his work in films like 12 Years a Slave and Shame, McQueen has become known for his brutal earnestness in exploring the pains and demons of humanity, but the director has also found beauty and grace in human suffering. A premium cable network like HBO would be the perfect place for McQueen to unleash his dark quirks in an unfiltered way. The big question is whether anyone can handle McQueen's emotional weight on a weekly basis.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • The New 'Veronica Mars' Teaser Trailer Is a Full Dose of Nostalgia
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 29, 2013
    It’s finally time to see how far the Internet's dollar goes. Veronica Mars was a superb teen mystery comedy drama (if that genre conflation makes any sense) that centered around high school gumshoe Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell), the daughter of a private investigator who solved mysteries centered around her hometown of Neptune, California. The series was two parts Nancy Drew, one part Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with a dash of Twin Peaks and Raymond Chandler  for flavor. Veronica's story ended well before it’s time, but the show was revived by a now infamous Kickstarter campaign that proved that the crowd-funding website could fund a feature film with fan’s dollars. And whether or not that's entirely ethical way to fund a movie is a question we'll be pondering for years to come. But now we're getting an extended preview at what at all those donations look like on film, and it seems like we're in for a familiar stroll though Neptune, but one that shows the characters a little older, but not necessarily a little wiser. It's been 10 years since the last episode of the series and Veronica is living in New York with her good guy boyfriend Piz (Chris Lowell). But, as Veronica finds, one never leaves a place like Neptune behind for good. Veronica is swiftly called back to town when her old boyfriend, and the show's resident bad boy Logan (Jason Dohring) is charged with murder. The teaser hints at the love triangle brewing between the three friends, and has the cast place their votes on who should win Veronica's heart: Piz or Logan? MOVIES Coming Soon/YouTube The cast still feels like the same people we loved from the show, albeit older, but they still haven't quite moved on from their complicated relationships from high school. Even Veronica is seen falling into her old teenaged traps, especially when Logan, as slick and dangerous as ever, comes to her door fully draped in the promise of adventure. It's fun to see the cast come together to relive the show that they clearly had a blast filming, but it's really special to see creator Rob Thomas revisit his beloved characters for one last romp through Neptune's many mysteries. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • Noomi Rapace Will Somehow Play 7 Different Roles in 'What Happened to Monday?'
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 28, 2013
    20th Century Fox We thought Tatiana Mainslay was testing the limits of acting by stretching herself into numerous different clones with distinct personalities in BBC America’s Orphan Black but this is straight ridiculous. According to Variety, Noomi Rapace is taking up the tall order of playing seven different roles in the upcoming sci-fi drama What Happened to Monday? In the film, Rapace will portray a group of septuplet sisters who must hide their identities in a world plagued by overpopulation, and governed by a strict one-child policy. Director Tommy Wirkola said that the part was initially written for a man but he was won over by Rapace’s fine résumé. "Although the role was originally written for a male, I was struck by the complexities of having an actor portray seven characters and immediately knew Noomi was the ideal actor – male or female – to bring them to life." Rapace is a talented actress with a superb ability to shrink into roles, and fully become the person she's tasked to play. We've seen her play a diverse set of characters in films like Prometheus, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film trilogy, but we wonder if she has enough in her to play seven different characters in one film, characters that will have to seem similar enough to be sisters, but also have enough of their own unique quirks and mannerisms to set them apart? Hopefully Rapace will be able to give What Happened to Monday? a convincing set of septuplets. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • Keanu Reeves Slices and Dices in the New '47 Ronin' Trailer
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 28, 2013
    Keanu Reeves might know kung-fu, but does he know his way around a katana? The film star fights his way through a fantastical version of 18th century Japan in 47 Ronin. In the film, a robe-garbed Keanu plays Kai, a half-Japanese warrior that is freed from slavery and must accompany an outnumbered group of 47 samurai in their plot for revenge. The trailer features sword slashing a-plenty but this isn’t your standard martial-arts action movie. There is a large thread of mysticism running though the film's samurai tale, with endless monsters and beasts, along with regular samurai-foot soldiers, looking to end Keanu's quest for vengeance. Universal It's been a complicated road for the 47 Ronin both on screen and off, with the drama spilling out from the Japanese pseudo-history and into the production side of the project. The film has been plagued with reshoots, and the budget has been said to exceed 200 million, an unfathomable number for a martial arts film. The film will also be released on Christmas day, a time of year filled with competition just waiting to slice chunks out of Ronin's film gross. There is also the worthwhile discussion on the ethics of creating a half-white character for a story steeped in Japanese history and myth, just so Keanu can play the lead while a largely Asian cast is sidelined to mostly supporting roles. Questions of race in cinema and film budgeting aside, 47 Ronin looks like a fun bit of counter-programming for the holiday season. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • The Newly Released 'Star Wars' Blooper Reel Is Hilarious
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 28, 2013
    At this year's Comic-Con, Star Wars fans were treated to a never-before-seen blooper reel from the original Star Wars, and the clip has just surfaced on the Internet for the rest of the world to enjoy. The two-minute clip is a fantastic glimpse at some of the fumbles that occurred while creating the biggest film franchise ever. In the footage, we see what appears to be C-3PO trying to scale a sand dune, only to fall to his side (too much sand in those mechanical joints). Also, Stormtroopers cement their reign as the most bungling henchmen in the known universe in a comical sequence featuring the armor-clad soldiers attempting to make their way through a hole in the wall, and tripping and slipping on everything in a ballet of incoordination. It's almost as if the clip was expressly made to be turned into a GIF in the year 2013. I'm not sure why the Rebel Alliance was all that worried when a waist-high wall was all you needed to stop the Empire in its tracks. Neil Bowyer/YouTube There's also a scene with Harrison Ford munching on his mic in frustration after fudging one of his lines, and one of Mark Hamill pondering where he should put the emphasis in the word "supernova." It's charming to see the clumsy beginnings of the Star Wars saga, a series that is now approaching its 40th anniversary and seventh feature film. This clip goes to show that even the most storied of film franchises can be a little messy at times. (via)  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • Michael Caine Finds His Heart in New 'Last Love' Trailer
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 25, 2013
    Katrina Wan PR/YouTube You might wan't to sneak in a couple tissues with your snacks at the theater because  the new trailer for Last Love  looks seriously sad and seriously heartwarming. In the film, Matthew Morgan (Michael Caine) is a lonely widower that lists through life without making connections. He sees all other people as white noise, static that can't possibly measure up to the love he's lost. His life is largely empty until he meets an equally lonely young woman named Pauline (Clémence Poésy). The two start a friendship that heals deep wounds in both of them, and also starts to repair the relationship between Morgan and his son Miles (Justin Kirk). The best player in the World for movie trailers, Hollywood interviews and movie clips. The trailer for Last Love is filled with yearning, showcasing people that are straining to bridge connections and learning how to let people in after they've forgotten what it feels like to give love and take love in. In this short glimpse, Caine and Poésy display a wonderful amount of chemistry as they jaunt around in the backdrop of the France. If you're going to create a film about finding love again, you can do several times worse than Paris. It is the city of love after all. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Bah, Humbug: 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Moves from Christmas to January
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 25, 2013
    Paramount Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has been put into hiding and awaiting further instruction. The spy thriller starring Chris Pine and Keira Knightley and directed by Kenneth Branagh has been extracted from its original Christmas release date and will now be released on January 17. But Jack Ryan isn't the only movie trying to avoid the holidays like the plague. December has become cinema's holy month, with a glut of huge film releases packed into the short 30 days. Movies are strewn accross December like Christmas garlands. the month is completely covered in releases with 47 Ronin, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Grudge Match, American Hustle, Saving Mr. Banks, Anchorman 2, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and The Wolf on Wall Street all coming out during the final month of the year. And while this may seem like a big bag of presents for film lovers, it's hell on studios that have to weather the holiday deluge. Film studios are playing a big game of release date Tetris, with many films shifting their dates all across the calander month to try to fit everything in neatly and avoid each other. Some films like Jack Ryan and The Monuments Men have opted out of December entirely, committed to trying their luck in a less cheery and more desolate season of early 2014 where they won't face competition from such a stacked line of high profile and broad appeal films. While the film's new release date is a good move in some respetcts, it also might be a warning sign as well. January is known to be Hollywood's dumping ground for movies that aren't expected to perform well, critically and commercially. Only time will tell if the move bodes well for the film. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • Walter White Scares Us into Buying More iPads
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 24, 2013
    Bryan Cranston has lent his voice to a great many monologues in Breaking Bad. Speeches that will ring in the ears of television fans forever. But now he offers his distinct tone to sing the praises of what Apple is leading us to believe is the greatest object to ever be created in human history: the new iPad air.  In a minute-long ad named "Pencil," Cranston devotes his pipes to what is effectively treated as Jesus in tablet form. The device sits on the mantle of artists to scientist alike. Cranston speaks in reverent tones about all the wondrous accomplishments of the iPad. "It can be used to start a poem," Mr. White says, "or finish a symphony." See, it's like the pencil, except you can't play Temple Run on a pencil. Cranston then says, with a voice full of hope and wonder, that "we can't wait to see where you take it next." I'm guessing we're gonna take it for a round of Candy Crush Saga on the subway. Apple has finally found a way to convince the few people without iPads to finally buy one: abject terror. Now I'm getting the irrational feeling that failing to purchase one will land me on the hit list of a certain meth lord. That's effective marketing! Apple/YouTube We hope to see Cranston lend his voice to other things in the future... maybe even next year's new iPad: The greatest object to ever be created in human history, now with better battery life! Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //