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  • Analyzing Quentin Tarantino's Top 10 Films of 2013
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 07, 2013
    Daniel Tanner/WENN The list of Quentin Tarantino’s top 10 films of the year is an annual delight that always manages to baffle. This year's list follows the trend of feeling sort of insane yet completely expected with it's gonzo mix of genre flicks, highly praised festival favorites, and some of the worst reviewed movies of the past 12 months. It surely doesn't resemble any sane person's list, but it does feel like the sort of crazy compilation that Tarantino would create. With this year's list, we’ve separated the films into five different categories of varying Tarantino-ness. Quintessential QuentinThe Lone RangerKick-Ass 2 These two films are classic Tarantino picks. One is an absurd, action-packed Western that bombed critically and commercially at the box office, while the other was a comic book superhero romp filled with almost Django-levels of bloodsplatter, and an arch villain named "The Motherf**ker." Yep, these definitely belong on a Tarantino list. Pretty Darn TarantinoThe ConjuringGravity We can definitely see the love Tarantino had for these two flicks. The inner film-luddite in him must have gushed at The Conjuring and its use of practical effect scares, while Gravity uses both practical and computer generated imagery to create a dazzling vision of space. Yeah, We Can See ThatThis Is The EndAfternoon Delight While our believability is beginning to stretch a bit, we can definitiely see why Tarantino loved these two films, as Afternoon Delight's quirky and somewhat depraved stripper-at-home premise, and This Is The End's apocalyptic-stoner brand of comedy are definitley his brand of raucous, perverse comedy. Not So TarantinoBefore MidnightDrinking Buddies Ok, now we're scratching our heads a bit. We wouldn't expect Quentin to go for these genre-subverting romances, as there's not much of that Tarantino zing in either film. But hey, the man likes what he likes. And we could see Ethan Hawke or Olivia Wilde headlining one of his wild epics. Are We Sure This Is the Guy Who Made Kill Bill?Frances HaBlue Jasmine Wait, what? We have no idea what falls in the middle part of the Venn diagram comparing Tarantino to these two projects. There isn't a Katana, a trunk shot, or copious amounts of gratuitous violence anywhere in these movies. Quentin apparently watches a ton of indie dramas when he's not making explosive revisionist Westerns. Who knew? More:The Top 5 Tarantino Cameos'Gravity' Review: An Unbelievable Emotional Experience'Django Unchained' Review Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Shirtless Aaron Eckhart Is What Passes for Monstrous in 'I, Frankenstein' Trailer
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 04, 2013
    Lionsgate Maybe we're a bunch of crotchety old people, but the new trailer for I, Frankenstein, looks nothing like the 19th century gothic horror classic that we all pretended to read in high school. We certainly don’t remember Frankenstein's monster surfing on top subway trains (or maybe that Sparknotes summary had more holes than we thought).  At least there's a logical reason for these disparities: I, Frankenstein draws from the graphic novel that it's based on rather than Mary Shelley's original novel. Kevin Grevioux, the author of the graphic novel, also wrote the screenplay for the film. This continuation of the Frankenstein lore features a handsomely scarred Aaron Eckhart, stitched together with various parts of murdered Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue models, fighting off gargoyle monsters that explode into fiery tendrils.  He also found time, in between the monster vanquishing to go to the nearest Hot Topic and buy the perfect hoodie that symbolizes all of his immortal angst. One that he takes off quite frequently to show off that hot bod. More:The Evolution of the Monster Movie'Dracula' Ropes in 'Game of Thrones' and 'Les Mis' Stars'The Crow' Finds Leading Man In Very Brave 'Hobbit' Star Luke Evans Follow @Michael Arbeiter // | Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Nathan Fillion Pop-Pop-Pops Up in Season 5 of 'Community'
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 04, 2013
    WENN Greendale Community College is getting a visit from a familiar browncoat. According to Deadline, Castle and Firefly star Nathan Fillion is slated to guest star in the upcoming season of Community. Fillion will play Bob Waite, a politically savvy head custodian who battles Annie (Alison Brie) and Professor Hickey (fellow guest star Jonathan Banks) for Greendale supremacy. Community's brand of topsy turvy meta plots make for the perfect venue for Fillion's geeky IMDB profile. We never knew we wanted a Firefly-inspired paintball episode so completely until we heard that Mal Reynolds would be taking a couple extra-curriculars in his spare time. Fillion is actually a huge fan of the show. The actor visited the set last year and spent time hanging out with the cast. Fillion's guest role follows the news that Jonathan Banks (star of the recently wrapped up Breaking Bad), will be appearing as a guest star as well. Hopefully, these two actors attract the attention of their previous show's fan bases and increase Community's paltry ratings. More:'Parks and Rec' Recap: The Pawnee-Eagletown Tip-Off Classic'Community' is Where 'Breaking Bad' Characters Go to Die'Community' Reunion in 'Hot Tob Time Machine 2' Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • Everyone Double-Crosses Everyone in 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Trailer
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 04, 2013
    Airport novel racks across the globe are standing at half mast this week. Tom Clancy, the king of the American spy thriller, sadly passed away on Tuesday. But even after his death, his legacy in film lives on in movies like the newest Chris Pine actioner Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. In the new trailer, Pine takes over the role of Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst working undercover for a sleazy billionaire with an even sleazier European accent (Kenneth Branagh, also the film's director). When Jack discovers a terrorist plot that threatens to dismantle the world's economy, he is forced out of his cozy office and must become a full-fledged field agent under the guidance of his handler (Kevin Costner). Keira Knightley also stars as Jack’s wife who finds herself pulled inexplicably into the depths of covert intrigue. Paramount Pictures The trailer is buzzing with tons of frenetic action and a lot of slick spy machinations. I’m expecting at least four double-crosses and at least three characters to reveal themselves to be double agents by the time the credits roll. More:Kevin Costner to Star in 'Midnight Delivery'Kevin Costner to Assemble Clancy Characters 'Avengers' StyleChris Pine is Being Cast in Everything Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Six places to get your 'Breaking Bad' Fix
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 03, 2013
    Univision Did you wake up this morning drenched in your own sweat and feeling a clawing need for both fantastic cable drama and Bryan Cranston's bald head. We sure did! Here at, we've been suffering with an awful case of Breaking Bad withdrawal, and while locking Vince Gilligan in a basement and forcing him to write more episodes did flutter through our minds, that would be kinda illegal. Since we can’t have and more pure, uncut 96% purity Breaking Bad, letls look at other options to get our fix. RJ Mitte in Switched at BirthRJ Mitte will continue having breakfast, but this time on ABC Family's drama Switched at Birth. He will play Cambell, a med-student who is paralyzed by a snowboarding accident. MetástasisUnivision is creating a Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad. If you’re a fan of the original, you can already see some familiar scenes and situations from the show, only with slightly different accents. In the Univision version, Walter White is named Walter Blanco (clearly going for subtlety here) and Jesse Pinkman will be Jose Miguel Rosas. Bob Odenkirk in The Birthday BoysBetter Call Saul is still a long way off, but we can still enjoy everyone's favorite bus bench lawyer in Bob Odenkirk's new sketch-comedy show The Birthday Boy. You can check out the first episode in full before it premieres. Betsy Brandt in The Michael J. Fox ShowBetsy Brandt, who played our favorite slightly annoying spouse in Breaking Bad, plays a slightly annoying spouse on NBC's The Michael J. Fox Show. Betsy's new gig has her playing opposite Micheal J. Fox, who plays a legendary news reporter that returns to work after battling Parkinsons and getting fed up with his wife's poor knowledge of geology. Dean Norris in The ConselorASAC Hank Shrader is appearing in the new Ridley Scott film, The Counselor. In the film, a lawyer played by Michael Fassbender gets in over his head when he gets involved in a drug-trafficking operation. Hopefully Dean Norris is playing an alternate version of Hank. Bryan Cranston as Lex Luther (maybe)When the rumor that Bryan Cranston had been cast as Lex Luther in the new Batman/Superman film popped up a few weeks ago, the internet exploded in excitement at the mere suggestion. The rumor has been since debunked but we're holding out hope that someone at WB finds the good sense to drive a truck full of money and a pair of hair clippers to Bryan Cranston's house. Cranston playing a bald genius egomaniac? It's literally perfect. More:The Post-'Breaking Bad' Survival Guide'Breaking Bad' Recap: FelinaFox Renews 'Sleepy Hollow' After 2 Episodes Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • Season 4 of 'Wilfred' Will Be Its Last
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 03, 2013
    Prashant Gupta/FX FX's man-in-dog-suit comedy, Wilfred is coming to an end. After wrapping up its fourth season next year, the comedy-drama will be taken out to the barn and laid to rest Old Yeller-style, most likely due catching a particularly rabid case of "not enough people watching." The show's ratings in its third season were significantly lower than its series premiere which broke ratings records for the network, securing 2.55 million viewers. Wilfred is based on an Australian series of the same name and features actor Jason Gann reprising his role as the titular pot smoking and foul-mouthed canine alongside Elijah Wood. The show will wrap up with a final 10-episode season to close off lose ends, and finish the show with a definitive ending, a privilege many struggling programs don't get. The final season will air on FX's new comedy-focused channel FXX. While the news is sad for Wilfred fans, we do hear that all dogs go to heaven, or at least DVD aisles. More:'Bob's Burgers:Why the Belcher's are TV's Most Relatable Family.'American Psycho' Series Coming to FXWatch The New 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Featurette Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • Elizabeth Olsen Warps Her Way into 'The Avengers 2,' or So Samuel L. Jackson Says
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 03, 2013
    WENN Samuel L. Jackson is clearly not as good of a spy as his role as Nick Fury or his eye-patch has led us to believe. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Jackson, clearly not following S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol, let slip the clandestine information that Elizabeth Olsen is definitely taking part in the upcoming Marvel flick The Avengers: Age of Ultron. In the interview, Jackson said, "I don't think we begin shooting before March of next year," Jackson said of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the next film in the Marvel universe to begin production. "I know we're shooting in London, that James Spader is Ultron and going to be the bad guy, and that we added Ms. [Elizabeth] Olsen [who will play the Scarlet Witch], but I don’t know what she's doing, if she's on the inside or the outside. I haven’t seen a script." Olsen, the younger sister of twins Mary-Kate and Ashley, has become an accomplished young actor in her short career by sticking largely to indie fare like 2011's Martha Marcy May Marlene, for which she garnered significant critical acclaim. She now appears to be peppering in some genre and thriller projects into her résumé with roles in films like Oldboy, Godzilla, and this upcoming Avengers sequel. The character she's pegged to play, Scarlet Witch, is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe, possessing the ability to bend and fold the fabric of reality with just her thoughts. That, added to her history of mental instability, will definitely give the Avengers a slew of problems to deal with come 2015. Ms. Olsen seems to already have experience with reality-shaping, seemingly having bent her older sisters out of existence. More:'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' Teaser Trailer'The Avengers 2' will Reinvent the Ultron StoryNo Loki in 'Avengers 2' Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • David Tennant Brings His 'Broadchurch' Role to an American Reboot
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 02, 2013
    A certain doctor will be popping up on American television sets in a familiar role. David Tennant, who played a tortured British detective in Broadchruch, will now play a tortured American detective in Fox's remake of the show. Because foreign accents are different and scary, Tennant will leave his British accent behind, and adopt an American one for the new series that hopes to premiere on Fox in the 2014-2015 television season. The original Broadchurch follows the lives of Alec Hardy (Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman), two detectives investigating the death of a young boy in small town Britain. The first season of the ITV series just wrapped up its first season on BBC America. More:Hollywood's Case of AnglophiliaThe New 'SNL' Cast is Kinda BoringThe Post-Breaking Bad Survival Guide Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • 'Kick-Ass' Writer Developing Children's Movie, Hopefully with Less Blood
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 02, 2013
    After writing a scene in which a Russian power-lifting psychopath throws a running Lawnmower into the windshield of some innocent police officers, it's only natural to want to ease off the gas a little bit and tell a story with fewer homicidal maniacs, and a little more cuteness. Mark Millar, writer of the blood-drenched comics Kick-Ass, and Wanted, is about to lend one of his newer titles to development for a live action children’s film. According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox and screenwriter Carter Blanchard are turning Millar's upcoming book Kindergarten Heroes into a film. The original comic book will presumably features a group of kindergarteners that dole out super-powered justice when they're not taking naps. Hopefully, they won't solve all their problems by cutting off other people's limbs, a la Kick-Ass' Hit-Girl. This family friendly venture is a huge change from Millar's usual work, and we wonder if Millar is still has plans to adapt Kick-Ass 3, his latest comic featuring the Kick-Ass character, to film. Kick-Ass 2 failed to perform as well as its predecessor at the box-office, but curiosity looms. More:Did 'Kick-Ass 2' Go Too Far?'Kick-Ass 2' ReviewJim Carey Goes Apesh*t in New 'Kick-Ass 2' Trailer Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • 'Agents of SHIELD' Recap: The Show Hits Some Turbulence
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 02, 2013
    ABC Joss Whedon’s best asset is his ability to write great team stories. All of his best work (Firefly, Buffy, The Avengers, Angel) has focused on a team of characters overcoming their differences, fighting off a big bad, and saving the day. He understands team dynamics and knows how to give each of his characters their own time to shine while giving the viewer the impression that these people really excel together, where they would probably fail alone. It’s definitely a delicate balancing act that could easily sway into an unwieldy mess but Joss manages to keep it all a float...usually. It feels like there’s a fun and compelling show buried somewhere in Agents of SHIELD, but it still hasn’t found its way to the surface just yet. The second episode, titled "0-8-4," follows the team as they investigate a mysterious object of unknown origin. They travel to Peru to retrieve the glowing object but find themselves stuck in the middle of a skirmish between the Peruvian army and a group of rebels that ends with the SHIELD jet getting hijacked, and the team being forced to work together and save the day without the guidance of agent Coulson. While it’s somewhat entertaining to see the agents work the kinks out of their mixed group of scientist and super-spies, and come together in the end, the characters are still largely one-note and dull. These people just don’t have that certain spark that makes them interesting or even terribly likable to begin with, and Agent Ward is the show's biggest offender. It also doesn't help that the plots so far have been pretty pedestrian. The largely action-packed hour breezes by in an inoffensive way, but it doesn’t feel like the show has any ambition to be anything other than an efficient and passable action procedural. The thing is that all Joss Whedon shows feel that way in the beginning. When Buffy The Vampire Slayer started, it seemed like all the show aspired to be was nothing more than a silly monster of the week series, but it blossomed into something weird, and unique and, frankly, revelatory. SHIELD can still make that same jump (though it being a Disney/Marvel/ABC production, there might be too many cooks in the kitchen), but for now, it seems content at being a mildly fun but thoughtless romp through the Marvel universe. Best quips and other observations - Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson, makes a guest appearance during the credits that gives the show some of the verve it desperately needed. Please come back Mr. Jackson. Don't leave us with all the boring people.- "Your frown will be on record."- "We're gonna have to kill the fish tank."- "Do you need anything else before I go check on the device fueled by evil sitting in our cargo hold?"- “You know, I have the authority to downgrade your ass to a Winnebago.” More:'Marvel Agents of Shield' Review: PilotWhy Do We Love Agent Coulson So Much?Best Whedon Zingers from 'Agents of Sheild' Pilot Follow @Hollywood_com   // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners: A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)