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  • 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' Pilot Review: Too Much Procedural, Not Enough Whedon
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 25, 2013
    ABC In Marvel's ongoing attempt to fill every single part of your life with superheroes comes their new series, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (the most annoying title to type ever): a new series from Joss Whedon that promises to downsize all of the superheroics of the films and focus on a team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents tasked with investigating and protecting the world from super-powered threats. While this sounds great in practice, the formula definitely needs some tweaking going forward. After being killed by Loki in The Avengers, Agent Coulson is back, and while Marvel fans everywhere were eagerly waiting to find out how exactly he survived a god's knife through the back, his explanation of his rebirth is surprisingly un-mystical. It turns out that he was just healing up in Tahiti of all places. Of course, that can't be the only explanation. We later see Maria Hill and Dr. Streiten staring out into the distance mysteriously while talking in hushed whispers about what really happened with Agent Coulson. I guess you need Level 8 clearence to know all the details about the agent's sudden reappearence. Coulson and his new rag tag group of agents are tasked with finding Mike Peterson, a factory worker who uses a mysterious set of powers to save a woman from a burning building, but when Peterson’s powers start to mess with his head — and worse, threaten to turn him into a bomb — the team might need to kill him in order to save innocent lives. Of course, they eventually manage to stop Peterson without killing him and the crew is off to investigate a 0-8-4, whatever that is. The biggest crime that S.H.I.E.L.D. commits is that it feels way too safe and particularly un-Whedon-esque. It's as if someone put Joss' work through a couple of distillations, and the outcome is flat, indistinct and a little tasteless. Whedon's characters, which usually crackle with wit and charm, are completely dull here, and it is hard to tell whether the writing or the actors are the problem. None of the characters are particularly interesting and are just simple archetypes — like "gruff agent guy," and "gruff agent girl," and "wacky scientists." Clark Gregg's Phil Coulson is the only standout there. The story feels too much like a standard procedural. If you replaced the explosive super-serum with a pipe bomb, then it would just be an episode of Criminal Minds or NCIS. You might as well call the show Law and Order: S.H.I.E.L.D. When a show like Fringe handled the sci-fi procedural, it wasn’t afraid to get weird and freaky with its material. S.H.I.E.L.D. simply feels way too tame, at least in this first outing. With all of the bad news out of the way, there are a few inspired moments and nice touches where you can see the show loosen up a bit and get a little more adventurous. We just hope the show finds it’s groove. More:Why Do We Love Marvel's Agent Coulson So Much?Marvel is Planning a Female Superhero MovieMarvel Needs to Get a Little Crazy With It's Future Films Follow @hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • The Cult of Coulson: Why Do We Love the 'Avengers' and 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Hero So Much?
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 24, 2013
    ABC There’s a moment in Marvel’s The Avengers when Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) is stabbed through the back by Loki. Thor looks on in horror behind a glass cage, completely crestfallen in his inability to stop his deranged brother from murdering the man. Coulson's small body slumps to the floor and he lies there dying, but he still has enough energy to get out a small quip and blast Loki through a couple walls with an experimental weapon. Coulson is given a hero's death in a film filled to the brim with bona fide superheroes. And he, as far as Thor would be concerned, will be sailing to Valhalla, having died a warrior. In the wake of his death scene, the theater was quiet. No one spoke or laughed, or used the silence as an opportunity for a joke. It hit me that there was a certain reverence in the audience for the geeky agent. People were sad, but why? What is so endearing about the balding mortal civil servant in a movie filled with literal gods among men, super-geniuses, and super-soldiers? The death of Couson isn’t only felt by the theater goers in the audience but the super heroes in the film as well. Agent Fury lays out Coulson's blood-spotted Captain America trading cards on the table for the Avengers to see. The tragedy spurs the super-powered team to take action, and with their new sense of togetherness, the Avengers save New York. In fact, the entire dramatic weight of the movie's third act rests on how much you care about Agent Phil Coulson. Joss Whedon banks a large part of his film's believability on the death of his middle-aged everyman, and his gamble pays off incredibly. So the question is, why do we care so much about Agent Coulson? Why did Disney feel inclined to retcon the most profitable superhero movie ever created to bring him back to our television sets in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? Why do fans of the Marvel films adore him so duly? The answer is that he is one of us. Not only is he the the "normal one" (or as normal as a expertly trained secret agent can be) in a room full of superheroes, but is like us in idolizing the Avengers and reveling in his fandom for them — Coulson's love for these superheroes is his life blood. So while we can laugh at Tony Stark's snarky jokes, or contemplate Thor and Captain America's uneasiness in 21st century America, we can never full empathize or identify with them. We can't ever feel the full breadth of their super powers or super problems, but we can feel who Coulson is. Agent Coulson is us. Just as comic book fans wait in line to get their books signed by their favorite authors, he has his trading cards freshly shuffled, hoping the legendary Captain America gives him the time of day and signs his collection. He is our gateway into the Marvel universe and allows us to experience the cosmic happenings of this alternate world through human (not just human, buf fanboy human!) eyes and ears. Clark Gregg also brings an enthusiasm and energy to the role that makes the agent even more endearing. Coulson played a vital role throughout the Avengers saga, and has become a fan favorite character as a result. Now with this new show, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, he has been resurrected, and is getting a starring role in a story where he is the hero that saves the day. While Coulson's adventures on the small screen might not be as grand as they were when he was hanging around the Avengers, they will undoubtedly be an exciting addition to the Marvel universe. More:Marvel Needs to Get a Little Crazy with Future FilmsCoulson Lives! Two Clips from 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D'Marvel is Planning a Female Superhero Movie Follow @hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • Tweet Freely!: Netflix Eliminates 'Breaking Bad' Spoilers with New Spoiler Foiler App
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 24, 2013
    AMC Life used to be so difficult. Back in the dark ages of the 1990s, If you wanted to find out which one of Laura Palmer's freaky neighbors murdered her on Twin Peaks, or if Mulder and Scully ever gotten past all of that unbearable sexual tension on The X-Files, you actually had to watch television shows when they were airing. Live! These days, though, thanks to the glories of the Internet and DVR, the television set has lost its icy grip on our social lives. You can skip live airings of a show and experience real-life wonders outside of your living room (like the movies). While this is certainly a game-changer, it also opens up its own set of problems. Today, our Twitter feeds and Facebook walls are like minefields filled with spoilers that we can't help but trip all over. Our friends and families beam juicy revelations onto our computer screens without warning or consideration for those of us who are behind on our favorite shows. And who can blame them? This is a huge issue if you like catching up on show through streaming services. But one such streaming service is attempting to address the problem. For the series finale of Breaking Bad, our old pal Netflix has unveiled a new site called Spoiler Foiler, which finds tweets containing any spoilery words pertaining to Breaking Bad and blocks them out of your feed with neat little black bars. All you need to do is log into your Twitter account through the site and you can venture into a post-Breaking Bad world without fear or worry. While other networks stubbornly hold on to antiquated concepts like Nielsen ratings and appointment viewing, Netfilx continues to blaze a trail for television viewing in the digital age. With their new philosophy of releasing an entire season of a television series at once, they've given people the ability to control their television viewing habits. In this new age of media, we are a people that demand the choice of when and how to consume our content, and Spoiler Foiler makes this new way of watching televison that much easier to do. Netflix probably won't recieve streaming rights for the last season of Breaking Bad for several months, but this move shows how forward thinking the service has been and continues to be. Unfortunately, Spoiler Foiler won't work on the guy yelling Breaking Bad spoilers at your office. Only violence works on that guy. More:'Breaking Bad' Recap: Granite StateFive Horrible Ways 'Breaking Bad' Could EndWhat's Next for Netflix Follow @hollywood_com // From Our Partners From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • Jude Law Pelvic Thrusts His Way to Riches in 'Dom Hemingway' Trailer
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 23, 2013
    The best player in the World for movie trailers, Hollywood interviews and movie clips. "Dom Hemingway is free!" Mr. Fontaine (Demian Birchir) shouts from a hill while firing a celebratory rifle blast into the air. But really, Jude Law is the one that's free. In the new trailer for Dom Hemingway, the actor gets to leave all manner of restraint behind, and really revel in the insanity of the film's absurd titular character.  In the film, Dom Hemingway (Law) is an eccentric master safe cracker who gets released from prison after a 12-year stint. He seeks to live his newly regained life to the fullest, and get repaid for the time that he has lost. Dom is up to his ankles in the sleazy glitz of the criminal underworld until a near death experience gives him a new lease on life, and a new appreciation of what’s really important: the daughter (Emilia Clarke) that he left behind all those years ago. Fox Searchlight Dom Hemingway premiered at the Toronto Film Festival where it won praise for its dark comedy. Law infuses Dom with a larger than life persona and a grimy gravitas as he drinks liquor by the gallon and manages to open a safe solely by the power of pelvic thrusts. The trailer is chock full of witty retorts and an unsavory sense of dirty fun, but the film looks like it also has a big heart under its coating of filth. More:Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Enemy' Trailer'Dallas Buyers Club' Trailer''Rush' Review Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • These Are What We Call Good Winners — The 10 Best Emmy Reaction Shots
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 20, 2013
    One of the best parts of any awards shows is seeing the reactions of the different nominees. How do the winners handle being honored for their work? Do they walk on stage a complete blubbering mess, or do they stride up to the front of the room with bravado and give a fantastic speech? How do the losing nominees handle seeing that golden statue ripped from their grasp? When there are hundreds of cameras trained on their every facial twitch, there are bound to be some pretty great reaction shots. Here are our top 10 faces and reactions from Emmy winners, losers, and presenters. Vanessa Williams Vanessa Williams is cool. I mean, she's just way too cool to be joking around at an award show when she's about to get an Emmy. She's a diva, people! So when Amy Poehler and company devised the goofy gag of wearing various pieces of eyewear while the nominees were being announced, Williams tastefully declined with a look that's a combination of "Hell no am I getting involved with this l foolishness!" and "Where's my Emmy?" while shaking her head dismissively at the camera. She ended up losing to Kristin Chenoweth (at least she went home without wearing an eye patch). Kristin Chenoweth Speaking of Chenoweth, her scrunched up face and acceptance speech after her win for Pushing Daisies was simply adorable. Her pixie-like excitement and crocodile tears are just to much to bear. Lines like "I'm unemployed now, so I would like to be on Mad Men" just make the clip even better.  Aaron Paul Okay so this moment wasn't at the actual awards show, but it's close enough. If you have a pulse, and you've watched at least five minutes of any given episode of Breaking Bad, then you already love Aaron Paul and his character Jesse Pinkman. But someone as likeable as Paul can surprise you time and time again. During the announcement ceremony for the 2013 Emmys, when Paul learned that he has secured yet another Emmy nomination (8:44 in the video), his face contorted into such childlike glee that his excitement is infectious. The fact that he can get so excited over an award he already has won twice before is very endearing. Sally Fields In her Emmy win in 2007 for Brothers and Sisters, Sally Fields launched into a tribute to mothers around the globe. With a face full of conviction and passion, she speaks out against war and says the controversial line, "Let's face it. If the mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamned war in the first place!” Steve Carell Let me give you a little backstory first. Ricky Gervais and Steve Carell have had a bit of a rivalry ever since Carell hilariously "stole" Gervais' Emmy the year before. Now cut to 2008, when Gervais demanded his Emmy back and began to tear into Carell with jokes. Even while everyone else in the theater, including Carell's wife, was collapsing back into their chairs with giggle fits, Carell retained his stony visage, never breaking. He could probably withstand the harshest of tortures. Eventually he relinquished the Emmy, but only after fierce comical prodding by Gervais. Bryan Cranston   After proving to be a comedy workhouse on Malcom in the Middle for six years, it seemed Bryan Cranston would never get the recognition he deserves by the Emmys. Just how many scenes of a man prancing in his underwear does it take to get an Emmy these days anyway? Luckily, Cranston continued taking off his pants in his next show Breaking Bad, enough times, in fact, to finally secure him the Emmy. When he does win, Cranston's look of surprise and graditude is heartwarming. Greg Garcia When Greg Garcia won an Emmy for his hilarious sitcom My Name Is Earl, he used his short time on stage to its fullest, and gave a triumphant up-yours to everyone who ever doubted him, insulted his intelligence, or made him scrape gum off their shoes throughout his rise to sitcom greatness. Even God almighty doesn't escape his comedic wrath. Kate Winslet It's nice to see an actress with as much award recognition as Kate Winslet get so excited about winning an award, as she didwhen she won for her performance in Mildred Pierce. When Winslet heard her name, she jumped up and down and sported a face full of genuine excitement. Andy Samberg Winning an Emmy would be a massive achievement for some people, but Andy Samberg looked like he was confused as to why he was even invited to the ceremony at all. When Samberg and The Lonely Island Crew won an Emmy for "Dick in a Box," he put on his best grin and went on to poke fun at the entire award show with hefty amounts of sarcasm that probably just rubbed salt in the wounds of people who actually really wanted win. Jon Stewart Having to watch Jon Stewart win the Emmy for Best Variety Show year after year must be tough, and in 2012, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert finally hit their breaking point. The two hosts tackled Stewart and tried their best to stop him from reaching the stage in a funny bit of physical comedy. When Stewart finally reached the stage to accept his golden prize, he looked like he just ran a marathon in a tuxedo. His face was visibly winded when he said (at 1:19 in the video), "I'm not in the kind of shape I should be in to do a bit with Jimmy Fallon." More:15 Best and Worst Emmy DressesDid The Emmys Forget About 'The Americans'2013 Emmy Nominations Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Who Should Play Tupac Shakur in the Rapper's Developing Biopic?
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 20, 2013
    WENN Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films and Morgan Creek Productions have come together to resurrect Tupac Shakur on the silver screen.  A biopic about the late rapper, simply titled Tupac, will be released in 2014. The film will be shot in Atlanta. Alfeni Shakur, Tupac's mother, will be an exectutive producer for the project. Seventeen years ago, Tupac Shakur was cut down in a drive-by-shooting that changed hip-hop forever. The rap community, and the music world in general, was left with a gaping void that could never be filled. Through the release of posthumous albums, his recent hologram performances, and a few conspiracy theories, however, it sometimes feels like that Tupac never really left us. Now that there's a chance to immortalize the legend in film, the perfect actor needs to be cast. But portraying a man with such a legendary persona will be a tall order for even the most talented young actor. Tupac possessed an electric charisma and fierce intelligence, but also had a hardened edge to him. You would need an actor that would be able to convey all of these qualities in a multifaceted performance. The actor would also need to be able to spit Tupac's lyrics with a convincing amount street cred and gravitas. Here are our picks for possible candidates that could do the role justice. Michael B. JordanA choice that is almost too obvious. We've seen Jordan's range in projects stretching from his stints on shows like Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, to his layered performance in Fruitvale Station that has even garnered Academy Award attention.  Chadwick BosemanChadwick Boseman wowed us with his heartfelt and intense performance in 42. The actor has a certain presense that allowed him to step into a role like Jackie Robinson with ease, and would also allow him to play a great Tupac. Anthony MackieAnthony Mackie gets a nod for already having some experience. The actor already played the late rapper in the 2009 film Notorious, a film centered on the life and death of Tupac's east coast rival The Notorious B.I.G.. Mackie is a fine actor whose performance in Notorious left us wanting more of his interpretation of Tupac. Mechad BrooksMechad Brooks is a talented actor that has had supporting roles in shows like Desperate Houswives and True Blood. Brooks hasn't had the chance to flex his acting muscles on a really meaty role as of yet, but a part like this one could really jump start his career and show the world that he's more than just a pretty face and a pile of abs. More:Tupac at Cochella: The Greatest Holograms in HistoryJennifer Hudson in 'Winnie Mandela' BiopicThe Five Best Hip-Hop Mixtapes of 2013 Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Simon Pegg Wants No Part of 'Star Wars,' But Saoirse Ronan Could Be the Right Choice
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 19, 2013
    Paramount Pictures There has always been something a little bit off about the idea of J.J. Abrams directing both the new Star Wars and Star Trek films. Whenever the thought occurs to us, we get this creepy crawling sensation under our skin, like some unwritten rule is being violated. Star Wars and Star Trek are the two most iconic science fiction properties, and the fact that their new continuations are being helmed by the same guy feels sort of taboo. The two series are just so radically different. Star Wars is an action adventure story while Star Trek has always been a more adult-minded, philosophical television and film series. Now that they are both under the thumb of Anrams, there are fears that the two movie series will feel too similar. Abrams certainly has an eye for sci-fi spectacle, but he hasn't quite captured the beating heart that makes Star Trek so beloved to its fans. What if this same disconnect happens to the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII?   We already know about the rumors surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch's possible casting in the new film, but what about the rumors regarding Simon Pegg? In an interview with The Independent, Pegg denies involvment in the new film, saying, "I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to be in it, to be honest. I think J.J. should cast new faces with no stunt casting." Pegg continues, "I wouldn't want to be popped out of the film by a knowing cameo. I think it would be great to do it properly.' Saorsie Ronan is also being rumored to be in talks for the film. Young, fresh-faced actors like Ronan are the kinds of people Abrams should be approaching. The original films succeded partly because they casted unknowns who could perform the roles without any excess baggage or expectations. Pegg has the right idea. With the rumors of Cumberbatch's casting, It feels like J.J. Abrams might not be focusing enough on making a Star Wars movie, but making a J.J. Abrams movie, bringing his same cast of actors together for another romp through lens-flared space without considering the differences between the franchises. If the same director making both movies was weird, then having an actor as recognizable as Cumberbatch pop up in both series is downright sacrilegious. Suspension of disbelief is a fragile thing, and having Khan bellow lines on the Enterprise and then show up in the Millennium Falcon will shatter it to pieces. There is a special magic infused in both of these movies that makes them feel so different, and allows them to stand the test of time. With any hope, J.J. Abrams will see that and deliver a film that feels uniquely like Star Wars. Casting Ronan would be a step in the right direction. More:The 20 'Star Wars' Origin Stories We'd like to see'Star Wars Episode VII': Benedict Cumberbatch RumorsDisney Offers Details About 'Star Wars' Origin Stories Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • The Last Two Episodes of 'Breaking Bad' Will Be 25 Percent Longer, 25 Percent More Painful
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 19, 2013
    Ursula Coyote/Sony Pictures Television/AMC If you’ve managed to climb your way out of the deep dark pit of despair that Breaking Bad threw us all into with last Sunday’s brilliant "Ozymandias", you might want to prepare yourself for even more of Vince Gilligan’s brand of wonderful and torturous television. Breaking Bad executive producer Peter Gould tweeted on Wednesday that the last two episodes of the series, titled "Granite Statea" and "Felina," are going to be a whopping 75 minutes with commercials, 15 minutes longer than the standard episode.  So if you’re watching the Series finale through thick globs of tears and the screen goes black, don’t worry. You didn't black out from the pain, and this isn’t The Sopranos all over again, you just didn’t set your DVR to record the last couple of harrowing minutes. We're betting that Breaking Bad will have a definitive ending, one that will surely shatter the ratings records set by "Ozymandias" as well as your feeble hearts and minds. More:AMC Splits last Season of 'Mad Men' into Two PartsThe 'Breaking Bad' Spin-offs We Want to See'Breaking Bad' Recap: Ozymandias Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • Marvel Might Need to Get a Little Crazy: Stan Lee Talks Future Films
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 18, 2013
    WENN It's been five long years since Marvel Studios released Iron Man and started their campaign to dominate the superhero film world. By 2013, they have become the undisputed king of summer. More so than Warner Bros, Fox, Sony, or anyone else releasing movies about men in tights, Marvel has consistently crafted crowd pleasing movies that have gained not only commercial success, but critical respect as well. Finally, with 2012's The Avengers, all the ground work Marvel laid down — the multiphase plan, the consistant film universe, slowly building a team of heroes together — finally came together in one final cresendo that cemented their place on top of the superhero game. While Warner Bros. still struggles to even get a Wonder Woman movie off the ground, Marvel has already lapped them with the speed of Quicksilver. Marvel has managed to release film versions of all their major characters, but within that triumph lies a whole new problem. Where does Marvel go from here? How do they continue to create new franchises if they have already adapted all of their most prolific characters to film? The studio has become a victim of it's own success. Stan Lee said in a recent statement that "the people at Marvel are looking through our whole list of candidates and wondering which ones are we going to use now. They are going to do the Black Panther. They are going to use Doctor Strange. They are going to do Ant-Man. They are going to do the Guardians of the Galaxy. And they’ll probably do the Inhumans." The answer to Marvel is to start creating films based on second and third tier characters. Heroes that may not be familiar to the average person or even casual comic book reader. While these characters might not be the most recognizable ones, maybe that's a good thing. With their third phase of films, Marvel is looking to adapt their second and third string heroes into new franchises. This will give characters that have seen little exposure outside of the comic book circle to a wider audience, but it also means that Marvel might have to change the kinds of movies they are used to making. These characters exist on the fringes of public's collective consciousness for a reason. Sadly they are not the most marketable heroes. Whether Marvel likes it or not, it's going to have to get a little weird. Characters like Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy are not your typical superheroes and therefore can't be adapted into your typical superhero movie. These characters are very different from Iron Man or Thor or Captain America. The Guardians of the Galaxy, in particular, has within its ranks a surly gun-toting raccoon and a fighting tree with a very limited vocabulary. Some of these characters will stretch the boundaries of what fans think superheroes might be, but Marvel needs to highlight those differences rather than hide them away. More:'Ant-Man' Crawls into TheatersMarvel Phase 3Marvel's Big Six is Being Adapted by Disney Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Danny Trejo Murders Everything in New 'Machete Kills' Red Band Trailer
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 17, 2013
    I don't think there has ever been a film title as plainly descriptive as Machete Kills. There's not nuance or irony or symbolism hidden between the letters. It's simple: Machete kills. That's all he does, and that's pretty much the only thing that the latest red band trailer for Machete Kills shows. Machete killing things. And it's glorious. In this sequel to Robert Rodriguez's mexsploitation thriller, Danny Trejo reprises his role as Machete, an ex-Federale with an unparalleled skill for filling graves. President Charlie Sheen (Carlos Estévez) tasks Machete with killing Mel Gibson, so off Machete goes to heavily increase the murder rate in several U.S states and Mexico. The trailer is a visceral slideshow of the many ways to kill a man. The fact that there isn't just one scene where a man is flung into the spinning blades of a helicopter but two should tell you all you need to know about what kind of movie this is.  We also get a glimpse of the other players in Machete Kills including, Michelle Rodriguez, Lady Gaga, Cuba Gooding Jr., and the lovely Sofia Vergara who is determined to prove that there's still comedic value in screaming at everything really loudly. We can't be exactly sure how the invetible Machete/Mel Gibson showdown will end, but if we had to guess, Machete Kills will end with both parties walking away amicably, having solved their differences peacefully. More:'Machete Kills' Wall of Weapons Clip'Machete Kills' Green Band TrailerAmber Heard Gets All Up on Danny Trejo in 'Machete Kills' Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)