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  • Elizabeth Olsen Warps Her Way into 'The Avengers 2,' or So Samuel L. Jackson Says
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 03, 2013
    WENN Samuel L. Jackson is clearly not as good of a spy as his role as Nick Fury or his eye-patch has led us to believe. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Jackson, clearly not following S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol, let slip the clandestine information that Elizabeth Olsen is definitely taking part in the upcoming Marvel flick The Avengers: Age of Ultron. In the interview, Jackson said, "I don't think we begin shooting before March of next year," Jackson said of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the next film in the Marvel universe to begin production. "I know we're shooting in London, that James Spader is Ultron and going to be the bad guy, and that we added Ms. [Elizabeth] Olsen [who will play the Scarlet Witch], but I don’t know what she's doing, if she's on the inside or the outside. I haven’t seen a script." Olsen, the younger sister of twins Mary-Kate and Ashley, has become an accomplished young actor in her short career by sticking largely to indie fare like 2011's Martha Marcy May Marlene, for which she garnered significant critical acclaim. She now appears to be peppering in some genre and thriller projects into her résumé with roles in films like Oldboy, Godzilla, and this upcoming Avengers sequel. The character she's pegged to play, Scarlet Witch, is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe, possessing the ability to bend and fold the fabric of reality with just her thoughts. That, added to her history of mental instability, will definitely give the Avengers a slew of problems to deal with come 2015. Ms. Olsen seems to already have experience with reality-shaping, seemingly having bent her older sisters out of existence. More:'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' Teaser Trailer'The Avengers 2' will Reinvent the Ultron StoryNo Loki in 'Avengers 2' Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • David Tennant Brings His 'Broadchurch' Role to an American Reboot
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 02, 2013
    A certain doctor will be popping up on American television sets in a familiar role. David Tennant, who played a tortured British detective in Broadchruch, will now play a tortured American detective in Fox's remake of the show. Because foreign accents are different and scary, Tennant will leave his British accent behind, and adopt an American one for the new series that hopes to premiere on Fox in the 2014-2015 television season. The original Broadchurch follows the lives of Alec Hardy (Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman), two detectives investigating the death of a young boy in small town Britain. The first season of the ITV series just wrapped up its first season on BBC America. More:Hollywood's Case of AnglophiliaThe New 'SNL' Cast is Kinda BoringThe Post-Breaking Bad Survival Guide Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • 'Kick-Ass' Writer Developing Children's Movie, Hopefully with Less Blood
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 02, 2013
    After writing a scene in which a Russian power-lifting psychopath throws a running Lawnmower into the windshield of some innocent police officers, it's only natural to want to ease off the gas a little bit and tell a story with fewer homicidal maniacs, and a little more cuteness. Mark Millar, writer of the blood-drenched comics Kick-Ass, and Wanted, is about to lend one of his newer titles to development for a live action children’s film. According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox and screenwriter Carter Blanchard are turning Millar's upcoming book Kindergarten Heroes into a film. The original comic book will presumably features a group of kindergarteners that dole out super-powered justice when they're not taking naps. Hopefully, they won't solve all their problems by cutting off other people's limbs, a la Kick-Ass' Hit-Girl. This family friendly venture is a huge change from Millar's usual work, and we wonder if Millar is still has plans to adapt Kick-Ass 3, his latest comic featuring the Kick-Ass character, to film. Kick-Ass 2 failed to perform as well as its predecessor at the box-office, but curiosity looms. More:Did 'Kick-Ass 2' Go Too Far?'Kick-Ass 2' ReviewJim Carey Goes Apesh*t in New 'Kick-Ass 2' Trailer Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • 'Agents of SHIELD' Recap: The Show Hits Some Turbulence
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 02, 2013
    ABC Joss Whedon’s best asset is his ability to write great team stories. All of his best work (Firefly, Buffy, The Avengers, Angel) has focused on a team of characters overcoming their differences, fighting off a big bad, and saving the day. He understands team dynamics and knows how to give each of his characters their own time to shine while giving the viewer the impression that these people really excel together, where they would probably fail alone. It’s definitely a delicate balancing act that could easily sway into an unwieldy mess but Joss manages to keep it all a float...usually. It feels like there’s a fun and compelling show buried somewhere in Agents of SHIELD, but it still hasn’t found its way to the surface just yet. The second episode, titled "0-8-4," follows the team as they investigate a mysterious object of unknown origin. They travel to Peru to retrieve the glowing object but find themselves stuck in the middle of a skirmish between the Peruvian army and a group of rebels that ends with the SHIELD jet getting hijacked, and the team being forced to work together and save the day without the guidance of agent Coulson. While it’s somewhat entertaining to see the agents work the kinks out of their mixed group of scientist and super-spies, and come together in the end, the characters are still largely one-note and dull. These people just don’t have that certain spark that makes them interesting or even terribly likable to begin with, and Agent Ward is the show's biggest offender. It also doesn't help that the plots so far have been pretty pedestrian. The largely action-packed hour breezes by in an inoffensive way, but it doesn’t feel like the show has any ambition to be anything other than an efficient and passable action procedural. The thing is that all Joss Whedon shows feel that way in the beginning. When Buffy The Vampire Slayer started, it seemed like all the show aspired to be was nothing more than a silly monster of the week series, but it blossomed into something weird, and unique and, frankly, revelatory. SHIELD can still make that same jump (though it being a Disney/Marvel/ABC production, there might be too many cooks in the kitchen), but for now, it seems content at being a mildly fun but thoughtless romp through the Marvel universe. Best quips and other observations - Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson, makes a guest appearance during the credits that gives the show some of the verve it desperately needed. Please come back Mr. Jackson. Don't leave us with all the boring people.- "Your frown will be on record."- "We're gonna have to kill the fish tank."- "Do you need anything else before I go check on the device fueled by evil sitting in our cargo hold?"- “You know, I have the authority to downgrade your ass to a Winnebago.” More:'Marvel Agents of Shield' Review: PilotWhy Do We Love Agent Coulson So Much?Best Whedon Zingers from 'Agents of Sheild' Pilot Follow @Hollywood_com   // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners: A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • 'Star Wars VII' Rumor Roundup: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sullivan Stapleton, and a Tall British Man
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 01, 2013
    KIKA/ As exhausting as the Star Wars: Episode VII rumors are, we really find it hard to resist keeping up with every one of them. We've already seen the rumor mill stretch from every corner of Hollywood, from Benedict Cumberbatch (who we have already identified to be a bad choice for the movie) to Saosorie Ronan, to Simon Pegg, and so on. Now we've got even more casting reports to mull over: Latino Review adds the murky reports that Sullivan Stapleton, star of the upcoming 300: Rise of an Empire, has read for an undisclosed part in the new Star Wars film, having then gone and blabbed about it, which has some higher ups in LucasFilm seeing red. The site also tweeted that Daniel Day-Lewis was spotted eating lunch with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy. Could the legendary actor pop up in Tatooine in the near future? In other news, it looks like Lucasfilm is begging its quest to find the new Chewbacca. In an interview with BBC News, Lanky brit Jonny Mathers, who stands at a perfectly Chewbacca-sized 7-foot-3-inches, answered a casting call for an unspecified film Disney/LucasFilm/Bad Robot production, though it doesn't take a genius to guess what film it is. (No, not Red Tails 2). Mathers says that he believes the role has to be none other than Chewbacca, since the actor who played the role in the original films was the same height as him. More:Simon Pegg Wants No Part of 'Star Wars: Episode 7'The 20 'Star Wars' Origin Stories We'd Like to SeeAlex Pettyfer and Rachel Hurd-Wood Rumored for 'Star Wars: Episode 7' Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Alec Baldwin Promises Us He'll Be Insane on New MSNBC Show
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 01, 2013
    Professional paparazzi wrestler and crusader for liberal justice, Alec Baldwin is getting a new show on MSNBC, and the network isn't afraid of embracing his colorful public persona. In the short clip for Up Late with Alec Baldwin, Ed Shultz, host of The Ed Shultz Show, sarcastically tells viewers that MSNBC is responding to criticisms by turning to a man who "will address the great issues of our time, while keeping his emotions in check." Meanwhile, an arm slowly inches into frame. That arm belongs to none other than Baldwin, who grabs a handful of shultz's neck and jostles him reassurringly while Shultz looks on, wondering if CNN is still hiring at the moment.  MSNBC Instead of swerving away from the criticism the network has garnered in the past about being too left-leaning, the teaser appears to steer straight into the skid and celebrate Baldwin's flair for the dramatic, awaiting whatever that passion might bring to his new show and the struggling network. Up Late with Alec Baldwin premieres Friday, Oct. 11 More:Movie Adaptations that Butchered the BooksNBC and CNN Drop Hilary Clinton ProjectsTeaser for HBO's 'Getting On' Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)
  • Jennifer Lawrence Burns Bright in New 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Poster
    By: Jordan Smith Oct 01, 2013
    Lionsgate The new The Hunger Games: Catching Fire poster puts the controversial victor center stage, aiming an arrow at her enemies, with the tagline "Remember Who The Enemy Is" seared at the top. In Panem, where revolutionary feelings are bubbling right under the surface, it may be hard to tell friend from foe when the fighting erupts. An engulfed Mockingjay pin, a symbol for the growing defiance of the districts, burns brightly behind her. In the upcoming sequel to The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), co-champs of the previous year's Hunger Games, must go on the Victory Tour, a year-long trip through all of Panem's districts. Due to her actions in the previous movie, the districts are crackling with tension, as civil unrest and a burgeoning revolution may threaten to throw the whole continent into chaos. More:Listen to Coldplay's Theme for 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'The Official 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Soundtrack'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Portrait Series Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan // From Our Partners:40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • 'Modern Family' Is Getting Spin-Off Series
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 30, 2013
    ABC The Modern Family just got a bit bigger, but not in the way you would expect. Accoding to Deadline, ABC is in early talks to spin-off its hit comedy and perennial Emmys victor. While there aren't any firm details as to what the new show will be about just yet, reports indicate that it might focus on Rob Riggle's character Gil Thorpe.  The last thing Modern Family needs is more main characters to manuever its sitcom plots around. The show already balances the madcap madness of three families, each of whom could easily star in their own self-contained sitcom, and combines them into a medley of family comedy, so the fact that this spin-off would exist somewhat outside the realm of everyone else is a great idea. So what will this Modern Family spin-off be about exactly? Here are our two ideas. Lily PrimeIn the first two seasons of Modern Family, Lily was a delightfully mute adopted baby that always had the best one expression for every situation. In Season three, this little acting master was cruelly replaced by an overly sarcastic imposter who spouts quippy lines like a cynical 40-year-old. The new Lily has none of the deft subtly that the old Lily possessed. The new spinoff should be a sci-fi drama about the old Lily trying to prove to Mitchell and Cam that new Lily is some Invasion of the Bodysnatchers-style imposter, all the while not saying a single word.  In The Moonlight: The SeriesDylan and Haley 4Evah! Dylan was Haley's first and only true love, and a spin-off chronicling his adventures would be amazing. We've seen Dylan working in Wyoming on a dude ranch, working as a mascot in Disney Land, and even working as a limo driver throughout his appearances in the show, and somehow always managing to bump into the Dunphys. Clearly, he is a Renaissance man of many talents. We would like to see a series about Dylan moving from career to career, hoping to bump into his first love once again... after he forgets how to get to her house. It already has a theme song. More:'Modern Family' Season 5 Photos'Modern Family' Ratings are Down: 5 Ways to Get Viewers BackWill We Finally Get a 'Modern Family' Wedding? Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @CurrentlyJordan //
  • Tom Hanks Does Not Make Us Feel Great About Somali Pirates in 'Captain Phillips' Trailer
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 30, 2013
    There's something uniquely comforting about Tom Hanks. There's something in those eyes of his, or in his demeanor that just oozes control and steely resolve. He's like the perfect dad softly patting you on the back, and telling you everything will be okay. There are a ton of things Tom Hanks can make you feel better about, but everything has its limit, and I don't think even Mr. Hanks could comfort you when a couple of gun-toting pirates raid your boat, and take everyone hostage. That's just asking too much of the man. Tom Hanks struggles to hold everything together in the pulse quickening new trailer for Captain Phillips. Columbia Pictures In the film, Hanks plays Richard Phillips, a captain of a U.S. cargo ship who must defend his boat against a band of Somali pirates who take him and his crew hostage, hoping to secure a hefty ransom for their efforts. He struggles to keep all sides of the conflict under control, but things get unweildy when the military starts to send in soldiers to deal with the pirates. Paul Greengrass dives deep into his sea of tricks, and delivers his brand of documentary-style filmmaking that will transport you right on the freighter. The scenes in the trailer do away with any Hollywood sheen and slickness, and deliver a raw, white knuckle thrill ride that will have you stuck on the edge of your seat, instinctively yelling, "Run, Forest, run!" But when you're stuck on a hijacked boat, there are few places to run, and even fewer places to hide. More:Tom Hanks in 'Saving Mr. Banks' PosterTom Hanks is an Unlikely Hero in 'Captain Philip' Trailer'Foxcatcher' Trailer Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @CurrentlyJordan From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • 'Bob's Burgers' Renewed For a Fifth Season
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 27, 2013
    FOX Before we even got a chance to bite into the juicy, meaty goodness of the season four premiere of Bob’s Burgers, we already have some tasty comedy morsels to look forward to next year. Bob’s Burgers is being renewed for a fifth season. The uproariously funny animated comedy is the underrated anchor of Fox’s inconsistent Animation Domination block of television. While everyone pays attention to the Simpsons or the Griffins, the Belchers have been delivering laughs at a rapid-fire rate thanks to the stupendous voice cast, odd-ball writing, and fantastic music The brainchild of the deranged mind of Loren Bouchard, Bob’s Burgers is a fiercely funny and fiercely original cartoon. It is weird, absurd and completely wacked out of its mind, but it always manages to be sweet. Season four of Bob's Burgers premieres this Sunday at  8:30 pm More:'Boardwalk Empire' Renewed for Season 5'The Simpsons' and 'Family Guy' Planning Crossover Episode'American Horror Story: Coven' Looks Terrifying Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)