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  • 'True Detective' Trailer: Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey Play Bad Cop, Bad Cop
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 09, 2013
    The best player in the World for movie trailers, Hollywood interviews and movie clips. On Sunday, HBO premiered the first full-length trailer for their show True Detective before the Season 4 opener of Boardwalk Empire . In the upcoming drama, Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey play a couple of cops trying to hunt down a serial killer, an investigation that lasts for 17 years.  In the trailer, a toupee'd Harrelson looks over at McConaughey and asks, "Do you wonder ever if you're a bad man?" McConaughey takes no time to consider, lights up a cig, and replies, "The world needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door." It seems justice doesn't always come cleanly in Lousiana. Sometimes you have to get your hands a little dirty. HBO The new crime drama looks like it will play around with what it means to be a cop, testing just how far these officers are willing to go to get the job done. We see police corruption and shady deals a plenty showcased in the trailer, all set to an eerie pop song to boot. This sneak peek promises a lot of faded morality and great performances from the two leads. The show will also do interesting things with time, flashing back between 1995, when the case started, and 2012 where older versions of the cops are recounting their experiences. We even get a glimpse of an older and weathered looking McConaughey towards the end of the trailer. True Detective will consist of an eight episode first season, and follow a similar format to the FX anthology American Horror Story where possible future seasons will replace the cast, and tell a whole new story. While there is no firm air date, the show will premiere sometime in January. More:Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey Get Dark in 'True Detectives''Boardwalk Empire' Season 4 Premiere Recap10 TV Troublemakers to Watch Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our PartnersA Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • A Game of Machines?: 'Game of Thrones' Alum Is Directing the Next 'Terminator' Film
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 06, 2013
    Warner Bros/Everett Collection Alan Taylor, director of the upcoming superhero flick Thor: The Dark World, and director of several Game of Thrones episodes (some of the show's best ones at that) has officially snagged directing duty for the upcoming Terminator film. Taylor's previous work with Thor and Thrones displays his particular talents for fantasy filmmaking.  Besides his work in genre film and television, Taylor has worked on pretty much every HBO show of note, including Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, OZ, and Boardwalk Empire among others. While Thor 2 is only his first massive film project, it will undoubtedly give him the experience necessary to direct the futuristic sci-fi spectacle that the new terminator project is sure to be.  According to Variety, other directors including Rian Johnson, Ang Lee, and Denis Vileneuve were targeted, but it fell to Taylor to continue the Terminator saga, which started almost 30 years ago with the James Cameron original. Taylor delivered the mythical grandeur of Asgard, and the quiet desolation of Harrenhal, but how will he capture the apocalyptic wasteland that awaits us when our Roombas become sentient and start killing their fleshy masters? Only time will tell. More:Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms Terminator Sequel'Thor: The Dark World' TrailerMarvel Phase 3: 'Hulk,' 'Ant-Man,' 'Iron-Man 4,' and 'Doctor Strange' Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Angelina Gets Oscar'ed: Angelina Jolie, Steve Martin, And Angela Lansbury Receive Honorary Oscars
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 06, 2013
    WENN As fun as it is, there's nothing more maddening than watching the Oscars. No one you really want to win ever actually does — it’s like the ultimate abusive relationship. You hope beyond hope that your favorite performace or movie gets credit but you know it never will. Yet every spring, you still tune in to cheer for your favoirites... and then go on the Internet after and complain about the results. You just can’t quit them. The one area that the Oscars usually get it right, however, is with the honorary awards. In fact, the winners of the honorary awards are usually people that deserved Oscars 30 years ago so it was really about time anyway. This year, the academy is honoring Angelina Jolie with The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in November. While Jolie seems pretty young for the award, she has made it her personal mission to save the world with her humanitarian work and definitely deserves it. The lifetime achievement awards will be given to Steve Martin and Angela Lansbury, both of whom have had amazing film careers but have yet to win a prize. Steve Martin has hosted the Oscars so many times that he probably should have already gotten one by default. More:You Cannot Hate Angelina Jolie for Her Double MasectomySteve Martin Becomes a Dad: The 10 Oldest Celebrity DadsAngelina Jolie Makes First Red Carpet Appearance After Double Masectomy Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Robert De Niro Masters the Art of the F-Bomb in New Red Band Trailer for 'The Family'
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 06, 2013
    Ah... Robert De Niro using the f-word... it just feels right. It's like coming home after a long vacation. The trip might have been nice, but you only get to truly call one place your own. And De Niro's home is in those four little letters. There have been previous trailers for The Family, but this newest red band trailer ratchets up the colorful language to its blissful peak, and turns the f-bomb into an expressive piece of art. Bobby D hasn't had a role in a while that has really let him get down and dirty, but The Family looks like the movie that will turn all that PG-13 nonsense around. Most importantly, it looks like the legendary actor is finally having some fun at the movies again.   In the film, De Niro plays Fred Manzoni, an old school Brooklyn wise guy who gets himself and his family shipped to France when they have to enter the Witness Protection Program. Of course, all four members of the family have to deal with the massive culture shock, and old mob habits definitely die hard. The black humor in this trailer makes The Family look like a great comeback for De Niro. Not that he ever truly went away; he's maintained great titles like Silver Linings Playbook, but there's something nostalgic about seeing the actor play a sleezy mobster with a penchant for swearing. In this role, it seems like he's wrapped up his whole mob filmography, from The Godfather Part II to Goodfellas, into one expletive-ladden victory lap. Welcome back, Mr. De Niro. Welcome the f**k back. More:'The Family' TrailerRobert De Niro and John Travolta in 'Killing Season' Trailer'The Family': The Plumber Clip Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Watch New 'American Horror Story: Coven' Teaser: The Dead Don't Lay Still
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 05, 2013
    FX FX’s creeptastic horror series, American Horror Story won’t haunt your TV sets for a few weeks but this clip does give us a little glimpse into what this demented show has in store for us come October. And when I say glimpse I mean a literal glimpse into a dead person's grave, though she’s a little too fidgety to be truly dead. The third season of Ryan Murphy's horror anthology, called American Horror story: Coven, focuses on the history of witches in America and twists the real-life salem witch trials into its narrative. Is this one of the witches of the coven?  Grab a security blanket and watch this unnerving clip. More:Snake Swallowing American Horror Story Poster'American Horror Story: Coven casts Angela Bassett' and Patti LuponeGabourey Sidibe Joins 'American Horror Story' Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey Will Get Dark in HBO's 'True Detective'
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 05, 2013
    "Around here, darkness lives on both sides of the law." The new moody cop series True Detective will start this January according to HBO. The Bayou-based drama features Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as Louisiana detectives attempting to catch a serial killer. If you haven’t already seen the wonderfully atmospheric teaser trailer released in June, do yourself a favor and watch it now. While the clip is short, it's filled with great scenes of muddy wetlands, delapidated buildings, and creepy messages.  It’s simply drenched with tension and certainly makes Louisiana seem like a great setting for a dreary murder mystery. A full-length trailer for the series will premiere right before the season 4 premiere of Boardwalk Empire this Sunday. While there's no firm date in January for the premiere as of yet, winter can't come fast enough. HBO True Detectives continues the recent trend of television studios attracting big name talent to the small screen. Television is quickly becoming a prime destination for stars who are serious about making quality work, and flexing acting muscles they haven't had to use in a while. Matthew McConaughey, especially, is having a bit of a career renniscense as of late, appearing in critically acclaimed films such as, the small-town murder drama Bernie, the indie Mud, the black comedy Killer Joe, and the stripper drama Magic Mike.  Let's hope True Detective is more in line with those films than it is with something like Fool's Gold. More:Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are Heading to HBOBoardwalk Empire TV StillsNetflix is Now More Popular Than HBO Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • Oops!: Local News Station Hangs Up on Oprah
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 05, 2013
    WENN Few things are as precious as getting the chance to talk to Oprah. It should really be on everybody’s bucket list. It’s like meeting Jesus if Jesus was a billionaire talk-show personality. When her royal highness of all televised media descends on your tiny hovel of a local news station and graces her with her presence, you sit, listen, and sell her as many handbags as you can. When Chicago’s WGN Morning News team got the chance to dish with Oprah about her OWN network, by human error or some unfair twist of fate, the phone call cuts off, interrupting Oprah mid-sentence. The gob smacked anchors are left with nothing but dial tone and failure hanging in the air. What follows is a flurry of blaming and self-pity. One anchor even jokingly laments “How do we cut off the one guest we’ve had that people might be interested in watching?” The whole thing is just hilarious. Luckily, Oprah is a great sport about it, calling the station back a few minutes later and joking with them about the mishap. The news crew also takes the mistake in stride, even taking a few playful jabs at Oprah herself. All in all, everything turns out well, and the video of the incident is sure to give the station more attention than an error-free interview would ever recieve. More:Whose Oprah Lie Was Worse: Lohan's or Armstong's'The Butler' Serves Up a New Side to the White HouseOprah's Lindsey Lohan Interview: The 6 Craziest Moments Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our PartnersA Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • Ben Affleck Gambles with His Career in 'Runner Runner' Trailer
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 04, 2013
    The best player in the World for movie trailers, Hollywood interviews and movie clips. Remember two months ago when we all loved Ben Affleck? I know it's hard, but really try to think back. Argo? The Town? Sound familiar? Well, trust me, before all of this Batman business, we couldn't get enough Affleck. He had just won a Best Picture Oscar and was on top of the world. It's like he was willing people to forget about his past stumbles. As if he made Gone Baby Gone just so people would stop making fun of Daredevil, like he made The Town in some attempt to excise Jersey Girl from existence. Affleck was going to take back his career by force. And with Argo, he had finally done it. He was a respected figure of Hollywood again... for a little while anyway... Perception is weird like that. Your worth is never a tally of your life's work, taking in equal measures your successes and failures, but what you've done lately. Ben Affleck was the king of Hollywood for a few months after his Academy-swaying picture. And now, he's the butt of everyone's bad Batman jokes. He might as well have announced Gigli 2: Electric Boogaloo. 20th Century Fox Now we have the trailer for Runner Runner, a new crime drama staring Affleck and Justin Timberlake, and it feels like Ben is going backwards. The trailer features Affleck as the kingpin of a gambling ring who takes a young JT under his wing just in time for the whole thing to go belly-up. Not just the story, but this trailer itself seems destined for failure. Even the choice of music is just downright bizarre. Is it serious, or tongue-in-cheek? Did anyone really want to revisit J-Kwon's 2004 so-called classic "Tipsy"? Does anyone even remember who J-Kwon is? Why is this song featured in the trailer for a crime drama? Couldn't they have chosen a cooler, more relevant rap song? The whole thing would just be generic if it didn’t manage to be so weird at the same time. With all of this in mind, we hold hope that Runner Runner far exceeds expectation. But if you are a fan of Mr. Affleck, you might want to be a little worried. If Runner Runner tanks, and then the Superman/Batman film is as bad as its predecessor, there might be no coming back for Ben. No matter how many Argos he makes. More:Why Ben Affleck is Better Behind the CameraBen Affleck Will Play Batman in 'Man of Steel' Sequel 45 Bad Jokes About Ben Affleck as Batman Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Lebron James Develops New Starz Sitcom — Wait, What!?
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 04, 2013
    Credit : Carrie Devorah/WENN His Jerseyed greatness, LeBron James, is taking his talents to South Beach your TV sets, and not in a sneaker ad or an NBA game or anything else that actually makes sense. The NBA star, who has just racked up his second NBA championship in a row with the Miami Heat, will be developing a new television show with Starz called Survivor’s Remorse.  Yes, you read that right. King James, having no more worlds to conquer in basketball, will serve as executive producer for a television show. According to an interview with USA Today, Survivor's Remorse will explore the struggles of two men, one who is a successful NBA star, and one who is not. I wonder which one James is supposed to be... When discussing the themes in his upcoming show, James said, "I think the main thing for me is, first of all, making it out of a place where you're not supposed to. You're supposed to be a statistic and end up like the rest of the people in the inner city — (and) being one of the few to make it out and everyone looking at you to be the savior." The show will clearly take inspiration from James' own success story and subsequent media scrutiny, but James and his business partner, Maverick Carter, stress that it is not supposed to be a biographical story: "It's definitely not an autobiographical series about my life or LeBron's life; it's fictional characters living in a fictional world," says Carter. While the show's actual premise sounds interesting enough, we can't help but guess as to what some of LeBron's original ideas for the show could have been. Maybe he wanted it to be about the entire city of Cleveland suddenly sinking into a sarlacc pit, or maybe Cleveland being consumed by fire and brimstone Sodom and Gomorrah style. You know, something LeBron would really like to see happen. More:Lamar Odom was Arrested for a DUIFall TV Comedy Picks'Homeland' Season 3 Premiere Leaks Online Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • Jeff Daniels Tweets 'The Newsroom' Renewed for Season 3
    By: Jordan Smith Sep 04, 2013
    Melissa Moseley/HBO No current event is safe. For those of us who like to hear our news a year late and dramatized for effect, The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin's drama about the inner-workings of a cable news network, has been renewed for a third season. Jeff Daniels, who plays Will McAvoy, a news anchor for the fictional ACN network, tweeted the news late yesterday saying “It’s official. “#Newsroom coming back for a Season 3.” While HBO itself hasn’t confirmed the news, it’s a pretty sure bet that the drama will be gracing television sets for a third year. The issue of The Newsroom’s return seems to lie more with Aaron Sorkin and his busy writing schedule. The Newsroom has been a huge ratings hit for the premium cable channel, and we couldn't imagine the network going forward without one of it's flagship programs. The drama often likes to grab its plot points from real-life news stories, it will certainly have a lot of material to cull from next year. More:'The Newsroom': What to Expect in Season 2John Gallagher Jr. on 'Short Term 12'First Promo for Season 2 of 'The Newsroom' Follow @Hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)