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  • What Does 'Gravity's Record-Breaking Opening Weekend Say About American Audiences?
    By: Julia Emmanuele Oct 07, 2013
    Warner Bros Pictures Gravity has had an incredible weekend. In addition to being fact-checked on Twitter by Neil deGrasse Tyson himself, the film made an estimated $55.6 million domestically, which set a record for both October and autumn releases, as well as making it the biggest opening weekend ever for stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. It's also the second biggest opening for director and screenwriter Alfonso Cuarón, behind Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. While the film being a success is not particularly surprising, given the film's star power and overwhelmingly positive reviews, the record-setting debut has caused some critics to remark that Gravity marks a turning point in American cinema. But even if that's too strong of a statement to get behind, the film's success is undeniably a big deal, and so it's not much of a stretch to assume that it could a have a major impact on the film industry. So, what exactly does Gravity's record-breaking opening weekend mean? After all, films have big opening weekends all the time, especially films starring actors like Clooney and Bullock. However, Gravity is an original property with palpable Oscar buzz, which is what gives the achievement such signifigance. Currently, the list of highest-grossing films of all-time is dominated by franchises — all eight Harry Potter films, all three Lord of The Rings, a plethora of superhero movies. However, the summer of 2013 was notable for lacking a definitive "movie of the summer," instead showcasing a series of minor successes or outright bombs. The exceptions, though, were The Heat and We're The Millers, both of which were original films (the former earning its share of critical favor). Studios see franchises and sequels as a safe bet. After all, there's already a built-in audience dying to spend their money on tickets, and it's easy to attract new audience members with all of the publicity. The better these films do at the box office, the more likely studios are to green light them over original or independent films, which are a much bigger risk, financially. But, if the disappointing summer grosses are any indication, maybe Americans are becoming bored with the overwhelming influx of familiar movies and are craving something different.  Perhaps Gravity's being unlike anything audiences have seen or experienced before is actually the film's biggest strength. With the recent influx of reboots and superheroes, audience may be starting to feel some franchise fatigue, and Gravity's originality allows it to stand out from both the action and sci-fi blockbusters that dominated the summer and the emotional awards contenders that come out every winter. That both critics and audiences have been drawn to the film says something not only about the quality of Gravity, but also speaks to the fact that audiences are excited to see a movie that isn't the same thing they've experienced over and over again. Hopefully, seeing movie-goers flock to such an original film will encourage studios to finance more diverse, interesting films, even if only to balance out the huge summer franchises. However, Gravity doesn't just manage to stand out in a sea of similar films; it also has enough varied elements that could appeal to a wide range of movie-goers. Setting aside that fact that everyone loves outer space, Gravity is a thriller that promises enough action and suspense to entice an audience who prefers those kind of films over heavier, awards-baiting material. On the other hand, Gravity also contains intense, emotional performances that have been receiving Oscar buzz, and will help draw in audiences who prefer drama over special effects. And for those who wish for movies to have some sense of familiarity, both Clooney and Bullock are reliable box office draws who are well-liked by audiences, and they provide a sense of comfort to both new audiences and concerned studio heads. Add to all of that the immersive IMAX experience that critics have been raving about, and Gravity was practically designed for success.  It's not the first time that a film with major awards buzz has done incredibly well at the box office — Avatar, the current highest-grossing film of all time, was nominated for nine Academy Awards in 2010 — but early autumn is considered to be the quiet time between blockbuster summers and Oscar season that studios use to release horror films and the animated features that got bumped out of the holiday release schedule. As such, it's those kinds of films that set seasonal records. Gravity's October success only reinforces the idea that audiences are looking for movies that aren't telling the same stories over and over again. If the massive success does change things for American cinema, it will be a rise in interesting, original properties that appeal to the same kind of massive audience that action-packed blockbuster and heavy, dramatic films manage to draw in.  More: 'Gravity' Is A Lacking Story But An Unbelievable Emotional ExperienceUndeniable Proof Sandra Bullock and George Clooney Are Meant to BeEven Sandra Bullock's Son Thinks She Should Date George Clooney Follow @hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Halle Berry Gives Birth to a Baby Boy
    By: Julia Emmanuele Oct 07, 2013
    Alex J. Berliner/AP Images Congratulations, Halle Berry! The Oscar winner and her husband, Olivier Martinez, welcomed a baby boy on Saturday, Oct. 5. Their son, whose name has not been revealed, joins big sister Nahla, Berry's 5 year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Berry and Martinez met in 2010 while working on the film Dark Tide, and were married in France this summer. Berry has said that her daughter has wanted a younger sibling for a long time now, and according to People, Nahla was very happy to visit her mother and new baby brother over the weekend.  Although the actress hasn't said very much about her pregnancy, she did describe the arrival of her second child as "the biggest" and "the most wonderful" surprise. Berry will next appear in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, where she will reprise the role of Storm. The film is scheduled for a 2014 release. Martinez, meanwhile, can next be seen in the film The Physician, which is projected to hit theaters sometime this year.  More: Should Children of Celebrities Be Off-Limits to Paparazzi? Aaron Taylor-Johnson's 'Avengers' Quicksilver vs. Evan Peters' 'X-Men' QuicksilverSix Female Superheroes Who Need Their Own Films Follow @hollywood_com //   From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Take a Break From Work and Look at This Picture of Kim and Kanye's Baby North West
    By: Julia Emmanuele Oct 04, 2013
    Instagram It's Friday afternoon, and pretty much everyone has mentally checked out for the weekend, so there's really no excuse not to take a moment and look at a picture of an adorable baby. Kim Kardashian posted a new picture of baby North to her Instagram account to celebrate being back home with her daughter after spending the week in Paris. Proving that she is definitely Kanye West'ss daughter, North is laying on a white fur blanket, and effectively disproving his assertion that "fur pillows are hard to actually sleep on." It's only the second photo that's been released of the third most famous baby in the world (after Prince George and Blue Ivy, of course), which means that you should definitely take a break from whatever you're working on — or just pretending to work on — and look at this adorable, tiny baby. And if you feel bad about procratinating, just remember that in all likelihood, members of Congress are probably doing the exact same thing. After all, who cares about a shutdown when there's a new Kardashian-West baby picture? More: Kanye West Blasts Paparazzi Hours After Jimmy Kimmel FeudDissecting the 'Rap Feud' Between Kanye West and Jimmy KimmelKanye West - Financial Advisor  Follow @hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • The Promo For the 'Glee' Tribute to Cory Monteith Will Make You Cry
    By: Julia Emmanuele Oct 04, 2013
    Adam Rose/FOX Fans of Glee have been waiting to say their goodbyes to star Cory Monteith since his death in July, and next week they will get their chance, along with the rest of McKinley High. "The Quarterback" will serve as the show's tribute to Monteith and will show the characters grieving over the death of his character, Finn Hudson. You know, because watching Lea Michele's Teen Choice Award acceptance speech didn't make us cry hard enough. The first promo for the episode has been released, and it promises to make even the least-invested Glee fans shed a tear.  The short preview cuts between members of the glee club putting together a shrine for Finn in front of his old locker and shots of Kurt and Rachel crying, scored to Michele's cover of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love". The song will reportedly close out the episode, and will also be the only time that Rachel appears during the hour — although, based on the preview, her performance will be heartbreaking, no matter how much screentime she has. According to showrunner Ryan Murphy, "The Quarterback" will not reveal the cause of Finn's death, and will open after his friends and family have already received the news. Several characters who left the show are set to come back for the episode, incuding Mercedes (Amber Riley), Puck (Mark Salling), Finn's mother Carole (Romy Rosemont), and his stepfather Burt (Mike O'Malley).  Although many current and former Glee fans have had their reservations about the epsisode — after all, Murphy isn't particularly known for his tact — the episode promises to be a loving tribute to a close friend and beloved costar. Murphy revealed that the episode was incredibly difficult to film, and the cast and crew were overwhelmed at times: "Those performances that you'll see, almost everything in that episode is from the first take of every performance because the actors and the crew had a really hard time shooting it. I've never seen a crew that you can't continue shooting because they've left the room sobbing."  "The Quarterback" will air on October 10, after which the show will take a hiatus for baseball playoffs, and the writers are planning to use the time off as an opportunity to figure out the best way to continue without one of its main characters. Watch the preview for the episode below.  The best player in the World for movie trailers, Hollywood interviews and movie clips. More: 'Glee' Season Five Premiere Recap: How To Misuse The BeatlesRanking the 'Dancing With The Stars' Cast In Order of RelevanceDemi Lovato to Romance Naya Rivera on 'Glee' Follow @hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • The 'I Quit' Girl Gets A Job Working For Queen Latifah... Sort Of
    By: Julia Emmanuele Oct 04, 2013
    WENN Forget sending out résumés. If you want to score a job offer from Queen Latifah, all you need is a Kanye West song and a video camera. At least, that's what worked for Marina Shifrin, who quit her job by filming herself dancing around her empty office in the middle of the night to West's "Gone." The clip quickly went viral, which is unsurprising as her former employer is Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese company that produces those weird animated news clips. But before heading back to her parents' basement, Shifrin stopped by The Queen Latifah Show to talk about her video and wound up recieving a job offer from the Queen herself. (That groaning noise you just heard were millions of college graduates complaining about the unfairness of the universe.) Latifah is apparently such a big fan of Shifrin's that she even offered to create a new position for her: digital content producer. After Shifrin got over her shock and disbelief, she found herself with both Internet fame and a new job... sort of. Even though Latifah offered her the position, Shifrin still needed to interview with the boss backstage, where Latifah said they would see if she could "hook [her] up." All of which means that Shifrin may still have to move back in with her parents after all. Based on her Twitter account, it doesn't seem as if Shifrin is working for Queen Latifah yet, although she did write that the rapper-turned-talk-show-host had "changed her life." She is trying to pursue a career in stand-up comedy, and her YouTube account contains clips of her sets along with the now famous video. So, unemployed or underemployed 20-somethings, this is your chance! Jump on this job opening before Shifrin changes her mind! And forget everything you learned in school about networking and writing a perfect cover letter; if you want to get a job, all you need is one viral video.  More: Facts About Sandwiches That Prove the '300 Sandwiches' Couple Is HorribleHorse_ebooks Is A Human!The Guy Behind Modern Seinfeld Gets A TV Show Follow @hollywood_com //   From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Fox Renews 'Sleepy Hollow' For a Second Season After Just 2 Episodes
    By: Julia Emmanuele Oct 03, 2013
    Brownie Harris/FOX While everyone's been busy predicting which one of the new fall shows will be the first to get canceled, Fox has quickly renewed the supernatural-meets-procedural drama Sleepy Hollow after only two episodes. The network ordered another 13-episode season for next fall, after the show delivered their biggest series premiere since 24 back in 2001. The decision to order another season instead of simply adding a "back 9" is likely a result of entertainment chief Kevin Reilly's attempt to compete with cable networks by developing more short-season dramas.  Even though only two episodes have aired, Sleepy Hollow has already gained a massive cult following on the Internet. Much of its popularity is probably due to star Orlando Jones, who live-tweets the episodes and shares behind-the-scenes trivia with fans. Jones has even started collecting fan fiction and fan art through his Twitter account, and he sometimes recommends his favorites to the "Sleepyheads" that follow him.  Sleepy Hollow follows Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), who dies in 1781, only to wake up in Sleepy Hollow, New York in 2013. Unfortunately, he has brought with him the Headless Horseman, who begins wreaking havoc and killing people in the town. Ichabod teams up with Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) to solve the murders, and defeat the dark supernatural forces at work. Jones plays Captain Frank Irving, while John Cho also stars as Det. Luke Morales. Sleepy Hollow airs Monday nights at 9pm ET on Fox.  More: 5 Reasons to Watch Fox's 'Sleepy Hollow''Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: 'The Slump''New Girl' Recap: Sh** Just Got Real  Follow @hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • Watch 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Featurette Put the Audience In the Arena
    By: Julia Emmanuele Oct 03, 2013
    Lionsgate Perhaps no other film this year has been more highly-anticipated than The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and even though there's still a little more than a month to go until its release, the studio has been steadily providing fans with posters and trailers to ramp up excitement even further. It says a lot about the buzz surrounding the film that a new behind-the-scenes featurette all about shooting the film in IMAX inspires more excitement than frustration — primarily due to director Francis Lawrence's admission that the film will not actually use the IMAX technology until Katniss enters the arena.  The best player in the World for movie trailers, Hollywood interviews and movie clips. According to Lawrence, as Katniss rides in the elevator up to the battlefield, the screen will transition out of scope in order to provide the audience members with an immersive experience that puts them right in the middle of the action. It's like being able to compete in the Hunger Games yourself, without that pesky threat of death. Catching Fire's approach to using IMAX is also pretty refreshing, considering how many blockbusters treat it as a way to charge insane ticket prices for a few underwhelming shots in 3D.  The featurette also includes short interviews with the franchise's stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, the latter of whom promises that the film was shot with an attention to detail that is sure to please die-hard fans of the books. Check out what else they had to say about the filming process in the featurette, before The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens in theaters on November 22.   More: 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Tickets Officially On SaleThe Official 'Catching Fire' Soundtrack TracklistingListen To Coldplay's Brooding 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Theme Follow @hollywood_com //   From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Britney Spears Looks Like Her Old Self in Her 'Work, B**ch' Video
    By: Julia Emmanuele Oct 02, 2013
    Despite staging her actual comeback in 2008 with Circus, it wasn't until recently that it felt like Britney Spears might actually be returning to her former glory. Nothing showcases that more than the video for her latest single, "Work, B**ch". While the song itself is the kind of generic but annoyingly catchy pop that Spears has made her trademark, there's something remarkable about the video. No, not the scantily clad women on leashes, or the obvious product placement. The most striking thing about the video is that Spears looks better and healthier than she has in years.  In fact, Spears looks so good that watching "Work, B**ch" feels a bit like watching one of the pop diva's old videos — Spears and her team seem to feel the same way, as the video is full of references to "Classic Britney." Between the "Slave 4 U" dance moves in a pink, "Lucky"-style gown and an outfit and set inspired by "Me Against the Music," it's obvious that this is the comeback that Spears needs in order to once again hold her own on the pop charts. Oh, and did we mention that she's dancing again? She's clearly trying to erase all memories of her awkward "Gimme More" performances by going all out on the choreography.  Spears' return to form comes at a very important time, as she recently confirmed her upcoming Vegas residency (which is why the video feels like a four-minute ad for the shows). While tickets would probably sell out regardless of what condition Spears is in, but audiences have high standards for her concerts, and exceeding them would be exactly what she needs to finally put all of her bad press behind her. Whatever happens, "Work, B**ch" seems to be working for her, in more ways than one, so maybe this will finally be the Britney Spears comeback that works.  More: Britney's Zillionth Comeback is Going To Be FierceBritney Spears 'Works' It In Her New Single ArtworkWill We Ever Stop Obsessing About Britney Spears' Body?  Follow @hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: 'The Slump' Shows Off Some Hilariously Weird Cops
    By: Julia Emmanuele Oct 02, 2013
    FOX "The Slump" is a bit of an unfortunate title for the third episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as it was the weakest episode thus far. However, it did give the show the opportunity to explore its supporting characters, and like Parks and Recreation, promises to be building up an ensemble of hilariously weird co-workers. The main plot of the episode focused on the surprising slump that Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) has found himself in. It turns out that the best detective in the precinct hasn't been able to close a single one of his cases lately, and it's starting to get to him.  Peralta gathers everyone together to collect suggestions for how to break his slump, but they are either unhelpful (get married... and then get divorced), impractical (finding a stranger in a hotel bar in Montreal and sleeping with them), or just plain impossible (10,000 situps). Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) suggests that he simply work a case until it's solved, which Peralta of course dismisses off hand. He eventually gives Holt's advice a go, but after a string of particularly miserable failures — including forgetting to check an elderly lady for her ID and busting a reported meth lab only to find out it was the apartment of an old man and his parakeets — Peralta comes to the conclusion that he's cursed. The announcement is accompanied by a beautifully timed spray of water form a malfunctioning urinal, and Samberg plays the moment perfectly, defeat clearly written on his face. When Peralta comes to Holt with this new development, Holt tells him about a guy from his old precinct, Smitty, who was so cursed that nobody ever wanted to work cases with him, and so he sticks Peralta on desk duty until the slump is over. He even goes so far as to give him a rabbit's foot that Smitty recommended, and pops up at random intervals to remind Peralta to rub it for good luck. Braugher does a wonderful job of including the audience in the joke on Peralta, and proving that beneath his tough exterior, Holt has a great sense of humor. The monotony of desk work helps jog Peralta's memory, and he manages to solve a case and break his slump — which, of course, was Holt's plan all along.  However, the episode's two sub-plots were the real highlights. Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) has been asked by Holt to head up the junior police officer program, and she forcibly recruits Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) to help her. Gina (Chelsea Peretti) offers her own assistance, but is rebuffed, and when she shows up to the meeting anyway to heckle Santiago and Diaz, she manages to steal everyone's attention. Peretti really gets to shine, however, at the very end of the epsiode, when she performs a magnificently weird intrepretive dance to Christina Aiguilera's "Beautiful" ... for some reason. Meanwhile, Sgt. Jeffords (Terry Crews) spends most of the episode trying and failing to assemble a princess castle for his daughter's birthday. It's a joke that has been done so many times that it's practically a sitcom staple, so it's a testament to Crews' delivery that he manages to make it the funniest part of the epsiode. Jeffords, along with Gina, is quickly becoming one of the funniest and interesting characters on the show, and it would be wonderful to see them develop a bigger presence.  Episode Highlights:- Gina's favorite cop movie is Bad Boys, becuase it has "a hot cup of Tea Leoni"- Jeffords enjoys playing his lineup character, Mean Terry, because he says what regular Terry is thinking: "I'm late for the farmer's market!"- Holt: "What did I tell you about doing voices?" Peralta: "I'm a storyteller, sir. It's my craft." - Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) keeps giving Peralta nicknames throughout the episode, the best of which is "Jake Hammer" and is accompanied by the appropriate sound effects. More: 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' Recap: 'The Tagger''How I Met Your Mother' Still Has HeartHBO's 'Getting On' Looks Hilariously Gross Follow @hollywood_com // From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)20 Grisliest TV Deaths of 2012-2013 (Vulture)
  • 5 Possible Reasons Why Justin Bieber Needed To Be Carried Up The Great Wall of China
    By: Julia Emmanuele Oct 01, 2013
    Instagram Whatever Zach Galiafianakis had to say clearly didn't sink in, as Justin Bieber has pulled yet another stupid stunt. Apparently, when visiting the Great Wall of China during a tour stop in Beijing, the singer had his bodyguards carry him to the top of the landmark on his shoulders. To make matters worse, the incident occured after he had forced his bodyguards to chase after him as he skateboarded around the city's streets. Of course, once photos hit the Internet, people began chastising Bieber for his entitlement and petitioning for his guards to get a large Christmas bonus.  But what if we're all being too quick to judge the Biebs? What if, instead of just being an obnoxious jerk, there's actually a perfectly reasonable explanation for why he needed to be carried? Just in case Bieber's simply misunderstood, we've come up with five possible reasons why he may have needed some help navigating the steps of the Great Wall.  He woke up thinking he was an Egyptian Pharaoh.You know how it is: one day you're ruling over ancient Egypt, the next you're in the body of an international pop star. Bieber's bodyguards were just trying to be kind to the visiting spirit and prevent him from experiencing too much culture shock by engaging in behaviors that would be familiar and comforting. After all, a pharaoh wouldn't understand how to walk in those oversized high tops any more than Bieber would be able understand hieroglyphics. He contains too much "swaggie" for his legs to support.Made up primarily of hair gel and "swaggie," Bieber must bear the burden of his swag on a daily basis. Sometimes, though, he adds on one too many diamond necklaces and his legs simply can't carry him anymore. So, when his knees started to buckle in the middle of his outing, there was simply no other option than for the bodyguards to carry him until his body started to recover.  He was worn out from his concert the night before.Headlining a world tour is no easy undertaking, and Bieber is too young to have developed the stamina to entertain hundreds of thousands of people and be able to go sightseeing the next day. Besides, nothing blows through naptime quite like tourism. Bieber obviously wanted to see everything that China had to offer, but he was getting very sleepy, so his bodyguards simply carried him to the top so he could squeeze in a nap that could be spotted from space.  It was a performance art piece about the nature of celebrity.Instead of simply being an entitled jerk, Bieber was actually trying to make a statement about our society's relationship with celebrities, and how fame will carry you up to the top of the world, but its fleeting nature means that you will be forced to find your own way back down before you're pushed to the bottom. Unfortunately, he chose not to consult performance artist Marina Abramović beforehand, as it would have lended his efforts a bit more credibility.  He was trying to avoid peeing in a bucket again.When you've gotta go, you've gotta go, but when you're halfway up the Great Wall of China, you don't have a lot of options. Since we all know how well things turned out the last time Bieber couldn't make it to a proper toilet, his bodyguards carried him so that he could quickly take in the view before hitting the restroom. It wasn't like he was going to urinate on a foreign landmark — he does have some standards of decency.  More: Zach Galifianakis Calls Out Justin Bieber On 'Between Two Ferns'Justin Bieber Is Officially A Worse Role Model Than Lindsay LohanJustin Bieber Is 'Grown Up' Now That His Fans Throw Bras Follow @hollywood_com //   From Our Partners:A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013) (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)