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    By: Loretta Donelan Dec 19, 2013
    United Feature Syndicate Don't those same holiday classics get a little old? Party after party, store after store, it's a never-ending cycle of "All I Want for Christmas Is You" and "Jingle Bells." Now, it turns out that you just need a bit of a twist to revive those tired classics. Check out these jazzy remixes, perfect for the background of your party or for when you're feeling festive, but want something new. "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (Stuhr Remix)" – Kay StarrThis remix of a romantic classic is too cool to be believed.  "White Christmas (Kascade remix)" – Bing CrosbyA jazzy take on a crooning favorite, perfect for cool background music.  "The Nutcracker Suite (Baz Kuts Breaks Mix)" – Berlin Symphony OrchestraThis glitchy take on the instrumental classic manages to retain the beauty of the original.  "Happy Holidays (Beef Wellington Remix)" – Bing CrosbyThis cheerful remix is perfect for dancing around the Christmas tree. "Baby, It's Cold Outside (Remix)" – Louis Armstrong and Velma MiddletonThough the implications of this song are questionable, this is a lovely and minimal mix.  "Sleigh Ride (The Latin Project Remix)" – Ella FitzgeraldThis chill and grooving remix is perfect for any party.  "Silent Night (46 Bliss Remix)" – Mahalia Jackson Jackson's gorgeous deep voice goes perfectly with this ambient soundscape. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (MNO Remix)" – Rosemary ClooneyAt first, it's hard to tell where this mix is going, but it eventually builds to an awesome combo of classic crooning and ambient cool.  Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • The Ultimate 'Game of Thrones' Gift Guide
    By: Loretta Donelan Dec 19, 2013
    HBO Doesn't everyone know someone who's obsessed with Game of Thrones? And they don't ever just casually watch it; it is almost always an obsession. Luckily, that GoT is craving some serious Westeros merch, and there is tons of it out there. Here are some of the best Game of Thrones gifts in the land.  The bobble headsDidn't think that a white walker could be adorable? Doubted that Daenerys could look ridiculous? Think again with these adorable, yet strangely accurate bobble heads. There are tons available for all your favorite characters. The life-size Iron Throne replicaUm, this is for someone you realllyyy care about. The sort of someone who you would spend $30,000 on a holiday gift for. You don't know that person? Me neither. Move along.  The posterThis truly beautiful map of Westeros would make a great gift for your standard GoT fan. It's a reasonable gift on its own, but it would be something special if you got it framed. The beer mugsMade to mimic those oft-used flagons on the show, these handcrafted beer mugs are a perfect artisanal gift.  The beerThe perfect thing to drink in your beer mug (for over-21 fans), this brewery has made a few different GoT beers. The current brew is called Take the Black Stout. Check out their website to find where it's sold.  The cookbookEver look at the feast scenes in GoT and think, that looks lovely, if they weren't about to die? Well, for those foodie Game of Thrones fans, you can buy A Feast of Ice and Fire, the show's official cookbook, which shows you how to cook recipes from different regions of Westeros.  The board gameGamers often happen to be Game of Thrones fans, so where can you go wrong with this highly rated board game? The braceletThere is so much Game of Thrones jewelry out there that it's hard to pick just one. In addition to this delicate "winter is coming" cuff bracelet, there are plenty more available on Etsy for reasonable prices. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Weekly Highlights: Miley Twerks on Santa and More
    By: Loretta Donelan Dec 17, 2013
    Splash News Here are some of this week's festive highlights from Flavorwire, VH1, Celebuzz, and, ranging from twerking to tinsel. Check out Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's Kanye-inspired Christmas card. It's a parody of the "Bound 2" music video, but it has to be seen to be believed. See for yourself at Celebuzz.  Miley twerks on Christmas tree, Santa. This stuff isn't even surprising anymore. Listen to VH1 Celebrity's commentary on Miley's Jingle Ball adventures. Which Christmas classics were recorder by Jewish singers?Flavorwire uncovers the famous Christmas renditions that are sung by Hanukah celebrators. Find out the top ten tracks.  Geek out with these famous holiday sweaters. provides a guide to the geekiest sweaters you can buy for that super fan you know. Check out the list here. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Tyra Banks: Our Favorite Selfies
    By: Loretta Donelan Dec 14, 2013
    tyrabanks/instagram Instagram selfies have recently ripped off Tyra Banks' "smize." Instead of smiling with their eyes, Instagram users are "squinching," which basically seems to be squinting in a sexy way. The squinch has a long way to go before it overtakes the smize. Just look at Tyra Banks' own Instagram. In most of her selfies, she's working the smize, and she often reposts others' takes on the expression. Check out Tyra's fiercest Instagram selfies (though some goofy ones made it in there as well) below.  GALLERY: Our Favorite Tyra Banks Selfies Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • What Made Flavorwire's "Most Overrated Albums of 2013" List?
    By: Loretta Donelan Dec 13, 2013
    Here are some of this week's highlights from Flavorwire, VH1, Celebuzz, and, ranging from Daft Punk to Game of Thrones. Warren Fu/Daft Punk The Von Trapp family wanted Anne Hathaway to play Maria in NBC's Sound of Music.The real Von Trapps were not pleased about Carrie Underwood. Find out the scathing things the family had to say about the casting choice at Celebuzz. Find out what the most overrated albums of 2013 were. And there are some controversial choices on that list, including that much appreciated Daft Punk album. Find out if your favorite made the list and read the predictably enraged comments at Flavorwire.  Chech out Kim Kardashian's post-baby bikini bod. In a stunning Us Weekly cover image, Kim shows that her body is back. Check out the photo at VH1 celebrity. Find out which beloved, and dearly departed, Game of Thrones star will be joining Batman vs. Superman. Hint: he's super sexy. Find out who it is at  Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Kim Kardashian: Our Favorite Selfies
    By: Loretta Donelan Dec 06, 2013
    kimkardashian/instagram Kim Kardashian knows how to take a good selfie. We recently found out that she will grab someone's phone and delete a picture of her if it was taken without flash. She recently gave advice on taking selfies: chin up and work that duck face. Her selfies are often glamorous, though she has some goofy ones in there as well. She has yet to take one with baby North West, but it's sure to happen soon.  From her post-baby bod to her scary vampire facial, here are Kim's best selfies.  GALLERY: Our Favorite Kim Kardashian Selfies Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Weekly Highlights: Notable TV Deaths of 2013 and More
    By: Loretta Donelan Dec 06, 2013
    HBO Here are some of this week's highlights from Flavorwire, VH1, Celebuzz, and, ranging from Joe Jonas to Jane Austen. Dylan Sprouse disses Joe Jonas. Wait, are Disney stars allowed to diss each other? Joe recently wrote a tell all article about his experience with Disney, and Dylan thinks he was being over-dramatic. Find out more at Celebuzz. It's the end of the year, so it's time to honor 2013's most regrettable tweets. From nude selfies to April Fools faux pas, it's been a memorable, or regrettable year for Twitter. We're looking at you Alec Baldwin and Donald Glover. (What's going on, 30 Rock?) Find out the year's losers at VH1 Celebrity. In another retrospective, here are the most notable TV deaths of 2013.And there have been far too many. Rest in piece, every character we've ever loved. Flavorwire has the depressing list. You can now play a Jane Austen role playing game. It's called Ever, Jane, and it just got funded on Kickstarter. Find out more about the proper RPG at Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Is 'Anchorman 2' the Most Heavily Publicized Movie of All Time?
    By: Loretta Donelan Dec 06, 2013
    Jason LaVeris/Getty No one can escape Anchorman 2. It seems that everywhere we turn (in real life and virtually), there's Will Ferrell in character as Ron Burgundy. In order to promote the sequel to the highly popular Anchorman, Paramount Pictures has created a world in which Ron Burgundy and his World News Center actually exist. By merging fiction with reality, it's easy to believe that we live in a world in which Ron Burgundy says "stay classy" on our TV networks. The few who haven't seen the ubiquitous original probably can't help but wonder about who this character is, and what all the hype is about. It's hard to go anywhere on the internet without seeing videos of Will Ferrell sincerely making a fool of himself. The movie has released hundreds of custom videos for different situations. At the MTV Europe awards, they released a video of Daft Punk and Bugundy touring Amsterdam. Paramount Pictures has fully embraced social media in their promotional efforts, and they seem to really understand that people want their ads to be entertaining in themselves.  Get More: EMA 2013, Full Episodes, Will Ferrell There's also the much publicized promotional stint at Emerson College, where Ferrell visited in character. For one day, Emerson's School of Communication was named The Ron Burgundy School of Communication. Emerson even sent out a press release, complete with fake quotes from Burgundy. This is the sort of way that Emerson College would honor a real news anchor, and it's interesting that the school has chosen to participate in this promotional blending of fiction with higher education.  Other stints of marketing include the recent Dodge partnership, in which Ron Burgundy advertises the new cars and an online competition to win a Dodge Durango. There's also his recently published memoir, a partnership with Washington DC's Newseum, an iOS game, and many, many more. Read more about the amazing marketing efforts at Adweek, and read a criticism of all the hype at Flavorwire.  Will the movie, recently moved up to a December 18th release, attract a proportionate amount of viewers to its vast marketing campaign? Only time will tell. But it seems that nothing has matched the marketing surrounding Anchorman 2, and it's sure to influence the future of movie marketing.  Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Weekly Highlights: The Best Movember Mustaches and More
    By: Loretta Donelan Nov 29, 2013
    NBC Here are some of this week's highlights from Flavorwire, VH1, Celebuzz, and, ranging from Miley to mustaches. Was Miley making an anti-internet statement at the AMAs?The performance, which featured cat images in the background, was a clear reference to internet culture. Pair that with the accusatory intimacy of "Wrecking Ball," and it turns into a condemnation of the internet's scrutiny of Cyrus. That's what Judy Berman argues at Flavorwire. Find out who's winning Celebuzz's Celeb Games. In honor of Catching Fire, Celebuzz has pitted Hollywood's hottest stars against each other. Who would win: Justin Bieber or Britney Spears? Lady Gaga or Kanye West? Follow the games at Celebuzz. Relive the best moments from Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special. Everyone agrees that "The Day of the Doctor" was amazing. The special episode, which brought back fan favorites like Billie Piper and David Tennant, was a hit with the most ardent fans of the Doctor. Relive its best moments at  In honor of Movember, some of Hollywood's best mustaches.They range from the manly to the truly terrible. And, let's be honest, it's not easy to pull off a mustache. But surprisingly, they abound in Hollywood, even outside of the month of November. Check out 'staches from Nick Offerman's to Ryan Gosling's at Vh1. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Justin Bieber: Our Favorite Selfies
    By: Loretta Donelan Nov 29, 2013
    justinbieber/instagram Justin Bieber seems to have two types of selfie: the shirtless, brooding pose and the well-coifed teen popstar look. And he can really pull off both.  Bieber is such a selfie master that he has recently announced his sponsorship of a selfie-taking app. Called "Shots of Me," the app is a social network exclusively made for selfies. You can download it here. First, though, check out the best of his selfies taken on the venerable picture taking platform, Instagram.  GALLERY: Justin Bieber's Best Selfies Follow @Hollywood_com //