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    By: Michael Griffin Feb 15, 2014
    FayesVision/WENN I like puns. If they are done well. The problem is that they are often done badly. Chelsea Handler's new book, "Uganda Be Kidding Me" falls squarely in that category. What's it supposed to mean? Some dumb version of "You Gotta Be Kidding Me?" It also just made me wish that she would go away. Yes, bad puns offend me that much. I have never been a big fan of Handler's — yes, I've watched her show. It's not a blind dislike here. But I never understood why her doomed network sitcom, Are You There, Chelsea? starring Laura Prepon, even got greenlit. It's a good thing Prepon, who I have been a big fan of since her days on That 70's Show, moved on to the far superior Orange Is the New Black. She's far from the only person that I wish would see their Fame Clock expire: Carrot Top, pretty much all of the talking heads on Fox News, Kim Kardashian... Handler first really got on my bad side with her very tasteless turn as the host of the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010 (though I still think they should just have been called the MTV Reality Show Awards by that time). It's probably a telling point that she wasn't deemed fit to return by an awards show that once had Madonna writhe around on stage in a wedding dress while singing, "Like A Virgin." Of course, many may point out a big reason that she got her show in the first place was because she was dating Ted Haubert, the head of the E! Entertainment Network at the time before he went to NBC. (Where her Prepon-led show landed. Hmm.) While romantic relationships between actors and their producers are not terribly uncommon, we're not brought to consider nepotism in regards to Katey Sagal on Sons of Anarchy (she is Kurt Sutter's wife) or Christa Miller on Scrubs and Cougar Town (she's married to Bill Lawrence). Because they actually have talent, and we couldn't imagine anyone else playing their respective characters, regardless of off-screen connections. So, maybe the clock will strike on Handler's Fame Clock. Then someone equally undeserving will step in. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • Will There Actually Be Wedding Bells on 'Castle'?
    By: Michael Griffin Feb 09, 2014
    ABC Television Network Right now, Richard Castle and and Kate Beckett are engaged to be married on Castle. They are planning their wedding while also solving crimes and getting into precarious situations. The biggest unsolved mystery seems to be whether these two will actually make it to the altar. Will everyone's hopes be dashed once again? By this point, fans have had the football yanked away about 800 times. The show has teased, taunted, prodded, and practically kicked up with innuendo only to back up each time and now that they have finally united them. But sadly, I'm afraid we might see them split once more. Here's three possibilities: 1) Beckett Puts Up Her Walls Again I know that she's sworn up and down that she's going to stop with the whole "secrets" thing with Castle, but the woman laid down more bricks than the Great Wall of China. There's going to be another time when she shuts her feelings down. I just hope that it's not the day of the wedding, or someday close to it. But there will undoubtedly be some drama up ahead. 2) Castle Does Something Really, Really Dumb In the Castle universe, Beckett closes off her feelings and Castle acts too quickly on them, often doing impulsive things without bothering to check how it might impact others. That's trouble enough if you're single. If you're married or engaged, even worse. Let's just hope that several decades from now, he isn't hosting his own talk show and seeking wife No. 10. I could see him doing something so dumb that it goes way beyond the mere eye-rolling reaction and stern talking-to that it usually elicits. So yeah, it would stink if the wedding was called off because of that. 3) Something Bad Happens to Alexis or Martha So far, the engagement has withstood Castle's daughter being kidnapped half a world away, but if there were something more... final to happen to either Alexis or Martha, it'd be hard for the wedding to move forward. Never mind the wedding! If either character were to exit permanently, the show itself would really suffer, since both of them serve to also ground Castle and give him perspective in any of his own troubles. Were this to happen, I think it would be fatal for the show itself. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • Season 2 of 'The Following' Is on the Same Bad Track
    By: Michael Griffin Feb 08, 2014
    FOX Broadcasting Co. The first three episodes of The Following's second season have aired, and I have to say that it seems to be much of the same that made the first season sink into the morass that reduced it to "How Dumb Is This Thing Going to Become?" status. I am issuing early warning here that I will be saying some spoilery things from these episodes, so if you haven't watched them... close out of this piece now. Let's review what has exactly happened. A new cult, or a splinter of the old one, has come to New York on the anniversary of Joe Carroll's (James Purefoy) death to try to lure him out of hiding. He apparently survived the explosion from last season's finale. They wear really creepy masks of Carroll. This is a fact that has escaped the totally annoying Emma (Valorie Curry), the one cult member that survived that whole season-ending bloodbath despite her BEING THE ONE I WANTED DEAD THE MOST. She's no longer wearing a pixie cut, instead going with a Lisbeth Salander goth look. The ones trying to get Carroll include a pair of French twins who like to kill people and then talk to them after their death, with one of them looking exactly like Christian Bale's character in American Psycho. In fact, I expect him to suddenly start talking about Genesis' Invisible Touch album. Yeah, Carroll's alive. He's been livingin some rural town with a hooker (Carrie Preston) and her daughter, sporting a beard and baseball cap in the world's worst homage to Robert De Niro's Deer Hunter, replete with the most horrifying attempt at a southern accent. Of course, the show nudges Carroll to come out of hiding to New York. To me, it doesn't feel surprising when Carroll finally roars (or does his best imitation of roaring), "I. AM. INEVITABLE!" and then mercifully kills a priest who had discovered Carroll's real identity. No, he doesn't kill him by talking him to death, which is surprising, since Carroll loves the sound of his voice and talks and talks and talks and makes me glad I have a hearing aid to turn off to mute him. The show tries to make the killing a moral gray area, since the priest actually isn't that great of a guy because he keeps sleeping with the prostitute and leers at her daughter. But Carroll's first kill in a year doesn't make us feel anything, because we were all waiting for him to do that. A pacifistic Joe Carroll makes this show even more mundane than ever. In the third episode, Carroll kills his hooker girlfriend after she finds the dead body of the priest. Actually, no, her daughter does it, since she is smitten with him despite his track record of, you know, KILLING WOMEN. They torch the place while Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" plays in the background, one of the most ludicrous background songs I think I've ever heard given the context. I love that song. I think this severely hurt that. Let's not forget the the tired trope of Lily Gray, one of the first victims of the subway attack in the first episode, played by Connie Nielsen, turning out to be a follower herself. Add the fact that it had one of those aggravating chases, you know, where a pursuee (Hardy) is chasing someone (Gray) at full speed while the other person walks  at an ambling gait a mere 20 feet ahead on a street and STILL DOESN'T CATCH HER. Yes, that happens here. Oh... and she's the mother of those two psycho twins. Of course.   Oh yes, how can we forget Kevin Bacon and his character of Ryan Hardy. You see, he's still obsessed with Joe Carroll, even going as far as to enlist his niece to help him out. But he's not revealing anything to law enforcement, including his former partner last season, Ice. His refusal to do so put quite a few people at risk, but he's just so tortured that he keeps all the info to himself. Bacon seems to be doing all the filming with a "I'm being paid by direct deposit, RIGHT?" expression. It's amazing he's gone three episodes thus far and hasn't been punched by someone.  I admit that I am already slipping back into my hate-watching mood when watching. Relax, dude. It's  just a show. Just be entertained. The thing is, there has to be even a semblance of intelligence to even do that. When I see how sloppy the FBI seems to be in corralling these criminals, I shake my head. If they were this bad in real life, the United States would be taken over by another country in five minutes. So all I can do now is watch more and see if the show continues yet another downward spiral. Then we may be spared a third season. Also, I'm sure that Bacon knows that his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, would have solved all this in two episodes of The Closer.   Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • Time to Get 'Suits' Out of Winter Storage Soon
    By: Michael Griffin Feb 07, 2014
    USA It's the bitterest of winters and spring seems near and yet so far. Fear not, though, there's news that will brighten your day. Suits is coming back to TV in March. The sassy, snarky people of the constantly re-named law firm that employs Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) will be heating up your living room. Of course, the madness will all be overseen by Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), a good, strong woman boss who more than holds her own against the supposed boys club that is Law. With all due respect to Almost Human's  Kennex and Dorian, Specter and Ross have the best bromance on TV. Macht and Adams have great banter between each other despite events that strained their professional and personal friendships in the past. This must continue this season - it's part of the glue that really holds the show together. Of course, they can get mad at each other every now and then — the show needs drama, after all. But if it drags on too long, then the show loses some of its luster. The character whose personal change works best is Litt. At the show's beginning, he was supposed to be the firm's resident jerk and foil for Specter and Ross. As the seasons have passed, he has slowly fleshed out into a really loyal person with his own code of honor. The events in last season's finale  had him learning of Ross' duplicity regarding the fact that he had never attended Harvard Law School — or any law school for any matter. This is a fact that Pearson and Specter both know, but have kept under wraps. If the old, first season Litt re-emerges, all hell could break loose. I'd actually be very sad if that happened, since Hoffman has been turning in a consistently nuanced performance straddling the line of a comedic device and real person. The fourth season is kind of a tricky one. By all accounts, it should really be hitting its stride and firing on all cylinders, since the cast is largely comfortable with each other. Then again, it has to also push some envelopes, so as not to become stale. The problem is, if they push in the wrong direction, then things can fall apart very, very quickly and it's hard to get viewers back after missteps. But if the cast keeps its cohesiveness, then that would go a long, long way. That said, get ready for March 6. Spring and sunshine won't be too far behind. Time to get the suits out of storage. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • Will 'The Rover' Help Robert Pattinson Get Past His 'Twilight' Image?
    By: Michael Griffin Feb 06, 2014
    A24/Fresh Movie Trailers/YouTube Robert Pattinson apparently had enough of being known for being Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies and as the actor that adorns all the covers of the teenage magazines (and who gets a metric ton of ribbing in the lad magazines like Maxim). He's definitely far from being the pale, sparkly heartthrob vampire in The Rover, an upcoming film set in a desolate, dystopian future in the Australian Outback (New country motto: "Now EVERYTHING Here Wants To Kill You, Not Just The Animals and Insects"). This isn't some sort of hasty image makeover, like New Kids On the Block suddenly attempting to rap or Michael Jackson trying to look tough on Bad. It's not Pattinson doing some romantic comedy, like the ill-received Remember Me, in between filming Twilight sequels. He looks nothing like anything we've seen him in before — his normally thick hair has been shaved nearly bald and he sports a perpetual stubble. Also, his frame is gaunter, since his character probably lives day-by-day in terms of finding his next source of food. He looks just very jagged and hard — though his trademark thick eyebrows are still present. Watch Pattinson's eyes in every scene he appears in the trailer. They're constantly watchful, cautious, even almost feral. They show a survival instinct, where they have to take every bit of detail going on around them to make sure they don't miss anything. Listen during the whole trailer... his character doesn't speak once, except in an almost involuntary shout as he ducks behind a bed during a fusillade of gunfire. Another former cover boy, Guy Pearce, stars alongside him and looks like if he went another week without shaving, he'd resemble Tom Hanks in Cast Away. One person who Pattinson could probably identify with is Brad Pitt, another man vying for the world record of Highest Cheekbones. Pitt also decided he just wanted to be known as an actor, and not someone who relied on being easy on the eyes. This could be Pattinson's Twelve Monkeys. if he succeeds, then people like Hayden Christiensen, who is probably very tired of hearing people mock him about those "grains of sand" lines in Star Wars, might want to take note. Otherwise, we might see Pattinson in a Twilight reboot a decade or so from now. Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @literateartist
  • 'Spaceballs': Still Hilariously Funny After All This Time
    By: Michael Griffin Feb 06, 2014
    MGM via Everett Collection Spaceballs, Mel Brooks' homage to all things sci-fi related recently came out on Netflix Instant Watch and I watched it. Aside from a few dated references, it was as sidesplittingly hilarious as the day that I saw it in the theaters back in 1987. Now... I warn you. This is one of those movies that, if you bring it up to any male over the age of 35, he will start spouting line after line after line of dialogue (The Princess Bride is another one). Just ride it out if you have to. I won't subject you to that, though. It's got a great cast — my favorite out of all the Brooks movies — with Bill Pullman, John Candy (rest in peace), Rick Moranis, Daphne Zuniga, the voice of Joan Rivers and Brooks himself as a spoof of Yoda (Yogurt). The cast seemed to have genuine fun making this movie, and it shows in their exuberant, campy performances. It's rated PG but the language is a little coarse, so watch an edited version on regular TV if you're watching it with kids younger than 12. One thing that I need to explain to recent teenagers about the dated references. A "Dot Matrix," the name of Rivers' android character, was a type of printer that was in widespread use. It moved at the speed of a typewriter on amphetamines and screeched as loudly. Heaven forbid you had to print out a paper in college at 2 in the morning. It woke up half the dorm room floor. Video cassettes were used to record and watch movies. It required a lot of rewinding and fast forwarding. The Internet was far from being widely used and cell phones were larger than phone books and mostly restricted to rich people's cars. Still, while the movie was hilarious, I did find myself getting into joke fatigue around three quarters of the way through this viewing. What Brooks did here was pretty much take every joke that he could think of and throw them at the wall to see what would stick. It's nearly a non-stop barrage, and by the time you reach the Alien tribute near the ending of the movie, you might only have energy for a "heh" reaction. Then again, I think my sides were still sore from laughing too hard earlier. So, I can't recommend this movie highly enough. I'm thrilled it's on Netflix Instant Watch. It's a perfect homage to our favorite Star Wars movies. Thank goodness it came out well before the prequels, though I would have been interested in seeing what Brooks came up with for Jar Jar Binks. May the Schwartz Be With You. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • 'Person of Interest' Recap: An Honorable Thief
    By: Michael Griffin Feb 05, 2014
    CBS Television Network This week's episode in a nutshell: The gang of John Reese — who had just returned after going AWOL due to his grieving over the death of Joss Carter, Harold Finch, Samantha Shaw, and Lionel Fusco — had to help Kelli Lin (Elaine Tan), an art thief, steal the Gutenberg Bible from a very, very secure building to emancipate her from the ruthless Czechoslovakian criminals who were holding her daughter hostage. The Czechs were also killing people to frame Lin. They did all this while also trying to thwart an intrepid Interpol police officer (Henri Lubatti) on her trail There was much banter, technology, gymnastics and also a modicum of punches thrown. Did The Good Guys Win? Yes. They were able to get Lin off free and even got the Interpol Agent on her side. Amusing Scenes - Finch wagging his eyebrows at a patron, pretending that he and Reese were a couple at an art event, which led them to meet Lin for the first time. - Finch looking mildly perplexed at the instructions on how to set up a 3-D printer. They used it to make makeshift fingerprints to get past a scanner at the building. - Shaw's moment of pause when Finch told her to lick her latex fingers to help thwart the scanner's temperature reading A Couple of Somewhat Unrealistic Moments - A set-up of what look like gymnast bars on the ceiling for Lin, who had been a World Champion gymnast for China prior to her life of crime, to use to get over an electric fence. It was still nowhere near as silly as the stuff in Gymkata. - Fusco somehow being able to intercede twice and keep Reese and Shaw from being arrested at different intervals. Cool scenes, but still... Best Moment It was a tie between Reese suddenly appearing in on the webcam in the room that the little girl was being held hostage and beating up her captor before freeing her and the silent tribute to Carter at the end of the episode. Reese Angst Level Minimal. He did have a drink poured for Carter at the end of the episode, but other than that, he was the same hyper-focused Reese who often solved problems with his fists. Did Reese Kick People's Asses? In one scene, he was overpowered by guards, but that was by design to allow Shaw and Lin access into the building. He did destroy the captor of Lin's child. So, yeah. Was It a Good Episode? Yes, since it was a straight-forward one, which was welcome after the long arcs of the past few weeks. I'm sure there will be more twists and turns in the near future, but this was a good change of pace. Sarah Shahi is really doing well stepping in as the main female lead.  Best Lines "AWOL and air travel and he doesn't miss a beat." Shaw talking about Reese "Finch, where's my spare weapon?" "I moved it to the history section. Update your arsenal, John." Shaw thought Reese could use slightly more modern weapons "I know how to work it... along with the .380 in my handbag. So watch it." Shaw getting all the good lines in the episode "Did I just hear the word 'Mommy'?" Shaw, realizing that things had just gone really sideways for the gang after she initially thwarted Lin from getting the Gutenberg Bible "I already cut myself loose." Lin to a shocked Finch and Shaw, who thought they had tied her thoroughly; fortunately, she realized she needed their help Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • 'Justified' Recap: Standoffs and Staredowns
    By: Michael Griffin Feb 05, 2014
    FX Networks "The future holds nothing else but confrontation." That's the first line of Public Enemy's song "Lost at Birth," and it fits this episode to a T. There are plenty of standoffs and staredowns here. There are some clear winners and some clear losers, and then there were some that were waiting to be resolved. Winners Chief Marshall Art Mullen: He gets to take on Elias Markos (Alan Tudyk), a clean-up man for the Detroit Mob, twice. The first time, he's in a restaurant with Wynn Duffy and Ethan Picker (John Kapelos) and just manages to avert a shootout, since Markos wants to kill Picker. The second time is in a warehouse, when he has Raylan Givens as backup. Despite Marcos having a Tommy Gun and several tins of ammo, Givens is able to shoot him. Added bonus: He's able to get Theo Tonin (Adam Arkin), the head of the Detroit Mob. This is a nice gift for his impeding retirement. Johnny Crowder: For now. He looks to be in the catbird's seat after turning the tables on his cousin Boyd and Hot Rod Dunham. Who knows how long his victory will last before he has vengeance exacted on him by Boyd?. Losers Lee Paxton: First he gets set up by Lieutenant Nick Mooney for burning bodies at his funeral home to make money, and then Boyd stages his suicide by making him hold his own gun and shooting him to begin the episode. Canadian Goon: Poor Will Sasso. He was just talking up how much he enjoyed acting on this show, and now his character gets shot by Markos at the beginning of the episode. Mooney: He gets plugged by an associate of Boyd's who has the black lung and wouldn't live to see trial. Mara Paxton (Karolina Wydra): After her husband's death and witnessing Mooney's murder, she learns that Boyd was giving her ransom money to the family of his soon-to-be-deceased hitman and was also told in no uncertain terms to leave Harlan and never come back. Baptiste: He gets turned into "Haitian Hamburger" by Danny Crowe at the end of the episode after confronting him about his behavior towards his other family member. Tough break for Edi Gathegi. His character looks like a real badass for the first few episodes... and then he gets shot by a raging redneck. Dunham: Johnny gets his own men to turn on him after arranging to turn Johnny over to Boyd. The scene ends with several guns pointed at him, though I'm not sure if they are discharged or not. Undecided Boyd Crowder: Boyd winds up on the winning side with Paxton, Mooney, and Mara, though he loses with getting Ava free and it's unclear what will happen after he refused to give Darryl the cut of the money. Darryl Crowe Jr. (Michael Rapaport) - His brother Danny is a loose cannon, recklessly killing Baptiste and he's got Boyd angry at him now. Let's not count on the Florida Crowe clan staying in Harlan for more than this season. Givens: He gets Picker to give up Markos' whereabouts but who knows where his confession to Mullen at the end will lead? Body Count Four people dead, five if Dunham does wind up getting lead deposited in him. That's mild compared to some other episodes, though. Is Ava Crowder Free? The hashtag #FreeAva was trending last night. Sadly, it was to no avail, as the episode sees her framed for shanking the same guard who almost raped her last week. She gets sent off to the State Penitentiary, triggering Boyd's fury to the extent that he needs to be held back by several guards upon learning of this. Predictions -Boyd is going to rain hell down on the people that sent Ava back into prison. He was just so evil in the way he killed Paxton and Mooney and then calmly sat with Mara while she still had Mooney's blood on her and issued his ultimatum. You can't spell "High Body Count" without "Boyd." -Things are REALLY going to get bad with Mullen and Givens. Next week's preview shows the older chief slugging his younger deputy. -I'm still puzzling out what is going on in the Crowe clan. Baptiste's death further muddies matters and it's going to be interesting to see what sort of infighting goes on. Was It a Good Episode? Considering that I found my head spinning several times due to all the twists and turns, I would definitely say so. The only disappointments include that Gathegi, Sasso, Tudyk all expiring earlier than I would have liked. This week's is a bloody episode and a lot of things get pushed forward at a seemingly earlier time in the season. This is a show that unwinds at its own pace, with most of the action occurring later in the season. Considering that there's only one more season after this one, I'd predict that it's going to be a hell of a ride. The State of Raylan He's growing up. Raylan seems to man up at the end of the episode by apparently telling Mullen that he had been the one on the airport tarmac. The next step will be for him to spend some time with his daughter. Will this maturation be too late for the lawman, who has been living by the seat of his pants for far too long? Best Lines "Is this because I stuck my finger up your butt last time?" A hooker asking Dewey Crowe why he was waxing philosophical. "You want to swap?" One hooker to the other after Dewey had given them a couple of crappy trinkets that reminded him of his ties with the Crowe clan in Florida. "I've been called many things, but 'inarticulate' ain't one of them." Boyd to Darryl Crowe Jr. "I want you to think about something. The only reason you're in the position to blackmail me is because of the things I do... that you witnessed me do." Givens in a not-so-subtle threat to Picker to get him to give up Markos' address. "You could do the old thing." Wendy Crowe (Alicia Witt) to her brother Darryl about how to raise money. Now let's find out what that "old thing" is. 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  • 'Shark Tank' Recap: Udderly Fascinating
    By: Michael Griffin Feb 01, 2014
    ABC Television Network Tonight's episode had guest Shark Steve Tisch sitting in Robert Herjavec's seat. Tisch is co-owner of the New York Giants, whose stadium happens to be the host site for the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday. Could his appearance have been timed to this? Nahhhhh. Much as I like Herjavec, it's always nice to see some fresh blood among the Sharks. First The first presentation started off really weirdly with Chris Pouy, one of the entrepreneurs, wearing a cow outfit. The other one, Tiffany Panhilason, wore an elegant orange dress, so there was some kind of visual disparity at first. Just look at the picture above. Yeah. Points for some originality, but the Sharks were rolling their eyes pretty early on before Pouhy switched into a dress jacket and shirt. They were pitching Cow Wow Cereal Milk. Yes. they actually saved the remnants of the milk at the bottom of cereal bowl. Besides the sugar amount and the fact that the market was already so saturated (pun intended), the Sharks weren't wowed at the $250,000 and 10% equity they were asking for. For me, their packaging reminded me too much of those muscle drinks you see at gyms. No Shark bit and they were reduced to making cow puns in the hall afterwards. "We'll keep on moo-ving." Right. That made me want to reach for an alcoholic beverage. I'm udderly serious. No! Don't click away! I won't do that again. Second This was another two-person pitch. They were Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmid, two sisters from Normal, Illinois. There should be a horror movie set in a town like that ... well, because weird things happening in a place called Normal. C'mon. That should write itself. I want royalties if it does happen. They were pitching Cookie Dough Cafe, which was what it sounds like: raw cookie dough, but safe to eat since it has no eggs in it. Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Kevin O'Leary were offput by the low number of sales, with O'Leary saying quite a few unkind things. However, Lori Greiner and Tisch saw the potential, and after a bit of haggling and the sisters being lucky that the two Sharks weren't mad that they didn't immediately jump at the offer, they paired up for a deal for $100,000 for 30%. Update The update was for Pro-NRG, which was protein infused water. John had invested in it. They had over $1.5 million in sales since then and Brandon Jacobs, the recently-retired running back for the Giants, was still the spokesman Third The third person was Terry Jones, the CEO of Nexersys. The product was a workout machine where people punched various pads while looking at at a video simulation of a boxer. The thing that sank this pitch very quickly was the fact that he had a lot of investors and a lot of debt, which was a bad combination. The Sharks kept asking tougher and tougher questions, with Jones looking more and more like a hapless lightweight boxer being ferociously hit by a young Mike Tyson, an example that John alluded to during the presentation. He was soon KO'd with no deal and the Sharks thinking that he was going to wind up being an employee of his own company with the debt load. The pitch did last longer than some of Tyson's early fights, though. Fourth The fourth pitch was for Cycloramic and it was by far the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. What it was was an app that harnessed the vibrate function on a smartphone and allowed it to turn on its own on a flat surface and take a panoramic picture. It was one of those things that had to be seen to understand how amazing that was. The entrepreneur, Bruno Francois was swarmed by Sharks in one of the few good examples of a feeding frenzy. Eventually Greiner and Cuban paired together - with Greiner even switching partners in mid-stream. She had originally paired with Tisch and then jumped on Cuban's offering for $500,000 and 15% equity, which Francois accepted, but not before Greiner jumped up in the middle of other Sharks trying to get other offers in and nearly bellowing, "STOP!" to get them to quit trying to ruin her deal, which she had nearly closed. Tisch was befuddled at her change of heart with the partnership but there's the whole saying about women and changing their minds. Cuban and Greiner were the best two to do it: they know technology and they know how to get things out fast. I was happy to see Francois choose them. Best Lines "It's a hobby that should be taken behind the barn and shot." -- O'Leary did NOT like the Cookie Dough Cafe at all. "If you do this deal, I'm going to add egg to yours." -- O'Leary did NOT want John to do a deal with the Cookie Dough Cafe people. "Kevin hears the word 'dough' and he gets confused." -- Cuban riffing on O'Leary's love of money. "I'm going to give you some rolling paper so you can smoke this stuff." -- O'Leary to the Cookie Dough Cafe women after they hemmed and hawed on Greiner and Tisch's initial offer. "She'd kick my ass." -- Cuban remarking on the model who was hitting the Nexersys pads. "I just wanted to knock his ass out." -- Cuban on using the Nexersys system to punch an avatar of O'Leary, whom the Mavericks owner is fond of taking shots at. "His mouthpiece is in the third row, Lori." -- John alluding to how badly Jones was going to get hit when his debt came due. "Welcome to the Shark Tank rook!" -- Cuban after Greiner switched partners to join him and abandoning a partnership with Tisch in the last segment .Of course, billionaires can needle each other like that. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • Let Us Herald Mike Ehrmantraut's Return on 'Better Call Saul'
    By: Michael Griffin Jan 31, 2014
    AMC Networks Recently it was announced that Jonathan Banks would be reprising the role of dead-eyed fixer Mike Ehrmantraut in Better Call Saul, the spin-off/prequel to Breaking Bad. This elicited much jubilation among fans, who have been suffering much withdrawal after Walter White went to the Great Meth Lab in the Sky and Jesse Pinkman accomplished the feat of driving straight off a TV show and into a movie. What I like about this is that Ehrmantraut is a fascinating character. I, for one, am interested in learning more about his back story, about how he became a corrupt cop and maybe even seeing that whole sequence of events that led to his 'no half-measures' mantra. Banks knows how to hold our interest on camera. That's not to say that Bob Odenkirk, Lavell Crawford and Bill Burr aren't fun to watch.They are and had some of the most hilarious scenes from the show. We've only been exposed to those in small sequences though: are we ready for all Saul, Huell and Kuby all the time? The show will need Ehrmantraut -- and with his return, I am really hoping that Giancarlo Esposito comes back as Gus Fring -- to help glue it all together. There has also been news that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul would be open to cameos on this new show. That got me thinking, though: sure, I could see Pinkman crossing paths with Saul Goodman and his cohorts, since he knew that he was a crooked lawyer and all that. White had no idea who Saul was prior to his meth-selling partner introducing him. There are a couple of possibilities, though. White worked at a car wash before he learned he had cancer: Saul could walk through there sometime and have White in the background. Another possibility is they could see him during another Breaking Bad incident from Saul and not White's ultimate point of view. Of course, I know better than to try to second-guess Vince Gilligan. The pieces are getting put together for another run with some very interesting characters. But if Banks hadn't signed on for this, I would hope that he would have held out for another spin-off: A Man Called Mike. I would have watched the heck out of that one and I know the majority of you fans out there would too. Besides, who wants our last memory of him being him dissolved in a vat of hydrofloric acid? Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //