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    By: Michael Griffin Jan 31, 2014
    David Giesbrecht/USA Network It felt like White Collar got back to its roots tonight in its season finale, with a real cliffhanger: Willie Garson was even telling all of us several times to "Wait For It ... Wait for it ..." as the end of the episode neared. Was it worth waiting for? Well, here's the really truncated elevator recap to help decide. Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke discovered that Mozzie had been poisoned by Rebecca Lowe/Rachel Turner. The con woman then called and said that it was a really bad poison and that the bespectacled bald man would be dead in a few hours. She did say she'd give the antidote in exchange for the diamond. ("We're trading a $60 million diamond for a paranoid bald man," Caffrey would quip later.) The two men wanted to send Mozzie to the hospital, but he refused, since he knew he would be more helpful and focused on the task, since his life was on the line. They used the coordinates that Mozzie had figured out in the previous episode and found the likely location: Fort Totten, Queens. After a bit of searching, with a bit of a break for a Mozzie collapse and subsequent hospital visit, Burke and Caffrey found the diamond behind the wall. Problem was Lowe/Turner had followed them there (get out of town) and she got the precious jewel from Caffrey and Burke and locked them in a prison cell, promising to give the antidote in an hour after she had escaped. Meanwhile, Agents Clinton Jones and Diane Berrigan (who had a vested interest in helping, since Mozzie delivered her baby) figured out from footage at a pharmacy what poison Turner had given Mozzie and called for the antidote, which worked. Caffrey and Burke extricated themselves and found out that Mozzie was OK. Caffrey then went after Turner, who was about to be airlifted from the place by a helicopter and revealed that he had filched the diamond from her and Burke had it. The helicopter pilot, hearing that, skedaddled. The former M-5 agent was NOT happy at this turn of events and briefly wanted to hold Caffrey hostage, but he convinced her that it was time to stop running. They waited while the cops came to arrest her. Things looked like they were wrapping up nicely. Burke called Caffrey to his office and told him that these recent events had made him recommend that Caffrey be freed. The only problem was, the FBI, like Lucy Van Pelt, yanked the football away and they decided to keep the confidential informant tethered because he A) had screwed up by going to Cape Verde the year before and B) was so dang good at his job that they wanted to keep him. This made Caffrey mad. Burke was mad too because he felt like someone with a cushy desk job had decided his friend's fate without even knowing him, which made him decide not to go to Washington after all, solving the problem of possibly having Burke in another city next season. An angry Caffrey told Mozzie to figure out how to get his anklet off and as soon as Mozzie left, that's when the "Wait for it" moment happened. Caffrey saw a man who had been following him since leaving Fort Totten and he got bold, going over to ask him why he was doing that. The man, who had been reading a newspaper, made no effort to run. He looked at Caffrey and told him that he would be the last man on Earth to know where Caffrey was. Two men swooped behind him, threw a bag over his head and took him into a van. They smashed his anklet and threw it into a moving van. End of season. Wow. Wait for it, indeed. Thoughts -This was one heck of a cliffhanger. Who kidnapped Caffrey? How long will it take Burke to figure out that he didn't leave of his own volition? How long is it going to take for the next season to start up? -It was a pretty fast-paced episode with not too many moving parts. -Garson was hilarious while still making us worry for Mozzie's survival for a while. -Tiffani Thiessen got to do more in this episode other than being supportive of Burke. She yelled at a doctor to give Mozzie the possible antidote, even quipping later that she enjoyed going all Terms of Endearment on the doctor. Thing is, even with her hectoring the doctor, would the medicine been given with no tests, even with the short time left? - Burke ran off to get a shotgun while Caffrey was with Rebecca. He looked a little disappointed that he didn't get to be a badass when Turner surrendered. - Mozzie looked like a little kid getting to hold the diamond in his hospital bed. Garson sold that  scene well. - There was a dawwwwwwwwww moment when Burke hugged Caffrey towards the end of the episode. Too bad I didn't entirely enjoy it because I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. And drop it did. Because Neal Caffrey can't have nice things happen to him. - Once again, there was an in-show commercial. Burke and Elizabeth got into a car and they lingered on Burke fiddling with the controls to get Pandora Radio on the car before driving off. They might as well have shot electrodes out of the TV telling me "YOU WILL BUY THIS CAR!" Wait ... um... I've got to go make a purchase. - Again, waiting until the next season is going to stink.  Sigh. Well, there's always baseball to while away the time until then. Best Lines "They'll have a bar-coded tramp stamp on me before the first I.V." -- Mozzie is very suspicious of hospitals. "FBI Agent Peter Burke. This is my associate, Neal Caffrey. This is my ... Mozzie." -- Burke doesn't quite know how to explain Mozzie to the Ranger (Think Forest Ranger, not Army Ranger) at Fort Totten. "I'm just hours away from palming St. Peter $20 to get past the gates." -- Even while dying, Mozzie has wit. "The Freemasons have their hand in everything: The all-seeing eye on the dollar bill, the Washington Monument, the MJ Dangerous album cover ..." -- One of these things doesn't belong, Mozzie. "Things are getting really bad. He thinks he's someone named Marquis De Grouchy and he's talking to Napoleon." -- Elizabeth explaining to Jones and Berrigan that Mozzie was delirious and talking in French. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • 'Justified' Recap: Circling Scavengers
    By: Michael Griffin Jan 29, 2014
    FX Networks Since it worked so well for my White Collar recaps, I'm going to do the Elevator Recap here as well: that is, a brief recap that would last as long as an elevator ride. (OK, maybe a 50-story ride with all the buttons pushed.) Dewey tried to kill Wade Messer under the cover of night in a forest, but Messer got away and Dewey took a bad tumble trying to find him. Of course. It's Dewey. NOTHING ever goes right for him. As if to drive that point home, it was revealed in Art Mullen's office that Messer was a confidential informant for the government. Art Mullen sent Raylan Givens to go look for him since the C.I. had missed a prearranged phone call. Since Mullen also knew that Givens had history with Messer -- the dope had helped Dickie Bennett set up the deputy marshal for Bennett to try to kill him in another season -- he sent along Tim Gutterson, another marshal, to keep an eye on Givens. Later Dewey woke up to find himself lost, with no cell phone reception. After stumbling around a while and even bargaining with God, he found his intended victim again, sprawled on the ground, dying. He was about to finish him off when a family that was hunting nearby saw Dewey, who was quite bloodied from his own fall. The dimwitted Crowe was able to get them to take him away on their ATV, leaving Messer behind unseen. In their search for Messer, the two marshals found other Crowes, including Kendal, a young teen boy who was tending bar at Dewey's whorehose, along with a rather ornery pit bull that belonged to Danny Crowe, who was staying at Messer's place. There was no sign of the C.I. In other situations, Boyd and Cousin Johnny met at the jail, along with Ava. It was a nice public Boyd attempt to foster a truce, but Johnny was having none of it. Boyd wound up having him followed by one of his men. He was going to go see him ... with some firepower. It was just as he was leaving that Givens and Gutterson came in, looking for Messer. Boyd had known he was a C.I. and was feeding him bad info. Boyd gave him the number of the burner phone that Messer was using and Givens located him, with the help of some circling scavengers, dead. Dewey and Darryl Crowe (Michael Rapaport) also saw that Messer was no longer on this planet, which spared Dewey from having to try to finish the job. In jail, Ava was threatened by a male guard and nearly raped in her cell, but a female guard was looking out for her. She intervened and then later beat the male guard up outside, warning him that Ava was protected. Mullen had a conversation with Ed Kirkland, the Chief Deputy of the Detroit branch, about a possible lead in the Nicky Augustine murder and went out there to a talk to one of the Canadian mobsters that Boyd and Wynn Duffy had met in a previous episode. The mobster indicated that the late Sammy Tonin had said that he had a Kentucky lawman in his pocket and that Mullen could talk to Picker, who was staying at Duffy's. This was pretty heavily pointing at Givens, though it really was an FBI Agent that was dirty (and was also dead). Darryl gave Dewey a rah-rah speech about how the Crowes were going to do some really remarkable stuff in Harlan. Givens then came and took Kendal into custody, since he had been serving alcohol to people as a minor. Darryl said that he wouldn't let him and it looked like there might be some gunfire, but Kendal decided to go with Givens into custody. Raylan was with Allison and after they finished having sex, she was ready to have him leave, but he got her to talk about her day and she talked about a horrible situation with a father chaining his son to a radiator. The lawman decided to stay the night and comfort her. Mooney showed Lee Paxton the fake dead hand of Boyd, so as to throw the scent off there. Mara, his wife, asked if he still wanted to pursue charges against Ava. He said he did, which would clear the way for her to make a romantic move on Boyd. Hmm. After seeing that Johnny had teamed up with Hot Rod Dunham, Boyd found more hidden bodies at Johnny's location. Thoughts Things are going to get really interesting with Givens and Mullen, especially now that Chief Deputy is digging even more into Augustine's death. Boyd is going to really lay the hammer down on Dunham and Johnny soon. I foresee a big fight between Ava and Mara at some point in the season. Michael Rapaport is a great actor, but I am not entirely seeing his menace as Darryl Crowe. Sure, he's willing to have people killed -- even his own family -- but I think he'd run screaming from Maggs Bennett if he'd met her. She bludgeoned her own son's hand, for crying out loud. Darryl's more the delegating type. Alison seems more and more like a good match for Givens. I hope nothing happens to her. Best Lines "Are you a midget? That's a midget shovel." -- Dewey to Messer, who only had a tiny shovel, ostensibly to look for buried money. "Blah Blah Blah Blah. I almost forgot how much I hate the sound of your voice. Using every word in Websters without saying a thing." -- Johnny to Boyd, who does love to use SAT words every opportunity that he gets. "Well, you ain't tailed a Crowder." -- Boyd admonishing his man to be careful in following Johnny. "Did it get you?" -- Givens asking Gutterson if the dog had bit him as they clambered up car roofs to get away. "No, but I think something just came between me and my Calvins." -- Gutterson always has a line even under duress. "You want to challenge?" -- Boyd to Gutterson. Of course Boyd would play Scrabble with Gutterson while waiting for Givens to checkout Messer's whereabouts.  "You'll have to talk to Picker.""Picker?""Yeah. I don't know if that's a first name, a last name or a nom de guerre." -- The Canadian mobster showed Mullen an impressive vocabulary. Maybe he picked up a bit from Boyd. "You going to send him back over the river?""Might as well. We've got too many damn Canadians here. Justin Bieber, Celine Dion...""Steve Nash." -- Mullen and Kirkland "You sound like you're trying to sell me tires." --  Dewey to Darryl about his Crowe family pitch. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • What Should We Make of ABC Yanking 'The Assets' Early?
    By: Michael Griffin Jan 28, 2014
    ABC Television Network It was a big surprise when ABC made the decision to yank The Assets off the air after two episodes (Sorry, Paul Rhys).  After all, it was a mini-series ... you know, something that's supposed to have a limited viewing window, but the powers that be decided to slam that window shut. Come to think of it, it may not have been the biggest surprise in the world, after all. The main reason why the show may not have done well is that many American people don't view Russia as the big, bad Red Menace anymore. Gone are the days where the Cold War made the Russkis the best fodder for books and movies. Now it's Islamic terrorists, for the most part. With communism not a part of Russian life anymore, it doesn't carry the same kind of oomph that it did in the 1970s and '80s, when the Presidents of the United States were regularly having uneasy talks with the Russian leaders. It all began to thaw out when Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev began collaborating and pursuing what was called glasnost - transparency for the Russian government. So, after that whole coup attempt on Boris Yeltsin failed, communism was laid to rest and the two superpower nations have gotten along fairly well, though there are some possible glitches with the upcoming Winter Olympics due to possible human right issues with anti-gay laws there. But the vitriol of the years past just isn't there. As the years go past, people who lived through those times might as well be like those who grew up in McCarthy's Red Scare times - relics of a time gone by. Sure, what Ames did was terrible, but we've also seen and read many things about him and it didn't really feel necessary to re-tell this story. That is probably why people didn't turn to this mini-series. It's like the reboot of a recent movie. There's nothing new that's been told. Plus, if we want to see things like that, we'll watch The Americans. Keri Russell is a lot better to look at than someone playing Ames. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • Why I Laughed Until I Cried At Jay Leno's '60 Minutes' Interview
    By: Michael Griffin Jan 27, 2014
    CBS Broadcasting, Inc. Jay Leno was on the January 26 airing of 60 Minutes and during his interview, he expressed bitterness about the fact that he was leaving The Tonight Show for the second time and this time, it was for real. Truly. I was so moved by this that I had to pause my live TV and laugh so hard that I nearly threw up. My disdain for the Chinned One goes way back into the 1990s, back when David Letterman was supposed to be the heir to Johnny Carson and take The Tonight Show mantle. That didn't happen, with Leno weaseling his way into the picture, even hiding in a closet to listen to an NBC board meeting. Ever since that happened, I have been a Letterman fan and have watched maybe two hours of Leno in over 20 years. Part of it has been that I never liked Leno's comedic style either (One exception - I loved when he asked Hugh Grant what he was thinking when he was caught with a prostitute in his car). Of course, Leno was playing his "Aw Shucks" persona during the interview - he said that no one should feel sorry for him, since he makes millions of dollars. What, did you expect him to hit the interviewer with a chair, rip off his shirt and scream that he was going to be going after Jimmy Fallon? Whoops. I think I may have just given Vince McMahon an idea over at the WWE. See, despite his protestations, he has been involved in not one but two screw jobs involving the hosting of the show, with Letterman and Conan O'Brien. With Fallon slated to take over the reins in February, the producers of the show might be wise to store some of Leno's old things. You know, just in case. At least this time he didn't finagle a crappy variety show that killed some of NBC's other dramas and comedies since it hogged a whole hour each day and potentially sabotaged the lead-in numbers for Conan. The whole thing just reeked. Of course, I'm not the only one that views Leno in a poor light. Jimmy Kimmel has been very outspoken in how he didn't like how the whole O'Brien/Leno situation occurred. I wonder if he'll dress up like him again before his final Tonight Show, you know, one more final shot across the bow at Leno. Maybe now he'll be visited by the ghost of Carson during his retirement and see the error of his ways. I doubt it. Don't entirely unpack your bags, Fallon. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • Waiting For 2016 Could Be A Very Expensive Gamble for 'Batman and Superman'
    By: Michael Griffin Jan 27, 2014
    Warner Bros via Everett Collection There's a saying: Good things come to those who wait. That probably won't apply to the Batman and Superman movie that Warner Bros. and DC just pushed to 2016. There's a very good chance that this would put the franchises even further behind those of their most direct competitor: Marvel and Disney. Sure, Batman has made a good amount of money in the movie theaters, though the most recent installment was somewhat disappointing. Add the fact that there is a somewhat hasty feel to all of these movies being made to tie into a Justice League of America film, it just feels like DC is forever going to be playing catch-up. This is definitely a marketplace where constantly playing from behind is not good. If they wait until 2016, there's a very strong chance that Marvel will have managed to get an even stronger foothold in the whole Superhero movie genre, what with Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America and a likely Hulk movie all on the way, along with something called Avengers 2: Age of Ultron that will probably take over the world. Henry Cavill did a great job as Superman - and his last movie made over $290 million. The last Dark Knight movie made over $448 million domestically. The Avengers made nearly that alone with ONE MOVIE. There's a pretty good chance that Age of Ultron will just completely obliterate that. Then you have a real wild card: Ben Affleck as Batman. The reception to this announcement was ... mixed, to say the least. Many people pointed to his turn as Daredevil as a negative mark in his ledger. Add that he's playing another brooding character with horns and people are ready for this to full-on stink. Affleck has made a good turn lately being a movie director and there are those who wish that he had decided to stay on that side of the camera. The other possibility is that by the time that 2016 rolls around, comic book movies will have taken a backseat to Star Wars again. Oh yes, Episode VII will have come out and even the Avengers may have fallen by the wayside to the Force. Oh yes! Another Disney project. So, this movie might come out and ... nothing. Sure, it'll probably make $100 million, but for such a huge possible blockbuster, that would be nothing short of a disaster. So, this is a gamble and as with anything with gambling, there is a chance that lightning may strike and this turns out to be the best move. But then again, as is often the case, everything could go wrong and the people involved could all be left stumbling home, having lost a lot of money and wondering what the heck just happened. We'll see the results in two years. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Reggie and Amber Totally Need To Get Back Together On 'The Neighbors'
    By: Michael Griffin Jan 26, 2014
    ABC Television Network There's a "Will They or Won't They" type of thing going on with The Neighbors. Alien (as in extra-terrestrial) Reggie Jackson (Tim Jo) and Amber Weaver (Clara Mamet) were dating, but due to constant interference from Jane, Reggie's supposed soulmate from his home planet, it looks like they are off now after Weaver threw in the towel in a recent episode. Will they resolve this in a way that'll make people happy by the time that the season ends or will they leave it in a cliffhanger, hoping to be able to continue it in another season. (Hint, it's never a good idea to do that, look at what happened with Terra Nova - we'll never know what was actually going on when they found all those artifacts from other eras in the age of the dinosaurs.) Mamet - yes, she's a daughter of playwright David Mamet, just like her sister Zosia on Girls - and Jo have a good chemistry behind her sullen teenager mien. It's clear that she still cares about Jackson although they are not together. Witness their looking out the window at each other as they watched movie night at their own home, an activity that was usually shared together, but obviously didn't happen this time due to the breakup. So what we're looking at may be a Ross/Rachel type of situation, if Ross were an outer space being inhabiting a human form and Rachel made goths look cheery sometimes. This is one of the better opposites attract pairings that I've seen, though, with some really genuinely sweet moments, like when Weaver painted Jacksons' room with glow-in-the dark paint to look like the nighttime sky. It was also painfully obvious that Jackson had strong feelings towards Weaver, with his constantly asking how she felt about him, so this who Jane situation just feels like a temporary roadblock. While I know that there's supposed to be some kind of conflict to drive stories forward, I find Jane a rather irksome overly perky, nearly stalkerish nag who just won't go away. And hey, if they need good relationship advice between a human and non-human, they could always hit up a certain alien from the planet Ork. Which reminds me that it's a shame that Robin Williams is busy on The Crazy Ones, since he'd be a perfect guest star for this show. Nanoo Nanoo. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • Frasier Crane In 'The Expendables 3'? Really?
    By: Michael Griffin Jan 26, 2014 There's a teaser trailer for The Expendables 3. It shows 15 people in silhouette in an airplane hanger. After a few seconds, they turn and their features become visible. A series of last-names show up ... and they are impressive action-movie actor last names: (Mel) Gibson, (Harrison) Ford, (Jet) Li, (Arnold) Schwarzenegger, (Sylvester) Stallone, (Jason) Statham, even (Ronda) Rousey. But there was one that made me scratch my head. Grammer. Wait, where have I heard that one before? Kelsey Grammer? Are you kidding me? Kelsey Grammer? Frasier Crane? He's in this movie? Did this suddenly be come a gag reel? Sure, it's one thing to have him in the movie, but to have him hyped up as one of the bad-ass names in the teaser trailer? They might as well have had David Hyde-Pierce's name in there as well. The image of Grammer's character either trying to psychoanalyze Stallone's or spending the entire time in battles sitting there assembling and re-assembling his guns because his OCD won't let him do anything else stick in my mind. When I think of action movies, Grammer's name is about no. 150 on my list. In fact, his last name is not someone that needs to be used in a movie ad, since I had to look on to make sure that there wasn't some new action movie actor with the same last name. While I'm all for actors trying to push their boundaries to break out of typecasting, I just can't get the image of Grammer as the nebbish, finicky Crane out of my head. Sure, he did play a ruthless terminally ill politician in Boss, but I never saw that since I don't get Starz. It doesn't seem likely that Grammer does anything like wield machine guns in that show. There may be one saving grace with this - Grammer's character's name is Bonaparte, which would seemingly lend itself to strategy.The movie bills itself as a high-tech group vs. Stallone's more ground-and-pound foot soldiers. That could be an interesting one. For all we know, he may be some comic relief. There's probably a part in the movie where Bonaparte gets his ass kicked by Rousey's character. I'd definitely pay to see that. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • Bryan Cranston Is Going To Take Broadway By Storm
    By: Michael Griffin Jan 26, 2014
    All The Way Broadway/YouTube Bryan Cranston is going to be appearing on Broadway for the first time ever in his career - he'll be playing President Lyndon Baines Johnson in All the Way - and I can't wait. He already looks like him in the commercials, doesn't he? I'm sure he studied a lot of his mannerisms and refined it as he went along performing it in Cambridge, MA over the fall. He's shown that he's more than capable of inhabiting a role. He was so believable as the hapless father on Malcom in the Middle and then his slow change in Breaking Bad from a frustrated man who was facing unfair events in his life to someone who was pure, malevolent evil was something to behold. When you're watching a show or a movie that he's in, you are not thinking, "I'm watching Bryan Cranston act right now." No, he becomes the person on the screen and adds so much nuance to each role, it's really amazing to see him talk so differently when he's not on set. Sure, Cranston won't have what actors on movies and television shows have: a safety net. If he flubs a line, he won't have a chance to stop, laugh at it and then do the scene over again. No, it'll be the theatergoers who exit chuckling and saying, "Can you believe Walter White forgot his lines?" Not that I'm worried about that happening, since the veteran actor is a consummate professional. The Great White Way won't intimidate this man. He's also got one of the masters of ad-libbing in Michael McKean, who will be playing J. Edgar Hoover (who would have thought the Spinal Tap actor would be right for this role?). So if things go sideways, they'll be able to pull it off. The only thing that might pull me out of the play is if he suddenly tells someone, "What? Do you think I'm just some ordinary president who cowers when danger knocks? No. I'm the leader of the free world ... and I am the One Who Knocks. I. Am. The. Danger!" Or if Aaron Paul bursts on to the stage and blurts: "Veto? But you're the President, b---h!" Then there might be people there demanding some kind of re-write. Chances are good that this will do very well, since Cranston is still an extremely hot commodity given the popularity of Breaking Bad. It wouldn't be surprising to see him add Tony awards to his ledger. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • 'Shark Tank' Recap: Take A Chill Pill
    By: Michael Griffin Jan 25, 2014
    ABC Television Network Though the products tonight didn't seem that innovative, there were plenty of great zingers and jabs thrown throught the episode.  First First in the Tank were Betsy Johnson and her brother Berry (Yes, Berry) Johnson, the entrepreneurs behind SwimZip - a clothing line of UV-protecting swim clothes for children. What made them stand apart though was the fact they had a zipper on the front. Though they had good numbers, the majority of the Sharks - Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O' Leary, and Robert Herjavec - bowed out quickly due to their being too early in their journey. The only one that believed was Lori Greiner. She offered the money that they needed but wanted 20%. Betsy was ready to jump on the deal, but Berry thought it was too much equity. Betsy got greedy and wanted $120,000 for the same equity, which almost killed the deal. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and they got the deal despite Berry's initial interference. Update They updated Kimberly Nelson and her company Daisy Cakes, who had made a deal with Barbara Corcoran. They had hit a speed bump, losing cakes due to bad quality and lost $150,000. Corcoran moved them back to their initial home base and things looked on the upswing, since their sales looked to be in the $3 million range. Second Phil Black, the entrepreneur behind Fit Deck, had a heck of a resume - he graduated from Yale, worked at Goldman Sachs and was a Navy SEAL. His product was a bunch of cards with different fitness exercises. Though he had made good sales, he was sinking too much money into it and none of the Sharks bit at his $300,000/20% valuation , though they did thank him for his service to his country. That was probably to keep him from possibly sneaking into their homes and exacting revenge. Hey, he was a SEAL, after all. Third Daryl Stevenett, the third entrepreneur, was pitching the strangest thing I ever saw on the show, LifeCaps. He started off off by asking the Sharks if he looked well and mentally alert. He said he hadn't eaten any food for eight days. According to him three of his pills a day was enough to keep him healthy. Cuban called him what I was thinking - a snake-oil salesman. The guy could have been one of those traveling people in the early 1900s. The problems were numerous: he hadn't run any tests and there were no doctors backing it. Though he said it wasn't a diet aid. Last Susan Petersen was the last entrepreneur in the Tank with her company Freshly Picked, which were high-end moccasins for kids. She regaled them with her story of how she took aluminum from old windows that her brother had taken and sold them for her first batch of leather. The company was quite profitable but Cuban, Herjavec and Greiner didn't see themselves fitting in her market. O'Leary offered her half of what she was seeking on the contingency that John joined in the deal. The FUBU founder kicked O'Leary to the curb and offered her $150,000 for 25%. Petersen, who had professed love to O'Leary before explaining that John was her dream investor. She wound up taking his deal and leaving on Cloud 9. Best Lines "Would you like to try it?" -- Stevenett asking the Sharks to sample his LifeCaps"Yes." -- Herjavec, apparently eager to put a untested pill in his mouth"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" -- Cuban, looking ready to tackle Herjavec if he even made a move to open a bottle "Well, it's like bears. They hibernate. How come they don't die sleeping for seven months?" -- Stevenett"They buy LifeCaps?" -- O'Leary offering a new biological theory "Barbara, can I explain one thing?" -- Stevenett to Greiner after she says she is out"I'm not Barbara. I'm Lori." -- Greiner, debunking Stevenett's claims that he still had mental acuity after not eating for eight days "You're full of crap!" -- Cuban to Stevenett about his LifeCap claims"I have no crap in me. I haven't eaten in eight days." -- Stevenett's reply, making even Cuban laugh "I get slimy thinking about him." -- Cuban was NOT a fan of Stevenett "Kevin, your face is on my pillow at night. I love you!" -- Petersen to O'Leary"Keep that up and I'll drop the royalty rate!" -- O'Leary's reply Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //
  • 'White Collar' Recap: Bull Market
    By: Michael Griffin Jan 24, 2014
    USA The elevator recap seemed to work so well last time, I thought I'd bring it back again. Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) started the episode off by asking Peter Burke (Tim DeKay, who also did directorial duty), who was getting ready to move to Washington, to recommend that he be allowed to be set free. Burke was hesitant and said he'd let him know later. Meanwhile, during the task of tagging and bagging all the evidence from the Rebecca Lowe/Rachel Turner (Bridget Regan) case, one of Lowe/Turner's burner phones rang: it was a person looking for her to do a job who had heard of her secondhand. The FBI couldn't allow that, so they needed someone to go undercover as Lowe. But who? Re-enter Agent Diana Berrigan (Marsha Thomason), who had given birth before but was ready to return to duty. Berrigan called the burner phone and the person on the other end wanted a pre-arranged signal at the meet. They didn't know what the signal was, so they had to have Lowe/Turner come to the office. She asked to talk to Cafffrey before telling the signal, which was granted. Berrigan met with the person, a man named Conrad Worth (Steven Pasquale) and flashed the right signal. Worth wanted more confirmation, so Lowe/Turner got Caffrey to play a game of To Tell The Truth before giving Berrigan the information and story she needed to corraborate her bona fides with Worth. Lowe/Turner then said she felt that Caffrey still loved her, despite her, you know... killing two people. Caffrey basically told her to lose his number. The spurned criminal could only stare angrily. Hey, of course Caffrey forgot that whole saying about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, etc. Worth, satisfied, said Berrigan needed to steal a thumb drive from a former employer of his. It had an important algorithm. She was to steal it from the office. The FBI warned the man that his office was under a security threat ... and he absconded with the thumb drive and hid it at home, in a safe. Now Caffrey and Berrigan had to try to get it from the house. Burke wanted to get it via legal channels. Berrigan was going to go with Caffrey but got called home because Mozzie (Willie Garson) had gone to her house and driven her nanny away. Don't forget, Mozzie had helped Berrigan give birth to Theo. Of course, Mozzie and Theo started bonding there.  Caffrey got the thumb drive after a harrowing incident with the bosses' mistress coming over while he was out with his wife. Apparently the mistress knew Caffrey and she got him out of the place without his being noticed. Though Burke was unhappy with how it had been procured, the FBI got a look at the algorithm and it was a doozy - if activated it would crash the stock market while making Worth richer than dirt. They cloned a thumb drive, but it would only access a stockmarket simulator. Berrigan took it over and Worth seemed to buy it, but then he got a text saying that Lowe/Turner was in prison. Berrigan had to do some fast talking at gunpoint long enough to get Worth to look away. She got the gun and Agent Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins) and Burke came bursting in. It turned out Lowe had sent the text herself ... in prison. Everything seemed to wrap up neatly. Mozzie figured out the secret behind the codex by looking at Theo's mobile and rushed home to tell Caffrey as soon as Berrigan returned. Burke and Caffrey were talking at the office and Burke said he still couldn't trust Caffrey to go straight. Caffrey said he'd have to do it himself. Just then, all the phones in the office started ringing. Burke's phone rang. Lowe/Turner had escaped. Of course, the episode ended with Mozzie going to Caffrey's house and leaving a message on his voice mail about what he had figured out about the location of the diamond. Over his shoulder, Lowe/Turner was on the terrace looking in. Dun Dun Dun. Hey, wasn't it lucky that the elevator stopped so often again? Thoughts -The previews showed Mozzie collapsing. I will be highly unhappy if Mozzie dies. Garson's probably my favorite actor on the show. -Regan is playing Lowe/Turner like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction now. Add the fact that she had a completely different hairstyle in the next episode and held a gun to Caffrey's head, the man is probably going to go hide in a cave for 100 years after all this is over. -It was nice seeing the banter between Caffrey and Berrigan again. -Next week's episode is the season finale. Again, I hope Mozzie doesn't die. That would stink. Caffrey's Relationship Status Still non-existent, though he's lucky he doesn't have a pet rabbit. Well, Mozzie's kind of rabbit-like sometimes. Sigh. I hope Mozzie makes it. Mozzie's Quirkiness Level Medium. He posed as a gas line inspector to get into Berrigan's home and was reading Moon Landing Conspiracy novels to baby Theo while watching him for the day.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @literateartist //