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    By: Mike Cervantes Mar 03, 2014
    Showtime In the absurd, highly questionable power suit world of House of Lies, Jeannie van der Hooven (Kristen Bell) is often the most desired woman by her co-workers and clients. Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle) is the Man, the guy who runs Kaan & Associates and is smooth enough to bed women that are clearly out of his age bracket. No woman is good enough for Marty and no man can tie down Jeannie. Are these two perfect for each other? Hold on a second. For the longest time, rumors of a hookup between these two were on everyone's minds. A drunk night turned into a near-sexual encounter. The night was so booze filled, neither Marty nor Jeannie recalled if the act was performed. Since then, tension has filled every encounter between the two. So would they make a good couple? First, we'd have to consider Jeannie's appeal to, well, everybody. There would be some jealousy on Marty's part. And what of Marty's sly tactics to get women to sleep with him? That man-of-power persona wouldn't go away at the snap of a finger. But more significant here is each character's professional drive. Work circumstances have changed the dynamic of a potential relationship. Before, Marty was Jeannie's boss. Now, Jeannie has stepped her game up and is an equal at Kaan & Associates. Her name isn't in the title, but Jeannie doesn't answer to Marty anymore. Jeannie is too strong a woman to let a relationship slow her work down. Still, House of Lies should give this relationship a chance. The thrill of watching them get close then grow far apart is losing its appeal. Get Marty and Jeannie together. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Dr. Grey vs. Dr. Yang: Pick a Side on 'Grey's Anatomy'
    By: Mike Cervantes Feb 26, 2014
    ABC Television Network The best friends on Grey's Anatomy have become fierce enemies. Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) used to be the type of buddies who laughed often, confessed secrets, and hugged when the rigors of life and practicing medicine got difficult. Now, their friendship is strained, they have philosophical differences, and they have trouble being in the same room together. Luckily, we have the luxury of maintaining alliances with both parties in this battle. But if you had to pick a side... Dr. Grey Strengths: Compassionate, eager, married to a neurosurgeon god (Dr. Derek Shepherd played by Patrick Dempsey). Grey is the type of doctor you want to hear bad news from. She has a great bedside manner thanks to caring for two young children. Yes, she has fallen behind other doctors in the operating room, but she wants to make up for it by researching organ replacements using a 3D printer. Weaknesses: Sub-expert surgery skills, jealousy, living in the shadow of her husband. Grey knows what she's doing when the surgery gloves go on, but she's not great. This feud with Yang has made her delusional — Grey is not on par with her in the OR. And unless she cures cancer or the common cold, she will never equal the celebrity of Shepherd. Dr. Yang Strengths: Emerging cardio surgeon superstar, success is her top priority, admiration. If a major surgery is needed, Yang is the one to call. She will exhaust all resources to make her patient healthy. The other docs around the hospital know she's quickly become the ace of the staff. Weaknesses: Coldhearted, lack of social life, elitist. Surgery and success are all Yang knows. Sacrificing relationships and real friendships could be her downfall. She isn't the most caring doctor. Unfortunately, Yang knows she's better than most of her colleagues. Hubris is never a good trait for the mighty. So who's it going to be? Team Grey or Team Yang? Vote below! Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Michael Rapaport on 'Justified': Good Bad Guy or Bad Bad Guy?
    By: Mike Cervantes Feb 25, 2014
    FX Networks Michael Rapaport plays the newest lead villain on Justified, but is he a worthy character? The bad guys are definitely foul on this show as they don't hesitate to undercut even fellow outlaws. In the past, Justified has featured Mags Bennet (Margo Martindale), Robert Quarles (Neal McDonough), Ellstin Limehouse (Mykelti Williamson) and others to play prominent baddies for entire seasons, each with certain advantages in the world of crime. So what does Rapaport's Darryl Crowe, Jr. bring to the underworld table? Crowe is a complex character in that he has numerous advantages and disadvantages. Rapaport casts a shadow on most people with his 6-foot-4 stature and broad shoulders. That physically imposing frame definitely works to his advantage. Crowe has a lot of confidence and leads his family, who are just a bunch of outcasts without him. He thinks big (perfect for heists and nasty schemes), but doesn't always think smart. And that is Crowe's biggest fault. The Crowe family has been around Justified for quite a while and they have never been a smart bunch. Rapaport's character is no dummy, but he's definitely not a mastermind. Crowe doesn't mind hard work to make money, but unlike previous Justified villains, he doesn't have enough financial capital to do anything. So where does that leave him? Rapaport plays an acceptable bad guy. He definitely portrays a criminal in convincing fashion. But a choice has to be made. Is he a good bad guy or a bad bad guy? Unfortunately, Crowe is too limited to be a good, standout bad guy. He's nothing but a henchman with potential to lead. Crowe isn't in the company of Mags, Ellstin or the fierce Quarles. Rapaport's Crowe is a bad bad guy, however, he is somebody you want on your side when it's time to commit a crime. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • 'True Detective' Recap: Shots Fired and Time Zooms By
    By: Mike Cervantes Feb 17, 2014
    HBO We pick up en media res in the latest episode of True Detective, watching Cohle press forward with his Crash biker gang persona, which edges him and Hart closer to solving the murder that had been driving the series. Is the infamous Reggie Ledoux going to be taken down soon? That would sort of justify the detectives' very illegal work the previous episode. And finally, the bizarre murder would be solved. Things aren't as they seem, especially with Cohle and Hart explaining how they solved the case. Ledoux is assumed to be the murderer so the duo tracks him and an associate down. An arrest isn't made thanks to a rage-filled Hart blasting Ledoux in the head. Why? Hart made a terrible discovery: Ledoux had children held captive in his residence. Ledoux's pal literally blows himself up by stepping on a mine he had left to prevent people from intruding. The detectives lie their way out of their murder by saying a shootout occurred and they fired in self-defense. At this point True Detective skips a lot of time. Eventually, Hart's wife takes him back, but one of his daughters — now a teenager — acts totally out of control for the conservative detective. Too guy crazy and edgy. On the other hand, Cohle's life gets steady thanks to pairing up with a good woman, a doctor. What a catch. Cohle becomes a champion detective, the kind of guy you call on to soothe a confession out of a criminal. As per usual, Cohle gets a confession from a pharmacy killer. But he gets a curveball: that supposed closed murder case isn't really closed. The Yellow King, a clue first found in a journal from episodes past, is mentioned. How could this pharmacy killer who had just confessed to a double murder know of such a thing? This spooks Cohle; what's really going on now? Is the murderer still out there? That pharmacy killer ends up committing suicide in his jail cell. Detectives Gilbough and Papania finally reach their conclusion of their investigation. All of their questions and video recording of the present Hart and Cohle are hinting that Cohle could be the murderer after all. Maybe Cohle forced that killer to off himself. Cohle had been weird as hell from the beginning. They have pictures of Cohle near crime scenes. Eye witnesses have seen him and his truck five times in the last month. The most damning evidence Gilbough and Papania present is that nobody had seen Cohle since 2002. He had been off the grid then reappeared eight years later. Is Cohle actually the mastermind behind all this? Nothing is for certain yet. But True Detective is getting close to whatever ending it is leaning toward. The interview portion of the show, at least the one that includes Cohle is finished. Cohle had always been an odd guy, it wouldn't be a shock to find out he’s been up to no good. But the mystery continues. The case is not closed.   Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Kevin Hart Is Right, Michael Ealy Is Too Damn Handsome
    By: Mike Cervantes Feb 15, 2014
    Screen Gems via Everett Collection Michael Ealy is all over the place. Like his co-star in About Last Night, Kevin Hart, Ealy's performances aren't tied to just one production. He can pull off funny and gets into trouble on Fox's Almost Human. Ealy can seduce ladies in his numerous leading roles. But unlike Hart, Ealy has potential to be a leading man. Versatility is key as a lead actor, something that Hart can't pull off. Hart is funny, but he can't play a lead in a drama. However, Hart does have this funny line about Ealy in About Last Night: "You know what your problem is? You're too damn good looking... The best thing that can happen to your face is an industrial accident." Now, that facial disfigurement definitely won't advance Ealy's career as he goes forward. Ealy's growing resume, however, will. In addition to his steady gig on Almost Human, Ealy will star in the sequel to Think Like a Man. His roles have gradually gotten juicier since he started in 2000 on a variety of TV shows. His star is beginning to shine, will he get the break in a major film so he can ascend to A-list? That's presumptuous, then again, no A-listers started out at the top. Ealy has the looks, charisma, and acting chops to tackle any role. Other than Think Like a Man Too, there aren't any major movies he's attached to. But don't be surprised if something big comes along. Ealy has been working for a while, and he's already graduated from "that guy from that movie" to being a regular on a TV show. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Why You Should Be Excited for the 'Grey's Antomy' Home Stretch
    By: Mike Cervantes Feb 14, 2014
    ABC Television Network The winter finale of Grey's Anatomy left a bunch of questions that need to be answered for the doctors of Sloan-Grey Memorial Hospital. Drama will unfold in unusual ways, but what road will take us to the season finale? The Departure of Sandra Oh Every dedicated Grey's fan knows that Sandra Oh, who plays Dr. Cristina Yang, will leave the show. But how will the doctor drama handle it? She could leave to become a brilliant surgeon somewhere else. Don't count out death. And what will become of her torn friendship with Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)? Will it mend by the end of the season? Is Dr. Avery Going to Be a Major Distraction? Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) has the final say on the Sloan-Grey board of directors. But he has caused a lot of trouble by busting up Dr. April Kepner's (Sarah Drew) marriage. And he had a girlfriend while doing this. A responsible leader doesn't engage in this type of behavior. Could this lead to Avery's overthrow on the board? Will Dr. Grey Pull Her Weight? She's balancing motherhood, supporting her brilliant husband, engaging in a feud with her best friend and trying to make organs on a 3D printer. Dr. Grey can't do it all, so what will suffer? Hopefully, she makes amends with Dr. Yang. It will be difficult to continue her research if her husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) gets involved in brain research at the behest of the President of the United States. What Will Be The Big Surprise Or Cliffhanger? No Grey's Anatomy season is complete without some kind of disaster or sudden death in the final few episodes. Last season, it was disaster and death. What will test the doctors this season? The anticipation alone is worth watching the episodes that lead up to the end. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • 4 Marvel Comics Villains We’re Still Waiting For
    By: Mike Cervantes Feb 10, 2014
    Marvel Studios Marvel Comics have plenty of potential for sequels thanks to their movies basically printing money whether they're good or not. Their good guys need to go up against bad guys. And there are still some villains who are as bad as they come. Thanos You're teasing us, Avengers. Marvel films are known for having a big reveal at the end, usually after the credits. A poorly kept secret was that Thanos, one of the strongest and most feared baddies in the Marvel universe, would make an appearance at the end of The Avengers. Yup, there he was, which led us to believe Thanos would be the antagonist of the sequel. Nope. Ultron will assume that role. We'll have to wait for a third Avengers. Thanos' major powers include superhuman strength, telekenisis, genius intellect and teleportation. He is more than a match for all of the Avengers. Onslaught A combination of Magneto and Professor X, Onslaught has made no appearance in any Marvel movie to date. Any film featuring him would be a raging actionfest. In the comics, it took a combination of the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Avengers to defeat the monster. That's some power. Onslaught has super strength and superior mental power, but most impirtantly, it can sense mutant presence, which would be a danger to any X-Men. Onslaught's appearance looks like a souped-up Magento costume. And Onslaught can take on any Marvel hero as it can increase its size and strength at any time. Galactus Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer totally messed this one up. Galactus never really made a true appearance. He was more of a cloud of smoke. Galactus is dangerous, like destroy-a-whole-world dangerous. Why would we be afraid of a bunch of smoke? Get it right, Fantastic Four. Galactus is the most god-like figure since it literally eats planets and is responsible for eliminating entire species. The deity is so incredible, its form is perceived according to what that race believes is their god, something that gives and takes life. Dr. Doom Another Marvel bad guy who deserved better. And wouldn't you know it, Fantastic Four ruined another villain. Dr. Doom is capable of taking on numerous heroes at the same time. Doom is a scientific mastermind, can control vasts amounts of energy, posseses power over machines, casts defensive force fields and shoots deadly electric bursts. He needs to get beefed up in any future Marvel films. Let's pretend the two Fantastic Four movies never happened. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Why We’re Excited About ‘The Lego Movie’
    By: Mike Cervantes Feb 04, 2014
    Warner Bros. At the very least, Warner Bros' upcoming The Lego Movie should be fun. It could, however, turn into a phenomenon. Who didn't play with a Lego or one of those various Lego knockoffs? Who hasn't stepped on a Lego in bare feet (the pain is excruciating)? The Lego Movie could be one of those appealing films that rakes in the dough at the box office. Kids and adults identify with them — what's not to like? So far, it appears as if The Lego Movie has taken itself seriously (even though it's a kids movie). Like any quality youngster flick, voice talent is key. You can't just slap a bunch of no-names together and call it a day. The Lego Movie features major Hollywood players: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and other stars. The movie features a world in which anything is possible — buildings can be built and torn down, imagination is infinite, and cute little toys are full of adventure and excitement. Isn't that what playing with Legos was all about as a kid? Special effects won't be a huge problem for this film because the whole thing is computer animated. Amazement is a definite possibility. And competition at the box office should be sparse. The George Clooney World War II drama The Monuments Men looks promising, but it doesn't have as much widespread appeal as The Lego Movie. Word of mouth is necessary for any movie to have overwhelming success. In its second week, The Lego Movie will have to contend with the comedy About Last Night and the reboot of Robocop. In week three, Paul W.S. Anderson's Pompeii premieres, which is another vastly different audience. And throughout this month, there aren't any animated movies to challenge The Lego Movie. The box office is there for the taking. The Lego video games were extremely popular. Teaming up with licensed properties, the Lego games included versions of Batman, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Rock Band. We will see D.C. characters in The Lego Movie as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman play parts. Kids will obviously want to see this, but will adults flock to theaters? The memories of playing with those colorful, plastic bricks might be enough to get grown-ups to fork money over. The plot of The Lego Movie is that an ordinary minifigure must lead a quest to stop an evil tyrant. A quest! How childlike! A throwback to when we were young and playing was our top priority. This movie becoming a major success is pure speculation. But if any production has nostalgic fascination, it’s this one. Just use your imagination — isn't that what playing with Legos was all about? Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @dgMikeCervantes
  • Rustin Cohle, We Never Ever Want To Hang Out With You
    By: Mike Cervantes Feb 02, 2014
    HBO HBO's True Detective takes place in a dark world, one grounded totally in reality, but it's just, well, unsettling. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are investigating a bizarre murder in which a woman wears antlers and strange signs and drawings are decorated around her. In the least shocking development, the woman was naked. McConaughey's character, Rustin Cohle, is good at finding leads on this case because he's so damn weird himself. True Detective takes place in the present, but the meat of the story is revealed in the past. In both instances, Cohle is creepy. Past Cohle has a tendency to say inappropriate things and behave in an odd manner. He's a loner, forced to co-operate in a world that's cold and unforgiving. Present Cohle is an alcoholic, a glass half empty S.O.B. who you wouldn't want your kids to hang around. What would either version of Cohle do in a coffee shop? How about a classy get together that involves alcohol? A wedding ceremony? Graduation? Cohle's family was destroyed; his child died and his wife left him soon after. Social affairs would cause him to react badly. Bitter scowls and heavy drinking would be a best-case scenario. Dead bodies would obviously be a worst case. Some people just need distance. Cohle is unstable. HBO's series is still young, however, we must wonder where is this show going and what in particular is Cohle's role? The pacing of the show is slow and deliberate. We know Cohle ends up as a downer, someone who can kill a six pack of beer like a sip of water. Either way, Past or Present Cohle is not somebody you want to call up on a Friday night to see what's up. Call somebody else. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Hurry Up, 'Shameless,' Get Ian Gallagher Back In The Picture
    By: Mike Cervantes Feb 01, 2014
    Showtime Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan), you are missed on Shameless. The family believes that he's fine. And he probably is. But the truth is that he's an underage boy who has been missing for quite some time. How has nobody filed a missing persons report? If the Gallagher family doesn't care enough to actually miss him, Mickey (Noel Fisher) does. You remember him, right? Mickey Milkovich is a scum-of-the-earth type guy who has a hard time revealing any feelings. He's a mess, Ian, you just don't know it. Right now, Shameless is a show in transition. All of its characters have never been so far apart. Fiona has never done better (she has health insurance) and Lip is at college. Where the hell is Ian? The family needs him, even though they haven't said so often enough. The dwindling household needs more stability. Most of the time, Fiona isn't there to handle the three young ones at home. Ian and Lip were Fiona's backup. Now, neither of them are there. The most unlikely relationship is Ian and Mickey. We knew Ian really cared for the bruising lowlife. With Ian gone, Mickey is lost. Hopeless. Heartbroken. Forget Mickey's faux marriage to the foreign chick, the "couple" — neither Ian nor Mickey will ever admit it — belongs together. Ian took off to join the service, we know that won't transition smoothly. Not that Ian wouldn't be good at it, but come on, this is Shameless, nothing ever goes according to plan. Besides, Mickey needs his boy back. Otherwise he'll punch out more mirrors. Come home, Ian. Friends and family are waiting for you. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //