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    By: Mike Cervantes Jan 31, 2014
    Columbia Pictures With the reboot of RoboCop creeping up on us like the immobile cyborg he is, we have some questions. Here's what's on our minds for the new film. Is RoboCop Still Slow As Hell? Accurate shooting and the awe of seeing the tin cop for the first time will only scare outlaws for so long. In the original RoboCop, bad guys could easily sprint away if they were out of shooting range. That must stop in the new one. RoboCop needs to run, jump and get physical with the opposition. Can RoboCop Break The Law? Because of the way he was wired, Robocop couldn't even speed in the original. Criminals don't always play by the rules, why should Robocop? Going a little rogue is what makes cops in movies interesting. Get your hands dirty, Robocop. Will He Still Eat That Bizarre Paste? Yeah, RoboCop was kind of brain dead in the first movie because of his assault at the beginning. So a high-powered half man-half machine was powered by baby food. His nutrients seemed appropriate for a toddler. Give the cop his dignity! At least let him charge like an iPhone or something. Baby food? Please, that's not what a hero should be eating. RoboCop should chow down on a steak. Does Robocop Actually Develop Personality? Part of the appeal of RoboCop, other than his shiny metal and perfect aim, was his naivete. He behaved like Arnold Schwarzenegger in almost every movie he's starred in: dull, kind of clueless, but efficient when the action went down. It would be nice if RoboCop could make jokes, show some emotion and develop a true hatred of evildoers. That would be a cyborg worth backing up on the force. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Chris Pine, It’s Time To Step Up
    By: Mike Cervantes Jan 31, 2014
    Paramount via Everett Collection In 2009, Chris Pine put the world on notice. His performance in Star Trek put him on the map as a potential leading man. Sure, he had played small roles in TV and movies before, but the sci-fi spectacular solidified him in Hollywood. He was an up-and-coming star. Pine has had some time and so far, he's been so-so. Teaming up with Denzel Washington in Unstoppable helped. That movie was a potential train wreck, but in the end, everything worked out. The day was saved and Pine had another hit to add to his resume. Since then, there have been more misses than hits. This Means War should have been a lot better. People Like Us didn't have a lot of impact. Rise of the Guardians was acceptable. Pine only lent his voice to that one. Which brings us to his last two films. Star Trek Into Darkness gets more hate than it should. Tell the fanboys to relax. They're never satisfied. And now we have Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Mixed reviews, probably forgettable. It's time for Pine to step up. He can't rely on being an up-and-coming star anymore. That time has passed. Playing Captain Kirk is his bread and butter. Everything else though, we need to question. Is this movie worth seeing? Is Pine a legit leading man? Once those questions are answered and if they're met with a strong no, then Pine must evaluate himself. Take a back seat, share the spotlight. There's nothing wrong with a supporting role. Eventually, Star Trek sequels will run dry and it doesn't look like Denzel will be jumping over any trains from now on. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Two-Face Is Frankenstein’s Monster And Nobody Seems To Care
    By: Mike Cervantes Jan 29, 2014
    Lionsgate These semi-blockbusters are really getting old. The newest Underworld clone, I Frankenstein, will not amaze you. Aaron Eckhart, most famous for playing Two-Face in The Dark Knight, takes on the role of Frankenstein's monster. Eckhart, who has definitely put the work in at the gym, looks like a fish out of water in this action flick. But this movie is just another example of the lame productions that studios chuck out to audiences during non-summer time. Major successes don't usually materialize in the first quarter of the year. It's bad enough that I, Frankenstein looks so much like Underworld — bland entertainment at best. If this movie had a summer release date we would know it had the potential to dazzle us with explosions, fights and general property damage all around. Eckhart is an incredible actor, so why stoop to such a bizarre adaptation of the Mary Shelley novel? I, Frankenstein puts Eckhart's Adam (since the monster doesn't have a name) in a centuries-old war with other creatures. On paper that could be a good idea, but the execution, based on the trailers, looks very watered down. A true adaptation of the book would be more thrilling than this mess. With today's special effects, Frankenstein's monster would be a frightful sight. It's actually a bunch of random body parts sewn together to look, well, monstrous. The end result looks nothing like a buff Two-Face with a few scratches. Get Eckhart and some other serious thespians together for a faithful adaptation. That would be worth watching. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • ‘Family Guy’ Recap: Disgruntled Friends And Half Dog-Half Humans Need To Reconnect
    By: Mike Cervantes Jan 27, 2014
    Fox Broadcasting Co. It's nice that Family Guy has Brian back. But one of his least likeable qualities is his insistence that he's a damn writer. Really, Family Guy, it's infuriating to anybody who has authored a screenplay, written a book or produced a byline. We see Brian at "work" at the beginning of the episode. Brian's writing is lazy and halfhearted. And it gets rewarded in him getting a job on a TV show. He finds out that his son, Dylan Flannigan (a human who has no dog qualities whatsoever), stars on a Disney TV show called Parent Boppers. Brian schmoozes his way to a job on the writing staff. While there, he suggests insane ideas which eventually get him fired. Why couldn't he just bask in the nepotism? No, he had to try to grow a brain. Good one, Brian. Peter, Quagmire and Joe's friendship gets tested after Peter foolishly shoots Quagmire in the arm. Joe must choose which friend to side with. The right choice is Quagmire – Joe doesn't want to hang with the mentally unstable fat man. Peter becomes desperate for companionship so he offers to let Quagmire shoot him in the arm. Bullet for a bullet, right? Joe shoots Peter in the arm because Peter and Quagmire can't even figure out how to do that correctly. Quagmire still seeks justice and he gets it: he takes a shot at Peter's head. Brian is so distraught at losing his job (and his son's trust) that he turns to Rite Aid brand whiskey. What happened, Ralph's brand beer wasn't around? Stewie helps convey a message to Dylan, who still bears no canine features, that Brian is sorry. The diabolical baby gets an acting gig on the show to deliver the message, which ends in Brian and Dylan hugging it out. Aw. Oh, Peter ends up with a massive bandage and some seriously slurred speech thanks to the gunshot wound. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Is Deke Good Enough For Max Black?
    By: Mike Cervantes Jan 25, 2014
    CBS Falling in love with Max Black (Kat Dennings) on 2 Broke Girls is easy. Putting up with her personality, however, is a difficult exercise. Max boasts about numerous failed relationships, random hookups and dates gone awry. She's not a happy person, no way. Her glass is always half empty; it's surprising that she doesn’t fill her customers' drinks only partially at the diner. Unloved as a child, always broke and a constant pessimist, Max isn't the type of girl to build a strong relationship. That may change. Happiness has overcome the busty beauty (although she won't admit it). She's in pastry school and now, she may have finally found a suitable suitor. Deke (Eric Andre), Max's goofball partner in school, digs her. They have acted like chums since working together, but the sneaky subtext says they're both hot for each other. Like always, the affection had to win Max over. Finally, Max's feelings got the best of her. She realized that Deke was a good guy. Better than good, she felt attracted to him. Confusion filled Max’s soul — was this love? How could she be so unsure of herself? Turns out, it was legit. Deke planted a big, seductive kiss on Max, one that could make a hardened heart such as Max's beat with joy. Deke is good for her. He may be oblivious to life, but he's funny, hard working and kind. Max isn't used to kind. And they both love baking. They may survive. Their relationship is still in the infancy stage. This one's on Max. If she accepts Deke's love (hopefully, it's real), there could be a happily ever after ending. We hope so. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Kennex and Dorian: A Certified Bromance on ‘Almost Human’
    By: Mike Cervantes Jan 24, 2014
    Liane Hentscher/FOX They've seen each other at their best, and more often than not, at their worst. The mismatched partners on Almost Human are exactly what each other needs. Cops and bad guys, beware. John Kennex (Karl Urban) and Dorian (Michael Ealy) complement each other in the field because they are so different. Kennex is the loose cannon who gets the job done, but is capable of being compassionate. Dorian keeps calm, evaluates situations and uses reason before doing anything, but the DRN android can get reckless thanks to his brand being an inconsistent, discontinued model. The two have bonded thanks to sharing numerous rides while on patrol. They've also endured shootouts. Drug deals, dangerous criminals, and sexbots have also brought them closer. Dorian notices Kennex's lack of action in the dating pool. Kennex found his android pal a place to charge overnight. Dorian didn't want to hang with those stale, MX-43 androids at the police station. Their bromance is constantly evolving and took a large step after Kennex stood up for his partner. An MX dispelled Dorian's theory about how a murder victim was killed. The MX constantly rebuked Dorian's ideas. What did Kennex do? He shot the MX's face off. Dorian revealed his own theory on their bromance later on in a car ride. "You like me," Dorian said."No, I don't," Kennex responded."Yes, you do.""No.""You definitely do.""How do you come by that conclusion?""The MX. You shot it because it insulted me. You like me.""No, I shot the MX 'cause it wouldn't shut up.""No. You shot it 'cause you like me.""Keep talking, I'll prove my point.""It's okay, John... I like you too." See, the duo is evolving. Kennex wouldn't shoot an android in the face if it didn't offend Dorian (okay, maybe he would, he does have anger issues). But if Kennex is to overcome his rage, it will be because of his partner. Dorian is happy to be a cop and he would do anything to help Kennex. Cheer up, Kennex — you have your health, you have a job, and you work with Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly). Having a coworker like her will make any bromance worth tolerating. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Monica Talbot, You Are Perhaps The Worst Boss Ever
    By: Mike Cervantes Jan 22, 2014
    Showtime We knew Monica Talbot (Dawn Olivieri), Marty Kaan's (Don Cheadle) ex-wife on House of Lies, was crazy. Like potentially homicidal crazy. But the show never really presented Monica in action at her consulting firm. In the season three premiere, Monica raged hard against her employees. After seeing her behavior, litigation should have been imminent a long time ago. Sexual harassment, near physical abuse and mental anguish are the easy lawsuits Monica could face. She hinted that a female employee should use sex to lure clients. Monica literally hit someone’s binder out of her hands. And her constant yelling and threats aren't good for any work environment. Despite her outrageous actions, Monica isn't some caricature. She's powerful, sneaky, vindictive and mentally tough enough to stand up to Marty. That last part is key. Marty is known as a top dog in the consulting industry so employees are in awe of both him and Monica. Why do people tolerate Monica in such a hostile work environment? Her firm is No. 1. But is it really worth it to put up with her bulls--t? Unreasonable bosses have been in movies and TV forever. Monica isn't like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. At no time did we ever think Miranda Priestly was capable of physically harming people. Monica has potential to do that and more. If pushed hard enough, she could kill someone, maybe even right in front of witnesses. Her beauty and charm is perfect to seduce a man into doing something he doesn't want. She could influence a female to act unruly. We wouldn't want to encounter Monica in an office, bedroom, party or dark alley. The result could be fatal. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Macho Roles Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Should Have Got
    By: Mike Cervantes Jan 19, 2014
    Universal via Everett Collection Right now, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is arguably the biggest movie star in the world. He has leading-man charm and his movies clean house at the box office. The Rock is in such high demand, he has to turn down major productions simply because he can't be in two places at once. What roles would he have been perfect for? Conan The only man in Hollywood who's literally larger than life enough to take on this role was Johnson. Sorry, Jason Momoa, but your size was simply too scrawny to be Conan. Arnold Schwarzengger took on this role and he really made this character come to life. The Rock could have stepped in with his massive chest and bulging biceps. Venom Another character that required immense size, Venom is one of Spider-Man’s biggest foes. A major villain would require a major actor, one who would fit the role. Johnson would be perfect, right? What happened in Spider-Man 3? All of a sudden, a burly Venom shrinks way down to size in the form of Topher Grace? Huh? Transformers: Age of Extinction Mark Wahlberg got the part for the new Transformers film, but it was offered to the Rock first. He turned it down to do Hercules. Too bad, it would have been cool to see him face off against gigantic robots.  G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Yes, Johnson was in the sequel. But that movie had all kinds of problems and honestly, it wasn’t even as good as the original. We should have had an entire movie featuring Channing Tatum and the Rock fighting side by side. A reboot, anyone? Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Emmy Rossum, You Sure Make The Most Out Of Fiona Gallagher
    By: Mike Cervantes Jan 18, 2014
    Showtime When you think of the Gallagher family on Showtime's Shameless, one person keeps them together: Fiona (Emmy Rossum). Fiona could have been great. Her model looks, spunky attitude and tenacity for hard work could have led to an acting gig. Or college success. Or an athletic career — Fiona runs surprisingly well. Instead, she has to take care of a big family. While still in her twenties, the responsibility of watching after two teenagers, two elementary-aged kids and a toddler fell on her. Fiona became the de facto matriarch. Oh, and she also had to manage a drunk father. Despite all these obstacles, Fiona somehow gets food and money to care for her family. She works odd jobs and her personal happiness always takes a back seat. Kudos to Rossum for playing this role in a daring, sexy manner. What's that, sexy, you ask? Yes, the mother role and constant problems seem to overwhelm Fiona, but she still looks hot. Life obviously doesn't get her down too much. Guys everywhere on Shameless find Fiona ridiculously attractive. Fiona is never low on suitors, whether it's a cop, man with a double life or in the case of season four, her boss. At the snap of a finger, her life could be vindicated with these men. A life of steadiness and putting her talents to use awaits. But she will never abandon her family. The Gallaghers are her life so she will continue to provide and maintain incredible looks whether, it's in a business suit, short skirt or T-shirt and jeans. You are a kind soul, Fiona. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • 4 Transformers We Hope Make It To The Big Screen
    By: Mike Cervantes Jan 17, 2014
    Hasbro/DEG If you enjoy the robot-on-robot action the Transformers films have brought to theaters, you're anticipating what new characters will make an appearance in this summer's Age of Extinction. Unicron He's the most frightening Transformer of all. Unicron is a robotic planet that eats other planets. The monster transcends Autobot and Decepticon as he is a threat to everything in existence. Unicron made his debut in The Transformers: The Movie, the 1986 animated adaptation. Voiced by the legendary Orson Welles, Unicron was and is the ultimate bad guy in the Transformers universe. There is a strong possibility he is the antagonist in Michael Bay's newest sequel. Galvatron The new leader of the Decepticons is actually the old leader. A defeated and near-dead Megatron was transformed to Galvatron, a shinier, newer and more destructive robot. His creator? Unicron. Does this sound familiar? Wasn't Megatron decapitated at the end of Dark of the Moon? If Unicron is in Age of Extinction, there is a good chance we could see Galvatron as well. Devastator True, we have already technically seen two Devastators in Bay's films. The first one was a random tank in film one and the second was a massive combination of construction vehicles in Revenge of the Fallen that couldn’t move. We need a Devastator more faithful to the original. A fearsome, overpowering robot that makes Autobots nervous at the mere mention of it being around. Hot Rod He's the least accepted Autobot simply because he took over the leadership void left by Optimus Prime after he died in the 1986 movie. Hot Rod actually did a good job. But he's not leadership material. Hot Rod answered the call when necessary. In Bay's films, Hot Rod could be a valuable asset to Autobots in need since so many major ones have died throughout the years. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //