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  • Is Fox Hoping for 'Family Guy'-like Success By Bringing Back 'Dads'?
    By: Mike Cervantes Nov 15, 2013
    Jennifer Clasen/FOX Seth MacFarlane can do no wrong in the eyes of Fox. His juggernaut, Family Guy, leads the Sunday night lineup (sorry, The Simpsons has been watered down for quite some time) and American Dad is a strong supporting show. MacFarlane's Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show finished with 88 episodes and now Dads recently got the green light to return. Huh? Dads hasn't been well received by some, citing racist and low-brow jokes. Had this been anybody else's show, it would be dead. Another casualty, maybe even a mid-season cancellation. But because MacFarlane is the mastermind behind Dads, Fox gives it life. Perhaps Fox thinks it will catch on the same way Family Guy did. Look, the power of MacFarlane is undeniable. He turned water into wine with Ted, a movie about a lovable, foul-mouthed teddy bear. A talking bear was a unique idea and all of MacFarlane’s animated shows had that niche working in their favor. Dads has no such element. Seth Green is the face of the show, but honestly, as a physical actor, Green hasn't had real success since playing Oz in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He has had guest appearances, but only for a few episodes (dude was a punk on Entourage). Green is a tremendous voice actor and has a ton of work to his credit. The microphone is his bread and butter; otherwise audiences end up with Greg the Bunny. Remember that show? Right, nobody does. Fox must be hoping against hope that Dads emulates the Family Guy formula. Remember, Family Guy got axed then resurrected; not too many shows can make that claim. But it also had a strong following, something that Dads clearly does not. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Dr. Yang is Finally Capable of Feeling Emotions
    By: Mike Cervantes Nov 15, 2013
    ABC/Getty Dr. Cristina Yang and Dr. Meredith Grey have lost the love. They've been like sisters on Grey's Anatomy. The two have endured surgery screw-ups, deaths, relationship issues and other best-bud hurdles. But their friendship is being tested. It has been disturbed by a career gap that can't be filled. Yang (Sandra Oh) has developed into a superstar surgeon while Grey (Ellen Pompeo) juggles a family and medical career. The tension began this season when Yang straight up told Grey they were not equals in the operating room. While both have known this all these years, Yang never dared to thumb it in her best friend's face. Their friendship grew farther apart when Yang received a half-hearted invite from Grey to a Halloween gathering. Grey even left a message to bring cupcakes if she showed up. Yang did show up with bright orange frosting cupcakes. Yet everyone at the kid-centered party never noticed Yang showed up. That wounded her soul a bit. And the love life of the great Dr. Yang is deteriorating as well. Her marriage to Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) went south and it's clear she's jealous of her ex's new love interest. For the first time ever, the impenetrable Dr. Yang is emotionally hurt. Grey has always been there for support. Not anymore. Even when Yang was stood up at the altar by Isaiah Washington's Dr. Preston Burke, it wasn't as big a deal as watching Hunt pursue someone else. Then again, that was a quick fix for the Grey's writing staff to get rid of Washington's character. All of this must be setting up Yang’s departure. It’s no secret, Oh has announced this will be her final season. Unfortunately, it appears the bond between Yang and Grey is reaching the critical stage, especially after an underhanded move by Yang this past week. It was nice knowing you, Dr. Yang. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Review: Guy Fieri's New York Takeover
    By: Mike Cervantes Nov 12, 2013
    ABC/Getty Guy Fieri showcases the diverse eats of the Big Apple in the Best of New York episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Do yourself a favor: don't count calories. John's of 12th Street Italian Restaurant A patron mentions that this place looks like it would be in a Martin Scorsese movie. The Italian food is authentic and just watching it should cause you to salivate just a little. Featured dishes include veal meatballs (loaded with flavor: bread crumbs, milk, eggs, scallions, pecorino cheese, caramelized onions, Worcestershire sauce, basil, dried oregano, minced garlic) and making their own pasta from scratch. None of this out-of-the-box stuff. Defonte's Sandwich Shop A plethora of meats and cheeses are housed in this deli that cranks out New York heroes — about 200 or 300 of them a day. Give these guys credit, they make their own mozzarella. That cheese complements their massive sandwiches. Guy tries the steak pizzaiola sandwich and burns his mouth biting into the melted mozzarella. Totally worth it though. The Smoke Joint With that name you know it must be serving up barbeque. The main dish is an eye opener: killer short ribs that look like they're straight out of Jurassic Park. A nine-ingredient sauce spruces up the dinosauric ribs. There is nothing short about these short ribs; you won’t be left hungry. The Smoke Joint also serves buffalo wings, spicy pork links, pulled pork sandwiches and other delicious food that will have you reaching for wet napkins constantly. Standard napkins need not apply. The Redhead It specializes in Southern comfort food (not the alcohol Southern Comfort, although why would you want food drenched in that swill?). The featured menu item here is pretzels. Obviously, they are not the junky pretzels you buy in a bag or on the street corner. Great detail is put into forming these delicious pretzels. A mean beer cheese sauce is the pretzel's tag team partner. Initially, Guy doesn’t think the ramekin of sauce would be enough. He is proven wrong as its thickness and flavor provide plenty of cheesy and beer-y sustenance. Pies 'n' Thighs A mega-sized doughnut shines at this place. A pecan butter crunch doughnut is on the menu. Toffee and pecan are crunched up to coat the fried dessert. Guy claims it weighs three pounds. Although it’s never actually weighed, the doughnut looks plenty dense and packed with calories. It does look like it'll increase your waistline, but come on, it's a doughnut. There’s no such thing as a healthy doughnut. And if there is, don't eat it! Eat one at Pies 'n' Thighs, you'll enjoy yourself. Ben's Best This 1940s Jewish deli specializes in kreplach, dumplings stuffed with brisket. Guy tries the fried kreplach and boiled version in soup. Naturally, he enjoys it. How awkward would it be for Guy to go to a location and make sour faces as he eats? Corned beef, beef tongue and stuffed cabbage also feature prominently at Ben's Best. The stuffed cabbage is a real mouthful. You get two meat-filled stuffed cabbages. Enjoy. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Should Arnold Rothstein Bed Nucky Thompson's Wife?
    By: Mike Cervantes Nov 07, 2013
    HBO  Nucky Thompson's corrupt ways and lust for power has pushed his wife, Margaret, out of his life. Boardwalk Empire's leading crime boss still cares for his wife and her family. Margaret (Kelly MacDonald) wants nothing to do with him. She doesn't even tell Nucky where she works. A new wrinkle was revealed in a recent episode, "William Wilson," one that could have a major effect on Nucky: Arnold Rothstein and Margaret share a secret. The estranged Mrs. Thompson works in a Wall Street office. She helps her boss dupe men into questionable investments. It works until she encounters Rothstein (Michael Stuhlbarg), the New York boss who is a frequent business partner and sometimes thorn in the side of Nucky. Neither one reveals the other's true self. Rothstein, who in real life helped fix the 1919 World Series, rewards Margaret with $100 for her discretion. What is Rothstein’s true intention? In future episodes, the juiciest result would be a hot affair with Nucky's wife. Of all the big timers on this show, Rothstein is the least sexually charged. He's a major player who never submits to the usual stable of mistresses and whores. Get yours, Rothstein. This would enrage Nucky royally and give him leverage in all future business dealings. Margaret is already underutilized; this would thrust her back into a leading role. These two characters should definitely hook up. As far fetched as this sounds, it might as well happen. Boardwalk Empire features so many story lines, what’s one more affair? Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • The Constant Failures of Trip McNeely, Er, Jerry O'Connell
    By: Mike Cervantes Nov 07, 2013
    Columbia Poor Jerry O'Connell. Yet another show of his got scrapped. This time it was the underwhelming We Are Men,  canceled after just two episodes. This is nothing new for O'Connell. His star doesn't shine as bright anymore. Gone are the days of shuffling to different worlds in Sliders. He can't fly away using spray paint cans (who thought that was a viable method of transportation?) in My Secret Identity. It's not all bad for O'Connell. After all, he is married to Rebecca Romijn. The former child star needs to recognize his role. He's a supplementary actor who's fully capable of succeeding as long as he's not the star. He can't be the leader of an ensemble cast either. O'Connell's IMDB resume has many credits but few recent hits. There is one role that only he is qualified to play and it could be hilarious: Trip McNeely. Yes, the beer-chugging wash-up from Can't Hardly Wait  should have his own movie. Or TV show. Or web series. The potential is great for a Trip-centered story. He was the jock who had it all in high school, but began to falter in college. Warts on his feet and poor choices in women were just the beginning of his problems. What hilarious misadventures could be in store for Trip? O'Connell's brief cameo piqued enough interest for him to be a memorable character. Heck, there's an urban dictionary entry about him! For added comic effect, cast Peter Facinelli as Mike Dexter, Can't Hardly Wait's high school top dog. Mike seemed destined to follow Trip's life path. Success in Hollywood is never guaranteed. But a Trip McNeely movie or TV show is O'Connell's best bet at making it as a leading man now. Don't forget the six pack, Trip. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @dgMikeCervantes //
  • Could Scarlett Johansson Win An Oscar Just For Her Voice?
    By: Mike Cervantes Oct 28, 2013
    Annapurna Pictures Scarlett Johansson was just named sexiest woman alive for the second time by Esquire magazine. Her looks earn her starring roles in films and rightfully so. But her acting chops are really getting recognized now in the film Her. What’s most amazing is that Johansson face or body isn’t featured in the movie at all. There is legitimate Oscar talk for her voice. Yes, her voice. An Oscar for her voice? Unconventional, yes. Undeserved, well, the jury is out on that. Oscar nominations are still a long time away. But a nod for a voice performance should not just be dismissed. It’s never happened before, but that could change. Johansson’s chances must be good because her voice is so moving and there is no visibility of her beauty at all. Director Spike Jonze’s Her premiered at the New York Film Festival recently, generating all this Oscar buzz. In the movie, Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls in love with his computer operating system’s voice, played by Johansson. Unlike an animated film, Johansson doesn’t even have the benefit of facial emotions or body gestures to enhance her performance. Still, voice work takes skill, otherwise anybody could get in an audio booth and spew words. In Japan, anime vocal talent is as recognizable as any A-lister. Hopefully, Johansson gets a nod for her work. It’s a novel concept and would be a welcomed addition to Oscar lore, especially if she were to win. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Hype for Next Year’s ‘Godzilla’ Goes Viral
    By: Mike Cervantes Oct 23, 2013
    Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Godzilla may finally get the film treatment he deserves. The hype behind next year's Godzilla roared at Comic-Con 2013. Con-goers who squeezed into Hall H approved of the trailer, which was reported to include at least another monster and had a serious tone. Recently, leaked trailers of the film have hit the Internet, cluttering Twitter and Facebook feeds. Since they haven't been official, websites have been forced to take them down. But what was there for that brief time was good. Damn good. And popular. A Dailymotion video garnered more than 100,000 views in just a matter of hours. YouTube had it. Movie sites praised the one minute and change trailer, uploading it on their site while collecting tons of viewers; people flooded the comments section about how strong the potential of Godzilla could be. Why did the trailers get taken down? Whether Warner Bros. did this on purpose is unknown. Either way, it is a brilliant marketing ploy. Fans want to see the Big G in a serious American movie. That campy 1998 version starring Ferris Bueller won't cut it. Director Gareth Edwards has promised Godzilla will be what fans are craving. Like Christopher Nolan did with the Dark Knight trilogy. If you dig hard enough, there might be a trailer still up. What was there, however, featured destruction — busted trains, debris everywhere, holes in buildings. The majority of the trailer’s audio is J. Robert Oppenheimer's speech about the creation of the atomic bomb with this part standing out: “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” Of course during this time we see monster arms and legs and finally, Godzilla shouts his signature roar at the end. A second trailer shows soldiers parachuting out of a plane to fight back against the mythical beast. Again, this trailer is serious stuff. You'll have to dig to find this one as well. Follow @Hollywood_com //