Molly Freeman
  • What Can We Expect from DC’s ‘Gotham’ TV Series?
    By: Molly Freeman Jan 17, 2014
    DC Comics After the huge success of Marvel’s The Avengers, then the monumental hype built up in anticipation of ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., DC has jumped on the superhero crossover universe bandwagon. Last summer, Zak Snyder announced Batman vs. Superman as the sequel to Man of Steel — with the controversial casting of Batfleck — which will lead to a Justice League movie. Then DC teamed up with Fox to announced their own version of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Gotham, a TV series that would follow James Gordon. Recently, Danny Cannon signed on to direct the pilot of Gotham as well as executive produce the series. Cannon is a veteran of TV, having produced and directed shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, Dark Blue, Nikita, andThe Tomorrow People. However, fans of comics will be most excited about Cannon signing on to the project because he directed 1995’s Judge Dredd, an adaptation of the comic book character. Cannon joins Bruno Heller who created and wrote the script for Gotham’s pilot. It’s good that Cannon has had experience working with action dramas on The CW because it’s home to DC’s already-successful action series, Arrow, as well as its spinoff, The Flash. Though Gotham will air on Fox, Cannon will have the ability and experience to create a cohesive shared universe between all three of the TV series. As far as the plot of Gotham, all we know so far is that it will center on a younger version of James Gordon, an ally of Batman’s from the comic books. The most recent live-action incarnation of the character was played by Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan’s Batman film series Given the steadily declining ratings of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the increasing popularity of Arrow as well as The Flash (which hasn’t even shot a pilot yet,) it looks like DC might take over the comic book world on television. We have high hopes for Gotham, though if S.H.I.E.L.D. has taught us anything, it’s not to get our hopes up too high. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Can We Date All the Men from ‘That Awkward Moment’?
    By: Molly Freeman Jan 16, 2014
    Focus Features A romantic comedy from the man’s perspective sounds a bit like a pipe dream, but Tom Gormican will be making that dream a reality when That Awkward Moment premieres in theaters on Jan. 31. The movie stars Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller as three best friends who are trying to navigate the awkward moment in a relationship between dating and not-quite-officially-dating.  While most romcoms (like 99.9% of romcoms) show relationships from the woman’s perspective, That Awkward Moment is flipping the tables. Efron, Jordan, and Teller’s characters deal with their own romantic relationships in ways that are equally hilarious and compelling. After watching the trailer, we’ve decided that any of these characters would make a good boyfriend — or at least a funny boyfriend. Although Efron might be the true headliner of this cast — he is, after all, a Hollywood heartthrob — Jordan and Teller are moving into the huge-celebrity-crush category with this film. Jordan has an especially funny moment in the trailer when he says he needs to eat some ice cream because his girlfriend just broke up with him (he gets it!) Meanwhile, Teller seems to be on the opposite side of the man-spectrum by complaining about not being able to fart when girls are around. Between the three, every girl is bound to be attracted to Efron, Jordan, or Teller in That Awkward Moment. But our question is: why can’t we date all three? (Other than, they don’t have our numbers of course.) Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @mollyrockit
  • Stop Calling ‘Divergent’ the New ‘Hunger Games’
    By: Molly Freeman Jan 14, 2014
    Summit Let’s get something straight: Divergent is not the same as The Hunger Games; Tris (played by Shailene Woodley) is not the second coming of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence); and future dystopian Chicago is not even remotely similar to Panem. We understand Divergent and The Hunger Games series are generally comparable. Both movies are based on young adult book series about female heroines fighting against an oppressive regime. We even realize that there are similarities between Tris and Katniss. For instance, both characters would do anything to protect their families and loved ones — but the same can be said for many, many big screen heroes. The comparisons between Divergent and The Hunger Games are lazy. As Angela Watercutter said in her article for Wired, pointing out the similarities between these two films is “as if Spider-Man were the next Batman because they're both average guys who wear costumes and fight crime.” If you have the same knee-jerk reaction to the Spider-Man and Batman comparison that we did (Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne are so different!), then you understand how fans of Divergent feel about all the comparisons to The Hunger Games. The only good that can come out of equating Divergent to The Hunger Games is that fans of the established movie series (who haven’t already read Divergent) will check it out. Hopefully, once the movie debuts in March, everyone will realize how different they are — or it’ll get worse, which means we’ll be having this discussion again. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • 5 Reasons the ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Could Be Everything We Hoped For
    By: Molly Freeman Jan 12, 2014
    Veronica Mars (2014)/YouTube  The recent release of a full-length trailer for the Veronica Mars movie has reignited our excitement for the film — yet again. Rob Thomas, writer and executive producer, wrote in a Kickstarter backer update that the trailer marks the beginning of the official Veronica Mars advertising campaign. Which, loosely translated, means we’re going to be seeing a lot more of the trailer, as well as (hopefully) TV spots, posters, and billboards. For now, we’ll settle on getting excited about why the trailer has us hoping the film will be everything we wish it will be. A New Case The greatest aspects of the Veronica Mars series were the mysteries threaded throughout the show. In the first season it was Lily’s murder, then the bus crash in season two. We’re excited to see what the creators have cooked up for the movie — apparently one case involves Logan Echolls, so that should be interesting (read: endlessly entertaining.) Return of the Tiny Blonde Wonder Veronica Mars herself (played by Kristen Bell) was the driving force of the TV series and it will be good to see her again. Plus, we’re looking forward to all the quips penned by Thomas. We demand quality quips!  Catching Up With Our Favorite Characters In addition to Veronica, we’ll be seeing the whole gang again. (Literally, the whole gang, since all the actors came back for the movie.) We’re especially excited to see what’s become of our favorite characters. What are they doing with their lives? Are they dating anyone? It’s going to be like catching up with old friends. Our Money’s Worth Although we discussed whether Veronica Mars should appeal to a wider audience than just the fans, there’s something to be said for those of us that donated to the film. We gave our hard-earned cash, and if the trailer is any indication, we’re going to get exactly what we paid for. For the Fans, By the Fans Let’s be honest, everyone involved in the production of the Veronica Mars movie loves the show just as much as — if not more than — the fans. They’re not going to disappoint us. (Or else!) Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Why We Should All Aim to be Like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
    By: Molly Freeman Jan 10, 2014
    NBC/Getty  If we had it our way, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would host every awards show from now until the end of time. Not only are they smart, hilarious, charming, adorable, and less off-putting than Seth McFarlane, they’re also the best of friends. It’s incredibly fun watching two people who adore each other get up on stage and make us all laugh. As the best role models any of us could hope to have, we can learn a lot from these ladies about life, love, and friendship. You should always be honest about what you want to do at night. If you’d rather drink wine and watch Netflix, that’s totally cool and we support your decision. Via But if you’re into going out with your best friend, that’s cool too. There’s not shame in it! Via You should never be an angry drunk — always a classy drunk. But if someone tries to start a fight with you or your best friend, you have to have each other’s backs. Via You should always make fun of your friends — very publicly (like at an awards show broadcast to millions of people) and, if possible, by acting like a child in eveningwear. Via Of course, if at all possible, you should always have a silly dance party with your BFF because why not? (Your moves are awesome.) Via You should always remember that when the world sucks and everything seems awful, your friends will stand by your side (looking fabulous). Via You should always share the spotlight — and if your BFF is center stage, always photobomb them. Via You should never let other people tell you what to do (but if you need advice). Via Just remember, your best friend will always think you’re awesome –  Via And beautiful and hilarious. (And you might have a friendship that makes others feel uncomfortable, but who cares! At least someone gets you.) Via Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • 8 Movies Netflix Just Added That You Should Watch
    By: Molly Freeman Jan 10, 2014
    Lionsgate via Everett Collection When news broke that Netflix would be purging a load of movies from their instant streaming library, everyone rushed to binge-watch their favorites. Can’t Hardly Wait star Ethan Embry even held a Twitter re-watch on Jan. 31 in honor of instant streaming removing the ‘90s flick. However, Netflix doesn’t take movies away without giving any back — out with the old and…in with the old. All of the new films added to instant streaming are at least a decade old and we’ve picked out the ones you should absolutely make time to watch (you never know when Netflix will do another purge.)  Good Burger Take a trip down memory lane (you know you want to) and watch Good Burger. It’s based on a sketch from the children’s version of Saturday Night Live: All That. You can see Kenan Thompson in his best role before joining SNL. Red Dawn Even if you watched the Red Dawn remake with Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, the original is an action classic (and a lot better.)  Thelma & Louise Before Bridesmaids and The Heat, there was Thelma & Louise. If you enjoy watching ladies being friends and robbing banks, you’ll definitely enjoy this movie. Ghost While everyone always calls Ghost a love story, we know it’s really a revenge flick. And that’s okay because we love Patrick Swayze. West Side Story If you haven’t seen West Side Story, what are you doing? Go watch it right now! It’s iconic. Spaceballs Wacky comedic sci-fi at it’s best. Plus it stars Mel Brooks, John Candy, Rick Moranis, and Bill Pullman — with Joan Rivers lending her voice as well. Amélie Even if you have some kind of aversion to foreign films and subtitles, Amélie is a must-watch for everyone. American Psycho Christian Bale’s first fantastic role was starring as Patrick Bateman in the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s book. American Psycho is the best film about a psychopath who goes on a murderous rampage. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Steven Moffat Should Give Up ‘Doctor Who’ & Focus on ‘Sherlock’
    By: Molly Freeman Jan 09, 2014
    BBC One/Getty/BBC It seems the BBC has found their ratings guru in Steven Moffat; as showrunner for both Doctor Who and Sherlock, he’s pulled in some of the biggest numbers for the network. The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special was watched by 10.6 million viewers, the Christmas special by 8.3 million people while the Sherlock season three premiere garnered the attention of 9.2 million viewers. It’s safe to say that — at least ratings wise — Moffat is BBC’s not-so-secret weapon. However, discontent has been brewing within the Doctor Who fandom about Moffat’s complex storylines (he tries to fit a whole 2-hour story into a 1-hour episode). Fans have also criticized the lack of character development and his total aversion to a female Doctor (referring to a female Doctor as being like a cross-dressing Queen of England).  While Russell T. Davies was executive producer of Doctor Who, Moffat wrote many episodes that are some of the fans’ favorites, but viewers are skeptical of his ability to run the whole series.  On the contrary, pretty much every complaint fans have of Moffat’s Doctor Who works to his advantage when it comes to Sherlock. Complex plotlines? They’re great when you have an extra hour to fill. Character development? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle took care of it. Female characters? Who needs them! The fans come back again and again for John Watson (Martin Freeman) and Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch). Which is why we’re proposing that Moffat give up Doctor Who — which might be raking in the ratings, but who knows how long that will continue — and focus primarily on Sherlock. Then, everyone will be happy and we won’t have to wait another two years for more Sherlock. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • 10 Best Movies to Watch on a Snowy Day
    By: Molly Freeman Jan 09, 2014
    Walt Disney via Everett Collection Since it’s January and there are bound to be some big snowstorms — unless you live in a warm enough climate that you never get any snow — we’ve compiled a list of the best movies for a snowy day. Make some hot chocolate, add some of those little marshmallows, and curl up under a blanket to keep warm while you watch these chilly flicks. Grumpy Old Men Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau were at their best when they played two feuding neighbors fighting over a new girl on the block in Grumpy Old Men. It’s perfect for a good laugh. Cool Runnings A classic from the '90s, Cool Runnings tells the semi-true story of a Jamaican bobsled team debuting at the Olympics. It’s sure to be at least as entertaining as the Sochi Olympics (if not more). The Day After Tomorrow Watch other people freeze to death while you’re nice and warm inside during a non-apocalypse. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe A bunch of kids travel to a magical land trapped in a never-ending winter and save the day. Plus James McAvoy is shirtless for a brief bit in the beginning. Dreamcatcher For horror and Stephen King fans, Dreamcatcher is the perfect winter movie about friends camping in Maine during the winter. Also aliens. Fargo The Coen brothers’ Fargo is perfect for anyone who can put up with a Minnesotan accent and likes crime dramas in snowy towns. Snow Dogs Another childhood classic — though not necessarily a fantastic movie — is Snow Dogs. It stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as a Miami man who inherits a team of sled dogs, then wackiness ensues. The Grey Liam Neeson’s recent thriller about a man surviving in the Alaskan wilderness is both entertaining and educational — in case you’re ever stranded in Alaska.  Ice Age If you’re in the mood for animation and some very, very, very vague history, Ice Age is the way to go. Besides, Sid the sloth is our spirit animal on lazy days. Snow Day If you’re taking a snow day, you might as well watch Snow Day. It’s the age-old tale of kids who don’t want to go to school versus the creepy guy that drives the snowplow — classic. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Rick Ross is Suing LMFAO for 'Party Rock Anthem' ... 3 Years Later
    By: Molly Freeman Jan 08, 2014
    LMFAOVEVO/YouTube If you’ve been in any sort of club, house party, high school dance, or pretty much anywhere that a person would be dancing, you’ve heard LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.” The song was released in 2011 as the first single off their second album, Sorry for Party Rocking, and it quickly became one of their biggest hits. It won the MTV Movie Award for Best Music after it was featured in 21 Jump Street and it was the 2012 favorite song at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Three years after the single was released — and more than a year after LMFAO took a break from music — Rick Ross filed suit against the rap duo for copyright infringement. Ross claims that LMFAO’s hook in “Party Rock Anthem” was taken from his 2006 song “Hustlin’.”  The suit reads, "'Everyday I’m shufflin’...' in 'Party Rock Anthem' is performed in a manner to sound like 'Everyday I’m hustlin’...' in 'Hustlin’' is a prominent hook of 'Party Rock Anthem' and is an obvious attempt to capitalize on the fame and success of 'Hustlin’'." The timing of the suit is a little strange: three years after the single was released? It makes us wonder whether Ross is either trying to capitalize on LMFAO’s success — since “Party Rock Anthem” is still a party anthem — or attempting to stay relevant. Either way, c’mon Ross, rappers sample hits from previous years all the time. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • 4 Reasons To Catch Up on ‘The Fosters’ Before it Returns
    By: Molly Freeman Jan 07, 2014
    ABC Family ABC Family has had a wide range of series over the past few years, but one of the best new shows in its lineup is The Fosters. The show, which premiered last summer, will be returning for its midseason premiere on Jan. 13 and we can’t wait. If you’re on the fence about whether The Fosters is for you, here are some reasons to catch up before the new season begins.  Solid Teen Drama We can all admit that we enjoy teen dramas. The audience of Pretty Little Liars certainly isn’t made up exclusively of teenaged viewers — there’s definitely some twenty-somethings out there watching it! Besides, we were all in high school once, we can still relate to teenagers, or we can tell them how they’re ruining their lives, either way it’s fun to watch. Totally Relevant The Fosters is about an atypical family consisting of two female life partners, one biological son, two adopted children, and two foster children. Plus, the son’s biological father is in the picture. It makes for a lot of drama, but also a lot of heartfelt moments that will have you appreciating your own family — no matter how atypical they are.  Perfect for Binge-watching Like many teen dramas, the plot lines aren’t too convoluted (it’s no Doctor Who) so it’s easy to sit down and watch the first 10 episodes in one day. Besides, half the episodes end with cliffhangers. You’ll be hitting play on the next episode before you even realize what you’re doing. It’s Actually Good Even for those who avidly love TV aimed toward teenagers can admit that a lot of those shows can be fairly trashy, but The Fosters — while slightly soap opera-esque — is a really descent series. Similar to Switched at Birth, The Fosters shines a light on a community of people who are rarely represented on television, and that’s awesome.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //