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  • 4 Actors Who Have Played Multiple Superheroes
    By: Molly Freeman Dec 30, 2013
    Warner Bros via Everett Collection Superhero films have always been popular. Hollywood has rebooted Batman and Superman a lot : Batman Begins and Man of Steel as the two most recent series. Plus studios have dug deeper into comic book canon to find more superheroes to make movies about. Given the sheer number of films about different heroes, it’s no wonder that some actors and actresses have played more than one iconic character. We’re not even going to go into people who have acted in multiple movies based on comic books (those numbers are ridiculous), just the heroes of the stories. Ryan Reynolds Back in 2009, Reynolds played Wade Wilson, who becomes Deadpool, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Then two years later he starred in Green Lantern as the titular character — although that film didn’t do so well. People liked his portrayal of Deadpool better, which seems to be why he’s getting his own movie.  Ben Affleck Remember when Affleck starred as the blind hero of Daredevil? No? That’s okay, it’s better if you don’t. After playing normal humans for a decade, Affleck got cast as the next caped crusader in Batman vs. Superman. We’re excited to see the actor don the famous bat suit in 2015.  Halle Berry For almost 15 years Berry has played Storm, one of the core members of the X-Men, but there was that brief stint when she went rogue and played Catwoman in the 2004 movie. However, we like her better as Storm, a role she’ll reprise in X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Chris Evans Before he was Captain America, Evans played hotshot superhero Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. It was quite a jump from showoff Johnny Storm to stand-up guy Steve Rogers, but we think Evans pulled it off. We’re excited to see him as Captain America again this spring in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Why Dragons Would Make the Greatest Pets
    By: Molly Freeman Dec 30, 2013
    DreamWorks via Everett Collection If you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen How to Train Your Dragon, you’re definitely missing out. It’s basically a heartwarming story about a boy and his dog, but the dog is replaced with a dragon — what’s not to love? Given the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless that develops during the movie, it made us want a pet dragon more than we ever wanted a dog when we were kids. Now that the trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2 has been released, we want a pet dragon even more! Adorable There are plenty of dragons from TV shows and movies that aren’t cute, but Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon is an adorable dragon. With his floppy tongue, his toothless smile, and his knack for playing like any other pet, Toothless seems like he could totally be as cute as any puppy or kitten. Fearsome For those who don’t want a “cute” pet, dragons can also be really, really scary. Just as much as Toothless is adorable, he’s also a carnivorous beast that’s bigger than any human. Plus, if the trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2 is any indication, dragons come in pretty handy in battle. Good Companions If dragons are like dogs, then they’re bound to make good companions. Toothless certainly proves that in the first film when he becomes Hiccup’s only real friend. But instead of palling around with a dog all the time, you’re hanging out with a dragon, which is infinitely cooler. They Fly C’mon, do we really have to explain this one? A pet that you can fly on would be literally the coolest thing in the world.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • How to Fill the Time Until ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ Returns
    By: Molly Freeman Dec 30, 2013
    E4 It’s been almost a year since E4’s My Mad Fat Diary first premiered and we fell in love with the series. The show follows teenager Rae Earl, in 1990s England after she’s released from a mental hospital and tries to remember how to act normal. However, we’ve still got at least another month before the second season begins. It may not be quite as long as fans of BBC’s Sherlock have had to wait for another season, but there’s only so much sitting around you can do before you need something to pass the time. For fans of My Mad Fat Diary, we’ve got some tips. Read My Mad Fat Diary is based on the autobiographical book by the actual Rae Earl (she’s a real person!) called My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary. There’s even a sequel: My Madder Fatter Diary. A few things were changed for the TV — like it’s set in the '90s rather than the '80s and Rae’s friends are a little different — but if you want to know more about the real Rae Earl, what better way than to read her diary? Listen One of the best parts of My Mad Fat Diary is the music. Whoever chooses the soundtrack for the show should win an award — it’s that good. There are '90s classics like Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” and Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage.” Plus, Rae is obsessed with Oasis but then who didn’t love Oasis in the '90s? (No one, that’s who.) If you listen to all the songs played in the first season, it’s about eight hours worth of music — so that’ll take some time. Re-watch Because it’s been so long (well, not that long) since the first season of My Mad Fat Diary ended, you’re going to need a re-watch before the next season premieres. It’s only six episodes, which is barely a full day of binge watching if you think about it.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Why is ‘Bar Rescue’ SO Addicting?
    By: Molly Freeman Dec 29, 2013
    SpikeTV  When I first heard of Bar Rescue, I lumped it into the group of shows that dads love — you know: American Pickers, Storage Wars, and Pawn Stars. (Partially because my dad absolutely loves it and all those other shows.) But after watching a couple episodes, I realized I was hooked. Bar Rescue is a reality show on Spike TV that stars Jon Taffer, who goes around to different failing bars in the country where he offers his professional expertise, brings in other experts of the industry, then renovates the bar — all in an attempt to rescue the bar. But that’s not the best part.  Sometimes, more often than not, Taffer also counsels the dysfunctional workers of each bar, which can lead to a lot of drama. Seriously, there are catfights, screaming matches, insult wars, and all-out brawls between coworkers. While the major drama of the episodes is awesome, it’s also really interesting to see how these different bars and restaurants are operated — especially if you’ve worked in the industry before. It’s fun to yell at the screen when the employees admit that they haven’t cleaned the bar in months or when they serve their tables all wrong because you know better. (They don’t even wipe down the bar!? What are they doing?) Still, whether you have experience working at a bar/restaurant or not, Bar Rescue makes you think you could probably run your own bar without running it into the ground. Which might be a bad thing, because it often has me quoting Ted and Barney from How I Met Your Mother: “We should buy a bar!” Actually, no, we probably shouldn’t. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Fans Debate Controversial ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Tagline
    By: Molly Freeman Dec 26, 2013
    20th Century Fox When the movie poster for The Fault In Our Stars was released, some fans were displeased with the film’s tagline: “One Sick Love Story.” The Fault In Our Stars is a critically acclaimed novel about two teenagers who fall in love — they also happen to be cancer survivors. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, who will star in the movie as Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, appear on the poster. It’s a sweet photo of Hazel and Gus, especially because Hazel has her cannula in.  However many fans did not like the studio’s tagline, claiming that it makes a joke out of Hazel’s illness as well as the character’s relationship. They’ve called it glib and offensive. John Green, author of the novel, responded to criticism on his Tumblr: “I like the tag line. I found it dark and angry in the same way that Hazel is (at least at times) dark and angry in her humor. I mostly wanted something that said, ‘This is hopefully not going to be a gauzy, sentimental love story that romanticizes illness and further spreads the lie that the only reason sick people exist is so that healthy people can learn lessons.’ But that’s not a very good tag line.” While Green showed his support for the studio’s choice, the stars of the film are split on the tagline. Elgort responded to the fans on Twitter: “I have no problem with the tagline. It's cheeky.” However Woodley disagreed with both Green and Elgort; she told Entertainment Weekly that it is not the tagline she would have chosen for the film. Though she also points out that the movie will never satisfy all fans of the book, no matter how hard the studio tries. What do you think about the tagline for The Fault in our Stars? Offensive or darkly humorous? Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Fantasy Casting The Disney Channel’s ‘Descendents’
    By: Molly Freeman Dec 26, 2013
    ABC When Disney announced the live-action TV movie Descendents that would premiere on The Disney Channel in 2015, we were hesitant. The film will follow the children of classic Disney characters, especially the kids of some famous villains. It’s already been announced that Disney star Dove Cameron will play Mal, the daughter of Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty). More recently, Mitchell Hope was announced to play the prince who is the son of Belle and Adam (Beauty and the Beast). However, since he’s not a Disney Channel star, we’re still going to fantasy cast his character. Here are our choices for the Prince and the rest of the gang. The Prince, son of Belle and Adam – Billy Unger Our choice for the prince is the charming star of Lab Rats, currently airing on Disney XD. We’re pretty proud of this choice since Disney’s pick, Hope, has a similar look to Unger so we must have a good idea of what they’re looking for. Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil – Adam Irigoyen As a veteran of The Disney Channel — Irigoyen has been on Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie, and Shake It Up! — we think he’ll make a perfect addition to the cast. Plus there’s something in Irigoyen’s eyebrows that reminds us a little bit of Cruella (in a good way!) Jay, son of Jafar – Blake Michael Since he’s currently starring on Dog with a Blog as the dopey teenaged son, we think he could stretch his acting muscles by playing the brooding, calculating teenaged son of Jafar — or the son who’s especially nice despite his evil father. Michael could take the character either way, which is why we think he’d be perfect. Evvie, daughter of the Evil Queen – Ariel Winter Though you probably recognize Winter as Alex Dunphy from Modern Family, she also voices Sofia on Disney’s Sofia the First. It might be a bit too much of a crossover for her to play Evvie, but we think she can pull it off. Besides, it would be interesting to see her star aside Dove Cameron as the two daughters of villains. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • 5 Reboot Films We Wish Had Been As Good as ‘21 Jump Street’
    By: Molly Freeman Dec 26, 2013
    20th Century Fox via Everett Collection If you haven’t already seen the red band trailer for 22 Jump Street, do yourself a favor and check it out. When 21 Jump Street came out, it changed the reboot game. No longer will we settle for half-cocked reboot or remake trash. We want quality movies! So we’re taking a moment to look back at the reboots that we wish had been as well done as 21 Jump Street. Fright Night (2011) We understand that everyone was all about the vampires a couple years ago. They were everywhere: on TV, in movies, and in books. But that doesn’t mean you can take any 1980s vampire flick and try to recreate it in hopes of making the next Twilight Saga. Red Dawn (2012) The original film was an '80s classic starring Patrick Swayze, so why would we ever need a reboot? Did they want to turn it into a big-budget action series? Sure, we love Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson as much as anyone else, but even they couldn’t save this reboot. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Although the original A Nightmare on Elm Street launched Johnny Depp’s acting career, the 2010 remake had no chances of launching a franchise, let alone anyone’s career. It was a poor remake with a tired villain. Let’s all agree to just let Freddy Krueger stay dead. Fantastic Four When Fantastic Four came out in 2005, Hollywood was in this weird place where they weren’t sure how to make a good superhero movie anymore. The campy wonders of the '80s and '90s no longer entertained audiences. However, since Marvel’s success over the past few years, Fox is trying again. The Fantastic Four will be released in 2015, and hopefully they’ll get it right this time. The Hulk (2003)/The Incredible Hulk (2008) For all of Marvel’s success with Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, they still haven’t gotten the Hulk quite right. Eric Bana’s interpretation back in 2003 was not good and while some fans liked Edward Norton in the 2008 reboot, viewers liked Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal of the classic character the best—and it wasn’t even his own movie! Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • The Amell Cousins: Stephen vs. Robbie
    By: Molly Freeman Dec 26, 2013
    The CW In a masterful stroke of marketing magic, The CW decided to air both of its shows starring a member of the Amell clan on Wednesdays. Arrow and The Tomorrow People have brought fans together to celebrate “Amell Wednesdays.” But let’s answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind: who’s better, Stephen Amell or Robbie Amell? The CW Shows If we’re pitting Arrow, a reboot of the DC Green Arrow superhero, against The Tomorrow People,  a reboot of a 1970s British sci-fi show, it’s not hard to choose. Arrow, now in its second season, has grown into its own as the best superhero show on TV while The Tomorrow People still has some kinks to work out.  Stephen 1, Robbie 0 The Heroes However, if we take a look at Oliver Queen and Stephen Jameson, who would you really want to be the hero of your city? They’ve both got the selfless thing down — they’re willing to do anything to save someone’s life, especially if that person is someone they love — but while Oliver is good with a bow, Stephen has actual superpowers: telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, and he can stop time. Stephen 1, Robbie 1 The Resume Both Stephen and Robbie have plenty of roles under their belts. Stephen bounced around with small bit parts before landing bigger roles on Hung, Private Practice, and Heartland. Meanwhile, Stephen stuck to media geared toward a younger crowd: Life with Derek, True Jackson VP and Scooby Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster. Stephen 2, Robbie 1 The Bring-Him-Home-to-Mom Factor While both the Amells can be charming, imagine bringing them home. Every sister, female cousin, aunt, and teenaged niece would be vying for Stephen’s attention, while Robbie could woo the whole family with his boy-next-door thing. Stephen 2, Robbie 2 The Abs Now, this is a hard one (pun not intended.) Both Stephen and Robbie look fantastic shirtless — though Stephen is more often without a shirt than Robbie on their respective shows — but this one is going to have to go to Stephen. Have you seen those promo shots for Arrow? Even Felicity Smoak agrees with us; her favorite pastime is watching Oliver Queen work out. Stephen 3, Robbie 2 Winner: Stephen Amell! (Sorry Robbie, we still love you.) Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • ‘Teen Wolf’ Stars Pose Shirtless For Charity in Reflect it Back Calendar
    By: Molly Freeman Dec 25, 2013
    MTV A year never looked quite as good as 2014 in the new calendar from Reflect it Back, a project for social good. Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes rounded up some of their Teen Wolf buddies as well as some other young Hollywood stars in order to create MIRROR: A Calendar for Social Good. The calendar, shot by photographer Doug Inglish, features the abs of Posey and Haynes as well as their werewolf pals Tyler Hoechlin, Max Carver, and Charlie Carver. Parker Young of Suburgatory, Chris Zylka of Twisted, and Kendrick Sampson recently on The Vampire Diaries joined the Teen Wolf guys in posing for the calendar. An information video on the Reflect it Back site features a few of the stars talking about the project — they wanted to use their talents to give something back to the world. Attractive and philanthropic? What more could you ask for in a dream guy (or guys)? There are also plenty of clips from behind the scenes of the photo shoot, which seems like it would have been a blast. For those wondering, the calendar costs $24.99 (before shipping and taxes) and the proceeds will benefit several charities including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Check out the hashtag #ReflectitBack to get in on the conversation and see some more behind the scenes photos of the calendar’s stars. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Best of the @actual_smaug Parody Account
    By: Molly Freeman Dec 25, 2013
    Warner Bros On Twitter there is a parody account for anything you could ever want. Want something vaguely educational, reminiscent of your '90s childhood, and hilarious? Check out Bill Nye Tho. Want something music-related and girly with a kick? Feminist Taylor Swift is for you. Or do you want to laugh at some semi-political satire? Try Dr. Jill Biden. When we say a parody account for anything, we really mean anything. (Lord Voldemort has two million followers! That’s nuts—Voldy isn’t even nice.) Just before The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug was released, a fan of the films created a Twitter account for the dragon from the movie: Smaug. Actual Smaug has been tweeting since the day before Desolation of Smaug was released, making jokes about the dwarves and acting like the sassiest dragon in all of Middle Earth. Though we recommend following the account for the full comedy experience, we’ve handpicked Smaug’s best tweets so far.  finders keepers — Smaug (@actual_smaug) December 13, 2013 just pulled a pony leg out of my teeth haha oh man how long has that been there — Smaug (@actual_smaug) December 13, 2013 Burning your enemies to a blackened husk <3 #JustDragonThings — Smaug (@actual_smaug) December 13, 2013 this dwarf is on FIYAHHHH — Smaug (@actual_smaug) December 17, 2013 me x gold: still a better love story than twilight — Smaug (@actual_smaug) December 17, 2013 when i was a lad i ate four dozen dwarves every morning to help me get laaaaarge — Smaug (@actual_smaug) December 19, 2013 Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //