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  • 'Let It Go' vs. 'Everything Is Awesome'
    By: Molly Freeman Mar 10, 2014
    Disney/Warner Bros. In the past few months we’ve fallen in love with two catchy movie songs, so much so that the lyrics are taking up valuable space in our brains that could be devoted to more important things, like our Buzzfeed quiz results — or taxes (Ha! Just kidding). Of course, we’re talking about the Academy Award winning single from Frozen “Let It Go,” and The Lego Movie’s critically overlooked “Everything Is Awesome.” (Where was the Tegan and Sara/The Lonely Island performance at the Oscars? Huh!?) However, out of these two songs, which will rule our headspace? Idina Menzel singing Let It Go From Frozen VS Tegan and Sara/ The Lonely Island singing Everything is Awesome!!! From The Lego Movie Musical Ability One of the best things about “Everything Is Awesome” is that you don’t need to have the pipes of a Broadway star in order to sing it. However, it has to be said that “Let It Go” takes more musical chops in order to perform.  “Let It Go” 1, “Everything Is Awesome” 0 Dance-ability We’re all about a fantastic power ballad, but you can’t exactly dance to “Let It Go” — it’s more conducive to grand gestures and sassy hair flicks. However, you could totally catch us grooving to “Everything Is Awesome.” “Let It Go” 1, “Everything Is Awesome” 1 Inspirational Although the lyrics of “Everything Is Awesome” have a nice sentiment, it can’t beat the uplifting words and music of “Let It Go,” especially when it’s sung by Idina Menzel. She could make any song sound inspirational.  “Let it Go” 2, “Everything is Awesome” 1 Catchiness Although both songs can get stuck your head, the repetitive and simple nature of “Everything is Awesome” makes it ten times catchier than “Let it Go.” Even if we hear three seconds of “Everything is Awesome,” it’ll be in our heads for days.  “Let It Go” 2, “Everything Is Awesome” 2 The Movie Frozen or The Lego Movie? We can’t choose! So we’re going to have to side with the Academy on this one. Frozen won an Oscar, our hands are tied. (Blame President Business.) “Let It Go” 3, “Everything Is Awesome” 2 Winner: “Let It Go” (But, in all seriousness, we’re still going to have both these songs playing on repeat for at least a few more months.) Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @mollyrockit
  • 4 Reasons ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ Should Be Required Viewing
    By: Molly Freeman Mar 06, 2014
    E4 After a painful 364-day wait, the second season of E4’s My Mad Fat Diary has finally begun! Now that it’s back, we’ve been reminded of just how fantastic it is. My Mad Fat Diary is so good that anyone who watches the first episode is instantly hooked (trust me, we have multiple people who can testify to this). However, if you haven’t given it a shot just yet, here are a few reasons why you definitely should. The Soundtrack For those who didn’t grow up in the '90s, the soundtrack won't have the same nostalgic zest. However, anyone who knows anything about music from the decade can appreciate the music in My Mad Fat Diary. From Oasis to Radiohead to the Spice Girls, there’s something for everyone, and it adds a layer of realism to the series.  Rae Earl At the center of My Mad Fat Diary is Rae Earl (Sharon Rooney) who totally holds the whole series together. Rae is equal parts hilarious, vulnerable, honest, and real. Because the show is told through Rae’s diary, she doesn’t hold anything back, which means the audience gets to experience every aspect of Rae’s, life whether it’s her first bikini wax or the anxiety caused by going back to school. Accurate Portrayal of Mental Illness  Although Rae’s experiences on My Mad Fat Diary are not exactly like everyone’s experience in high school, they’re realistic enough that anyone can relate. So, even though many people do not suffer from a mental illness, the series goes into such detail about Rae’s life that anyone watching will be able to understand. What My Mad Fat Diary does especially well is balance Rae’s mental illness with the rest of her life. It doesn’t define who she is, and the show reflects that. Plus-Sized Leading Lady Too often, plus-sized women on television will fall into two categories: the self-deprecating comedian or the self-conscious wallflower. Both representations tend to be stock characters who are not fully developed and who don’t portray all aspects of being a plus-sized woman. However, Rae is both at once. She is the comedian who is able to joke about her weight, but then becomes self-conscious when talking about being seen with her thinner friends. It’s refreshing to see a plus-sized character who isn’t a stock character. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Will ‘Divergent’ Re-energize Women’s Stories in Sci-Fi?
    By: Molly Freeman Mar 06, 2014
    Summit Entertainment There are plenty of female-centric books that span all genres within the "young adult" section, whether they be drama, science fiction, supernatural romance, dystopian futures, or whatever else you'd find on those ever-growing shelves. However, Hollywood has yet to reflect that percentage of female heroes, especially in science fiction. Enter Divergent — a movie that, along with The Hunger Games, could help to create more room for women in science fiction movies... we hope. After the success of The Hunger Games, Hollywood certainly sat up and took notice that there is money to be made in young adult novel adaptations. Another takeaway from The Hunger Games — one we will soon see echoed with Divergent, we predict — is that audiences of any sex or gender can get behind a female hero just as much as a male hero. No one can argue that Katniss Everdeen isn't badass. Tris Prior will be just as hard-hitting, if not more so. But, while it’s fantastic to see more women in action roles, it’s also great to see them portray fully developed, well-rounded characters for a change. It’s important for Hollywood to showcase women in a variety of roles like action and drama and comedy, but it’s also important to have movies focused on a single female character. Too often female characters are there to support (or date!) the male characters, and nothing more. It’s fantastic to see films like Divergent and The Hunger Games try to accurately portray a woman’s story.  Divergent might not change the game completely, but it is a step in the right direction — at least there’s no love triangle! Any step toward seeing more female leads in science fiction films is a good one. Divergent hits theaters March 21. You can check showtimes and purchase advanced tickets at Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Here's What You've Been Missing on 'Broad City'
    By: Molly Freeman Mar 05, 2014
    Comedy Central On paper, Comedy Central’s new series Broad City might not sound like anything special — two twenty-something ladies running around New York City getting up to all kinds of shenanigans — but trust us, it’s worth a watch. Broad City was created by two Brooklyn comedians Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson and it’s based on their webseries of the same name that ran from 2009-2011. Amy Poehler is executive producing the series (and appeared in the webseries finale “I Heart New York”). If you haven’t been watching Broad City, you’ve definitely been missing out. To give you an impression of Broad City, it’s sort of like HBO’s Girls meets Comedy Central’s stoner comedy Workaholics. Speaking as someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy Girls, Broad City is everything I hoped the HBO dramedy had been. It depicts realistic twenty-something Brooklyn ladies getting up to some slightly-unbelievable antics that will have you in stitches — but at the end of the day, they’re still the type of girls you want to hang out with. Plus, because of Glazer and Jacobson’s contacts, now mixed with Poehler’s connections, they have some fantastic guest stars. In the first episode, Fred Armisen delivers a hilarious guest bit that rivals the humor in Portlandia. In the following episodes Rachel Dratch, Janeane Garofalo, Jason Mantzoukas, and Matt L. Jones also guest star. But the best part of Broad City is that it’s a female-centric comedy — which there aren’t enough of on television. The comparisons may be getting old, but Broad City is slightly similar to 2011’s Bridesmaids in that the show doesn’t shy away from even the grossest jokes. So do yourself a favor and check out Broad City. It’s worth it. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Are Flashbacks Overused on TV?
    By: Molly Freeman Mar 04, 2014
    ABC Television Network Everyone loves a good flashback. If used properly — with the right casting and costuming — a flashback could make or break an episode of a television show. However, more and more, TV series are leaning too heavily on the use of flashbacks. Sure, it was original when Lost and Once Upon a Time had parallel storylines in an episode: one in the present and one in the past. But too many shows now are using the same format: Once Upon A Time in Wonderland (of course), True Detective, and Arrow just to name a few more. Other series don’t use flashback in every episode, but still employ them regularly: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Revolution, Psych, True Blood, and Criminal Minds. Even more television shows have entire episodes focusing on flashbacks: Bones, Teen Wolf, Scandal, and Suits. If you watch television regularly, then it’s hard to miss how often flashbacks are used. (And we’re not even going into the shows about time travel, like Doctor Who.) So are flashbacks overdone? Yes. Absolutely. At this point, using flashbacks is both unoriginal and, to be honest, tiresome. While they might have seemed cool and creative even a couple years ago, so many shows employ flashbacks now that it’s more refreshing when a series doesn’t use them. That’s not to say flashbacks can’t be used at all anymore, or that we should ban flashbacks. In fact, an episode early in Teen Wolf’s third season, “Frayed,” used flashbacks in a way that heightened the tension and made the story much more dramatic. True Detective also employs flashbacks in an interesting way to subvert a character’s integrity. However, most often, flashbacks are utilized as a lazy way to develop character or provide some sort of background information. So, from an avid TV viewer, please, please, please stop using flashbacks. Unless they’re really and truly going to make a show better.  Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Can 'The Lego Movie' Masterminds Turn Anything Into a Hit?
    By: Molly Freeman Mar 03, 2014
    Columbia Pictures via Everett Collection The Lego Movie is the latest in a string of successes for Phil Lord and Chris Miller. In addition to their recent nostalgia-heavy animated adventure, the writing and directing duo have such credits under their belts as Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street. Soon Lord and Miller will be adding the highly anticipated upcoming sequel 22 Jump Street to their resumes as well. With so many consecutive box office triumphs, it’s got us wondering if this writing and directing team have the magic touch. Okay, maybe they don’t have a Harry Potter-type magic touch so much as a perfectly tuned sense of humor and penache for filmmaking. Lord and Miller have taken four different ideas that are quite strange and could have gone horribly wrong in someone else’s hands — we're including their little seen but incredibly hilarious early 2000s cartoon Clone High — and created totally unique and hilarious properties. Could you imagine the 21 Jump Street reboot if it had tried to stay true to the original '80s TV series? It would have flopped as badly as the Footloose remake.  What makes their films so special is that Lord and Miller have perfected the self-referential, tongue-in-cheek humor; they can turn even the silliest idea into comedy gold. The reason their humor works so well is that it can appeal to everyone. Even though Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs and The Lego Movie are animated films aimed at younger demographics, they can be enjoyed by anyone. Even 21 Jump Street seems to play to a wide range of age groups who have different types of humor — and we have high expectations for the sequel. Given what we’ve seen so far from Lord and Miller, we’re wondering what they’ll tackle next. Whatever it is, no matter how weird or silly the premise, we’re sure it’ll be a hilarious hit. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Get to Know Shailene Woodley and Theo James from 'Divergent'
    By: Molly Freeman Mar 02, 2014
    Summit Entertainment Fans anticipating the upcoming release of Divergent are sure to be curious about the people behind the two main characters of the film. We’ve scoured the internet, watched countless interviews, and dug for the dirt on Shailene Woodley and Theo James, coming up with some weird, quirky, and lovable facts about the co-stars.  James is ridiculous and silly — he has claimed he would have been an exotic dancer if he hadn’t become an actor and he loves Cheetos. Also, he can beatbox. Woodley would conquer a zombie apocalypse with business sense: “I would plant tobacco because I think it’d be a good thing to trade with.” They both love Star Wars; Woodley has said she’s a “Star Wars freak,” while James mentioned he had auditioned for a role in the new franchise: “I went for Stars Wars – the new one – as Chewbacca’s son. It’s an integral role, so cross your fingers.” At the San Diego Comic-Con Divergent panel, James said he’s a bit like his character in that he’s protective of Woodley — sometimes a little bit too much: “I don’t even let her go to the bathroom, to be honest, without me standing outside the door. It can be problematic but I think I should be there. You know, she needs protecting.” (We’re pretty sure he’s kidding.) Woodley also seems to adore working with her co-star. She admitted that her favorite thing about James is that “he’s super badass and does his own stunts.” Since the final book in Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy, Allegiant, was due to be released shortly after filming concluded, James attempted to get some spoilers out of the author. “I tried to seduce her with wine and… biscuits, but it didn't work,” he said. When making the decision of whether to star in Divergent or not, Woodley sought the advice of Jennifer Lawrence, who skyrocketed to fame after The Hunger Games premiered. According to Woodley, Lawrence gave some great advice: “She was like, you’d be a fool not to take it. Some things change, don’t make a sex tape, don’t do drugs, don’t go to Whole Foods when the movie opens, but other than that just live your life and have fun.” Divergent hits theaters March 21. You can check showtimes and purchase advanced tickets at Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Will ‘Teen Wolf’ Alienate Fans by Killing Off a Main Character?
    By: Molly Freeman Mar 02, 2014
    MTV For weeks now, the cast and crew of MTVs Teen Wolf have been warning audiences that a major character death would happen before the end of the third season. Although the show has never shied away from killing off characters — except for Jackson, who merely moved to London when Colton Haynes left the show — this one could be the last straw for fans. In November, Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis hinted that a core character would die in the second half of the third season: “Prepare to lose someone,” he said. “We will possibly be changing our main title sequence, so not everyone’s going to make it out of this season alive.”  For those of us who are still reeling from the traumatic deaths of Erica (Gage Golightly) and Boyd (Sinqua Walls) in 3A, this was particularly harsh. So who could it be? If Davis is telling the truth and it’s someone in the main title sequence, then it could be Scott, Allison, Stiles, Derek, or Lydia — all of whom have been on Teen Wolf since the very first episode. If Davis is lying (a highly likely possibility) the victim could be Isaac, Danny, or one of the adults: Melissa McCall, Chris Argent, or Sheriff Stilinski. Any of these would tear out our hearts. Since Teen Wolf is character driven — they keep the show grounded in reality while their lives are inundated with the supernatural — it’s hard to imagine the series without any of these characters. Then there’s the worry that the death won’t be given its due. If Teen Wolf kills off one of the main characters and the show does a poor job of it (like Erica in 3A) that could make the death even more heartbreaking... and infuriating. We don’t know about you, but we’re very, very wary of the third season finale. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Will 'Arrow’ Fans Love ‘The Flash’?
    By: Molly Freeman Feb 27, 2014
    Warner Bros./Getty Images/The CW Although The CW tends to skew toward teenagers, girls in particular, with its lineup of shows — The Vampire Diaries, Beauty and the Beast, The Carrie Diaries, etc. — the network has gained a strong foothold with fans of comic books through Arrow. The series, based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, is popular among the network’s usual viewers as well as avid comic book fans, and has already been given a third season. However, will the Arrow spinoff series, The Flash, be able to bridge the same gap and be enjoyed by the same fans? While the Green Arrow character is inherently more of a crime fighter — which has been portrayed well through Arrow's Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) — The Flash is more interested in science, which we saw already in Arrow when Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was introduced. Because of these differences, Arrow lends itself more to action, while the new series The Flash will lend itself more toward science fiction.  In a recent interview with Digital Spy, executive producer of Arrow and The Flash, Greg Berlanti, said Oliver and Barry will compliment each other since they both have light and dark aspects to their characters. “They're a really nice contrast to each other and the show functions in that way, I think,” Berlanti said. Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) will also serve to bridge the two shows. In the two-part introduction of Barry on Arrow, he formed a bond with Felicity. She also spent most of the following Arrow episode visiting Barry in Central City, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that she will appear on The Flash once it premieres. Berlanti already has a hit with Arrow, and since he’s also executive producing The Flash, we can hope the new series will probably be successful as well. The Flash is definitely worth checking out for fans of Arrow, despite their differences. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //
  • Will 'Zombeavers' Be as Good as 'Sharknado’?
    By: Molly Freeman Feb 27, 2014
    Epic Pictures Group Last summer, Syfy’s TV-movie Sharknado took Twitter by storm and became one of the most talked about television events for weeks. Sharknado was so popular it was played in theaters around the country (for only one night, but that’s still impressive). So 2014 has is a void to fill with another campy horror flick. Will Zombeavers be that movie? According to the official synopsis, Zombeavers follows three girls who go on a vacation full of sunbathing, drinking games, and canoodling with boys. However, their fun, carefree vacation turns into a horrorfest when zombie beavers attack. It sounds just as ridiculous as any B-movie horror classic, though the trailer shows a lot of self-referential humor that gives Zombeavers a tongue-in-cheek comedy bend. Although the trailer was only recently released, there has already been a lot of buzz surrounding Zombeavers and whether it will live up to the new B-horror standards set by Sharknado. From ABC to The Guardian, everyone is wondering what to expect from Zombeavers. Hopefully, Zombeavers will be able to meld comedy and horror in a way that’s more intentional than Sharknado — perhaps following more in the footsteps of Snakes on a Plane. Plus, the production team boasts experience from Cabin Fever, We’re the Millers, The Hangover, and American Pie, which bodes well for the flick. Though it may not take over Twitter in the same way as Sharknado, Zombeavers definitely seems to be catering toward social media’s new love of B-movie horror comedies. At the very least, the production values will be better (no horrible CGI sharks flying in the sky), and the jokes will be raunchier since it won’t be hindered by television standards. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @mollyrockit //