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    By: Petra Canan Jul 11, 2014
    Instagram/poppydelevingne To get that million-dollar glow, you may have to spend that much. At least, that appears to be the idea when you take a closer look at the products and procedures some of the world's most beautiful faces can't get enough of. Rodin Olio Lusso Face OilFace oils are the biggest thing in skincare right now and the stars can't get enough of this one by Linda Rodin. This blend of 11 essential oils costs $150 for 1 fl oz (just 2/3 of a standard shot). Models Georgia May Jagger and Adriana Lima are said to slather it on regularly. Sheep Placenta FacialVictoria Beckham is said to pay nearly $450 a session to have sheep's placenta applied to her face to reap the benefits of the animal's stem cells, according to the Mirror. The treatment is offered by Los Angeles-based celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. Sounds rejuvenating? Crème de la MerThis moisturizer contains the brand's signature "Miracle Broth," made from various sealife to nourish and tone the skin. Jennifer Lopez was once said to use it from head to toe. Just 1 oz will set you back $160, but if you really want to go A-list, you'll go for the 16.5-oz jar, which sells for a cool $2,000. Hey, if that's the secret behind how amazing J.Lo looks, it might just be worth it... The Evian ExperienceIf your normal bathwater just isn't good enough anymore, you can head to the Hotel Victor in Miami and soak in a tub of Gerber daisies and 1,000 liters of double-filtered Evian water. It's said to cost about $5,000. Apparently Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy enjoyed this bath on New Year's Eve, according to the Daily Mail. Quite the bubble bath for a toddler. Clé de Peau Beauté La Crème Night CreamThe active ingredients in this anti-aging cream include 4MSK to block melanin that can cause age spots and retinol to fight wrinkles. For 1 oz, be prepared to pay $525. Amanda Seyfried is a fan, who has also spoken on behalf of the brand. BORBA HD Diamond and Ruby PeelAccording to Forbes and the Daily Mail, Mila Kunis shelled out $7,000 to have her skin treated with rubies, diamonds and other precious stones to make her complexion truly glow. Personally, we would take a tennis bracelet that we could rub on our face anytime. La Prairie Platinum Cellular CreamIf you really want to bring in the big guns for a radiant complexion, you'll need $1,080 to get your hands on 1.7 oz of this cream that contains platinum. No surprise here, Gwyneth Paltrow is said to love La Prairie. Are these products and procedures worth it? Only time will tell. Follow @Hollywood_com
  • Why Your Life Will Never Be as Good as Gwyneth Paltrow's
    By: Petra Canan Jul 09, 2014
    Instagram/gwynethpaltrow Ever since she used the term "conscious uncoupling," Gwyneth Paltrow has had her personal life under a microscope. But Paltrow is no stranger to oversharing, bringing the details of her lavish lifestyle to her weekly GOOP newsletter (much to the ire of working moms everywhere). Thankfully for celebrities like Paltrow, there is more than one bright side to splitting up.  That's why even in the midst of a very public divorce, GP is still sitting pretty -- compared to the rest of us, at least. Here's why your day-to-day just doesn't measure up: You have to work all year round. Paltrow has said she only makes one movie a year, for which she cuts a multi-million dollar paycheck. How many vacation days have you saved up so far? GIPHY You don't have time to know what "macrobiotic" means.Following Paltrow's customized diet would drain both your bank account and your sanity. GIPHY You wear "real" clothes.Your monthly clothing budget looks more like your water bill than your mortgage. Paltrow is BFFs with A-list designers like Stella McCartney. GIPHY Your gifts suck.When the holidays roll around, you and your girlfriends play white elephant with a budget in the double digits. In her 2013 GOOP gift guide, Paltrow recommended a set of PJs for your BF that would set you back almost $450 -- before the custom monogram. GIPHY Your personal trainer is your DVD player.And by making house calls to check your form, you mean your toddler climbing on your back during plank. Paltrow is a Tracy Anderson protege and her business partner. GIPHY Your self renewal process is (fingers crossed) a morning shower.Paltrow famously endures multiple detoxes each year to heal and cleanse -- every day is a detox for you because you don't have time to eat until dinner. GIPHY You're still trying to get a reservation at Babbo.When Paltrow wanted to learn the finer nuances of Italian cooking, she went on a road trip with chef and owner Mario Batali.GIPHY You and your girlfriends enjoy a cocktail or two.Paltrow told the The Guardian in 2006 she didn't "like" drunk women and had no "drunk friends." Guess you'll be stuck hanging out at those lame places for drunk people: bars, clubs, concerts, events, etc. (Okay, maybe this is a reason your life is better.) GIPHY You only have one closet.For someone like Paltrow, who is constantly acquiring new pieces for her wardrobe, space is at a premium. So she calls in the experts at Vault Couture to catalogue and store her garments off-site. By browsing her online "vault" she can select items for rapid global delivery whenever she wants. Yes, she basically has the Clueless closet. GIPHY Your vacations are anything but transformative.Even though she described the accommodations at Mii amo Spa in Sedona, Arizona as "nothing to write home about" in the December 11, 2013 issue of GOOP, she still suggests shelling out between $2,265 and $2,500 for a three-day therapeutic journey in a double-occupancy room. Per person. GIPHY You're stuck living within your means.Perhaps justifying her anything-but-normal life, Paltrow told Elle UK in 2009 "I am who I am. I can't pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year." We could give her some tips. GIPHY You've consumed your share of subpar dairy.At the iTunes Festival in 2011, Paltrow declared, "I'd rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a tin." Who knew Cheese Whiz was a gateway drug? GIPHY If this sounds like you, don't fret. At least no one has to know. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @PetraCanan //
  • Learn the Workout Behind Gisele Bundchen's Amazing Body
    By: Petra Canan Jun 21, 2014
    Instagram/giseleofficial Summer is the time to shape up and show more skin. If you're in need of a new routine to get you in top shape this season, give one of these star workouts try. 1. CrossFitA WOD (workout of the day) combines plyometrics, cardio and weight lifting to get you seriously ripped. Top trainer Bob Harper and Mrs. Timberlake, Jessica Biel, are CrossFit devotees. 2. TRXCreated by Navy seals, TRX utilizes straps hanging from the cieling or a wall, allowing you to train with your own bodyweight. The perfect Gisele Bundchen and Mary J. Blige love TRX. 3. SoulCycleSpinning is one of the most popular cardio workouts right now. Ashley Benson and Anderson Cooper have been known to hop on the bike to burn up to 700 calories per class. 4. Bikram YogaBikram yoga involves practicing your postures in a heated room for a greater burn. Lady Gaga and Christy Turlington are yogis. 5. The Tracy Anderson MethodTracy Anderson maintains a loyal following of slim celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Shakira. This workout combines light weight training with high intensity dance cardio. 6. Burn 60Reese Witherspoon makes sure to take a Burn 60 class each week to work off major calories. This interval class alternates cardio and strength training segments. 7. AKTFormerly of the Tracy Anderson camp, Anna Kaiser developed a toning dance cardio workout of her own. Kelly Ripa is her biggest celebrity advocate. 8. Barre3For a lean dancer's body, ballet-inspired workouts using a barre, ball and hand weights are gaining steam. Based in Seattle, Barre3 has even attracted Madonna.  9. PilatesPilates is all about the core using your own body weight. Miley Cyrus attributed her amazing transformation to pilates legend Mari Winsor. 10. Barry's BootcampCombining high energy cardio and strength training intervals, this workout has sculpted the bodies of everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jake Gyllenhaal. Follow @hollywood_com //
  • 10 Outrageous Details in Kimye’s New House
    By: Petra Canan Jun 14, 2014
    Instagram/ kimkardashian The newly married Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will hopefully be settling into their new home soon with baby daughter, North. They've spent a year renovating this sprawling mansion and according to early reports, it's just as lavish as expected. Here why: 1. The size.This house was 9,000 square feet but is reportedly going to be 14,000 square feet upon completion. Beats one spare bedroom for sure. 2. Plenty of bathrooms.Seven to be exact. At least for now. No more competition for counter space and sink time for the newlyweds. 3. The ultimate glam setup.It's no secret Kim's look takes some serious time. With a full hair and beauty salon, she can get glam any time. 4. A basketball court and bowling alley.A typical rec room wouldn't do for the Wests. There will be plenty of activities for friends and family in their new digs. 5. An elevator.Too tired to climb that massive, gorgeous staircase to the master suite on the second floor? Just hop on to get from the couch to the bed in a flash. 6. Top-of-the-line details.This home come decked out in oak and marble -- if they keep it, that is. 7. Two pools.No matter the weather (as if it's that bad in California), you can take a dip with both indoor and outdoor pools. 8. Exclusive location.The Wests will make their home in a gated community in Bel Air, far from busy Los Angeles and a comfortable distance from mom Kris Jenner's Calabasas abode. 9. Room for refreshments.Most couples register for a wine wrack or cooler when they tie the knot. Kimye will have an entire room to store their favorite bottles of vintage. 10. On-site gym.No need to compete with other gym rats for treadmill time. Kim can bring in longtime celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson whenever she wants. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Reasons You Secretly Wish You Were an Inmate at Litchfield Prison
    By: Petra Canan Jun 14, 2014
    Instagram/emmacat Going to prison isn't supposed to be fun, but the inmates of Litchfield Prison on the hit Netflix show Orange Is the New Black certainly make it look that way sometimes. Loyalty Above All ElseNo matter who you are, there's a group of locked-up ladies ready to share your pain and fight for you, if necessary. Just look at the partnerships of Morello and Nicky or Poussey and Taystee. Just don't doublecross anyone. Red learned that the hard way in season one and Pennsatucky has been on the outs with everyone this season. Netflix/GIPHY New Life SkillsGot a broken TV? Do you need to brush up on your classic literature? Or maybe laundry has never been your strongsuit. The jobs at Litchfield don't seem all that bad and you'd be lying if you said the skills wouldn't be useful once you got out. But the baddest job of all is clearly the kitchen, run by the feisty ladies from Spanish Harlem. Netflix/GIPHY Technology DetoxThe inmates at Litchfield don't tweet, post pics to Instagram or update their statuses on the regular, but they don't seem too bad off without it. If you feel bound to your cell phone, tablet or laptop, some time behind bars could help you remember how we all used to interact: talking. Netflix/GIPHY Extracurricular ActivitiesWhen was the last time you got to take a FREE yoga class? Getting your savasana on sounds like a lot more fun with Yoga Jones, AKA Patti Mayonnaise. Beyond that, you could always join a side business, like Red's greenhouse contraband ring, train dogs like Big Boo or stand up for the greater good of your inmates with Soso. Netflix/GIPHY Piper still has eight months left, so start placing your bets now for what craziness the third season will bring.