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  • Stars Who Would Make a Better Peter Pan than Allison Williams
    By: Rosie Narasaki Jul 31, 2014
    HBO NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams may be over the moon about his daughter's recently announced casting as the titular character in Peter Pan Live, but, then... he's her dad. The rest of us can't help but be more than a little concerned about seeing Girls star Allison Williams take on the role. We've only really seen her as Marnie, after all, along with a couple cameos on other shows playing very similar characters. How is she going to become that scrappy, scruffy, little boy who refuses to grow up? Well, at this point, the casting is pretty much signed, sealed, and delivered. But even so, a little speculation never hurt anyone! With that in mind, here are 8 celebrities that would make a better Peter Pan than Ms. Williams: 1. Maisie Williams Come on, she's practically Peter already, what with Arya's androgynous look and devil-may-care attitude. Plus, she can sing, and she takes dance classes when she's not too busy filming. 2. Anna Kendrick She's pint-sized, feisty, hilarious, and has a great set of pipes. Dang! Ah, well: she'll probably be too busy promoting Into the Woods to do it, anyway. 3. Kristen Bell She cut her teeth as Becky Thatcher in the Broadway production of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and she's literally a Disney princess. She also has that impish glint in her eyes... 4. Amy Poehler Speaking of impish... Amy Poehler certainly looks mischeivous enough for the part, and you know she'd put her infamous comedic chops to good use in the role. Hey, she (oh, and Kristen Bell, too) would also make a great Tink! 5. Emmy Rossum She shot to fame when she starred in Phantom of the Opera when she was still in her teens. She doesn't sing as part of her gig on Shameless, but proved she still had the chops when she appeared on Conan and sang in exchange for a hot dog. 6. Cristin Milioti Fans are itching to see more of her after her disappointingly brief appearance on How I Met Your Mother's last season. Her singing voice is absolutely gorgeous, and she's got a great belt to boot! 7. Daniel Radcliffe Okay, I know Peter's traditionally played by a lady, but doesn't Daniel Radcliffe have that perfect boyish look for the part? Maybe if they filmed Peter Pan Live during his Harry Potter days, it could have worked out... 8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Also a bit on the old side, but dang: someone has to cast this guy in a musical, pronto! Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @RosieNarasaki //
  • The 15 Best 'Mindy Project' Quotes
    By: Rosie Narasaki Jul 22, 2014
    FOX I think we can all agree that Dr. Mindy Lahiri is one of the best characters on TV right now — all of us save the Emmy voters, that is (man, does that double Emmy snub sting). Whining aside, the Mindys have gifted us with the boon of countless quotable soundbytes: almost everything out of her mouth is totally .GIF-worthy. So, with that in mind, we've compiled some of her very best quotes: some of them offer sage life advice, some of them voice opinions that we all secretly have but would never have the courage to voice (*cough* Michael Fassbender *cough*), and some of them are just flat-out hilarious. 1. On girlcrushes:   2. On being single: 3. On wicked burns: 4. On what to look for in a mate:   5. On her metabolism: ...the doctor was her. 6. On her butt: 7. On overindulgence: 8. On Lincoln Center (and why she's not allowed there):   9. On her weight: 10. And her body type: 11. On the very real hazards of drunk shaving: 12. On sex ed:   13. On how to do the club right: 14. On her fundamental rights: 15. And finally, on online dating:   Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @RosieNarasaki //
  • What Lena Dunham and Ingrid Michaelson Think About Summer Hit "Rude"
    By: Rosie Narasaki Jul 14, 2014
    WENN/WENN Much like "Summertime Sadness" last summer and "Call Me Maybe" the summer before that, Canadian band Magic! has created this year's summer chart topper in the form of the omnipresent "Rude." You'll hear it just about every other song on the radio, and it looks like it's starting to grate on some people. "Some people" meaning the collectively highly decorated Lena Dunham and Ingrid Michaelson, who took to Twitter to poke some light fun at the song: @lenadunham He's gonna marry her anyway. — Ingrid Michaelson (@ingridmusic) July 14, 2014 Now with a comedic rapport like that, we should all be signing petitions for Michaelson to make an appearance on season 4 of Girls!
  • 10 Reasons We're Excited for Diagon Alley
    By: Rosie Narasaki Jul 08, 2014
    Getty Images/Universal Orlando Resort Can you believe The Wizarding World of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley will be open to the public today? When Harry Potter's stars (with a few notable exceptions, ahem, Dan, Rupert and Emma) made an appearance at the Diagon Alley Preview a few weeks ago, it felt like it would be forever — but now the day is nigh! As you can see, we're having a bit of trouble containing our excitement... and here are a few reasons why: 10. Remember that awesome scene from the seventh book/eighth movie when Harry, Ron and Hermione (and Griphook) break into the infamously impregnable Gringotts? Well, now it's a ride! 9. Also, according to Evanna Lynch, the dragon at Gringotts "is even more true to life than the movie sets!" 8. There's a real-life Florean Fortescue's, and they serve butterbeer soft serve! 7. You can cast spells. 6. You can grab English-style pub grub at The Leaky Cauldron! 5. You can also visit Borgin and Burke's in Knockturn Alley, if you're so inclined. 4. Three words: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. 3. Yeah, it exists, and apparently you can buy Pygmy Puffs there. 2. You can finally go to Ollivanders... and wait for the wand to choose you. 1. Also, Eyelop's Owl Emporium — you know you always wanted a Hedwig of your own.
  • Behind the Scenes Secrets from 'Pretty Little Liars' Costumer Mandi Line
    By: Rosie Narasaki Jun 25, 2014
    Instagram/mandiline Pretty Little Liars costumer Mandi Line took to Twitter last night to answer some of her fans' questions, and the results were a melangé of good advice, insider information, and good ol' fashioned fangirling. Here are some of our favorite tweets: She also doled out some solid career advice (actually, it's similar to what Lucky Editor in Chief Eva Chen had to say!) @horxnsupport @Aeropostale school and interning....never never give up. #PLLCollection — mandi line (@tankgirlyo) June 24, 2014 She voiced enthusiasm for a possible future Mona-themed collection (which, yes). @Aero87Mota @Aeropostale that would be so cool?? #PLLCollection — mandi line (@tankgirlyo) June 24, 2014 Because, apparently, she enjoys dressing flashback Mona the most. @__piinkfrap @Aeropostale flashback mona!! #PLLCollection — mandi line (@tankgirlyo) June 24, 2014 She got real when asked about her hopes and dreams: @IamMEGANf @Aeropostale ummmmm to work on #PRETTYLILLIARS #PLLCollection — mandi line (@tankgirlyo) June 24, 2014 And explained how the girls feel about each other's style (it totally makes sense that Spencer would feel like the odd one out every once in a while!): @_bethanymotaluv @Aeropostale sometimes spencer wishes she had an edge and now hanna has it!! #pllcollection — mandi line (@tankgirlyo) June 24, 2014
  • Mindy Kaling's Birthday Swag Will Make You Jealous
    By: Rosie Narasaki Jun 24, 2014
    Mindy Kaling is officially celebrating her 35th birthday in style — the day's not even over yet, and she's already Instagram'd tons of pics of her birthday haul. Let's take a look at her newfound swag: Instagram/mindykaling Here's a pic of her showing off her new bling — a fun ring and earrings courtesy of The Mindy Project staff writer Tracey Wigfield (it would seem that most of TMP's writers are in Las Vegas right now, and they've been getting both work and play in, especially where Mindy's birthday is involved). Instagram/mindykaling Her assistant gifted her this delightful "stay in and watch TV" kit. Yum. Instagram/mindykaling Then, she got this adorable (albeit creepy) clutch from Fox — she jokes, "Thank you Rupert Murdoch, who I'm sure chose this personally." Instagram/mindykaling Another gift from one of her fellow TMP writers, Jeremy Bronson. Customed-designed chartreuse Nikes, a windbreaker that practically glows in the dark, and a rainbow sock monkey? Yes, please! We're glad you're celebrating in style, Mindy!
  • Taylor Swift + Kitten = MAXIMUM TWEE LEVEL REACHED
    By: Rosie Narasaki Jun 19, 2014
    Instagram/taylorswift Taylor Swift here has been in the gossip mags for a different reason lately — rather than the high-profile/drama-filled boyfriends of old, we've been seeing her out and about with equally high-profile/decidedly less drama-filled girlfriends.  Her roster of friends (which includes Lena Dunham, Lorde, and Cara Delevingne, to name a few) is enviable, to say the least: she's got about everything a girl could ask for — she leaves the gym perfectly coiffed (and dressed like this), she bakes cookies with Olympian Gracie Gold, she roadtrips with supermodel Karlie Kloss, and now... well, meet her newest (and soon to be most famous) friend — a kitten who just happens to be named Olivia Benson.  Ms. Benson is white, fluffy, tiny, and above all, adorable. You're killing us, Taylor: killing us with cuteness!
  • Ed Sheeran and Maisie Williams Had a Twitter Convo And It's Kind of Epic
    By: Rosie Narasaki Jun 18, 2014
    HBO/WENN It's an exciting time for the two Brits: she just finished up another electric season on Game of Thrones (perhpas her best yet!), and he has an album coming out on Tuesday. Sheeran reached out first with a congratulatory tweet after GoT's finale on Sunday: @Maisie_Williams such a badass episode — Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) June 16, 2014 Williams was quick to concur: @edsheeran Fave ep ever. Thanks Ed! — Maisie Williams (@Maisie_Williams) June 16, 2014 Sheeran couldn't help but comment on Arya's harsh treatment of The Hound: @Maisie_Williams you woz so cold doe, but I respect that — Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) June 16, 2014 Williams was quick to defend her character's actions with the help of skull emojis: @edsheeran Y'know how it is.. Every man for himself. When you play the Game of Thrones- you win, or you die. — Maisie Williams (@Maisie_Williams) June 16, 2014 Then, Sheeran replied with a rather graphic description of what happens when you don't play the Game of Thrones right: @Maisie_Williams or you get your wang cut off and name changed to reek — Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) June 16, 2014 Williams answered his Theon Greyjoy jab with a sad concurrence, using British slang I had to look up on Urban Dictionary: @edsheeran very peak. — Maisie Williams (@Maisie_Williams) June 16, 2014
  • We're Super Jealous of Troian Bellisario's Workout Regime
    By: Rosie Narasaki Jun 11, 2014
    Did you catch the Pretty Little Liars season 5 premiere last night? It was about as nail-biting as they come, and Troian Bellisario here knocked it out of the park, fashion-wise. But how does Ms. Bellisario spend her time when she's not busy trying to out-maneuver the ever-mysterious A? She trains with former circus performer-turned celebrity trainer, Mark Wildman, studying aerial silks, combat, and weapons training. She talked about it at length (along with her controversial GQ shoot) in her recent interview with BuzzFeed, and has posted numerous action shots on her widely-followed Instagram account — scroll down for some of her coolest snaps! As if aerial silks weren't awesome enough, she's added galactic leggings to the equation. Instagram/sleepinthegardn Her fiancee (!!), Patrick Adams, labelled this pic "Flygirl," while a commentor mentioned she looked like Peter Pan — both are right, in our opinion! Instagram/sleepinthegardn Dang!  Looks like Spencer Hastings could stand to learn a thing or two from Bellisario — if she knew her way around a machete like this, A might be a thing of the past by now Instagram/sleepinthegardn If possible, the awesomest pose of all, coupled with another pair of enviable leggings Instagram/sleepinthegardn
  • We May Be in Mourning, But Pedro Pascal Is Just Fine
    By: Rosie Narasaki Jun 03, 2014
    Instagram/pascalispunk Two days out, and we still can't stop talking of the brutal last two minutes of "The Mountain and The Viper."  The fight itself was delightful, and the aftermath... well, even for a show with as violent a track record as Game of Thrones, it was capital B Brutal; not to mention hubristic — so hubristic, in fact, that if you listen hard enough, you can hear the mournful whisper of the fans, saying "If only, if only..." Anyway, while the whole GoT fandom mourns (even book readers who knew it was coming still felt the acute sting of losing Prince Oberyn), it looks like actor Pedro Pascal is doing just fine: he even posed (shirtless!) with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (AKA The Mountain AKA Ser Gregor Clegane) and posted the pic on Instagram, alongside the simple caption: "Buds." We're glad Pascal can find it in his heart to make light of the situation!  Hopefully, someday, we will too. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @RosieNarasaki //