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  • 7 Things We Want From 'Mad Men' Season 7
    By: Rosie Narasaki Mar 24, 2014
    AMC Mad Men is one of those shows that takes very little improving – it's basically flawless. That said, here's a little list of things we think could make Season 7 the season to end all seasons: More Joan Last season did not have nearly enough of Joan. How I wish all of the time we wasted on Sylvia Rosen's angst was spent on Joan instead. We never even got to see the moment that she successfully closed the deal with Avon! Though, presumably, with Avon as one of Sterling Cooper and Partner's biggest accounts, we'll be seeing a lot more of her. Less Betty Let's take all of Betty's screentime and donate it to the Joan Harris-Holloway fund. January Jones can be a real emotionless wooden plank sometimes, and on a show with such phenomenal performers, why give the time to her? More Ginsberg So, Ginsberg seemed to be slowly but surely losing it last season (what was with the Martian transmissions?). Unfortunately, everybody was too caught up trying to figure out who the heck Bob Benson was, so we lost out on some good Ginsberg screentime too. More Don + Roger Okay, let's be real: their chemistry is off the charts. Last season, we got shorted on Roger/Don scenes, as Don was busy drinking himself out of his senior partner position (no mean feat, when you think about it). But they did share a nice moment in the finale – even as they put him on forced leave, Roger looks remorseful (as remorseful as Roger can get, at least) as he utters the infamous "You s**t the bed in there" line. More Peggy + Don No, not that kind of "Peggy and Don." I ship a lot of pairings, but Peggy and Don are not one of them (though apparently, the real people they were based off of got married). That said, like Don and Roger, they have wonderful (platonic) chemistry. "The Suitcase" remains one of my favorite episodes, and their ultra-emotional goodbye at the end of season 5 packed quite the wallop. More Pete + Failure Now, there's something I ship. Pete falling down the stairs in a fit of rage/crashing a Chevy/"Not great, BOB!" were all some of the best moments of last season. I'm not pulling for a Lane Pryce-style exit (too soon?), but there is something lovely about seeing smarmy Pete's life come crashing down around his ears (just like his hairline). Peggy + an actually good love interest I just want Peggy to be happy, okay? Let her make Ted Chaouoaough eat his heart out. Lots of people want her to end up with Stan, but I'm not sure how I feel about that. He definitely gives off some deviant vibes sometimes. So there's what I want from Season 7 – mainly for Peggy to take over the world and to finally stop going after married men who are way beneath her league. What do you want? Share in the comments! Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @RosieNarasaki //
  • 'Shameless' Recap: Liver, I Hardly Know Her
    By: Rosie Narasaki Mar 24, 2014
    Showtime Long story short on this week's Shameless: Carl ransacks a liquor store for candy, Kev holds Mickey at gunpoint, then Ian holds Mandy's boyfriend at knifepoint, and Fiona "pulls a Frank." Oh, and Frank gets his kidney stolen/gets married to Sheila. This week, the Gallagher household goes through a very familiar routine: checking hospitals, drunk tanks, and under bridges – only this time, they're looking not for Frank, but for Fiona. In her absence, the Gallaghers come to realize just what their lives would be like without their big sister; and as they all worry that she's lying dead in some gutter somewhere, they begin to regret the way they've been treating her – Lip and Debbie in particular. Meanwhile, a misunderstanding with Sammi's drug dealer (don't worry, she's just getting pain meds for Frank, whose main refrain for the episode is "more pills"), leads to Sammi and Sheila scraping together 26 grand to buy Frank a black market liver transplant from a very shady doctor/cab driver. Unfortunately, they find all too quickly that they've been swindled. Not only did the "doctor" fail to replace Frank's liver, but he also stole one of his kidneys – leaving Frank in critical condition. Now Frank has mere hours (perhaps days) to live, so Sheila decides to do the wedding on the spot. It ends up being a bizarre combo of wedding and funeral, as each of the kids say their last words to their dad (Debbie forgives him, on the condition that he dies. If he lives, he can forget about it). And just as the wedding's sealed with a kiss, the doctors come to cart him away – turns out, his worsened condition bumped him up on the transplant list. So that's how they save Frank – my fan theory was that Fiona was going to give in and give him her kidney, but I suppose that would be far too schmaltzy for a show like Shameless. So where was Fiona this whole time? Oh, passed out in the back of some druggies' van. I think I say this once per recap, but I'm thinking Fiona has finally hit rock bottom. After an all-night bender with the dreaded Robbie, she ends up in the middle of nowhere with some of his unnamed friends – who then proceed to leave her at a gas station. Luckily, she's able to contact Lip, and after facing the thought of truly losing her, he's finally able to forgive her. He apologizes for his behavior, reminding her just how much she has done for all of them – and after weeks of unresolved anger and contempt, they're able to reconcile, and the moment is both heartfelt and well-earned. But, Shameless being Shameless, it's not all coming up roses: even in the midst of their reconciliation, Lip's taking her straight to the police station, and the end of the episode finds Fiona face-to-face with her probation officer. Fade to black, indeed. Stray thoughts * Mickey finally confronts Ian re: his possible bipolar disorder after Ian threatens Mandy's abusive boyfriend with a knife. In his eloquent words: "Are you smokin' meth?" * Oh, and speaking of Mickey, he and Kev get into it. Mickey steals from the register, so Kev threatened him with a gun. Then Mickey threatens Kev with his brothers and some assault rifles. * Which leads to a truly terrifying/hilarious/awful scene (Shameless™) where Kev almost accidentally takes out V and his newborn twins (yep, the twins came this episode) with a rifle. * Though honestly, does Mickey really have to be after Kev?  I'm getting tired of the Milkovich hitmen squad. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @RosieNarasaki //
  • Arden Cho's Best Song Covers
    By: Rosie Narasaki Mar 20, 2014
    ardenBcho/YouTube You might recognize Arden Cho from her Teen Wolf role, for which she has garnered both critical and public attention (especially in the recent episode, "The Fox and the Wolf," a story in which she played both herself and a younger version of her mother, Tamlyn Tomita's character). Cho is also a Miss Korea Pageant winner, and has a large following on YouTube, where she regularly posts a mix of original songs and covers, as well as vlogs. Her covers all have her unique spin on them, so we've compiled a list of some of her best! 5. "Try" Cho's duets are quite nice: I particularly like this version of Pink's "Try." Here, she sings with Gerald Ko – and now that they've done "Try" they have to do "Just Give Me a Reason," right? 4. "Stay" Even as she does a lot of fun duets ("Try" is just the tip of the iceberg – Jason Mraz' "Lucky" and "At Last I See The Light" from Tangled are quite nice, too), she also performs duets as solos. At least, that's what she does with Rihanna's "Stay!" 3. "I Knew You Were Trouble" Taylor Swift fans are sure to get a kick out of her poppy take on "I Knew You Were Trouble" cover (performed with Jason Min and Koo Chung on dueling guitars – one electric, one acoustic). It's certainly a nice option for those who are less than pleased with the dubstep drops in the original! 2." Wide Awake" x "Somebody That I Used To Know" Cho also dabbles in mash-ups – her "Wide Awake" x "Somebody That I Used To Know" mash-up is quite fun. 1. "Radioactive" My personal favorite might just be her cover of Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive." Her indie-songstress pipes are somehow the perfect match for this more traditionally rock 'n' roll ballad. What are your favorite of Cho's covers? Let us know in the comments! Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @RosieNarasaki //
  • Whitewashing in Joe Wright's 'Pan' Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
    By: Rosie Narasaki Mar 20, 2014
    Walt Disney Pictures/Getty Images We don't live in a post-racism society, folks. I mean, come on – yesterday, a homeless woman very pointedly told me not to eat my dog! Granted, she was probably nuts, but this is happening on much larger scale than crazy ladies and my evening walk with my dog. Last week, it was announced that Joe Wright – the director behind critical hits like Atonement and Pride and Prejudice (as well as critical misses, like Anna Karenina) – had cast Rooney Mara as Native American character Tiger Lily. Now, that's just plain wrong. Many fans are petitioning for a recast, yet some don't seem to mind – and even go so far as to liken the situation to Michael B. Jordan's upcoming turn as the Human Torch. Luckily, Whedonverse actress Felicia Day is setting people straight; she has some wise and cogent words on why Tiger Lily and the Human Torch are not even remotely the same situation: Most lead characters and lead actors of movies are white ... Across 100 top-grossing films of 2012, only 10.8% of speaking characters were Black, 4.2% were Hispanic, 5% were Asian, and 3.6% were from other (or mixed race) ethnicities. Just over three-quarters of all speaking characters are White (76.3%) ... Bottom line, actors of ethnicity don’t get a lot of work to begin with. And that very fact creates a scarcity in the number of actors of different ethnicities to choose from when casting ...  In what instance can you point out a role where a Native American actress has a chance to be a lead in any movie? Almost none ... The opportunity to give a leading role that could be a Native American, a possible protagonist role that the audience could relate to and live the story through, to a white actor, is kind of s**tty and backwards to me. But you know what the worst part of this whole debacle is? We're not moving forward: whitewashing is not something we left back in the days of ultra-racist filmmakers like D.W. Griffiths and grossly distorted stereotypes like Mr. Yunioshi. No, it's still a pervasive problem that continues to flood all avenues of pop culture – films, music, television – even celebrities. Remember when former DWTS star Julianne Hough thought it was okay to don a little blackface to portray her favorite Orange Is the New Black character? Just last summer, J.J. Abrams cast whiter-than-white actor Benedict Cumberbatch (he and Rooney Mara could probably go head-to-head in a Caucasian-quotient contest) to play Khan Noonien Singh, a role originally played by Mexican actor Ricardo Montalban. How telling is it, that in some ways, 1960's Gene Roddenberry was more progressive than present-day Abrams? And a little more than month ago, Katy Perry shamelessly appropriated Egyptian culture in her latest music video – and that's after dressing up like a "geisha" at the VMAs. Oh, and let's not forget that at the beginning of this year, well-loved sitcom How I Met Your Mother (or, as dubbed by Twitter, #HowIMetYourRacism) employed some tasteless (not to mention tin-eared) yellowface. It's hard to believe that we're still seeing this kind of ignorance and blatant whitewashing in this day in age. Well, at least we can still hold out hope for a recast. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @RosieNarasaki //
  • Bromance Showdown: Turk and JD vs. Troy and Abed
    By: Rosie Narasaki Mar 19, 2014
    NBC The two most iconic bromances of our generation: 1) JD and Turk, and 2) Troy and Abed. Each pair has secret handshakes, best friend rituals, enviable couples' costumes, and most importantly, an unshakable and unquestionable bond. But who does it better? Let's take a quick look: Quirk Quotient This one's hard to call, as many of JD and Turk's quirkiest moments live only in JD's massive imagination, while Troy and Abed actually have a shared imagination in physical form (A.K.A. the Dreamatorium). JD and Turk do share tons of eccentricities that almost add up to enough to challenge Troy and Abed in the quirkiness department. Almost. JD/T = 0, T/A = 1 Playtime Troy and Abed's Dr. Spacetime cosplaying is one thing, but can it win against JD and Turk's eagle? ("EAAAAAGLE!") It's a tough call, that's for sure, but the Community boys do have an entire room devoted to the art. JD/T = 0, T/A = 2 Couples Costume Troy and Abed's Ripley/Alien costume is pretty hard to beat, but World's Most Giant Doctor takes a definite lead for creativity. JD/T = 1, T/A = 2 Cuddle Time Due mainly to Abed not being particularly good with affection, JD and Turk have a lock on this one. JD/T = 2, T/A = 2 Bromance vs. Romance Now, how do their respective bromances line up with their romances? In Scrubs, Carla and Elliot seem resigned to the fact that their respective significant others have a best pal who's more significant. On Community? Troy and Britta never even came close to the shippiness level of Troy and Abed. Now, Abed and Annie on the other hand… JD/T = 3, T/A = 2 The "Aww" Factor Troy and Abed's recent farewell was a definite "aww" moment – it was actually more heartbreaking than any dryly humorous sitcom has a right to be. And Turk and JD's life-spanning friendship (which weathers everything from college, to med school, to residency, to parenthood) is both "aww" and awe-inspiring. JD/T = 4, T/A = 2 Love Duets We've got "Guy Love" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (which was actually recorded after Scrubs went off air, which makes it even more bromantic in my opinion) vs. a very sweet rendition of "Somewhere Out There," as sung to a real-life rat. JD/T = 4, T/A = 3 The Scrubs boys might win by a hair in our books, but we love Troy and Abed just the same. Whichever one you prefer, both "couples" became the emotional center of their respective shows, and managed to showcase a depth of friendship that most of us can only dream of. Vote below! Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @RosieNarasaki //
  • 'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: Season 18 Premiere
    By: Rosie Narasaki Mar 18, 2014
    ABC Television Network Ah, Dancing With The Stars. How we've missed you. The sparkles, bad puns (Carrie-Ann Inaba: "I've got a big time crush on you"), and plethora of rivalries/budding romances are back. The season's off to a fortuitous start, with quite the crop of dancers. High points (predictably) included Charlie White and Sharna Burgess, who got unanimous nines from the judges after their graceful and polished modern dance. White's Olympic partner Meryl Davis also did quite well with new partner Maksim Chmerkovsky on a cha-cha (filled with tight spins certainly worthy of an ice dancer), which raked in 24 points. Paralympian snowboarder (and recent bronze medalist) also stunned judges, tying with Meryl and Maks. Like Meryl and Charlie, the show also pointed to a rivalry between '90s stars Danica McKellar and Candice Cameron Bure. Both faired very well, respectively scoring 24 and 25, with Bure edging McKellar out by a single point after a stellar contemporary dance. (Side note: after she requested a more modest costume, I thought we'd actually get something tasteful, but alas, it was just as tacky, if more covered-up). If I were Davis, I'd be watching my back with these two – I mean, getting out-scored by Charlie is one thing (Canadian rival Scott Moir actually predicted things would tip in "Chuck's" favor out of the two of them, and he's right so far), but by no-dance-training actresses? Better hit the studio hard this week! On the other side of the spectrum: Billy Dee Williams, alas. Williams danced a delightful yet lackluster Star Wars-themed cha-cha – sometimes, I wish there could be some sort of grading curve, as Williams is pushing 80, and has undergone two hip replacements. He should have at least gotten extra points for donning his old Lando Calrissian cape! Swimmer Diana Nyad (one of the more head-scratching picks for the cast) pulled in second to last. She might be the one going home – although Williams scored lower, I'm sure he has a huge fan base. I could also see former NFL player Sean Avery (who scored 20 points with partner Karina Smirnoff) getting eliminated: he was surprisingly un-graceful for an athlete, and he doesn't exactly have the most endearing personality. DWTS takes a little healthy speculation  – and what can I say? Looks like DWTS has gotten me hooked once again. Class Superlatives Best Dressed: Drew Carey and Cheryl Burke – they're Monopoly-inspired costumes were on point. Most Hyperactive: Danica McKellar, by a landslide. Most Awkward: That's a tie between Cody Simpson/Witney Carson (he called her dancing "distracting," as his girlfriend watched from the audience) and James Maslow/Peta Murgatroyd (apparently, they went on a date and he didn't call after). Oh, and runner-up is Meryl Davis/Maksim Chmerkovsky: Meryl/Charlie shippers the world over collectively cringed when she (very) emphatically denied the fact that she and Charlie were dating, as she all but batted her eyes at her new partner. Oh, DWTS – you and your slightly-canned so-called romances! Best Serial Killer Eyes: Sean Avery. The judges call it "intensity," I call it scary. To-may-to, to-mah-to. The Dark Horse: Drew Carey. Drew pulled in respectable-yet-middling scores, but I can see him making it far in the competition. Personality gets you far on DWTS (remember Bill Engvall from last season?), and Cheryl's taken a lot of stars to the finals. And just for fun:
  • 'Shameless' Recap: The Legend of Bonnie and Carl
    By: Rosie Narasaki Mar 17, 2014
    Showtime I predicted that last week's episode of Shameless might just be the nadir of the season, and that this week we'd get a little more lightness. Well, I was half right. We did get more lightness. this was the funniest episode of Shameless of the year – much of that was due to Mickey's seemingly endless barrage of one-liners (at one point he yells at a sugar daddy trying to solicit him and Ian, "Well, this ain't Macy's, b**ch – you ain't window shopping!"). Last week, was not, however, the nadir of the season. This episode finds Frank very close to death, Fiona faced with the impossible task of finding employment after committing a felony, Debbie waging war on Matt's new girlfriend (she's a Gallagher, after all), Carl "popping his robbery cherry," and Liam continuing to show signs of PTSD or permanent damage. Lip – well, Lip at least seems to be doing fine – with not one, but two FWBs. Fiona's finally out of house arrest, but she must find a job within 30 days – she starts the search out as optimistically, but soon finds that checking the "yes" box to the question, "Have you ever committed a felony?" pretty much excludes you from employment. She has a brief moment of hope when her Narcotics Anonymous group leader says she'll refer her to her boss, but then it turns out her "boss" is a pimp. After finding that pounding the pavement is an exercise in futility, she goes back to World Wide Cup, in hopes that they'll say that she was "downsized" instead of fired for disorderly conduct (so she can collect unemployment). Her former coworker seems amenable, but Mike's sister is decidedly not. She humiliates Fiona in front of the office, and brings voice to some of Fiona's worst fears: that she's not a good person, and that she ruined Mike's life. There's only so much a person could take, but I sure wish Fiona could find someone/someplace/something other than the horrendous Robbie to turn to. Alas, the end of the episode finds her at his apartment. Meanwhile, Frank's condition is worse than ever, but damn if Sammi's not going to give him the send off he doesn't deserve. She does everything she can for him, but he refuses to admit that he's dying. He screams at her, she screams back – all she wants is for him to stick around, and all he wants is to go to the Alibi Room ("I was always happy there"). Oh, and Sheila's back too – turns out Roger Runningtree was a criminal (he was collecting Native American reparations, even though he was Mexican). Anyway, to combat her serious empty nest issues, she wants to adopt Runningtree's nieces and nephews (remember "Stinking Wind?"). Only problem is, she needs a marriage certificate to legally adopt them. So on top of Sammi desperately trying to keep him comfortable (not to mention alive), Sheila's setting up wedding plans ASAP – she needs to marry him before the funeral. After much hullabaloo, Sammi's finally able to please Frank: by bringing the Alibi Room to him. The look on his face; the mix of joy, gratitude to Sammi, and wistfulness as he sits at his makeshift bar with his non-alcoholic beer and all of his drinking buddies is priceless. It's one of those moments the show does so well – in a show where every character misbehaves so much, there are these pockets of humanity at its sweetest. Stray Observations * The episode derives its title from Carl's new friend from detention, Bonnie. Yes, Carl has managed to find a mate even more psychopathic than himself – she pulls a Heathers on him and convinces him to rob a convenience store with a "fake" gun. Hey, maybe Carl can be the new Gallagher clan breadwinner! * At this point, we're actually spending more time with Mickey than we are with Ian (which is fine by me, as Noel Fisher's a much more interesting actor than Cameron Monaghan). * Carl: "How can you tell when you're in love with someone?" / Debbie: "When you want to rip someone's heart out and stomp on it until it's soup." * Debbie engages in all-out war with Matt's new girlfriend – she makes threatening phone calls and leaves a snake in her car. Matt's new girlfriend is not to be messed with, however – she threatens Debbie with a metal baseball bat. Game, set, match. * Lip's "arrangement" with Amanda (formerly his roommate's girlfriend) seems promising – the schedule she makes for him (in five minute increments, with "BJ breaks") and so-called "backdoor only" virginity are the perfect level of crazy for a show like Shameless. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @RosieNarasaki //
  • 'Shameless' Recap: Hope Springs Paternal
    By: Rosie Narasaki Mar 10, 2014
    Showtime Chaos continues to reign in the Gallagher household. Fiona's trapped by house arrest and insomnia, Carl's suspended (with looming threat of expulsion) for bullying, Lip's still juggling school with his siblings, Ian's starting to look like he inherited his mother's bipolar disorder (his pages upon pages of scrawled notes were reminiscent of Carrie Mathison), and Debbie's scheming to get back her 20 year-old boyfriend. Whew! With an ominous ankle monitor at large, and nothing to keep her occupied, Fiona's going stir-crazy (the episode OD'd a little in terms of montages of Fiona manically doing housework, in my opinion). After spending much of the episode alone, she finally cracks and invites V over for booze, and it's game over: presented with the chance to cut loose, they proceed to get so drunk they let dinner burn in the oven. Which might have been fine, only Lip comes home and catches them at it – grossly inebriated with the whole house filled with smoke. Like last week (and the week before that, and so on), he shows open disgust at her actions, and swoops up Liam and Carl, and carts them back to school with him. And Lip's not the only one who has lost his respect for his older sister — Ian's AWOL literally and figuratively with Mickey, and Debbie's furious at her for throwing away her disturbing "virginity countdown" and subsequently runs over to stay with Sammi, which leaves an empty house. In a heartbreaking (though slightly overwrought) scene, Fiona goes through the house, saying goodnight to everyone's (even Frank's) empty beds – an action that reads as more than a little suicidal. She recognizes the death wish in herself, though: she calls Lip, and begs him to bring back her family — she knows he doesn't trust her anymore, but she admits to him (and herself) that she just might be dying without them. And after all of the crazy cleaning montages and tears and screaming, we know she's right. The look on her face when she wakes up to Liam patting her cheek and Lip smiling ruefully at her from across the room is like the light at the end of a long tunnel of angst. Is Fiona finally on the upswing after hitting rock bottom week after week? Signs point to yes (though not for long, knowing this show). Stray Observations: * Can I just say that I totally called Lip getting together with his roommate's girlfriend? * Good to see Sammi got the Gallagher conning genes. * How did Ian and Mickey slowly become the big romantic center of the series? In other words: Mickey finally admitting that the two of them were together was a big "aww" moment for Ian/Mickey shippers the world over. * After some advice from big sister Sammi, Debbie looks like she's on her way to man-eater status. * V's mom finally had the baby! And Kev and V decide to let her keep it (much to Kev's chagrin – he even dons mourning black for the occasion). * Frank's speech on the benefits of bullying was kind of gold. * Shameless writers, we still want more Sheila! And while you're at it, could you kill Robbie off? Excrutiatingly? Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @RosieNarasaki //
  • 5 Best Genre-Hopping TV Episodes
    By: Rosie Narasaki Mar 09, 2014
    ABC Family It is no rare practice for television shows, mostly comedies, to take on a new genre for an episode or two. Community does it on a pretty regular basis. Scrubs has been known to dabble. How I Met Your Mother tried it (unsuccessfully – #HowIMetYour Racism much?). And Pretty Little Liars was the most recent show to pick up the fan-pleasing gauntlet of genre-hopping.  So, who's done it best? Let's see: 5. Pretty Little Liars - "Shadow Play" Ah, Pretty Little Liars: the manna of the pre-teen generation (and surreptitious guilty pleasure for everyone else). They turned out a noir-homage episode that managed to marry the black and white glamour and dry wit of noir with their own brands of popular fashion and one-liners (a union which, awesomely enough, produced Mona in a gold lamé dress saying, "That was the last carrot stick"). 4. Community - "Epidemiology" "Epidemiology" is one of my all-time favorite episodes of Community – in fact, all of the Halloween episodes are great for the costumes alone. Britta's T-Rex outfit is iconic (and Troy and Abed's heavily constructed Aliens cosplay ain't half bad either). This zombie homage is just the right mix of hilarious (Zombie Jeff pretending to be cool) and absurd (the zombie disease stems from food bought at a steep discount from an army surplus store), with just enough suspense to make it genuinely scary. 3. Scrubs - "My Musical" Come on, this is the episode that brought us the pure, unfiltered joy that is "Guy Love" (Zach Braff and Donald Faison's more recent collaboration, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was a nice call back for fans). I'd love it even if only for the unforgettable lyric, "We can figure out what's wrong with you/By looking at your poo." 2. Community, again - The Paintball Trilogy The three paintball episodes of Community have it all – "Modern Warfare" riffs on action movie tropes like jumping on/and or away from grenades, "A Fistful of Paintballs" gives us the Sergio Leone tribute we never knew we needed, complete with a kick-ass opening titles, and "For a Few Paintballs More" got Star Wars  to a T, right down to an Abed-as-Han and Annie-as-Leia kiss. The show has a lot of great tribute episodes, but the paintball trio might just be the most fun. 1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Once More, with Feeling" Buffy may win in terms of set up: it's no Adderall-induced fantasy (PLL), nor is it a brain tumor (Scrubs), or even government experiment food (Community) – nope, it's a good old demon who makes people spontaneously combust through song and dance! The musical numbers (all in different styles – rockabilly, ballad, pop, Fred and Ginger – even Disney princess!) are delightful, but it's not all fluff: the songs also act as something of a truth serum, and it's in "Once More, with Feeling" that the Scooby gang finally finds out that Buffy was resurrected from heaven. It's a huge emotional turning point in the season, and it's revealed through song and dance. TV at its best, people. So what are your favorite genre-benders? Share in the comments! Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @RosieNarasaki //
  • Why We Need 'The Mindy Project' in Our Lives
    By: Rosie Narasaki Mar 08, 2014
    Jordin Althaus/FOX The Mindy Project is on the bubble. In other words, send help! The show has struggled out of the gate, but it's managed to hold on for one and a half, lovely, hilarious seasons. And we want – nay, need – a third. The show has too much to offer before it goes riding off into the sunset – it's too young to die, and here's a few reasons why: * Brendan DeLaurier: I may or may not have an obsession with Brendan – he's my favorite of Mindy's exes (so move on over, shoe store mogul Casey and oral surgeon Bill Hader). His reaction to Maria Menounos' rendition of "Santa Baby" ("You were offering up your womanhood to Santa in exchange for material gifts!") may just be one of my favorite lines on the show, ever. Heck if Danny Castellano wasn't on the scene, I'd be pulling for a reunion: his douchey pretentiousness is unparalleled in its hilarity. * Peter and Morgan Forever: As Danny and Mindy have grown closer and closer, Peter and Morgan have spent a lot of recent storylines together (guess fifth-wheel castmate Dr. Reed has his unhealthy relationship with food to keep him company). Even better, they've been thrown together by mutual shipping of Mindy and handsome-lawyer-Cliff – they spent the entirety of "You've Got Sext" sending him … you guessed it, sexts from her phone, and they recently (heartwrenchingly) convinced him to get back together with her following their break-up. And watching them suffer through the dulcet strains of Cliff sobbing along to Jewel through the air vents? A+. * Will-They-Won't-They?: No good romantic comedy is complete without a will-they-won't-they couple, and The Mindy Project has the ace in the hole with that one. Mindy and Danny started out quite adversarial, but have grown closer and closer as friends, and in the midseason finale, they finally kissed. But it's far too soon for it all to be peaches and cream – Mindy even hinted at the fact that their impromptu airplane makeout may lead to some regret; so it looks like the two are in for some more turbulence. And we need them to be able to see them through their bumpy ride to happily ever after. The Mindy Project is a show that's only improved with time (I'm not even going to make the standard "fine wine" joke) and our lives simply wouldn't be the same without it. Follow @Hollywood_com // Follow @RosieNarasaki //