Sage Young
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    By: Sage Young Jan 23, 2014
    BBC Everybody comes from somewhere, even the world's only consulting detective and his brother, the British government. Series three of Sherlock lifted the veil on the origins of the extraordinary Holmes brothers. In "The Empty Hearse," Sherlock's parents dropped by for a little chat. As much as it tickled us to watch him roll his eyes as his mother recounted the thrilling tale of his father losing things behind the couch (and to see John's incredulous face at the reveal of his comparatively normal stock), the scene was made all more fun when we realized the couple is played by Benedict Cumberbatch's actual parents, Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham. What with all the bombs ticking in the Underground and resurrected supervillains running around the city, seeing Mycroft and Sherlock having to deal with the same run-of-the-mill familial obligations we all do has been illuminating. No, the Holmes family didn't show up in this series just so we could have that great Les Mis gag. (Do you hear the people sing, Mycroft?) The character development for both of the boys has been massive in these episodes, and we're finally coming to understand the basis of their often contentious relationship. Their adorable mother who just wants everyone home for Christmas also happens to be a secret genius, and we know that Mycroft considered Sherlock to be "the stupid one" when they were children. So not only did Sherlock grow up in a house where he felt intellectually inferior, but he also knew that his mother gave up her mathematical career for her kids. Happily, it seems, but he probably sees it as a waste. Still, the Holmes boys dutifully visit and protect their parents, despite the dangers potatoes present to laptops. And Mycroft will never stop looking out for his kid brother, as superhuman as he may sometimes seem. Here's hoping series four will give us more of the Holmes dynamic — half adorable and half really messed up: the best kind of family unit. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Joel and Julia Are Gonna Get Through This, Right?
    By: Sage Young Jan 23, 2014
    NBC This season's been a tough one for the baby of the Braverman family and her husband. Trouble has been brewing since the pair adopted Victor and Julia (Erika Christensen) lost her fancy law firm job. Tensions have risen as Victor struggled in school, Julia was crushed by the duties of being a stay-at-home mom with a child who needs extra attention, and Joel (Sam Jaeger) went back to work full-time. Not helping matters were Joel and Julia's respective relationships with new recurring guests Pete (Sonya Walger) and Ed (David Denman). We imagined that Pete, a glamorous architect with a decidedly unglamorous name, would be the main source of temptation. But Pete is as professional as they come. It's stay-at-home dad Ed we really should have watched out for. In the same boat as Julia, he was transitioning from a fast-paced job to full-time with the kids. The end of his marriage and his budding friendship with Julia led to a kiss, and one that she didn't break from as quickly as we hoped. Parenthood is a tear-factory, but hope and family always win out in the end. Joel and Julia seem hopeless at the moment — when last we left them, Joel wanted to separate. But would the show really go so far as to create a rift in the heart of the Bravermans? Still, the show hasn't explored what parenting is like for a couple who's just getting used to not being in love with each other anymore. Sarah (Lauren Graham) and her ex-husband Seth are a different dynamic — they've been apart for years, and he's mostly out of the picture. This would be new territory for the show, as Joel and Julia negotiate their lives apart and struggling to limit the negative effect on their two kids. Do you think Julia and Joel are done for or just going through a rough patch? Let us know in the comments! Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • 5 Reasons We Want to Party with Emma Thompson
    By: Sage Young Jan 22, 2014 Emma Thompson is totally killing award season already, and we've still got several major ceremonies to go before we're through. Since the press tour for Saving Mr. Banks began, it's been clear that the star has been on the scene for too long to worry about anything but having a fantastic time. She's silly and candid and occasionally tipsy and we love her. It's just Hollywood, after all. Why not have a little fun? In no particular order, here are our current favorite Emma moments. 1. When She Portrayed Most of the Animal Kingdom on Ellen A reserved, refined English actress like Ms. Thompson has no trouble taking on Ellen's animal noise guessing game. We're particularly fond of her donkey. 2. When She Defended "Difficult" Women When David Letterman asks Thompson if she agrees that a woman as hard to please as her character P.L. Travers were involved in a movie production today, she'd be shown the door, Emma answers, "No! They'd be given their own TV show immediately!" And we'd watch it. 3. When She Anecdotally Shared Some Really Personal Information Watch the clip to see what Emma has to say about the "all-fours" position necessary to have one's handprints immortalized at the Chinese Theater. Also, enjoy the reaction of her couch-mate Robbie Williams. 4. When She Shook It With Jimmy Fallon in Her Favorite Python Pants Emma goes hard as the Roots play her in for her Late Night spot. 5. When She Told the Truth about Christian Louboutins There's nothing we respect more than an actress who won't be a hero and can admit on the red carpet, "These things are killing me." Emma became our favorite presenter of the night when she came out with a martini in one hand and her evil stilettoes in another.  Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Candace Cameron Bure, DJ Tanner Would Be Ashamed of You
    By: Sage Young Jan 17, 2014
    ABC D.J. Tanner was a generation's cool big sister. She dated rock stars, stuck with the quirky best friend most people didn't get, and used more hairspray annually than any other teenager in San Francisco. She was a good girl, but she was independent — as rebellious as anyone could have been in the tamest family sitcom of the decade. So what would a grown-up D.J. Tanner think of her alter-ego's sketchy marriage philosophy? Candace Cameron Bure appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss her new memoir/housewife how-to guide, Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose. The conversation quickly dug into one of the book's more controversial pieces of advice. Bure advocates for women to take a "submissive" role in their marriages, but insists that she means it in the "Biblical" sense. "It is meekness, it is not weakness." Oh, meekness! That's ... not at all better. Bure states that she has opinions, but that her husband, hockey player Val Bure, always makes the call. So bascially, the secret to marital bliss is that only one person is allowed to have opinions that actually matter. To really drive the point home, she reminds us that it would be bonkers for a couple to trade off who gets to pick the take-out place on Friday nights, because we only have one President, duh. You remember our President, that completely independent ruler who certainly doesn't have to work alongside two other separate yet equally powerful branches of government? Civics! What if D.J. had let Steve make all the final decisions in their relationship? They'd still be living in Danny's house, having people over for sandwiches on Thanksgiving, and being those weird, childless people who attend high school football games for fun. Donna Jo Tanner never would have let that happen, and we'd like to think that she wouldn't give the time of day to anyone who'd imply that her wants and desires could never be asserted for fear of complicating her jock boyfriend's life. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • 'Devil's Due' Probably a Tough Watch for Those of Us Still Feeling Protective of Matt Saracen
    By: Sage Young Jan 15, 2014
    Fresh Movie Trailers/YouTube Devil's Due hits theaters on Jan. 17 and horror fans are pumped. The found footage style thriller has all the makings of a modern, crap-your-pants classic. A little wary? The Dillion Panthers Boosters Committee. Zach Gilford stars as Zach McCall, proud papa of the possible Anti-Christ. And, through not fault of his own, we will always think of Gilford as Julie's boyfriend, QB1, the finest counterboy ever to work at the Alamo Freeze, Matt Saracen. It's the legacy of Friday Night Lights to have its rich characters live on, and that's a good thing almost all of the time. The trouble is that his character Zach McCall is certainly going to suffer unimaginably in Devil's Due's 89 minutes. And we just can't handle it. Remember when Grandma's memory started getting worse and 17-year-old Matt had to take care of her all by himself? Remember when Matt's dad disappeared again and he ended up crying, fully clothed in the Taylors' shower, asking why everyone always leaves him? Remember how you spent full episodes yearning to climb through your television and beat up everyone who ever made him sad? It's going to be like that, but a thousand times worse. What do you think, FNL fans? Are you going to have trouble sitting through #7's new movie? Let us know in the comments. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Fantasy Casting the 'Rosemary's Baby' Miniseries
    By: Sage Young Jan 15, 2014
    Screen Gems via Everett Collection So Star Trek's Zoe Saldana will be moving into the glamrous Bramford and carrying a little bundle of demon in the remake miniseries of Rosemary's Baby. But while she takes over the role famously played by pixie cut queen Mia Farrow, there are plenty of sinister parts to fill. We've got a few ideas. Columbus Short as GuyScandal star Columbus Short is boy-next-door handsome and so would be especially creepy as Rosemary's fame-hungry and duplicitous husband, Guy. Plus, Harrison hasn't been given enough to do lately at Pope & Associates. We want to see what Short can do. Lynn Cohen as MinnieCohen is super cute and beloved by Hunger Games fans for playing Mags. We can totally see her luring in the young couple as the grandmotherly Satanist. Christopher Lee as RomanThis already gives you the creeps, doesn't it? Carl Reiner as Dr. SapersteinComedy legend Reiner is a familiar, comforting presense to most audiences. Comforting enough that we'd give that daily "vitamin drink" the benefit of the doubt. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Schmidt Puts You in a Spruce and 8 More of Our Favorite Moments From the 'New Girl' Winter Premiere
    By: Sage Young Jan 12, 2014
    FOX Seasons may change and New Girl may be back from its winter hiatus, but not all of us are about that forward motion. Most of the loft crew spend the episode stuck in Nick's bar and stuck in the past. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) has 20 minutes to decide if she wants to leave her classroom (now an alge-bio-civics class) for a fundraising job at the museum, and she solicits questionable advice from her staid friends. The flashbacks and everyone-in-one-room dynamic led to a pretty amusing episode, in spite of a really random usage of "Gangsta's Paradise." Let's recap our favorite lines from "Clavado en un Bar." On a fine scotch.Schmidt: "A note of cedar, vanilla, toback-y, hunting, shooting, fishing, fatherhood, bonding, sadness ... please don't leave me." On soliciting a second opinion.Jess: "You beautiful sons of bitches are gonna help me!" On the joys of always having a stopwatch on your person.Coach: "I'm sorry you're in such a pickle. But I'm not sorry I get to time something!" On not being the MVP of his Latvian basketball team.Wintson, with blue cheetah hair: "The outdoor league? Man, they play on a hillside." On being a 31-year-old model.Cece: "My last job was a phone sex commercial. And I was the one calling." On the pecking order in socially progressive schools.Jessica: "Yeah, that's right. We have an ethnic, gay bully." On the American Girls Baseball League.Kevin '97, singing: "This used to be my playground ..." On Christmas tree sales strategies.Schmidt: "Let me put you in a spruce today." And finally, on the actual oldest profession.Jess: "Don’t be hard on Nick. He has a non-traditional career."Nick: "Or maybe it’s the most traditional. I may be thinking of prostitution." Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Let's Get These 'The Office' Co-Stars on Craig Robinson's New Sitcom
    By: Sage Young Jan 10, 2014
    NBC Craig Robinson has traveled in a hot tub time machine and seen the end of the world, but we'll always have a special place in our hearts for him as Darryl Philbin, upwardly mobile warehouse manager and otherwise cool cat on The Office. Thankfully, his return to television is imminent — NBC has ordered six episodes of Mr. Robinson, a comedy where Robinson takes center stage as a middle school music teacher. And if he can call in a couple of his Dunder Mifflin colleagues to make guest appearances, that's just music to our ears. Steve CarellMichael and Darryl scenes were always gold, so we'd love to get these two back together ASAP. Carell could play a meddling school board president, guaranteeing much eye-rolling and sarcasm from Robinson. Just like old times. John KrasinskiWith their sports marketing venture, Darryl and Jim became pretty good buddies. Let's turn them against each other with Krasinski as a rival school's choir director. Mindy KalingIf Mindy has an hour or so between producing, writing, and starring in her own show, she should drop by Mr. Robinson as a demanding stage mother (with a fabulous wardrobe, natch) who wants her pre-schooler in the middle school class. B.J. NovakThe man who was Ryan The Temp has to take the role of Mindy's character's husband, because we're just not going to give up on these guys. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Can Tinder Save 'The Mindy Project'?
    By: Sage Young Jan 09, 2014
    FOX Sad news for any romance seekers on the hook-up dating app Tinder who were psyched to be matched with a cute, spunky doctor with a passion for rom-coms. Mindy Lahiri isn't real and she can't meet up with you for a drink later. But Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and her colleague Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) have certainly been right-swiped by many a dater since their profiles began appearing in Tinder's roster of eligible nearby humans. When that happens, the user receives a message about where and when to catch the fictional New Yorkers on their TVs. Cute sidebar for fans of the show. Little bit of a letdown for those who thought for a hot second that they'd actually get to hang out with these dreamboats. After Valleywag first reported that the profiles were just the beginning of Mindy's Tinder integration, Fox confirmed to The Huffington Post that the show will be doing a Tinder-themed episode. We'll buy that the constantly-looking-for-love Mindy would spend hours refining her profile on the site, but would Danny, the guy who doesn't even know what an internet history is? Either way, the Tinder promotion could mean a brighter future for The Mindy Project, which has struggled in ratings and will go on a hiatus after its new January episodes. Single advertisers have saved shows in the past, but not without a few cons. After Subway rescued Chuck's third season, the spy series occassionally seemed like an extra-long commercial for a six-inch Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. We're guessing Tinder doesn't have those Subway dollars, but hopefully its love affair with Mindy and Danny will widen the show's audience and give it a surer shot at a renewal. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • ABC Refuses To Accept Our TV-Watching Habits, Limits Access to Next-Day Streams
    By: Sage Young Jan 08, 2014
    ABC So much for ABC's white hat. TV Line reported  that, beginning Jan. 6, ABC would be making big changes to its online streaming services. Now viewers without cable or Hulu Plus subscriptions won't be able to access new episodes of ABC series until eight days after broadcast. Bad news for fans who demand instant relief for their weekly craving for Clark Gregg leading his S.H.I.E.L.D. team or Kerry Washington in fabulous coats. They used to be able to scratch that itch the very next day. Though they still can, if they're willing to pony up for the iTunes download. Perhaps the network is trying to encourage more viewers to watch their shows live. But if that's the case, why allow cable subscribers to stream the following day? When streamed online, their content includes messages from advertisers, messages that won't be seen if fans are driven to pirating that content. Whether ABC likes it or not, the Internet has changed our viewing practices. And it's more in their interest to roll with the punches than to force its audience into altering their habits. What do you think of ABC's move? Will you be tempted to acquire new episodes in less than legal ways? Follow @Hollywood_com //