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  • 5 More Old-School R&B Classics We Need Danny Castellano to Dance To
    By: Sage Young Dec 16, 2013
    FOX Never forget that moment in the Christmas episode of The Mindy Project when Chris Messina turned a nation of boys and girls into women and men. Of course, we're referring to Danny's gift to Mindy: a perfectly executed performance of the original choreography of Aaliyah's "Try Again." Those moves. That smile. Best Secret Santa ever. It simply can't end here. Dear Mindy: We need to see Castellano shake it again. We've even done some of the legwork for you. Here are five more late '90s/early aughts R&B tunes to consider for Danny's encore. Blackstreet — "No Diggity" Easily one of the best songs from that era. You cannot keep people off a dance floor when they hear a heavy piano riff and "Shorty get doooown, good lord..." And we have a sneaking suspicion that Chris Messina could even make these oversized white overalls look good.  Montell Jordan — "This Is How We Do It" This suggestion has nothing to do with the fact that the choreography includes a lot of pelvic thrusting. Nothing at all. TLC — "No Scrubs" In which Danny, through interpretive dance, tells Mindy to drop all her other dudes and start dating him. Notorious B.I.G. — "Hypnotize" Danny, Danny, Danny, can't you see? Sometimes your hips just hypnotize me... Next — "Too Close" As if anyone could handle this. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Why 'The Office' U.K. Christmas Special Is The Best Ever
    By: Sage Young Dec 13, 2013
    BBC If schmaltzy Christmas spirit isn't your thing, come on down to Slough and spend it with the gang at Wernham Hogg. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant closed out the original version of The Office with a two-parter Christmas special in 2003, and it still stands as one of the funniest and most satisfying holiday episodes of all time. The previous season ended on a brutal down-note, with Brent getting fired and Dawn shutting Tim down, seemingly for good. But, despite its shabby exterior of fluorescent lighting and middle managers who never did reach their potential, The Office Christmas Special has an ooey, gooey center. It's a milestone in the history of cringe-comedy. Here's why. Being famous: #thestruggleisreal David: "You headbutt a girl on telly and you're labelled a prat. That's the game." If you don't know him by now... David Brent spent all the money he made from the documentary to record his first official single. It didn't exactly launch his career, but it's the video Michael Bolton wishes he made. Perhaps he would have had better luck with "Free Love Freeway." Tim's new neighbor Now that Gareth is the boss, it's Tim's lot in life to sit next to Anne, who is pregnant and surely can't be expected to endure the tiniest inconvenience. The party-planning committee Keith: "Invite girls."Gareth: "There will be girls there."Keith: "Not the girls who work here. Other girls. Pretty girls."Tim: "Do you want us to invite prostitutes, Keith?"Keith: "Nah. Shouldn't have to pay for it." Brent's blind date David's can't even wait for a blind date to show up without offending someone. Tim doesn't know when to quit — good boy. "Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing her again, of course. She's my friend, and she's a good friend, and no, I don't know exactly how I'll feel. I'll feel like a friend feels, whatever that is, you know, but as I said, I'm not going to ask her again! Come on. *grins* I might ask her again." How to Secret Santa Gareth: "Put a tenner in an envelope, if that's me."Tim: "Ah, the spirit of Christmas. A tenner in an envelope." David Brent's Legacy Interviewer: "How would you like to be remembered?"David: "Simply as the man who put a smile on the face of everyone he met." Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • 5 Reasons Ryan Atwood Was More Worthy of Your Crush Than Seth Cohen
    By: Sage Young Dec 13, 2013
    FOXSeth Cohen (Adam Brody) defined "geek chic" during The O.C.'s four-season run, without a doubt. But where would he have been without Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie), his brother-from-another-mother? While Seth hardly stops talking long enough to breathe, Ryan is insular and brooding. He's fond of punching people. He wears a hoodie like it's his job. But he's also fiercely protective of his foster family and even known to occasionally crack a joke. (Usually at Seth's expense.) He's Jordan Catalano, just less disaffected. Help us appreciate Chino's finest export, won't you? He loves the Cohens. Hard. Ryan was a victim of his circumstances, pulled into delinquency by his older brother. Though Kirsten is initially reluctant to accept the stray her do-gooder husband brings home, she caves. Because you just can't look at baby Ryan Atwood and not want to protect him. Look at that stifled joy on his face. He's so happy to be a part of this family that it actually hurts. "You totally had my back." Seth/Ryan is one of the finest bromances to ever be on television, and it all started right here. From day one, Ryan stands beside Seth, no questions asked. The most dramatic New Year's Eve since Harry met Sally Marissa never deserved Ryan. Admit that you silently cheered when she dropped out of our lives (and life in general) in season 3. But at least her budding friendship with Oliver (a serial killer in training if there every was one) inspired this grand, romantic gesture. Ain't nobody messin' with my clique. Violence isn't the answer, friends, but it is really freakin' hot. For a while there, we felt some serious (and seriously inappropriate) sexual tension between Ryan and Kirsten. And with him protecting her honor like that, can you really blame her? Ryan hearts Taylor Instead of having Ryan grieve for Marissa for the entirety of the show's last season, The O.C. stumbled upon its most perfect couple. (Bring it on, Team Seth/Summer.) Marissa was such a victim. It was a delight and a relief to see Ryan let loose with sexy weirdo Taylor. Related: Ben McKenzie gives a hell of a screen kiss. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • 'Downton Abbey' Stars Tease Hook-Ups and Heartbreak in Season 4
    By: Sage Young Dec 12, 2013
    Laura Cavanaugh/Getty The stars of Downton Abbey beat their show back to the states. PBS will begin airing season four of the phenomenon on Jan. 5, but a few residents of the big house were on hand at a PBS event in New York City on Tuesday to preview the new episodes for some superfans. Superfans with impeccable restraint, if they've steered clear of downloads. The Dowager would be proud. After a screening of the first 40 minutes of episode one, the cast took the stage with executive producers Julian Fellowes and Gareth Neame. The discussion was plagued by lazy questions from moderator Bill Carter (just because you work for The New York Times doesn't mean you don't have to do your homework). Six months have passed since the gut-wrenching twist at the end of season three, and there's plenty more to talk about than how gosh darn uncomfortable those costumes must be. Still, we managed to get some scoop. Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham) reminded us that his character means well, but remains "a beat behind the action" in terms of social change. Michelle Dockery hinted that the widowed Lady Mary will have several suitors pursuing her this year, and pointed out that many fans think Branson (Allen Leech) should be among them. Speaking of love connections, Phyllis Logan gave some hope to those who'd like to see Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson get together: "She has great affection for him." When asked if Lady Edith will finally catch a break this season, Laura Carmichael struggled to give a spoiler-free answer. But we're guessing the answer is no. Lesley Nicol is still lobbying for Mrs. Patmore to get a boyfriend. And clear audience favorite Rob-James Collier reassured us that Thomas won't stop scheming anytime soon. Thomas has been told by society that he's an abomination, and so he meets those expectations. "As Eminem once said," Collier quoted, "I am whatever you say I am." Barrow is a 1920s Eminem. It all makes sense now. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Scary to Scariest: Ranking the 'Sleepy Hollow' Monsters
    By: Sage Young Dec 12, 2013
    FOX Sleepy Hollow isn't all Ichabod Crane getting cranky about the modern world. Occasionally there's an actual villain to fight. Fine, that's an understatement. Sleepy Hollow rivals the Hell Mouth for the top spot on USA Today's "Best Cities to Live in If You Can't Get Enough of Demons" poll. But which is the most terrifying so far? We manned-up and ranked them for you. 5. The Scarecrow The Scarecrow is a far too cutesy name for the living, blood-filled trees that surround and occupy Fredericks Manor. But there's something very Harry Potter about them, so we imagine they'd be easily vanquished by herbology pimp Neville Longbottom. 4. The Reanimated Corpse of John Cho As a human, John Cho is the most adorable. As a a necromancer, slightly less so. 3. Headless Horseman Especially that time he had a machine gun in his hands, which I'm 99% sure isn't in the original story. We recently learned that the Horseman was once Crane's rival for his wife's affections, so really all this magic and demon-conjuring comes right now to a schoolyard fight. 2. Moloch The boss. Moloch may only appear to us slightly obscured, but we know he's the dark force pulling all the strings in Sleepy Hollow. 1. Sandman How's this for terrifying? The Sandman comes to you in your dreams, when you're completely helpless. (He and Freddy Krueger have that in common.) And kudos to the Sleepy art department for designing an bald, eyeless demon who's been giving us nightmares for weeks. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Jamie Lynn Spears Released a New Single and It's Not Bad
    By: Sage Young Dec 12, 2013
    Ed Rode/FilmMagic The family Spears has been busy lately. Britney dropped her new album Britney Jean and kid sister Jamie Lynn released her first single as a country artist, "How Could I Want More? Her voice isn't very powerful (must run in the family), but it's well-suited to the genre. "How Could I Want More?" is a pleasant, radio-ready release that might just launch Spears as a slightly more grown-up Taylor Swift. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments! Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • We're Not Sure How to Feel About Ward/May
    By: Sage Young Dec 12, 2013
    ABC Well, that came out of nowhere. After the show seemed to put every ship but this one in motion, the first adult fun-times between any of our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. happened between Ward (Brett Dalton) and May (Ming-Na Wen). At the end of eighth episode, "The Well," May literally left the door open for her actual Ken-doll colleague to find out just what "The Calvary" really means. So what of Skye, whose contentious (in that manufactured, "sexy" way) rapport with Ward S.H.I.E.L.D. has been doling out with a heavy hand? Or Coulson, for that matter. Did all of the puns and May's saucy eyebrow-raising in pretty much every private conversation those two have ever had mean nothing? May and Ward hardly speak to each other, though episode nine would have us believe that — even before, during, and after their recreational activities — they still don't. But they both wear their professionalism like armor and are the least likely couple in that big, black plane to let their relationship or hook-up or whatever it is get in the way of whatever cockamamie mission they have that week. Ward/May is actually quite grown-up for S.H.I.E.L.D. It's hard out there for a Level Seven Agent, and who would begrudge the people who secretly protect our very planet a stress-relieving roll in the hay or two? What do you think of this ship, readers? Let us know in the comments! Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • The Best of the Internet's 'Waiting for 'Sherlock'' Memes
    By: Sage Young Dec 11, 2013
    BBC It's been ages since we've had new episodes of Sherlock, and the natives are restless. While other fandoms go semi-dormant in long hiatuses, it seems that cheekbone starvation only makes the Sherlockians grow stronger. There's nary a corner of the internet where they let their suffering go unnoticed. So, as the dark times come to a close, we salute the Sherlock fandom for turning their pain into the only true currency in this life: memes. The line between reality and fiction gets a little blurry. Show this to your pregnant friend. I dare you. They find creative ways to pass the time. And after Sherlock falls off the Jenga tower, they take turns reading post-"Reichenbach" John-POV fic to each other, holding back tears. They have geeky in-jokes with their sister fandoms. Come on, guys, buck up. Benedict Cumberbatch made eleventy billion movies for you during that break. They threaten Steven Moffat. He has to be used to it by now. They take it to the streets. Best worn with this and these. Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • 4 Times Laura Benanti Was Flawless in 'The Sound of Music, Live!'
    By: Sage Young Dec 10, 2013
    NBC Whatever side of the Underwood debate you fall on, we think everyone can agree that the highlight of NBC's The Sound of Music, Live! were the Broadway veterans in supporting roles. Audra McDonald's "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" provoked the only emotion we saw on Carrie's face all night — other than "Meow, meow, meow, meow...," of course. Christian Borle made Max so likeable we kept forgetting about that Nazi sympathizer thing. And as Elsa, Laura Benanti changed the plot of the show to "Fabulous Baroness loses imagination-free whistle-fetishist to robot nanny in Sandra Bullock's costume from the Miss Congeniality talent competition scene." She. Was. Everything. In no particular order, her finest moments. When she was the best-dressed woman in Austria. Clearly, everyone but Laura did something to piss off the costume designer. While the rest of the cast was clothed in K-Mart's Heidi-meets-High School Musical collection, Elsa was devastating us in a black evening gown and a perfectly fitted and flowing pink and red pantsuit. Work. When she single-handedly filled up our "Reaction Gif" folders. We were already questioning the Captain and Maria's whirlwind "love" affair when they shared as much chemistry as I do with my Metrocard. But it was Benanti's eyerolls and raised eyebrows that really drove home the silliness of the situation. Go find yourself a nice Baron, Elsa. Oh right — when she sang. Laura has played Gypsy Rose Lee, Claudia in Nine, Cinderella in Into the Woods, and yes, Maria the novice on Broadway. So she hardly broke a sweat when she slayed her meager two songs on the live broadcast. When she loved us for loving her. "Hey all my gays and bitches out there," Laura tweeted. "Thanks for being #TeamElsa." Follow @Hollywood_com //
  • Lost Series: 'Ben and Kate'
    By: Sage Young Dec 08, 2013
    FOX Any fan of a too short-lived television series knows that we can't always have nice things. There's nothing more bittersweet than discovering a new show with boundless potential while helplessly watching its ratings circle the drain. One such heartbreaking tale is that of Ben and Kate, which premiered on Fox in Sept. 2012 and left us after a mere 16 episodes. The sitcom stars Dakota Johnson and Nat Faxon as closely-knit siblings sharing a house and the raising of Kate's daughter Maddie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones). Ben is a recovering slacker, still chasing get-rich-quick schemes but never ignoring his responsibilities to his baby sis and cutie-pie niece. Kate is a single mom whose future was interrupted by Maddie and who now aspires to leave her waitressing career behind. The gang is rounded out with Tommy (Echo Kellum) and BJ (Lucy Punch) as Ben and Kate's respective BFFs. Slightly formulaic set-up? Sure. But the chemistry of the Ben and Kate cast gelled in record time, enabling those few of us who watched it to become attached to these characters right out of the gate. Like Parks and Recreation and New Girl, the series excels in the comedy of niceness. The laughs come from well-crafted scripts and endearing performances, not from cynicism or snark. There are few series on TV that explore the sibling relationship where Ben and Kate finds its heart. And while many comedies struggle to integrate kids without falling into sugary sweetness, Ben and Kate expertly navigated around that trap. Hot mess BJ was a killer role for Lucy Punch, who's been making huge comic impact in small roles from Hot Fuzz to Dinner for Schmucks. Relative newcomer Kellum was a find (“I was going to, Ben, but then I realized that me climbing in through a window at night, that’s like a one-way ticket to a candle light vigil that turns into a riot”), and was instantly snatched up by the inferior Sean Saves the World. Are you missing Ben and Kate too? Let us know in the comments! Follow @Hollywood_com //