Shannon Houston
  • JWOWW Joined Snooki For The Most 'Jersey Shore' Baby Shower Ever
    By: Shannon Houston Jun 02, 2014
    Instagram/snookinic It's difficult to believe that these are the women we used to see falling over drunk in bars all over the Jersey Shore, but a lot has changed since MTV introduced us to Snooki, JWOWW, Sammi, and Deena. JWOWW just had a baby shower that many of her former Jersey Shore cast mates attended, and things looked pretty sweet: The best part about this picture is that we get to see the two roommates turned best friends turned pregnancy buddies side by side. It just makes the whole thing real. Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) is getting ready to welcome her second child with fiancé Jionni, and this will be the first child for JWOWW (Jennifer Farley) and her fiancé Roger Mathews. If Sammi gets pregnant next, the world may actually stop spinning.  Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Nicki Minaj And Drake Get A Little NSFW At The Hot 97 Summer Jam Concert
    By: Shannon Houston Jun 02, 2014
    Instagram/nickiminaj If you missed Hot 97's Summer Jam concert, you clearly missed quite an exciting time. Nicki Minaj performed with her YMCMB crew, which included Drake. And by "performed" we mean this: Wondering what Rihanna thought about all of this? She and Drake are still rumored to be dating, which gives new context to this photo: Now, in all fairness, Nicki shared that one with Rihanna first, but the whole thing is very interesting. Though nothing is more fascinating than the pasties under Nicki's shirt. Amazing: Your thoughts? Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Chloë Grace Moretz Says Being A Celebrity Can Be "Depressing"
    By: Shannon Houston May 31, 2014
    Eric Charbonneau/Invision Chloë Grace Moretz speaks out against Hollywood, celebrity obsession, and even her own fans in a new interview and it's pretty intense. Her latest film just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and she was asked about the differences between American films and French films, which then led to a discussion about the pitfalls of Hollywood and fame.  Moretz says she doesn't like to party, and even red carpet and other public appearances can be difficult. Of her fans she says the following: They’ll be like, "You have to give me a photo. I buy a ticket to your movie. I, in a sense, own you. If I don’t buy a ticket to your movie, you’re done — so you have to take a photo with me." There’s a lot of entitlement, especially nowadays, in Hollywood, because they think they know everything about you. They think that because you have an Instagram, they can go break into your house. "You let us in! I’ve seen your house on your video!" She even goes so far as to describe her lifestyle as "depressing": There’s no vaseline on the lens anymore. We want the sharpest image, to see all your pimples! We want to see that you’re a messed-up human. We want to see you cheat and lie. And it’s kind of depressing because, instead of being actors, we’re now just entities, which isn’t our job. Moretz is certainly not the first celebrity to speak like this. Gwyneth Paltrow recently compared being a celebrity to being at war, and then Charlize Theron compared fame to rape. Do these celebrities have a right to complain, or should they build a bridge (out of their stacks of cash) and get over it? Note: It should be said that, as a few readers mention in the comments, Moretz ends the interview on a positive note. While she does, indeed, describe her career as "depressing," she also implies deep satisfaction with her work. Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Iggy Azalea Gets Summer-Ready With Incredibly Sexy Instagram Photos
    By: Shannon Houston May 30, 2014
    Instagram/thenewclassic Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is having a pretty excellent week. She became the first artist since The Beatles (as in, The Beatles!) to hold both the #1 and #2 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. And as of right now, she's the first celebrity this year to redefine the sexy one-piece swimsuit. Dear Summer 2014, Please give us Iggy's everything: The colors, the hair, the well-deserved success radiating from her smile—werk, Iggy! Werk! Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Blue Ivy Takes A Walk In Mama Beyoncé's Shoes
    By: Shannon Houston May 30, 2014 Mariah Carey just shared a video of daughter Monroe singing her song Supernatural. And now we have another cutie walking in her celebrity mama's shoes. Literally: Beyoncé shared a collection of absolutely adorable photos on her website, showing off her fabulous new braids and her beloved Blue Ivy. Now if we can just get a video of Blue singing "To the left, to the left," our lives will most certainly be complete. Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Is A Live 'Avatar' Show A Good Idea?
    By: Shannon Houston May 30, 2014
    20th Century Fox Film via Everett Collection Avatar fans should start clearing out their schedules for the next three years or so. With Avatar sequels in pre-production stages right now, James Cameron is a busy man who just added more to his plate, and more big news for fans of the 2009 film. Cameron will team up with Cirque du Soleil for what sounds like the most epic, beautiful, live performance ever. Of the collaboration, Cameron says, “Over the years, I have discovered the extraordinary talents and imaginations of both the artists and the creative forces behind Cirque du Soleil... I know we share the common goal of bringing audiences to another level of entertainment experiences. I look forward to doing just that on this project.” It sounds like we can expect a little bit of this... ...mixed with some of this: As fans impatiently await the 2016 release of Avatar 2, they can experience the magic of Cirque d'Avatar (no, that's not the official name) next year. Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Kim Kardashian's Wedding Photo Just Made History
    By: Shannon Houston May 30, 2014
    Instagram/kimkardashian Justin Bieber, we're going to let you finish, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have the best Instagram photo in the world! At least in terms of "likes" they do. This picture of Kim and Kanye's first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. West has received 1.96 million likes so far. The previous record-holders were Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Their photo of Selena hugging Justin from behind garnered a measly 1.82 million likes (though that's pretty impressive for a mere hug). The Instagram world has spoken! Kimye is "liked" by [practically] millions. What that says about the state of the world as we know it? Well, that's a conversation for another time. But just to put things in perspective, here's a photo that only received 75,000 likes to date: No judgement! Just an observation... Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Mariah Carey's Daughter Is Such A Mini-Diva In This Adorable Video
    By: Shannon Houston May 30, 2014
    Instagram/mariahcarey Mariah Carey, the Elusive Chanteuse, has been known to share many-a-cute photo of her twins, Monroe and Moroccan. However, it needs to be said that this new Instagram video is on a whole new level of cuteness. Mariah and her mini-me Monroe had a backseat sing-along like no other. Please enjoy this epic Supernatural duet: This is how you train a diva, folks. You start 'em when they're young, and they'll never know any other way of life. Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • 'Orange Is The New Black' Star Laverne Cox Makes History With Her 'TIME' Magazine Cover
    By: Shannon Houston May 29, 2014
    Orange Is The New Black actress Laverne Cox just made history. She is the first trans woman to cover TIME Magazine, and she received the honor on her birthday, making this (probably) her best birthday ever. TIME was recently criticized for not including Cox (or any other trans activists) on their 100 Most Influential People list, and this is certainly one positive way to respond to the criticsm. Picking Laverne as the face of "America's next civil rights frontier" is a bold and exciting move for the transgender community, and for the rest of us as well. The actress/activist shared the big news on her Instagram account: What a wonderful bday present! Yes today is my birthday and I am on the cover of @TIME magazine. I realize this is way bigger than me and about a tipping point in our nation's history where it is no kinger acceptable for trans lives to be stigmatized, ridiculed, criminalized and disregarded. This is for my trans siblings out there and for anyone who has ever been told that who you know yourself to be at your core is not legitimate. You are who you know yourselves to be. #girlslikeus#whereislavernecox #lavernehive TIME also released behind-the-scenes footage of the photo shoot which you can watch here. Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Kendall Jenner's High Fashion Takeover Continues!
    By: Shannon Houston May 29, 2014
    Instagram/kendalljenner Move over Kimye wedding, we have other news to report from the Kardashian clan (finally). For some time now, Kendall Jenner has been working her way into the high fashion arena, and this takeover is showing no signs of slowin. Proud big sister Khloé just shared a new photo from Kendall's recent Vogue Paris spread on Instagram, and it's a pretty sweet black & white shot of her sister alongside another model: Kendall also shared the photo, which will be released in the June/July issue of the magazine. What are your thoughts? Is Kendall kind of a big deal in the fashion world now, or what? Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //