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    By: Shannon Houston Aug 06, 2014
    Buena Vista Pictures If you can wrap your brain around the fact that The Sixth Sense is now older than Kiernan Shipka, you can celebrate the 15th anniversary of M. Night Shyamalan's classic. Here are six fascinating facts about The Sixth Sense. 1. Casper almost killed the movie. Right around the time that Shyamalan had gotten the idea for the movie, Casper was released. He figured another ghost movie would not be well-received, so he tossed the idea aside (we're glad he came back to it). 2. Unlike us, Haley Joel Osment was not afraid In a recent Reddit AMA, Osment explained that after filming all those scenes it was hard to be frightened by the movie. For him, there was "something desensitizing" about the production process and so he didn't have the creepy nightmares through which many of us suffered. 3. That's Donnie Wahlberg, BTW The former New Kids on the Block member and brother to Marky Mark lost so much weight for the role of Vincent, Shyamalan did not recognize him when he arrived on set. (Bonus fun fact: Mischa Barton is also in the film, as the little girl who was being kept sick.) 4. It's one of few #Fancy horror flicks The Sixth Sense received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. It's one of only four horror movies to accomplish such a feat (alongside The Exorcist, Jaws, and Silence of the Lambs). 5. So, The New York Times got it wrong The Times gave the film a terrible review and Shyamalan was immediately afraid that nobody would get it. (We got it, dude). 6. I see birthday cake The film was released (we assume purposely) on the director's birthday. This could have made for some pretty sad birthday parties had the film flopped, but luckily it didn't. Because it is an excellent film. So, Happy Anniversary to The Sixth Sense, and Happy Birthday to M. Night Shyamalan! (One more bonus fun fact: the director also had a cameo in the film as a doctor, which was partly a tribute to his many family members who are actual physicians.) Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Drake Disses Rihanna With A Big Screen Concert Display
    By: Shannon Houston Aug 06, 2014
    WENN/WENN Celebrity break-ups are certainly... different. And Drake has proven that when you have the money and the platform to do it, you can really go big in terms of humiliating an ex-lover. The rapper performed his song "Days in The East" at the OVO Fest in Toronto earlier this week and confirmed that he is 1.) single, and 2.) sooo done with Rihanna. Dark, red images of his ex flashed across a big screen along with "666." Or at least, pictures of Rihanna were interspersed throughout images of a single "6" three times. Fans took to twitter to share the bizarre scene: @Drake your backgrounds of @rihanna were amazing #aubrih — robzperfection (@kairaloveriri) August 6, 2014 What????? @Drake @rihanna — ⚓ (@BoricuaFenty) August 5, 2014 Drake Had pictures of Rihanna on the Screen while he performed Days in the east — ✌ (@lisette_mira) August 5, 2014  Don't worry, Drake. It gets better.  Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Did 'True Detective' Creator/Writer Nic Pizzolatto Plagiarise?
    By: Shannon Houston Aug 06, 2014
    HBO Some very serious allegations are being thrown at the creator/writer of HBO's True Detective series, Nic Pizzolatto. While Pizzolatto has acknowledged the influence of horror writer Thomas Ligotti on his work for the series, some people are now saying that the "influence" is actually plagiarism. Mike Davis of The Lovecraft E-zine has written a strong argument highlighting some troubling moments in the script, and he's also been working with the founder of Thomas Ligotti online.  He cites the famous car ride scene in the first episode as one example of Pizzolatto's plagairism: "It is a fact that (in that crucial, character-defining scene) almost every one of Rust’s infamous lines is either taken word for word or is a paraphrase of Ligotti’s distinctive prose and ideas from 'The Conspiracy Against the Human Race.'" You can read the full article here and decide for yourself. Did Pizzolatto plagiarize some of the best moments from True Detective? Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Lucy Hale Says Her 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Audition Was 'Very, Very Sexual'
    By: Shannon Houston Aug 06, 2014
    ABC Family Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale almost found herself in the Red Room of pain with Jamie Dornan. She recently opened up in a Cosmopolitan interview about auditioning for the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, and although we know she didn't get the part (Dakota Johnson will play Ana), it's good to know things were as awkward as we'd assumed: "It's exactly what you thought it would be: a big monologue but very, very sexual ... there were some things that I was so embarrassed to be reading out loud, but it's one of those things where you have to commit wholeheartedly or you're going to make a fool of yourself." Although Hale didn't specify, we're fairly sure this was one of the parts she had to read:  “He reaches between my legs and pulls on the blue string … and gently takes my tampon out and tosses it into the nearby toilet. Holy fu–. … And then he’s inside me… ah!” Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Eva Green Says 'Boobs Have Never Killed Anyone,' Doesn't Get The Censorship Of Her New Movie
    By: Shannon Houston Aug 06, 2014
    YouTube/DimensionHorror, Dimension Films Eva Green's first movie poster for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (featuring Green's partially-exposed breasts) caused quite a stir, and was rejected by the MPAA. The actress appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about censorship, and all of the nudity in the film. Of the controversy Green said, “I don't really get it. I don't understand all the fuss." And when Kimmel pointed out that the gun on the movie poster was acceptable, Green agreed, pointing out that, "Boobs have never killed anyone." Green goes on to say that, while she thinks the nudity is beautiful and "not vulgar" or gratuitous, not eeryone in her family (like her father) is happy about the performance. Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Justin Bieber Saved A Man From A Bear Attack
    By: Shannon Houston Aug 06, 2014
    WENN Life is often stranger than fiction, and we have proof of it today with news that pop star Justin Bieber saved a man from a bear attack. We'll give you a moment to take that in. A 42 year-old fisherman named Igor Vorozhbitsyn was minding his business, fishing in Russia's Yakutia Republic, when he was attacked by a brown bear. He explained that he was walking to his car, when suddenly "there was a tremendous impact on my back and the bear was on top of me." In a case of what has to be the greatest timing ever, someone called him, and his phone began to ring just as the bear was clawing the poor man. Luckily for him, his granddaughter had jokingly changed his ringtone to Bieber's Baby, and as soon as the bear heard it, he ran off. Because brown bears in Yakutia Republic literally cannot stand Justin Bieber. He may not be your favorite pop star, but at least his music is out here saving awesome-sounding fisherman granddads from bear attacks. Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Dame Helen Mirren Twerks With Michael Strahan And Wins The Internet
    By: Shannon Houston Aug 05, 2014
    WENN/Dennis Van Tine In an appearance on the Live with Kelly and Michael inimitable Dame Helen Mirren was forced to relive the moment when she twerked in front of the world whilst receiving Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Award. She handled the embarrassing moment as only she could—with grace, humor, and even more twerking.  Helen Mirren: Oscar-winner, beloved thespian, and twerker extraordinaire. If Miley Cyrus has given us nothing else, she has given us this winning moment in internet history. And for that, we thank her. Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Why You Should Be Angry About Uzo Aduba's Open Letter On Her Road To 'Orange Is The New Black'
    By: Shannon Houston Aug 05, 2014
    Netflix On the one hand, My Road to Orange Is The New Black is a beautiful, inspiring open letter by Uzo Aduba, AKA Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren. She writes about her mother's life as a Nigerian immigrant, and how supportive she was as she watched her daughter work through rejection and other difficulties that came with a life in theatre. Aduba—like many actors—had a difficult time breaking into the industry, one that now showers her with Emmy nominations and acclaim (all extremely well-deserved). But what took so long? There's something infuriating about the fact that someone so talented had to struggle so much to get to this point. At one point she writes the following: "I heard the word “no” so often that it started to feel like a second name." While it's encouraging and exciting to know that women of color, and women over the age of 25 are getting good, interesting roles thanks to the work of folks like OITNB creator Jenji Kohan (and of course Shonda Rhimes), there should be some kind of acknowledgement that such success is deserved and overdue.  Hollywood needs to make major changes so that talents like Aduba start hearing "yes" much earlier on in their careers. Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Nicki Minaj And Beyoncé Get Dissed On Lil' Kim's 'Flawless' Remix
    By: Shannon Houston Aug 05, 2014
    WENN Lil' Kim is one of few people in the world who is not feelin' the new Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj Flawless remix. She released her own diss record attacking Nicki Minaj for claiming to be the "queen of rap." Lil' Kim may be taking things a bit personally this time around. Sure, she's had issues with the one they call Onika in the past (so she likely still holds a bit of a grudge), but if Kim plans to beef with every rapper who references herself as the "queen" or some variation therein, she'll exhaust herself. Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //
  • Kendall Jenner Says The Kardashians Can Make It Hard 'To Be Taken Seriously'
    By: Shannon Houston Aug 02, 2014
    Instagram/kendalljenner Even Kendall Jenner has to admit that the Kardashian name is not always taken seriously. The young model spoke to The Cut and said that she has specifically asked big sister Kim Kardashian to stay away from some of her runway shows. The media circus that comes along with the reality star is not always conducive to a high fashion career. "I was like, 'You know what? I want to be high fashion. I want to be taken seriously..." Jenner goes on to say that people assume her family ties made it easy for her career to take off, but the truth is that she had to work hard (even harder than other models, she argues) to get many in the fashion industry to work with her. Whatever she's doing, it's working. Jenner just covered Love Magazine, and recently became the new face of Givenchy.  Follow @Hollywood_com Follow @shannonmhouston //